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  1. I would definitely +1 the ability to live as a nomadic captain, just sailing across the map and the boat will be your home. If we had that initially i'd have probably went that route of living on my boat. Even cooler would be the ability to "enter" the cargo hold of the ship and depending on boat size , from cog to caravel, you'd enter a 10x3 tile hold where you can manually place your stuff (forge, fsb, bsb, bed, crates, barrels, etc). It would essentially act like a 10x3 house. I know this basically means instancing an object but it would just be for boats and it would be awesome to have that in wurm. I'd happily pay upkeep for that.
  2. At this point, I'll honestly +1 anything that expands on natural substances and alchemy in general. Good suggestions, also this should be moved to the suggestion section I think. I wouldn't mind seeing a more complex alchemy system in Wurm. (like kingdom come deliverance) OR a simplified system but with a wide range of possible outcomes when it comes to potions. Maybe an alchemy recipe book similar to the cooking one?
  3. Yeah but what about items that can be considered of public use? What if I make a highway with 80 ql enchanted lamps on it? Should I be solely responsible for repairing it? What about guard towers? Colossi? Public wells? The general issue sits with items that are abandoned but still have the "planted" and "locked" status by players. What happens if I, who live on Deli, plant a random 90 ql bsb somewhere on indie, then don't visit indie for 2 years? That bsb will probably still be there annoying people. The issue is a bit larger than lockpicking itself. It's about defining items that are "abandoned" and having them marked either for : faster decay, make them easy to relocate to appropriate or destroy, or clean up the environment. This would actually be a cool idea but I think would be hell to implement. I mean can you really estimate the amount of items produced in a single year? I think we'd probably need a small server to act as a landfill :)) . Not joking. Would be interesting to have a landfill server filled with abandoned stuff. Imagine trying to find your cart amongst 10 000 random carts. Easier to make a new one imho :))
  4. Yup. Just make a door where the stairs end. You can individually assign door permissions for each door in your house.
  5. +1 Shamelessly linking to a similar suggestion I have made in January, about expading Nat subs and Alchemy.
  6. This is the crux of my argument I've been stating for a long time now. What most quitting players don't realise is the amount of trash they leave behind to those that still play. Speaking as someone who owned a sort of newbie training deed, I had to implement a system where everything had to be managed by me due to how many players quit over the years. If I didnt implement that system, I'd have 100 carts, boats, transporters+ 1000 random furniture pieces on my deed or around it. And that was Epic. At least on Epic I have more perms. But on freedom? Oh boy. I find it pointless to invest so much development time in making Wurm a "pretty, aesthetic and modern game" if you aren't also improving the game mechanics. People leave trash in Wurm. Trash that takes years to decay (If it's not repaired). If it's repair it never leaves the game. On steam servers where people will repair everything, just how much trash will they gather? Will that leave a positive impression? Can we really find a sane rational middle ground to get rid of the ugly things players leave when they quit? 1. Vacation mode. 2. Locks drop off if 3 months pass by after vacation mode expires (off deed) and the player still doesn't login. 3. Players at the end of the day are responsible for their items. That means also being responsible to what trash they leave behind. Yet the current game mechanics protects that trash more than actually allowing people to clear it. Really, what player in Wurm wants to spend 10 hours of their life cleaning trash? That's basically a recipe for making someone quit to actually start cleaning their own house in RL.
  7. Which is why we need an option to toggle player owned property, from houses to vehicles/gates to "vacation mode". Your stuff is protected for whatever duration you think you'll be offline, be it 3 months, scaling up to 6 or 12 months depending on your prem time and/or total playtime (as a loyalty reward). Lot of competitive mmos have such a feature, especially those types of games where you constantly attack your neighbours. Your property can be set for lower decay (while being offline) and non-lockpickable. If vacation mode expires, then items start taking decay. If 3 months pass AFTER vacation mode expires then locks should drop off your stuf IF not on a deed. There's way too much protectionism for garbage in this game. Thousands of abandoned carts, boats, chests, empty fsb's, bsbs, etc. There needs to be a mechanic in place that says "Ok we gave you several options to secure your stuff. Anything beyond that is your responsibility. If you lose your precious serryl plate armour set, then don't keep it in a chest, keep it in your inventory or bank." This isn't about thievery itself, it's about what extremism (game mechanics wise) we want to have in Wurm when it comes to people abandoning stuff that take years to decay. It really isn't pretty when many neighbours quit and your own place is surrounded by garbage dumps.
