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  1. This still doesn't resolve the underlining issue. Can the devs confirm the 2-5% skillgain bonus is for both clusters? Cause in the journal it says only on "cluster of completion". The professional title is so so, but I would still prefer to have it on freedom since there is where I wanted all by goals to be completed.
  2. The journal goal rewards don't really clarify it tbh. Do I get 2.5% skillgain on just Epic or does it apply to Freedom as well?
  3. Yes please, god that would be 10x easier than constantly worry about jumping servers then realising you are screwed on rewards. I don't even care about the title but forcing players to receive a 2.5% permanent skillgain on a cluster they don't even play on is just... So can I get the option to please choose the reward on freedom where I wanted to get it anyway since apparently I should have gotten it there in the first place? Sorry about the bitterness in my words, but this seems just ridiculous considering the last 3 journal goal stages take a lot of time and investment.
  4. So this highly unpleasant event happened to me today. A friend asked me to come over to epic to fix some permissions issues. I took the portal from Deliverance. Before I pop over I was working on my goals for journal. I was making colossi bricks to finish "Going the distance". https://imgur.com/a/FEo5N6c Then I portal over to Epic and guess what? Congratulations you have completed Going the distance, professional title and +2.5% permanent skillgain increase. What the bloody heck? I wanted that reward on freedom . Why did it complete on Epic? Progress for journal goals is "Supposed" to count for both clusters. If you kill a dragon on freedom or epic, it counts for both clusters. So what happened? https://imgur.com/a/BlGHhjZ Can a bugfix or something please be implemented? And please set that reward on freedom? I worked for that goal and now I am getting screwed on having the reward on a cluster I don't want it for. Please?
  5. Dunno, but for my own part, all these complaints can be summed up with a funny metaphor. Pvp, and I do include Epic and Chaos in this mix is like a bad relationship that didn't end because of cheating, violence and abuse. It's just a lot of small things + neglect that added over the years and you realize all your investment was for nothing. For me I guess the writing on the wall was somewhere back in 2015 when I realised "Oh ######, I gotta go full sotg to be competitive. Then I have to be clad in moon metal. Crap. Then there were a lot of broken metas. Such as full body nolo that nothing could break, you were invisible. Such as new player gods screwing up the roster of spells. Crap so you telling me a supreme sailboat of 2 fos and 3 people can pretty much raid everywhere, stay near sailboat and be safe while pvping near it? Hot damn. This is a lot to take in. This stuff is broken man, it needs balance. How can a person with a day job really get to these standards AND enjoy pvp? You need a certain degree of masochism to enjoy this..." Like the sort you get in a bad relationship. Many complaints were brought to the devs over the years. Broken valrei. New elevation map. Many metas that encouraged more abuse than anything. People spammed the epic forums with it, and it was nice to see for a time that even rome, MR and BL agreed they were really really badly designed. It was not nice however to see the neglect from the devs. It was not nice to not have any answers to them or any roadmaps. It was not nice to see Epic, a cluster i played in since 2012, bleed players yearly to the point where there are more deeds on epic than players. Let that sink in for a second. It wasn't ONE bad thing that killed Epic. It was just a ton of small stuff that could've been fixed at the right time, just like in a relationship with just a bit of communication. And on top of that, it was just simple neglect and it was obvious to all epic players, devs were more interested in updates towards their higher population of players = Freedom. From a business standpoint, that is understandable. But we Epic players played and payed the same premium. We wanted some attention too. Hey Valrei is bugged badly can we get a fix? Hey 50% SOTG is damn OP , can we get a fix? Hey, nolo is broken, can we get a fix? Hey some spells or player gods are OP can we get a fix? Hey people abusing the valrei ticket-scenario system is damn painful and unfair, can we get a fix? Hey why did we get WU skilling system forced on EPIC without consulting us? Hey what motivation is there to play on epic if every 1 point of skillgained on freedom is transferred to Epic? But not viceversa? Some of those issues were addressed to be fair. But the damage was done already. That's the thing . Epic for me is like one of those bad relationships everyone has at one point where you just break up not because of some big drama, it's just small things that add up where you realise it just costs more to be in that partnership than to be alone. The worst part? All these voices here show just how much pvp and Epic mattered to us. And it still matters. That's the sad part. After all these years of being treated as second hand citizens, as second hand players, pvpers still care about wurm. Think about that for a while. We have. For years.
  6. I don't know about other servers, but now 70% of missions seem to be only "Fo/Mag/Libila wants you to sacrifice 46-39-54-27-insert-high-random-number valrei mission items, these can be found by investigating or digging in the wilderness". I find these missions to be utterly atrocious considering the dwindling playerbase, not to mention that maybe just 3-4 players per server actually do parts of them, and it's usually the ones grinding Archeology/Restoration. Those numbers are waaaay to high considering on freedom THERE ARE NO VALREI SCENARIOS. Why add such high difficulty to missions when Gods do not compete against each other there? The "Do 250 missions journal goal" seems like it's going to take 2 years to complete depending on RNG, assuming you don't want to spend countless hours server hoping and sailing for "easy" missions. Just seems screwy to me. They really need to be tweaked in difficulty. On Epic it makes sense. On freedom =zero sense.
  7. This ^. A lot of people do neglect missions because not everyone needs karma or sleep bonus. But there 's also a decent percentage of players who want to grind stuff only on sleep bonus so they invest time in missions on freedom, or want valrei wings on epic.
  8. Yes but epic finalizer Implies that a mission has been successfully completed, which should count towards the goal.
  9. Which means Epic Finalizers should be tracked for journal goals updates, but they do not. As I said, some people have a lot of epic finalizers, but those aren't tracked at all while others have thousand of epic helpers but almost no finalizers. For the goal to count, missions have to be completed successfully, but the achievement score needs to be implemented into the journal.
  10. I have 231 Epic finalizers and my journal goal for "complete 250 missions" is only at 9%. So something definitely is not tracked right. Assuming Epic helper doesn't count, then at least epic finalizer should.
  11. It's both the presentation and the system itself. Think about other games. Complicated systems usually are that way for a reason, not just to be complicated for the sake of it. Think of the old sierra city building games like Pharaoh, Caesar or Zeus. They had complicated systems for building and micromanaging a city but the reward could be a beast of a self sustainable city which you can use to conquer the ancient world. Fishing? It's an overly complicated beast made to catch paltry fish. And as how people have stated, the DIFFICULTY CAP is still crazy for new people. I get that some skills like Ropemaking shouldn't allow a new player to insta make cordage ropes, or making a complicated dioptra at blacksmithing skill 5. But it's such a ridiculous skill that leaves players scratching their heads, unable to feed themselves and offers more frustration than reward. I had 99 fishing before the update, and even I wonder sometimes if it would take a player twice as much time now to get to that level than with the previous system.
  12. What niki said is nice. If fishing is overly complicated, the rewards should be on par. Getting random treasure chests would be nice. Also I'd like to add a personal grief about constantly adding new items to new skills without any explanation on how to get said items. I am curious for example HOW does one acquire a black pearl? I've been asking around everywhere and no one has any clue. Not even in CA help. Which kinda tells how murky (accidental pun) the system is.
  13. Finn, consider I also had my 100 plate armor smithing nerfed. Even with "400%" recovery rate, it still took 6 months to get back. It was tedious. And that was half a year of not getting any skills in anything except PAS.
  14. Oh so he spawns stuff? Damn So if Yaga picked 42, enki would've spawned 42 trolls?
  15. So, I don't get it, Enki shows up and a player has to notice him or?