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  1. Can certain attractive and awesome vynora priests fully take part in this new skill?
  2. Could you explain why you've given it a -1 better, please? You seem to have provided reasons why such changes would be inconsequential - not bad. This type of suggestion isn't fighting for dev time. As far as the rarity goes, I can get the standard drops by doing my sacrifices in 2 loads (that's 2x as many potion chances as after my change!). This isn't a proper gatekeeper of rarity - it's just an annoyance.
  3. [16:12:14] A small flask containing an oily substance that glows in the dark. I have no idea if these are useless or OP, that isn't what this is about, this is about some of their weird behaviors. First off, they're one of the fastest-decaying items in the game if dropped - beating light tokens by 5 times, and matching those deed border markers. That's just weird. Suggestion: Raise their decay time. Even matching light tokens would be better than what it is. Second, they can only drop if you sacrifice items totaling between 10 and 50 favor. The chance does not increase as you get nearer 50 favor, it's always 5%. This sudden stopping at 50 favor is a weird inconsistency. Suggestion: Allow potions to be given for sacrificing over 50 favor worth of stuff.
  4. Your distribution issue is bad data. The results, once familywise error is accounted for, are statistically expected, and a mere product of standard deviation. Any such system forcing spawns to be cyclic is predictable and thus undesirable. Also, given a large enough dataset, it will average out to the distribution you want. Setting the respawn timer to 14 days is again predictable and thus undesirable (it'd be like rifts but without the beam!). I otherwise approve of standard deviation restriction to a small degree - say, scaling to 1/200 or even 150 over the course of a week or two, then staying on that chance. Client performance seems to be surprisingly fine so long as everyone's lamps are off. For some reason the mobile light sources seem to fry performance on a lot of systems, mine included. In regards to "loot soaking" and distribution, you've forgotten the reason part of that system came about, which is important for addressing it: priests. See, the system as-is favors fighters, and (just like with the rifts) appreciates the major role priests can play (Light of Fo) so throws them in equally, which is good. This has led to boatloads of priests arriving for uniques, which isn't good. Any such solution should observe the role priests play, and yours does not. Also what Jaz said. Whilst I'm definitely down for seeing a Valeri tome change (who hasn't thought that maybe someone swiped it?), a potential issue with this implementation was pointed out to me: as-is, if a small group catches a unique, they still open up the humanoids to public because the blood is no skin off their nose. With this, they'd be much less willing because creating a setup that's certain no-one can, say, jump over a fence, takes time. In summary, the uniques are definitely in need of a quick look-at. But these ideas need serious refinement if they're gone-for. I get that the devs have gone for a "hands-off" approach to how the uniques operate, and ultimately that's probably best for all involved for the most part, but presently, as someone who actively sets up hunts his server can join in on? When I'm out scouting for a unique, one of the things I dread is finding the thing, because uniques can go poo-pooshow fast.
  5. I thought that, but the rune hooks into pollLightSouce, which changes the rate at which the fuel AuxData depletes. When I look at the fuel code in FireBehaviour.class, all changes to AuxData are gated behind the item being an open fireplace or beesmoker, indicating that the various heaters rely on Temperature, not AuxData Furthermore, when testing in WU, fuelling does not increment AuxData: [00:56:54] You fuel the forge with a huge shod club. [00:57:00] Auxdata=0, creator=Stan And two identical forges, fuelled identically, with the rune different, lost temperature (since AuxData never went above 0) and went out at the same time. I don't mean to accuse you of lying: but I would like to know, for my own code-learning, what I've missed here.
  6. Found whilst codediving, so issue may be on my end. com.wurmonline.server.items.Item.class Line 10419, private void coolOutSideItem(boolean everySecond, boolean insideStructure) Issue seems to be that forges, kilns and other heating items run their cooling amount BEFORE the rune applies (the rune applies inside pollLightSource, which begins within this function) A solution may be if ((templateId == 37) || (templateId == 178) || (templateId == 1178) || (templateId == 180) || (templateId == 1023) || (templateId == 1028)) { speed* = 1 - RuneUtilities.getModifier(getSpellEffects().getRuneEffect(), RuneUtilities.ModifierEffect.ENCH_FUELUSE); inserted after line 10433 (where it uses an exponent of rarity)
  7. In case anyone still thinks this is about handing seryll armour to newbies, here's a good example code for a fix: com.wurmonline.server.behaviours.MethodsItems.class line 4632, part of static boolean eat, current code reads int fed = (int)(weight < 30 ? weight * qlevel * bonus : 30.0F * qlevel * bonus); Suggested code reads int fed = (int)(weight < 30 ? weight * Math.max(qlevel, 10) * bonus : 30.0F * Math.max(qlevel, 10) * bonus); This code would cause any food below QL10 to restore food (it doesn't appear to feed into CCFP or affinity) as if it were QL10. It means food is still a good time-consumer, but not an uphill battle on a conveyor belt, so there's still plenty of incentive to take up cooking. The modifyHunger code this feeds into is a little hard to understand, but this may have adverse effects on nutrition (handled as if the item is QL10 or higher) so this code may not be exactly favorable.
