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Found 2 results

  1. What would you like to see in the starter town on the new servers? What do you think would provide the best induction experience for new players? What do you think should be avoided? There has been a bit of discussion of this in other threads, and Haven's Landing has had a lot input and a lot use to see what works or doesn't. I found Wurm in late 2019, and I haven't been to HL since my first week or two. I do have some thoughts, though; The resource gathering areas are good to have grouped around the spawn point, but it would be even better to have them also interlinked so you can go straight from one to the next as the tutorial leads you through them, with clear signposts. The town itself should be easily navigable - either a basic grid of streets or a good old "main street" up the middle (buildings one side, resource areas the other). Buildings should be clearly named as well as signed. There were several buildings I remember from HL that I think were player-made (but can't be sure) and were not of obvious function. I also remember several locked buildings and yards (which may have been in the perimeter, but at that point I didn't even know the terms "deed" or "perimeter". There were many abandoned carts. I've seen used car lots with fewer vehicles. There were so many parked near the bartender that I initially thought they were there for free-use by newbies (like the bartender was there for free food & drink), and I found it frustrating and confusing that were unusable. Zonalized the creature spawns would be great. This already happens somewhat with some creatures (crocodiles, tortoises, scorpions). If the the area near starter towns spawn more rats & wildcats new players get some experience plus access to pelts. Wolves not far away so players know that it does get tougher, and keep the bears and other tougher agros spawning further from the starter towns. That way the starter town would not just be like a walled city where everything is provided within the walls but step outside and it's lions, tigers and bears, oh my! It would be the safest place, with the safety dropping off as you move further away. Newbies could stay in town for a couple of days, venture into the close surrounds to get a taste of risks while still being able to supply at the town, and when they are ready, venture out into the wilds. Kill every new player once. I am not kidding. As part of the tutorial, preferably, have the player do something like attack a tough but normally docile creature so that they experience the dynamic of dying, respawning, recovering gear and burying their corpse. These are all purely my own opinion. What's yours?
  2. Hello, I have read the long thread about guided starter towns. I think, that everything that is needed for engaging new players to stay in the game can be provided by the community. I am shure there are a lot player in the game that love to help new arrivers and I mean not only those who want to sell something to them. For my opinion its hard to get in touch with the new players if they dont ask questions in the chat window. So it would be a lot easier to find them if they would start in only one player town on one of the servers. I am shure this would encourage people to even let the markets grow around this town, to gather there often and newbies would place their first deeds around this town which would also allow all those new pleayers to not only meet the old WO gamers but more important: each other. I think its so nice to start a game with other starters, to explore the game together. But at the moment new people just dont meet each other because they are so spreaded over the map. As I started I walked trough the deadly lonely but heavily built Glasshollow and was asking myself if I am the only gamer in this game. If citys are empty I hought... the whole game must be. So the first impression for a new player should be that the game is alive, that other players are around and thats not possible with so many starter towns. I know a lot of players want the new ones to start on -their- server, and that is understandable because they want their server to stay lively. But if people dont stay in the game because they find it to lonely and hard to start... that doesnt help at all. For my opinion, it would help a lot to give new players one only starter town. This would encourage people who want to help newbies to be able to actually meet them. This would help new players to meet other new players in the game. It should be a starter town to which older gamer can travel easily to (reachable by ship not to far from server borders) so that they also are encouraged to go there, use the market there and help the new players. What do you think?