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  1. Well that's pretty "unfair" to say the least. The time investment is pretty much the same. Especially when you consider "tick rate" on epic and epic curve applied past 90.
  2. Will 100 skills remain 100? I'm curious what Budda says about it? It's pretty clear some people here have never skilled anything to 100 on freedom or on epic to understand the pain. Just curious if those will be nerfed as well.
  3. So if say, my 90 wepsmithing skill on Epic is transferred to freedom and becomes 86 skill , once I am on Freedom, do we get a 3x increase like if we died and lost 4 points in wepsmithing? Or will we *sighs* be forced to regrind it to 90 at normal freedom skillgain? Just want to make sure I understand how this is going to work.
  4. It's very difficult to read this thread without having a Kriswald rant (which I completely agree with in terms of skilling optimally vs rewards). I've been playing for 6 years now and my body stamina barely comes close to what an average freedomer has after 6 years.
  5. Why choose one server or the other? These changes are meant for all wurmians in the end, right?
  6. Are you talking about resetting all Epic maps or just Elevation?
  7. For Mol Rehan. We have Orange Gin, Brandy and we produced 6 player Gods. Also we love steppes.
  8. Still happy at the thought of meeting new people in Wurm Epic. I hope Freedom players will spread themselves evenly among the kingdoms to give a bit of parity (and fun) to Epic .
  9. Guys, please read this bit again. Also I am also the opinion that Epic should be able to have the same option, to transfer to Freedom if they choose. However, as Retro has already stated, it's a work in progress, the update is pretty big and before we all get mad at its possible ramifications, this is just the groundwork for something bigger. Let's think of constructive criticism before we quit Epic, alright?
  10. Dunno, servers say they are live but I cannot connect. Nvm, got it to work
  11. I have the same personal goal. I've catapulted a 1x1 house, a 3x3 house , even a 5x5 house with 3 floors down to the last wall . No luck completing it. I did it with houses i've owned and houses other people owned (friends who tried to help with the goal). Like many goals, it's bugged, screwy and unfair.
  12. It reinforces Mclavin's point. As long as the Barrier Epic/Freedom is in place, Epic will simply become a dessicated husk where only random spiders and crocs will roam those few hundred abandoned ruins, highways and roads. Coming from an alliance which, 4 years ago, had on average 20-40 different players per day in the ally chat, now we're around 5-6 different people per week. Seeing anyone in local or chats has become my highlight of the day.
  13. Not against that. Personally I always wondered why missions had the arbitrary bonus of 30 mins SB per mission, capped at 4 hours. I didn't understand why 4 hours, why not 3 or 5 . For long grinds tbh, I'd change it so missions give you Halfpowders instead of SB if possible, that are coded to not leave inventory unless you want to destroy them (similar to the "discard" options on rocks and trees). Half powders could be consumed at any time for a 30 mins SB gain, capped at the old 4 hours mark, meaning if you have 4 hrs 01 mins of sleep bonus, half powders wouldn't have any effect. But that's beside the topic in a way, and I'm not sure if it would create more issues. Just a random thought. Addendum: Halfpowders would be non transferable between players meaning they couldn't be sold by people spamming easy missions. Just hard coded to each player.
  14. Think a lot of people missed my initial argument. This is not a game breaking change. It will not create or lower gaps between people. People who play frequently will play because they want to. People who do not, simply won't, for their own reasons ( time, jobs, kids, etc. ) . However both can have one thing in common and that is paying for premium time as loyal players. Yeah I admit I phrased one thing wrong, when I said "premium based rewards" I was not reffering to stuff like being able to increase your skills past 20 and so on. I was simply referring that stuff like xmas gifts and spyglasses are cute but not useful to very loyal players except maybe only in pvp circumstances, which these days, are few to be realistic. Extending sleep bonus ceiling will not create gaps, it will simply help those who want to play, grind ( which the game is 50% about anyway) and get skills faster. Will it create a bigger gap between players who play often and those who don't? No. Sleep bonus won't affect the gap, that's created by different playstyles and time investment. I admit, I haven't played many mmos, but I guess the community can give me some examples how games reward players for their loyalty with Non-game-breaking gifts and items. Will it help player retention? Maybe, maybe not. Will it harm it ? There's no evidence to prove that. The difference between having a 5hr SB cap and 8-9 hour SB cap is not that big really especially if you know about the CCFP nutrition mechanics. Like the game has been around for 10 years? At best, assuming you'd have paid for premium time since day 1 , your SB cap would be at 15 hours max. But here I also admit I do not know if wurm initially started out as free to play or subscription based, so you can enlighten me on that. My point is that in the end, it won't break the game, it won't create gaps, it just helps people who actually want to play Often . Aren't those people the game needs anyway? People who play? P.S. About Rathgar's argument : It's not about giving More benefits to premium. It's about rewarding loyalty. As I stated, I , as a veteran player don't want 50 things that can make me more powerful than others, I hate that type of disparity just as much as I hate pay to win games. When I made the suggestion about the SB cap, I thought about how and if it would imbalance the game and I cannot see a way this actually harms players.
  15. We don't have a lot of premium based rewards. What do we have anyway? You get some titles which are kinda pointless the more you accumulate total premium time. You get a silly yellow potion per month which at best is funny , assuming you've never used one and at worst it's just one of those things you sac for favor. The only real useful thing prem players get is a spyglass and that's about it . Really do premium players get anything besides that? I don't want to mention cutesy stuff like supreme backpacks which are fun, but not really useful. Talking about rewarding players with useful but not game breaking things.