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  1. [Bug] Coloured fances - White

    It's not a top priority thing right now, but we'll be looking at a fix for it in the upcoming weeks.
  2. Client hangs at splash screen on Windows 10

    Is this a fresh install or did you have Wurm running on that machine before? Does deleting the whole wurm directory (or installing it anywhere else) and then running the launcher fix it? edit: after a deeper look it's a certain setting causing this - removing your gamesettings.txt file to make it re-generate will fix it, and a proper client fix will be in with the next update.
  3. This looks like a networking issue - make sure Java isn't blocked by your system's or router firewall, perhaps restarting your internet router would suffice.
  4. Game crashes after last patch

    Try verifying your packs, use the gear on the bottom-right corner of the launcher and use Verify.
  5. Game crashes after last patch

    Is that on every login or was it a one time thing?
  6. Low Frame Rate

    Also your log shows that you have VBO on Extension, make sure all settings in Compatibility are on Core.
  7. The Intel crash was fixed with yesterday's update. We do use Compatibility OpenGL profile instead of Core as we still have some legacy code that needs it. Seeing as it works with the new Mesa, that might be good enough, as it's not the default renderer yet either way.
  8. Client update 11/AUG/18

    Should be fixed now, restart your clients - we're sorry for the trouble!
  9. Wurm does not support Java 10. Please uninstall it and get Java 8 (choose the 64-bit version) from
  10. Client update: Modern renderer

    @Subie @MissWilc Please post your console.log files (the full ones from wurm directory, not copied from console) here or create a thread in the client bugs section, also your machine specs could be helpful with identifying the reason for that.
  11. GLSL acting weird on my machine.

    Try disabling VSync in Adv. Graphics tab, it caps down your fps. When you're on the modern renderer, make sure everything in the compatiblity tab is enabled. You're on a quite aged graphics card so just bringing down some of the graphics settings should help.
  12. Is it winter yet?

    You won't be able to disable it, but we're working on making winter look better - it got better terrain textures a couple updates ago and we're currently working on the lighting to make the snow look less blinding.
  13. Is it winter yet?

    You can't turn off snow graphics so that's not something you need to worry about. When the season changes to winter the graphics won't reflect it until a relog though.
  14. Crash after Java update

    Modern renderer for Intel will be fixed with the next client update.
  15. wurm wont play

    Right click and open the .jnlp file that you save from the main Wurm Online website and open it with the javaws as Retrograde explained.