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  1. Just noticed the same. 30 minutes sleep bonus were used in about 20 minutes, so it runs ~33% too fast for me. Tested on Harmony. Steam version.
  2. First off - this also could be seen as suggestion. However, I think a bug report fits it better, as this problem is killing immersion and should be easy to fix. Position changes of the sun are not properly interpolated. This causes drastic light and shadow changes every few seconds, taking away game immersion. The problem can be seen in the following, unedited video: A fix should be easy: interpolate/extrapolate the sun position every frame to make its movement nice and smooth between actual changes. The video was taken on test server with newest preview client and highest graphic settings. This shouldn't make any difference though, as I experienced the same behaviour on the regular servers. If the sun position changes are smoothed already, it's not working for me and definitely a bug. So just to make sure, I'm linking the console log, game settings and DxDiag log of that session:!AtYqqfN8DFJzi6xaRPDbAB6F3NSd1A?e=vp17cj
  3. I'm using a small and a big barrel in this example. Other container combinations have the same issue however. Opening a small barrel on a large barrel is not possible if the large barrel window is open already. You can only close it, even while it's not open. To reproduce: Step 1 - place small barrel on large barrel and open the large barrel: Step 2 - rightclick the small barrel on top: As you can see, there is no way to open the small barrel on top once the large barrel is open. Opening the small barrel first, and the large barrel afterwards works fine however. Clicking close on the small barrel while its window is not open does nothing. Opening the small barrel window first, then the large barrel window and closing the small barrel window again gives the same result: you won't be able to re-open it until you close the window of the large barrel. This also happens with other container combinations. A small barrel on a stone altar of vynora has the same problem for example. I'm playing the Steam version. Not critical bug after all, yet confusing and annoying sometimes. Console log, game settings and DxDiag log:!AtYqqfN8DFJzi6xZW2F_TgKGcLTH8g?e=EeojXv
  4. Whenever a Wurm Online client is running in borderless window (on another monitor), animations in Windows itself are often freezing. Here is a short 60 fps video showing the issue: As you can see, a Wurm Online client instance is running in the background. (Active on another monitor) As soon as I'm clicking out of it into another window (Firefox in this example), the minimize/maximize animations start to freeze randomly. In fact, the whole desktop video capture froze in the example video. Other games don't have this issue, only Wurm does. The issue is reproducible 100% for me. To reproduce: Start WO Client in windowed fullscreen on any monitor Start other program on other Monitor, web browser in this example Click into the WO client Click into the web browser window Minimize and maximize web browser window a few times Notice how the web browser animations are freezing randomly Not only minimizing is affected. This also happens when closing windows, as it's using the same animation. See DxDiag log linked below for detailed system informations and Windows 10 version. (I'm still on 1909) I'm using the Steam version of the game. Console log, game settings and DxDiag log:!AtYqqfN8DFJzi6xZW2F_TgKGcLTH8g?e=EeojXv
  5. Some world objects are invisible to some of my accounts ingame while others see them. So far only objects dropped on ovens or forges are affected. This happened both, in overworld and underground. Example 1, a candle on an oven - not visible on some accounts, visible on others: Example 2, carved pumpkin on forge - again only visible to some accounts: Taking the item with an account that is able to see it and dropping it again turns it visible for everyone. If placed on a forge, it will disappear after a while randomly again. Relogging makes no difference, the items stay invisible. This only happened on forges and ovens so far, not only with my accounts but also for other players in the village. We also have a stone altar of vynora with a candle on it which stayed unaffected so far. For ingame investigation: the deed name is Dusseldorf on Harmony. The screenshots were made in the first room of the mine directly south of token. Console logs, game settings and DxDiag:!AtYqqfN8DFJzi6xYZ2Jmk1ZdO-hiBg?e=ZR9aTI We all are playing the Steam version. Screenshots all were made in Steam version.
  6. Just too proof again that I'm not crazy, dumb, or both, please see the examples below: There is a desert on the map, there is a steppe visible ingame however. The position of the desert on the map doesn't match the steppe ingame. Grass/bushes and peat in world, steppe on map. Doesn't match again. Desert on map, orange forest ingame. I'm playing through Steam. Game settings, console output and DxDiag log:!AtYqqfN8DFJzi6xX0ncYF6iQx56imQ?e=F7Rb4u
  7. Steppes and deserts don't match the map. The ingame map is simply wrong. (Steam version)
  8. Big +1 from me The current accounting system is horribly dated, and needs manual GM interaction way too often. Would be awesome if someone could work on a proper solution for managing multiple accounts on the same email all through the website. All the basic functions like password/email change, steam linking and shop integration should be included as well. If possible, also 2FA for improved security please.
  9. For Wurm Unlimited on Linux only one thing always worked correctly on any distro for me: start first instance, close Steam using Task Manager/kill signal (SIGKILL), start the game through a Steam desktop icon again, which should automatically startup Steam together with another game instance. Repeat this until you started the desired amount of clients. If that still works for Wurm Online, you probably can automate that process with a script as well.
  10. With the old domain system there were 2 requirements: HotS influence and Libila domain. Grass (and trees), dirt, steppe etc. turned automatically to mycelium pretty quickly if both requirements were met. The 'new' domain system completely broke that mechanic however. If you want mycelium now, you will need HotS influence and mycelium to start with (use spells to spawn it). It will spread out like grass then, as long as it has HotS influence. (This worked the same way with the old domain system, resulting in 2 systems working effectively together) If I remember correctly this has been reported for Wurm Unlimited years ago already, but I don't think it has ever been fixed. The workaround for WU servers is to turn the old domain system back on. If that bug made it into Wurm Online as well, it should be fixed asap, as it's hard to believe that this is a design decision. Without this mechanic spreading mycelium will take ages, especially on the new PvP server.
  11. When clicking the small bell icon (Notifications) in the top right corner of the Forum with desktop notifactions disabled, an extremely bright, almost unreadable text fades in. (See screenshot in the spoiler below) The CSS class in question is '.cNotifcationPrompt' with the color value '#0af91a' set for the background property: It would be nice if someone could set that background color to something less aggressive. Maybe a simple light-gray like '#bebebe' (rgb 190,190,190) I'm on Windows 10 with newest Firefox 78.0.2 (64-Bit) if that matters. I also had the issue in the past with the newest Google Chrome version.
  12. This is so wrong, it almost looks like you are trolling. No, no, 100x no. Some people may do this (*cought* homeserver players *cought*), but then it's not a game problem, but a mentality problem. I'm playing on a PvP server to have fun, not to stack up shiny stuff in a bunker that noone ever reaches - Freedom is better for that. People always used rare and supreme items in battles on Epic, and there is no reason not to do so, as saving up all your stuff makes absolutely no sense. As an epic player, I'm really wondering whats taking so long here? It takes you 30 minutes to get a decent weapon and armor set again with the curve, assuming you have a priest alt (or friend) available for parallel enchanting. Maybe double the time if you are really going for high-end gear or good enchants. What's the point of skilling up smithing and creating gear if all you are doing with it is stacking it up in an underground bunker? Also let's see it from the other side: why would you go out and fight if all of your stuff stays safe anyways? Where is the thrill? The risk? The impact in the enemies economy? Full loot PvP is a great concept, and I don't see any reason to add more gear-saving mechanics.