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  1. Server Down

    Poor little thing. They should have parachutes.
  2. Everyone's down right across the board I believe, Cele Deli and Xan confirmed down.
  3. Typo in the following: [15:41:10] The spirit cottage could be improved with a stone shards. Should be either: [15:41:10] The spirit cottage could be improved with [some] stone shards. or [15:41:10] The spirit cottage could be improved with a stone shard.
  4. We have to think about what happens when a player logs out, or accidentally loses connection en route - do they carry on to the end of the journey like a boat trip? or do they stop where they are wherever that may be and have to make their own way, like a cart? if a player can leave the trip at any point, how will that work when there is some graphics glitch, latency or lag, and the client position (from the point of view of the player) does not match up with where the server thinks it is? but a nice idea.
  5. I try to be myself in game so I don't want someone else speaking for me. It grates when I get messages like: a) "You decide not to..." and b) "You hear a voice in your head telling you..." Because: a) no, I didn't decide not to actually, and b) how the heck do you know?
  6. Rare Archaeology Statue of Unicorn fragment + 79 plain unicorn fragments to complete A beautiful statue of unicorn mare with unicorn foal!  Activate the rare fragment when combining with the plain fragments to transfer the rarity to your final Unicorn statue. (I can combine all but one fragment if you wish - leaving you just the last one to attach) This rare statue will glow when finished - I will provide instructions! A beautiful Unicorn statue! - see below! (Screenshot from Wiki / Mordoskull) Make it your own! Fragments can be mailed COD or pickup available at Southport U18, Deliverance. *If you wish I can combine all fragments but the last one leaving you just the one fragment to attach if requested. Mailing fees for the 2 parts would then be FREE/Included - just ask!* Please keep auction comments for bids only - Feel free to pm me with any questions! Have fun! Buyout: 30s No Sniper Protection Start Bid: 10s <-----------------L@@K! Increment: Whatever! No Reserve
  7. Finally some worthwhile content -the pizza oven alone is reason enough not to quit after all.
  8. @Wargasm - you make a fair point and well reasoned. I guess I was only thinking in a somewhat blinkered way about the priest skills in isolation - many people do lots of things with their priests for sure. I guess I should have spent more time grinding up some other non-religion skills on Muse, because Nahjo spells are about the only thing she can do. Her only other skill is milking which is not really much use these days, and arch/restoration is only about 50. She was created specifically to be a Nahjo, but after the priest changes she will no longer be able to cast the spell set I needed, so it would be difficult to justify the prem. No point prem-ing a toon who can no longer do what she was created to do. Thanks for your thoughtful comments though.
  9. Typo: [16:22:02] You harvest rose flower from the Rose bush. Should be either: [16:22:02] You harvest rose flowers from the Rose bush. or [16:22:02] You harvest a rose flower from the Rose bush.
  10. How do you left click and 'scroll out' on a laptop touchpad? Not that I want to do this. I just hope I don't do it by accident.
  11. I am so sorry to hear it. I hope your stuff is found. In the meantime, if you need anything, just ask us in Freedom chat.
  12. Basic rights of the PvE priest People have different reasons for their choice of priest, but I believe that whichever priest type you choose, (at least on PvE) you should get some spells as standard. These spells are essential for Quality of Life on PvE. It makes every priest useful on deed, makes them more useful to the community and can give every priest a means of earning a basic income. The spells I propose are: Courier - everyone should be able to send and receive mail. Why this has to be a priest spell I don't know, because it is so essential to everyone's day to day life, and vital for trade. I believe this should be a basic right, not an option. Genesis - nearly everyone on PVE keeps animals, and it's tragic to see people struggling with generations of poor traited animals just for want of this simple utility spell. Basic QoL. Strongwall - Unless we live on a completely flat island, we will need to mine. The chances of finding a completely pristine area to mine are unlikely in most areas, and so there will be drop-shafts and an expensive fix. These are the travelling utility spells that people can offer as a service, as well as use on their own deeds. I think everyone who goes to the trouble to prem a priest of any kind should have an automatic right to these 3 spells. I apologise if this does not fit with some archaic 'lore' or some role-playing ideas attached to the Gods, but I am talking about quality of life, play-ability and getting the most use out of a priest if you can afford to keep one premmed. Not everyone can afford 2 or 3 priests, and it's time these basic PvE needs were addressed. Further to:
  13. What is the point of buying premium for Muse if she can't be a Nahjo? I never go near PvP - I only wanted 3 things in life: Courier, Genesis and Strongwall, is that too much to ask from a PvE toon? I am most displeased.
  14. On the run up to the winter holidays there was a lot of pressure for me to use my usual skills to gather resources for other players that wanted them. I got a bit worn out trying to meet demand because my health was not good, so I let folks know I was not going to take orders, and I was going to look out for my own health, time and space. Over the holidays I premmed another completely different toon, which I had not played in ages. The skills this 'holiday' toon had, were almost completely different than my usual ones and so it was like a breath of fresh air. I was able to create a lot of crafted items, which I was not normally able to offer people, and met some wonderful new players I had never met before. The 15 day prem has now ran out on the toon, but my health is much recovered now and I am happy to just be back on my main toon doing my normal stuff, after this little breather. If you can, I also recommend choosing a new server to go on holiday. A few minutes of research, to find a cosy pub or inn near the water and book yourself in for a few days - a change of scene or a change of pace could be all you need. Look after yourself MrJonnyboy!