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  1. Because time is money, and 4 second for digging a new dirt and 20 or so seconds lost on sacrificing the rare dirt, isn't as good as just putting it in a bulk container.
  2. Since we are seeing people suggesting whole-sale changes to the game as QoL changes, I'll offer a real QoL suggestion. Could we have an option on rare items to turn them into normal items? Or at least some way to force them into bulk containers. Kind of tired of having rare dirt littered all over my deed.
  3. -1 to all of it. If those are QoL changes, then why not suggest automated crafting, helper NPCs and removal of skill system?
  4. Any thoughts on closing down some of the existing PvE servers, if you want to keep them more desolate than normal with a reoccuring event server?
  5. Switched my Shares

    Thanks for sharing the information. Instead of fearing for the worst that can happen, I will (for once) stay hopeful until evidence suggests otherwise.
  6. All of the new laptops and desktops? I have only heard of Microsoft Surface products enabling this S mode, which is the dumbest thing ever, but it can be disabled.
  7. Grats! 100 tailoring next? Edit: Remember to change your signature
  8. -1. Not all creatures in game should be for people to keep as pets on Freedom.
  9. Please fix the year in the footer. Edit: Thanks
  10. Good luck. Ongoing advertising, first thing I ever heard about it, but we could use more of it.
  11. This thread made my day. Whoever is doing this, keep doing it, you are a hero. This is humour on such a high level!
  12. http://wurmonline.com/status-new/ is the correct link, the other one doesn't show anything for me.