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  1. You have heard the tale, the legend, of... a unique, you forget which, on Release, hosted at Bruce's Flying Circus N13, servertime Sun Jan 15 21:00:00 CET 2023 The time quickly approaches, you aren't even on Release yet. But you know well that if you set off now, you'll get there an hour early. Click the options that mark your choice Do you Jump in the boat and set off - now! or wait 30 minutes. There's still plenty of time. God I hope this works first try, I can't find a Preview function.
  2. Aeris for scale I don't know the answer, but let's hack off the other three! Location: Pristine M18, deed What do you call a donkey with three leg,1150 /servertime: Sat Jan 14 21:00:00 CET 2023 Discord time copypaste: <t:1673726400:F>
  3. Oops, good call! It's supposed to be an hour later! Classic mistake of putting the time in my timezone. The slaying will take place at the usual time, this has the bonus of not being double-booked with the nearby rift! If you're early and read this, go rifting maybe!
  4. Hey I'm just here to say that I've noticed on the last few rifts they've been temporarily changing the area around them to the Jackal terrain textures - this is a really neat touch! Is there any chance this could keep its presence, while dropping the rift terrain deformation? It's turned many places into dirt-pocked bumpscapes, and I'm afraid if it continues any further the Pristine desert might set off people's trypophobia. In a game that so often has such beautiful terrain, it's a bizarre choice
  5. Find your new years resolutions mean well but keep falling short? That "get fit" and "stop smoking" becoming every years' resolution? Well look now for something that might help! (no guarantees given, guaranteed) To set an achievable new years resolution, it's recommended to use the S.M.A.R.T. method to create goals that fulfil the resolution! Here's mine as an example, the resolution is to get fit! Specific goals that you can hold yourself to! Mine's going to involve a lot of pedal-biking! Measurable deadlines or actions that let you know when you are succeeding - in my case, I'm measuring minutes, and boy do I need 30 of them daily! Achievable and realistic goals help avoid feelings of defeat and failure, which can send you into never using that gym membership! 30 minutes is achievable, but I'm making sure to forgive myself if I fail, but also to fearlessly examine why I didn't stick to it so I can get back on track Relevant goals ensure that your goal has purpose and reaches your overarching resolution. In this instance, I'm quite sure that the pedal-biking will contribute to getting fit! Timely goals create a realistic deadline you can hold yourself to. How long will it take? In my case this one has no expiry, which perhaps makes it a little poor here! Here's another goal: killing this black dragon hatchling! Specific: Stab it in the face Measurable: Stab it until it is dead Achievable: Sail out early so you don't miss it! It's at Bruce's Flying Circus, N13 Release Relevant: Not sure what your overarching goal is, but there's some sweet Armour Smithing blood, dragon meat, dragon skull, dragon hide, its corpse and a rare+ bone going! Timely: /servertime Sun Jan 08 20:00:00 CET 2023 Discord code <t:1673204400:F> THESE TIMERS ARE IN ERROR, IT'S AN HOUR LATER P.S. my explanation of SMART goals is definitely lacking, here's a handy article on it if you want to know more!
  6. Who's that Pokémon? Find out when we reveal it in... 2 hours ago? Oh no, what happened? I'm busy on Sunday and some joker made it holidays the next two weekends, so it's gotta be Saturday despite my usual "at least 3 days warning" motif? Well then! Apologies for the inconvenience, but here's the times: Discord time code: <t:1671307200:F> Servertime: Sat Dec 17 21:00:00 CET 2022 At Bruce's Flying Circus! N13
  7. Wow! Look at those horns, I bet you could fletch some serious arrows from this thing's blood! Because, y'know, spikes. Riders are asked to bring a horned mount, to match this beast's own! The mosh pit is at Bruce's Flying Circus, N13, at this time: /Servertime: Sat Dec 03 21:00:00 CET 2022 discord time code: <t:1670097600:F>
  8. There's an even bigger one on Celebration, its twisted shape makes even less sense
  9. An elephant simply cannot be mistaken for a large mouse. As the size of an animal changes, so too do the circumstances it is under. An Ant has no veins - it can simply diffuse oxygen through its cells. A bigger creature cannot do this - diffusion cannot get enough oxygen to so many cells, so lungs to bring in that oxygen and veins to carry it become required. Bones too must vary: if a creature were to be ten times as big as us, it would typically also be ten times as wide, ten times as thick. This makes the weight a thousand times more! Given our own bones break under a force ten times out weight, a massive increase in bone thickness would be required for any cross-section of the bone to sustain this mass! To accomplish this, a creature may have shorter, thicker legs - so each pound of mass has about the same area of bone to support it like a rhino, or it can compress its body and stretch its legs like a giraffe. Enter, the Forest Giant It has done neither of these adaptions to its mammoth size. It hasn't even gone on all fours, so that the weight might be distributed among more bones. That this creature does not break its legs as it walks is some sorcery, for it cannot be explained within physics nor biology. And for this sorcery, it must die. According to some site I checked, daylight savings has ended everywhere - still, be early! Location: Bruce's Flying Circus, N13 (it's on the highway map) /Servertime: Sun Nov 13 21:00:00 CET 2022 Discord time code: <t:1668369600:F> Timer:
  10. This one has been a disaster! Stan was bitten by the Kyklops we found, and starting acting strange. He transformed into this- this thing! For our safety, he's been sealed in Bruce's Flying Circus, N13 (it's on the highway map) We're releasing him under the light of a full moon, which should transform him back, we hope. Once we do, we need to start a search party to find the master Kyklops to break the curse once and for all! Join us and save everyone on this Spoooooky Slaying! Get some LW potions to fashion your own skin clothing! And maybe take home a bone! Everyone knows skeletons are the spookiest! Times below, note that daylight savings has ended and is ending in some countries, plan accordingly! /servertime: Sat Oct 22 21:00:00 CEST 2022 Discord time code: <t:1666465200:F> Timer:
  11. Almost forgot to say, big thanks to Alectrys for finding and handing over this dragon for public slaying!
  12. Seris is dead Blood is fuel Inde will be full Please refer to the Albia Roads Map Of Indy for a bigger map to plan your route better! There Will Be Blood Shed J21/I21 Independence Come get a Ropemaking Blood, Red Scale, ??? Bone, Skull, Meat and the corpse! With a tiny shot at 1 tome charge! Slaying should be Sat Oct 01 21:00:00 CEST 2022 using /servertime Or this timer Or this Discord message: <t:1664650800:F> Once again, please avoid building in the area! We like to leave the area as good, or better, as we found it! Be early! No matter which way you've cut it you've got quite the journey, and I'm not known for delaying. Edit: Almost forgot to say, big thanks to Alectrys for finding and handing over this dragon for public slaying!
  13. Choir Dragon

    This dragon's a member of a choir! So it has two ways it spits fire! Scale and tailoring oil you require? Then it's Bruce's Circus you desire! Slaying will be Sat Sep 24 21:00:00 CEST 2022 servertime, at Bruce's Flying Circus N13 Release This timer should help: Paste this code into Discord to get a time that automatically updates to the time zone of the person viewing the message (someone please tell me if you actually use this) <t:1664046000:F>
  14. My truest hope for these maps is that there's the ability to cover tiny areas, so even a good old 11x11 deed with 5 tiles perimeter (21x21) can have a map for visiting tourists