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  1. Chiming in with a few wild things here When I read this I initially scoffed, "what are you on about, I've seen two this week" Looked it up and, yeah, last 2 weeks, 4 private humanoids But they're all SFI. NFI's had 40+ at just about every humanoid slaying since the beginning of the year. Congrats on having your stuff together there. Humanoids are basically no skin off the teeth of a private team: even a shout in Freedom and waiting 30 or so minute is nice enough. And if you made a cave and organized a time for your team, well, I'd be interested to hear the reasoning for not inviting people for bloods; I struggle to think of one. Just want to say I've taken dragons from the northeast of Release over to my slaying deed, this just isn't a thing. I linked it earlier in the thread but here it is again. IDK what you're all about with casting bless and dark caves or whatever, that seems like overengineering when we haven't even overcome the weaknesses of my suggestion. The main goal of the suggestion is a system by which uniques are still a difficult goal, but the attainment of them doesn't put you at odds with other players who were doing the same. The main weakness, as I see it, is that we lose the sheer beauty of finding a unique in the wild - that wild panic when something has come to end you, and no buildings or fences will stop its wrath. Going up a 20 slope road, teammates behind you who haven't spotted it yet, trying to save them with a I strongly recommend against banning people from public slays. As someone who runs them, I'm often tempted by the idea, especially when people are being absolutely disgusting and I would regret seeing their names. However, in my view, this merely creates a list of people with incentive to mess with you. That and if I ban one, I know it's a slippery slope for me. This advice can be soundly ignored by private slayers, where the etiquette outlines that you're well within your rights to seek GM intervention if someone won't leave the area. Are you referring to the players banned in the past for such actions?
  2. An item's difficulty is the creation difficulty - these are not distinct things
  3. Posting in a dragon thread Ideas here, like cluster merging, will only serve to dilute the problem, or simply spread it. And it looks like there's been two recent successive posts that read like they're asking us to be grateful that the private slayers would see fit to invite us lowly peasants. For a large part we have the ability, as a community, to minimize the damage of these public slayers and global snatchers. They're controlling the global casts? I've created a public use organizing sheet which has seen zero signups at any point from people in NFI. Such a tool can allow people who need the goal to co-ordinate with others who need it - from there, a handful of people watching for the cast to be ready, and others willing to get the ball rolling and contacting people, is all it takes to wrestle the control back from people snatching it, and get your goals done. I've spoken before on how the idea of superordinate goals could be used by the devs to lower toxicity around uniques but that feels like talking to a brick wall, so now I'm going to talk more about how you can disrupt the private slayers in our current environment. Uniques roll a 4% (1/300 for every unique not currently alive) chance to spawn every 6 hours of uptime, or every server restart. Hard to know when one spawned, but when they died isn't a bad metric. Server says [21:28:57] The server has been up 6 hours. and the last slaying was over 2 weeks ago? Then buckle down because it's search time! Search rift sites you know of. This will catch an alarming number of uniques. Per the Unique Hunting Etiquette already posted, there's good protections should you find one. Familiarize yourself with those rules. You should not be searching alone - make friends, this is a social game, divvy up the server and the times you're searching, and have a plan for when you find one. Yelling "it's here" in freedom is fine - I've been known to do that too when the penning gets too tough, it's a functional enough public slay. Beating the greed of these people takes organizing. Unionize with your fellow Wurmians, and strike back.
