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  1. CTRL Drag is awesome and has far greater potential! I am loving being able to drag corpses straight into my cart. Good. I love being able to drag crates onto my cart. Great. What would be good is to be able to drag the crate back onto the ground in front of my cart. What would be really good is to drag a crate out of a crate rack onto the ground. What would be really really good would be to use CTRL Drag to drag a crate up into a crate rack whilst standing next to it, without going near a vehicle You've proved it can be done. Thanks for this feature.
  2. Re-sizeable window on 90% UI size: I have quite a small chat window setup. Local, Alliance, Village and CA Help are on the 1st row GL Freedom, Freedom and Trade are on the 2nd row above Sometimes when I send someone a PM - the whole 1st row vanishes (Local, Alliance, Village and CA Help tabs disappear) and the former 2nd row tabs (GL Freedom, Freedom and Trade) drop down to become the new first row tabs When I close the PM message, I get the old first row back again and the old 2nd row goes back up to its original place.
  3. Windowed Re-sizeable Client, 90% UI size Health Bar: When I load the game, the health bar panel flashes up and down for a while. It looks like it's trying to expand over and again until it finally settles. I have it set to fully expanded, with name, FPS and speed all showing. The health bar panel is currently not locked.
  4. Yep you're right - I reported it in the main UI testing thread - you can find it here:
  5. Crafting Recipes box has the same problem as the Set prices box - invisible writing - you can only see what you have typed if you highlight the box:
  6. Vehicle names appear twice in the container headings when you open them I know they did in the old UI as well, but it's a bit more obvious now with the much larger container headings: Perhaps this should read Sailboat [Winds of Destiny], or "Winds of Destiny" [Sailboat] - just some ideas.
  7. Using re-sizeable window on 90% UI size. Tailoring and imping CT: The Cotton String and Wool Yarn icon that displays in the imping column has a black background and only shows the centre of the string image (not the whole cotton string / wool yarn image). It looks like the image has not been resized properly to fit this mini icon display when on 90% size. The cotton string image displays correctly when set to 100% UI size. This icon is the same one used next to the hand when you drag some cotton string or wool yarn into a bsb. Ropes, Mooring Ropes and Cordage icons are all displayed incorrectly in the same way, when dragged to and from inventory and bsb, although this is not as noticeable as the cotton and yarn when they are displayed continuously in the imping column. Smithing: I have noticed metal lumps also look 'squared' when dragged or displayed in the imping column, as though only the centre of the image is displayed - it seems to be another less-than-100%UI resizing issue.
  8. Price boxes for Set price are too dark / or numbers are invisible, as has been mentioned elsewhere. Setting the price for the keys to my horse sales pens, I can't see the price I've entered unless I either highlight the whole box (e.g. coppers) or otherwise click Send and get the Event message telling me what price I set.
  9. Chatting in Freedom, I really miss the up and down arrows on the old scroll bar - I am finding it really difficult to accurately move the scroll bar up and down using my laptop touch pad, and I am struggling to keep up with chat. PLEASE can we have some up and down arrows at each end of the scroll bar on chat windows? Thanks!
  10. I was very pleased to be able to turn off the interact F and R functions. I don't think it has much use for vets with their own key-binds already set up. I can understand why it is useful for new players who are at a loss to know what to do, but I will give this word of caution... For new players it is very hard to discern what is an OPTION and what is a SUGGESTION or call to action - especially when this 'suggestion' appears in large text in the centre of the screen. Be careful what you are 'suggesting' the new player to do. As More told Cromwell in the film 'Anne of the Thousand Days': 'Don't tell the King what he can do. Tell him what he should do.'
  11. Today testing with my main toon on a windowed preview client. Doing some archaeology: I have barrels full of satchels and each contains up to 100 fragments. It's clear that the font size at 90% is still far too large for windowed use - When I open the barrel (I need at least 2 or 3 open at a time), the name of the barrel is displayed (good) but I can't see the names on the individual satchels without expanding the window(s) to quite a large size or opening each satchel. It would be awesome if the font size could be smaller It would be great if the player-given names of the containers were displayed on the tool tip hover text. e.g. "Satchel (Sorting)" or "Small Chest (Caches)" [edit - just read Ulviirala's post above after posting, and I agree] With 2 barrels open there is no way I can see my skill tracker anymore. The scroll bar on the open barrel window appears and disappears when opening and closing satchels, this moves the text left and right in a jerky fashion - I open and close them a lot so this 'flickering' is very distracting. It would be great to have the option to keep the scroll bar there all the time, even if the size of the window does not need it - this would keep the text still, so I can concentrate on what I'm doing. The active chat channel tab (e.g Trade or Local) is a different colour and raised up above the height of the other tabs, presumably to show it is active - this is good, but it looks a bit detached like something is wrong with it, perhaps there should not be a gap below it. The Event and Skills panel text does not continue to the bottom of the window, this leaves a gap. It feels like wasted space, and makes me want to reduce Skills panel in size further. I understand this might be reserved for system messages, but the gap feels wrong the rest of the time, it would be better to rack up the text when there's a system message rather than leave a permanent gap for the 99% of the time we don't have a system message. The ESC menu at the top of the screen is very nice, but the old thin one was neater and used to fit above all my other windows, not over them. I am using this menu a lot so it would be nice if it fitted in neatly on the screen. The red arrow on the right of the Quit button is actually to hide the menu. I thought perhaps that was what it was for(!) but I was SCARED to click it because it was attached to the QUIT button. This is not the ideal place for it, and perhaps instead of an arrow a box with a red X might have been more intuitive - it also needs a mouse-over tool tip - what does this arrow do? End of Archaeology Session for now
