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  1. WOuld be hell to implement and test out to get rid of the bugs and balance everything but this is the type of content that would actually make me want to add more months of subbing. Love it. Also had a similar idea some time ago but was too lazy to post it. It involved a dragonic invasion planned a long time ago by Wurm that would be an event taking place during a period of three months across all servers at once. Players would be forced to construct citadels at pre determined GM location to ward off the invasion. Within the citadel, a unique item called "Godheart" would spawn , said item will have an HP bar attached to it. Wurm desires those items to weaken his enemy gods. Players must defend those items at all costs. Lizard underlings, servants to dragons would be the first wave assaulting the citadel. The next wave would be small drakes, smaller than dragon hatchlings but deadly none the less, similar to drakespirits or eaglespirits. The 3rd wave would be based on a few hatchlings attacking at once + all previously mentioned mobs. The final wave would be a huge champion type dragon that spawned additional mobs throughout the fight. At the end, kills would be monitored and based on kills / construction materials provided / materials donated (such as cotton, food, supplies) / priest support offered, rewards would come in the form of dragon scales, magical unique items, etc. Would finally get some wurm server cooperation to set up defences, plan logistics, have people work together towards a common goal. I'm probably day dreaming but this is the type of content that would band wurmians together and foster cooperation.
  2. This is due to a server cap per domestic animal limitation. Simply put if enough horse breeders breed enough horses on 1 server, (somewhere around 1000 or 2000? ) wild horses won't spawn because the server thinks its hit its cap for horses to spawn. This was initially done to preserve mob spawn balance so 1 mob wouldn't achieve omnipresence on a server. The downside is that once enough X animals are bred by players, chance for them to spawn is almost nil. This was an issue on older freedom servers as well where you could roam for hours and only find 1 wild horse. It would need a big server code revamp to change spawn values. Or make the spawn cap higher. I think that could be a quick workaround. Not sure about the server load effect.
  3. Getting some pre-steam release vibes here. We need some major content to keep players engaged. We don't really have diversity in that. The grind is the same for most skills. We need stuff to do that isn't a grind, stuff that's fun (and fast paced maybe?) and engaging. Waiting on timers not sure if people are really into that.
  4. Well i'd probably say sermons to be honest. If sermons were reworked so instead of a "sermon system" we'd have something else that doesn't imply "let's open up a few clients to let them afk in order to level up someone's priest " (basically 99% afk gameplay, which I abhor ) maybe we could change it to ... Random suggestion : Maybe ditch the sermon system and have priests "earn" favor points by doing other types of actions in line with their god. For mag, it could be killing mobs, for example kill 100 trolls then you get 0.5 faith. Kill 300 spiders , get 1 faith point. And so on. For fo priests, maybe they could heal a certain number of animals, prune trees, dunno, something that makes sense a priest would do , not just stay afk in a chapel all day. For vyn, dunno, something that makes sense a vyn would do. If sermons would remove, a lot of alts would probably dissapear. Also I want to add, that when a player quits, his alts quit too. That's not just 1 account no longer subscribed. It's potentiallty 2-3 accounts. So our population data for wurm is skewed that way.
