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  1. Steam Hype?

    I wonder if they quit updating WU because the Modders pretty much fixed a lot of things? Also for my name Ill just add another R.. SO Puncherr...er...er..er.er
  2. This is great for storyline but I am more interested in how it seems to break skills down into being just about the fails I get at level 10 skills when trying something.
  3. So i looked and could not find another topic on this so here it goes. According to wiki this door is a black smith skill based item. Gumbo and I were talking about the Horror of making these. I was using 100 ql ore to make 80+ql rivets and each one that i kept track of failed at least 3 times. (50 rivets) The gold sheets are non imp able and I have a BS skill of 96. 2 gold sheets I used failed to lumps again and I remade. (nice you get the full lump back). Is there a known reason why this door is difficulty max level it seems. Was it some old ROLF idea of not having gold mining doors. Either way can we bring this into balance with the other doors. IT seems to be set at the artificially harder then needed level. Thoughts? Activate gold sheet (6.00 kg) Right-click door lock Open submenu "Create > Mine doors and support beams" Total materials 12x gold sheets 1x door lock 50 rivets Result 1 Mine door (gold) (121 kg) Skill and improvement Uses blacksmithing skill
  4. +1 noob with cow pulling cart is what we see in all the movies Make is so Devs !!
  5. +1 less things to show on computer screen less lag.. +1 less lag.
  6. +1 I like the idea but one has to consider what happens if I add a 1ql compass to my ship or a 99ql with woa on it. Maybe a high enough ship QL compass does something extra like give you a tile count to nearest land? Perhaps give you an x,y coordination within 10 tiles of where the ship is. IN fact a Mariners Log and Navigation charts could be added as a skill. As you sail more and more you gain XP that allows you to be more familiar with the server you are sailing. Thus giving you more insight to where you are. Now yes somebody is going to afk an alt to try to abuse the system but people already do that with other things so I think small impact.
  7. +1 Stamina will make it stop. And if people are macroing to hit a key after a certain amount of time to restart it they were doing that already on the dig to pile command. So I don't think its more of a macro risk.
  8. +11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 Beast I am so with your Currently running 7 accounts so I can get that sermon joy (81 faith) And yes I have had 6 so far .1000 faith gains even with everybody having 100 alignment before the cast just to have to fart for a second and pow..Kill 3 hours of prayer gains down the tubes. Great vid btw
  9. Steam Hype?

    OK so listen up peeps. I will be playing on steam.. With the same Puncher name. When it comes out Id be more then happy to join with Vets and Newbs to CONQUER the new world for the WURM glory..and massive dopamine kicks I get. HUZZZAHHH
  10. Monetizing new hamsters does not guarantee care or efficient load balancing. Broken hamster wheel are a thing.
  11. For Humor Pvp Name Money in.. Pve need more money!! Pimp Gimp Oracle Enki Bank Broke Sell Out Salty Saline Rage Peace I dont know Ill think of more appropriate ones later
  12. OH PLEASE YES..im begging you.. I have 800 walls to either build reinforcements for. OR strongwall cast. Id kill for even a 2 minute time sigh.