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  1. No. Lol. Not for these deeds anyway because most of them overlap (most of them were deeded on and around the same site). I can get hundreds of fragments from this site, and sorting each one by deed of origin as they come up would be far too labour intensive. Remember also, that some fragments are found on their own without seeing a deed name in the event messages. For example: [15:32:45] You pick out a fragment of some item wedged into the ground. [15:32:45] You can't find any traces of any abandoned settlements here. and: [14:27:52] You pick out a fragment of some item wedged into the ground. [14:27:52] You can't quite make anything definitive out, but there may have once been a settlement here. Maybe if you can find some singleton deeds (that don't overlap any others) you could give it a go @AjalaI think Fabricant did a Twitch stream where he had a rare report, but the cache he found was not rare, unfortunately.
  2. This topic is rapidly becoming the go-to thread for anyone searching for markets, thanks so much @crimsonearth! Update: Southport market U18 Deliverance currently has 40 merchants! I think we also need a thread for animal / horse markets, and bulk markets. These aren't always on the same deeds as the general markets, but often have key merchants, sometimes with a few more general items for sale on them too.
  3. Forgive me, I don't really understand the line about the Report QL @Retrograde- it seems to have 'report QL' on both sides of the equation - did you mean For the Report QL, it's the average of your skill and the PAPER QL capped at 85?, or otherwise, please can you expand on that? Thanks!
  4. GV is offline according to Wurm Status Can't log in Logged in!
  5. Wurmpedia states in "The amount of fragments a player may find is determined by their archaeology skill and the report's quality with a minimum of 10 fragments." "Report quality dictates statue fragment count and the quality levels and numbers of the items found within the cache." Whilst I believe this is correct, I also believe there are even more factors at play, some of which may affect the TOTAL number of (any type of) fragments found. Today I uncovered some caches from fully complete reports of varying qualities. All of the following caches were uncovered on the same day using the same toon, from reports investigated by the same toon: QL of Report Total # Fragments Token in cache Abandoned In Occupied For Name of Deed 65ql 12 82ql copper 70 years, 5 months, somewhere around the year 1029 3 months Dark Wood 75ql 12 87ql seryll 56 years, 10 months, somewhere around the year 1043 2 months Corley 60ql 14 80ql brass 76 years, 2 months, somewhere around the year 1023 7 months Siren's Call 79ql 14 89ql iron 18 years, 1 month, somewhere around the year 1081 24 years, 9 months South Plains Farm 80ql 16 90ql electrum 72 years, 11 months, somewhere around the year 1027 8 months Step By Steppe 85ql 16 92ql brass 63 years, 11 months, somewhere around the year 1036 6 years, 3 months Point Lecter I have sorted these records by the TOTAL number of fragments found in each cache. If the total number of fragments in the cache was solely dependent on the skill of the player and the QL of the reports, we would expect to see a direct co-relation between the QL of the report and #Fragments columns. This is just a small sample, but whilst there could be a slight relationship, it is not conclusive. There does however appear to be a direct relationship between the report QL and the QL of the mini token produced. We definitely need more samples, so I will try to keep records of future caches. An interesting study would be to identify the contents of the caches and compare the results including and excluding statue fragments but this falls outside the scope of this small experiment! The results do not necessarily mean that Wurmpedia is incorrect in stating there is a relationship between report QL and numbers of items in cache, but rather that there may be more complex factors involved. More Data:
  6. Hiya! You did not mention upon which server you are investigating. Different servers have different ages, and some just don't go back in time that far! Independence is arguably the best server for archaeology - being a very old server. On Deliverance, we have some pretty old deeds too: [01:35:51] Rising Moon was founded by Gunnar and was inhabited for about 1 month. It has been abandoned for roughly 76 years, 8 months and was last mayored by Gunnar. I make that just over nine and a half years old - correct me if wrong, so maybe late 2011? I don't know at which skill level these times/dates get added, but I do know that if you leave the reports in the journal, they will eventually get filled in with further investigating. It is of course possible to get them out and find the caches earlier - as you have discovered - but as you have also found, not all of the data will be present on the mini token, unless it was also previously present on the report. Always check the reports first if you want to have a complete description on the resulting mini token. Hope this helps, Happy fragging!
  7. Thanks @elentariand @Finnn! I loaded the old Low Memory client and this one didn't have the portal issue, so I then went back to the new Live client, which forced a new download, and again no problem any more. I now notice the glowing graphic in the centre of the portal 'twinkles' - I never noticed this effect before, so maybe the client was really messed up as you say. Thanks v much
  8. Windowed resizable. Would like to hear from anyone else who suffers this: Shortly after my view looks on an Epic Portal, my whole PC system freezes and hangs, and has to be restarted. This seems to happen more often at night time, and I've had to start turning around and looking behind me and averting my 'gaze' when I know I have to pass an Epic Portal, so that I do not look at them directly. I believe this has only happened since the portals have had the new transparency with the 'glow' in the centre. I am wondering if it is the combined load of transparency and lighting causing an overload on my system. Any ideas on which settings I could change to alleviate this would be great. In the meantime I've developed the neck of an owl and sometimes turn 270 degrees to avoid looking at the portals!
  9. Always so cool to see good honest people. That's one special feature about Wurm we see time and time again. It often feels like this 'goodness' is designed or coded-in somehow.
  10. I've known about catch up decay on bulk items in containers for a long time, it happens when sending crates of items via wagoner - some of the contents can be lost due to decay, but thanks to Oblivionnreaver for highlighting that it can affect other items too, even high value possessions such as vehicles. These would be the priority items for the dev team to fix, from my point of view, and it might be possible for such items to have their decay timers 'reset' to 0 on leaving a deed. In any case, thanks Samool for looking into the situation. In the meantime, as a temporary measure, bulk items are simpler for players to fix ourselves - just take one item out of each bulk container and return it to the same container to 'refresh' the contents before removing the container from the deed - this can save you a lot of decay loss when transporting containers of bulk items, including sending your crates via wagoner.