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  1. Anyone seeing any indication Picks Stuff Up is now doing anything? If it is fixed, I can't figure out what it does. Granted small sample size on my new animals, and don't know if the animal and traits are created at breeding (which would strike me as odd to create a dbase entry on something not yet in the world....) or at birth, but I can't tell any difference. I'm starting to wonder if the AH part actually took effect.
  2. Thank you!!!! The windows from "Manage" are terrible. Like they are MBASIC from first homework assignment from Computer Science 101 terrible.
  3. If you haven't started it yet, might I change that to a silver staff instead?
  4. Looking for an 85 Silver Halberd with an 80+ Life Transfer, please. Thanks, to you and Pantha. CoD to Homestead.
  5. Ah. Yea. That makes sense. My skill went over 70. Still.... wow, is that time wrong. Thankfully.
  6. I miss stuff sometimes, but I do not recall seeing this line before. And I definitely don't remember needing to wait 4 days to breed an animal. Has it been there since the new inspect window an I just never noticed it before? It happens with me.... but I would think I would have noticed needing to wait that long to breed a mare again. (But maybe not. /shrug) "Time until being able to breed" "86 hours" ( Was 96 hours first time I saw it.)
  7. Another perplexing foal this morning: Father - 3 draft traits, 1 Misc Mother - 3 draft traits, 1 Output Foal - 2 draft traits, 1 misc, 1 output and 1 combat. And, of course, one of the draft traits is the 'easy on its gear' that isn't really a draft trait but appears WAY too often. I'm going to wait on the smaller update to bother trying any more. Way too frustrating and too much of a crap shoot.
  8. [20:15:32] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  9. Grats. I really prefer making contact in game to double check the name before mailing, but getting no reply. So.... waiting, but will mail it before I go to bed tonight if still no reply.
  10. Yes, please. Clearly something is not right. New foal this morning: 2 speed traits, 3 Miscellaneous traits and an output trait. Both parents have 4 speed traits and no other traits. Not related.
  11. Rare Oak Rope Tool. 80QL. 90 BotD. Starting bid: 5 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Private Bids: Not accepted
  12. My concern is if it increases the bandwidth and data use requirements of the program even if VR isn't used. As well as whether the current forgiving nature of high latency will continue. My machine is more than capable of handling it. But I'm on satellite internet. High latency, slow speed and data caps. By choice, yes. I was an avid gamer for decades (yes, I'm old - no, my generation didn't have computers when we were growing up. So we invented them. You are welcome). But when I moved to a rural location, I had to give up gaming since most games will not tolerate satellite internet. After a friend pointed me to Wurm and I found out it is VERY tolerant, I've started playing again. Be a shame to lose it once more. Especially for something that I am pretty sure most people won't use. While 'my' machine is more than capable and it is my internet that is the limit, I know a LOT of people in-game whose machines will NOT handle VR. Implementation to isolate it so that it doesn't drastically change system requirements would be essential. From experience, that isn't something I'd anticipate happening.
  13. Congrats, Wineisfine. Need a name to COD it.
  14. In Snipe Protection for 1 hour from Wine Is Fine's bid.