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  1. Seriously. I used to think just like you or similar, but now i am being skeptical in any kind of "rework"
  2. Auction it and the see the result. The most relevant price checks for everything, even for those stuff you think are very special are actual offers or auction outcome, not really random assumptions. Not sure,. but the item probably can be obtained still from a gift pack lottery
  3. You wasn't forced to invest and waste your time neither and you got exactly what you was going for. So it was waste of time for something that not make sense to be called time wasted for? I am sorry you feel insulted, feel free to report my posts so they gets deleted
  4. I am not try to insult you. I just don't see the how it makes sense forcing everyone to do something you describe as a waste of time standing around grinding useless skill even more or another sever. Don't think everyone would have now, but probably more people would consider getting the journal done, encouraged by this change since there is possible not much of a life waste in it. If that would make you feel achieve something less special, then i am sorry for your feelings
  5. Nice change to the prayer, at least people would try grind the skill on their native server. Just because you rushed out and settled to waste your time on nonsense grind while you could have done more productive stuff doesn't make you special snowflake with a great achievements nor everyone should be forced to go over same nonsense for the journal and +5, so it's a nice change
  6. Construction missions

    Bump Again in North east.
  7. Pretty much all my high quality coal is from butchering hounds, so go figure
  8. So, the imbue will take into account 10% skill bonus from glimmer fo rune for the max output? Kinda unsure how will that work
  9. Isn't it better to remove imbues after this
  10. Lava tile

    Yeah i had that too and when you make a new tile also
  11. Lava tile

    My lava tile turned to rock tile but the items on it was continue to take damage and stepping on the tile would cause burning wound as if there's still lava tile, after removal of the items from the rock tile it stopped acting like a lava tile
  12. Should everyone quit the game now so you can feel like a special snowflake? Why didn't you go to fresh start on north freedom then
  13. Why do you even wanna with 6 months play time to compete with someone that plays 10 years in a first place? And why you should have same or better output then them or whoever put an effort to grind