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  1. you just got explained above is 3.6 at 100 skill, so with 100 woa still is like 0.5s not 1/10th of the second
  2. I am not exactly sure how much fast is the staff in aggressive, but surely enough it's over 3s, probably around 3.5-3.7. If someone else with more insight could shed some light on it would be nice
  3. It's not wasted, it actually hits faster
  4. Like i said, uniques are just a loot chest and no one wants any loot on epic as everyone consider it as a dead server. But it's nice you have gotten a help at least, not everyone is loot drivern
  5. After 100 items in the tile you stand and chopping from, it will let you do the action but it won't finish it. Easy to miss if you have another tab open and not the even one. Might be that, or maybe something else
  6. My suggestion: increase unique difficulty dramatically and make it unable to be penned, make it roam around and destroy villages, kill on sight. Private killings are fair game as long there's a challenge provided, the loot can be whatever idc. Maybe make the unique walk or fly away if it's not slain in like day or two after spawning. Or just make them pvp server only, At the moment uniques only provide loot and not actual or very little challinge or risk. It won't make much of a difference if they are replaced with Loot chest for thise hunting groups that roam around the maps would find it and loot it
  7. Also, according to the set of curtesies, even for someone that's living nearby is not stated that is excluded from "exploiting", if uninvited.That only means it's matter of time when someone is going to stress about it, so you might wanna suggest that as well in the fight against the exploiterds crashing yoru parties
  8. I was providing context why i don't agree with your suggestion that have nothing to do with anyone whining, chip on the shoudlers, boulders of whatever else. If you think it's irrelevant then feel free ask my posts to be deleted.
  9. I mean, it's just a writen rule not enofrced by mechanic that may or may not change and only apply on pve servers. And legimacy of anyone's presense on his deed or anywhere on undeeded spot, anywhere on any server in this so called sandbox game shouldn't be questioned by anyone, but oh well. Also agree, it could avoid someone stressing out
  10. What a stupid rule in a first place, how about they disable dragons untill they come up with mechanic that makes sense and works as intended in a first place. Or lets just call for a GM even for those that happen to live on their deedfor years nearby the unique that just spawned and beign killed
  11. Whatever it turnsout to be since epic, xanadu and pristine/release are not enogh of example it looks like
  12. I hope they never get merged and NFI would serve as an example and reminder of what if
  13. Congratulations! Suggestion: Barricade