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  1. Tried all of them and it feels like waste of time, unless you there on a under 100 faith priest and there's people for sermons. idk what was that panic on how much vyn is too OP and how that contributed to the waste of time live release and the meh and blah feeling of the moment. Also, i think their ql/dmg status should have been reset after the first patch fix, player contribution towards them started with like 1ql and 70+ dmg to work with
  2. Also, he sold out for real money his scale set, 100's of sleep powders, supremes and all that jazz as soon he find out rolf is selling wurm and probably RTM closure, few months before everyone else find out. Totally not scummy
  3. They need new servers for fresh start, NFI isn't a spring chicken anymore and they had a fair share of few windows of opportunity already in there
  4. Nice, did it reset the holy sites or all are still laying around corrupted?
  5. -1 i think it would be better to do a standard server connection properly or not doing it at all
  6. Ok, didn't managed to find your topic for some reason. Please close
  7. When chop up felled trees facing in any other direction then west it gives a proper message: [16:34:52] There is no space to chop wood here. Clear the area first. But when your character is facing to west you can keep chop up and the pile goes on
  8. Justice For Trash

    To be fair, it have to open for like a week or so at least, like another similar topic on this forum
  9. Settlement token relocation without disbanding
  10. I voted the third choice but probably it would be best: "My farm skill is X what should i farm with 1ql rake?"
  11. Yeah, right. Yeah i am just a mere conspiracy theorist, what do i know. I am so sorry.
  12. Yeah i am so rude for assuming it was you the one fake selling sets to bump up prices, I am so sorry