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  1. Same. I love Halloween in Wurm. Im sure it is easily fixable.
  2. I have seen many people sharing that they are crashing quite often since the Halloween update. I am not sure if my experiences are the same as others, but, as soon as the roof I was building was complete and above my head, I crashed. Then after finishing a floor above me, I crashed. Its whenever I build something above me that I am crashing. Thought maybe because people are saying they crash when going into or out of caves, canals, etc...its not a stretch to think that a roof being built over my head would be the reason that I am.
  3. @Madnath Thank you! I wasnt using Discord but I will now
  4. Just curious what has become of this? I may have missed something being posted. I know there is a LOT happening with Wurm right now so this probably isnt a priority. Like I said, just curious
  5. Just an update...Unless someone has reasonably good fight skills, roaming around North Indy is going to be very VERY difficult. Logged on today and its swarming with trolls. Heading down Colossus Lake Hwy and they are everywhere I look. Along with anything else you can think of. Around my deed they were all around as well. I'm going to be a one woman killing machine it seems! lol Give me the cows and pigs and hens, please Hoping it levels out soon. Cant wait to see a sea horse!
  6. I have been at my deed on the northern tip of Colossus Lake for a little over a year now. For the most part, I wouldn't see many mobs. Spiders sometimes. Maybe a troll or two every other week. But over the last week and a half...holy hell horse! Tonight I have killed 3 trolls, a goblin and a few spiders that wandered on to my deed in the hour I have been logged on! Did something change that I am not aware of or is it just that Northeast Indy is so unpopulated that this will be my norm? Not complaining. I love a good fight! Just curious about how quickly they have appeared around here.
  7. I agree that everyone put their hearts into it as Platyna stated. Some are silly, some are very casual, some more serious, and all are with heart! I think it's very cool to see how creative and talanted Wurmians are, not only in how they create in game but also in their writing! I would like to know how the "winners" would be decided upon. And when the stream is as well! Good luck everyone!
  8. Chisel 6.80 QL - CoC 94 - 75 copper Rake 16.07 QL - CoC 90 - 72 copper Rope Tool 38.07 QL - CoC 99 - 79 copper Interested in these items Amantnovi in game! Thank you!
  9. Excellent and fast service! Much appreciated and will do more business again in the future!
  10. Am interested in a 70 quality cloth armour set please. Amantnovi in game. Thank you!
  11. Interested in 10kg if possible of R=38 G=93 B=155 If this is doable, please COD to Amantnovi. Thank you, Zarame
  12. Always thought that being able to place a sign on a wall or building would be great without having a post attached to it. It would be another sign that could be crafted and another way to raise our fine carp skill.
  13. Greetings! We have attached Bela Areo to the cats eye system. Bela Areo is located at 51x 11/12y. Our waystone is on Journeya's Hwy, as it runs through the deed.(The pink blob is the waystone) Please forgive the quality of the image that is attached as I had to be a little "creative" today. We will ultimately take the cats eyes further east and north/northwest to bring it full circle. But for now, this is what has been done. Thank you!
  14. Want to sell Large Magical Chest. 35 silver. Located in Indy. Contact Amantnovi in game or send message thru forum. Thank you