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  1. title, makes sorting out perms easier. Also may help from long houses getting nuked or even slayed. Please do not leave me in the dark about adding this. Also any chance my long houses can be necroed? I do not want to rebuild them.
  2. For the Developers, I present a poem. I trust that you will kindly take this into consideration and give it the utmost approval. Stealing summer hats, his actions quite lame. A jerk to all those who cross his path, With a heart as cold as ice, he brings only wrath. He sneaks through the night, with stealth and with speed, Takes what he wants, with utter greed. The summer hats, once worn with pride, Now in his clutches, taken for a joyride. But his actions will catch up, as all things do, And his deeds of theft, soon to be known by all who knew. His name and shame, a tale that will spread, His reputation tarnished, forever stained red. So beware of Necro Dark Slayer, with his dark heart and soul, Stealing what he wants, with no thought for the toll. For those who stand in his way, he'll show no mercy or grace, And steal what he desires, with a smile on his face. PS: I wholeheartedly detest that individual, A blight upon the world, his deeds most unbelievable.
  3. Never forget my HEAD IS COLD @necroeI know you're reading this thread!
  4. This change wasn't enough, remove horses all together, Donkey pvp only. If I'm going over 20km I get sea sick.
  5. PVP servers

    Yeah a good deal of people exclusively live on Chaos and if that’s not you I don’t think you have a say in whether or not it should be completely shut down lol. I will say something needs to be done a 3rd different unconnected pvp server when the community was known to be tiny was a very odd choice. Keep Rumble all template kingdoms, let them sail to the promise land, Chaos to found a pmk if they want. Can’t figure out the code? Well don’t touch it with bandaids until you can.
  6. bump, backlog cleared make me hate myself again