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  1. This is not a new issue, and please show me where it says that you need to fence in your deed to play Wurm Online? Please stop trolling in a suggestion forum ffs!
  2. +1. The downside is that everyone needs to brand their animals, and it will lead to a lot of whining and bug reporting because people's animals start to get diseased and dying, because they missed reading patch notes, if/when this get implemented. However, I have the issue myself, because half my deed is inside a mountain, which is a very steep cliffside, which is crawling with monsters, and I have no intention, and probably not the ability, to climb up 20 tiles of steep cliffside to fence it in with sponge-like butt-ugly hedges to prevent it. So huge +1, despite the downside.
  3. In the good old days the players would have had to find out this information for themselves, and were happy to do so.
  4. At 88 skill without SB that sounds quite realistic, if not a bit too much
  5. It would be nice if you were a little bit more specific, and actually announced these things for certain, this also includes regular updates and server restarts, which should happen on a schedule, instead of interrupting the plans of paying players at random times, without any notice, or vague hints like the above. The only thing that should happen at random times, are hotfixes after updates. Step up your game, thanks.
  6. Do foraging/botanizing get that at high levels? +1 either way, but it is just as annoying when foraging/botanizing as it probably is for Archaelogy.
  7. I have never actually seen an octopus, so I assume they actually spawn in water and don't move on land, unlike seals? If that is the case, then this bug is probably related to the bug with forage/botanize never being available on certain terraformed tiles, probably because the server polls based on historical information, rather than actual current tile status.
  8. This is maybe your only valid argument, but I doubt that iron plate changes anything for PvE chain smiths at all. All armour choices in PvE are made from look more than efficiency, since everything is basically easy to kill after a week of grinding fight skill. Existing plate smiths will get new orders for iron plate based on that it has a different outlook, why do you think that all Wurm players will suddenly just go and grind the skill to 90? I know I won't. You know what killed almost all armor smithing on PvE? Loot drops from creatures that are just so much better than anything craftable (which is already stupid in a sandbox game). This just means that all armor changes should be based purely on PvP perspective. My initial reaction was not even to you, it was purely against the argument made by someone else that "boo hoo, you pissed on plate smiths", but it seems to be your primary reason as well, since you are reacting so strongly. It is just a childish argument, and holds no value at all. From my perspective Plate smithing was finally fixed after years of being a broken skill. I hope one day the devs will have the balls to change weapon smithing also, from being 3x as slow to 2x as slow as other skills, because the only argument against that is old weaponsmiths crying over how much time they spend grinding the skill, and feels their time was wasted, even though they profited greatly for years.
  9. Just because something is new doesn't make it inherently bad either. Almost every new feature in Wurm "pisses" on some old players in some way. "I paved a road from the moon and back a few million times to get 90 paving, now you can just imp catseyes and do it in a breeze! My life is ruined!!!" "STUPID DEVS! You dumbed down the game. Now you can get gardening skill by cutting grass and picking herbs from planters? WTF ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT? We needed to plant flowers for years to grind gardening skills and it worked FINE!!!!!!" "I got all my skills to 100 before this fancy smancy new crafting interface, you are diminishing all my achievements! I could memorize all crafting recipes in my head, these kids got it easy!" "Pfft, I got all my skills to 100 before those fancy smancy keybinds! I earned my carpal tunnel syndrome, devs ruined my life with those keybinds!" I can't see a single downside to Iron Plate. All the platesmiths who grinded PAS already has a headstart on any new competition, and there is still a market for steel tools and armor, which will have less chance of competition, because less need for other players to grind Coal Making and Metallurgy now.
  10. Yeah, lets just stop developing new features. Every new feature is basically pissing on old players, if we all look at the world like you do.
  11. Only noteworthy fix and a great one
  12. Great work with the fast creature fix for animals who was halfway through fences.
  13. Considering that creature spawning and movement has been bugged for at least 5 years now, I would be in a retirement home before those bugs may be fixed, and Mars will be colonized before Wurm gets advanced creature AI like Roccandil suggests.
  14. How did you solve it? I got it now... Looks like it is a random bug which is fixed by restarting the client, so probably more of a client bug.