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  1. wts toon

    If interested, PM offer. Nahjo follower + transfer Sotg + transfer No tomes Affinity token not used Journal:
  2. Always +1 for such suggestions that always being overlooked.
  3. WO Steam Discussion

    What's the point in having persistent wold/server then. At some point the new steam server cluster will become something that you just described is stopping the players of having optimal experience. You are still going to have that same market in a few months, market stall filled with unreasonably priced tools and many merchant on forum offering items on not resonable prices, even more ripoff. Open a new cluster gain then? Reset the old one? Why WU servers aren't successful then in filling this gap, i don't see 1000'sof players playing it
  4. WO Steam Discussion

    I don't think creating separate clusters is a good idea as well, on long run. It's just same old tierd assumptions trying to "fix" and "refresh" market instead of imprving the gameplay with QOL and new features to attract players and not lose existing ones. With enough active players supply/demand will do their thing. Focus there and improve upon what you got right now. Otherwise i see only pulling a release/pristine once more and nothing changes on long run. Try gather opinions from those that aren't playing the game and the wider playerbase and see how you can improve instead of keep listening to the loudest 5 on the forum/backstage
  5. Alot of tools doesn't count, also armors and shields. This stuff should have been fixed by now
  6. It doesn't have to be on steam if there's a way to be added to geforce now But +1
  7. +1 Even thise ritual or give missions can be removed if you ask me, maybe i am wrong, but pretty much never seen them gets completed as well
  8. Eir

    Rest in peace.
  9. Good service, recommended