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  1. Kind of outdated most kingdoms(atleast KJ) doesn't even really ask skills when recruiting and will gear you completely nothing(I'm pretty sure this parts accurate for all kingdoms tbh) we just want people to pvp. However, not sure what this whole thing has to do with champs perhaps I misunderstood something.
  2. Contact Siegfried in-game or else
  3. This CANNOT CONTINUE. This man is bringing the game down to it's knees(It's KNEES). I hear Mr. DarkSlayer and some red guy single handly trebbed HLL every single day and caused them to disband! They were wearing summer hats(MAYBE STOLEN???) I'll report back on this as the story comes in!
  4. bump we need to end this MONSTER
  5. Hey we're making progress now delete war bonus and champs pls
  6. You do know the toxic players would still like play right and they'd still have like deeds on SFI right? Also the SFI market is already hit with a shovel not sure what removing Chaos would do there.
  7. +1 if we wait roughly 2 months before doing so
  8. Oh wish you tagged me lol cod to Viremental please
  9. Any reason why? It’s always been a fun banter thing and really the only pvp on Chaos