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  1. - 21 days from now this is the southern Christmasimpalong
  2. Hello I recommend you to take a tour and check out all the current impalong sites. By doing that you can see what setups being used, and pick all the ideas you want to carry on for your. Maybe if you pick the best from everyone, add your own to the mix, you will end up with a fantastic version You would want most imp/idlestation to be close enaugh to the priests area to make sure they get those huge faithticks that really keeps them motivated atleast Most impalong has some games/activities to do now and then between the imping. Ofc its nothing you HAVE to have, but its great fun if you do. For that you might want some prizes of some kind. I am in the impalongcrew for the easter impalong on DRF, Deliverance and we are already gathering up cool prizes for next year. Our experience is that its not hard finding people willing to help donate mats you need for the imping, or even favor. Prizes takes a little more work to get settled. But again, not mandatory and I am sure you will find a way you want to form your version Best of luck to you, and if I can be at any help, feel free to message me here or Miralux in game! oh and you do want forges imped up high for imp station, so you dont have to fuel them so often.
  3. Notices this this summer, for a whole year (rl) it has not been an issue, as long as we replaced our snowballs at winter, all food has stayed without decay in the larders. Now even the freshly made pizzas (wrapped and all) takes sudden, random decayticks in there and the snowballs definitly takes much more damage than ever before. We only use 99ql snowballs and we fill the box up whenever we can. Even replaced a couple of those with highest decay this winter with snowballs from a snowman, though only one snowman cant possibly keep up with this decay. I really prefer having our food in the larders instead of lmc, even though it means we will have to gather snowballs at winters and replace them. But at this rate..it wont be any point using them anymore and thats kinda sad. Whats the idea of having a larder if you cannot use it to store food anymore?
  4. The Friend-a-long on Pristine this summer had many different woodtype-boards there, maybe its still on display there so you can go have a look
  5. and Tilda you are the winner of this auction you can pm Bunnlose in game if you want to sort out details about the hand off
  6. Old grumpy couple (horsemarket at Deliverance) is doing their first auction ever, so here we go! We present you this sweetie, a brown, female horse called with the lovely name Rose. https://prnt.sc/n-QoD-XcGsj4 (see stats here: https://prnt.sc/VARFVvUnqtTw) She is a 4speed + spark and is ready to ride at once. If you are the lucky winner of the auction, she will be waiting for you at our deed, Old grumpy couple - at E21 Deliverance. You can easily get to our deed by ship through a shiptunnel from the north, clearly marked with buoys all the way from server borders. You can also find us on the highway network. Starting bid: 1s Increment (minimum): 50c Reserve: none Buyout: none Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted
  7. High Sanctrum (mission structure here) https://deliverance.yaga.host/#1386,286 (and the tiles in that quare is sand)
  8. And this one.. Donkeytown https://deliverance.yaga.host/#1337,342
  9. This deed can be added: The Playground https://deliverance.yaga.host/#1154,208 It's a games-deed belonging to DRF community.
  10. Very excited about this, expecially the arrival of plank fragments. That is something I have missed Also I wont cry over the loss over arrowshaft fragments
  11. Servers down?

    Lets all just do the hamsterdance while waiting
  12. Looking forward to this I would like to book a room if possible for Miralux! Will be attending and able to help with carpentry, fine carpentry, ship building and leatherworking if needed. Also bringing my mag priest and can help with some casting of magthings
  13. [00:06:45] You do a rain danec on the dirt tile and a wurm pops to the surface, which you grab. The message when searching for wurm in dirt, assuming it should be rain dance
  14. Hello all! At deliverance the rite of death spell has been ready to cast for quite a while and we are gathering people to finally get it casted, right now! Where you say? On the impalongdeed, drf, Deliverance Renaissance Festival. (location: https://www.wurmnode.com/drfmap#c=-128.1875,128.0625 ) We still need a couple of lib priests more. If you are on deli, summon are possible, pm Meitai in game if so. Is there anybody out there to help?