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  1. Ok Ill try that right now IM just keeping anvil in inventory I did not want to blow it up
  2. IF I have my small anvil on the ground and use it in the crafting window it shows no damage. IF I pick it up it shows damage. I used the small anvil on ground to make 300 locks showed one static damage number (damage it was at when I first added it to window) I picked up and dropped the small anvil and took it out of crafting window and tried again and same thing Not sure whats going on with that one.
  3. https://xanadu.yaga.host/#3247,5980 Tower Yuri 362 Finding it easier just to post it this way. Dale does this work for you
  4. Gee I know where that tower is and the nice tunnel road going to it what wulfmaer and my alliance worked on. Nice view
  5. I apologize if I got a bit over zealous. I would be more then willing to donate to the WORKING hard Dale fund on Wurm just let me know. IF there is a better format we can use that you can just copy paste with I would be happy to use it.
  6. Tower Agamabdi 322 3960 5218 Tower Thunderfit 186 3336 6003
  7. Tower Tulpa 690 3660 5476 Tower Pyrenn 474 3744 5463 Tower Hazeknight 330 4013 5280 Tower Silberry 562 4010 4986 Tower Daspratwo 762 3960 5019 Tower Daspratwo 258 3704 5113 ( its in the middle of his deed area) Tower Mattun 186 3917 6058 ( in deed area cobalt cove) Tower Aryana 474 (rare tower) 3912 6251 Tower Tuka 450 4064 6354 Tower WickedSick 802 4024 6445 Tower Fafa 186 3982 6563 Tower Fafa 850 3922 6562 Tower Ptreese 586 3774 6563 Tower Haroldfranz 266 3659 6543 Tower Desirae 394 3531 6488 Tower Erlend 394 3497 6539 Tower Sensational 290 3568 6567 Tower Necrofizzle 546 3379 6504 Tower Validate 802 3391 6436 Tower Vallidate 162 3222 6438 Tower Alekspodolskavi 26 3171 6445 Tower Innominate 826 3177 6613 Tower Tamarra 90 3107 6106 Tower Yuri 274 3184 5982 Tower Yuri 778 3152 5972 Tower Redspark 114 3239 6601 Tower Balack 386 3242 6669 Tower Davidbur 914 3336 6580 Tower Houaha 178 3433 6548 Tower Grumpyoldman 586 3324 6824 Tower Aztaqurwa 954 3282 6993 Tower Leander 914 3510 7084 Tower Kwestor 122 3395 7345 Tower Steini 530 3490 7461 Tower Penrold82 3504 689 Tower Koko 594 3475 6619 Tower Partrune 34 3538 6432 Tower Stoval 466 3587 6343 Tower Jpopper 978 3413 6331 Tower Dracathio 562 3475 6281 Tower Jpopper 42 3321 6285 Tower Dextera 170 3276 6294 Tower Jpopper 522 3154 6308 Tower Perly 234 3004 6001 Tower Rocklobster 858 2965 5767 Tower Perly 634 3030 5762 Tower Aroma 90 3311 5976 OK IM done this took about 8 hours Spacy inspired me 47 towers do more someday Enjoy and thanks for putting them on the map
  8. Tower location 4954 5737 Creator Sirdirty 618 tower name Tuchuk moutain tower and no i did not mispell mountain the n aint N there THx
  9. Ok I have two towers near me Tower Iceddragon 330 at location 3833 5738 Tower Aius Northwest p 16 3694 5777 ( update Tower Astrozero 946) 4052 5916 Remove New Dawn near halifax been gone for years thx Ill add more as I find them
  10. Keep the fatigue. I know for a fact in all my years of playing I only ever got down to have 5 hours left one day and I was doing some serious stuff. I also know of multiple players that hit fatigue rates and boom are gone forever due to bot. I think it is a good mechanic and ALL of the people I spend time with will never get near fatigue cap as they do varied thing and not spamming one skill action for umpteen hours. Just my 2 copper
  11. Be nice aint got time to grind been sitting at 5 hours forever..bottle it at some ratio for yourself onlly +1
  12. So I get a notice in the event channel when I log in that my PREMIUM is going to run out in x days. Just make an event text in windows at 30 days Deed will state your Upkeep is running out please attend to. Have it pop up every time you log in so there is not issue. ( I understand that the deed does not follow cross server but in the database the ownership of that deed and countdown does not change or the time left.) Also if at any time you think your deed is going to go down you shall do the following. (1) Have prem or non prem alt on deed at ALL times (2) Have alt send stick whatever to main with x amount of silver owed on a fast mail box. (3) accept on main and take alt and add to upkeep. Even with dodgy internet this should take 30 minutes max. I am not blaming the guy just saying wurm is about logistical and time management use it to your advantage. Just a text warning heck make it in a nice BRIGHT GREEN
  13. Send me two of your 70 QL lanterns send both the me please
  14. Greetings all my great friends on Xan short and tall fat and small:) This post will show what is going on with Xanadu and help people gain knowledge on what treasure maps rewards are. (consist of) Also this will be used to collect data and get an understanding of the market value as they can only be sold on server. I am sticking this in the Xanadu section because I do not care what the other servers do we are Unique in size and culture. (1) Post how you got the chest ( doing what actions how many etc) (2) Ql of the map that you got and rarity difference if any. (3) Amount of different clue steps you had to go through to find that treasure. (4) Comment on how hard or easy it was and your personal fun factor if you like. (5) POST A SCREEN SHOT OF WHAT YOU FOUND. No were not trying to invade your space but the sooner we find out what is in what the for the most part the sooner we can develop our own server market. I AM NOT THE MAP KING I have not found one and I gain NOTHING from this. Needs to be said I just like my server. PUNCHER
  15. Oh I am so going to necro this thread but its mine to do. I quit playing due to an insane amount of wurm baloney and such. But I am back. If anybody is interested in the KIT PM me I will have to adjust some things as my skills are much higher so my creation ql is higher as well. Same price stands just let me know God bless