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  1. Thanks!

    wishing you the best!
  2. - 1 to marrying. I mean, can't you just make a ring and name it 'sonso and suchnsuch'?
  3. except lanterns aren’t weapons, and I wasn’t implying that they shouldn’t take decay when used…
  4. Well then, it seems my request has already recently been taken care of. Good to know!
  5. As far as I recall, they decay in inventory whether lit or not lit. Has this changed recently?
  6. Now that we have this awesome lantern skin, why not make it so lanterns don't default decay in inventory and while on display as a decoration. Decay while lit seems reasonable, but the above scenarios don't.
  7. Ok, found one below the surface now. it seems to be only things shot with arrows so far. I don’t believe we should have to dig to get a corpse. Sounds like a big to be fixed.
  8. They were not. While there was a slight slope, it was not especially steep.
  9. I've been out hunting, and 4+ times I've killed trolls with arrows. I can see the corpse until I get within about 2-3 tiles of it, then I can't see it or select it at all. When I back away, it shows up again. Thanks for hopefully looking into it.
  10. still dreaming of this
  11. I'm sick of sitting around imping arrows. I'd rather be shooting things. Looking to buy ~50ql hunting arrows by the thousands. Prefer delivery on cele, but can pick up on most coasts. PM me here on the forums.