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  1. -1 Part of what makes Choas awesome is what is unexpected and the apprehension that goes along with that. keep it as is.
  2. I am still interested.
  3. please COD longsword LT100 C76 and 2 JK banners to belacane for your price.
  4. It seems that while data supports proof of mob spawn, it’s obviously not evened out enough for players to get enjoyment out of it. this definitely needs a fix.
  5. I’m not sure where you’re located, but based on chatter I’ve been hearing and my travels, what you described is fairly rare on most parts of the SFI.
  6. Since August, 2020, there has been a significant lack of mobs on the southern freedom isles for hunting. A single player can hunt out a desert in a short time, and mobs do not seem to respawn quickly at all. Hunting is a large part of what makes Wurm fun, and it seems like hunting has basically been eliminated on the SFI. Just from conversation with other players, many of us are frustrated by this, and simply finding another place to hunt is no longer feasible, since mobs are so few and one needs to travel so far just to get some good hunting in. This has become a QOL issue, I feel. Can we get a fix for this, please?
  7. Nope. Nope. Nope. The entire terrain would just be a ton of holes and a general mess.
  8. This is absolutely stunning and inspiring to boot! Thank you for sharing!