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  1. Any texture modification in Wurm Online is disallowed I guess and you could get banned.
  2. Yea you'll just need to change your "graphics" file
  3. After 5 years playing Wurm Im bored of default textures, so I decided to make my own. I know that there is many people that playing 640x400 resolution and lowest graphic settings because they are running 4 instances of the game at one time, and they won’t like it, but these textures are for people that want to start the adventure once again, or maybe new players, guys like me who prefer building that grinding, and don’t like default rock texture. Im not adding ‘’modern’’ textures or anything like that, because i want to save climate of Wurm, the rough, dirty world where you can make huge, beautifull things. Screenshots: It's still work in progress and I will upload it asap, let me know what you think ?
  4. I'm interested, pm me in game
  5. Hello Wurmians, village of San Escobar is looking for players! Doesn't matter if you are newbie or old player, if you have high or low skills, in our village you can improve your character! Big flat area for your houses, big mine (where you can build house too). We support new citizens by making better tools, helping with building first house, etc. We got so much plans, but not too much players, at this moment there is 6 playing people. Don't wait, San Escobar- the place you are looking for. - We are located at S17/S18 of Xanadu. - Pm Cannibalistic or Chihuahua for any questions. See you in game.
  6. Hello, I'm Chihuahua (on forum and in game) and I'm looking for a job, I'm deeding on Xanadu. I've got all skills (like carp, digging, mining) about 30, I can do everything like digging, mining, choping etc..
  7. Pm me in game (my nick: Chihuahua)
  8. PM me in game, (my nick;Chihuahua)
  9. Hello Wurmians, i want to sell 10 yellow potions. (negotiated price)
  10. Hello! I want to sell two garden gnomes. (3.5s for one) <------ Just take a look, they want new home! :s