  8. It would be helpful if you told us the country you lived in so we could estimate prices.
  9. Tracking is a skill many neglect due to its limited uses. Outside of pvp it doesn't see much action. How about as a side option, tracking would enable you to find "rare" animals which are basically are like regular mobs but beefed up. For example let's name a bear "Bloodclaw" (original , I know right?). You see a den of bears around and you begin tracking the area. If Bloodclaw (or whatever RNG name you want to implement) is already dead, then you get a message like "It seems like there is no sign of any dominant beasts amongst the fauna". If he is alive, you start to get messages like "You think the tracks lead NE." You get closer " The tracks seem to be fresh, Bloodclaw seems to be nearby. Perhaps a lure like fresh meat from his pack would attract him?" . You keep tracking till you find a spot that says "You sense he is near, this is the perfect spot to place the lure." Bloodclaw spawns in a violent flurry of tooth and rage charging at you with a pack of black bears. Bloodclaw basically acts like a champion but with extra muscle on him, better DR, higher dmg, and perhaps as a side ability, spawning black bears? Or maybe just attracting the mobs in the local area to his position. Once he's dead, you get "tracking" skill besides the regular FS and a chance to get something valuable from him once butchered. Examples of loot : A rare skull from a powerful beast ( you can display it in your hunting room). A powerful claw that has ripped many asunder. A large fur in pristine condition, it might make a good rug or perhaps a cape? (hint hint devs? ) Might make hunting more interesting. Could also be added alongside the taxidermy suggestions people have been making for some time now.
  10. +1 . Either item or show in game clock.
  11. Some skills allow for hitting 80 skill in about two weeks (depending on sleep bonus usage). At 80 skill you can easily start selling items of your trade, from blacksmithing to 80 ql chain armours or platesets. I wouldn't be surprised to see the dedicated grinders already selling in the first 2-3 weeks 80 ql tools/armor/bows/ etc. Weaponsmithing will obviously be slower. CoC tools won't be available in the beginning nor path of knowledge bonuses. Vyn skill bonus will be gained easily. I am curious to see how the market will look like a month after it launches. As for the title thread, people simply use that nomenclature due to lack of proper server names to distinguish them. Thus = Steam Servers ( not connected to the WO legacy servers).
  12. Why not both volume and item number? Not sure if you can bank a barding, for example a rare gold barding but should be doable.
  13. To be fair, bank item limit is ridiculously small. And there IS a demand for it, often seen by the number of "bank alts" spammed by almost every wurm player. Especially on pvp servers. People WANT to deposit valuables somewhere and if Wurm doesn't offer it? Guess what, we spam an alt, prem it for 1 month (so it won't be erased due to inactivity) and use him as our bank. Upping the item count is something that would simply add a mechanic for a demand that's already in existence by game design. Note in how many mmo's you got a bank where you absolutely have to store items due to inventory space restrictions or weight?
  14. Well if you want to poof your house, you first get a pop-up warning. I can't imagine a better system than one confirming your action.
  15. I think the only culture shift shouldbe on the dev part. And here i'm talking about updates that aren't really fixed over time, or perhaps take too long. For example when Rifts where many players want the last wave removed. They take too long. Player gods meta = took way too long to fix. Remember when everyone and their uncle was a sme priest? Removing player gods was a good move but it took way too long. Missions were changed by difficulty meter but they weren't adapted to actual player population that DO missions. Again referencing Epic population where some missions require 30 players to donate 1 item to an avatar. Each time you change a system or implement something you have to commit to it 100% to make sure the system works and fix it asap if something breaks you have to repair it before it creates too much discontent. It just seems that a lot of systems seem partly finished and that mentality needs to shift if you really want to have success towards having success with the steam client. A bit more hype also needs to be worked on when working on a system. If the devs were to add something like mounted ballistae on ships with targeting reticles , a few hype videos would be awesome.