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  1. Great idea, i like it. +1 But, you will be heard probably about "Too much work". So yeah, one can only dream.
  2. People actually voted with their wallets, hence the population decline. You not going to get people sub back into someone else personal playground if they have zero clue what's going on. Some small lottery ticket update can just bump few more people to sub more alts and that's about it. There's nothing wrong with people expecting delivery of what they been offered and promised and put their money where they mouth is instead of this current zero responsabilty for anything
  3. It's not a bad idea actually in case of wurm, since there's been so many bad decision about what to be worked on. And it's a decent way to inculde the community on what it actually wants to see Parhaps devs could offer 3-4 project to be funded by the community and see which one gets funded first, way better then what we have now someone just keep deciding to work on the wrong thing. I agree with wipeot, if such system is done right it actually going to benefit the communty and the wurm development decision won't depends on 4 buddies that keep getting it wrong , doubling down and keep going strong with the same thing. +1 for well thought out way to do this
  4. I wish you took your own advice before complaining and wanting guaranteed casket every 5th failed roll for mining, the easiest to be afk/botted action and labeling a least Afkable and actually having to pay attention actions in the game as abusable.
  5. I agree and exactly why i suggested that and i am guessing exactly why the OP opened this topic for
  6. if we wanna go to the lore route, then farming potatoes, mining marble, fishing, praying , botanazing mints, doesn't make a sense for getting maps. maybe for digging to get out the whole treasure. But sure, you can twist the narrative to fit into anything really, if you really want. I don't like how this "exploration update" turned into lottery system ticket with go here and there checkpoints, and tweaked towards 10 alt army 16 hours a day's nothing to do with your average joe playing routine, beside for the mining and digging. And on top of that we are going to get bugfixes for it for next two month while OLD and way more terrible bugs are just laying out there. Idk Hope the next "bigger" update is cancelled and actual bugs are being fixed and perhaps is looked into pvp instead sicne we have so much empty pvp maps laying around now,. i wouldleave this thing as it is so it's pretty much waste of time to talk about it now
  7. You pretty much brute-force them with alts. You won't get much doing your "usual" activity
  8. And it's just not because of rites or in game disagreements, it can be as banal reason as agreeing for someone's opinion on the forum. This problem is real for so many years now, so many players left silently just because of the reasons like this.
  9. Usually, the poll results are way more relevant then someone's "No, just because i say so". The track of the bad decision making and not listening to the player base would keep going on, i guess.
  10. i am 100% for that, but it's split already and they are treating it like separate game
  11. And i suggest if there's changes to be made, do it only on NFI
  12. Trees grow so fast and it's way easier to replace then holes in the dirt around and swiss cheese holes in the mountains, i still have this messed up caves from 10 years ago around my deed that still havn't colapsed. It's obvious that whoever come up with what skills to give out maps is maining fo priest
  13. I agree. normal improving and crafting is penalized in favor of 10 alts creation mindless spawn. And of top of that is excluded by the game design experts once again.
  14. Idk what is this honesty about, but i am just curious, do you ever imp stuff or did you ever put any effort in grinding any crafting skill to high level?