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  1. Don't think that "i don't wanna someone else change their name so i keep in track to who i am supposed to be passive aggressive to" is a good reason not to have the name change
  2. The difference is, this items are not obtained by GM's from normal playing the game like you and me, or at least, as much i know about it. So it's nor really like they can't auction or sell stuff as players but doing so as GM's, for weird "economy" reason i can see someone having reasonable issues with it. Personally, it doesn't bother me
  3. WurmNode

    Is there way to set the skills as private?
  4. Full armor and weapons and 150kg of tools, among the other stuff
  5. You mean few items per player? How many rare or supreme carving knifes you actually need?
  6. It's probably not a big deal 15 items, but can be precedent for opening the floodgate for 100's or 1000's of which majority probably on SFI to go to NFI if their value would be higher there. All that, while in same time keeping the clusters separated because of the possible negative impacts on "the market" and while ignoring the postive impact. Weird and confusing, at least for me. You may consider that before jumping to snag a big thank you one more time, lke there's no tomorow and like there's a shortage of thank you threads recenlty
  7. It's little weird that this items can travel clusters but players can't, but not a big deal, i guess
  8. Nice, i am glad the GM went out of their way and beyond to help you. It was just weird branded horse being taken away and killed, hope that gets fixed in the next patch
  9. The horse was not branded? Did anyone got banned because of it? From the info provided or perhaps lack of, it made me think that horse gear was taken by force from someone else or by pressure and handed back to you.
  10. Don't think that changed even a little, over the decade. Effectively it's all the same. Don't ask me, if you wanna say something about something or call it pathetic, just go on and do it.
  11. And how many of this discussions ended up with people being hounded out of conversation for not agreeing with the current thing
  12. Actually, i agree with most of it and it's start of thinking in right direction. Even without announcement, i am assuming you know when the next dragon would spawn on your server, roughly,and you won't even bother putting a "hard work" searching for it if you wanna find one untill time have come. How do you know this, is it because your personally figured it out or someone told you to check a third party site for the last kill on server and in what time they are roughly spawn, or it was burried somewhere on the forum? Why no one else should know this or why does it have to be someone else or a third part site have to be telling players this? Possible conspiracy theory and misinformation:
  13. Apparently, reading this topic, it turned out that if you never find uniques you lazy and scared and you should shut up because you don't know what you talking about and your opinion doesn't matter. That would remove the inherent bias.