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  1. Wave2: glow3: buying cool chat effects
  2. FINALLY SOMEONE HAS BROUGHT THIS MAN TO THE COMMUNITIES ATTENTION. I have a bad back and this MONSTER keeps putting these weird tall DIRT THINGS around my house. I haven’t been to the grocery store in MONTHS. My grand nephew tried doing a wellness check on me and the KIND OFFICER DAGOBERT has been trying to locate me WITH ZERO SUCCESS. He stays very CLOSE BY and I keep calling his name but the MONSTER ROBUS just keeps yelling “THE WALL GOT 5 FEET HIGHER” I don’t know what to do I need my medication
  3. All my homies hate war bonus, I have proof they replied to this thread
  4. I got an extra body piece, are you interested? It's white.
  5. Keenan, Darklords, and the Dev teams recent jump in clear passion and creativity has made me fall back in love with this game. Thanks Developer GAMERS
  6. First off, send the statue to the capital token again. I don't wanna carry it. Keep the mm on the player who finishes the last camp. Add a 70 fight skill minimum to capping a camp. Disable Recall home and karma town portal for anyone who capped a camp within 24 hours. Save the horses, motivate pvp.
  7. lemme just insert that for ya