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  1. A few words, A sodding fantastic bone dropped, and was rolled off. I'm serious about "no reserved loot," and that remains true for any hunting groups who've been asking me to host their events but with reserved loot - it's this standard of "no reservation," or no event. Thanks again to everyone who helps make these events possible! If you want to join in the scouting teams to make more of these possible, get in contact with me! I also did something unusual this time: I waited 15 minutes before starting, despite no reported server crossing issues. This is not a standard I will be sticking to, and I will be returning to starting on time unless a CM+ reports crossing issues. I make sure these posts are up at least 24 hours in advance, and never change the time once "12 hours remaining" elapses. So you've gotta make sure you check the wind, and ideally arrive an hour in advance if you don't want to risk missing it.
  2. Come on down to the Black Hatchling's Bounce House! Come on down to Oops I Did It Again at K15 where, thanks to an assortment of Britney Spears themed stuff, you too can have her songs play in your head over and over even as you try to sleep! Extra bonus since this will probably cause Fabricant to have to play some MIDI Britney Spears songs too! We will be opening the Super Safe Bounce House at around this time: Remember to bring a tent for safety, and for even more safety, get there early! As ever, everything will be rolled! And look, for once I remembered a map!
  3. Stanlee's Vynorium Emporium Custom enchants for your favourite gear tl;dr: WoA or CoC prices, assuming I can dispel: 80+ = 45c 90+ = 65c 95+ = 1s 100+ = 1s90c I'm only ever Stanlee ingame. No alts. The spells: The Vynora spell list boasts a great many useful enchants. When an enchantment is "conflicting," I cannot enchant it on an item that already has a conflicting enchantment without dispelling the conflict. These spells are, as far as I can tell, listed in Dispel Order, which is a concept explained in the next section. The main spells are: Nimbleness (Nim) - This enchant makes it easier for your weapons to hit. Conflicts with Wind of Ages. Wind of Ages (WoA) - This enchant makes actions faster, while keeping skillgain/hour stable (however, if it causes you to switch to an item without CoC/WoA, it will be a net loss of skillgain/hour, since this WoA will cause you to get those items faster). Fantastic for making castles from assorted rocks at high speeds! Even lets weapons swing faster. Conflicts with Nimbleness and Blessings of the Dark. Frostbrand (FB) - Causes your weapon to do an extra, smaller, wound as frost damage. Conflicts with Life Transfer, Flaming Aura, Bloodthirst, Rotting Touch and Venom. Aura of Shared Pain (AoSP) - Reflects a portion of damage you take to the attacker. So long as they hit that specific bit of armour. Conflicts with Web Armour Lurker in the Deep (LITDe) - Lets a pendulum locate special fishing spots, and even gives it a chance to say what special fish is at those spots. Conflicts with all other Lurkers. Circle of Cunning (CoC) - This is usually the big ticket item. For every 1 power of the cast, skillgain (not characteristics) is improved by 1% (multiplicative). This means at 100 power, it's almost like having sleep bonus active again! Conflicts with Blessings of the Dark. Mind Stealer (MS) - "Killing a non-player creature with a weapon enchanted with Mind stealer may transfer skill points to the player. When a creature is killed, the game chooses a random skill or characteristic the creature has, and if the creature has more points in that skill than the player does, the player gains points in that skill. The amount of skill gained by the player depends on how much more skill the creature has compared to the player, and the power level of the Mind stealer enchantment." The power and its price: When I'm able to dispel a cast, I'm able to use less ropes by using a method known as Dispel Casting - basically, existing enchants make it harder to improve a cast (though having no enchant at all is just as hard as a 100 cast). Why would you be unable to dispel? Well, when you examine an item, the spells, runes, and imbues display in a particular order. For instance, WoA is always before CoC. So if you have a 109 WoA you don't want dispelled, and you want CoC, I can't utilize Dispel Casting to my advantage. So if I can't dispel (due to an imbue, rune, cast sooner in Dispel Order, or shatter protection you wish to preserve) yet you still want a high cast, the price must reflect that. Since if I did operate at usual prices without Dispel Casting, I'd be operating at a loss. These prices are also always in a sort of beta - none of us casters can agree what they should be, so I might change up according to demand. Otherwise, here's the PRICES: And here's the prices if you still want those high casts, require that I don't use dispel: The shatters: Unfortunately, shatters are almost unavoidable. While there's a chance that your casts will go well over what you pay for (hooray!), there's also the chance the item will simply blow up (boo!). While Metallic Liquids from rifts can prevent this fully, it also means I cannot dispel CoC or Mind Stealer. And while Seryll may also avoid it, who wants to use Seryll items? Barring these methods, a shatter is rolled on every cast; so the higher the enchant I aim for, the most casts I have to do, the more likely it is to shatter. Improving the QL helps, but this is extremely minimal past QL70. There's also a rune that can reduce the chance, but this turns a 1% into a 0.9%. Here's some numbers. I have no policy for replacing items that shatter. If reasonable, I may offer non-rare variants of items at the QL given, but I also completely understand finding a different caster if something you love shatters.
