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  1. Well, can be server related problem that just started to happening after update, which is more likely then anything else you mentioned, especially if there's zero issues with any single thing there on the internet. Before i start overthink i would give it a day or two and see how it go
  2. Playing for like a hour now and having the same problem. Was just fine earlier today. I am on Deli
  3. Used the Epic portal at Deli and it asked me which kingdom i want to join, i picked MR and got teleported outside the city where the templars attacked me. Killed myself and it got respawn option to new hope, where the JK templars attacked me. It looks like i am freedom kingdom at epic now, wrote a support ticked and waiting for reply. Hope it's get fixed so i can play again
  4. +1 Or, at least change the lurker to work like lurker in the woods/deep? Cast/2 it's pretty much useless for anything
  5. +-1 I don't really care for skins, decoration and that kind of stuff in this game but would support anyone would want that, even tho there's a pretty legit way to do it right now providing you not lazy. But if that means next time i log in my java client uses like 6-7g of ram then i will hard pass. How about give as no texture options for lighter client? And all this pvp/pve arguemnts doesnt' make sense. None of you are special snowflakes, if you on pvp server you pvper, or on pve server you pevers, regardles of your motivations or "feel like doing it"
  6. Oh, i didn't know i am entitled to a drake and scale set
  7. Don't think anyone here suggest to dumb down the goals, make the journal completed in under a month and stuff like that, It's a suggesting that kind of goal is not resonable. Feel free to suggest a harder not time framed goal. I understand if changed could possible leads to empty rifts, but would be a feedback to consider
  8. Hotfix 14/MAR/20

    Just curious, was there any ivestigations about the planter bug being heavy exploited?
  9. When jackal opened i made a new account and did just that, just checked it have 211 rift points. Havn't played for a few months so not sure if anything changed about it, but i doubt. Not going to argue about those other goals, but at least there's not a certain time frame weekly where you can get a skill point, do a mission or get a new title
  10. so basically if you don't sleep, work, or have a whatever commitement when the rift is happening, you can spend up to 2 hours traveling to location, tag mobs for 5-10 minutes and then afk for up to 2 more hours. 100x miltiplier
  11. Scout party is easy to solo, but it should get you 1% participation at least as it's still some kind of related activity. While the real rift you can attend without a weapon and tag on the mobs, still can get a participation and reward without contributing much or any at all and get you that 1%. I agree with the other comments, maybe change it to reach like 50 body strenght or something like that, at least that kind of enocuragment would be benefital for the character
  12. I understand that, but it was the "unfaithful"l action was performed in a cave where you can't dig while activated pickaxe, a tool that you can't dig with. It was just a keybind for a action that can't be performed
  13. The reputation argument might fly if there was never accounts trade. It's up to you to remain paranoid about who is who now, since so many accounts changed so many hands now you never know since no one keeping a track. However, those that remain plaiying this game and didn't had a chance to get their account back would be nice to have a name of their chice, or not.
  14. It's going to be optional, no one would force you to change yours, like it shouldn't bother your what i am doing with mine.
  15. Bump. Had my button unfaithfull turned on by mistake and didn't noticed. So while in a cave, on a mag priest i used a wrong key button, dig to pile instead of mine so it lost faith imidetly. I know it's my mistake and i should have know better then trippe check if any unfaithfull buttons are turned off by mistake on my priest, but still if it's not intended feature pelase fix.