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  1. You left out 'have no interest at all in pretending to fight other people.' Your survey has the bias that assumes everyone would if any of the things you listed were different. But that isn't accurate. I have zero interest in it. In this game or any other. No change made would change that. Lots of people feel the same way. Which is why no pure pvp MMO succeeds. Ever. And look at the reality. Look at how many people 'say' they like the pvp servers but spend most of their time on pve servers. Or 'ragequit' regularly and go to pve servers - 'for a while.' Even THEY don't REALLY like it as an environment for gaming full time. The 'pvp servers' are really just the equivalent of battlegrounds in other games. I suspect treating them as such might get more activity. Set, scheduled times and locations for battles with lockout outside those times and locations. Though even that won't get many more players pvping regular. But at least it will concentrate those that do to participate by knowing when and where to be.
  2. Not on its own. You are unfamiliar with Poe's Law?'s_Law
  3. I've noted several items that say 'and' but should be 'or.' The entry for Find 100 foraging AND botanizing items itself should be 'or' for example. Finding either counts toward the goal.
  4. FYI unless an oversight: Leveling ceilings in a mine does not count toward any aspect of the treasure hunting. Not for journal updates nor for clues.
  5. Adding goats would be a separate suggestion.
  6. Dogs and sheep (since we don't have goats).
  7. It is an artificially imposed limit? I didn't know that.... Terrible.
  8. Great list. Thank you for your work. Much appreciated.
  9. I'm done. Good luck to both buying and seller.
  10. 25s
  11. 23s Homestead in game too.