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  1. [17:30:37] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to reach Aleck in less than ten minutes. Thank you. Enjoy!
  2. Rare Iron Scissors 92QL 101BotD Starting bid: 15 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Not accepted
  3. WAGONS FOR SALE Fully Equipped, New Wagon: 80QL, Runed for 5% speed, 5% size. Bulk Storage Bin, 2 Large crates, 1 Small crates, 3 small barrels, Four-Draft Trait Bison standard. Ebony Horses, optional. 12s. Available with 4-draft Mule upgrade package: 14s. Available immediately in Grape. Wagon only: 4s Miscellaneous: Rare Fruit Press. Oak. 90QL. 103BotD. 11s Iron Scissors 96QL 105BotD 9s. Saw 92QL 104BotD 7.5s. Saw 90QL 96BotD 4s. wts 90 Spindle 94Woa 2.5s Leggat 85QL 86Botd 2.s Grindstone 73QL 83Botd, 2.5s Oak Rope Tool 90QL 97BotD, 4s Oak Rope Tool 87QL 86BotD, 1.5s Press 80QL 81BotD, 2s. Iron Hammer 90QL 92BotD, 3s Pick Axe, 23QL 81BotD, 1.25s Pick Axe Head, 92BotD 3s DRAFT ANIMALS - Available for pick up at Melody O15. Highway or Coastal access. Delivery can be arranged for extra charge. 4-draft mules 1.5s each. 4-draft bison 1s each. 4-draft Ebony horses, 1s each. 4-speed horses 25c.
  4. @Explora Oh wow. These are great. I can't do them all because I just have too many animals. But I'm definitely doing several. Thank you!
  5. Maybe gives a little speed bonus for tailoring actions.
  6. Hi. Asked for the silver scythe blade, got a lingonberry shaft. 


    Accepted the shaft and I'll find use for it, but would still like the scythe blade, please.

    1. Devily


      Hey, i did not send a lingonberry shaft? Since i was not online and dont have any lingonberry shafts in stock :o maybe some one else sended it?


      I will send scythe in a couple of mins when i get online.

    2. Homestead


      oh... hmmm... no idea then. heheh. 


      Great.  Thanks.

    3. Devily


      Mmm its weird i dont get notifications when people post here lol. Maybe i should find a way to follow this aswell xD Have a great day

  7. Would like 10 each 90 ql logs and 5 99QL logs, please. CoD to Homestead. Thanks!
  8. Starkers is at 916, 1335
  9. Would be nice to have a 'salvage' option when destroying structures. (And furnaces/pillars/containers, but maybe not?) Could be even be an option in addition to 'destroy.' Perhaps a different tool, longer time, or something, but results in some of the materials (bricks, planks, etc.) being salvaged. A lesser quantity and maybe at a lower quality or something along those lines.