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  1. Wagons only on demand until I have restocked!
  2. Congratulations Aelha!
  3. !!!Auctioning 50 random valrei items!!! Starting bid: 7s Increment (minimum): 20c Reserve: no Sniper Protection: 1 hour No Private Bids InGame contact: Nahimana! Location Cadence L12!
  4. It seems we are not online at the same time, but I was late on past few days. I will keep trying to contact you InGame! I did not forget!
  5. Orangewood wagon found a new home! Be the next to call one of these exquisite wagons your own!
  6. Hey! What I have a rare crude shovel! Would that be a unique collection item you would be interested in? I think it's even blueberrywood but not sure atm.
  7. Wagons still available! If these colors don't suit you - no problem! I can make one with a woodtype of your choice!
  8. The following wagons, all at least lq50, are ready for pickup: -orangewood wagon 3s -lingonberry wagon 5s -blueberry wagon 5s -camellia wagon 5s -grapewood wagon 5s -rose wagon 5s -oleander wagon 5s -lavender wagon 5s Please leave a message here or contact my InGame character Nahimana!
  9. [22:37:58] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  10. B 20c C 51c D 51c Q 11c R 11c V 16c Ab 31c AD 16c AJ 16c AK 6c AL 6c AM 2c AR 11c AX 81c [EDIT] Send to Nahimana please
  11. B 16c C 41c K 4c Q 8c AB 26c AD 11c AG 51c
  12. 14k Clay

    8s Nahimana InGame