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  1. @Zaramepm me in game or on the forums maybe we can figure out something with your absurd collection lol
  2. Weapon blacksmithing Plate smithing(per peice) Chain(per piece Jewelry Shield smithing 60ql 10c 10c 10c 10c 10c 10c 70ql 15c 15c 15c 15c 15c 15c 80ql 45c 40c 40c 40c 40c 40c 90ql 75c 70c 75c 75c N/a N/a Currently only iron unless we can figure something out. I can do above 90 but just message me and we'll figure out prices. Always mail to Viremental
  3. Only pops up if my heads y is centered. Been there since the volumetic lighting change.
  4. Do it on Epic or champ as a freedom champ and suicide three times
  5. I use the tiniest small mauls
  6. The changes are all to make new players be able to try pvp without having to do stupid stuff like meditate for 6 months. Current state of Chaos allows vets to bully new players to the point where they will not be able to experience that half of the game. If you were bullied in middle school I can understand why you would think they're garbage.
  7. [12:51:39] <Grifo> i dont think the kids own lingerie