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  1. Was an issue with Windows page-file being too small, if anyone else's client crashes without a regular console log or system shows that it's running out of memory. ( @Xallo)
  2. Difference in lighting between the distant and close walls will be corrected next update.
  3. That's still a console log from stable.
  4. One more thing, you use Mesa GPU drivers which we don't really support. Using fglrx or AMDGPU/AMDGPU-PRO should be much better.
  5. Have you tried the low memory launcher? It helps with other performance issues too. Other than that, from your console log: use the setting limit max lights and set the limit to 8, that's how it is in stable by default - any more than 8 is a big performance hit if you don't notice a difference without it, disable vsync try playing with GLSL (Compatibility tab of the launcher settings) turned to Core, should be able to run that and will possibly work better
  6. We aren't troubleshooting stable here, only unstable client to work out the quirks of it before it replaces stable.
  7. That's a log from the stable client, not unstable. Log in the file is overwritten with every client launch.
  8. Please upload a console log once it crashes - before you log in again after that.
  9. We added a couple additional things to the console log that'll help us identify issues, please upload a new console log from this update (client 4.0.3). Setting-wise, disabling vsync and reflections should help you most with the framerate and stutters.
  10. Try enabling VBO Support in Compatibility settings. The issue isn't present in the unstable client.
  11. Stars movement will be corrected with the next update. Moons I can't say for sure yet but they'll probably stay as they are on unstable currently. White flickering in fog is a known issue, limiting max dynamic lights to 8 in settings is a workaround for that.
  12. Yes, there's a couple of visual things on the test client that aren't available on live unstable yet, they're still work in progress. Most difference makes an ambient occlusion type effect that's on test when you have any postprocess effect turned on. (will be available as a separate option once it goes live)
  13. It's actually a problem when a key "sticks" (for example when you minimize the game) and the modifier stays, like Shift, Alt or CTRL. A solution is to just press all of these keys and it should fix itself - it doesn't reset them to default, it just fixes the sticky key issue.
  14. Can't do anything without the console log and system specs, read up on the thread please.
  15. @Xallo Not the client's itself issue, various Windows processes cause it to use memory so not sure what's the reason in this case, I haven't had it happen myself but apparently disabling Superfetch service should help. If the processes shut themselves down I'd guess it's an issue that you don't have a big enough page file set.