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  1. WTS 860 blue grapes

    WTS 860 blue grapes at 29ql - 4s Pickup U18 Deliverance - free FSB included. Please pm me or contact me on Muse in game.
  2. WTS 4200 blue grapes: 1) 1000 blue grapes 45ql - 5s 2) 1000 blue grapes 45ql - 5s 3) 1000 blue grapes 45ql - 5s 4) 1200 blue grapes 45ql - 6s Pickup Southport U18 Deliverance - pm or contact Muse in game!
  3. Packed tile border blending does not properly reflect the neighbouring tile. Packed tile against cobble corner, and Packed tile against marble slab both gave a green edge to the packed tile. Question - does it use the NW corner of the neighbouring tile as a colour reference for the whole tile? Update: It appears to be blending using the colour of the tile which is 1 tile to the North of the correct tile. I have a cobble path between some grass (South of the path) and some moss (North of the path) and the the edge of the grass against the path is tinted with pale green moss colour: Facing East: Overcast day, but you can see the moss texture in between the flowers on the edge of the grass next to the cobble path. the same for the next grass tile to the East, and a green stain is also visible on the packed tile next to the house. To the North of the packed tile, the other side of the path, is some enchanted grass. I have a picture of the cobble corner (camera facing West), no pic for marble slab yet:
  4. I am adding data to my archaeology reports as I investigate around my deed. At the top of the normal reports reads something like: "Vega Harbor Archaeological Report" However, if there is an apostrophe in the deed name, the title is truncated. The report for deed "Siren's Call" reads just: "Siren"
  5. I have been turning wood pulp into paper using the crafting interface and adding the better ql sheets as reports to my Archaeology Journal as I go. When I add a report, this is done immediately, but the action timer bar (under the event window) disappears. The create paper action is still going on in the background because damage ticks happen to my press. The action timer bar only reappears at the start of the next action - in my case when creating the next sheet.
  6. Thank you Alyeska
  7. How quickly will the animal damage say a 50ql cage to 80? A day? An hour? It would help to know some figures before planning any long inland journeys, or trying to escape Xanadu against the wind. Thank you so much for this update
  8. + 1 ...with 3x the chance of a drop Yes I like Mr Gary's idea too, makes sense.
  9. Waking up this thread. It is frustrating when a previously cared for venerable animal dies because the original carer remotely 'stops caring for' the animal without announcement. Common courtesy dictates that they should try to find out who has the animal to warn them if they are planning to stop caring for it, but unfortunately the urgent need to care for a new animal is often the overriding concern. As stated in posts above, even if we take every step to notify the keeper, often the message takes so long to reach them, that it's over and done and the animal is already dead when they go to check. One idea for a solution would be to implement a back-up cared for system. Each animal has a linked list of carers instead of just one carer - How this would work: The original carer would care for the animal - they are the primary carer, and examining the animal shows that it is cared for by them. Each subsequent carer is added to the animal's 'carers' linked list. Say the first carer cares for the animal using #1 (themselves) in 1st position and #2 (an alt) which is added to the linked list in the 2nd position. On examining the animal a new keeper would see that the animal is cared for by #1 the original carer, but the description doesn't have to mention #2 the alt. The keeper then decides not to leave things to chance, and cares for the animal - and their name is appended to the list (#3) - they know they have agreed to care for it, because the animal shows in their list when they type /caringfor. If the first carer #1 ever stops caring for the animal, the alt #2 becomes the new carer, and if the alt #2 then stops caring for the animal as well, then the new keeper #3 eventually becomes the primary carer. In this way, everybody who has an interest in the animal can ensure they are doing their part to protect it. They know that if no-one else cares for the animal they will take over as primary carer. There is currently a limit to the total number of animals that may be cared for by each player. One argument is to keep the primary /caring for list separate from the animals which a player has agreed to be a backup carer. In my opinion it would be best for each player to keep just a single /caringfor list - to include animals for which we are the primary carer as well as those for which we are the backup carer. This is because during the animals' lives they will move from backup care to primary care, and we need to know we have enough total cared-for slots to deal with a situation where all our backup care animals fall into our primary care. I think this is something which could be implemented in WU using a LinkedList data structure assigned to each animal, with the nodes of the list representing players agreeing to care for the animal. It would allow any carer anywhere in the list to drop out (stop caring) and the player node could easily be removed from the list, whilst maintaining the remaining list of carers in the same order. It would be up to the devs to determine the maximum number of nodes (carers) they would allow per list (animal), and also how best to handle player requests to agree to care for more animals than are allowed per player. This is just one idea, I am sure there are many. I feel something should be done to help out all the 'caring' players out there who would gladly care even more - given the opportunity.
  10. title for 100 prospecting

    Grats kgorski - you said you would and you stuck with it! So... what's the title? "Oresome"
  11. Valrei International. 060

    What "crate" news! - a diamond of an update, we're so well furnished with new content!
  12. Silent Orchards

    +1 Distant sound of woodpeckers maybe.
  13. Forum update complete

    It would be nice to have the option to make the grey page use the full screen, I find the thin black bars each side very distracting / too much contrast, I seem to then get a perpetual blind spot when I try to find the scrollbar or look at the text.
  14. bring back lockpicking

    For a mayor it's frustrating to have lots of locked bsb's and fsb's scattered around on your own deed from a previous owner or tenant who doesn't play anymore. Yes you can drag them off deed to decay, but it feels wasteful and doesn't sit right, not knowing exactly what you're throwing out. So we sit and look at these containers and twiddle our thumbs for years, until they become part of the furniture. Any obscure names these containers may have been given in the dawn of time, either in generosity or malice, have to stay too and become part of deed lore, whatever they are. I think mayors should be able to pick locks on containers if the deed has been there a long time.
  15. Forum update complete

    "You Reacted to this post" sounds a bit negative/impulsive/aggressive. "You Liked" was so much more positive. "You Emoted" might be kinder given the new options. Just an opinion.