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  1. Happened again on Desertion on a different character. Mission UI starting to get cluttered ....
  2. I forgot to ask this, is it on the test server?
  3. Thank you for the comms @keenan, as always much appreciated. Tbh I agree that the new player experience should be the priority number one after the exploration update gets released (and polished, bugs will happen obviously). One trait of dying MMOs is that dev time is given to retaining players instead of recruiting new players into an MMO. This simply delays the inevitable. Subconsciously (or perhaps consciously) all players know this. The new player tutorial, first days, first experience, what they can do, how they interact with the world and chat is crucial. To this end I would support things like starter town NPC's that maybe give players quests (and rewards) to : build your first house, found your first deed, learn how combat works, etc. Players have been adamant in the past when NPC's were first suggested but the reasoning (and flawed as it still is ) that Wurm is a player driven game. Players guide other players. This was perhaps true when Wurm had 10 000 monthly active players and new people were always around starter towns and vets there to guide them. This is simply not true anymore. Timezones issues and the like has lead to very depopulated servers and new players are often lost. They are lost in the tutorial and they are lost in starter towns. They need a guide , a "game story arc" to guide them. Definition of game story arc : how you want to guide players initially so they learn the ropes or give them a sense of direction when they are unsure what to do. Wurm is a HUGE game. It is easy to get lost especially with having so many outdated mechanics. Combat interface for example doesn't tell you how much damage you are doing, how much you are receiving, it's a very sterile and benign experience. It takes weeks if not months to "get a feel" for combat in Wurm. Hope something is done to improve new player experience.
  4. I usually play 60 / 40 for Freedom / Epic. And the reason isn't protectionism. The reason is how skillgain is copied. Everything I earn on freedom is copied to Epic. Everything earned on Epic is not copied back. I play Epic because I invested a lot of years in that server cluster and still enjoy my little home I built there. And I understand why everyone left it, due to this unfair skill copy system. In any case, I always supported "quick destroy" options in Wurm for abandoned stuff. It's trash. Wurm protects a lot of abandoned trash and I have always hated that. Not to mention dumb mechanics like a player planting a locked bsb with 3 woodscraps in it close to your deed perimeter then leaving the game forever. And honestly pestering people to spam lava doesn't seem like a good mechanic, it's just a bandaid for a larger problem. Wilczan's "void" suggestion probably is the best so far concerning abandoned things.
  5. As someone who for the past 2 years has played both clusters, sadly agree. The threat of the axe tends to keep things civil on pvp. On pve, such lack of a threat causes drama. Not saying pvp doesn't have its own drama, but usually it's more kingdom related and interpersonal, rather than about items or who abandoned what cart. It's a case study of how protectionism (lack of consequences) can also foster douchebag attitudes.
  6. So basically the Valrei System is now more bugged than years ago? So what's the incentive to do missions now if other people don't get rewards? This mechanic was precisely changed from the old system cause no one wanted to do missions knowing they only had a 1% chance to win. Hope a dev looks into this.
  7. Seems we had a bug last Valrei Scenario after I received a dragon egg. My char had around 40 k scenario points, other players had 30 k, 20 k, and so on. According to the current system, players should be rewarded according to the scen pts they have. 2nd place usually gets a fragment, 3rd place a moon metal lump. Seems this scenario only 1 reward was given out. Maybe the dragon egg reward deletes all other rewards from the player pool?
  8. 2 legs hopefully an easier kill Still...weird we can eat it since if you try to "Hatch" it says "The shell is still too hard"... So what exactly do you eat from a dragon egg whose shell is too hard? Wogic right there.
  9. As the title says, got a dragon egg from a valrei scenario, and one of the options was eat. The egg is 0.1 kg, ate 0.03 from it. Is this a bug or not? [21:21:50] You get a huge egg. [21:22:06] The huge egg tastes royal, noble, and utterly delicious!
  10. 1. Activate water skin - right click on any type of barrel - fill. 2. Examine any vein as a prospecting action. This would make it easier to prospect for veins , difference is you don't get skill, instead you get a fast message depending on prospecting skill. Aka if you have 90 prospecting - double click on a vein , it has says 7212 hits left.
  11. Bowyery cause I want Madnath to imp my 3 bows to 85 ql please.
  12. So we had a mission today on Desertion for 3 people to perform a ritual at a Valrei Structure using a slate keystone. We go there, and get his message : [16:44:29] This area is too crowded to perform that, try clearing some stuff off. Checking the area we see there are 2 valrei structure very close to each other , specifically the mission structure "Power Wake" & another "Inbetweens fist". They might be on the same tile or bordering close to each other. In any case the ritual cannot be completed. It seems they have also taken damage (was that even a thing?) and cannot be repaired, it's the same message if you attempt to repair : [16:44:29] This area is too crowded to perform that, try clearing some stuff off. Seems their proximity is literally preventing us to interact with them. They cannot be moved, placed, or interacted with at all. I 100% suspect that patch from November that prevents us placing certain items on the same tile (like canopy beds) have broken these valrei structures. Sadly quite a lot of them are close to each other, or even on the same tile on Epic. Here's a screenshot. https://imgur.com/a/3SuiUM3
  13. You can always do something similar to Morrowen's travelling craft & smithy, the idea was super cool, reminded me of the tinkers from The name of the wind book by Patrick Rothfuss.
  14. I keep coming back to this idea as well. Moon metals at one point drove people crazy. People paid 5 silvers for 1 kg of MM, sometimes more. Now we can actually buy it from the marks shop, basically with EURO / USD instantly. Also can gain it from more sources now, journal goals, chaos (For SFI) , rifts, etc. Personally I'd fix this by allowing people more ways to gain scales / hide = from missions, from journal goals, why not even from rifts too? Would make them less horrible imho.
  15. There is no such things in MMOS. My 20 years of playing MMOS show that self policing works to a point, when it stops working, then no one even tries anymore. There is only one way to enforce player behavior. Coded mechanics. Simple as that. Want to stop any unique drama? Keep pestering the devs to implement mechanics that work and that's that. This policy of "letting players solve their own issues" is nonsensical and a fantasy, a pipe dream at best. What would happen if we'd get rid of police IRL, would people police themselves? We all know how that would go. So who in their right mind thought it could actually work in an MMO, where the anonimity of players overall leads to fewer positive moral outcomes, aka people can do bad things and get away simply because no consequences happen. Tl;dr - implement mechanics, make dragons actually feel like dragons, not die in 30 seconds, either make them boss fights or just scrap the system and make a better one with enforced mechanics. This NFI issue is just a ramification of a larger Wurm issue that should've been solved 8 years ago. There's quite literally 100 threads on this topic , many warning that NFI would fall exactly into this economic trap and player behavior. Devs can bandaid "player rules" and the like all they want. Until a dev actually gets behind the keyboard , codes a mechanic to ENFORCE a certain player behavior, NOTHING will change. 100 threads in 8 years, Jesus H. Christ, how much more do you need really to understand this system favors greed, monopolies and drama?