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  1. Retro can find more ferret-related distractions here:
  2. They really aught to be observing personal distancing regulations - no more than 2 toons per tile.
  3. CreZ is the winner of the screenshot competition! 1 large crate of 99ql woad is waiting for you at Southport U18 Deli, CreZ.
  4. If we are changing the names of things it is important to ensure that: either: all existing fragments are updated with the new system, OR the new fragments still combine together with the legacy fragments regardless of any changes.
  5. I wanted a Nahjo priest toon as a sidekick, so I was looking for a suitable name. I needed something short, easy to type, and to remember. (Lots of really cool high level players I knew had short snappy names at that time.). I struggled to think of female sidekick characters down through history - until I remembered the famous painting The Mona Lisa - a picture of an enigmatic, quietly smiling lady who was said to be Leonardo da Vinci's muse. I kind of liked the idea of a quiet companion who patiently takes everything I throw at her and just smiles and gets on with it. Hence Muse.
  6. I was 100% on deed and found 1 in 1000+ on deed tiles. Formerly I was usually finding 4-6 on deed.
  7. With 2 missions for Valrei items active on Deliverance at the moment (Magranon 49 items, Libila 36 items), I think we should stand a pretty good chance of finding enough Valrei mission items between us, but no.. I have just investigated over 1000 tiles with a trowel this evening and found only one Valrei mission item. This took well over an hour. Even with all players on Deliverance searching, we would probably not be able to complete these two missions, the finds are just too infrequent. If something has changed to the Valrei Item % chance, please consider taking another look at it. A newbie archaeologist started tonight - he's gone from Arch level 1 to arch level 15 this evening and still not found one Valrei mission item. Thanks for considering the problem.
  8. Ooh that's a good one CreZ - fancy being out-potatoed on my own thread! Awesome!
  9. Yes - it is Madnath - a random rare vegetable is heading your way! Good call CreZ - the willow leaves work in the same way as a trellis.. This is looking through some holes in the willow leaves where you can see light shining through similar holes on the other side of the tree. Well done! Please everyone post your cool pix and let me guess what they are!
  10. That's really good, but no it's not copper, keep guessing!
  11. Good guess, but no, keep guessing!
  12. Win a Potato Prize! Below is an unedited screenshot of Wurm in glorious low-resolution! What is it? The first person to correctly identify what this is, will receive a rare vegetable in the mail! If you can reproduce this image - or give a close match - please post your screenshots below - or if you have another much cooler image - please post that instead! The poster with the best screenie (in my humble opinion) by the end of Sunday 15th March 2020 will receive a large crate of 99ql woad - winner to pickup from U18 Deliverance!
  13. Wagoner figures are missing (not in bed and not on the chair). Both male and female figures are missing. FIXED Wagoner vehicle currently has a freedom wagon fabric texture covering - assuming this is a bug as it also obscures the view. FIXED Camp fire is not currently lit (daytime) FIXED