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  1. I mean if you're pushing the fact that Sindusk wasn't the only working on these awesome updates everyone loved. But the fact that he was loved so much just because he was "the herald of these features" that should shows how much more the team needs to work on their communication.
  2. [14:18:32] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks a lot!
  3. Create a rare pickaxe with your signature 100% chance. Looking for 3s each. Can imp up to 90ql after you attach the head free of charge!
  4. Send offer looking to get a 100 imbue on my pick so buying a bunch.
  5. +1 if anything add it to a kingdom rank with a cool down or something.
  6. 1 charge looking for 30s The saws 91.22ql and has 93 botd not really sure about value so taking offers.
  7. Smoke from sol

    As title says looking for smoke from sol
  8. Very neat idea I look forward to watching your adventures in it