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  1. I like LT as well for the obvious reasons, but I can't find myself going back to cotton while hunting. Mostly due to weight limitations, horse speed reduction, etc. I once thought WoA could reduce cotton heal timers, boy was I wrong. I still don't get while we're at those timers even now. To give newbies a chance to heal ? On that note, It's kinda funny how LT works vs some mobs such as ... zombies? Who technically don't have a life. Or spirit templars. Unlife? :)) Scorpions for example have very little soft tissue. What does LT transfer anyway? Blood? General vitality? If first aid got some love to make healing a viable alternative, I could see LT as just an option. Thing is, there is a big difference between choosing A, B, C spell for combat, each having their own pros and cons and just choosing C because it's the most practical spell to have really. Frostbrand is nice, but I'd rather have LT any day. Even RT or Venom is cute, but LT still outweighs the benefits of others. That's my main issue with LT. I just can't see myself taking on longer fights without it. Unlike other games, we don't have healing potions , but we do have healing spells. Not to mention damn trolls are still a pain even at 90 FS Gotta hand it, the most hated mob in wurm for me is still the troll. Ruins armors. Dodges a lot. Does high dmg. And regenerates fast even in combat.
  2. LT is a very polarising spell. As someone who has played and hunted without it, i had to carry around 50 kg of cotton when i started playing just to survive. After hitting 70 FS and getting an LT huge axe, I can take on 5 spiders and a couple of trolls and end the fight with around 70% HP left. Issue with LT is that it removes any challenge from fighting. It's nice if you want to afk fight, which is what I mostly do when hunting nowadays. But that's a general issue I have with wurm (or perhaps my attitude towards wurm?) that I have ended up doing so many things in semi-afk fashion . Move horse 10 tiles to next mob, go afk for 2 mins, LT does the rest. Since Wurm has an autofighting system, I can quite comfortably stay afk for a while and come back to 4-5 dead mobs around me. I find that it's way too powerful for very little cost. LT should perhaps have a Charge value like some items in games. Ex: Sword with 100 LT = 10 charges. Use LT on sword = 1 charge spent, 10 LT points removed from sword. Effect? Next 5 hits heal you when you do damage. It should be a big bonus , but with a limited value. Not a permanent value. To be frank most mmo's veer away from the idea of an overpowered spell that Heals you when you do damage because that's what every player would naturally end up doing if it were implemented. Just like we are doing. I don't want to carry 50 kg of cotton on me. I use LT. But I find that I somewhat forced to use LT. And the idea of "if you want more of a challenge, then simply don't use it..." it's quite contrary to the general attitude of a gamer, which is to figure out what's the best solution to a problem, what would be a good rotation of skills, what would be the most effective items, etc. Issue is pve combat is just too easy. What would be nice instead is if both players and mobs had more resistances coded into them. For example : After 4-5 heals from LT, the player's body simply cannot process anymore magical healing (similar to the Mycelium cooldown Blers have). Would be cool if certain combat oriented spells would be enhanced with pros and cons, for balancing reasons.
  3. So i was exploring today, looking for veins and minerals on the map to figure out what is where and I encountered this strange occurence. Link here : https://imgur.com/a/Vp7a038 The exit of a mine showed a "mine door" made out of grass. When I exited it was a regular grass tile. Is this a bug or we got grass mine doors now?
  4. Same happened to me today, but with my personal horse. Context : I was hunting outside deed in the wild. Went afk for a few mins. Horse got killed by a spider. My horse was not tamed, but it was branded by me. I'm mayor of my deed, and horse was also cared form. When it died, I couldn't take the gear off it. Didn't even had a drop down menu for it. Tried keybinds, butcher, bury, take, ope, all with the same response : "You do not have permissions to do that". Upon examining the horse it gave the message : This horse still bears the brand of the village of Andere. (my village). I wasn't on any deed, just forest and desert area. Gms managed to retrieve the horse corpse and give me back my gear. Thanks!
  5. Try visiting the SW quadrant of the map. Usually a lot of mobs in my area lately. But I do agree that the lack of hunting grounds is problematic and 50% of my SB is just wasted trying to find stuff to kill. Would be nice if we had a pure hunting server: can't build on it, can't mine, but you can drop tents, hitching posts and make camps.
  6. Considering how many items people have created and sacced for missions you'd think Valrei would be overflowing with crap and junk right now , wouldn't it? So why do the gods want more ? Shouldn't there be an item inflation on valrei by now? Where do they store it? Do they gamble over it? Do they hoard it? Do they build castles with the stuff? Who knows. All I know is: the gods are petty .
  7. Still an absurd mission. I always felt the math was really badly scaled for most missions when it comes to difficulty vs. reward. Would be nice if missions took weekly player population into account and scaled them by that. It would make more sense than "complete x mission then next mission is more difficult because of that".
