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  1. I've always taken my news from forums because this is the place where they have always been posted. Don't have time to look through FB / discord/ instagram or w/e other channels updates might be posted. Centralize info sharing and that's it.
  2. Well we have been asking for sheaths for years now.
  3. a) Get broken updates and no patchfixes or b ) Get no communication and no development.... Wait...We got both a and b. Is it a choice? And we pay for this.
  4. Getting 4 drafters seem to be hella difficult. Should not be this difficult considering everyone uses carts.. *sighs*
  5. Don't valrei mission items expire when mission expires? In the sense you can't reuse old mission items to current missions. I think it was patched quite some time ago to be this way. (Personally I don't like this change since these types of missions are annoying and pointless most of the time, specially when you only have 2-3 people on a server interested in missions and X god requires you to sac 49-50 of them.)
  6. Lorewise how about we do this : 1. Use a rift lodestone to teleport to Jackal. 2. You're teleported at a camp just outside of a forming rift. 3. The goal is to prevent the rift from spilling on to our world, aka preempting an invasion. 4. If said rift isn't closed in say, 10 days, it will create a larger rift on freedom with more mobs than usual in a random spot. 5. Once the rift on Jackal is closed, you can TP back home.
  7. Sounds nice, put me down for shipbuilding and leatherworking.
  8. Lovely suggestion and I +1 it despite knowing it will never get done due to not having development or devs.
  9. Sorry to see you go man, but I understand your reasoning and your feelings. I do hope things will improve for wurm but the things that need improvement are not in our hands right now. Hope to see you in game in the future, but if not, journey before destination as they say.
  10. Gm's would not allow it since rifts are public content, not private. Anyone trying to "privatize it" would probably end up with a strict warning, or a temp ban.
  11. That's really the sweet data we're lacking. Logins don't mean anything if people just login 5 alts for a sermon. That's still 1 player. Epic alone has about 20 alts out of a total pop of...40 ish people. Market is non existent on epic even for the most basic of things. Want enchanted items ? Good luck no more priests. I'm really seeing history repeat itself from Epic to SFI and it's depressing beyond description. It's the same small chapters, it's a subtle phenomenon that happens in small steps, tiny drops lost here and there.
  12. Yes and no. The reality is it's not the first time an update has led to huge disappointment amongst the wurm community, which left many people wondering "Why did we need this update when there are more critical things to be solved?" Mind you the AH update launched on the 26th of May and it's still in a broken state 37 days later with breeding 4 drafters + 4 drafters = Misc/combat foals. Donkeys are spawning in huge numbers on servers in ridiculous numbers and I suspect they are overriding other spawns at this point. People also got upset about the cart/wagon speed nerf, people are upset that they feel the AH update reset their herds of animals and the last post made by a dev drily stated "we're working on it".... The combat update didn't kick up a stir, most people (I included) felt it was mostly just a makeover not an update. Some UI fixes but it didn't actually feel like an upgrade. The combat system is the same. The rune/imbue update was a nerf that made it pointless to use potions at high skills, leaving those players that spent tens of silvers on imbues with lost money. Wurmians are ... a special breed. Yes there are toxic players, most evidently in Gchat, and I won't delve into that. But at the same time, this is not the first time the community was disappointed in how things are handled. It's become a pattern and that's the problem. It's really not ok to pay money for a service (since Wurm is a subscription) and not having communication with your customers. I probably sound like a Karen right now, but meh, it is what it is. And yes, lack of communication at this point is probably the biggest issue Wurm is facing, the 2nd is lack of significant development due to the owners refusing to hire full time devs to add content/ fix stuff. You can only go so far with a volunteer staff. What happens when those volunteers quit? All these thing subtly impact population. Probably the vets are more hardcore, inured or simply too addicted / invested to Wurm to quit, but I can't see new people seeing this stuff (or lack of stuff) and wanting to stay. The AH update really affects everyone, it's not something like a forestry update which would only affect harvesters/ gatherers, it's a big thing and it's a bitter taste now.
  13. Etherdrifter has always had an unusual gift for academically understating things. I think it's due to his diplomatic background to not exaggerate but sometimes he puts a smile on my face when I read his stuff. He reminds me of that David Eddings character that once called a giant storm that nearly leveled a capital "a mild breeze". And the data is well...nothing new under the sun (unfortunately).
  14. My random affinity token I bought once from the marks shop gave me channeling on my non-priest main. RIP. You'd have to spend 1000s of euros to actually get the affinities you want considering the RNG involved of 100 skills.