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  1. Might be a graphics driver issue, try updating them. Also it's the old client that'll be gone soon, use the new launcher that you can get from
  2. There is a checkbox in the installator to create a shortcut to the low memory client. If you want to create the shortcut yourself, it's -lowmem command that's passed onto the launcher.
  3. Will be fixed next update, the client will recognize the numlock state and use the corresponding keys instead.
  4. We have plenty reasons to remove JNLPs, it being deprecated and meant to be removed from JREs soon, jnlp not working at all with the new client on Macs, limited support for per-platform solutions being just a few. Which Linux distro is that? I can look into it and see how possible linking that stuff statically is, but you should be able to just install the dependencies yourself if that doesn't work out. Windows S mode is a lost cause I'm afraid, there's just no way for us to support that - it doesn't let you install anything from anywhere else than the Windows Store and that isn't possible for us due to reasons Retrograde mentioned. You can't download WO's jars and use them yourself, we only support launching the game from either the jnlp (for now) or the new launcher. I figured though that if the new launcher can't be installed there, JRE couldn't either.
  5. Download the game again from the website, there was an update a week ago that fixed it. (should be compatible with Mac OS 10.9+)
  6. Thank you for the solution, this should no longer be needed when we release .deb installers for the new launcher. Pinned the thread for now!
  7. Verified with Pingpong that this has been fixed with the last launcher update. Anyone who had the same issue happen will need to download the installer again from our website and reinstall the launcher.@Mafi
  8. Pack update issue

    This might be caused by a Wurm process still running in the background, there's still a couple elusive issues that cause that. Next time you have it happen, see if there's no other WurmLauncher processes hanging around in the Task Manager.
  9. Should be fixed now with the settings showing the appropriate keys. Console will still use the "default" key for a character (so in QWERTY US layout) Yes, there was a ton of back-end changes with the switch to LWJGL3 with the new client. There'll be a better in-game settings window for keybinds in with the new UI, for now the quickbinds + current settings are the recommended ways to change bindings. You'll have to keep in mind the layout differences if you want to use the console.
  10. Please post the contents of your console.log file from the Wurm directory (default location is Users/username/wurm)
  11. Also, please post your console.log file from the time it's happening, this is a long shot but it's possible this might be related to some setting in there.
  12. Difficult for me to figure this out as I just can't repro it. I'll try on a different PC but it doesn't happen for me on Windows 10 version 1903. Updating your OS wouldn't hurt, maybe that's the issue.
  13. Sorry, while working on something else that issue popped up (seems to be Windows 7 exclusive?) - fixed now, but unfortunately you'll have to reinstall the launcher if you happened to run it before the fix.
  14. Try now, we just released a launcher update that might fix this. The launcher should update itself.
  15. What's your Windows 10 version? (type winver in Start) What are the resolutions of the monitors? What DPI scaling % is that on them?