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  1. Thank you keenan I will gather the information together and send it to you. Its very simple people I longer want to be a part of wurm or the game. I dont want accounts I spent money on sitting forever on a server I will never access again. World of tanks and Eve online allow you to delete your accounts and biomass your characters. I am simply removing myself completely from settings I wont go back to again. Is it easy to do NO. IS it needed for me to not be drawn back in YES. Very simple if you find something that sucks you in DESTROY IT. Leave nothing left to go back to and you won't . For some of us that suffer from addictions, this is literally the only way to stop. I also have a fair amount angst with some things and not having them there helps me focus on other things in life.
  2. Its simple the population crashed. ROLF cashed out with Wurm Unlimited. Gave the reins to a team said have fun and watches from the sidelines as even with desperate changes the game continues to nosedive into the ground. Long time player so don't bother baffling me with ###### it won't work. I've talked to many people including current and x devs mods etc. If they answer I can delete my accounts permanently I will. And everything of value no matter what is getting thrown in a trash can. Its a final move to EXPEL this game from my system and curse the items that had a hold on me. My friends were smarter and did it all LONG AGO. TIme to find new games with new people and have new fun. Wurm is old and used and put away wet and smelly.
  3. So if I was wanting all my accounts to be PERMANENTLY DELETED.. I mean all data all items everything that is tied to it can I request it? Simple question see if I can get a simple answer.
  4. Jake please feel free to BYPASS any and all posts I make asking for input. Ive read most of the junk you post.. You are the forum troll personified.
  5. We have BSB racks We have crate racks.. We have a rack concept in place. Adjust the art work for Log rack and call it good. Can use the exact same build materials as the other racks.. Love it +10,000
  6. So everyday on Xanadu we have back up at about the same time.. Everyday Shydow has to say it was back up lag when he is on.. Everyday it seems somebody asks wth was that LAG spike. So im asking for a simple fix. At about 5 minutes to BACK up we get a Quick ORANGE on Screen and in EVENT box a notification that BACKUP will be in 5 minutes and last approx 3 minutes. Thats its nothing fancy but very helpful for those of us that get busy and new people that think (and yes I have had this conversation) that the server crashed or client crashed etc. Make it happen for each server ( no idea if they all back up at the same time or not) this is called Q O L. Easy add on.. Easy fix. Please +1
  7. Not sure what your going on about. This had nothing to do with Entering a cave at all. I was going down a 70 tile 20 slope tunnel to a canal picking up rock shards. As I got to the tile next to the lava tile I angled my wagon away from the tile but it seems one horse glitched through to the lava tile. It then died rather quickly. I was not running into walls. Was not going into entrances and was going in straight line down hill. So there is a need to do something about it or are you telling me whenever I run into a rock pillar underground my horses insta teleport to the top because I have not seen that happen.. Then again im not standing on top of tunnels looking for horses to pop out above ground.?
  8. Probably be a good idea to stick this on wiki as its a known issue and people using lava should know. Also it seems it takes 3 casts to make and dispel a lava tile. One cast from up top to ignite top and down below pillar. Then cool top and then cool bottom. Least from what Ive seen so far.
  9. Just happened to me as well. Lava pillar on the inside and top tile had been cooled. Had no idea and lost a nice horse. Rather a bummer.. Should at least say in the WIKI or something its very annoying.
  10. Do both for diety and bank. Make it easy to query
  11. Great reminder Xallo yeah I forgot that one was there. But for noobs with no deed and running around solo in wooden houses on lone hills having a command would be awesome.
  12. So in the assortment of commands we have available. Invite to deed. One time teleportation. Add friend ( which used to be sight only) but now at unlimited server range I suggest the following A COMMAND TO SEE WHATS IN MY BANK BALANCE. A simple /bank /money /yourbrokedontdoit /allyourmoneyisbelongtoMEH. I dont think this would break immerison.. Sure would get rid of alot of useless traveling to find a deed token in the middle of no where.. Now i know people are going to say JUST USE THE STORE. Why should i have to when IM already in a game with the access there. Only thing the website is doing is taking login info and check the data. Command in game could do the same thing... Thoughts?
  13. Thank you for being so straight foward it does tend to makes things uncomplicated . I am not sure what happened to all the great things of markets but now days a lot of them have dried up. I just had a friend do some research for me at all starter and major markets. A lot of things are not near the pricing they are now and some things have tons of damage on them.. The new WURM with its smaller player base is a lot leaner and meaner with its money and 10x more frugal. Might be time for a serious rethink on just market based sales.