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  1. I got lost in there once.... a good deed
  2. I'm looking to buy archaeology statues (not statuettes). I'm particularly interested in: Statue of a Unicorn Statue of a Guard Statue of Libila Statue of Eagle Let me know what you have and your price. Thank you!
  3. What are your asking prices?
  4. B59, B60, B61, B62 (remaining horse shoe set) 4s? If so, COD to sarai.
  5. B55, B56, B57, B58 (90ql horse shoe set) - 4s? If so, please COD to belacane.
  6. Bumping this up with a question. I hope that’s ok. I currently run a desktop to play Wurm, but want to get a basic laptop so that I can be lazy at times and play in bed or on the couch. Budget is not huge. Can anyone advise as to whether a dell e5550 running Windows 10 with intel core i5 (2.70ghz), an intel HD 5500 graphics card, and 4gb of ram will allow one to play Wurm at low to mid level graphics settings and tolerable FPS? Thank you.
  7. 6s for the rare hatchet? If ok, COD to Belacane
  8. 16 sleep powders for 14s I can deliver to any coast (some exceptions on xanadu). PM sarai or belacane in game or message me here.
  9. very good seller. quick and easy transaction.
  10. I like your idea as something that could be turned on or off. That way, for those who prefer the select & craft, it's still available.
  11. I played skyrim for a long time, and really loved it, but then lost internet access for a while, and couldn't get back into it. Tried Life is Feudal, but couldn't get into it. A long time ago I played Diablo ii and Age of Empires for many years. Wurm is the game that has stuck with me for the longest though, and I hope that will continue.
  12. I’m interested. I think I bought from you before. I’ll try and find you in game.