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  1. Can you check what's the GPU VRAM usage during the GPU usage spikes? If it reaches the graphics memory limit, it should be resolved some time soon, as reducing the general VRAM usage is something we'll be working on.
  2. Valrei International. 074

    There hasn't been a client update for quite some time, it might be an issue with your system. Also make sure your FPS is capped in the settings, as the client is not as CPU bound as it used to be.
  3. Game crash when i click play

    You're using 32-bit Java. If you're on a 64-bit OS, uninstall Java and get the Windows Offline, 64-bit version from
  4. Sure, the sound should reflect the animation, it'll be fixed with the next update.
  5. Performance help, please

    It's definitely due to that old graphics card, biggest issue with it is the low memory size - try decreasing all the texture size/detail settings to the lowest. Don't use the modern renderer on it either, will just make it worse.
  6. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    Rest in peace Tich. I'm glad I was able to work alongside you and help out with the last couple projects you did. Ideas of yours were always enormous and creative - you obviously aimed for the sky.
  7. Issues with graphics using nvidia card

    According to that console log, the game is using the Intel gpu, not the Nvidia one. On certain Intel cards the game turns GLSL off by itself due to insufficient graphics features support, try making Wurm use the Nvidia card again.
  8. Client update: 17/OCT/18

    Surface lighting leaking into caves in case of thin ceilings is for now intended, might change in future. Thanks to that there's no more light blinking when you switch from surface to cave and the other way. I haven't heard of any fences missing textures though, can you place a report in the client bugs section with a screenshot when you get a chance to take one?
  9. Blinding light since modern renderer

    It's about the number of light sources close to eachother - it'd happen just the same if the old renderer allowed that number of lights to actually display, instead of flicker them on/off according to the light cap. We're working on something that should mitigate this, but for now I just recommend snuffing out a couple lamps until it looks good.
  10. This should be fixed with a hotfix that went out just now, let me know if you can play on the modern renderer fine now.
  11. Client update: 17/OCT/18

    And another one out (third time's the charm is what I always say) for some more lighting related graphical artifacts, should be all good for all settings now.
  12. For a temporary fix you can switch back to the legacy renderer, we cannot reproduce the issue yet.
  13. Can you post your console.log file and machine specifications?