  8. Gotta ask, what "quantified experience" is it you have on a new issue (since the cooking update) that primarily effects new toons (that you have not started)? @Angelkaine I gave the Pig Roast a try in WU. Your numbers were a little ass-pully; at QL1, it fed 10% food. QL5 was a good bit better. So I guess I'll cede that if mass-murder of a server's stickable animals is intentionally required to keep a small group of newbies fed, this change doesn't need to enter consideration.
  9. Are you able to (CCFP) think of any advantages (nutrition) to cooking that this (alcohol difficulty) suggestion doesn't even touch? (affinities) "was that different ingredients had different difficulties associated with them" - This was not true in the past, and is true now, but not true for breakfast Take for example Salads, in which every ingredient adds 3 difficulty (requires a plate, knife and lettuce for a newbie to make, and has a base difficulty of 15, so it's still not a good option for newbies before you go there) And for non-uniform, let's take the Dagwood, which gets 2 difficulty from fries, and 5 from meat. (again, base difficulty 30) "Think there was even one that had a -5 difficulty" regarding current recipes. No evidence of such existing in old recipes. So your final line doesn't even follow. Your logical fallacy is Slippery Slope.
  10. Minimum difficulty breakfast, supported by WU code. (15 base, 5 per ingredient (no ingredients add a different amount), 0 from campfire, becomes 20 difficulty). This toon cheated a little, he has 7HFC, and it came out at QL7.75, which restored almost 3% food at that weight. I selected breakfast because it's one of the few meals available without crafting the cookers and containers. Myth busted. Here's the thing; the code doesn't seem to actually differentiate between prepared meals or not in the feed code. So all it cares about is raw QL, and things like rarity. This toon's been averaging QL4 foraging, and that's with 4 skill, so foraging isn't good for food either, since a nice QL10 pumpkin (1kg) is still a payday of about 7% food, if that. Myth busted. Though, really, your own words are the best destruction of your own points presented. Also this is far from a nerf from cooking. As someone with 100HFC, who regularly makes QL99.05 meals, the feeding part could stand to be a tad faster. Also, there's no way someone with low skills is doing CCFP or affinity.
  11. Meet Snot Von Snotsberg. The first of his clan, he's come to Xanadu to stake out a life of his own. Like many newbies before him, videogames have taught him that running out of food on your food bar results in death. However misguided he may be, he certainly does enjoy having stamina. Here he is butchering something the guards brought him. The lucky dog managed to get a piece of meat above QL30 from that wolf! With a carving knife! Go him! After inquiring in CA HELP how to avoid food poisoning (how sweet!) he's informed to use his newbie bowl (which I swear was above QL2) to make a breakfast. And after whittling out that he can't use berries, a campfire is started. [18:50:16] You think this may well work when cooked. [18:50:16] Current difficulty:30. What a wonderfully easy breakfast. Once it's cooked, it's QL1.8, weighing in at .9. So, he eats up. And his food bar climbs from 33, all the way to 35 by the time he's finished eating. Oh. Thankfully, he's saved by the canine meat, which does get him all the way to 77 food. Had he not been so fortunate to butcher such meat, when he was averaging around QL10, he'd have been stuck not getting food as fast as he was draining it. Which is a little terrible. The issue appears to be caused by the food code, which is not easily posted here as it's a good few lines, being handled almost entirely by multipliers; so when it gets fed some small numbers like QL2, without an addition to save it, the foods restore very little. The suggestion is thus: put in a small addition to cushion low QL foods in their restoring of food. CCFP doesn't need it. If QL-scaling is decreased to compensate, be careful that this may unintentionally nerf Opulence, if I'm reading the code right. Alternately, make certain foods (breakfast, cooked meat, raw meat?) better at restoring food, but worse at restoring CCFP.
  12. Appears to be a function of the "pretty trees" setting - they still have the old thickness for olives and chestnut, which got shrunk in a recent patch.
  13. The code appears to have broken confinement - I'm on Release, and my Champion Unicorns have never been like this before. Spot the non-champion unicorn. Until recently, the champions all behaved as the non-champ does. The champions are like this all of the time now, which may not be desirable.
  14. Taken a code dive. Skill already does influence the fish type, and size (size is QL for fish). My math isn't powerful enough to display the link easily, but it's noticable if you were to suddenly change skill, and gradual as you fish. I can agree with the butchering, within reason (50 butchering actions would be very silly) and what's enchant protection? As far as the opinions go, though, the timer's fine. You don't know when fish will bite.