  12. And especially the ability to search vehicles including ships.
  13. Some critique. And before I begin I would like to say the UI looks really lovely and we can all see what a lot of work has been put in. Thank you! I'm testing with my FTP alt which will have limited abilities. Combat Panel: Could we have the option to reverse the combat window? (Put the portrait on the right hand side of the health bar) I like it that we can pop out the combat part and put it on the left of the screen, but I would also like it if when docked, the combat part drops down neatly against the left of the screen and stays neat and tidy. Otherwise we've got a gap on the left of it, and lose a couple of cm of screen space. The ranged icon does need to be a bow and arrow, I agree with others who made this comment., to me, the hand icon looks like a snooker referee about to polish a cue ball. Mobs: I don't like the floating health bars over my animals (it's too action/console-game style for me) - I just want to see my animals and not their health status - can have the option to toggle these bars off please? Or put them at the top of the screen away from my horses. Those green blobs are also unnecessary. I don't need to see a floating health bar over my merchants or wagoners either, they never get injured, so - no need. Inventory: Why do I have the word "common" after all my items - is that absolutely necessary? Surely if everything that isn't rare+ is labelled 'common' there's no need to put it. To me it's a bit of a negative word and distracting - I would leave that word out - and just leave that blank. I can *see* it's not rare. The F and R functions. I personally don't need or want these, and I do hope I can turn this text off and keep my usual binds for these keys - but I DO also see why new players might need the F function/hint. Good call. Not sure about R Repeat. Can't we just hover over an item and press F again? lol When leading I get the R option to lead the same horse again as has been mentioned before, confirmed, and when I stop leading her I get the R option to repeat the action to stop leading her again. After I drink at the huge barrel of water, I mosey on over to look at the snowman who offers me the chance to "R:Drink" again - nice of him to offer. As a new player I should not have the large "F:Open" option pop up in such an inviting way when I hover over the noisy beehive - that's just cruel. As a new player I should not have the large "F:Embark" options open up on vehicles that are too difficult for me to drive - that's teasing and then frustrating. On PvE, "F:Take" should not be the default option for meditation rugs, it should be "F:Meditate" surely? When I sat on a bench - the F:Disembark was a good sensible option. If I could make a general observation about the F function - nearly everything triggers the function "Take" - to me, it makes the game feel like a loot grabbing spree, even when I am on someone else's property everything suggested I should take it, I am not sure the game should feel this way on PvE. Merchants: Looking at the items on my rares merchant, a lot of items have "Null" values, it looks like it could be linked to the special runes or casts on the items which aren't yet displayed correctly. Chat boxes are too deep for me, as has been mentioned by others, I would like to make them thinner. Overall the UI is very beautiful and THANK YOU THANK YOU for keeping (most of) the windows translucent. I don't think I've mentioned this but for many years before finding Wurm, I wished and dreamt of playing a medieval game where you could see through the interface and keep 'in touch' with what's going on in the world behind, and was obviously overjoyed with the Interface in Wurm. I find I am far better pleased by the windows that are semi-transparent than the ones that obscure. THANK YOU for retaining this translucency feature.
  14. When I butchered an old tortoise, I got some meat. The meat read 'seafood' - a tortoise is not a sea creature! A turtle is a sea creature, a tortoise is a land creature - I think we probably need to make a clear distinction between a tortoise (a land creature, with stumpy feet, which is what the graphics for this animal look like) and a turtle (which has flippers and swims in the sea). [14:30:31] You butcher the corpse of old tortoise. [14:30:31] You produce some meat. It would be nice to know which animal the devs had in mind when they designed this creature.
  15. House Doors

    You can also put gates inside houses now, so you can have gated access to a stairwell. You then set individual permissions on the gate - unconnected with the building. The same method can be used to allow different players to access their own horses from locked stalls within the same stable block.