  8. That sucks. Hope they respond to your request as soon as possible.
  9. Yeah it's silly. Used to be we could sac any type of material for an item, regardless of metal. E.g. : sac 100 horseshoes -> didn't matter if they were made out of gold, iron, steel, etc.
  10. That logic is flawed in itself. Free to play games use that technique to make things intentionally slow in order to "manipulate" players into buying "speed boost" packs to complete actions faster. But that's just petty game design focused on greed and exploiting player psychology. But wurm doesn't have such options, instead what we have are skills, tools and spells to make things fast and of high ql. There's a HUGE difference between doing things at a slow place by game design VS making them tedious. I made a specific distinction between "difficulty" and "tedious" . What inherent difficulty used to be there in transferring 10 000 items from one bsb to another? The repetion in itself was tedious and was offputting to many. This isn't about making "little changes that would please x player" but rather logical game design decisions that FREE UP time for players to actually ya know....enjoy the game? There is literally nothing rewarding in traveling after you explore a server. Traveling becomes a chore, like many things, which ultimately tends to snowball into players getting burned out or quitting. Why do so few people do rifts these days? Little reward to even make the trip. Why do you think players enchant grass? So they don't have to go through the tedium of having to replant each week grass or farm tiles for horses. Anyway, I dont know why I keep hammering the same point. People that keep saying "wurm is a niche game, things are supposed to be slow, yada yada" keep forgetting that player population has dropped to critical levels that aren't sustainable. Yeah it's a niche game....that's going to be a nice epitaph for it with the mentality that "everything HAS to be slow."
  11. If you think about it, most changes in Wurm over the years have been made to make actions "less tedious" without removing difficulty. A few examples. 1. Plot course (sailing distances are long, it was a good feature). But you still have to build or acquire a boat 2. Crafting window = You still have to create an item, but now the interface is much more friendly. Difficulty of creating items is unnaffected. 3. We have maps now. I don't know how many vets are around that remember the days where we had to keep a jpg file open in parralel with exploring or traveling. This doesn't remove the difficulty to orient yourself but it does make life easier. 4. Leveling while dropping dirt to pile. Used to be the action of digging/leveling added dirt to inventory and you manually had to drop it. Now you can choose to drop it to a pile thus making the action less micro-managing intensive. Big plus. 5. Forestry and harvesting. Now we have a nice almanac that tells us when stuff is in season. Used to be we had to manually calculate seasons till we wanted to harvest stuff. 6. General permissions. How many mayors recall when we had to make alts to hold 60 building writs? Permission system made everything easier and well centralized. It made setting perms a breeze without having to individually find a piece of paper amongst 50 others like it. 7. Drag and drop to/from bsbs. Remember what fun it used to be when you had to move materials and needed to transfer 5000 carrots, 600 arrows, 2 tons of cotton, etc? That change made the game 9999x more enjoyable since we didn't have to move anything through the player inventory anymore. Did it make wurm an "automatic" theme park? Nope. Just made everything less tedious. And that's really the main word here. Tedium. Too many things to exemplify to be honest, that have been HUGE quality of life improvements over the years . Did they make wurm easier? NO! Did it make it more user friendly and less intensive from a micro-management perspective? YES! Auto travel is an option, not an obligation.It wouldn't prevent anyone from exploring but it would make travels way easier when going through the same route you've made 500 times over the years. And honestly I can't really understand people equating Wurm's spirit with = let's make everything a micro managing nightmare fest. Most QoL improvements were made to remove as many actions needed to do simple stuff. In real life can you water a garden with a bucket? Yes. Is a hose often times more effective? Definitely. Someone forcing you to use a tequila shot glass to water said garden? Tedium over 9000. I don't know how better to explain this. It would be a nice addition to wurm without actually replacing anything. I don't see why I couldn't tell my horse to go to a certain deed, on a certain road he's travelled 100 times in the past at least. Hell, in RL horses are trained to do that, you know? If you really want to make it more fun, then add it as a subset of Animal Taming. "Instruct animal to take you to <Insert deed there>". Or something like that.
  12. That is indeed an effect I've also seen on Desertion. From time to time I've seen a newbie or a new name asking in kingdom chat " is anyone here?" . I replied. But when he saw that there was only 1 reply, that person usually logged off and quit. Reality is and I've stated this before. Empty servers DO NOT get repopulated. Freedom has a global channel. Epic does not. No one joins an empty kingdom, at least not in big numbers with high retention rates. Hell, I've tried other mmos in the past and when I saw that the server I was on was dead, no one was talking , I left too. I saw no point in playing an MMO without the "Massive multiplayer" part. And wurm does market itself as an "mmorpg" , main page says that. Big issue. We need players. Biggest in game issue at the moment. Players. Lack of them. I see nothing more urgent than that.
