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  1. Agreed here. Better to keep rifts in 3 waves as they were originally designed. As for people fearing point loss, this can be mitigated by : 1. Increase rift pts from casters / summoners to 2 pts per mob. 2. Increase rift ogre mage pts to 3. 3. Increase rift ogre pts to 3 or 4. It makes obvious sense since it takes way longer to kill the stronger mobs. Keep in mind for a lot of us traveling to rifts and doing 4 waves is an enormous time investment. Making rifts in 3 waves is a good step in the right direction.
  2. Healing towers

    I'd add it as a functionality of guard towers to attach a "healing station" to it. The station can use healing / first aid skill to be created and can be improved using those skills. It can heal in ticks that are faster based on ql.
  3. Mhhm? Fo just spawned with an item north of him. It's literally a 2 move win. Is valrei now biased towards fo? Or is just RNG like everything in wurm?
  4. Want to trade 2x challenging maps (celebration maps), supreme 52 & 32 ql for a difficult map. Map can be on any server on SFI really, but preferably not Chaos, Indy or Xanadu since those take quite a while to do
  5. Epic needs the same protection window Defiance has. Honestly don't understand why they haven't implemented this concept so far. If you're not on you can't defend, it's that simple.
  6. I really like this. I also wish we had a more detailed hunting / fighting journal goal to slay different types of mobs. Like kill "100 greenish creatures" or "slay 1000 trolls with bows". Combat in wurm is pretty much inevitable so I think it should have a higher role in journal other than "kill 20 000" generic mobs. I'd personally add Nirav's Museum on Indy as a journal pilgrimage site
  7. And why not Epic as well? It's a full pvp server and people do have limited time to play.
  8. Money gated content (buy em with silvers / euros) or RNG gated content is basically the philosophy of mobile scammy games. So that's a hard pass for me. I'd rather we had more ways to get treasure than just "be lucky" , as if luck is a skill. I'd rather get em from missions or outright being able to buy them with karma with a karma cooldown in place to prevent abuse (like maybe a week?), or killing mobs such as trolls, goblins / rift mobs since it makes sense humanoids carry them.
  9. You are assuming that a player is weekly rewarded with difficult maps. Since the update dropped i've only gotten two. Most maps I've gotten were challenging. In the same timespan i have done 20 rifts on my alt on various servers. So please spare me with '' chests are easier than rifts ''
  10. If you wanna make Rift Warmaster to be worth killing it, it should give 20 pts participation instead of a lousy 1 point equivalent to a rift beast. Otherwise everyone is going to skip it since it's just a buffed up mob that doesn't really give anything except 1 point. I get your frustration but understand players will always pick the path of least resistance. 100 rifts for journal goal is insane, most people hate it and it's normal they want to clear rifts asap. Couple that with the fact rift fights are hectic, there is zero community cohesion usually, some people fight mobs, others the rift warmaster, others will be afk in a pen, etc. Rifts simply...suck.
  11. Alts, alts, alts. I swear nothing decent can be implemented in game because "omg, it will be so abused with alts"> Screw the alts and focus on the content dedicated to mains.
  12. Too much RNG in wurm already. I'd rather have a fixed cost of 10-20% loss of karma when transfered as sheffie said. Aka pay 1000 karma, the player you transfer it to gets 800-900 karma. I would totally use this system personally when newbies die and cannot recover their corpse, I got karma to spare so I wouldn't mind transferring 3 k karma to them to recover their corpse.
  13. I think this would be ideal. Re-randomizing tower guard numbers might screw up a LOT of people's efforts put into mapping tower guards after the treasure update, rendering all maps pointless for that purpose. Finding the duplicate tower guards and giving them unique number ID's would be easier I believe.
  14. I was doing a treasure map on desertion, ql 31, challenging. This was NOT the correct tower however... This was the correct one. Both towers are 1 local away from each other. It seems for some reason they have the same ID number, the only difference is one is rare, the other is not. Game considered the non rare one the correct one.
  15. Nice one! I assume you're doing this last stretch on coffee?