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  1. This is intended functionality, it activates the item, not supposed to equip it. Will add it to the settings menu bind list.
  2. This should be fixed as of today's client update (4.1.6), can you verify? Not related to the issue Explora mentioned.
  3. Enable GLSL in Compatibility options. If you're playing on an old computer it's possible that GLSL auto-disables itself and it won't be possible to have them look any smoother.
  4. That definitely doesn't sound like a preview exclusive thing, might have just been a one time server issue. Does it persist over relogs?
  5. This should be fixed as of today's update, can you verify?
  6. Wasn't noted in the changelog but should be fixed now.
  7. Fix for this went out with the update today, can you check if it's fine now? The login crashes should be fixed too.
  8. Thanks for the report, the issue is already addressed and will be fixed with the next update.
  9. Try and create a file with .bat extension and put into the contents: C:\(full path to 64-bit java)\bin\javaws.exe Make sure it's the 64-bit one, check if it's in Program Files and not Program Files (x86)
  10. It doesn't automatically open the container window.
  11. Can you check if it works on the latest test preview client? Let me know whether it's fine now or if the crash log is different at least.
  12. Wurm still works with 32-bit Java on 32-bit systems, it's just sure to cause issues when used on 64-bit systems. If you don't mix the two, it'll work just fine.
  13. @Huntar Shadowplay does still work on older drivers, the "game ready" drivers are mostly useless, and older ones don't cause any framerate or graphical stuttering issues. Compatibility issues are very rare and I'm betting you won't encounter any when you rollback, but I see you don't even want to try that for some other odd unexplained reason. You willingly create your own "inability" to play. The compatibility fix will come with the WU update, it's not something we'll be doing a hotfix for as a player can solve it easily in a few minutes time.
  14. You are using 32-bit java on a 64-bit system. Uninstall it and install Windows Offline (64-bit) from After that redownload the launcher from the website and it should work fine.
  15. Do you have GLSL turned on to Core in Compatibility tab of the settings? When it's off, the character creator features are limited (or look different) in affecting how the character looks.