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  1. Black Friday!

    The longer premium offers will be discounted as well and at different rates, it's definitely going to be pointless to purchase the one month option multiple times. That's not how it works - we're not obliged to partake in those larger Steam sales.
  2. This should be fixed with a hotfix released just now, restart your clients to update.
  3. A client hotfix just went out with a fix for this. Once you relog and your client updates, the crashes should stop happening.
  4. Can you paste the contents of your console.log file, directly after running the game (and it crashing)? The error file you posted doesn't seem to help in pinpointing the issue, there should be more info in that log file.
  5. Because at this point we don't believe running the same thing will be fun. There was a lot of issues raised with how Jackal played, and while the novelty excused most of them on the first run, it does require a lot of tweaks to be viable longer term. Even just putting it there "as is" requires a heap of work from us on setting it up and then maintaining it, bugfixing the issues that are bound to pop up etc. We're not ruling it out for the future, it's just not something that is of any priority at this point.
  6. Hello Wurmians! As we haven’t had a proper summary to the Steam launch yet, let’s start with that - the player counts since that time have been just unprecedented, and we are very excited to see how lively Wurm has become. Now that has also brought an extreme load to both our dev team as well as the entire staff, hence the initial hiccups - but it seems we’re well past that point and almost back to normal. (almost, since we still have some unresolved things to handle) The surge in popularity has definitely exceeded our expectations and it seems like it can give us some headroom in expanding the development team, which should help us increase the development pace of both new features and bug fixing. Most of you might not know this, but we have had very few hired or contracted developers for quite a while now, much fewer than you would expect from a game of this scale - but we’re well on the way to fixing that. (and if you are interested yourself in becoming either a volunteer developer or a contractor, feel free to contact me with the relevant details at ) I ask for your patience in this part, as it might take us a while to actually get to that point, and the recruitment and training itself might be taking some time away from the direct development in the meanwhile, but after that’s sorted out we will be going ahead faster than ever. And obviously, any new developers will be put on the mandatory bug duty first, fixing those pesky recurring bugs! In addition to expanding the dev team, we’re expanding our marketing efforts as well, which we’ve already started on - we haven’t been great about that before, but we have a lot of ideas in store for promoting the game now and in the future, and you might’ve already seen some Wurm ads around the web. Now, the thing most of you are here for - what are we doing next? While we’re happy with how the improvements to the new player experience and the new tutorial have turned out, it’s obvious from the feedback that there is still work to be done there. As we continue to have plenty of new players joining the game, that will be our focus in the upcoming weeks - the tutorial will be getting some polishing, and we’ll be introducing additional in-game tips and tools to help the newer Wurmians learn the ropes and perhaps not get too frustrated by constantly digging through the wiki. (though we do acknowledge that at some point that might always be a requirement) This will also include further UI improvements, which should make the UI more comfortable to use for everyone and bring some of the requested features and tweaks. I’m sure that’s boring stuff to most of you reading though - worry not, during that time we’ll also be working on finishing up a large combat overhaul! This was something that was meant to be there for the Steam launch, but we have decided to postpone it to give it the attention and polish it deserves. The goal of the combat update will be to increase the interactivity and engagement of combat, by both providing much better visual feedback (significantly reducing the need to read combat chat) and changing certain mechanics, like making special moves more prominent and useful in PvE. This will be put to public testing before it goes live. We have done decent progress on this up to this point, but it still needs a good bit of work to be ready for us to show it to you in full. Once we’re done with those first two focuses of ours, we have multiple major content updates planned out for the upcoming months - those will be released along large marketing pushes to bring even more players to the lands of Wurm, and should bring a lot of content for both newer and older players. Included in those updates will be a large exploration focused update, intended to make the wilderness of Wurm more interesting to explore, with different random encounters to be had around the world. Something we are looking at as well is a unique creatures rework, as well as some more chances to brush up on some less used skills. This update overall should provide a less grindy alternative to other features of Wurm, and in general make PvE gameplay more varied. We also intend to expand further on the construction features, adding both new building elements and decorative items and features. One of our desired features that we’ve been playing with are docks, which would allow you to create structures on water. On the decoration side, a popular suggestion (as well as something we want to see in the game) is hanging items on walls - we’ll be looking at how we can add that. Animal keeping is another feature that we feel has much more potential to be realized. We’ll be working on expanding that part and making keeping different animals a more varied and in-depth feature, with perhaps a new animal or two thrown into the mix. Other than regular content updates, we plan to continue improving the visual side of the game as well - certain elements of Wurm look aged compared to others and we want to fix that soon. One of our desired upgrades has always been an overhaul to how the characters look - while it might be a bit far off right now, we will be looking at improving the character’s appearance along with better customization options. Along with any visual upgrades we’ll be working further on optimizing the game’s client, as we have identified some causes for the high memory and GPU usage issues that some of you may encounter. Since we’re now talking about the client side of the game, another thing we want to tackle is the sound design, which is something we have to admit is quite lacking at this point. That will include adding more sound effects to creatures, as right now, your farm animals are a bit too creepily silent, but we also plan to have another pass at the general action sounds. I realize this post is a bit short on the PvP side of the game - for more information on that part, you can see Darklords’ newest thread on our plans and ideas for the Defiance going forward. There have been quite a few questions and suggestions regarding the future of Jackal. While the first iteration of that has been quite fun, it does require a ton of work and changes to make it worthwhile to run another edition of it, and that is not something we’re interested in - we feel that work is currently much better directed at improving the base game, and not the extending “episodic” content. Generally, you should not expect another Jackal run for quite some time, as we prefer to focus on the other things we have planned. But, never say never! Since the questions about the status of the Northern and Southern Freedom Isles clusters keep appearing, we do want to reiterate that at this point we do not plan on a merge, and it will be a long time before we will start considering one (it is not guaranteed in any case). We’re happy with how both of the clusters are working out and there seems to be a healthy population on both of them. While our promotion of the game with the launch focused on the new Northern Freedom Isles cluster, the future promotion we do will most likely focus on all of Wurm, so that all servers should have new players joining them, depending on each of the server’s qualities rather than our own recommendations. The final thing that I want to announce today is that we're also currently working on a long desired and requested feature which is a complete account system, the main purpose of which is to consolidate character ownership into a single account, improve the security of your accounts and ease the management of them. This will also help us with adding some more features that you could manage about your characters without logging into the game, improve account recovery methods and more. We'll reveal more details on this soon. This should cover some of our plans for Wurm and hopefully makes things a little bit more clear. I want to mention though that this is not an exhaustive list of the things we have in store, and there are plenty of other features and changes coming to the game soon, many of which stem from your suggestions, so make sure to keep those coming! For now, keep on Wurming!