  4. Let's take a look at some numbers! Using the simulation tool we can easily simulate 5 million CoC casts at 80 channeling (note: I have not toggled Benediction for this, as it causes some errors - the numbers I will use are adjusted for Bene, but this graph is not) We get the following information: Your mean cast is 38 (selection: -5 to highest. Casts below -5 (0 with bene) won't be ones you ever have on an item, so 38 is the useful mean). This gives a good number of your casts about a +3 Now let's go with a standard situation: you have an item with an 80coc cast, you're aiming higher, and you're wondering if you want to dispel. That 80 gives you a +1 to your casts (1-(80/105)) Assuming no further cast improvements, expected favor to land 90+ is ~1831, 95+ is ~3474 But if you dispel and regularly get that +3 your mean cast suggests you could get, expected favor for 90+ is ~1474, and 95+ is ~2638 This would be about a 20-25% saving in favor However the requirement of dispelling (which can easily rack up the costs due to repeated dispel failures) and the first casts (+0 and may land well above mean, themselves needing more dispels) means the saved favor is likely far lower (to the extent that I'd question if you actually save any). Finding more accurate numbers would require better tools than what is available. If anyone's a programmer, reach out, maybe we can make such a tool. tl;dr it reads like it might be good for lower skill priests, but chances are good it isn't
  5. Continuing my trend of suggestion threads that explain esoteric mechanics, today we have: improving enchantments! Some of you might be wondering, in a game that's all about rolling 1-100, how enchantments over 100 work. The answer is Benediction, it's a +5 to the casts so you can get 105. Okay, see ya! Oh, how do we manage casts above 105? Well, that's handled by this code here public void improvePower(Creature performer, float newpower) { float mod = 5.0F * (1.0F - this.power / (performer.hasFlag(82) ? 105.0F : 100.0F)); setPower(mod + newpower); Flag 82 is Benediction, newpower is the cast you just made, power is the cast already on the item (at least I assume so, I don't see it establishing this.power anywhere, and if it wanted to use the cast you just made it'd use newpower). So, how do we translate this? I translate it thusly: for every 21 power below 105, you get an extra +1 to your casts But there's a catch: it only runs this code if it's trying to improve the power of a cast - if it's first time or you just dispelled, it's a +0 This causes me to use a system by which when a spell I'm trying to get high reaches a certain power, it's dispel time. And the cast after that dispel is a dud. So here's how a graph of this looks This is troublesome for a number of reasons. 1) It's counterintuitive. Usually improving takes something good and makes it better, turning your 89QL item into 90QL, but for this the best casts come only from the worst ones. 2) It causes a complete mess with Dispel. Want to improve a CoC cast? Hope you're ready to remove the WoA in the way. Or in the case of mailboxes, hope you're just ready to make a new one, you can't dispel those. 3) Dispel sucks. My suggestion is thus, update the formula to this: public void improvePower(Creature performer, float newpower) { float mod = 5.0F * (this.power / (performer.hasFlag(82) ? 105.0F : 100.0F)); setPower(mod + newpower); This has a number of advantages 1) It's intuitive. Better casts beget better casts. 110 casts are now possible! (For instance, 108 cast item gives +5.14, +5 from Benediction, 99.87 cast required so it's still very far from reasonable) 2) You can reasonably improve casts that are dispel blocked. This gives a lot more functionality to things like anti-shatter juice, which in current iteration can cripple casting potential for things like CoC. 3) No more dispelling when trying to improve casts.
  6. Don't Panic

    Dragons are known as fire-breathing monstrosities that make a great meal for out of tourists. Similar to the chickens of planet Earth, they are flightless birds prized for their meat, skin, and most of all their wishbones - which people use to make rare things happen. Where they differ from chickens is firstly that they grow from spores. Scientists are yet to identify these spores, but they are also yet to identify eggs or parents of the creatures either. Secondly, they are treasured for their blood, which brings us to the third point; a strange ritual that the people of Wurm engage in. Where, on Earth, the slaughter of a chicken is considered unsightly and might well put you off your dinner, the people of Wurm will travel far and wide to see one of these dragons die. Crowds of hundreds will flock every 3 weeks or so, some wanting to hit the beast themselves, but all wanting to watch it die and hope to maybe get their faces sprayed with the beast's blood, which they inevitably do due to the fierceness of their warriors. They then collect what blood they can, and mix it into little tinctures which they smear onto ropemaking tools and swear it causes them to make better ropes. Drinking these tinctures is not recommended, as one hitchhiker did so and discovered that passing the liquid was "among the least pleasant experiences ever, quite the bother." Due to the reliability of these slayings, we can accurately predict the next one will be in At a location called "Bruce's Flying Circus, N13" which in spite of its name is very much on the ground. Residents of the UK are also to be reminded of tomorrow's local elections.
