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  1. I would not like to see this around FTP buildings or on recently disbanded deeds with buildings still standing. I know it makes *logical* sense to have infestations then, but I believe it does not make good social or business sense, because it would be difficult for the player to deed or re-deed their plot until all mobs are killed. I'm also in favour of the current slow decay system which encourages returning players who have been away due to ill health (or whatever reason) to claim their buildings back and re-deed - which is what we all want, right? It would, however be really good fun to have multiple sites of rat infestation away from recently active deeds and buildings though, I really like that part of your idea. +1. It would be a community event in which even new players can participate. Thanks for posting the idea.
  2. Show me the open road, and I'll knock Bouncer into overdrive and exceed his top speed (whilst reducing hay consumption). Will he go faster if I feed him oats instead of hay? or will he become heated, uncontrollable and buck me off? I think we all know the answer.
  3. The Willows U16/17 Public Grooming Fields - now open for grooming, total grooming time 40-45 mins on 1ql brush (please announce in Freedom when you finish so that folks know when it's free!) The WIllows:,1963 (Not on the highway, but on the coast, gate access from West along the coast path from the direction of Port Sopor, and from East through Edgewater which is just along the coast from The Mermaid's Cove U17) Please add the following mouseover to the map: The Willows: Public Grooming Fields AH Skilling Easy Access Guard Tower Well
  4. I had a venerable sheep in a 2x1 enchanted grass pen. It seemed to stay fixed in the NE corner of the pen and was staying on the 'thin' graphic for a couple of days after shearing. I don't know if wool production is timer based, or based on how well the sheep eats. After leading the sheep to the other enchanted tile (South across the border of the pair of enchanted tiles to the NW corner of the neighbouring enchanted grass tile) it started to produce wool again and the 'fat' graphic returned.
  5. A+ Something needs to be done with them all. I've filled dozens of chests coffins and coffers with them. Currently I can only sac them, as no space left to store them. It feels like we are all waiting for a special purpose for them which hasn't materialised.
  6. Some of us enjoy playing the long game.
  7. +1 Maybe a straw hat with dyed paper flowers please, now that we can make hay/straw.
  8. +1 A very good new purpose for a currently underused item
  9. I am afraid in April I was doing important stuff like filing tax returns and paying the rates. I did however log into my steam account and visibly *look* at the Wurm Unlimited play button, but did not press it. I don't know if that counts.
  10. I have not noticed Wurm being a single player game. Far from it. Friendly positive people attract other friendly positive people, and Wurm attracts (and keeps) positive people.
  11. +1 That's a good idea. I'd like some sets of transfers in different designs, that can be applied over the top of a sail, on a wall or the side of a wagon. They could work a bit like a skin, but don't change the shape or colour of the item, but merely apply a pre-approved motif such as a moon or star, a weapon, or an animal etc.
  12. Darnok you are wasted on the forums - you should be in politics! A lot of your ideas are based on actual real world practises, and would therefore have merit in an accurate simulation or a more industrial themed application, but I think in all honesty the real world is exactly what many of us come to Wurm to escape.
  13. "Hi Fighters (and Priests), this is your Dragon speaking. I'm about to die. As a result my scaly skin will be distributed equally among you. I have X kg of scales so you should all get X /players kg of scale. Goodbye cruel world." +1