  7. As with all creature spawning changes, it will take some time for the spawns to happen. Creatures don't respawn during server restarts.
  8. On Things Current

    The bloods currently drop from the uniques, but are unable to be used in creation of the imbues until the changes are in.
  9. Hello! Since things have been quiet from us for a while, we thought we’d update you with the list of things that we’re currently working on addressing. This is not the longer term roadmap (which we intend on sharing very soon, most likely next week), but a status on the outstanding issues that we’ll have fixes out for soon. First off, below are some of the things that will be addressed with the next update, which will happen early next week: Situation with uneven creature spawns on all servers should be fixed, and the creature cap on Defiance will be additionally raised Bug where coffers on the new servers kept being empty will be fixed (coins will again be able to be acquired through foraging etc) You’ll be able to start new characters on Defiance, straight from the tutorial portal Other than that, we’re working on fixing other issues up, as well as reintroducing features from the Southern Freedom Isles that didn’t make it yet to the new servers. Below is some details regarding the changes we’re working on: Missions and Valrei features Missions will appear on the new servers along with a Valrei update intended for Defiance, which should be very soon. Favor regeneration To help with the Channeling skillgain (and generally make casting less annoying) we’ll be introducing changes to how favor works. This will work off the previously suggested changes to allow a higher pool of pending favor to be prepared, with concerns raised in that feedback thread ( being addressed - further details will appear in the patch notes. Source fountains We’re working on changing this mechanic a bit before reintroducing it to the new servers, mostly to avoid the claiming of those as has happened on other servers. Rifts and runes Rifts on the new servers will appear in a couple months - we feel the servers are not developed enough for those yet, and we would like to balance them further beforehand. Sleep bonus(es) This is coming a bit late, but as announced before, we will grant everyone 10 hours of sleep bonus to compensate for the rocky launch and the following weeks we’ve had - this will be announced a few days before it happens so everyone has a chance to use up what they have left. This will be coming together with a sleep bonus merge between Defiance and the PvE servers of the Northern Freedom Isles - your sleep bonus will cross through when using the PvP portal, so that you can use it where you want to. Moon metal on PvE (via gift packs) Pending rebalance. Imbues Pending rebalance. New UI We’re working on further improving the new UI and addressing the common complaints before removing the old UI client - among these will be improvements to the default/repeat action systems, text size settings, better chat settings and more. As you might’ve noticed, a lot of the things wait on us finalizing their balancing before introducing them to the new servers. Since this launch has allowed a lot of people to experience a fresh Wurm start, we want to jump on this chance to try and rethink some of the things that ended up as less than ideal on the Southern Freedom Cluster balance-wise. This has been more regarding the PvE side of Wurm, so here’s a fresh PvP discussion thread with some more information on that front: And to reiterate, a full roadmap disclosing some of our longer-term plans for Wurm (regarding all the servers, not just Northern Freedom Isles) will be up on the forums very soon - for now though, I hope this post clears up the current situation.
  10. There were no spawn changes added "for Defiance only". We have reverted all the creature spawn changes, and only the migration one remains in the game. We're working on something that should again bring more regionally balanced spawns to all servers, without the issues that forced us to revert that last change. We should have a solution ready for an update soon.
  11. Hotfix for this crash just went live, should work fine now if you restart your client to update it.
  12. We're not against this, there's just certain technical limitations that prevent us from adding it to non-inventory and non-bulk container windows. It's something we'll still try to add in though.
  13. All clients should again be able to connect now.
  14. We're working on this, it was meant to be the case in the first place but as we had no sufficient time to test it (since the possible differences in an account that starts on a technically different cluster), we had to make it work through the portal only first. Ability to go to Defiance from the tutorial server is coming with one of the updates soon.
  15. All settings in the Compatibility tab (launcher settings window) must be on Core for rain and snow to not show indoors properly.