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  1. Libila strongwall in pve

    +1 Yeah, why not. Not enough reason not to for me just because someone used transfer for this or that
  2. Priest

  3. (close)10k Mortar

    Delivered to NW Deli. Pm your offer
  4. Priest

    Looking to buy priest account or two. I am interested in a priest with decent channeling 70+ with a transfer. Also still looking to buy one more Mag or nahjo 70+ faith priest for strongwalls, with or without transfer
  5. I took out of source spring like 1.3 liters, maybe a month ago or so. And 0.10 just few days ago from a different place
  6. Reward Helmets improvable

    +1 to be able to imp certain items that currently can't be improved -1 for nonsense "special" requirements
  7. Make me offer in pm
  8. Mystery Item

    I had something like this a while back, it used to be bugged and won't complete the mission after stepping on certain tiles that triggers it. Got rewarded for a sp from GM after reporting it bug. I guess it's fixed now
  9. Wtb account

  10. Wtb account