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  1. The knowledge of constantly looking at the timer to see when it expires induces a mild state of anxiety because of the current mechanics. You need to bring your character to the point of dying of thirst to drink coffee to get to 100 power. (either by afking or just constantly spamming sips when water reaches 97%, which let's face it...it's fun as a funeral). This would simply be a mechanic to avoid that.
  2. As someone who had 4 timers all at once to maximize gains , I feel an extra one really is a drag. I had lockpicking, meditation, puppeteering & grooming timer on (to grind AH) Yeah it is an anxiety inducing situation to make sure the coffee timer is refreshed. Personally I wish for this autosip function so it gives us a measure of relaxation.
  3. One of the key things about the coffee update is the caffeine timer which is strictly related to ql. Let's say for the sake of example, we know that a 50 ql kahvesi has a 15 minute timer. It can be cumbersome to remember to drink precisely before the timer expires, especially if you manage to hit 100 coffee power. Maybe someone texted you or called you and suddenly that great 100 power effect disappeared while you were afk. Or maybe you just got unlucky and your wifi dc'd you and you didn't manage to take one sip to reset the timer. I propose we have a command or a profile option to automatically take a sip of coffee from the water skin (or any container) when the timer goes <60 seconds. We have a similar option for Sleep bonus, where it automatically toggles off after 5 minutes of inactivity if it's checked. Basically this system would reduce the stress of min-maxing your timer if something comes up. Maybe a player messaged you about a bug or a question related to your deed and you forgot to reset the timer. Poof. 2 kg of coffee wasted. It's an elegant solution to keep the buff active without having to micromanage another layer of Wurm on top of other mechanics. And it would be a toggled option so no one is forced to actually use it if they don't want to.
  4. Old system (from years ago) was that you could afk for hours with a good ql shield fighting a cow or something. I know a few people that used to go to 99 skill just using that system. Of course, that was removed, but just saying being at 99 in a lot of shield skills with that system wasn't that unusual if you knew the trick.
  5. Reputation in Wurm is probably the most hard earned currency you can get.
  6. He's probably grinding it either for skill or wants 90 ql tea (since it's cheaper and easier to make than coffee) to reset the caffeine buff timer.
  7. Aye, that's the small difference. Also, as a fun coincidence the fact that Pomona has an Avatar with a British top hat makes it even more amusing.
  8. +1 would also give more value to salt since it's easy to find and acquire.
  9. Any update on potential fixes for the water meter? Difficult to reach 100 caffeine power after the patch without either wasting time afking or doing special maul moves on yourself.
  10. Stanlee, what's your character speed on grass? Cause it must be pretty low walking around with those big b**** of steel if you're brave enough to milk trolls.
  11. Case in point. If weaponsmithing was given a skillgain boost, I wouldn't mind at all, even after reaching 90 WS. I would be happy people would lose less sanity and time if they wanted to get to 90 WS. Just because some of us suffered, doesn't mean Wurm shouldn't move with the times.
  12. Even if skillgain in wurm doubled from what it is right now it still is the slowest game (possibly in history?) when it comes to skillgain. I personally love the coffee update precisely because it helps skillgain at a cost. It's not "free skillgain". You need sleep bonus & fatigue to use it. What's the issue again? Wurm is a slow game that takes years to get good at assuming a player doesn't get utterly bored after a few years, which in itself is a huge assumption. We finally have a nice tradeoff for skillgain. All that remains is balancing it out with water usage.
  13. But does it balance out the water meter issue? Have not tested it yet, but I do not want it to go like last week where I had to reduce my water meter to near zero just so I can get a decent power buff. I really like this update, but it is not currently balanced. Just creates a new min- maxing playstyle where you have to leave your character on the edge of dying of thirst so you can get a decent buff, not to mention balancing carbs (or whatever it was that reduced water usage). Hope you guys keep looking into it, it is really a great update just needs some tweaking.
  14. My guess is you were probably in an anti-macro window? Sitting still for too long I think can do that. I harvested mine last night and got xp.
  15. If it's an exploit somewhere, the staff won't mention it, unless it's already fixed and can't be duplicated again. But even so, it might never get mentioned. It' s just weird cause I spent quite a lot of time placing items in my house to look in a specific way. Especially in my cozy workshop, that has multiple items per tile. In my case it's more of a nostalgic feeling of replicating my grandpa's old workshop (he was an eastern european tinker, cobbler, locksmith, knew how to do a lot of things), which if you don't know how one looks like, it's pretty much the equivalent of defying the quantum mechanics of our world and cramming together as many shelves, tables, workbenches in a very small space