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  1. Currently I don;t my deed is in hibernation mode. I just come on forum and read on occasion to see what new drama has gone into effect. I am never surprised to find new ones it seems
  2. Ok Mods I think you can close this thread and I think the devs get the Idea and if they don't this thread ain't gonna fix anything. Rolf did not get trolled out of anything he took a shot at money making the game and selling it that is called business and he got 2fer. IF I ever win Lotto wurm might survive forever but ya never know.
  3. As much as it Pains me to Admit Finnn has it on this one. The event is old and tired and the mats are meh and boring overall. Even at 90 FS 90 Staff and 78 Aggressive and a very nice staff killing Rift mobs is slow and tedious I would suggest they spawn more often as smaller fights with I don't know alien armor or tech I mean they are aliens. Get enough Stuff keys etc you can go to an altar and spawn in a boss for you and your friends that drops silver and nice loot Have it so you can summon a rift and people go OVER THERE instead of them coming over here and do stuffs.
  4. Good job you crazy person. Now you can tell us how often you max cast stuff lol
  5. Wow I took some time off to work and pow more wurm drama ( i been playing on and off for 12 years no surprise really) I would like to share some points that perhaps others might have come to a conclusion of long ago. (1) To expect Wurm Devs or communication and it to be consistent is pointless it never has been that I remember. (2) People have been trolling volunteers and using game exploits forever and they get fixed and new ones are found nothing new here (3) ROLF SOLD OUT TWICE once to Wurm Online and Once to Gamechest and whatever he does now you got to realize this and understand that the Father of Wurm sold his creation to the highest best bidder and walked away and DOES NOT CARE. (4) To think things change or get fixed quickly in Wurm is just plain ..unwise..stupid..naive choose whichever word works It does not happen. (5) Volunteers do not have the drive vision or over all impetus to perform for free lets be honest be happy for what they do but do not expect a bunch of doing. Now I spent $350 bucks on wurm not long ago to set up 3 accounts and finish a tunnel and have my premium for a year and played 2.5 months solid 6-15 hours a day everyday. The whole AH thing was a good idea but not tested and failed massively but then again ( THIS iS NOT NEW FOR WURM) I won't bother examining mental scars from other updates. SO TLDR version QUIT setting your expectations of WURM at anything near a complete professional Vision driven team IT AINT THERE. Instead set your idea of WURM as a group of high school buddies farting around with code on the weekends while they Roleplay D and D and drink to much soda and eat pizza. I know for me it took all my expectations away and I no longer have any.
  6. Wtb 50 tiles off deed clay to dirt conversion fluid .. And congrats you insane person !!
  7. Funny thing was its not a suggestion.. Suggestions require consideration this has already been in the game which is why I put it in General chat.
  8. The point is it hurts NOTHING to QOL this and add it in game. Not all servers have priests on all the time and I get the whole player interaction and transaction but this aint a sale of player made items. It would prob affect things in a good way as then the person wanting to priest can get on with with leveling and using skills they gain to further their immersion. I know on xan trying to get to priest without summon is a royal pita for a lot of people
  9. So on Xanadu its pretty darn hard at times to find somebody to convert you to a priest. I am sure other servers on SFI have the same issue as well. Then what did my eyes behold but NFI has a NPC in starter towns that can convert at any time. No more begging for summons or meeting up and all that jazz just head to the starter town and pow done. This is not a request for an added feature. This is a WTF over why aint it on SFI already. Screw chaos white light crap nobody has time for it. When you do that very nice AH update how about ya just slip in that NPC on all SFI starter areas. Stop the old school madness and update us as well...hmm what ya think devs?
  10. I think wurm needs a sign in the tutorial area that states " We are here to kill you, rob you of your time, and make you work to succeed with Your blood sweat and tears". Most of my skills I have gotten are from projects either personal or community. I have a friend from wurm that grinds non-stop. He logs on and off at random times grinding and hoping for rares to add to his collection of rares THIS IS NOT a normal way wurm should be played it should be more along the lines of when building my deed up help my neighbors on occasion and be nice to newbies. A lot of the skill grinding and needing really massive skills is the Pvp side of things. They are the master skill grinders as each level they get they have an advantage they can use in the never ending wars with their neighbors. In Pve its more about what you can make then an advantage over people. Also you forget that ones that did Real Money Trading that grinding skills made you bucks. Some Eg: If i wanted to sell just crap bricks i could get 2 silver per 1k (lets say ql 20-50) But if I had some really nice bricks like 75ql or higher I could get 3 silver depending on the buyer. Higher Weapon skill making ability meant I could charge for Improvements to 90 or 95 and a lot of people made bank. People with high farming (95+) got insane yields and sold crops for 1 silver a 1000 all day long. Also Trade chat is a joke, you can spam stuff for hours and get no response as a buyer or seller. All of this silver you made could be sold to people for REAL MONEY. You could sell your character for REAL MONEY you could buy a character you wanted for REALMONEY. Trust me PVP made this game a crap ton of money even though I never got into it. Yep there was TONS AND TONS of greed and underhandedness and Bias that took place at all levels. And steam does not allow it so thus it had to die. So the current wurm model we have now is NOTHING like what it started like. Its literally like a whole new game when it comes to buying and selling things as the silver just sits there really. I can tell you that I play xanadu and at the times I play we have 40-60 on. For a map as massive as it is that is PATHETIC. Half of those are alts and about 8 of us talk in freedom chat and that's it. I talked to a guy from exodus last night he had 9 on. Went to release they had 23 on and one guy said he had 8 alts on..so..yeah. Wurm has been used so far for Pvp cash grab and WU cash grab and now a pretty healthy Steam cash grab ( im waiting for an epic release) for another cash grab. I think this cow is gonna run out of milk soon and just keel over and die and like EA does to its games they just retire it and dont care and move on the next one. If I had the winning lotto numbers Id save wurm but I don't . So I give it prob 5 more years or alternating versions of cash grabs before we get the thanks for playing have nice life goodbye forever text when we log in one day.
  11. Im going to NEcro this sucker cause i just got kicked off my caravel 20+ times sailing in open water..and cart coming out of mine and wagon. We going to call this a feature now? Multiple people in Ca chat saying its going on with them to. Was there a fix for it i did not see a dev response?
  12. I got off Wurm one day with its all or nothing forward movement.. Hopped in the car.. guess what..don't try wurm in a real car..mmmhmmm
  13. Great fun was tough fight. Maintenance forced a Sac close but all had fun TIll next week mighty warriors !!