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  1. Thanks Keenan, retro and all working towards fixing it.
  2. Yes goldfinch, i used that.
  3. I downloaded the unstable from the wurmpedia site, vs. 4.00-200eb81 (unstable). Worked to login on Epic with that. Stable is still a no go for me to login.
  4. Think the issue is universal now for stable clients. Some people can login on unstable ones.
  5. Managed to login on Elentari using unstable, logged in to Epic.
  6. Can't login on Elentari to Epic, stable client.
  7. Can't connect on stable, restarted the client a lot of times now, also restarted PC. - Trying to connect to Epic server.
  8. Olive trees broke wurm i tell you!!!
  9. Tried for 30 times now every few mins.
  10. Still can't login on Epic.
  11. Yep happened to me as well when I did the "alcoholic" title. Had withdrawal for 2 ingame weeks . I imp'd a 90 ql greathelm, got a critical fail = 40 dmg....
  12. +1 ,seems nice to have an ingame wurm Lore and history written by its players so new people can read our glorious exploits and infamous fails Would add to community content.
  13. Indeed, so + 99999 for plantable shrooms or moss in caves so our dear horses won't starve.
  14. Besides, it's a fantasy game, just bless a lamp, plant it near crops and voila, light, can say the blessing makes it ultraviolet to help grow crops
  15. Which is why i suggested growing mushrooms in caves, where many species don't really need sunshine, just a damp, moisture and a little bit of love.