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  1. Right now 1s 70c 80i, don't really feel like having deeds that just sit in there anymore, for a while now
  2. Construction missions on deliverance always suggest only North east for a while now
  3. Nice how you now single handed promoted this game and poured 1000 new players into the new servers when they open in 5 years. Good job.
  4. Usually the new players are told same thing about what they should want, what they should do and what they should expect by all the same people for years and no wonders no one sticking around. So yeah, hang in there sunshine
  5. I would like if there's a choice to change the delay of the tooltips from 0 to 1, 2 or 3 seconds
  6. +1 Maybe even make them randomly scale up difficulty for a better reward as well
  7. Congratulations! The person should try pvp as well, 15 vs 15
  8. They know it's exploit as everyone else, and not some trade secret of some very reputable dye maker like they used to say
  9. Maybe make a new suggestion for character reset
  10. Because, i would rather see a proper server connection, name change or character deletion. Not some feeling of the moment change that only would satsfiy your very wishes right in this moment
  11. +1 Let everything that can combine in bsb avalible to be combined by hand, especially logs and leather
  12. Well, if you so worried your no-life creation spam market would be ruined, they can just lower the moi chance or whatever so the actual noobs won't get excited for nothing when they getting drum rolls while actually playing the game I am developing a ptsd