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  1. Did you try both the low memory client and the regular one? Notice any difference in their performance? Let me know if enabling the dynamic lights limit and setting it to 8 or below, or disabling GLSL in Compatibility tab of the settings makes it any better.
  2. It's few directories above the regular log one, should be a file called console.Username next to configs, packs and players folders.
  3. Please do post your console.logs in Technical Issues section of the forums, you can find the files in the Wurm directory (same as screenshots, chat logs) and put them either in a post or on
  4. @Budzilla @Araninke @Roccandil Sorry to hear it's worse now, most people we've tested with have had significant performance improvements - could you post in the client bugs section or PM me your console.log files? Would like to see if maybe there's something we missed as to certain settings or machine specifications.
  5. Update your GPU drivers or reinstall them if you have a new version already installed. While most likely not related, you seem to be using 32bit java version - if you are on a 64bit system please do uninstall it and install 64bit java instead. If you are on a 32bit system and as so cannot use 64bit java, run the game from the low memory client instead -
  6. Seems like you have an old version of Java installed - please update it by installing Windows Offline (64-bit) from
  7. This crash was fixed, feel free to enable GLSL back on.
  8. Should be fixed as of 4.0.16 (client hotfix released a couple hours ago)
  9. Yes, any kind of structure will block off rain and snow, even bridges.
  10. Would you mind providing us the console log, or at least copying the error log fully onto here or pastebin? It should show what exactly the culprit is.
  11. Should be fixed with today's update, let me know if it's fine now.
  12. It's a bug with fog when unlimited lights option is turned on, a workaround for this is to limit lights in settings to 8 (it's set to that by default)
  13. Please go into Java Control Panel, Advanced and check Java console - Show console option. Run Wurm and wait a minute on that splash screen, then please paste the whole log here.
  14. Currently Wurm Online does not work on Java 9. Remove your current Java installation and download the newest Java 8 from