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  1. Nice :D

    No, you can use the normal Wurm client to connect to the "Steam" server, and the Steam client to connect to the "normal" servers.
  2. I would rather get 70 prayer than 70 meditation...
  3. So that makes all known game companies in world scammers in your book, since they all charge money for games they no longer support in any way. Good stuff.
  4. I have read those quotes as well. I guess you slipped in your own opinion then in "and it would have to be super dead to do so."
  5. Highly unlikely that Retro or any dev would have made a statement like that. As for server names, I'm guessing Hope (pve) and Despair (pvp)
  6. There will be a completely new server, separated from the existing servers, when Wurm launches on Steam.
  7. I am not sure including more animals in phobia mode is necessarily a good idea, unless it comes with options for which animal to include. I don't really like snakes, I hate scorpions and tiny beetles make me scream in real life, yet the anaconda, scorpion or cave bug doesn't bother me at all. The spider models we had before these didn't bother me too much either, in fact I don't think anyone ever complained before the current "realistic" spider models were introduced. I can't watch any of Retro's streams or any other stream for that matter, because I am afraid the streamer will run into a spider-infested forest. +1 to a new model though, blobs are really boring, and I do know that the texture bother quite a few people.
  8. https://www.wurmonline.com/2020/01/30/patch-notes-30-jan-20/ It is on the last line of miscellaneous changes.
  9. Does removing failures from the lowest difficulty bulk items really make the game that much easier to play? When I started playing, mining actions were 1 minute long, large anvils weighed 50kg and 100% of the material was lost on failure. Was that dumbing the game down to remove that? Dumbing the game down for me would be like if skill gain was increased by 10 times, or house walls only required one build action/material.
  10. Channeling Grind

    I find Opulence too slow at 44 channeling, and is using Excel instead, is that a bad choice? I find vesseling to be a waste of time before 50+.
  11. I don't see how Wurm on Steam will end Wurm Online, when Steam players get to choose between existing servers and starting on a new Steam server. To me it sounds like a new Pristine/Release but with much more exposure and Wurm Online at a better place to draw in and keep new players.
  12. I don't see any Riders on the Storm on the last few pages. Did you get that from my link above? It seems different people see different videos from the same links, see here: Do you see 8 dogs and 8 banjos above?
  13. When you paste in a youtube URL, it embeds the video automatically. It seems though that it is showing different videos for different people reading that post! Example: The video I posted, and are still seeing is this one: https://pasteboard.co/IRCVT93.png Other members in my alliance are seeing a different video though: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/623107905390116866/670672682832101406/unknown.png https://i.gyazo.com/607bd8706401f742c3f3a33c3ba05990.jpg I wonder now how many people are actually seeing the intended link posted in that thread