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  1. ive heard your criticisms and have edited the map. the land masses have DOUBLED for white lighters while us blacklighters have a measly 1 land mass. dont say im not generous.
  2. holy sites are coming. lets prepare by plotting spaces we can push their spawns to that work for everyone. here is my true, honest, and fair suggestion. i think this should work well for everyone.
  3. I like the idea. Rune enchant sounds great but it's hard to pass on another possible karma spell too.
  4. Could have it roll off of mind logic, soul strength, or soul depth.
  5. Magic, both favor and karma based magics, needs a lot of love. I'm all for it. Love to share the spells I've unlocked.
  6. ThinkThank

    ever been as far as to go and do with what?
  7. I hope the holy sites remain vastly different and unique. If they all become the same boring 1% skill gain boost and some sleep bonus I'll be disappointed. Liking how it all reads right now. Cant wait to test the features.
  8. An amazing update. Yes, yes, and YES. Did I read that right? A FLESH MONSTER for Libila? Even better. Can't wait to have this change up the world. Good update.
  9. need this done so i can build the goblin army. be an amazing addition.
  10. It's not dirt. It's a VOLCANO!
  11. To clarify on my first post. 1000 karma to cast AND it also gives 1000 karma. So 2000 karma cost total. Also I had imagined this could be a default spell in the karma menu like the other few we have already.
  12. Had this happen with a sheep. Little guy was right up on a fence before a reset. Once the servers were up he was chilling outside the pen.
  13. 1000 karma to cast. gives 1000 karma to another player. how about it?
  14. Increase spawns, make them all public, decrease loot as a nerf. More slayings please.