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  1. Thanks, although that is not my barding. I'm not even sure there was barding in the game when I made the insanely stupid decision to sell Wulfgar.
  2. Nice to see you again, and I hope you do return. I have been away as well for a big portion of the last 5 years, and I am no where near caught up with all the new stuff added to the game. Was the crafting interface added when you last played? We had a major cooking update, fishing update, archaeology added, lots of new building materials and ways to be creative with more dyeable stuff, and tons of graphic updates which really makes Wurm look completely different from 5 years ago. I am sure I forgot some major stuff, but just login and have a look around and maybe browse the wiki for a bit
  3. You should have watched the community stream last night
  4. As someone who wouldn't be able to play Wurm Online without the phobia mode, I can certainly symphatize. I like the immersion sounds suggestion, Flubb.
  5. Can't really compare stamina and favor, so it makes no sense to give 3x favor regen on sleep bonus, based on your argument. I think favor gain is already incredibly easy, so -1.
  6. Where does it stop then? Then we need options for people who are scared of/offended by christmas related items, etc. It's only for like 3-4 days, if that wants to make someone quit, so be it. I hate zombies and Halloween, but I'm not offended by a game that wants to celebrate it. It would be worse if Halloween was just ignored.
  7. With the graphics update making winter look nicer (I liked it before also), can we get back to having winter last as long as the other seasons?
  8. I have found a village on Indy (not everyone is on forums), so this can be closed.
  9. Hi, I have grown tired of hermit life, and instead of quitting (again), I would like to live in a somewhat active village. Let me know if you want more details.
  10. I agree. From that chat, I don't see any rude behaviour at all. Xrumx is an annoying troll on global Freedom chat, but this made me chuckle actually.
  11. Not a bad idea. Others have suggested a hunting server in the past. Instead we got Jackal, which maybe made a few players come back, and some existing players play more, but it divided the community even more, thinned out the existing server population, causing players to quit, and the subscription numbers are plummeting at the moment. https://jenn001.game.wurmonline.com/mrtg/paying.html
  12. Most people live in countries with free speech, the majority though are too dumb to understand what it means...
  13. Is that America taking political correctness to another level or what? I don't see anything unprofessional from Rolf in this thread, but then again, you haven't made sense in any of your posts yet, so ...
  14. Congratulations Samool! From what I have heard, you have made a wise decision, Rolf.