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  1. Each god has their own purpose and each purpose is brilliant and useful. However, I choose Libila for her vibe. Nothing like it...
  2. Yes, thank you! If a toon is highly skilled at mining, there is little reason for crappy quality ore / shards to be produced so often. Change the code.
  3. Waiting as well… This would be amazing.
  4. This may be of help if you zoom in.
  5. The biggest issue with logging out while afk in the wild is your riding horse. You wouldn’t typically just want to leave your horse unattended. I know there are perms for individual branded horses, but I understand not everyone has that. Bringing a tent allows you to hitch a horse to it. The horse won’t wander and if your tent is locked, cannot be taken. Problem solved. If you’re walking, there’s nothing to lose if you log out. If you’re riding a cart, just park it on the grass and logout. If your cart has correct perms, no one can touch it.
  6. Yeah, a two factor or security questions at least for shop and forums would be welcome.
  7. *bows at the reference* nice name
  8. WTB - 2x boar shoulder pad set, 2x skull shoulder pad set Pls PM your prices on forum
  9. Maybe. But only if Epic was deleted and replaced with this...