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  1. Client wont start, no crash log found

    Open the console window (type cmd in start menu) and see if either one of those launches the game: javaws javaws javaws
  2. Can you post your console.log or gamesettings file? Not getting it with my config.
  3. Should be fixed now.
  4. Why crashing console.log

    You are using 32-bit Java. If you're on a 64-bit system, uninstall it and get 64-bit Java (Windows Offline, 64-bit) from Otherwise you can try the preview client, it should be at least a bit better there for 32-bit systems:
  5. please, help me understand the game crash log

    You are using Java 9 which we don't support yet. Remove it and download Java 8 instead.
  6. Crashing after recent update

    Should be fine with the hotfix released a couple minutes ago.
  7. Game freeze for 10-15s when tabbing

    Is it the same with the game in windowed mode?
  8. Test client crash on launch

    Should be fixed now.
  9. Crashes when game launches

    Is this with both the regular stable client and the preview client? Are you running any firewall applications? Try excluding Java from them or temporarily disabling it, to check if it's the culprit.
  10. Error with IcedTea-web/JavaWS during launch

    We support only Oracle Java for Wurm. You may have some more luck running the preview client on what you have installed, but we don't plan to support other Java implementations as it is now.
  11. Game won't start (fixed)

    Try to disable Windows DPI scaling for the installation (set Scale and layout to 100% in Display settings)
  12. Java Head Space out of Memory

    Try lowering all the settings from the launcher - texture size settings can affect it the most but try just bringing down all of them until it works. Also, try the low memory client (once you lower the settings) -
  13. Valrei International. 058

    Is the FPS noticeably lower than it was when just standing still? I've identified the stutter during moving issue but I'm not sure if there's something else going on.
  14. Valrei International. 057

    Terrain will get normal maps as well, visible wetness is something we'll be keeping in mind for future changes.
  15. [Fixed] Unable to compile vertex shader

    Should be fixed as of a test update moments ago.