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  1. Sold - close

    Gomeo sold.
  2. Sold - close

    Bump. added epic side, karma info and price for the caravel
  3. Trader Island Deed, Release

  4. Wtb Torvalar

    He told me Pscurple own it's now, which not responding for few months. I am hoping he's under other name now or the account moved somewhere else
  5. Wtb Torvalar

    Looking to buy one of my old toons back. Or at least some info about who might ended having it now.
  6. close

    wrong place
  7. Sold - close

    Same goes to your opinion, but thank you for the bump. As the first post say, i am looking for offers.
  8. Sold - close

  9. Wtb rare shields steel

    rare+ large steel rare+ small steel pm offer
  10. Sold - close

    I am looking for offers in pm here or discord: xaltotx#7485 12th Hierophant POK. Vynora follower [17:26:00] You have premium time until 20 Mar 2019 11:54:39 GMT No tomes. 23k karma Rare caravel 95ql cedar - 30s
  11. WTS Nether

    I wish you good luck selling your toon, if you find an alternative, please do let me know
  12. WTS Nether

    Pretty much i am in same situation. I've heard about and made account, but never used it. Should be able to receive money using that
  13. Make Uniques Great Again

    +1 Thought they gonna do it this way a while back. If it's penned the dragon should get teleported on the surface and destoy fences around, or something like that
  14. Libila strongwall in pve

    +1 Yeah, why not. Not enough reason not to for me just because someone used transfer for this or that
  15. Priest