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  1. In all things there must be a balance. Good and evil. Right and wrong. The Sith necessitate the Jedi... just as do the the Jedi necessitate the Sith. When this balance is misaligned, it is up to us neutral actors to restore it. A new player has entered Celebration's eternal struggle for the Seals. The Venerable Hardened Black Dragon! And its power is overwhelming compared to its seal clubbing counterparts! "I'm going to go club a seal" "not today" We will be breaking the seal of the mine within which the seal guardian is sealed (MAP LINK) at this time:
  2. Familiar Guys

    only one of them has one eye and drops leatherworking blood, and that's it
  3. "hey lewis do you remember that time we made an entire server completely flat?" Come on down to The Crusty Crab or something I already forgot the name Time keenly positioned to interrupt the Friend-along as much as possible: no I haven't seen any related tv program to this Leatherworking blood, everything rolled
  4. This would help a great many people who see low FPS and cry "lag"
  5. The Venerable Angry Horse-hater is here! And frankly, this one's personal. Good pre-patch horses were lost to this one. Bring your sharpest revenge-sticks to Bruce's Flying Circus! And for their sakes: do not bring a horse! Any other mount (that may join Dancepick and Lightningace) are fine. Take those ropemaking potions, and make rope in the honour of those that fell.
  6. Almost every day that I play Wurm Online, I open Niarja. It helps me keep abreast of the news regarding Uniques - which I frequently host public slayings of on Freedom. Every now and then when I open the page, my heart jumps! So many new names! Oh. Right. Got got by the list of living uniques. Again. Often I'd dream of clearing up that list of uniques. Would Niarja delete the category? Would it remain but be empty? But aside from that one on Xanadu after Charcoal died, they're all on Epic. And Epic was PvP. And I don't PvP. And then one day, something very peculiar happened. Something that would forever change Stanlee; Something he would never quite forget. They took the initiative! In a spur of the moment move, I decided to take a look at the list of slayers. As soon as I could, I got in touch with Stainless to congratulate him. I reasoned that, with a name so close to mine, he must be the leader. This assumption turned out to be almost entirely correct. After some talking, I gave him an offer he couldn't refuse: I, and whatever friends crazed enough to join me, would come over and lend some peoplepower to clearing up the rest of the uniques on that server. After all, why would they stop at the hatchlings? In return, they got all of the loot. It turned out the loot was not the only incentive to this: the two champion uniques had no tether, and were quite prone to smashing defences, deeds and lost lumberjacks. I even did art for this, which I used in the signup sheet for my alliance. The signup sheet showed more interest than I'd anticipated, and it became quickly clear we'd need to make our own gear. I thought we'd just be shoved in some little shed out in the open, outside a deed for security's sake, but we were invited inside their megafort! Not only was it ridiculously defensive, but it turns out enemies have a pretty severe CR penalty on the home server, meaning we were safer there than on my deed on Release (open design, champ trolls)! Such tall walls! Luckily, skills move from Freedom to Epic 1:1 (so long as you don't have a 3x death multiplier on that skill on Epic), so I could take all of my skills over. Oh. Right. All of my skills. I main priest. That'll be a- Nah kidding, I got to like 70 leatherworking in a day over there. Skillgain is silly fast there, and so are the timers. Within a few days, we had gear that was a strange mix of good and disposable. Good in QL, disposable in how little time it took us to make and imp. In fact, PvP almost felt approachable - disposable gear, no affinities to lose. But I don't PvP. I never thought I'd get this one done! Before the big day, I got to ride around. See some of the sights. Which I'll share with you now: Collecting some of my teammates (note: a bug causes empty gear slots to be visually filled with your other cluster's gear when crossing. No effect on gameplay, and no-one else could see my mask) When's the last time you saw treeless plains? Beardyman's megadeed. Nothing like it, truly remarkable. On one fateful Friday, the stars aligned and enough of us were free to begin. Unlike Freedom slaughters that I host, these fights had a rush of mortality to them - though no-one died I think. Scale/hide drops are a set but small amount over there, no randomness to that. Sorcery items don't drop from humanoids or dragons at all. Chaaaarge! Yes, I'm using a shield with a huge axe. No, the shield isn't real, it's from the same bug as earlier. This boy was biiiiig! Double Dragon! These two were inseparable, so they died together too. Sweet. Poor guy pictured just about tanked both, serious badassery. And when the dust settled, the list had been trimmed significantly. I cannot thank our hosts enough for helping us try Epic, and guiding us. Despite what I'd frequently read on the forums - that Epic is bad - we had a blast, it was a revitalizing rush from start to finish. Think even a few carebears were eyeing up PvP! But, if you open Niarja, you can no doubt see that the list is not trimmed enough. To that end, I highly encourage people to get in contact with factions there, and do as I have! It's a real blast, I can't recommend it enough. I might even throw in a little something for someone, at random, who manages to kill one of the remaining living uniques! Edit: since originally writing this (I wanted to wait for the Creative Constructs thread to close before posting it) it seems others have taken to mopping up the rest of the list! I hope they're having as good a time as I did, and hope to see some of them write about it here if so! The Living Uniques list now stands at a whole SIX (we can't find the one left on Desertion!) and it's going down steadily!
  7. Important note: Is it very likely the location will change before the actual date (it's a bad cave and a long time before then). Keep an eye on this thread for details!
  8. Category: Wacky and Wild! Come on down to Stan's Deed Of Wonders! We have a range of strangeness to confuse you, and anomalies to bewilder you! Each one found in cursed crypts, and brought back to here for your amusement! Usually a tour is a reasonable 1g25 - but for you dear judges and viewers, this time it is free! Our first attraction: The Sideways Diner! Truly, if Breakfast In Bed is magnificent, then this is the pinnacle of vertical banquets! Watch as not a single item falls from the table in which it is set! Then, feast your eyes upon the terrible and cursed Ur'gan's Chair of Shrinking! Yes! Whomever rests upon the chair is temporarily shrunk to the size of half a regular person! But beware, should you be resting upon the chair when Ur'gan rises from his grave, you will be stuck at that size... forever! These are all of my attractions... for now. I look forward to wandering the servers and collecting more! Ahem. Now it should be said that, rather than actually being actual chairs or objects placed on walls (or photoshop, as I use for my hunting threads), these screenshots are creations of small illusions or engineering. This will absolutely get me kicked out of the Alliance of Magicians to reveal how I did it, so first try and examine the images carefully, use your own ideas as to how they were performed.
  9. A few notes: 1) We will be using International Standard ISO 3103 to prepare the tea. 2) An unknown thing about this Standard is that it is recommended to arrive at least an hour early, to account for travel issues. I'm not known to wait. 3) The tea is not boneless. One of you may end up with a bone in your tea. This is expected. 4) Despite being "greenish white" the resulting Salve of Frost from the blood will not also apply acid damage. 5) The tea is being prepared at the usual spot: X17 Y31 6) Formal attire is desired, but not required. 7) Serving is at this time
  10. My creature.class is messed up so I can't pull up the exact line, but in Creature.class if (p != null && p.getInventory() != null && p.isWithinDistanceTo(this, 300.0F) && p.isPaying()) replace with if (p != null && p.getInventory() != null && p.isWithinDistanceTo(this, 300.0F) && p.isPaying() && (!p.isStealth() || p.isOnPvPServer())) with some quick testing on Test because I'm not a coder by any stretch of the imagination, and bam, that's the dev time edit: all this in less time than it'd take a GM to investigate a single report, I'd bet
  11. I don't even do slays that need this, but it's still needed. +1, a no-brainer to prevent rulebreaking Perhaps have it be PvE server only, however.
  12. Please Close

    I wish you all the best organizing that stuff, but as a note: dragons only drop one charge of a tome, if they drop one.
  13. Please Close

    Is the original loot distribution being honoured?
  14. The magic of ~knock-off photoshop~ (devs are free to use any inspiration from any of those pictures for future monthly skins)