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  1. Honestly, I feel Wurm is complex enough that a well thought out, concise video tutorial that plays in game for a new toon showing various scenarios and how menus work would suffice. The challenge of the game itself is enough. Why make it more frustrating for a new player to start with *more* challenges? Doesn’t sound fun. Yes, the current tutorial lacks, but I think too much challenge will turn away new players just as much. I like the NPC idea that Radrics has though. Sure, someone can search YouTube if they want to learn more, but having a short video in game seems ideal.
  2. 2x picnic basket - 1s/ea. If agreeable, please COD to belacane.
  3. Right on! There’s already Russian and German. Spanish should come too.
  4. I got nearly 40 repair skill points for taking care of a cookhouse for a bit…
  5. Still interested in the bulwark shield skin if available.
  6. Interested in Bulwark Shield skin if still available. Can pick up asap.
  7. If you are taking custom orders, I am interested in 10kg 70ql iron w/ CoC... COD to belacane
  8. I knew you’d respond to this I’ve been part of the pain for years. i just don’t see a reason why the damage is so heavy that a shield needs to be repaired and imped as often as it does. It’s a QoL issue for a game that isn’t my real life. It shouldn’t take up quite as much time as real life.
  9. When going hunting in a desert filled with mobs, or sparring with a friend, I find myself frustrated by how quickly metal shields get damaged. It seems that they damage far quicker than other 'things that take blows' in a fight, such as a weapon (parrying), or armor. QoL wise, I find the extremely high rate at which metal shields get damaged to be very frustrating. It is a nice motivation to skill up shield smithing, but I'm wondering if anyone else is with me on how annoying it is to have to imp shields at a far faster rate than anything else. My suggestion is to decrease the amount of damage a metal shield takes so it's on par with other armor and weapons that take hits.