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  1. As@crimsonearthsays, when you cross servers the boat often begins facing North, even if you came from the North itself, which is very disorienting. I presume this is to do with the player rotation being handled clientside, but it would be nice to store your orientation variable somehow and pass it in on log in so that this does not happen. The same for when you log into the world on land, I'm tired of logging back in during farming or foraging, and facing the wrong way, thus completely losing my sense of direction. Can we store this variable and reload it on log in? Thanks.
  2. Some interesting ideas there, to make Wurm more atmospheric, especially as we go into the autumn/fall.
  3. Excellent news for Wurm's caffeine deprived players and staff. Don't forget to warm the pot.
  4. Congratulations! and thanks for the update
  5. +1 to this especially the gambeson 'cap and bells' - a jester hat.
  6. This is most interesting. I was at just over 65 AH for the longest time and since turning 65 AH, I have been trying unsuccessfully to breed 4 draft horses. Since turning 65 I have bred dozens of foals from parents with all 4 draft traits combined, and have produced NO 4 draft trait foals at all. I remember I was able to breed 55 point speed horses at 60 AH, so with your 5 points guideline in mind, I have decided to get out the grooming brush, and grind AH again to get to 70. It would be good to know when I should start breeding for draft horses again. Should i carry on until I'm 70 before breeding? I'm 67 at the moment, and I don't want to waste my time or the mares' time either way!
  7. Thanks!

    Thanks for your amazing work, and thanks for all you've done for us and for Wurm. You're someone up to whom I look. Best wishes for the future.
  8. I answer to Archaed's technical point. I think the existing rare drumroll should be removed from farming, as it is too frustrating; any small increases to yield are not substantial enough to compensate for that disappointment. The distinct and separate rare coins system should be added instead, may encourage more would-be farmers, and may alleviate some of the tedium sometimes associated with tending crops. +1
  9. As Xheth said whilst I was typing Most people use a 3rd party picture hosting site such as imgur ( - other image hosting sites are available. Upload a picture, click the picture and copy a link and paste the direct link onto the forums.
  10. Wonderful! These are all beautiful.
  11. Please for the benefit of us Freedomers, please can someone draw up a list of reasons why any of us should visit/move to Epic? Please separate the benefits into Existing Benefits, and Proposed Incentives. At the moment I can't see myself or most people I know playing on Epic, but maybe that's because: 1) the existing benefits of Epic are not clear to the average Freedomer or there are benefits we don't hear about 2) nobody has thought of any potential incentives which could be implemented to attract more people to Epic. Existing Benefits I know about: Increased skillgain (a turn-off for those 'hard core grinding' Freedomers) Slight chance of PVP (arguably not considered a positive by most on Freedom) Faster Journal completion (not everyone uses their journal) Proposed Incentives: I can't imagine going to Epic as long is it not possible to bring anything back (reward). If Epic had the ability to bring things back: a new resource, such as a material, tile type, harvestable fruit, game animal or metal vein a challenge or maze deed with a trophy such as a title, medal or other reward an event like an impalong, a party, or treasure/hunting/fighting event with prizes we can keep More people might visit. Basically we have no *proof* we have ever visited Epic, except "so and so looks like she has blood from XYZ".
  12. As I see it: Ease of Use GETS people playing Depth INVOLVES people playing Reward KEEPS people playing I think all activities in game need an entry level which is easy to grasp, and can provide the essential basic function whist being played semi afk. It should then have additional functionality, and rewards which can be unlocked through concentrated effort. The progress we make throughout the levels and skill should be clearly signposted, frequent and obvious, so that we have anticipation of success, reward for achievement, and proof of endeavour. I think this is where the fishing might have tried really hard to fulfil, but fallen short. The net is perhaps the basic fishing style for new players but I feel it does not 'lead into' the more advanced fishing styles intuitively. The net perhaps has the ability to be played semi-afk, but this stops with the other fishing styles which need our concentrated attention. Fishing in Wurm offers a lot of depth in the activity itself, but aside from pearl clam netting (an early skill stage) the end product (usually fish) can only be used in a limited number of ways, so the activity seems fairly fruitless and pointless. The various stages of progress in fishing (and the steps we need to take to unlock them) are perhaps not obvious enough to the beginner, and have no clear end goals, except the big fish in the journal, which not everyone uses. As I understand it, the depth of fishing in real life is largely in the preparation - which reel to use, which bait etc, but the fishing process itself is generally regarded as chilled and relaxing, and often something else can be done whilst fishing, such as reading, listening to headphones, enjoying the view etc. I think in Wurm, the preparation is rightly complex, but for anything other than net fishing, the fishing process itself is too involved and not relaxing enough. An ideal fishing system for me would be: Pick up the rod and fish whilst watching a stream - Ease of Use Try a different location, line, reel or bait, to catch a rare fish - Depth Catch a clam with a pearl or a lucky fish with a silver coin in it's mouth - RNG Catch different coloured rare fish and make shiny fish scale armour - Reward! Each fishing level threshold increases chance to catch a bigger weight, colour or type of rare fish, with more weight of scales, and also allows me to harvest more shiny scales from the rare fish - Progression Thank you Keenan and the Devs, not just for being interested in these aspects, but more importantly for reminding us that you are continually considering them.