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  1. Will there be a concession stand? Will Nachos and beer be available?
  2. My cat Link... Being Sassy~ And being casual~
  3. [17:57:15] You carefully work to open it up without damaging what's inside... I have 3 rare caskets that gave me this message and now I cant interact with them at all.
  4. My little corner of Indy...Bela Stellamant
  5. Indy Rift Representing the Luminosity Collective Alliance @Jackdryden and @Amantnovi May I just say...This Rift Group was AWESOME!!! ( I outlined my horse by mistake. Shhhh don't say anything, she's sensitive about it) Was a great time!
  6. Hey there! Just noticed that a guard tower near my deed (axeblade 570) was a bit off from where it stands. Not by much but I thought Id drop a note anyway. Sending coordinates and a screenshot! Thanks!,587
  7. It takes a very steady Bear (or two) to balance a moon on her noggin...
  8. Hey All! Thought I would hunt down the newly reported Rift on Independence! Not too far from our last one! Different Wurmians use Different Maps! (Albia Road Map of Indy 38x/20y),1202,146.71875&m=-75.125,144.125 Checking everything out... There is an area where the ground has been raised to create a road between the two large fields. With tall ridges on North, South, and East sides. Minimal foliage to contend with in the fields. Access was easy. Guard tower close by. Hoping this helps! Happy Wurming and Good Luck! ~Amantnovi~