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  1. As the title already states Im looking to buy a bunch of supreme small nails. Paying 3s each.
  2. What material is the staff made off?
  3. Less than 3 hours left!
  4. Gratz Achillis! Ill send the frag over once Im back at deed!
  5. Sniper protection has been activated. From now on with every new bid within 1 hour of last bid the auction will run for another hour!
  6. WTA supreme statue of unicorn fragment 1/80 First supreme unicorn frag up for auction! Get it whilst you can! Starting bid: 15 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 1 hour No private bids, no buyout, no reserve!
  7. I do very well know that CA Helpers arent paid employees, but volunteers who use their own private time to help others. Im aware of that. Also I know they dont know the answer to every question. As I mentioned thats not the problem at all. But I have had it happen quiet often, that the Chat is active with active Helpers in there and I ask something and get absolutely no response. So I think, well they were busy with that other question so I try again later. But still no response. So eventually I just give up and feel like being ignored. Just how can I tell that none is available at that given time, or doesnt know the answer, or hasnt seen it or whatever reason there might be for not getting any reaction at all even after several tries? Cuz I dont wanna keep asking the same question over and over again until I get a reaction at all, since that feels like im abusing the Help chat and harassing the ppl trying to help where they can? So to sum it up: -Im not saying they ignore on purpose, not at all (it just feels like being ignored) -Im not saying they have to be there 24/7 either, cuz I know they are players just like I am -I cant tell weather I dont get an answer cuz nobody knows or none is around or it wasnt seen at all -I dont wanna abuse the Help channel by asking over and over again -I dont wanna harass the ppl in Help channel by asking over and over again -Its not just me feeling this way, just bringing it up cuz I have heard this from others aswell Question: What are we supposed to do then? (always assuming the questions are about game mechanics etc.)