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  1. Thank you @wipeout that's wonderful info - I've added the minimum skills requirements to the table - but your table is amazing!
  2. When you add a wooden component such as a shaft with a different wood type to the unfinished beam, the wood type of the unfinished beam takes on the wood type of this new component. The unfinished beam is then effectively flagged as a brand new item and drops to the bottom of the list. The next unfinished beam then takes its place. If instead you use a component with the same wood type as the existing beam, the wood type doesn't change so the beam stays as the active item allowing you to continue to add more components. For example: pinewood unfinished beam + cedarwood shaft - drops to bottom of stack pinewood unfinished beam + pinewood shaft - stays active ready for the next component For consistency ensure all your logs and shafts are from the same wood type. You can add iron ribbons at any stage without affecting the list order, but as soon as you add a wooden component of a different wood type, the unfinished beam will drop out of the crafting window, leaving the next one to take its place.
  3. Goodbye

    Please come back soon, you are a valued *young* member of the Wurm community - and please stop making me feel so old!
  4. I just paid some upkeep into my alts PvE deed on Deliverance SFI: [23:00:22] You pay 1 silver to the upkeep fund of Southport Ranch. [23:00:22] No money withdrawn from village. Why do I get the second message? It is not possible to withdraw money from a deed on PvE. Does it refer to funds held in the deed itself? or held in my bank account? Is it a bug? If not, what does it mean?
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  6. Discount Event Ended. Until next time!
  7. From my first impalong, I remember waiting times were long at the sermon circle (altars), but surprisingly there weren't any meditation rugs available. Luckily I had brought CoC casted one, and as soon as I plopped it down on the floor in the altar room, people came over and started using it too. So maybe some CoC meditation rugs dotted about might help those who have forgotten to bring one. Some people might like to imp pottery items (e.g. jars for compasses), not sure if that's a thing, if so, clay might be needed. Just an idea. Most impalongs on SFI have all the different metal types (and sometimes alloys) as Zach said above. Cotton string is needed for tailoring, but some people provide cotton (balls) too - for healing near the arena. Some sort of food and drinks / refreshments are usually provided. Sounds exciting Sheffie!
  8. Discount Event ended Until next time!
  9. My brother found Wurm in late 2013. He tried it and seemed to lose himself in it. Then I realised I had lost him. So, one day I 'found' a map of Pristine he had left behind, and I decided to enter the world of Wurm to find my lost brother. Of course, I got lost trying to find him. Then at last I found him! Then I lost myself in the game as well.
  10. You must have Nerves of Steel! - or just a Brass Nerve? just kidding! ...but I like Metal Fatigue the best. Congratulations, whatever you decide.
  11. The "green" apples appear red when on the tree, but this variety of apples quickly turn green when picked - pick one and place the 3D apple on the floor or some other surface and you may be able to see the green colour. I think it's designed that way, just so that trees in fruit are easier for many people to spot from a distance. So you are right, but I think it's a design issue, rather than a bug.
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  13. The official Wurm Online merchandise shop is on and can be found here: So if you fancy a Wurm Online coffee mug, a set of Celebration coasters or the Cadence map on a scatter cushion, get in quick!
  14. When combining my rare archaeology items, I always wondered - which fragment decides the material type? Does the rare piece, or one of the other combined pieces? Or is it assigned randomly when finishing? I just today found a supreme war arrow head fragment, and so I was looking through my war arrow head fragments for a couple more pieces to combine with it. I came across two legacy iron fragments (some fragments used to be labelled iron before that got fixed). Now if those legacy items were labelled correctly, they should both be made of iron - so I thought I would use those two, to complete the arrow head. I combined the two iron type fragments which made a 2/3 metal type fragment. I then activated the supreme fragment before combining the supreme with the combined 2/3 metal fragment. The resulting war arrow head was supreme, as expected, but was made of silver. If the two iron fragments were labelled correctly as iron, it's fair to expect that they remained iron when combined, even though newly labelled as metal. This means that the final silver material came from either: A The supreme fragment OR B Random and chosen at the time of finishing OR C Legacy fragments labelled iron that were not all iron! OR D The 'iron' fragments changed to a random metal type when combining converted them to 2/3 'metal' type SO! Either the supreme piece was doomed to be non-iron, or the metal type was completely random, or at least one of the legacy 'iron' fragments was mislabelled. Whilst the order of combining (and thus rarity transfer) is within our control (activate the rare+), the deciding factor in determining the metal type is still not known. Q Has anyone any experience of combining a metal fragment with iron fragments one at a time (so they are still labelled as 'iron' when combining with the first)? Q What do you think determines the metal type? Please add your experiences of combining fragments!
  15. If a rare item is activated (green) and then dragged to the trading window, its text does not show in blue like the other rare items: This only works with activated rares that are dragged into the trading window whilst activated. It works when trading with either a player or an NPC merchant (as shown above). With a player: The person giving the item sees the item text in white (right trading window panes), but the recipient sees the text in blue as intended (left panes). With an NPC: The person giving the item sees the item text in white (right panes), but the item text appears in blue as intended when the item is in the merchant's inventory (left panes). This does not affect the rarity of the item at any stage, but rather the problem is that it is confusing for the seller/giver and might result in some transaction mistakes if the seller/giver does not recognise visually that they are giving away or selling a rare+ item, because the colour looks like a normal item.