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  1. New World

    So who else preordered New World and is excited as hell for the 28th?
  2. Nice, I grabbed it for free at Epic Games Store a few weeks ago, now I will give it a try!
  3. -1 Virtual animals feel no pain, and although I am not sure that they branded cats in the middle ages, they did throw rocks at them and eat them, I sincerely doubt anyone had pet collars with buckles and name tags, but feel free to prove me wrong! Besides, if you get pet collars for your cat, I want one for my pet pig.
  4. Looks great. Must...resist...urge...to...come...back...
  5. -1 (since you have a tendency to post something and then never come back to and reply)
  6. The economy (and Wurm) was in a much better place when the players were more "isolated", we couldn't mail large items, players actually had to travel to meet up to get tools imp'ed, or to flourishing market places with merchants full of stuff. Auction house will kill Wurm, although I am not sure if the OP want that. What is missing? More cooperation (more reason to cooperate) More reason to travel and meet up and see other places. Animal AI fixed before anything else. No more new servers. Ideally we need to merge or even close some servers. We may lose a few players, but lots of old players would prefer this, because right now new players stay away because of the large number of servers with few player numbers. Either drop PvP completely or devote some time to make it more fun. I would prefer the latter option. I may have missed something, but after all the above, do some proper advertising, and the game will attract and keep more players.
  7. It is not a bug, and I think Antony explained it well. Too lazy to back off and disengage before pressing Love Effect. If you played when meditation was originally introduced, and used the Love Effect back then, then I accept your claim that it always worked on other creatures. I still think it works as intended.
  8. Love effect works on trolls now? Once upon a time it only worked on animals I'm sure? Maybe they should just change it back 😀 The spell is not utterly useless, it seems like you are too lazy or stubborn to use it properly.
  9. He was whining about doing it, and he isn't doing it himself? Got it.
  10. Wurm Online was originally meant to be a community game where people lived in villages, that worked together. If you think that new features should be designed around hermits want to go GOAT or JOAT on all skills, then they might as well just shut it down now. If something feels like a job to you, then you want to do too many things yourself. Trade something you like to do, that doesn't feel like a job, for those new horses that you need.
  11. I sense a lot of negativity here, so let's try something different... Wow, this sounds amazing, this is really great work and possibly the biggest possible improvement to Wurm I can remember. I haven't played for a while, and stuff like this almost makes me want to come back! Great work everyone on the team, I hope this works out. Some of the people complaining here probably also felt bad when ?-bags had graphics added.
  12. I hope not. Part of the appeal of Wurm for me was to meet people from other countries. Thousands of people from non-English speaking countries have played the game over the years and managed to learn and communicate with other players in basic English, the community would not have been the same if the game had been translated into several languages.
  13. -1 The changes were needed, and the team deserves some credit for finally having the courage to change things that have been unbalanced for years. Better late than never.
  14. Danish style hotdogs are the best...hotdogs in the world, but pizza wins every time!
  15. Majority of EU citizens doesn't celebrate this day, and most of those few that do consider it far more important than Christmas. No thanks.