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  1. No crap, Its how it is without you suggesting this. There can be possibly be different scenario then buy and give NOW. Like in my case, i cant buy my old toon back because the owner is not active for a while now, thats about it.
  2. +1 I would like this since my original account is missing in action
  3. So, meditation is being touched next?
  4. close

    Deadline goes both ways, good luck grinding 60+ body strength alone with 3 month premium. I am not really stressed, in panic or desperate to sell. Thank you and Grasso for the bump.
  5. close

    bump [02:47:21] You have been premium a total of 30 months until Dec 2013. [02:47:21] You have been premium a total of 55 months since Dec 2013.
  6. Zero sense, especially the first. Of course It won't be fair to pay for a service that you can't use. They pretty much cut their income by chasing people away with poor staff behavior and wrong development decision's. Are you then by your logic suggest that they should double the premium price so they can earn some more money? Or maybe with offering more attractive service increase the player count? Idk I just hope 'somone'looking outside of that boxed mindest I see for years around here. I am glad that you do happy, but this isn't about you not me. Most likely average Joe that just trying the game won't be impressed by cheaper option on year subscription even after months of playing