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  1. I like the idea, but from a developer's perspective it's just too much trouble. Every unfinished wooden item in the world need to keep track of wood type of attached items, which will cause even more strain on databases etc. I 100% support the idea that we should be able to change the appearance woodtype at any time after it's finished, there is no good argument against that.
  2. Yes, this was added a few months back. Be aware that there is some minor performance penalty compared to Steel plate armour, but that doesn't really matter outside PvP anyway.
  3. They do add a bonus to their subskills. An example is that I could forage/botanize 2 items per action from 16 foraging/botanizing on my priest with high Nature, but on my main I hit 20 on both skills and still get 1 item, because my Nature skill is significantly lower.
  4. If I had a penny for each time I had to roll back new graphic driver updates from Nvidia because they broke some AAA game, I would be richer than Bill Gates by now. It is with Nvidia updates as it is with iOS updates, in most cases its best to wait as long as possible with updating. And did you even read Keenan's reply? Or do you just enjoy being an ass?
  5. Tree collision is only for players. Diagonal fences that block mobs is never going to happen (in Wurm)
  6. True, but how do you determine loyalty when accounts are traded?
  7. You do realize that Shydow is widely known for selling affinity food, right?
  8. Has it ever worked? [15:14:08] You have been premium a total of 25 months since Dec 2013. No, I haven't, but this means I won't get the 12 months gift. The absolute maximum that my account can have had premium between now and Dec 2013 is 6.
  9. -1, as I think eggs spawn enough chickens as it is right now. When I came back, I found 3 hens in the wild. One month later I had 200 eggs in my FSB and 5 roosters and 7 new hens walking around. I just kept them in a 20 tile farm area and left mixed grass for them.
  10. Cenotaph broke it.
  11. Great news, all of it. About time something was done about the affinity farming exploits (which has nothing to do with PvP, Launcelot), but better late than never I guess.
  12. +1. This would be client related as far as I know, why not make settings for people that play on decent PCs?
  13. This "bug" has existed since 1995, and has never been exploited, as far as anyone knows. Serious people testing the fix has seen almost no performance issues, and normal pc users won't experience any issues. As for Wurm servers, I doubt there will be problems as well, as only heavy (as in continous small) I/O operations will affect performance. Also, the worst bug, The Spectre exploit is much more nefarious and impacts Intel, AMD, and ARM. So the thread title should be changed. AMD is vulnerable to Variant 1, which is a Spectre exploit. As noted above, many contend that Spectre is not likely to see an effective patch any time soon, and some researchers claim the vulnerability exists in every modern processor architecture in existence. They also claim that fixing the issues could require a redesign of fundamental processor architectures Tilde: The world is not going under, 99% of users won't be affected at all.
  14. If you define choosing a tool as mindless clicking, then you are a lost cause. I bet any clicking in any game is defined by you as mindless then? Mindless clicking would be to just stare at another screen and press 2 buttons without paying attention to Wurm at all, because you wouldn't have to interact with the game to choose a tool.