  13. Think it's just two things that keep me coming back to wurm. A) People B ) Things will change for the better. (hopefully) As for people, met a lot of beautiful folks over the years from all over the world, from the US, Asia, Europe , etc. I like seeing them around. Always will. As for b ) i have this ( probably damaging ) hope that something will change for the better. Wurm will become popular, we'll go back to having a few thousand players, the community will grow again and it will become this insane lovely fest as it used to be in 2013. I know the feeling will probably not be the same because I have so many memories in Wurm that it feels like I've lived a second life. Adventures, misadventures, exploring new realms, finding amazing abandoned deeds on top of mountains, pvping, dying like a noob, helping out people and being helped. Part of Wurm's appeal for me in the past was its challenge. Surviving was a challenge, things had a sense of worth and I don't necesarily mean silvers. Even now I recall the feeling of owning my first 80 ql set and 80 ql longsword. "Power.....limitless power!" . Now items have zero value to me and I am sad I find so many people in local these days. I took a ride last night through deliverance and met no one in local. Good news is that there's plenty of stuff to kill due to lack of players now but... I just hope one day the devs will figure out something to make wurm again like a challenge. As a vet I feel that due to my skills perhaps, I have no challenges left in game. I've explored. I've pvp'd. I've built. I've crafted, farmed, fought, tailored, mine, hit 100 in one skill, felt what's it was like to play both a priest and standard, built 2 deeds, etc. Maybe it's just the natural course of things. I hope something changes to make me feel like the old 2013 days where Wurm was this wild west , where many struggled to learn, test and just have fun doing things. Till then, see you guys in wurm.! If I didn't have lovely people that keep me in Wurm : Sadsack, Tenko, Rage, Kingdd, Beardyman and many others, I probably would have disbanded my deed by now and lived as a hermit somewhere near a lake , with a small cabin, just waiting for wurm to die.
  14. I would definitely support an Anti-Wind of ages, if it gave better/larger skill ticks + longer timers. Big + 1
  15. Auto-traveling from say Starter Town A to deed B located 2800 tiles away is not in any way mutually exclusive to exploring . It's an option. You can always manually ride there. Especially for people that have to make the same trips every week or every month. After a while you know your server, you know the deeds, traveling becomes a tedious chore. This is no way detracts from the exploring experience. You can ALWAYS choose to manually explore the game! But wouldn't it be nice if I we didn't have to waste 10 minutes of our lives to travel to some places , just to help out a friend with his deed building? Or just going back to the deed after a long hunting trip? This is just an option , not a replacement for exploration and usual travel. I would love to honestly come back home, kill 100 mobs hunting and NOT have to waste more time just to ride back to deed. It would be a huge quality of life improvement for me. This isn't about insta-gratification. Every time I see a mission my first thought is : How long do I have to travel to get there? Every time I hunt I wonder how far I can afford to stray from deed. It's just cost-benefit analysis in my mind where the benefit of traveling tends to become too little. This is about saving time in a game where Everything takes a long time to make/realise/create/organize! Maybe I'm just getting older and I feel I have less and less time to enjoy wurm, but Wurm always had this Hard-core mentality to do things in medieval style, aka at a forced snail's pace. How long did we play without a map? How long did we play without a crafting window for recipes? There were so many QoL improvements over the years that I don't see why this is not one of them. Many mmos have autotravel features, that are next to free. By the same logic of examples I've seen don't we use "auto-travel" every day we take the bus, train, tram, etc. to work? Sure you can walk and see some sights, but after you take the same route every day for 500x it gets boring . Wurm basically forces us to do everything manually and honestly, servers are still pretty sizeable and traveling takes waaay too long ,even on fast horses even on good boats. And saying that "you can always summon soul" is really just proof that wanting to do simple things in wurm involves complicated approaches. This isn't about making wurm "a theme park ride" but we already have a lot of "automatized" features in wurm that no one seems to mind : combat is pretty much automatic. Sure you can go "manual" but your character does all the fighting. Sailing often times involving just pressing a button, pointing the boat at the right angle then coming back 10 minutes later. I honestly don't see why we can have something that "eases" a time wasting chore in wurm. I get implementing it might be tough, but as the original idea went, maybe we could use the highway system as a basis to code auto-traveling in wurm. Or we can add auto-travel beacons over the cats eyes or something. I would definitely be willing to work on such projects if it meant that one day I could travel to a friend's deed, leave my PC for 10 mins, make a quick dinner, come back at his deed and have fun. But I guess I'm just dreaming.