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  1. WO Steam Discussion

    There'll be an official clarification/announcement soon. I'm not sure where the idea of shutting WU down and removing it from Steam came from, there's no chance of that happening. We're currently working on something to not leave WU as is. While it won't be getting any of the new WO updates, we're looking at making using mods easier overall, as well as a bugfixing update.
  2. This was fixed with the update on November 4th.
  3. I'm pretty sure that's unrelated - a fix for incorrectly colored bardings went out last Monday, 4th November. Might've just been lucky timing with the driver change and the update.
  4. Client update this Monday included a possible fix for this - is it still an issue?
  5. We can have servers using both our and Steam shops - but we cannot sell silver/subscription through our shop to players connected from Steam, hence a separate store there. Not affected, that's still on the table.
  6. We'll make sure that the rules are very clear when the time comes, there's no need to fear repercussions on a not yet prepared ruleset. That's quite clear already in the SDA (2.5) - the Steam version cannot use any functionality of the current Wurm shop.
  7. What's the RGB color value (examine) on the armor? Is the first screenshot taken before the update a week ago or after that?
  8. That's a bug when GLSL in Compatibility is on Extension, try switching it to Core from the launcher.
  9. That's not part of our code using that TMP directory sadly, so we can't really affect that - it's where LWJGL3 puts its native libraries. I'm not too much of a Linux user but I didn't think mounting the system tmp dir as exec is a big deal, security wise? I found some other post on Stackoverflow claiming that a lot of native Debian packages require /tmp to be executable, not sure how accurate that is but makes sense to me. For certain reasons (such as features that make the native launcher work together with the .jar) running the client jars standalone is not supported.
  10. Sleep bonus hard cap is at 10h. The journal cap refers to the bonus you can gain yourself, the soft cap, which is at 5h by default.
  11. Xanadu will also receive the 5 hours when the servers come back from this update.
  12. It seems that the error is a permission issue with accessing /tmp - see That thread refers to the issue on Android, but the same solution(s) should work for you. I think it's the same issue blocking the new jnlp as the native launcher, so that might fix both of them.
  13. There's nothing here "exceeding every normal graphical limitation". We work through performance issues and client updates very often contain optimization fixes. Ambient Occlusion is a post-process effect that's independent of scene complexity. There's zero difference in how it works in a populated area or the test server, which is why the screenshots were done there. For changes that actually can affect the performance in populated deeds and player gatherings we do testing on live servers, such as the recent player armor normalmap additions. It was the same case with introducing the modern renderer - big point of that was that it's a deferred rendering engine, and that makes lighting independent of scene complexity, and as such intended to scale well with complex situations. There were certain performance issues at the start but now on most configurations it's much better than Legacy, and even takes advantage of geometry instancing for the many-things-in-local situations. I can see that you have no clue what you're talking about, but yet you keep trying to slight the dev team at every opportunity and I'd really appreciate if you at least tried to include some facts there, instead of very wild guesses on how stuff works.
  14. Yes, I did exactly that - fresh Ubuntu install without even any additional dependencies runs the launcher fine. Not sure how I can help you fix that beyond that, try a dist upgrade to some newer version?
  15. It is not using a lot more resources though. It might on the High preset, which we don't recommend as you can see in the patch notes. Should we stop adding graphical features altogether, if they cause a completely optional moderate increase in GPU usage? The technology used is Nvidia's HBAO, and it works the same visuals and speed-wise as in other games. There is no downside to this, I'm not sure why you pretend there is. AO off/on screenshots for those unsure how much of a difference it makes: