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  1. Looking forward to this I would like to book a room if possible for Miralux! Will be attending and able to help with carpentry, fine carpentry, ship building and leatherworking if needed. Also bringing my mag priest and can help with some casting of magthings
  2. [00:06:45] You do a rain danec on the dirt tile and a wurm pops to the surface, which you grab. The message when searching for wurm in dirt, assuming it should be rain dance
  3. Hello all! At deliverance the rite of death spell has been ready to cast for quite a while and we are gathering people to finally get it casted, right now! Where you say? On the impalongdeed, drf, Deliverance Renaissance Festival. (location: https://www.wurmnode.com/drfmap#c=-128.1875,128.0625 ) We still need a couple of lib priests more. If you are on deli, summon are possible, pm Meitai in game if so. Is there anybody out there to help?