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  1. Last time when they implemented tree collision some 4 years ago, it was a complete disaster. I am confident this will now be implemented in a better way, which will only increase the quality of the game (next up is creature collision I hope).
  2. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Pottery_brick_iron_fence The above page states that the fence needs stone bricks. Being a noob upon returning after 3 ½ years absence, I made tons of stone bricks based on this wiki page, and then cursed like a Klingon freighter captain when trying to start the fence, and being told that it actually needs pottery bricks. It looks like the whole page is a cut and paste from iron fence, maybe someone could take the time to go through the various fence types and correct similar mistakes. I would do it myself, but apparently editor privileges requires 30 days of /playtime on a specific account. Edit: Looking at the page again, it seems you get redirected to the iron fence page. (https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php?title=Pottery_brick_iron_fence&redirect=no) Please fire the editor responsible for this incompetent decision.
  3. Hey, I remember that, I was kind of in the middle of that. You still play Wurm, Brash, or only that stupid Unlimited?
  4. Thanks! Studying worked out great, I have a great job as a web developer now close to where I live.
  5. Something has happened that I never thought would happen. I am back (casually at least). Hope some of the old players are still around.
  6. The original owner of Wulfgar.

    Now playing on Pristine as Thibbledorf.

  7. Yo

    I can and will. It is good to see you came back though. You turn Wurm into a better game for everyone around you.
  8. I'll try to prove you wrong. (last post on forums hopefully )
  9. The day has come that I never imagined would come. Earlier today I have sold my account. I haven't played much recently since last summer anyways due to studying. After a long boring day of studying Wurm doesn't feel like it's the right game to play, I prefer something more casual and exciting. I also feel that if I want to play Wurm again one day it would be more fun on a fresh account. Wurm is a brilliant game, it has a brilliant community and I wish Rolf and all the players and developers and volunteer staff good luck in the future and thanks for helping making Wurm a brilliant game. I'll keep this short, so I'll just say that there are lots of players that I'll miss and a few players I won't miss. It's been a great almost 5 years for sure. Have fun and take care!
  10. Several players using Virgin as ISP are having problems in other online games where the server is located in Germany, maybe its related?
  11. Show me a dredge that can carry more than 40kg dirt? And LOL to any mentioning of realism. 20kg of dirt per dig? Thats one hell of a shovel. Anywho, dredging is a pita and should magically dredge the dirt into the ships hold instead.
  12. Maybe +1 to mammoths that spawn on tundra tiles.
  13. Borderlands 2.
  14. I have 2 prime suspects, you are offering a reward but do we get access to any logs or other evidence, and are you doing anything at all to try and get the individual(s) responsible caught and charged?