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  1. So far, Zenity's tree stump and Finn's water drinking are the standouts.
  2. If someone sends you an item to improve, it is and continues to be their item. Even if you Fantastic it, it is still their item. They are paying you for your skill and time in improving their item. If you turn their item rare, they will most grateful and will sing your praises. If you switch it out, or ask for more money, you are reneging on the arrangement and THEN there might be a ticket.
  3. No, seriously, WHAT'S WITH THE BEARS?
  4. Kind of a shame they fixed it, really. It was a bit of an adventure in and of itself.
  5. I was agin it before and I am still agin it. Read the mechanism for determining placing, particularly 2nd and 3rd. In a close race for first, the runner up has little chance of being the first to pick up the second place item. It is based on chance (i.e. when do they decide to plump for 2nd instead of first?; what if they have just a wee bit more lag than someone else? there are a lot of chance factors that affect the outcome). "After review". Did anyone review Fengist's description of pretty much the same thing, when it was "no" and lock-the-thread?
  6. I would like affinities to places/environments. Certain characters have certain preferred environments. The game kind of has this with deities and domains etc, but this would be more about the underlying environment and location. Skill gains & rare rolls both get a bit of a buff when you are in your element. examples: Underground affinity - your character is essentially a hobbit or dwarf . Whatever you do in caves, mines and tunnels get the buff. Mountain affinity - whenever you are above a certain elevation from sea level and with some nominal amount of rock within a particular distance from, you get the buff. Woodland affinity - you tree hugger, you. Plainsmen - wide open spaces for you. Water affinity - you do best when within close proximity to open water. Loner/Hermit - you thrive when you are by yourself. You get a buff when you are alone in local chat. Townee - you thrive in crowds/groups. You get a buff when on a deed with others (although, alts.....) Party animal - you both get and give a bit of a buff at slayings and rifts - and PVP battles in company. Warrior - your buff is waiting for you on PVP. footman - your best fighting is done on your own two... cavalier - you look down on your fellow man Nomad - you get a buff when you move to a new area, but it fades over time. Sailor affinity - you get a buff from sailing x-distance, which quickly fades over time. A very quick and rough listing, but does include at least one PVP only affinity .
  7. I sold one of those for about 75c once
  8. [18:38:32] A ball of snow that someone makes usually for throwing. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. This has a very low nutrition value. What's the most "useless" rare you have rolled?
  9. Ambidextrous duel-wielding. For each hand, both a shield and a weapon.
  10. There is irony here, because the structures in question are monuments to lumping a whole group with "toxic". @Wildelf Come visit us at Harvestmoon Lagoon. You can join the village, or another in the alliance, or maybe even start your own and join the alliance, or just visit and then go wandering around the server until you find a nice spot to settle. There are a lot of those.
  11. This post starts by saying everyone should have the same freedom but then tries to justify some players making sure other players don't have it. The precautions to take would be to establish deeds and perhaps put up signs. Despite a certain attractiveness to the notion, you do not own all that you can see and just because you can see it does mean nobody else can own it. Apart from anything else, the logic is badly flawed because an off-deed structure does nothing to protect terrain. All of the 3 reasons you give are reasons to deed, or at least to have an expanded perimeter. Basically it is going out of your way to be such an obviously and inveterately bad neighbour that nobody wants to be near you. It is pretty much employing a cynical policy of griefing to lay claim to as much free land as possible, on the server with the lowest population density. You are not avoiding drama at all, you are causing it for others. No, it isn't fair. There is a high stink of entitlement about it. Almost a literal "we are the masters of all we survey" attitude. I think the phrase used was "middle of nowhere". Xanadu is sounding more and more like some kind of hillbilly backwater. We have had lengthy discussions about what SFI has to offer and "community" and "welcome" and "helpful" type comments come up quite a bit, but this attitude that there are areas you simply shouldn't look to settle because the locals' behaviour is a) deplorable and b) not deplored is the complete opposite of that. I get that there is a reaction to "toxic players" but it is a reaction levied against ALL players, and the toxic players would probably just see it as a chance for more mischief and aggravation. @Wildelf sadly I think if you settle anywhere near these squatters they will be enemies to you simply because you are there. It sounds like you would be on your own because the behaviour is more than accepted; it is endorsed. Come to Release, where there are friendly villages and still room to settle.
  12. Okay, I harp on about global times and timezones and all that, but even I don't expect anyone to work on days spanning 48 hours. I want times given in UTC, but I am happy for the times themselves to be based on the company's home country. EDIT: I mean, we really a mob of whingers. Wurm turns a one-day sale into a week-long one and everyone is all "but it isn't long enough". I do understand Madnath's comment about people who are paid at month's end, and can sympathize, but maybe the solution would have been to give more notice (i.e. before the start of November) so people could set a little something aside. p.s. I am not in any way excluding myself from the "whingers" epithet. Just because it isn't me this time doesn't mean it won't be some other time.
  13. I am not often on Cadence anymore, but this sounds really good. I was looking at the map only the other day and thinking about how badly Cadence needs more bridges and canals. Nice work.
  14. Pretty much what is says on the tin. Logically, making a tent mostly consists of stitching cloth together. The shafts, pegs and cordage ropes are mostly just assembled. Any carpentry at all is really only a bit of maybe cutting or a bit of carving. Nothing fine about it.