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  1. Wurm Merch

    Hey all! Could someone maybe point me in the right direction on where to purchase Wurm merch. Dont want to end up at some dodgy site. lol! Thanks for any help with this!
  2. And under these lavender skies We dare to dream our dreams...
  3. One of my favorite songs "There's no sensation to compare with thisSuspended animation, a state of blissCan't keep my mind from the circling skiesTongue-tied and twisted just an earth-bound misfit, I"
  4. I always find faces in objects. A few I found on guard towers... Anyone else see faces in things? First, a man with pointy ears and a crazy jesters hat. Second, a very buff duck! Check out those muscles! Third, some sort of being stretching its arms up as if to say "yay!" Once you see them, you cant unsee them! There are more but this is a start. Happy Wurming! ~Amant
  5. They are looking to be Priested up!
  6. Warning: sooooo many pics! When I built this place, I almost tore it back down. But a friend said "Step away from it for a little while. Then come back and see how you feel." So I did. I'm glad I didn't tear it down. It's called The Lavender Skyview House. Last pic shows why.
  7. Morning Bear Another beautiful morning in NE Indy. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
  8. Fo and the Moons Valrei embracing Seris with Jackal on the horizon to Fo's right.