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  1. Maybe you changed text size/ window size Muse?
  2. There is server shortcut before nickname in the trade chat (for example Xan, Exo, Del) and I think that's better than cluster.
  3. You are right my bad. That was first think coming into my head, cause I dont care about coconuts, but the trees. Activate hammer/ mallet crush it and have this white thing from inside and some water
  4. That's right bby. Gosh I forgot about sandstone. Sandstone walls+ palms+ wooden walls, dude.
  5. And how is that a idiotic suggestion? Sir, you clearly dont know the game well, because there are coconuts, but obtained from crafting coco and nut (same like pineapple, guess the crafting for this one). Also I dont think palms are supposed to grow (mainly) in the jungle, THEY ARE, but they also grow in oasis? On the beach? Dont you got this in wurm? Well I'm super friendly user but I need to say that, only idiotic here is your comment. I don't blame you for not liking the idea, but I wanted to make it straight. Adding one tree type, which is not a big deal let's be honest, will change the look of deserts and coasts. I dont want to look like palm maniac but I was thinking about this for couple years, cause I always deed at ocean coast. tl;dr you are wrong that there need to be "jungle" to make palms have sense.
  6. I'll plant this coconut trees all over his deed on Xanadu, then I'll trebuchet him with coconuts
  7. Thanks for smart constructive answer we need more feedback like this
  8. afaik we can make pineapples from pine and apple.. I like it cause its clever and funny, same with coconut from cocoa and nut, but this doesn't make any sense
  9. You right, something like tree update would be cool but we cant even get smaller changes/ additions so I started with just one tree that would fit perfect imo and as I can see we got 100% players approve here.