  7. The arrival of the forces of Jackal was impressive - the ground shook so hard the trees fell and the earth shifted, their strange arrival heralded with crystals and tundra. The earth shifting is what remains the longest. You get small pits like this and mountainous molehills like this Seemingly pits/hills of 5-20 dirt, a few shifts every rift. But It's been adding up, hasn't it? October 2016 to be exact, and if rifts have been happening every 9 days, most SFI servers have seen over 200 rifts! And in some places the damage is truly apparent: look at this slice of map from 2016 Pristine Looks like they had a couple rifts there - you can see the dirt spots it leaves behind. Here's that same area now Bonus if you can use this to figure out of some of the rift spawning rules. Each one of those dirts represents a change in terrain height also. One of those pits or one of those rises, sometimes multiple hit the same spot. Some tiles out there threaten to be so steep you can't ride on them any more. The area commands imagery of teeth as you ride across it. One of Wurm's greatest features is the beautiful terrain it conjures, but this is a "feature" which makes the servers slowly grow uglier. Perhaps it was thought originally that this would be something the players would clean, but it's become increasingly obvious this is not so. Please consider a removal or rework of this.
  8. She loved me for the dangers I had passed, And I loved her that she did pity them. This only is the witchcraft I have used.... Well, and a Shaker Orb Methink’st thou art a general offence and every man should beat thee! A most notable coward, an infinite and endless liar, an hourly promise breaker, the owner of no one good quality. The rankest compound of villainous smell that ever offended nostril! (Yes that's my team running back to their horses after the dragon threw them both) Bruce's Flying Circus, N13
  9. I feel like no-one's asking the important question here does the chess have En Passant as a rule?
  10. Imperial Dragonsmith is correctly tagged and should perform normally
  11. Many of you will be aware of this little nugget when changing titles What you might not know if the functions of this. Pulled from WU code: Titles.Title title = performer.getTitle(); if (title != null && title.getSkillId() == improve.getNumber() && (target.isArmour() || target.isCreatureWearableOnly())) mod *= 1.2999999523162842D; This means that if you're wearing an appropriate title for the armour you're increasing, you improve the item 30% faster! A real must-have for leatherworkers, cloth tailors, chain armour smiths and plate smiths everywhere! But wait, what's this? target.isCreatureWearableOnly()? What fits into that? Oh, right, bardings. And... saddles? And horseshoes? My, we've given Blacksmithing and Jewellery Smithing titles an unexpected benefit! 30% faster horseshoe imping! Wouldn't it be delightful if we took this further? I'm looking at you, 100 skill titles! The bonuses don't have to be good (in fact I feel it'd be best if none were as close to as strong as 30% faster imping. Maybe let 100 mind logic actually have the extra action?) They don't even have to make sense (I keep thinking +1% base crit rate for weaponsmithing 100) They'd just make a nice little something, because aside from the title the main use of the massive climb to 100 skill is bragging rights.
  12. Unless there's another one I don't know of, it should be the dragon on Saturday and the troll king on Sunday
  13. Attention all Wurm Gamers, Stanlee is in great danger, and he needs YOUR help to wipe out all the trolls on Release. But you have to be careful to fight the correct Troll King! Stan looks a lot like him! If you kill the correct one, there's a Oakwood Troll Club and Troll King Hat in addition to the regular unique loot! If you kill the wrong one, there's only sadness! You can't loot players on PvE! Save Stan before the other, lesser, Troll King gets him! It's at Bruce's Flying Circus, N13, we're on the highway system!