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  1. please close

    please close
  2. Things you'll never hear said in Wurm

    The servers cant handle the player load
  3. IKEA Shopping list

    someday yall will be on our level
  4. please close

  5. please close

    zzzzz nothing to see here
  6. please close

    This was bought out by a private buyer, please close.
  7. please close

    please close
  8. More horse colours and hellhorses

    So many better choices were passed over
  9. it is but you will have to catch me on, i cant price it that low on the merchant. I will be on tonight so come on by!
  10. Hi, none of that can be mailed. I am located at i8 xanadu and will be on about 3 hours from now. I will be on about 5 hours after that. Thank you
  11. [12:38:03] The long bow will not fit in the spirit castle. it is located at i8 xanadu on merchant supreme
  12. all items cod from xanadu any non mailable may be picked up from i8 xanadu
  13. Entertainment Jongleurs

    If the buff was decent like a bard from other games it may be useful. Imagine a pvp battle with a person on each side whippin out puppets during combat.
  14. please close

    I tell you what. She offered my reserve as buyout and thats what I accepted. Im gonna let her get it for your supposed winning bid " 20 silver 1 copper " eat crow holmes!