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    white cherry, Red Tome, Blood of the angels, green tome, and scroll of binding Message me with offers! Thanks.
  2. WTS/WTT Tomes

    I have: White tome Looking to either sell those or trade for the ones below. I'm looking for: white cherry, Red Tome, Blood of the angels, giant walnut, green tome, and scroll of binding
  3. I have fancy hat right now and would like everyone to know I once had a fancy hat when it's no longer on my head. +1
  4. Seems to have given you exactly what you asked for? +1
  5. [15:21:09] 59 other players are online. You are on Chaos (482 totally in Wurm).
  6. [16:02:34] Can only make two or three tile wide cave entrances . Also wording is kinda weird. Why not just say "You can only make a maximum of three wide cave entrances."
  7. I just do not enjoy rifts nothing against them just to long and always way out of my time zone. I get their appeal not asking them to be changed I have no interest in ruining cart man's fun. Just unfortunate as I will never have that journal done not because it's hard just because times and lack of interest. An alternative to certain goals would be neat. Shouldn't remove it as people have been grinding towards it but possibly close 100 rifts OR {insert something here}
  8. I was 99% Finn was a troll now I think I'm 100% probably having a good laugh while writing a novel against blowing on food in a video game. +1 cool idea.
  9. I still hop over there every once in awhile because I have a deed there but I left Celebration mainly because I couldn't put up with the painfully awful lag. And the lag is definitely new I use to have the least amount of problems on that server.