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  1. Oh god please yes to all of OP's suggestions. There's a reason no one uses tamed animals and it's basically because their survivability is usually around 30 minutes since leaving deed.
  2. As long as people offer grass enchanting services and have path of love alts, hay will never be used. This is just one of those cases where something was added in a game without understanding mechanics, player behaviour and path of least resistance. Enchanted grass offers the best longevity for feeding animals over a long period of time, almost no maintenance needed, enchanted grass rarely is packed and rarely becomes dirt or regular grass. I experimented a bit with hay and it seemed like one of those things that just are in the game for the sake of being in the game. Usefulness is zero.
  3. Tree stumps are now invisible post update. Once you cut down a tree, there is no stump shown.
  4. I like you used the OG witcher picture and not the Netflix one
  5. Personal contribution : "Pygmalion" - a mythologycal sculptor who crafted such a beautiful statue he fell in love with it and wished for a bride similar to it in appearance. The goddess Aphrodite took pity on him and granted the statue life and Pygmalion married her.
  6. Simple suggestion, but it is pretty easy to hit the 5 hour restlessness cap for coffee usage. Can we please increase it to 10 hours? With missions, sleep powders, rituals everywhere + the usual resting bonus it's pretty damn easy to hit the cap quickly in a single weekend. Or at least give us challenges / journal goals to increase the cap as a reward pretty please.
  7. I kinda like this idea. Make epic a real survival server , no pvp, maybe just coop - survival mode. Hard mobs, tough to kill, etc. Either that or just port over Epic servers to freedom and make them freedom servers and that's it.
  8. Unicorns are already obsolete and no one uses them lol. No one wants to risk a tamed creature dying to a random spider or troll. Look on the forums for the countless threads of people complaining about unicorns.
  9. Just wanna point out that fostering a forum/ discussion culture where people are afraid to speak due to being banned / shut down is precisely one of the reasons mmo's eventually die out. Sometimes due to staff not players. I understand the idea of wanting to "put this in the past" but then again one of the repeated complaints players have had for this past decade is the lack of transparency when it comes to staff < > player communication. Do you think this situation helps or not? Not sure what point there is to say anything more. People have lost trust in the team one way or another after this one. People fearing moderation just proves the point at this stage. Don't assume no one is talking about this one if they aren't doing it on official forums or discord.
  10. We can have good cosmetics and wurm can make money. These 2 things aren't mutually exclusive. We just need better skins instead of immersion breaking things.
  11. Kinda sad to see so many people wanting to close Epic instead of fixing it. As for opening up new pvp servers, how many times has this been going on? Elevation got what, 3-4 resets by now? That didn't solve anything. Defiance then sprung into reality further fragmenting the pvp population. Epic has nice servers, they just need to be fixed so pvp happens faster and easier. The 2x timers are actually awesome for quickly crafting gear. Spamming horses on elevation in less than a day is also really nice. Valrei probably needs a tutorial for people to understand how it works but kinda sad to see people wanting to kill a server cluster just because we don't have 2 way skill transfer. Guess it's easier to throw something away than to fix it. I do agree that we have too many servers though. Maybe just consolidate epic into 1 map instead of 4?
  12. Recent Removals

    So from this we can infer that when those players were banned, a gm (or more) were supposed to be banned with them? Slightly confused on the wording here.
  13. Also on the subject, how about we allow players to embark as passenger on a horse? We can do that with unicorns , I dont see why why we can't do it with a regular horse.
  14. The harm is a loss of cohesive aesthetic. The harm can be explained by an example such as this one : What's the harm? People see gimmicky skins , costumes , cutesy stuff that totally ruin what's supposed to be a more realistic fantasy sandbox game and think "Oh...another one of those games. Yeah , pass." The real annoyance I have in this situation is people failing to see that there's a progression to this descent into a "fashion show game". It starts out with innocent stuff like teddy bears, snowmen skins, bucket heads, candy cane skins. then 50 skins later you get female characters sporting oversexualised breastplates with mini skirts and chainmail stockings for a reason. Part of any gaming experience is immersion. If you destroy immersion you kinda kill roughly 50% of the gameplay right there. You don't really feel like a blacksmith doing chores around the deed when you see someone as I described above riding past your forge and you realise you're just in another copy paste MMO that solely exists to sell skins now, gameplay and immersion be damned. This type of outcome doesn't happen overnight, the progression is slow, 1 skin a month, maybe another added with certain events such as halloween or xmas, then suddenly you see people wearing clown suits on high heels bashing trolls with a carnival hammer and it's no longer Wurm, it's just a typical cash grab skin selling korean / asian MMO. I really don't know how to articulate this better...the harm is real even if it's difficult to quantify. You don't need to be an arts major or hold a phd in graphic design to understand that consciously or subconsciously our brain does appreciate aesthetics and how things look and fit together. Do we really need to lose 100-200 players then ask why those players left? Even if on top of that there's no feedback mechanic to ask quitting players why they left, but I am gonna bet my bank account quite a few will be influenced by how wurm looks and "feels".
  15. What did I miss ? What happened? Did something happen in Gchat?