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  1. *sigh* Miss you both so much!
  2. I'm having the same problem as well.
  3. Hi Anable, I am interested in some sandstone bricks and mortar, perhaps 1k of each to start. I'll see if I can find you in game. My in game names are sarai and belacane.
  4. oh my god, that is Linton?! What a change. Wow, nice job!!!
  5. Hello! I'm building Carcassone where Thunder Lake used to be y29 x13.
  6. Hello! I'm building Carcassone where Thunder Lake used to be
  7. Hello, can you please COD Grooming Brush, cedar 14.32 c72 to belacane? Thank you!
  8. oooh +1 robby's poutine
  9. C'mon over! I just sent you a PM
  10. C'mon by anytime Jo!!
  11. Hello Fellow Wurmians! I have a small village at M8 on Release, and am wondering if anyone is looking for a place to call home within an awesome alliance. You're welcome to the whole second floor of my house, which you can furnish as you like. I'd say this is a great spot for an independent player who doesn't need a lot of space, and likes to explore, possibly farm, and have a friendly home base. There's a workshop as well, and if you're not a cook yourself, I'm happy to cook for you . ... There's also a huge farming area and great hunting nearby. PM me or reply here if you're interested! Or you can PM me in game: sarai I get lonely sometimes :\