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  1. gratz man! What did you use? Med rugs on lava? What was the technique?
  2. Let's not forget the main issue here. We're talking about "fixing" an issue that shouldn't have happened in the first place. The issue is lack of players on Epic. The devs should have been more thoughtful and adapt the server to the new player population status. Uniques can't be killed, rifts can barely get done, it's not fun. It's a mess in fact. I stand by my sentence, players should not be responsible for fixing a broken mechanic or a broken status quo. Also, really what would be the motivation of freedom players to hop on Epic to kill uniques? You can't go back with the loot. At best you might complete a journal goal and that's that.
  3. To be honest, Wurm's "afk combat system" could be replaced by almost any other combat system and it would be more interactive than what we have. The big issue with it is the engine Wurm runs on. We'd need actual player collisions, hitboxes and such to have a combat system like Mordhau or Kingdom Come Deliverance. In the absence of coding collisions, then we'd need actual abilities to use in combat that are much more realistic. Think games like Wow that doesn't have player to player collision. We could use things like "thrust", "parry up" "parry down", "tackle", "throw knife" "throw net" , "feign", "riposte" etc as combat abilities to make pvp a hundred times more interesting. As for historical accuracy in games, when it comes to warfare, it's simply impossible. The reasoning behind it is the nature of warfare itself. Humans always wanted to be in the meta-aspect of warfare, aka have the best weapons available. Remember when the terrifying power of the french knighthood was extinguished at Agincourt? For centuries, cavalry was a game changer in warfare, and in one day English and Welsh Longbowmen fell thousands of soldiers. In Wurm, its warfare technology would be situated somewhere around the 11th century (since we don't have crossbows yet). I'm not gonna delve into other anachronisms such as the existence of caravels or other Wurm tech. In such a context, considering we have plate, mail and leather, the dominant weapon should be the hammer, longsword or axe (to break plate, stab it or crush its wearer), the spear (against cavalry charges) and the longbow. Other weapons would be rather pointless. Shortbows were usually weapons used by light cavalry to harass the enemy (see mongol tactics). Clubs shouldn't be discounted either but in Wurm they are not viable (sadly). If we'd apply RL meta to Wurm, fights should mainly revolve around who can use a longbow mostly. And in Wurm you can't use it (for some reason ) if a target is within 10 tiles. Wurm still has many balancing issues. Anyway, TLDR, without collisions, formations are mostly pointless (such as pike and shield), the meta in Wurm cannot be related to RL historical references (look up in history and see that leather armor was pretty much non existant, yet many movies and games portray it as a standard). Do we have gambezons (akatons) ? Nope. Do we have crossbows? Nope. If wurm was historical, crossbows would simply be the dominant weapon in game. We could add more weapons and gear to the game if we wanted to, and I'd support that. But mostly for balancing and diversity reasons rather than accuracy. In RL a gambezon would be the go to armor to start with. There are some beautiful videos out there showcasing how a thick gambezon can stop a longbow arrow or even a bolt.
  4. Pure speculation Finnn, but I think the reasoning you get diseased on a cart is one of the 2: When you embark you teleport through the tile the horses are hitched (it happens instantly so you can never really tell, unless someone looks at the Wurm code in detail to see how embarkation goes). OR When you pass through a mine entrance/exit sometimes you can see the horses going up the slope for a second instead of the mine itself. In that point I guess the game considers the horses + you on the same tile. Hope that makes sense. Final speculation would be that diseases are just buggy.
  5. Not only that, but need to coordinate it timewise without someone griefing the event.
  6. Let's say you stand completely still . All it takes is one player mounted on a horse to pass by your tile and in that moment the game will roll a die and see if you catch a disease. If you get the message "your skin itches, you feel something weird" (or w/e the message is, I forgot) then you will get a disease. The key point is there has to be at least 3 creatures in a tile for the roll to happen. If you want to get the disease, simply put 5 animals in a 1x1 pen (easy to do ) and stay there afk for 10 minutes. It will happen. Make it off deed and it's almost guaranteed. While on a deed (any deed really) the deed bonus can come into play and cure your disease in the next 10 minute tick. As far as I recall diseases like wounds get 10 minutes ticks. Say you're diseased and the power of the disease is 20. After 10 mins, the game rolls to see your stats and if it goes higher or lower (including being on or off deed)
  7. I recommend you do the following to : 1. Prevent disease a) keep a max of 2 animals in a 2x1 pen. b) keep an eye on deed animal ratio. If it's not optimal, animals will die of disease. 2. Cure disease a) Keep food bar and nutrition as high as possible b) Stay on deed. I cannot stress this enough but there is a deed bonus that helps with curing your disease level. Off deed it will only rise. Personally I think the disease mechanic is outdated, players should not get diseased, animals yes.
  8. It was tried, some uniques which are the most problematic , aka Champ Forest giant for some reason always pop out on the ground. Collapsed mine, dropped dirt, they eventually pop out in 1-2 weeks. I blame wurm's buggy code. Same issue as before. We can't spend time as players everyweek as a chore "Oh, I gotta waste more hours of my life to pen another unique which will never be killed". As I previously said, players should not sacrifice their time to fix bad gameplay mechanics.
