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  1. 20 I guess I'll probably forget though
  2. Yeah what he said delete the servers
  3. imo I think learning curve is the main thing thats neglected. Archaeology is a good middle ground because it has a lot of cool neat deep features but you can also completely(for the most part) pick it up without having to read forums threads for three days of unconfirmed theory or derp on the wurmpedia every time you want to do the task/skill.
  4. Just replace the suggestion thread with the VR section
  5. Can I get a portal to the void
  6. Title suggestion: Silakka Gaming grats gamer
  7. Sold pls close

    buy out pls
  8. rip I forgot about this
  9. 10 day auctions should be illegal I don’t have the attention span for that 50s
  10. Replace the stupid warbonus buff with warbonus being the strength of your raid window if you have 30 war bonus you get a 6 hour raid window. If you have 0 war bonus then you can be raided whenever. That way it requires work and you have to decide if it's worth doing on a dumb wardeed.