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  1. There's really no logic behind a captain losing stam while the crew isn't. Applies to carts as well. Riding a horse makes sense a bit since you have to keep your balance, but on a boat you're completely static. +1 for the suggestion, it has bugged me since day one and there's no valid reason why captains should lose stam.
  2. It vastly depends if you manage to find a creature that can give you a pelt and isn't surrounded by a lot of trolls. Besides, there's no combat tutorial or any hint on how you can acquire a pelt off the bat. Mostly luck. Logic would dictate pelts can be given by wolves or bears right? Well Wogic tells you you're wrong. It's too much RNG for something simple.
  3. I really hope it isn't an April Fool's joke, considering you started your sentence with "With the world currently suffering the effects of COVID-19..." . If it is, then poor taste compared to other April Fools jokes. If it isn't, the kudos on you guys for a good addition.
  4. Imagine the following. You create a Wurm account. You read a lot about you have to do, get used to the interface slowly but combat is still blurry to you. You've probably played few games that had only text based combat input, without any numbers, active buffs, statistics to guide your performance in combat. In games like WoW, numbers tell you how much dmg you do, how much dmg is given to you. In wurm, things are a bit less intuitive. So you go out into the world, but a simple wolf kicks the crap out of you. Combat is still a mystery. But it's better to learn by doing than by simply reading. I propose we have an optional combat server/arena as a tutorial area to learn basic combat. Like golden valley used to be, simply have mobs spawn in enclosures, you get to fight them, see your performance while you get tooltips on what to do. "Target head for extra damage " - Tip "Focus to increase CR" - Tip "Defensive stance deals less dmg" - Tip "Large shields use more stamina" - Tip Etc, you get the idea. No skill loss, no skill gain, just practical knowledge gained. It can even be part of the journal goals. "Finish basic combat training", "Finish advanced combat training" - fight difficult mobs such as trolls , " Complete combat mastery" - fight rift creatures perhaps, or uniques? Not necessarily kill them but at least survive long enough to learn. Out of all the gameplay options on Wurm, combat and Pvp requires the most research and testing and it seems a lot of people are still fuzzy on certain combat details. A lot of games have tutorials for combat , so why doesn't Wurm have a decent one as well? I bet a lot of Steam reviews will focus on combat, wouldn't it be wise to take that into account before launch?
  5. It would be a good idea to give them a starting 30 ql pelt. First time I played many years ago I recall dying to a dog, mostly because I didnt understand how the fighting system worked. I didn't know back then you can't get a pelt off a bear, or a wolf, since in RL you can get pelts off pretty much any mammal. Point is, I asked for a pelt and a nice player gave me a spare he had.
  6. It's really difficult to create a system to please everyone, that's a given in game design. In most mmos, the issue with loot is usually resolved by instancing certain mobs. That way an unlimited number of players can participate BUT only per day/week/month , depending on instance and game. In wurm however, people can perfect systems to track down uniques, pen them and kill them, thus removing a large population of the game from winning any rewards. Their effort is indeed rewarded BUT it stops being a "free for all" event, it becomes a reward for the same group. This can be discouraging to most players and over time create the perception that certain rewards are gated to a certain segment of the population. It's a bit hypocritical at this point to call them "community events" when really they're just small group events. A group that spans most freedom servers, with good horse gear, coordination, playing on different timezones will always have an advantage over 99% of the population. Potential solutions to this issue can be: 1. Make uniques have fixed locations, or spawn similarly to rifts. Have uniques spawn mobs, you kill them for participation points like rifts, you get LOOT drop based on how much you participate, fight, heal, cast spells. This creates a motivation for players to skill up fighting skills to participate. Number of mobs can scale to number of players in rift area. I'd also like to add, that a minimum participation threshold must be reached to be elligible for loot. This can discourage people bringing tons of alts, targeting mobs and getting more loot. Alt abuse has been rampant for unique fights. 2. Instance uniques on a separate small server, 4x4 size or less. Call it Dragon Island or something. Players can only enter it based on certain conditions and you can't kill a unique more often than two weeks. This gives an equal chance to people. Again this opens the potential for alt abuse, since it can be easy to spam alts to 70 FS, but a system could be put in place to detect alts, based on character skills (alts usually have zero skills or very low), premium time and other factors. 3. Set up a system to identify player citizenship on servers. E.G. "This is Artyom, he is a citizen of Release." Have unique spawn based on average premium players on Release and ONLY citizens of that server can kill them. 4. Completely remove them and set up other ways to earn dragon hide/scales based on SOLO achievements. Perhaps solo difficult missions, journal goals and somesuch can be put into place for that purpose. I don't like the current system, players in any game will find out "tricks" or perfect "micromanagement practices" to achieve certain goals. Uniques as such, are currently only a resource exploited by a limited number of players & gated to the rest of the player base.
  7. That is actually a good suggestion for april fools Good luck with the migration devs. Don't delete our characters
  8. Mark me down as imper : Weaponsmithing, Leatherworking, Tailoring/Cloth, Bowyery, Fletching.
  9. That's almost the entire map. You've got to be kidding. How is this an improvement ? Seriously?
  10. Bump it up with more traction, Log cabins and houses have been talked about for years. Would definitely love a log cabin in the mountains in Wurm.
  11. I need clarification on this one. Does "5 map squares" mean 5 map grids? For example L 25 up to L - 20 ? Or are we talking ingame tiles? If it's 5 map grids, then that's a huge distance.
  12. +1 It might encourage people to learn the fine points of combat besides fighting on autocombat and afking. Some might even get interested in pvp . Can't see any downsides to this.
  13. Cele Lag

    I wonder if it's also due to bandwidth issues a lot of people are experiencing lately. I know in my country (Romania) where we usually have super fast internet a lot of providers now are struggling due to the covid outbreak. Basically too many people are logging on and streaming and there's hardware issues for everyone.
  14. Lot of missions need rework and some need to be removed completely. Traitor missions are a pain, regardless of server size. Some spawn on islands no one lives on anymore. Some on top of mountains. Not worth the effort.
  15. I'm 50/50 on this one. Finding a rocksalt vein is not that difficult and once you mine and grind one single veins , that's around 400 salt pieces that will last you for a very long time. It would be nice if salt gave more value to food, but it''s not as valuable in wurm as it once was in history.