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  1. If you are founding a village with a GM account you will have additional checkboxes during the founding-process that will allow you to make it a permanent settlement and a spawn-settlement for kingdoms. Your home server kingdom ID is 4, wich is the ID for the 'Freedom' kingdom - so you want to make it a spawn settlement for 'Freedom'. Yes, since any account is limited to 1 village max at once you will have to create additional GM accounts for every spawn village you want to create. Once the spawn village is created you can forget about the account, but you may want to use them later again to change the settlement permissions or other settlement settings.
  2. I'm using the 'old' x16 Antialiasing (AA) because the new post-processing effect (FXAA) is just bad. It's making everything blurry, isn't removing the edges completely and just hurts my eyes. But about the problem itself: When I'm trying to use the old Antialiasing together with any post-processing effect, the Antialiasing will just stop working. The only exception for that is when using AA + FXAA - but in this case only FXAA will work, and normal AA is still disabled. No matter wich post-processing effect is used, it will always disable the Antialiasing (even if it's still enabled in the options), or at least it will have no effect anymore. Example of 16x AA without any post-processing - everything looking fine and sharp, edges are smooth, fine as it should be: Example of 16x AA with bloom enabled - you can see sharp edges, it looks like there is no AA enabled anymore (marked in red): Example of 16x AA with Vignette enabled - same problem as previous screenshot with bloom (sharp edges again, so it looks like AA is disabled): And another problem with the post processing effects: When any post-processing effect is enabled, the textures are looking low-quality or blurred. I tested this with bloom and vignette again, you can see it on the screenshots above as well. Here you got a screenshot of a direct comparison between the bloom screenshot and the normal 16x AA screenshot: As you can see, the texture quality is a lot lower when any post-processing effect is enabled, and the sharpness of the texture is gone. Console Log: DxDiag-Log of my system: Please do something about this. Otherwise there is no way to use post-processing + normal AA.
  3. Hello @mathewjknott, the problem here most likely is that the spawn deeds/spawn villages are not converted to the selected home server kingdom in the server settings. The 'ghost guards' are bound to the deed/village, so you have to disband it. (You can't easily convert deeds to another kingdom at this moment sadly (at least as far as I know)) To do this, teleport yourself to the village token of every spawn village, right-click the token and disband it. You will have to use your Admin/GM account to do this. Once this is done, restart the server and create the spawn villages manually again with additional Admin/GM accounts. Of course there might be other ways (using mods or database editing) to achieve this, but this should be the easiest and safest way to achieve this.
  4. интересная идея... Using the lights this way to mark an area is brilliant. That's a perfect example for using the limited possibilities of Wurm to create something new and unique. Big +1 from me.
  5. If you have a secondary GPU, yes. As Saroman suggested already, adding a GTX 1050 or another cheap GPU would be a good idea. WU is not working on (most? all?) integrated Intel GPUs (at least not without horrible graphic bugs or other issues)
  6. Privet Comrade, you should take a look at this, even in your language: Looks like you are using a boolean instead of a string )))) btw, message to a single player works like this: player.getCommunicator().sendNormalServerMessage(string)
  7. See where it goes? How about starting with a simple answer to my e-mail at least? There is absolutely no info about the process or any developer positions, so please tell me what you expect us to do then. Answering that by a simple e-mail obviously wasn't possible. I even messaged you on Steam again after I recieved no answer to the e-mail, and guess what... you didn't replied as well. Of couse I could have messaged you again and again until you answered, but I'm not running after a position I'm not recieving any infos about. It looks like he's not even reading PMs, wich is highly unprofessional for someone in this position in my opinion.
  8. +1 ich brauch keine entwickler, ich stell mir einfach vor wie es sein könnte und verkauf das als roleplay devs pls... do something
  10. This bug is in since WU launch now. A workaround is to place the deed with a GM char and trade it over to the actual owner.
  11. Small Update: - archery towers and enchanted turrets are working on deeds only now - adjusted some combat spells - horses got normal speed again, 2x speed on paved roads if there is no enemy in local - carts are now at 1,5x speed instead of 2x speed - decreased speed of bison carts by 10%
  12. Recent Changes: - decreased max leadable creatures to 1 while mounted, to 3 when not mounted - increased spell timer speed, 5 seconds minimum - templars and tower guards now may attack horses or other mounts ridden by an enemy - some adjustments and fixes for WotA, removed conquering from WotA towers - added stealing of fighting skill when killing other players - increased chance to steal affinities for fo and vynora followers - increased amount of stolen fighting skill for fo and vynora followers - speed up breeding - increased BSB capacity - changed depot loots - enabled treasure chests with custom loot
  13. Yes, you just have to stand near it. Most people from same village will capture it. Example: 2 people from village A are capturing, 3 from village B - so only village B will capture. If 2 from A and 2 from B will capture, there won't be progress. Capture speed depends on people count near it and progress is visible in death tab.
  14. You slowly capture the towers by standing next to them, so it's more like capturing zones. Normal HotA used actions to capture the pillars.
  15. Fixed some bugs, made many actions possible from carts and added the custom minigame, called War of the Ancients. See original post for details. Screenshots coming soon.