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  1. I will never be above handouts! Steel carving knife blade, coc Steel awl blade, coc Iron LMS, coc
  2. I think this is an underrated point and should be taken further. Meaningful discussion that includes the word "should" should always be followed by an "if," if you want that discussion to lead anywhere. Else you're just butting "shoulds" rather than looking at goals, the merit of those goals, and how best to get to those goals. So let's say that one goal of uniques is to get people who wish to engage with that content to go out of their deeds, seeing other deeds, other servers, maybe meeting other people. This is a good goal, since the social aspects of this game are so important. To that extent, both the old system and the suggested Riftlike system has upsides and downsides - certainly most players aren't exploring much as they come to my slaying site (whereas the Riftlike would force this) - but a good and growing number are exploring, and (very important) are enjoying that exploring that the unique mechanics are driving. The Riftlike system, however, is completely redundant to rifts in regards to this goal. Worse, it removes self-directed exploring in favour of "go here." Now a worthwhile question here is "why aren't more people exploring?" While I can't answer on behalf of those who have no interest (and if you're one of them, perhaps your opinion is desperately needed here!) but given I've been organizing scouts I have particular insights here - the most commonly reported reason is a form of learned helplessness when scouting against the private teams, whose efficiency often results in unfounded claims of cheating. A possible counter here would be to make the spawns less predictable (and hoo boy are they predictable). This itself does present several issues - mostly that if there is a pattern to spawns (and there must be a pattern) there are people that will find that pattern. As such, this would only serve to (possibly only temporarily) spread out the efforts of both groups, allowing those who have more hours to put in the better odds, rather than those with better info. Conversely, say you decided that public slayings were outside the goals of uniques (perhaps reasoning that the content should be something somewhat inaccessible). An effective way to hit how I operate would be to stop uniques entering mines, and having them leave very quickly when they do. Preventing penning, however, wouldn't stop me making them public; it would change how I do it - having to organize what I dub "sudden slayings" in which I prepare some saccables for summons and throw out messages to Freedom and maybe GL. I wouldn't be thrilled by the change, mind. If the reasoning for removing public slayings is instead to do with server load or the mass-distribution/dilution of items, then we begin The Problem of Alts, as alts are decidedly more of a contributing factor here. Solving the Problem of Alts takes more brain power than I have available - every attempt at it has been thwarted by simply making the alts meet the bar. Want to give more hide/scale to contributing alts? Decide all priests are likely contributing alts? Boom, every alt that turns up nowadays is a priest (yeah I've been watching y'all). Even pushing me to sudden slayings won't stop a rush of alts, perhaps chaining teleport casts to arrive or simply sailing with haste. The suggestion that merit be based on damage shows some promise, but I'm cautious all the same. If penning is untouched, I would definitely like to see uniques be harder. People want in on this content, but it isn't challenging. We're taking 80+ combatants to content that can be done with a disturbingly little number of people. If a goal is for uniques to be hard content, it's time to review that (sorry Epic). tl;dr: Devs, more than the players, need to decide first what gameplay space uniques should fill, and second where the loot should wind up. And how it fails to fulfil these goals, if indeed it does.
  3. So here's what I've always wondered: why "Charcoal i"? What strikes me about that name is that there's a 20 character limit on naming items, but a 10 character limit on animals out of resulting eggs (at least with chicks, maybe it's different for dragons). And "Charcoal i" happens to be 10 characters This presents a number of possibilities, including but not limited to Charcoal II was just going to have to fend for itself The name was originally longer, but got shortened My long-standing favourite theory deriving from this is that it was originally called "charcoal in here" and the egg was being used as one of the most expensive BSB signs ever. Please: what's behind the name?
  4. I won't be able to go to this due to the time, but how is the loot being handled?
  5. Have you ever looked at the outside corner of a wall and seen this? First you'll be entranced to know that if you activate a hammer/mallet and right click the wall, you can Rotate either wall to fix it. Why does this happen? Well, it's to do with the actual shape of walls, and the trick they use to make those outside corners look a little rounded (and so good... so long as you don't look at it for too long) See, from above, a single wall segment looks kind of like this: And the fighting is because the walls are merged together like this: Where that corner overlaps, two sides are trying to display at the same time, causing that jittery effect (known as Fighting) This, meanwhile, is a 1x1 stone shack living in perfect harmony: It works because those overlaps are on the inside of the next wall's model, not trying to display to you who is (usually) outside them. This brings us to the comparatively newer Left, Right and T arches. For the sake of these images, I'll be using a RED DOT to show the point of the arch that touches the floor Here's what the left arch looks like: And here's the right: They're not an exact mirror: the difference is in the textures, to which the left and right (with any number of T) can merge to create a smooth texture Look at that bad boy. The keen minded among you might see the issue already, and where I'm going. If this image was a gif, you'd know already. Here's any two arches (since the shape is the same) trying to make a nice outside corner: Oh. Oh no. And before I get into what needs to be done, here's a T followed by two Ts trying to make a corner (interesting design choice, you!): Hoo boy. So how do we fix this for beautiful corners no matter what we do? Well, luckily, the division into Left and Right arches makes this pretty easy*! *for anyone except whoever would have to spend time modelling this fix, but it's still a relatively simple one All we'd need to do is change the arches to be like this: The cherry on top? Barring a few of you might need to rotate some walls that will look kind of like this after the fix: This should have no negative effect on existing designs! Simple. Beautiful. Please do it!
  6. When taking a portion of any food, the volume of the portion is 2 regardless of how tiny the original food was
  7. Easter Dragon

