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  1. I'm unable to reproduce this. When you mean replace "E with take, improve or anything....", are you using the console or the settings window to change the keybind? I assumed you were using the console. Below is output from my console, where I first tried to bind "k" and "l" to take, then bind "k" to drop, and confirm that "l" was still take, and both worked as expected: bind K TAKE Keybinds UI: Secondary keybind for TAKE: K Keybindings saved. bind L TAKE Keybinds UI: Secondary keybind for TAKE: L Keybindings saved. bind K TAKE bind L TAKE bind K DROP Keybinds UI: Key K already bound to TAKE. Replaced with DROP Keybindings saved. bind K DROP bind L TAKE
  2. The only difficulty I remember when starting out was the cave bugs on Golden Valley, they terrorized the server at the time. I started out with 2 other players, and when we moved to Independence when it opened a few months later, we got help from the community. The first player to help us out was Blacklotus. Wurm has changed a lot since then, today I guess new players are terrorized by hell hounds instead of cave bugs.
  3. Merry Christmas In Denmark (and the rest of Scandinavia at least) we celebrate Christmas on 24th.
  4. Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly) I love westerns, I love Clint Eastwood, I love the soundtrack, I watched it like a million times, and it is probably time for me to watch it again.
  5. I just want to point out that noone in web development uses tools like the W3C validation tools. Maybe the big fat "This tool is an ongoing experiment in better HTML checking, and its behavior remains subject to change" on the top of the page is part of the reason. The three most important parts are performance, SEO and security. Granted, wurmonline.com doesn't score that good on https://gtmetrix.com/reports/wurmonline.com/hC0sl6Qm, but that is another story. I think Retro has done a good job so far on updating the website and other social media content, so maybe applaud him for that instead of bringing up reports from crappy tools. I kind of agree with Retro on the adblocker part as well, if people want to install browser plugins that they don't have control over or know what the hell is doing, that is their problem, and they will have far bigger issues than not seeing a youtube link on a website. Trying to workaround a plugin defeats the whole purpose of people using that annoyance list on purpose.
  6. Thanks, although that is not my barding. I'm not even sure there was barding in the game when I made the insanely stupid decision to sell Wulfgar.
  7. Nice to see you again, and I hope you do return. I have been away as well for a big portion of the last 5 years, and I am no where near caught up with all the new stuff added to the game. Was the crafting interface added when you last played? We had a major cooking update, fishing update, archaeology added, lots of new building materials and ways to be creative with more dyeable stuff, and tons of graphic updates which really makes Wurm look completely different from 5 years ago. I am sure I forgot some major stuff, but just login and have a look around and maybe browse the wiki for a bit
  8. You should have watched the community stream last night
  9. As someone who wouldn't be able to play Wurm Online without the phobia mode, I can certainly symphatize. I like the immersion sounds suggestion, Flubb.
  10. Can't really compare stamina and favor, so it makes no sense to give 3x favor regen on sleep bonus, based on your argument. I think favor gain is already incredibly easy, so -1.
  11. Where does it stop then? Then we need options for people who are scared of/offended by christmas related items, etc. It's only for like 3-4 days, if that wants to make someone quit, so be it. I hate zombies and Halloween, but I'm not offended by a game that wants to celebrate it. It would be worse if Halloween was just ignored.
  12. With the graphics update making winter look nicer (I liked it before also), can we get back to having winter last as long as the other seasons?
  13. I have found a village on Indy (not everyone is on forums), so this can be closed.