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  1. We definitely need more MEN and WOMEN (Wurm Online M.E.N.) Thanks Madnath for doing this.
  2. I think this is a good idea, and like you say, most everything else can be imped from a vehicle. Some ideas: We could use something like a hota that can be loaded and keep things hot. This would remove the need to carry fuel, but we would still need a regular forge on land initially to get things up to temperature and just transfer the hot items before departing. A mini clay forge/stove like a chimenea, small enough to be portable, but made of pottery and eventually needs to be replaced. A small purpose built marble forge (finally!) in a compact design A fire pit - specially designed for mobile use, with a spark guard: Otherwise:
  3. We could also use it on corpses to provide a wax model of our favourite pets and players! Sorry.. just waxing lyrical! +1 for the waxed fruit
  4. +1 I like the idea of a low skillgain bonus for new PoK people, increasing with increasing PoK levels. There is currently little reward at low levels. In the meantime, please give me the option to put Get Info (and other clickable meditation skills) into a submenu - I am always clicking it on my merchants by mistake due to lag etc - same to a lesser extent with PoL enchanted grass, it often gets wasted on a random tree tile during foraging.
  5. I think there should be more to do or more happening and more often at these sites. I have only visited the Sampo (Fo site) so far both with my Fo priest and separately with a non-follower toon. The location on the open steppe was accessible and convenient for collecting conditioned animals, but in my opinion there were not enough conditioned domestic animals spawned for even the few people who turned up. When the shrine was tainted, only conditioned aggressive animals spawned which are usually available naturally anyway. Muse being a Fo priest was often called out to help remove the taint, but there was little else to do. The cooldown of 20 minutes between purifying was not convenient for me and not safe to wait around afk in the open so I usually logged her out. The source salt from praying is a good benefit, but in such very small amounts, so it wasn't really worth the time. I got one seed, but I haven't looked into its uses, I hope it can be planted. The site only pulsed (to cure disease) once per hour, and seemed to be tainted more often than not, so non-priest visitors were either constantly praying (usually trying in vain) to increase the shrine's power at the tainted shrine, or afk, or they moved on and did something else because there was nothing much to do. This is especially the case for my main which is not a follower of any religion. Being an atheist or non-follower, my toon was offered nothing to do at the site. We could do with an atheist site, or open benefits at all sites, offering mundane benefits to non-followers. Perhaps a skill boost, or something useful to new players such as a food and water refill. The ability to see where you are on the map (which is available to followers/priests at the sites) might also be useful to everyone, especially new players.
  6. How about the luminous green that affects trolls at the end of October. If diseased horses glow in the dark, they will be easy to spot
  7. Just went to make a post but found that this thread already exists. The thread is not marked as 'Bug' yet.
  8. Yes this is a good point. How much sleep bonus is acceptable to waste...? The inactivity check used to be longer and it got reduced to 5 minutes as it was thought to be too long.
  9. [18:54:34] Auto-freezing sleep bonus after 5 minutes of inactivity. [18:54:34] You refrain from using your sleep bonus. These two messages mean you have just lost 5 minutes of precious sleep bonus. Maybe because you got distracted and forgot it, perhaps you were busy streaming or something came up in real life. It's happened to just about everyone. The game knows that you haven't made an action or received a tick for 5 minutes and so you can not possibly have used any sleep bonus, so why not roll back the sleep bonus by 5 minutes to the last completed action or tick? The player hasn't used it, so why not give it back? I see no reason to punish a player for inactivity - after all, no-one deliberately sits and burns sleep bonus for no reason. If the sleep bonus is rolled back, this should be to the last completed action or skill tick - to allow for passive ticks from Hot Food Cooking for example. The amount of sleep bonus returned should allow for coffee and fat levels of course: [18:54:34] Auto-freezing sleep bonus after 5 minutes of inactivity. [18:54:34] You refrain from using your sleep bonus. [18:54:34] These past 5 minutes of sleep bonus were not used. What do you think? Following the intelligent comment by @Simyaci- perhaps instead, the inactivity timer could be set by the player, rather than being a fixed 5 minutes. If someone would prefer a shorter timer, this could be changed in settings. There is no cooldown penalty for restarting the sleep bonus after it has been halted due to inactivity.
  10. For some it would be a useful training ground and safe zone. For others it might feel a bit like a penal colony you can only leave after grinding your characteristics. So it should be optional with the ability to leave at any time. Remember that some existing players make new characters as priests and other alts, so they would need to bypass this. As long as it is possible to bypass a tutorial or newbie area, some new players will also choose to bypass it - perhaps picking the wrong option, or perhaps mistakenly seeking to 'fast track' their game to get to the action. Golden Valley used to be the newbie server. Some people were impatient to leave, but some stayed there permanently and never left.
  11. +1 Don't forget to be ready to remove your cape at a moment's notice. You never know when you might need to cover a muddy puddle before a glamourous lady:
  12. Perhaps a stone or pottery baking stone could make some rough, sourdough or farmhouse bread of a lower quality - still useful for a toast/crouton/breakfast grind, but to make posh bread and pizza we would still need a marble one? Difficult to balance everyone's wishes as always.
  13. +1 It seems that most new players do not know much about the Karma system, so I think that it needs to be promoted more to new players with some low Karma options relevant to them. Summon a sandwich and water 100 Summon a replacement newbie starter toolkit FREE for new or returning players (can include a cooldown) Anything that helps smooth their path when starting, or trying to get back into Wurm.