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  1. Keenan you get ONE forehead kiss for your efforts.
  2. I'll try to be there 95+ ws, bs, js, cas, pas, carp, masonry, stone cutting 90+ fine carp, fletching May be forgetting something There for them sick puppeting gains. Will try to do as much afk imping as possible while playing the steam servers.
  3. God dang Samool gotta give you a speeding ticket for fixing so many issues that fast
  4. Possibly weird request but with the default bind can we have it where if a container is opened it changes to close or if we're on a vehicle it changes to disembark?
  5. This window is huge. Portrait is unnecessarily large. Probably could push items closer together.
  6. First off love it just one question I've always had is there a way we could perhaps customize what's on this Lotta stuff there I don't ever touch would be neat to be able to remove or add thing to it.
  7. Wurmonlinethesandboxadventuregamewithover150usefulskillssuchas
  8. Fletching Potion - 1s each - all Oil of Blacksmith - 2.25s to viremental please Potion of Woodcutting - 2.5s each [2/3 Left] (to beastwolf)
  9. 1s I guess for a door mat?
  10. Honestly just another chore that takes away from actual game play. +1
  11. retracted sorry gone for a bit