  5. I hope we get a journal goal or achievement for that called "SHUT UP DONKEEEY!!" or "Are we there yet?"
  6. To be honest, I don't see it as good game design if you feel "forced" or compelled to make multiple accounts or alts. Take Wow Classic for example. One of the reason people made alts were to have bank slots. Same for other games. This could easily be fixed by simply increasing bank space, which they later did. I remember my first alt was made 8 years ago on Epic simply for the reason to keep some valuable items safe. If Wurm had decent design and had the bank slots increased to say 30-40 pieces, that alt would have never been made. I only premmed her once and that was for sermons and that's it. Other uses of alts : Sermons . This seems to simply be game design to milk players to be honest. We could easily ditch the whole sermon mechanic in favour of something else that doesn't force players to dish out a hundred euros a month just so they can effectively level a priest. I'm against any game design that makes a player compelled to throw money in order to level something. That type of game design is never by accident. I get it. CC and Game Chest make money off of this. Is it a good practice? Not for me. Another use of alts. Path of love , enchanting grass. Really I don't see why we can't have both. Let's say you skill meditation to 70 in path of knowledge. Why can't we say....buy a token from the shop to allow us to go into path of love till we can enchant grass? Another huge use of alts : Priests. I initially understood the separation between making a crafter vs a priest. A priest comes with a lot of cool bonuses but at the penalty of not being able to do most things a normal account can. However 99% of wurmian's do not main a priest. You can't really do a lot of things on a priest. If the delineation between priests and normal accounts was removed everyone would be a priest. Not sure how pvp would look like then but I imagine it would turn in a spell flinging contest. Not that there's any huge difference from what we have now though. Would Wurm lose a lot of money if the game design was changed so you can do what you need on 1 account? Most likely. Would it improve quality of life overall ? I'd say yes in many regards. The priest vs crafter topic is a pretty big one to digest but really the rest of the use cases for alts can be "fixed" by changing Wurm's mechanics. And honest, my Wurm experience with alts has been mostly a negative one. People abused alts on pvp for years. They abused alts for valrei scenarios to get tickets to win more stuff vs the rest of us who only used 1 account. Alts were used for spying, griefing or trolling. Or logging off alts on a sailboat for "extra speed". Alts are abused at unique hunts to dillute the reward for the rest of people. just my two cents, I don't like alts, I think they're bad game design , even If I own two of them, but "I feel I need to own" two of them because I don't have enough bank space and I need to enchant grass else my horses die. I don't like this system. TL/DR : Alts are good for the owners financially (more income) but bad for the players overall.
  7. While we're at it, we could also add a 1 horse carriage as well that doesn't suffer from the speed penalty a large cart does with only 1 horse hitched. That way you can ferry a passenger at a reasonable speed. Carts are notoriously slow. Even with 5 speed horses, getting 2 sets of 90 ql horse gear is a pain. Or maintaing them.
  8. Please do a rift on desertion when you have time. If you can find people to do it, I'll be amazed. Half of the rifts recently done on MRH were solo players doing them. Rifts have been discussed to death and tbh, you are literally the first person I've met who said they liked them. That says everything in my book. One exception does not change a terrible goal. Conservatively, it would take at least 400 real life hours to do that single goal. 400. About 17 real life days. Half of those hours will be spent traveling or getting things ready for a rift (imping armor, weps, getting gear ready, sailing ,etc). And you're bound to random times if you can actually make the journey in the first place. You can't do them at your own leisure. You're forced to play on a detemined timer when they open. I rather have anyone justify how it is sane and good game design to tell a player he has to dedicate 17 real life days out of his life to do a mindless journal quest for an ultimate goal that isn't even that overpowered in the first place. 10% bonus to affinity windows? Or was it rare chance? Something among those lines. Who hoo, I have a greater chance at getting an affinity in Rake. Totally worth to spend 400 hours of my life doing that.
  9. Took me 2 years to get to 70% and twice I felt burnout and had to quit for half a year at least. It's just a terrible goal that make me simply want to not ever touch wurm again. The fact I feel compelled to get that 10% bonus and cape is worse...I mean as you said it's not even a bloody challenge. Just lazy padding. Donkeys are cute and everything but I do hope the next husbandry update is a bit more substantial than this.
