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  1. What do you look like

    "There can be only one" Emoo
  2. Prospecting skill gain bug when using analyse

    Foraging and Botanizing light up green very very often, even if no tick at smallest tick size possible (0.000008). I may only get a few ticks per hour, but it's still flashing away happily. It feels like there's a tiny tiny tick close to zero, that registers way below the displayed value, but never amounts to anything noticeable.
  3. Valrei International. 068

    I do think that there should be a lot less chance of shattering high level items. What really concerns me is that the chance of shattering rares, supremes and fantastics seems to be the same as normal items. I think that the chance of shattering these treasured rare+ possessions should be a lot lot less. Fantastics should never shatter at all. I have a supreme loom with no casts. At the moment I don't dare get it casted with WoA - the cost of replacing it just doesn't bear thinking about. A normal loom if it shattered could be replaced easily, even though imping would cost a few silvers, but a rare? a supreme? How do you replace a rare+ item with the player's sig? We have to think of the intrinsic value as well as the sentimental and hope value in these items before deciding to wipe them irrevocably from the database. We want to encourage more people to get their most special items casted successfully. It's good for priests and it's good for the player concerned. We have an opportunity to give players that 'feel good factor' of getting a rare item with good casts, not shatter their hopes and dreams with a lost supreme.
  4. Similar piles of coconut shells have been seen near sites of industrial level rum production and consumption, but I am sure that this is not the case here. Keep those stories coming! We are getting a much clearer picture of the nuts' activities now.
  5. Valrei International. 068

    I can see Summon Soul helping so many new players get transported to safety, without having to actually join a deed until they are ready. Glad I'm a priest atm.
  6. Shrimpiie's coconut is a genuine 'shy' coconut - so it can't be the same one. A shout out to all lost and missing nuts: "Come back to Wurm Online - this is where you belong!" It appears that there are a lot more nuts out there than initially anticipated. Please post your pictures of any and all missing coconuts everyone!
  7. There seems to be a lot more to this than anyone ever realised. Do keep posting your coconut names, pictures and clues!
  8. I am not sure but this coconut definitely has global a-peel and a zest for life!
  9. Thanks to all of you who are looking out for the rare coconut, keep posting your pictures, names and clues!
  10. Good work Agent Yldrania. Keep posting any pictures and info you may have everyone!
  11. It's a rare coconut, so shiny! We don't have a name for the coconut as yet, if anyone knows it, please post it here!
  12. Must we really accept and believe that is the same coconut? So young and so tragic! - keep posting your photo's guys, it must be alive and out there somewhere...
  13. Help urgently needed to track down a runaway rare coconut. As you know, our beloved staff member Shrimpiie collects rare food. We do not judge. Anyone who has admired his marvellous collection could not help but notice the single (just the one, mind) rare coconut. - surely the most valuable piece in the collection. Unfortunately we have reason to believe that Shrimpiie's rare coconut has recently escaped. Yes. Please don't panic. We understand it is 'at large' somewhere in the World, but where it is exactly, we are not sure. By the time you read this post it could be ANYWHERE in the World, and it will not stick around for long, (it is a genuine 'shy' coconut) so if any of you Wurmians happen to SEE Shrimpiie's rare coconut ANYWHERE on your travels, PLEASE, PLEASE take a photo and post it in this thread. (Even if you can't quite capture an image of the coconut, please post a picture of the location anyway, so we can start to plot its path.) We must track down this missing nut. There have been no recorded sightings at the time of posting. Thank you so much in anticipation of your help and discretion in this matter, we want this resolved as humanely as possible. The Wurmian Rare Food Agency has issued the photo below, unfortunately they don't know the name of the missing nut, so if you think you know the coconut's name or whereabouts, please PLEASE post it in this thread:
  14. Lets tell a story...

    To his surprise, he saw that underneath that armour the King had been wearing...