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  1. My spindles thank you for your support! Peace Out~ The Peasant
  2. This would be like a forced day off for me! I chose PVE for the controlled chaos (ie:if I want to go smack around some mobs, destroy my fences or go crazy draining my bank account I made that choice). I’d spend the whole 24hours stressing over the possibility that something would go horribly wrong and things couldn’t be put right again. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer. Just giving an opinion from someone who chose PVE for specific reasons.
  3. Proudly showing the way to Colossus Lake through the fog
  4. Thank you! Appreciate the response!
  5. I'm not scared....are you scared? The troll should be! wink wink
  6. Everyone...I love seeing all of your pics of the different lands of Wurm. So many amazing places.
  7. Ah, I see its down. Sorry, should have looked a bit more.
  8. Is Indy down? I cant plot course there. All others I can
  9. Loving this.... House of the Dark Sisters Bela Stellamant Independence