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  1. Selling 0.70kg Green Dragon Scale for 35 silver. Will throw in the blood. Please contact Amantnovi in game, Amantnovi in forums or leave me a message on here. Thanks!
  2. Please disregard. Thank you.
  3. best enchanted items

    Would like to purchase 70 ql and also 80ql plate armour please. Please cod to Amantnovi. Thank you!
  4. They sure have been sticking close to the same area of Indy....
  5. best enchanted items

    Is large anvil, iron 70ql BOTD72 - 50c still available? If so, would like to purchase. Amantnovi in game. Thank you, pepejot
  6. Interested in a chain armour set. Could you message me in game please? Amantnovi. Thank you!
  7. leatherworking

    70 ql Med Rug please.Exquisite if possible. Amantnovi in game. Thank you!!!!!
  8. 1 for me please. Thank you!
  9. 1 for me please
  10. I agree with Cathor I like the Albia map but like some of the options on the Xanadu map.
  11. best enchanted items

    spindle, oakenwood 70ql BOTD70 - 80c Amantnovi ingame please. Thanks
  12. Was being serious. My message may not read that way. Thanks, Jakeii
  13. about I need one more please! haha Thanks!
  14. Interested in Compass. Highest quality please. Amantnovi in game. Thank you, Jakeii