  4. Not been checking highways, but here's a quick Dead deed list: Arcadia Dragonsteel Keep Shadows Keep Wharftown End of the Road Amsterdam Camelot Meadows The Moorhen Commons Weatherhill Little Lake Market (only one merchant remains) Divinity's Reach Would also like Bruce's Flying Circus on there, which I hope you know where it is
  5. To perhaps add to this report, I've had this issue for so long I'm more used to that message rather than the other one. No gameplay effect, however
  6. I propose an amendment to the formula presented, based on the following ideas: The old system of imbues was very broken, and vastly rewarded players around 80 skill, offered little to players at low skill, and removed a lot of incentive to grind higher. The new system is intended to give a lot more function to low skill players. The new system is intended to remain rewarding for high skill players. What I see when I look at this imbue line is, however, very little function for high skill players, especially at the extreme high-end. In fact, especially with stone and veins capped at 99QL, some players feel punished for this change, with those at 99+ mining no longer able to mine at their skill level. This is most exemplified when you look at what happens at 100QL gathering - there is no bonus. While this may seem redundant, since gathering caps at QL100, it indicates a formula that has nothing to offer to people at that skill. This means there is a point, where rather than imbues being rewarding for high-skill players (as this patch was advertised), they functionally become near-useless. This formula leaves the low-end intact, while keeping imbues relevant for players at all skill levels, in a way that transforms as you get to high skills, by having a flat value become useful as the scaling portion drops off in usefulness. base QL + ((105-base QL) * ((Imbue power / 100) / 4) (a math.min would be required as this can result in numbers over 100, but I'd be surprised if there wasn't one already) Outlined in this graph available here: Edit: 104 might be better, who doesn't love 104, 104 and us are friends, right?
  7. How do rares factor into this equation?
  8. Vynora. Everyone else is saying Vyn for the obvious reasons - CoC, follower skillgain. But hear me out here: cold spells
  9. I'm a bit of a one-trick pony in that regard; I'm often impressed by the people able to host much bigger, much more involved events like impalongs. If there were to be such a title, I'd expect it to be for someone able to run all sorts of events!
  10. I'm dreaming of a White Dragon Just like the ones I used to know Where the tree tops glisten And children listen To hear slaying at N13 I said, I'm dreaming of a White Dragon With every Dragon blood of blacksmithing May your days be merry and bright So long as you arrive on time Edit: I was gonna sing this whole post, but turns out i'm tone deaf and mixing in much-needed instruments was gonna be a bit much, but there's a link to my attempt anyway
  11. This Boxing Day it's time for us to box boxed Boxer to claim Boxer's Boxer. Boxer is boxed at N12, boxed boxing deed is called I Deed It Again, which is also where we'll releasing him from his box to box him. As for when Boxer will be unboxed into the pen box for boxing, refer to this time. Boxer's Boxer will not be the only thing rolled; all of Boxer's boxed goodies that we box outta him will be boxed up and rolled. Be early, or you'll be box outta luck! EDIT: FIXED TIMER
  12. To be completely honest I feel OP's feelings hard when someone asks for an 80 cast and it lands 100. Which happens to me often enough that it feels like someone could save some money going for multiple items at 80 rather 1 at 100 (which isn't a consideration re:rares, unless people do raring services?) Thankfully, people make a habit out of tipping, it creates return customers, and I get to feel good that they got such a neat item on the cheap. Those wash it down nicely.
  13. As a 99 channeling priest who can commune with Vynora daily, I can tell you all that while you're right about willow, she has a hankering for birch. Fast growing, easy to process, it's the premier wood type for mass-producing saccables
  14. I have trouble starting new characters on Diablo 2. The only reason I start new characters on Morrowind is I don't keep the mods installed, and can never get them in the right order again. Did the grind telling myself "when I get to the top, I can enjoy the view" I'm enjoying the view