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  1. That is only if you are assuming with 23 new traits that there are still 5 speed and 5 draft traits - there could be more speed, or less draft for example, I didn't read any numbers - correct me if wrong. Also these traits may not be evenly weighted, regardless of how many of each type. If our current horses are all going to be nerfed slower, this needs to be clear.
  2. Agreed. Everyone who owns a 5-speed needs to know that their current horses will perform just as well as they do now, both for riding and driving. If they will not, this needs to be stated up front.
  3. I see no advantage to negative traits, even if they do have a negative cost, and can allow another 'slot' for a good trait - they are still bound to impact on new players and on breeding. I don't see how negative traits can add anything to player enjoyment? We have the unique opportunity here to remove all negativity and unnecessary disappointment from animal breeding and husbandry once and for all. Why are we wasting this chance? Just my opinion.
  4. Yep, saves your other 3 animals running away up the mountain whilst you load the first one. +1
  5. I've just been watching a new player stream their first experience of Wurm Online. Another player asked them to take some items out of a BSB, but they were unable to work out how do it. Neither Left or Right clicking on the items in the BSB brought any kind of options except Examine icon, Wurmpedia and Emote. I would have expected at least a 'Take' option on the items in bulk containers, but there is no such option. Of course as experienced players we *know* we can drag items out of the BSB into our inventory, but this was at no time obvious to the new player, who reported back that the BSB was not working. Please add a right click 'Take' option to the items in bulk containers, which brings up the usual 'Removing items' dialog pop-up. Sometimes right clicking the contents of the BSB to take them is more intuitive to a new player.
  6. It's probably similar to living in a city versus living in the country. In a city earning potential can be better, because there is higher population density and selling prices are higher, but these high prices also mean the cost of living can be higher too. 'Swings and roundabouts' probably. It comes down to the type of lifestyle you want.
  7. These portals are still freezing and locking up my machine, requiring a reboot. Did we hear back whether the ball of light was intentional?
  8. This has happened several times today. I am leading a foal and use the same halter rope to lead my horse. As soon as I mount my horse the foal immediately becomes un-led: [07:12:34] You start leading the young Clipraid. [07:12:53] You start leading the venerable fat Bouncerwar. [07:12:55] You mount on the venerable fat Bouncerwar as the driver. [07:12:55] You stop leading the young Clipraid. [07:12:55] You stop leading the venerable fat Bouncerwar.
  9. The ideal scenario: When venturing into the wild untamed lands, always be sure to engage your goblin foes facing a 45 degree angle to the direction of the slope. A little forethought before slaying the goblins will ensure one of their feet always pokes out sufficiently to be clickable. In reality: It's dead before you have time to think, you've lost the whole corpse, along with that fantastic recipe.
  10. This must be the record for the number of guards in one mine:
  11. It's very rare to find moonmetal fragments, and I've only ever found a few. Only guessing, but in the past few months I've probably found one or two moonmetal fragments.
  12. Awesome service! Archaeology tools were imped and returned to me before I realised they'd reached him! Recommended A*
  13. That's a very good suggestion. I have not experimented with paper made from woodscraps, all these reports are made using papyrus sheets made from reeds. Using papyrus I've obtained the full range of metal types, so the token metal type isn't restricted by the papyrus at least. Thanks.
  14. More data added today, several deeds with arch reports at constant QL.