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  1. Fast 90+QL imp on a new supreme tool, item returned quickly and safely! Recommended. 5*
  2. A1 Fast response, all three items were imped quickly and returned promptly! Another tool sent today!
  3. [01:15:30] You start to work with the grape seedling on the shaft. [01:15:37] You create an unfinished grape trellis in front of you on the ground. They still work though!
  4. Yes I think the Wiki is not precise enough or rather words things the wrong way round - sprouts inherit the same abilities as seedlings as well as their own, they can be used to make trellis like a seedling and also be planted on a tile to make a bush. The seedlings can still be used to make trellis, just like the sprouts, but as far as I know, seedlings have never had the ability to be planted on a tile to make a bush. If you're out of sprouts and out of pocket I'll happily triple and replace your grape sprouts free of charge, you'll need to pick 300 of them up from Southport U18 Deliverance.
  5. 2017-05-04 09:00:03 PM Since May 2017.
  6. I have a deed that is 100% wild grass and flowers, and never gets any trees. I put a 1 tile wide gravel path around the grass area to stop ingress, then plant a steppe perimeter at least 10 tiles wide outside the gravel path. Make sure there are no trees inside this steppe area, and the grass area inside can be as large as you like and will never get any trees, unless deliberately planted. It's almost maintenance free as you only have to check the steppe border from time to time. Hope this helps.
  7. I always send my archaeological tools to VirusMD for imping, I trust him with rare and supreme tools and weapons too! - they all come back safe and fast and imped to over 90ql. Just sent three more! Recommended. 5*
  8. Good site! Please can you add natural bulk items such as Woad, Seedlings? ... and if you get around to it: Herbs, Spices, Eggs, Mushrooms, Berries. Please can we also have a 'Random' or 'Varies'' value for QL - for some items the QL varies day by day e.g. sprouts For bulk, it might be nice to have a ballpark Total Quantity in stock, or a 'More available' flag. As well as Price each item, for bulk items it would be nice to have a 'number of items in unit', and 'units available', or allow us to set the unit price and quantity e.g 1s/k (10k+ in stock) or 1s/large crate of 300 (5 crates in stock) or 4s/100 (1k+ in stock) Please can we have an archaeology section with individual fragments, combined fragments (including ready to complete+last piece) and finished statues and masks? Thanks! How about a 'Wanted' section? Thanks very much for making this site
  9. Apologies for the delay in getting back. I concur. Testing in on an alt that is not part of my deed: I was not able to drink directly from a huge oil barrel full of water or from a fountain by right clicking the container. I was able to open the containers (barrel and fountain) and drink directly from the water inside. I was also able to fill a receptacle (water skin) from the water in the fountain and thus able to drink directly from my own water skin whilst on the deed.
  10. We are unable to drink water from fountains (and probably wells too) on deeds outside our alliance, as of today's update. I went over to Port Sopor, Deliverance - a neighbour's deed not in my alliance, and tried to drink from his public fountain. The fountain contained plain water. [22:12:25] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server.
  11. Please would it be possible to toggle off the pulsing glow on the chat tabs? GL_Freedom for example pulses away all the time and is quite distracting. It is useful for private PM's but it would be nice to be able to switch off some of these tabs individually such as CA_Help, and GL_Freedom. Thanks for listening.
  12. Bringing this thread to life again xD I agree. I had to raise the level of my small boat dock area by 1 dirt to plant some reeds, and now the boats can't get in. It would also be nice if we could tend our paddy fields from within a small boat.
  13. My immediate response to this is NO! One of the highest favour spells is Summon Soul: Often needed in an emergency Often needed to help new players Often needs immediate favour obtained from saccing Sometimes needs multiple priests, but Often cast by a lone priest Takes 100 favour (all your favour) Can fail requiring further favour saccing Please don't make priests wait to cast this spell in emergencies, possibly fail and then wait again Please don't make players (especially new or vulnerable players) wait in sometimes difficult situations while the priest waits for favour regen. For example: This spell was needed urgently multiple times at this summer's impalong for example Also consider other time-critical spells such as healing spells, please don't make players wait for enough favour to cast these either.
  14. Deli is quiet yes, but not empty, there are several new 'family and/or friends' groups of new players in the South and around the SE coast, and they are very active. I also think there are an increasing number of players using discord rather than public chat, I have noticed a few missing names in freedom chat, true, but I know from my friends list that they are still coming online and playing on Deli.
  15. The Mermaid's Cove U17 mousover text *update*: Horse Sales Merchant Free Horses - leading enabled Large Runed Mailbox [92] Public Wagoner Container Sleepover Beds Epic Portal Trader Thanks Yaga