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  1. Same after lockpicking a chest, the padlock show up after relog
  2. +1 But don't see it happening as there's no way of doing it. It's funny to see no one complain on account sharing but they complain on temporary alts. Me personally not enjoying and having a hard time to get 2 toons going on at same time, it's a way to burn out fast.
  3. So, only those that got first time purchases from steam get the extra bonus and those from wurm shop aren't?
  4. Don't think anyone deny the merits of a fresh start and all that jazz, but are you going to tell this same to a new player few month or a year from now when they enocunter swiss cheese of a server, or do you tell them to suck it up
  5. I don't disagree that is the best for the new and the old servers to be separated, but there's some negative vibes and perhaps some hatred from certain players towards old players/servers that needs to be addressed Soon or later the new becomes old and ask yourself if you really wanna be treated like this in a year or few
  6. It's nothing about me, i don't really have nothing to show in term of buildings or rarity. I was talking in general. But yeah, they can feel free to be disgusted too, apparently
  7. Well, i don't really care if they are connected or not, i play on both. It's good to see so many new and old players discovering and rediscovering wurm. However i don't agree with brash endevors in here that's pretty much telling or suggesting to a new players what they should be disgusted with and what they should like. God forbid a new players to have a chance to see what long time players have accomplished It's like saying, no one shall join Melody and Harmony a year from now because there 2000 players have had a year headstart and it would just be disgusting for a the new players
  8. It's lag, it takes some time to update
  9. Well, i don't see this as price check or a price opinion topic, yeah i would be happy if i find someone that can pay me 3x times the price, for anything
  10. Really and how did you come up with those ratios, if it's not a secret, of course
  11. After you delete the profile folder in the configs direcotry, head to wurm/players/yourtoonname/ and edit the config.txt, either blank or put actual profile name you use
  12. Nice guide, this would be a super helpful for all the new players on steam. Also, when you grind repair, you can use a clay amphoras instead of chain jackets if more easy to be made for you
  13. Try set custom scaling to 150, instead from the drop down menu.. That's in advanced scaling settings
  14. In meantime, untill it get fixed, you can just move the missions window on side and while still open can drag ihe progress window where you like it
  15. Actually, i like this new ui, good job. If you guys think would be a good idea to make the progress bar of the actions deatachable, that would be nice Also, it doesn't show how many items it have inside a container on the toolbelt.