  10. Kinda agree on all those points, the sad part is that all of them could be fixed in a years time if we reallly wanted to go in that direction. 1. Lack of community goals...yep...definitely. We as a community don't really have goals. We kinda have rifts but people participate in those out of selfish reasons not selfless reasons (journal goal + rift mats). Uniques are another thing about selfish reasons, we all want hide/scale. We have some impalongs but those are all player created with some GM assistance and interaction along the way. Other than that, no true content to bind us towards a common goal. Last time I remember the community working together was a semi-cooperation to help each other complete our personal goals before they got removed. 2. Yeah this game is maintenance crazy. In order to reduce it you'd have to either make an alt on path of love to enchant grass so your horses don't starve or pay someone to enchant your grass. Other than that , a deed itself can protect most things. But paying silvers is a form of maintenance. Other than that, smaller deeds are always more manageable. Big deeds will be a headache to maintain. 3. Lack of content. As a vet I agree. The same content you get at 50 skill you get at 90 skill in most things. The numbers change. The experience doesn't. Players realise it's just the grind and they quit. We need to change the game so content reflects skill gained. Example. At 90 Weaponsmithing you unlock the ability to : Apply a 72 hour buff to a weapon , for example 25% more damage (or 25% more parry rate?) to a longsword. It would have a 7 day cooldown. Esentially it unlocks a perk. I would totally support skill perks you can choose as active buffs. Another example : Carpentry. At 70 carp you can unlock "Plankmaster" = 30 min buff where you have 50% faster plank creation timer. Cooldown 72 hours. Only one buff would be active but it would give the game MUCH more depth in terms of skillgained. You'd be able to use buffs for various things but only 1 buff could be active per skill at a time. This would give variation and a true RPG sense of the game since WUrm does market itself as an MMORPG. 4. I agree. The archaic things need to go. We have em for 10 years. Let's ###### face it. They sucked. Not having interactive maps is a gimmick that doesn't work anymore. Don't give me any of that "muh immersion" ######. Remember how FUN it was in 2013 to not have maps and instead we had to go to online sources to create our own maps based on other player created maps? It was...stupid. Any game that forces you to link to 50 different external resources in order to play it and enjoy it needs to have that crap fixed. Hell keep the archaic things if you want immersion as a "settings toggle". "Toggle interactive maps. Yes or NO". Don't want em? Fine. LET THE CUSTOMER / PLAYER DECIDE. It's not hard to give players options to configure their own playstyle. As a former Epic vet, I often had to guide players to their own corpses because the map didn't help 90% of the time. I didn't mind it, I enjoyed talking to people while we hunted for a body. But it sucked that you had to rely on others to recover your corpse from the troll infested forest. Wurm can be so much more, depth wise if we really wanted to. It is indeed not that much engaging and sadly one of the core issues is its design. It really needs to be faster. Guys come on we can't expect people to literally pour years of their lives into this game. It's not sane. Timers need to be faster, the grind needs to be made more bearable. If we refuse to do this, don't wonder why people keep leaving. And for what? The "but muh market crowd?" Yeah I'm sure those 200 people will keep the game afloat for years. But that's about it. Keep it afloat, nothing more. What else? "But i invested so much time in this game, It's not fair someone should invest only 90 hours of their entire life to grind wep smithing to 90 when I invested 400 hours. It's not fair!" I grinded wep smithing to 90. I don't wish that on anyone. Or do we want people to waste their time as much as we did ours? Dunno, the game needs to change. Maybe I got older and sort of got into the mentality that "if i pay for a game, it also needs to respect my time too". Might be an aging bias. But I can see how this game seems to have so many barriers to new people at this stage.
  11. Wonder if the pandemic is also a variable. Lots of people lost their jobs or had to reprioritize their spending and not everyone has money to sink in videogames at the moment. But the situation seems to be following familiar patterns. Hope the devs figure out they need to spruce up some new content to keep people engaged or maybe hold a poll or community discussion to make Wurm more engaging. Perhaps 2-3 seasonal servers with specific functions? 1. A challenge type pvp server with 50x skillgain, no LOOT drops and just plain old slaughter & capture some areas on a small 4x4 map. 2. PVE zombie survival? Zombies will actively seek to bash down walls, have to survive waves of them assaulting your deed/fortress, something like that. Dunno, spitballing some ideas to get some new content.
  12. Was about to post that. Isn't there a 1:1 ratio on NFI when you cross over with defiance with skills?
  13. Probably a saddle. Give me that sweet speed bonus to save a few more minutes .
  14. What about a new payment model to differentiate between "alts" and mains ? For example when creating a new char in Wurm you can A) Create an alt and the sub price is 50% less than the regular account. This comes with some restrictions. The alt cannot reach more than 50 in any skill, but can be used for the usual things: inventory storage, sermons, getting to a med path like path of love for enchanting grass, etc. In addition the alt cannot be elligible for drops from uniques such as blood, scales or hide. In addition alts cannot cross over to pvp servers. They can only be used for a few things, but that comes at the advantage of less of a sub price. B ) The main is just how it is right now.