    I forgot to adjust for the DST shift, but will be sticking to the time as posted (unless something comes up)
  8. Easter Dragon

    This Saturday, the day before Easter, we are blessed with a Green Dragon that has been given up for public slaying (barring his skull, that's claimed by the finder, but everything else is being rolled)! I've tried my best with the maps here, but Xanadu is a big place. Might be one of those times where saying "the northmost piece of land on the southern shore of M12" is the easiest way to direct people This is Xanadu. Not one of the smaller servers. Set off EARLY, especially if the winds are bad, or risk missing out! The dragon will be slain at this time, if all goes according to plan: You found the very hidden Easter egg! And a chocolatey Easter to all!
  9. First mission completed on Release (checked via Twitter) gave me sleep bonus properly. You might have to submit more details to nail this one down.
  10. Oakshell does this sometimes (unknown what causes it to work or not) When a high cast is achieved, the buff is called Thornshell and does supreme instead
  11. Can't make it due to that whole pesky "southern freedom" thing, but good work penning it and making it available to everyone!
  12. Quake

    fun fact: I literally used a greenscreen for that and i'm only just now realizing it's yellow which'll be why the gold on the clothes/necklace gave me trouble
  13. Quake

    [12:44:15] The venerable angry black dragon hatchling shakes the earth! X17 Y31
  14. Meadhalla!

    Phew! Meadhalla is over! My first regret - not taking more screenshots ready for this post. But alas! No, it still wasn't an elaborate unique slaying, the dragon is not real, stop saying it was real! It went well, capping at around 24 characters in local! I truly hope everyone who came enjoyed themselves as much as I did, or more! Only about 2 barrels of mead were drunk! For shame! Guess it'll just taste all the better next year My biggest criticism was that the more Theme-parky "everything is here, do what you want" didn't seem to work so well. People seemed to more enjoy seeing what was going on, which suggests more structure is needed at future events, such as Fabricant's gameshow (which went great!). And, as was inspired by one image, maybe more team games too. "Competitive catapulting" sounds like the worst best thing I could come up with. I love it, and the people who imp my carpentry will hate it. A massive thank you to those who helped me put this together, and those who attended for making it so memorable! Five people survived the gauntlet and claimed a shirt. Two deaths. Not so bad, eh? If anyone else got good screenshots, please post them! Simply punderful