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  1. +1 yeah make rifts less time consuming by 30-50% and little bit more rewarding, maybe add 30 min sleep bonus and 500-1k karma beside the lump and the points
  2. Because for me it appears more plausible other way around, so they can't enter caves and bash around if trapped
  3. +1 And all those stuff to be imped with rock shards
  4. +1 i am thinking the same. Or they can just add another set of items with prefix "starter" or whatever like that, that scaling can work only of them, if there's not another way
  5. I pretty much maintain myself all my tools, items etc and vary rare pay someone else to do it for me and i believe this is how most of the established players roll. Changing this will make me waste more time on this kind of stuff and perhaps forcing the less established payers or the new players to pay more often, i guess. Same goes for off deed stuff, if the off deed dmg/decay have to be increased at least make it if the owner is not logged of certain reasonable time because why make it even more burden to the new players to start and stay around on their own without joining some random village. i agree with gary here, having auction house or trading post or whatever like that would help the economy way better even on long run then this dmg/decay tweaks
  6. Well, i seen people ask for PC on scale set one one character and answer themself with another alt character,followed with off track discussion about why it should someone pay more/less for it., pretty much same thing every time asking for pc scale/set and it's nice someone to remind what's the purpose of the trade chat actually
  7. Well, i agree with you for the most. It's the same way i started wurm pretty much, but it doesn't matter. I was mean pay to win as a common used term for games where you can pay real life money for stuff. But, even in competitive games you still have to push the buttons, nothing guaratee you win or fun. I don't agree and can't understand, however, is the statement how this change that never gonna happen will turn wurm into pay to win all of sudden. if anyone wanna throw money, and they are throwing alredy, be my guest
  8. Are you using windows 10? I used to had same issues on 10 but after i had to dual boot to windows 7 seems way better, it used like 2.5G ram on the slaying at the relase today with 200-300 people in local, no lag no freezes
  9. Didn't you know that with real money you can buy in game money and then you can buy every single item there is, right out of bat, including some certain skills, you can pay someone to do it for you. Would the system stop me from pouring some cash for premium time just to get the points to get whatever i want from them? Like every other whale on the internet would. The same thing is pretty much avalible and disguised as something else
  10. I don't really care nor interested personally about the pay to win aspects of this game. I am saying it's pay to win alredy
  11. +1 untill i see a better arguemnt then "get some in pvp" and "it's pay to win or buying skill". You can pretty much buy them right now with premium, also you can literaly buy cooking skills for money and not to mention the 2s alts years of abuse for affinity
  12. I would like to see a standalone action bar, where you can place it where you like. Or, integrated just under the health bar at least
  13. Thank you very much, this is very useful for me