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  1. I see presents, stockings, and trees. But no SANTA
  2. For sure. Be a great addition and less wrist pain after every encounter when hunting.
  3. Who all is planning to grind cartography when it hits? I'd like a word about map making for the war efforts...
  4. I real problem solver you are. I like it.
  5. Seven whole days!? Whatever shall we do!? Jokes aside I can't wait. This update is going to be amazing.
  6. Spikes and black coloring are not enough. Guillotines, gallows, torture racks, prisoner poles. Those are evil.
  7. Anyone should be able to make their own logo, be it flag, wagon, or tabard. Massive support from me.
  8. Offering - libram of night Seeking - black tome of magic Server - independence of SFI trade completed. thank you. you know who you are.
  9. Black Friday nears, people! Get those reward point wallets ready. This thread is for fair and honest trades. Rolled a tome you already have or don't want? Exchange it with someone else. Format - Offering - (Your tome) Seeking - (Tome you want) Server - (Island you live on)
  10. Totally agree. More saddle functionality would be nice. Lunchbox hook too? Tent tie down? Weapon sheath??
  11. remember what they took from us. WE COULD HAVE THIS BACK!
  12. Farming tools shouldn't be weapons of war. Reeeeee.