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  1. Thanks!

    Hi everyone, I'll be stepping down from my post as a Product Manager of Wurm Online, due to a pileup of personal issues and health problems. It has been a great adventure and I've thoroughly enjoyed working on the game I've played and loved for over a decade, but it's time someone else takes the lead as I'm not fit at the moment to do it properly. There's no better person to carry this game further than Keenan so I'm certain it'll turn out great with him at the helm - you can expect a development update post from him shortly Thanks for the chance, and see you around Wurm! Samool
  2. Hi everyone, First off, apologies for the lack of communication coming from us recently. I have personally been in a life situation where I couldn’t do a good enough job to keep you all up to date, but that’s not an excuse for not being prepared for it, as we were still lacking a community manager contractor (please remember Demona was still a volunteer). Fortunately others have stepped in to help out - thanks a lot Keenan ❤️ Anyways, let’s get to the things we’re working on. Obviously we’re not too happy with the current state of animal husbandry, and we’ve got multiple tweaks pending for the next update we release, including large changes to how traits are passed down (more likely to be passed down rather than replaced with random ones), lowering the chance of passing down negative traits as we’ve decided it was a bit too harsh, as well as significantly reducing the chance of getting traits not relevant to the animal, such as resource yield traits on animals that don’t produce any resources. We’re planning to release a smaller update next month, before the exploration update, and that will include those animal husbandry tweaks as well as some content additions. To fix the communication issues we’ve been having here a bit, we’ll be looking at getting some extra Community Managers on board to help with things, and until that time I’ll try to keep you all updated a bit better than how we’ve done recently. Lastly, while this might be a bit of unexpected news, it’s something we’ve teased in the past, long long ago, in one of the news posts - we’ll be starting development on adding VR functionality to Wurm, and while we can’t release any further details on it yet, we don’t expect it to derail development on the content features we’ve announced. Other than this feature, the last roadmap we posted is still relevant, and so there’s more exciting stuff to look forward to. Thanks for the attention, and keep on Wurming!
  3. Can you upload your console.log or gamesettings file so I can try to repro with the same settings?
  4. Please provide some screenshots of the error messages you have been getting, and the progress bar you mentioned so we can narrow down where it fails. Reinstalling Java won't help, as the native launcher does not use system-installed Java and instead uses its own runtime. Only thing I can think of right now would be some antivirus software as that seems to be the only thing recently popping up that has prevented some players from launching the game. I'm not sure what this means though: Did this happen after first being unable to start the game? And successfully run means you actually got through the launcher and into the game?
  5. The crashing on inspecting animals should be fixed now - the client didn't deploy in time before the servers came back up, but restarting the game should do the trick now.
  6. Apologies for the drop in communications, we've been quite busy fixing the reported issues and still revising the general balance of things such as vehicle speed. Vehicle speed is also subject to some bugs (that we believe we've fixed already for the next update), but in general we'll still be tweaking them to make vehicles faster. Expect an update tomorrow fixing most of the annoying things, and after that we'll chase up the remaining issues that weren't confirmed to be bugs yet and either fix those or clarify the intended functionality. The update won't contain vehicle speed tweaks yet, but we'll try to get that in as soon as possible. We're also working on clarifying some of these patch notes, as it seems some of those were taken from an outdated source, mainly regarding the horse traits - we'll clarify all of those here by editing these patch notes and we'll work with Wurmpedia staff to get the confirmed details on Wurmpedia as well.
  7. Thanks for the report, will be fixed with the next client update.
  8. We could use some more information on those crashes, console.log files would help as well - please post those along with some more details in the client bugs or technical issues forum (they usually have a crash log in them right after you crash, so when you do instead of restarting the game find that file in the wurm directory and paste it in a post)
  9. Could you run the client from the terminal instead and paste the results here? All it should require is to navigate to where you have installed the game and do "./WurmLauncher" Hopefully that can give us some clue as to what exactly breaks on your system.
  10. It was a bad idea in the first place, not a kneejerk change. We don't want the "meta" to be keeping exclusively negative traited animals and having to genesis all the offspring - we were more thinking about the individual horses back when we thought it would be a good idea, rather than taking both offspring and genesis into account - as Ekcin mentioned, we didn't fully think through how it would end up on live servers after everything is settled, so the feedback here helps. Fo priests are still ahead of other breeders by a lot with just how it works now, especially after the update that there will be more breeding needed to be done in general to keep those more specialized animals. And no, Genesis runes won't be a thing.
  11. It's nothing huge, we're not adding battle royale 😛 The partnership is intended to help us out with organizing a one time competition that's very much like the usual competitions we would do, just with real money rewards to test that out, instead of the usual silvers and premium time. We'll announce that competition soon.
  12. Both will be monitored so either of those places works for UI bug reports.
  13. We'll go through the bug reports and have another UI update soon, but detailed reports rather than "look at it, use it" would help. I've noticed your recent threads mentioning some issues and we'll work through them as well, so make sure to get some more reports in if that's not all of them already.
  14. As many things from those achievements weren't tracked before, there's no way for us to grant them retroactively. This one requires opening a wild beehive, we'll clarify that in the description. The snowball and the honey one are possibly bugged, will look into it.