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  1. With Wurm Unlimited (currently in Beta) user resource packs have been added. Resource packs can contain textures, models and sounds which will be loaded by the game in place of (or in addition to) the ones already in the base game. Instructions for both usage and creation of those packs is placed below. Resource pack end-user installation: Resource pack creation: Converting textures for usage in resource packs: Converting models for usage in resource packs:
  2. It's not a possibility at all. There's zero point to us making Wurm Online a Steam only game.
  3. You can use the CENTER_VIEW keybind instead (V by default), there's also ZOOM_IN and ZOOM_OUT iirc (should be bound to - and = keys). Those along with the scrolling out (don't think that one can be done on a touchpad) are the new camera controls.
  4. I totally understand the concern and I shared it for a while - first person perspective has always been an innate part of Wurm, and it's contributed plenty to the immersion. However TPP is a very long and often requested feature and the lack of it is a dealbreaker for many potential players, so we felt it was a necessary addition. I think you'll like where we ended up with third person though - the perspective provides a bit of freedom but the zoom out distance is not even close to what you'd see in WoW and such, which helps to not make the first person mode irrelevant, tactical advantage wise. Additionally it's as Jaz says, you can't really peek much through walls as it detects that they should obstruct your view. It's still quite immersive really, and I don't think this addition means everyone will switch to third person exclusively - also swapping back and forth between the camera modes is quick enough to use both perspectives interchangeably.
  5. The changes in no way mean that veggies will be useless as you assume them to be, it's just intended to bring all the favor items more in line to be similarly viable.
  6. Thanks for the report, will be fixed with the next update.
  7. Can you post the version of your graphics card drivers? I know there's a couple issues with the newest AMD drivers in Wurm, would be good to confirm if it's that. See this for how to find the driver version (the Driver Packaging Version part):
  8. It's affected by the underlying texture, it's not affected by different wood types. That's the general idea, an overlay texture with the given color. That would allow for white paint as well, white dye doesn't really dye stuff white either.
  9. Mac applications don't seem to have a user-friendly way to launch multiple of native applications, but you can do this in the terminal (or make a shortcut with a shell script): open -n /Applications/Wurm\ Doing that should allow to open more than one client at once. To make a shortcut out of that command, see this:
  10. Regarding dyes, it's as Retrograde has said - wood shaders do not affect dyed items, for consistency. However, dyes were always guesswork as to the end result, and that's just due to them dying the texture, not replacing color. The update that introduced HDR to the modern renderer has changed appearance of some dyes, while most of them were brought back similar to how they were with following hotfixes, the "edge cases" like black are no longer as strong, that's most likely staying as is. We are however interested in adding paint that would add a layer of color instead of tinting the underlying texture. It's not something we're working on right now but likely to appear in the upcoming months.