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  1. +1 Maybe increase the chance, but also add quality cap. Only 99+ QL items can become fantastic, etc
  2. It nerfs the brute-forcing the rare throught the creation spawn, the thing that priests can't imp is another matter. Myself, i am more concerned that i can't dig as a Mag then i can't spam creation looking for a rare and it's pretty much the point why people wanna change this
  3. Pretty much, all you want is fantastic chance reduced. I was responding to you. Don't flatter yourself.
  4. "I don't like the idea that favors the 24/7 creation spawn on 6 premed alts" - Did i string this togather well enough, so you can't recognise yourself in it?
  5. Ok you are stating and i am judging. I really won't sleep tonight thinking about you
  6. Oh yeah, it's all comming down to how awful i am with my judging. Everyone else would want fantastic as well, it's not just you. I just don't like the suggestion that comes from the same old and never changed motivation, simple as that.
  7. So with this suggestion you not going for "getting the fantastic eventually, if i no life 24/7 on 6 premmed alts, hard enough"? Sorry, for me that's how it looks like so that's why i don't like it
  8. -1 So you prtty much want guaranteed fantastic item because all you do is creation spawn 24/7 and call that endgame?
  9. I am asuming another stand alone, minecraft style
  10. Nice, can't wait to stare at those timers in VR
  11. +1 make it bank 100 item container or lets just pratend how that's is so much bad idea, relate it to merchants, smc and what not. It's only resonable if the characters drop their loot on the floor when log out
  12. Me for an example, didn't had a clue who is harrasing who. Don't expect everyone else beside too invested 20 people on the forum to keep right on track about the latest dramas