  9. As the title implies, please for the love of all that is holy, make uniques frozen in place on epic or at least don't allow them to move more than 5 tiles. The reasoning for this is the abysmal population on Epic which prevents us from actually killing the things. For the past 3 years, (YES THREE!!!!) the Epic population has been so low that we can't reasonably kill uniques with the current player pop. It's simply not doable. Uniques such as a Champ Kyklops or Green Dragon require 25+ players with 90 FS and priests to heal the group. There aren't any. When those roam the map and grief people, there is nothing that can be done. Uniques currently only serve 3 negative purposes : 1. They roam the map and bash deeds griefing players. If you're on a cart/wagon , good luck they'll chase you all around the map adding extra frustration. 2. They roam the map and kill starting players on Epic and make their lives miserable when they find out they cannot be killed (Epic low pop ) 3. They are a sad reminder of content that is quite effectively locked away from Epic due to not having players to kill them. You see a dragon and sigh knowing you'll never get its scales and all you can do is run away and hope it doesn't chase you too far. Make those uniques either 100% static, as in they will never move from the spot (you can correct their positioning if they are on steep mountain slopes) or at least reduce their move range to something dececnt as 5-10 tiles. They will chase you for that long but then move back to their original position. Either that or please remove them completely until the following condition is met : Epic has at least a decent population of 150 players so it can actually kill them. I swear I'll post this every month until something gets done about the issue. Basically we have mobs that only do damage to the few players playing there, it damages the game's rep when such issues are ignored and really shakes my faith that anyone really gives a damn at this point. Is an Epic player's paid premium worth less than someone playing on NFI or SFI to such an extent they don't deserve having a decent gameplay experience? And no, suggestions such as "well hur durr pen them if they are such a nuissance" don't cut it anymore. This is an issue on the server side of things, on the dev side of things. Players should not be responsible to fix broken gameplay.
  10. We have. Doesn't work for all. We've penned the champ forest giant about 5 times now? in mines , collapsed the entrance ,dropped dirt everywhere. Didn't work. Eventually it simply popped out of the mine on ground level and resumed its trail of havoc.
  11. I'd second this suggestion. I have the perspecrive not of Serenity but of Desertion where for the past 3 years, damage has been done to my deed and other deeds to the point where we cannot even roam the map in peace. I can't believe the owners are "selling" epic to new players, a place where if a newbie starts the game, he'll find a unique in a few days that will ruin his existence or his deed. We tried penning them to secure them from breaking and wrecking deeds yet the Wurm code is janky at best and they always manage to pop out and roam the map in search of new deeds to bash. Please either nerf the bastards, make them 100% static, as in they don't move at all more than 5 tiles from their spot or do something about it. Or as usual, ignore Epic like the f**** black sheep it's been treated for years as usual. We can't kill any of them without asking people from freedom to help and many when they pop over find out they belong to other kingdoms. On and heaven forbid we manage to actually kill one, because the next one that spawns might be another Champion Kyklops or Champion Forest Giant (we have that on Desertion) which take 25+ 90 Fight skill accounts to bring down + priests to keep the group alive. Not apologising for the rant or the vitriolic nature of my words since I have posted it in the past and it's been ignored, like a lot of things. And suggestions like "Ask freedom for help" already underline the issue that Epic is a place devoid of players (it is ) which shows that one cluster can't even fend for itself.
  12. I think perhaps a variable in these kinds of player feedback is "How a wurmian defines Wurm content". Let's take two possibilities to start with. Option A : A player creates his own content for himself. Perhaps he is content to just grinding his skills, building up his solo deed on a mountain or a lakeside, and ocasionally participating in trade or public slaying. But for all intents and purposes most of his game time is played in a Single Player Mode rather than an MMO. Option B : Players like me. I depend and rely on the content provided by others not just the one I create myself for myself. Example of content created by others : 1. Impalongs 2. A neighbour asking me if he can harvest my grapeyards. I say yes and bless his grape loving soul in the process. (this requires having active players) 3. Wandering about and see a noob in distress looking for directions or help with a troll. 4. A player asking in chat help with an issue. 5. Someone asking a particular favor such as helping him out with getting his corpse that has been stuck on a mountain slope. 6. Pvp = self explanatory. 7. Public projects. 8. Roaming the map and seeing new people build up their deeds for the first time and offering some hint of advice if they need it. I could go on, but those examples all require having a critical mass of players to offer that content. This isn't WOW or some other games that have pre programmed seasonal events that give content to the players. Wurm is a game that is 99% player generated content. The devs provide the infrastructure, servers and the gate to the game. 99% of what happens in game, from terraforming, highways. deeds, everything is up to the players. Without players , people like me see Wurm as ghost town and for the love of me a lot of content will simply die out. So while players that belong to "option A = need only their own content" can live in wurm with a low population, the rest which i suspect make up a far greater percentage, will not be able to stay in the game without a healthy population.
  13. Hehe, I know, and I liked the suggestion. I was merely mentioning that, despite how good some of these suggestions are, it's sad that there's no clear response if any of them are even considered "in the works". I'd be happy with a reply like "we could add taxidermy in 2022 in the spring". But the lack of any traction is what bugs me
  14. A good suggestion but not new. There are a bunch more over the years. They've been suggested for over a decade now.