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  1. Given what that man can do with a google spreadsheet we'll have something working better than Tinder in no time
  2. The CA HELPs of the clusters are not linked - Northern and Southern Freedom, that is. I imagine more info would be useful; which cluster you were on, and which hours you've seen this
  3. Things I drew

    please assume all ticks are green and fire is yellow in the pictures. any deviations are not features of the drawings or intended to have meaning, but are rather bugs with my eyes
  4. Here I come to save the day! Vynoran I haven't got much in the way of contributing favor, only burning it.
  5. Birthday Dragon!

    This Dragon is wishing me a happy birthday! Are you? Yes, as of time of writing it is my birthday, and I spent the first hour of it capturing a dragon! Who else can say that? No-one with a sensible use of free time, that's for sure! And although it will be a week late, we're having a collective piñata party! Hopefully this dragon is filled with delicious candy! So bring your presents down to the usual N13 location and take some of the delicious piñata/potion of carpentry/scale candy home with you! We're hitting it at this time! As ever, piñata use involves health and safety, so consider the following disclaimers. Black dragons are prone to throwing people which means your safety is even less guaranteed than usual. It also makes kiting them terrifying, so you're welcome. Didn't throw us though. Arrive 30 minutes early so you don't miss it, you never know what the wind will do. Hell, I almost missed one of my own and I try to get there 2 hours early! Presents are not required, in fact I'd be confused and a bit terrified if you brought any. But, y'know, if you don't want the bone... something to think about. Since we're, as ever, rolling everything. Big improvements to the deed by the way! Shouldn't be bringing the unique round back because the mine actually works now!
  6. Wind's bad, get there early
  7. Yo listen up here's a story About a little dragon that lives in a blue world And all day and all night and everything he sees Is just blue like him inside and outside Blue his house with a blue little window Located at K14/15ish And everything is rolled for him and his tent And everybody around Cos he ain't got nobody to listen to I'm blue da ba dee da ba die at this time


  10. Lost dragon

    Dammit, the site I use for that is down (which means all pages on the Auctions section of the forum that use it will be down too, enjoy) The time is set for 18:00 UTC
  11. As long as the "tiny" amount lost is actually tiny and 100 favor spells don't take vastly longer to cast, it sounds good. Mind Stealer hurts enough as it is, thank you. To those worried about Summon Soul getting screwed over: we still have gems (and they've kind of been not used lately). It's not an ideal solution, but gems get a use again! But if the gems aren't enough (or people stockpiling them doesn't sound attractive somehow) I would only suggest a small (or maybe even not small) flat rate in addition to the percentage regen, both of which are still reduced at full favor. This would make smaller sacrifices for a burst cast (say, summon soul) vastly less painful. Edit: I look forward to saccing a bunch of ropes and then landing 100coc first try, in any case
  12. Lost dragon

    Update for the directionally challenged: it's on the highway network
  13. Lost dragon

    A lost Blue Dragon has been found. If no-one comes forth to reclaim it, it will be slain publicly. I've been told it's been stored about here: Which is "K14/15ish," a deed called "Whose is the Big Blue Boy" And the deadline to claim it is this time: Usual terms & conditions apply: No amount of evidence is sufficient to prove this dragon is yours - we're definitely killing it. All loot will be rolled. Even fantastic bones. Your safety is not guaranteed, for best results bring a tent. Your inclusion is not guaranteed, for best results arrive early. You can bring alts if you like. Absolutely nothing will be done to ensure their survival. This dragon drops butchering potions and scale, so if my PC is running at a normal frame rate I'm going to be seriously disappointed. Remember when lantern snuffing at events was a thing? I mean, it still should be, but it's pretty hard to snuff a glow ring. Ever notice that diamonds are white, but in a deck of cards they're red? I forget where I'm going with this, but we need purple dragons. Maybe they can have digging potions. The time is not to be considered finalised until up to 12 hours before the event, as it may be subject to change. Please take your tents when you leave. But also something completely different: More events like this should be had. The uniques and their rewards should be enjoyed by many, not few. If you're interested in causing more events like this one, I am calling for any and all people interested in hosting full-loot (only), public events on any servers! Worried you might not have what it takes? That your contribution may be minimal? You'll be surprised at how useful a few people can be, even if they're not up for penning! Get in touch and we'll see what can be done! The only way we can take back more of these events is organising! So get in touch with me (ideally ingame, but forums if you have to) and let's get these rolling.
  14. You, dear reader, have been invited to perform the incredibly rare Knife Dance down at Bruce's Flying Circus, located at N13 on Release. The event will take place at 6pm UTC, please refer to the following timer that is set to the correct time for the kill. As ever, please arrive early and dressed. The winner of the dance will take home the crown (well, bonnet). Also if he drops any tomes or bones or anything, that's up for grabs too. Terms and Conditions apply: Winner of the dance is determined by roll, not any skill or even success at dancing. Your safety is not guaranteed, for best results bring a tent. Your inclusion is not guaranteed, for best results arrive early. Should a sorcery item drop, 1 roll will be conducted per charge, and it will be up to the winners to work out between them how to handle the item. If you win but would like to pass on a roll, please consider passing to the finder of the unique, or the penning team. The time is not to be considered finalised until up to 12 hours before the event, as it may be subject to change. Please take your tents when you leave. Even those of you who left one here last time. Knives are not recommended for fighting a unique, or even fighting in general. If you wind up getting knifed, please consult your local Fo priest. Any number of alts can be brought along, everyone loves potions of mining. Except for Vynora priests. They can't mine. While we're on that topic, how come there's a woodcutting and mining potion but no digging? You may be transformed into a mob against your will while at this event. This is harmless. If transformation persists for over 4 hours, consult your local priest. Batteries sold separately, or not any more really. Edit: I wrongly said O13 when it's N13