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  1. Studded or Plain Leather Armour, with AoSP casts, full sets (9 pieces): ql90, all casts power 80+ 5s40c (1 studded set in stock) Interested! Amantnovi in game
  2. Has anyone ever built a wooden wall and pottery brick building? Im trying to find one for inspiration. Would appreciate any pics or being lead in the right direction
  3. Hey there Archaed! If it is still possible Id like to order 2 sample packs! Please let me know!
  4. Platyna, Are you able to log in on Indy?
  5. I still have things I am working on and towards. Goals to achieve. Lessons to learn. Maybe someday I will venture to the new servers. But for now, its my quiet little spot in Indy.
  6. I agree. I wondered if they actually see these or take them seriously. Meaning no disrespect to developers. Its just a curiosity.
  7. Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to create a sleigh for wintertime in Wurm? A one horse, (or two!), for those cozy winter days. A two person.
  8. A wurmian after my own heart!
  9. Has there ever been discussion on being able to enchant hedges? It would be nice to get them to a medium height and keep them there without pruning.