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  1. Trick or Treat!

    So, uh, this is an awkward one. See, we've trapped something at Bruce's Flying Circus, N13. But I was distracted when it was penned, and my team won't tell me what's in there (only that there is definitely a unique creature, which at least gives blood to locals when slain). So I'm passing that confusion on to you! Trick or treat! With daylight savings happening in the UK expect this time to be subject to a little change, and you should be careful too! When it's less than 2 days, the time will be locked in and I won't adjust it again. It will not be adjusted more than 4 hours in any direction.
  2. Never too soon for another Xanadu slaying. This rare card is on Xanadu somewhere. And by somewhere, I mean it'll be right here: And it'll be at this time: This is in central Xanadu, on a weekend that some countries will soon have daylight savings, so PLAN AHEAD and don't be late! Massive thanks to Wuming for making this slaying possible!
  3. The recent bannings and lack of slayings have no doubt fueled the rumours about my demise. However, the actual explanation is a lot simpler. The dragons were merely hidden from our eyes. At Bruce's Flying Circus, N13 - we're on the highway system! Get there early, we'll see you there!
  4. With the AH update, we gained a new exciting trait to boost the speed of our horses. Something to make up for the loss of the powerful speed/draft hybrids we had an allow full-speed horses to reign supreme! Speed | It seems accustomed to water | Moves faster in shallow waters | 10 points I'll admit, if I were looking at this picture, I hope this would be the trait I'd come up with too. This was a problem immediately. Not because it wasn't a strong or cute trait, but because of what it meant for us min/maxers who are thinking about how we have to go fast, and how we'd need to design highways to allow us to go as fast as possible. You may not like it, but this is what peak highway looks like See, good design typically tricks players into doing what you want to see. Don't want loads of animals on single tiles? Disease. Want strong connected highway systems linking most deeds? Wagoners. You want every highway dug down to water? This trait. a This'll look great dug to water, I swear Worse, without this level of min/maxing, the trait is so weak that I'm still on a pre-patch horse, and the only way I see myself changing that is if I dig highways to water. So what alternative is there? Well, you read the thread title, so you know where I'm going, but here's how I got there. I thought about behaviours I have towards roads. See, to me roads are a suggestion. Anyone who knows me knows I rarely follow them, instead cutting across ways with my good sense for rideable tiles. I also don't care for wagoners - I'm no stranger to my own wagon. With these powers combined, I don't much care for roads beyond their ability to stop people terrorforming (not a typo) the area. This is especially infuriating for anyone following me who is yet to learn the server. But if the trait were changed to instead work for roads rather than water? Immediately I care about far more interesting things: heat maps of my travel, efficient highways (which is something wagoners don't care for, to comic extents). tl;dr: This change could let new horses be competitive against old ones, and reward players for designing roads around efficient travel.
  5. I hunger for content. For fighting. And for meditation to have something other than "QL1 rug for skill, high QL for path advancement." While this suits those things, it isn't exactly fitting to the idea of meditation
  6. Yeehaw! Ol' Troll King's come to town with his no good Beefsteak Grill! Ain't no-one runnin' and singin' when his grill comes to town, no siree! You don't know what everyone says about his big ol' Beefsteak Grill? Meat's too hard! Yessir, it's Hardened, just as he is! Why, might that there could be a rootin' tootin' plan, adventurer! We could gonna round us up some steers and heifers to ride - don't want no horse meat in the mix now - and hit 'em with blunt weapons only! Tenderize that there hardened meat some! Why that could be a darn ol' skippy ol' brainulation! But you'll wanna get there right early now! No sense gettin' while the gettin's cold - the meat's cold! Bruce's Flying Circus, X17 Y31, or N13 ingame
  7. black dragon slaying trapping the beast
  8. They say fire and books make bad bedfellows, Yet fire and Dragons is natural. Intelligent Dragons are often heard of, So a Dragon with books can't be irrational. Though books of conquest, slayings, deeds, Cannot be a dragon's favourite. Stories of "heroes" slaying dragons? It must be hard for him to savour it. But alas such a tale must repeat, This we cannot burn or avoid. So grab your axes, your hammers and staves, And send this learned Dragon to the void.,1569 Late fees will be incurred for late arrivals, be sure to get there early!
  9. #DefundStanLee

    1. Blazecraze



  10. You ever been along to a sermon and seen a horde of priests wearing their weapons like this? THAT WEAPON ISN'T BALANCED, HE'S BEEN HOLDING IT LIKE THAT FOR HOURS, HOW STRONG ARE HIS HANDS?! You ever looked down to see a big old shield by your side? You're just blacksmithing, but you know that if you take it off, you won't remember to re-equip it when a Venerable troll visits. What do you mean, Stan? I just love cooking with my shield out, it feels so natural, and no-one can see what's behind it! Presenting the solution: putting your gear on your back, automatically! I won't spoil for you how sick this looks with the new Dragon Staff "But Stan," you say having thought this through, "wouldn't it be silly to kill a mob then immediately have our weapons fly onto our backs?" Yes. It would, but thankfully this can serve a small gameplay purpose by piggybacking an existing system: for 5 minutes after combat, you cannot log out quickly (such as in a bed) or utilize a Portal. This could become an indicator for that - your weapons only being holstered when you would be able to log instantly/use a portal! Now it's functional AND slick!
  11. Update: The last one on Desertion, the White Dragon, has finally fallen. Looking at you, Serenity (and looking at y'all to post your stories, because there's definitely been more folks over there!)
  12. It displays properly to me, but here's a link
  13. In other words, I had a lot of Fun with this one's tether The results are in. The dragon's anaemic, and the only cure is a full blood transfusion! So bring your weapons and let's beat all of his blood out! It's on the south edge of K13. The deed, "The Pawd," is on the highway network. Getting there early is advised because even I don't know how to get there. It's not near enough the water for alts to be boat-parked.
  14. [Optional pre-image text] [Post-image text, hammier the better! **Deli note: it's a Blue Dragon, so keep it themed that way! Already did fishing, but maybe Sharknado? Forgot to get my own screens for photoshopping, see if the wiki's is any good. Also it's well past time you took a bunch of screenshots while luring them for these purposes!] [Use timeanddate to plug a timer into the event timer, correct links look like this: **Deli note: 8pm my time, Sunday] [Don't forget the map **Deli note: it's at the same place as last time, use the same map located at,1569 ] [Remind about arriving EARLY. Possibly mention tents if dangerous or if people died at the last one. Also blood type, maybe mention other drops. **Deli note: Not dangerous, butchering again! How come we don't have this dragon type for years and now there's an explosion of them? Really emphasise the early: it took you a while to find that canal and you've used it before!]
  15. I can see it now. Loading up VR, looking at some megadeeds, getting wowed by the pure sense of scale that VR can bring. It'll be pretty damn sick. For all of 10 minutes. Maybe 30, if you travel. Now don't get me wrong, I look forward to the sheer levels of optimization needed to bring Wurm to VR. This game shouldn't be taking 75% of a 3090's power. And if that doesn't get done, maybe Wurm VR will find a new audience in, say, training astronauts to not vomit. I especially look forward to how I'll cast Circle of Cunning on items in VR. That'll be impressive menuing in a VR environment that a lot of games will stand to learn from.