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  1. Grass/crop rendering issue was fixed in the last update. @Ninjarubberduck This was definitely an unstable internet connection on your end, not something that's different in the new client. @Sirmayhem While I'm not sure what this is caused by, what should fix it is clearing Wurm from your Java cache data: Start -> Run, type "javaws -viewer", choose the low memory client and remove it from there. Run the client again using a freshly downloaded jnlp:
  2. Keybind messages are not error messages and it's nothing you should be concerned about, they're just an information on what happens internally. The file itself however, after closing the game, should not have any duplicates - if it does, please do figure out what caused it and report it separately. Ram usage of 4GB is huge and that's why I asked you about what's the exact location you get it on so I could investigate the area. It doesn't matter if you have enough memory, this just might be an indication that something related is in fact going wrong.
  3. It'd really help if you answered all of the questions we ask as they're all important in troubleshooting this.
  4. Please post your console.log file from Wurm's main directory.
  5. Don't use any custom launch GC params like that, it'll just most likely make it worse. Do use the low memory client for alts, but still, that's quite a lot of memory even for the regular one. Can you PM me location of where you are crashing that often so I can see if client does anything unusual there? Got some things that will potentially help with this the next update, but it's not that easy to troubleshoot things like this without a reproduction, so if you find something that will 100% cause a crash and write it up, it'd be helpful. Does it still crash with default settings but set in windowed mode? Been a few related cases to that setting. Very unlikely that it's related to keybind file being any different than the default one, must be something else that also differs between the times you crash and the ones you don't.
  6. Issue on the bug list already, will be resolved soon.
  7. Everybody experiencing freezes - we're still working on it, lowering your settings (mostly textures) should help it a lot though. Issue with duplicate items and disappearing grass I'm still looking into. @Patreus Sorry, took me a bit to get to that issue. Implementing a solution that doesn't require S3TC isn't really something we can do right now, but it can apparently be enabled or installed additionally to Mesa drivers (which due to some patent issue or something similar don't have them): Some instructions for Ubuntu here, can be googled for other distributions by searching for "libtxc_dxtn" @JakeRivers Low memory client's heap memory is max as the old client (that is 1gb) - in addition to that though there's a couple of other memory pools that contribute to the total usage that's visible in the task manager - lowering the total memory used is still something we'll be working towards. But you're not missing anything, the low memory client's usage is usually getting up to 1.5gb total. @Agememnon I asked you for a console.log file from your wurm's directory previously, can't do anything without it. The legacy client is only for when you're really not able to use the 4.0 and soon it will be gone anyway.
  8. You said any option change causes a driver crash - that's what I would like to investigate first, it's what I meant by checking that on various window modes and/or with postprocess effects.
  9. It's still being tweaked and will possibly be changed next update. Right now though changing water detail in the settings should help (and it does no major performance difference, just reflections do)
  10. What worked was that it's the weekend and as the dev that resolves this kind of issues I got more time to help Page file can be used before running out of RAM, and also it always is available, just that it's dynamically (read: slowly and inefficiently) and While I have some idea what could be crashing the drivers on changing settings, it still shouldn't and in most cases it doesn't, so please do try other drivers too. Can you check if it does the same with all postprocess effects turned off in the launcher and then do something like add a keybind in game? Can you check if with the page file set the game still freezes after some time without doing any setting/keybind changes in the meanwhile? Can you check if the drivers still crash on keybind adding with the only a certain window mode set? (Windowed, Fullscreen, Fullscreen Windowed, Resizable?)
  11. Thanks, one more thing, can I get a screenshot (if possible a video of it changing)?
  12. Freezes like this usually happen when client runs out of memory, and seeing that it changed after reinstalling the OS, change the page file size to 8gb+ - it's probably lower or not set after the reinstall. But, if it's the graphics drivers that are crashing, then it's probably a driver issue, try older ones?
  13. One thread is enough, please do not repost the same issues. We don't ignore issues, it's just that we don't always immediately have an answer for some.
  14. Please upload your console.log file from when you have it happen, I have some guess what could be causing this but seems to be exclusive to some systems.
  15. @Cecci @Dinant @Fairyshine We need your console.log files too, it shows stuff that's exclusive to your system so we have something that we can try to figure out the issue from. @Valdor That log is from when you ran Wurm on 32bit Java, please do it on 64bit and upload a fresh one then.