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  1. That's a test server exclusive issue, fixes itself after a relog. This testing thread is regarding the Live Preview client, not Test Preview.
  2. The darker bit at the bottom is the progress bar. It's pretty much the same layout as on the old UI.
  3. That seems unrelated to the UI, but I can't repro the issue. Can you upload your console.log file so i can try with your settings? For everyone having an issue with the general size of the UI, make sure to tweak the UI Scale option in the UI tab of the Settings - that set at 90% should be quite similar in size to the old UI.
  4. Today's release (that I linked) allows you to test it on live servers.
  5. Settings and keybinds carry over the different clients. Yes, you can use the different clients interchangeably.
  6. Hi everyone! After a few solid months spent on polishing the UI, I’m happy to say we’re at the point where we feel it’s almost ready to go, and as such we want to invite you to try it out. Below you can find a list of most of the additions and changes compared to the old interface. Changelog: How to access the UI Preview client: We’re mostly looking for feedback regarding: Visual changes and the scaling functionality New features Default and repeat action keys and possible improvements to that Any missing functionality from the old UI Anything else that sticks out to you and affects daily gameplay Once we’ve ensured there are no critical issues, this will be replacing the old UI client, so make sure you try it out before that happens!
  7. That is all correct Nordlys. Updated the first post to explain that better and added some other answers.
  8. I don't see any contradiction here. If you've read up, you know you can connect to the new servers both from the standalone client and the Steam client. You can also use the Steam client to play on say Independence, and pay through Steam. Nothing blocking us from connecting the servers in the future, and the Steam store part isn't at all related to the new servers.
  9. Steam accounts will only be able to buy silver coins and premium time through a new in-game store that uses the Steam store as the back-end, and possibly some options on the Steam store itself. You can't use our existing shop for Steam accounts, and you also will not be able to link existing non-Steam Wurm Online characters to your Steam account. That will always be buying directly from our shop on the website, using a regular Wurm Online account As others mentioned, Steam does take a cut from all the payments done through Steam's services. We'll work on updating the FAQ with some more of the asked questions.
  10. It'll be out very soon, we're working out the last quirks reported by team testing now and it should be good to go for a live public testing as we announced.
  11. That will not work. The current tutorial area is now at Independence, you won't be able to transfer from there to the new servers. There'll be more details closer to the release regarding the tutorial process, but as is you cannot reserve a character name for the new cluster in any way.
  12. No way to transfer silver coins or items or premium time between those clusters. As those aren't out of game assets, if you're inclined to do that, (according to the current rules) you can trade with other players by paying them with in-game items on another cluster, if that's what you're asking about.
  13. You cannot move characters between the new cluster and the old clusters. You can create new characters on either of them whenever you want, using whichever client you want. The rest of your points is correct, except some minor details about the connection - you will be able to chat with people on the other cluster, whether through global chats or PMs, so it's not completely separated regarding that.
  14. What server is the issue appearing on?