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  1. Ferrets?! Dunno if I can get this video to embed but
  2. ne and all are invited to attend the slaying of The venerable fat fierce green dragon hatchling. The slaying shall occur promptly at 8pm UTC. The following clock has been provided for those whom may live in timezones that are not GMT, and require conversion. And it shall occur only at the location marked roughly on this map: N13 upon the isles of Release. Turning up elsewhere is extremely unlikely to incur a dragon fight. the bottom left arrow is nearest, it's on N13, I should stop using this image The rules of previous dragon slayings shall be repeated in this one: Alts in local are fine. All those who join in the fight (and are not, themselves, alts) are eligible to retrieve loot rolled from the corpse of the dragon, as well as the corpse itself. All items attained from the dragon will be rolled. All people are advised to arrive early, lest they miss the event. Washing basins will be provided to slow the spread of COVID-19 in this trying time. In the leadup to the fight, all characters are asked to wash and engage in social distancing.
  3. It's at N13 on Release. You don't need a map - the map tile is too small for that
  4. all are welcome to attend. Any and all loot will be rolled to non-alts
  5. ah yes i am aware that CBT in this instance (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is often confused with Computer Based Training, an easy mistake
  6. due to a bad interaction between people with anxiety and caffinated drinks, only decaf will be provided. donuts are now under consideration
  7. in the wake of the changes to the repair system it has come to our attention that multiple people may be in need of a support group to handle the changes we are seeing it become more common in the populace to exhibit unhelpful thinking patterns, such as "it is only when we see our motivations laid before us that we can begin to challenge or change them" - me as such we are assembling a multi-disciplinary support group to help the citizens of wurm it is located at what was the Great Release Bake Off (and still is called this) located near O13 on Release despite this name it is not a Bake Off, however refreshments will be provided activities included: art therapy - join in creating painting and murals to the repair system as it was, allowing ourselves to leave behind the idea that keeping an item at QL98 literally forever was sensible percussion therapy - let the sounds of the bells put you in the now, rather than the what was guided meditation - remember to get your 5 ticks in today. that's literally all of the guidance mindfulness lunchbox construction - subject to the mission still being there, seriously who gets the lunchbox missions done? we will, and we'll all get SB and maybe learn something primal draconic screaming - led by our very own venerable white dragon, an opportunity to Release the pent-up anger caused by this update we hope to see you there
  8. Code outlines else if (isAllyAndMayPerformAction(action, performer, vill)) { damage *= 25.0D; citizen = true; However, custom roles on a deed overwrite this such that an ally with a custom role does not get the bashing bonus. Notes: Tested with some friends, 25x is quite a difference so no chance it was mistaken, issue resolved as and when I deleted the role Custom role had everything permitted
  9. Can't believe Retro beat me to it with his drawing
  10. I was wandering the wilderness when I came across this curious object Now, you know what it is - the title gave it away. That's an Epic Structure, the temple to be exact. Not exactly Epic by any means. And I get it, it's a temple to the mighty error bag, a relic of our past. So I'm not going to ask for someone to model and texture a whole temple, all I want is a little visibility and reward for using something like 1000 materials Something like this Yes, yes that would do it nicely. Truly now it would be an Epic Structure
  11. Are you tired of dullard bridges? What about your grand design falling short of a bridge brighter than it is (and no ability to dye things lighter, seriously, that's not a thing, neutral is at 255, not 127)? Introducing the concept of DYEABLE BRIDGES With, like, the commonsense ideas like "only the creator can dye" (they're clearly tracked, only the creator can rename) and "why not include floors while we're at it" and "who even remembers what roofs are" Consider bullying your local devs into slaving away for hours so we can have this today! do not actually bully devs, consult common sense before use, terms and conditions apply
  12. The bonus always was and looks set to be skillgain, not effective skill, so it won't grant an extra action or affect rune chances But now non-prayer actions contribute to Rites. I think the rest of this could be solved as a community effort - I managed a cast for my benediction just this week by networking. It'd be far less effort to get in contact with people on your server to organise casts, since this may result in them being available more often (no idea how much prayer grind goes on to power rites)
  13. Thanks to everyone who came along and made this more than a regular unique killing
  14. Due to server issues the dragon is delayed 15 minutes. In return, I'm posting the google sheet for the loot roll early, so you can have it open and ready for when it's time to check that you're on the roll and your alts aren't Hopefully this will speed that process along so we can focus on getting to the rift ASAP