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  1. For a temporary fix you can switch back to the legacy renderer, we cannot reproduce the issue yet.
  2. Can you post your console.log file and machine specifications?
  3. That console log says you're using the integrated Intel gpu instead of the 610M.
  4. Can you post your system's specifications? Are you on an integrated gpu by any chance? Is it any different when you switch the renderer type in the launcher to modern or legacy?
  5. Client update: 17/OCT/18

    And another fix out for odd graphics and a crash on AMD, feel free to switch back to the modern renderer now!
  6. A fix was just released, let me know if it works fine now.
  7. Should be fixed now, try relogging.
  8. Client update: 17/OCT/18

    Hotfix for that went out just now, try relogging and let me know here if it's fine.
  9. Valrei International. 069

    No, the system will still kick in and work fine for different dye or wood types.
  10. Should be fixed now, try it again.
  11. Game crashes after trying to connect to any server

    Try updating your graphics drivers, it should fix the issue. If that's not a possibility, you can disable GLSL in Compatibility settings in the laucnher - mind you though, the game will look a lot worse with it off.
  12. Freezing In Combat?

    As the log says, something in your system is using/going through the files used by Wurm in the runtime. Possibly some overzealous anti-virus software?
  13. Freezing In Combat?

    It seems like your Wurm installation is broken - you need to re-verify the packs to fix it. Open the launcher, press the cog button on the lower right corner of the window, use Verify. It should update the files back to a working state.
  14. Weird Textures

    This is due to running out of the graphics card memory - your GPU is very aged. On that system you'd probably be better off on keeping all of the settings on the lowest possible.
  15. Valrei International. 067

    It does matter because we still optimize it for older machines. I'm asking about the specs so I can figure out whether it's cpu or gpu bound (or something else) on your machine, and see what I can do about it. Assuming that I just want to tell you that your specs aren't supported anymore doesn't help. If anyone else is having performance issues with the renderer, please report that in the Technical Issues forum, and make sure you specify in what cases in-game it's happening (whether it's a forest or some particular village).