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  1. Platyna, Are you able to log in on Indy?
  2. I still have things I am working on and towards. Goals to achieve. Lessons to learn. Maybe someday I will venture to the new servers. But for now, its my quiet little spot in Indy.
  3. I agree. I wondered if they actually see these or take them seriously. Meaning no disrespect to developers. Its just a curiosity.
  4. Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to create a sleigh for wintertime in Wurm? A one horse, (or two!), for those cozy winter days. A two person.
  5. A wurmian after my own heart!
  6. Has there ever been discussion on being able to enchant hedges? It would be nice to get them to a medium height and keep them there without pruning.
  7. Is it all hunter mobs that can drop Halloween loot or just specific ones? I went on a hunting frenzy night before last and not a single drop. It was trolls, spiders, goblins, bears... Just curious.
  8. Same. I love Halloween in Wurm. Im sure it is easily fixable.
  9. I have seen many people sharing that they are crashing quite often since the Halloween update. I am not sure if my experiences are the same as others, but, as soon as the roof I was building was complete and above my head, I crashed. Then after finishing a floor above me, I crashed. Its whenever I build something above me that I am crashing. Thought maybe because people are saying they crash when going into or out of caves, canals, etc...its not a stretch to think that a roof being built over my head would be the reason that I am.
  10. @Madnath Thank you! I wasnt using Discord but I will now
  11. Just curious what has become of this? I may have missed something being posted. I know there is a LOT happening with Wurm right now so this probably isnt a priority. Like I said, just curious