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  1. April Events

    Slight correction: The gift fairies have overslept and will be back with the gifts with a hotfix early tomorrow (or today even) - that's in about 10 hours. Sorry for the confusion!
  2. April Events

    It does apply to fighting skill as well. While the skill and affinity bonuses have started almost na hour ago, on midnight CEST, the skin and Marks should start appearing in your inventories in about an hour, at midnight UTC. Wogic sadly does affect timezones.
  3. As Ostentatio said - we haven't seen the problem to be on our side, it's a general routing issue with a node in the US. If you have a way to use one, a VPN might help, otherwise it should pass in time.
  4. Cele Lag

    TLDR: We believe it's hardware issues, but it waits until we confirm some of the latest AWS changes are stable for our setup. If they are, we'll be going ahead with moving Celebration there, and likely getting rid of that nasty lag, otherwise we'll be looking into other ways to address it.
  5. A client hotfix with a possible fix for this went out about an hour ago, can someone experiencing the issue verify if it's fixed?
  6. Our current focus is still general balancing of the game and making it more accessible to a wider range of people. And no, that does not mean dumbing it down, as some tend to assume everything that's what any attempt at making the game more approachable is. This encompasses all kinds of tweaks and larger changes that we've already introduced and some we still plan to (most remaining now being related to early game experience) For the past couple years the focus has been on new content, but for the while being we're more prioritizing the polishing and reconsidering some of the already existing features. For a more inside view, in the upcoming weeks you'll see the some more instances of the new UI changes, of which many features will be of good use to more established players as well, a VI post will soon reveal some more details. When deciding on the roadmap to the Steam release of Wurm Online, we essentially had two options - we could've introduced the major changes only to the new upcoming servers, cut off the possibility of a future merge and prevent any influx of players from the Steam release to the current server clusters, or we could introduce the changes to all of it and keep it a single unified game. We chose the second option, because we're not interested in splitting it all and cutting off the older servers already filled with players from the new marketing opportunities (which include Steam), but we were also not happy in bringing WO as it was to a possible wider audience. Wurm will always be a niche game, but we aim to widen that niche, which we really can't do without affecting the meta, and effectively making some not universally welcome changes. This has been a very change intensive couple months and we appreciate anyone sticking with us in this time - this pattern of sudden gameplay changes is not something that'll be seen for long, but we've found it necessary so far. While this depends strongly on the success of the Steam release, afterwards we'll most likely return to focusing on developing more content features, but we're still not entirely happy with the existing feature set and we'd like to tweak some stuff further on - for example, in the near future we'll revisit fishing, as while it's a good system, it does have a fair share of annoyances and drawbacks, and its complexity is a bit much for what it offers in return.
  7. I've double checked the code and there is zero chance that this fix has affected any situations outside of the ones mentioned (moonmetal/steel material, Vynora deity bonus). If you see worse repairing results after the change than you did before, it is purely due to the RNG involved in the repairing - you are not going to see the consistent results when comparing a small amount of repair actions. The quality amount lowered by the repair action is not dependent on the action time, and this doesn't in any way punish repairing items more often, or reduce the usefulness of the repairing skill. We should have clarified that the repairing timers have always been capped at 2 seconds, unless the material bonus brought it below that, or more recently the Vynora follower bonus. This was not intentional, and the two second lower cap was meant to be applied after the bonus calculations, not before, which is all the fix was. Mind you this may not be exactly the same action time that your game client shows, which can differ slightly, but an internal server counter. The bugfix effectively resulted in somewhat of a nerf to some steel, and most moonmetal material items, sure. It did not affect anything outside of that, and if you notice it did, again, this must be only due to the limited time that this change has been live, hence the limited sample sets showing bad luck with the randomized skill checks, which have always been there. I'm locking this thread for now since it's no longer near a constructive discussion, and this post should explain what the change actually was. Feel free to open a suggestion thread and discuss it in a civilized manner if you feel the material bonuses no longer provide enough of a difference after the bug was fixed, and we'll make sure to consider further if those need tweaking. For the record, accusing developers of lying based on anecdotal knowledge you've gained over one day is neither constructive or reasonable. Another thing for the record, we're not going to hold off on fixing bugs that have been there for years just because they've become the meta, or just have been assumed to be intended (which this clearly was not) With the very limited development manpower we have, which is a handful of contracted developers and volunteers, certain things tend to slip through the cracks, but I do believe that the main fault here was us not classifying this as a high priority issue earlier on. We're taking steps to avoid situations like that in the future, and I apologize that the fix has come so late and for our lack of communication on the matter before the fix.
  8. Those screenshots seem to have been taken on the legacy renderer? The modern renderer had a general shadow rework not long ago, you can change that in the settings and see if it helps those situations.
  9. It was answered in the patch note thread, but to reiterate, the current referrals are not being removed with those changes, and your referrals will stay to redeem - it's just that they are no longer given away by the in-game premium purchases or the first-time shop purchases, and soon will not be available to get at all. If we eventually remove the old referrals, there'll be an announcement good time before that, but we do not plan on that right now.
  10. a) As the notes say, it's the beginning of phasing out those referrals - once we have something solid to replace them, possibly by end of this month, the regular shop options will no longer give them either.
  11. Don't hold your breath. The first time shop offers are a replacement for that option, and we're currently not looking into other alternatives.
  12. Can you paste in the full console log? There should be a different error before this one.
  13. Safe to wait, we won't be removing the existing referrals fully but we're working on a replacement system that's going forward. If the old unclaimed referrals will eventually be removed, it'll be made known beforehand, but there are no such plans right now.
  14. Try launching it again, fixed now.