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  1. Stone items got the love - it is time for clothing and fibre items to be brought up to the same standard. Oh, yeah. Bump.
  2. I am going to plonk this here as my contribution to this.
  3. If you want to try it for a while, I have at least one spare bed (maybe two) at my house. I would be happy to give you some perms if you don't want to set up in your own digs at first. If you want to do that, let me know. The house is easy to spot - a big green cuboid just north of the main bridge. I consider myself a city-based wandering hermit (despite the multiple paradoxes there) and HML has been great for that.
  4. 1) Considering the lengths people go to in order to get around PvE and raid other people's stuff - there is ample reason to expect that PvE lockpicking would be used to utterly raid secured items. I can't even call it an exploit, because it isn't some off-label exploit of a mechanic; it is using a theft mechanic for, well, theft. People lock containers because they want their stuff not-stolen - if they are happy for people to take their stuff they can either specify which people in permissions or remove the lock, but it is their choice and nobody else has a right to over-ride that. 2) Not everybody in Wurm is you. Plenty of people don't have 70-90 ql stone houses, or even deeds for that matter. The fact is container locking is a mechanic provided so that people can secure their items without having to resort to high q buildings on long-upkeep deeds. 3) If someone locked something away (in a boat, a building or, shock, even a box) then they want it protect and nobody else gets to countermand that. No excuses. 4) Wow. Basically, if real life is keeping you away from your escapist entertainment then other people should feel justified taking your stuff while you are dealing with real drama? Wow. If you want a supreme beehive then either make one or buy one. The one you covet has been locked, so the person who owns it obviously wanted to secure it against someone else taking it. Does it make you a thief because you want to take it? Frankly and bluntly, yes. Likewise if you want a high ql container and don't have the skill to make it, put out a WTB. I don't believe that motivation though, because I have played Wurm. Seriously, it's a game specifically demarcated between PvE and PvP - if you want to loot stuff, PvP is that way.
  5. Almost this entire thread indicates that this is simply not the case. People want the contents, and in practice the unlocked containers are already left littering the landscape.
  6. Sure, if you want to make fine adjustments with a sledgehammer. A person might have perfectly valid and compelling reasons not to turn off pick-up deed-wide, and after all, that is why there is also planting/securing with a separate permission. This suggestion is merely asking for that specific, pre-existing permission to be applicable for decorative items.
  7. Harvestmoon Lagoon in NE Release could be the spot for you (or one of the neighbouring allied deeds).
  8. Wait. we have ELEPHANTS now?? How do we get it on elephant slays? Are they some super-private secret thing being controlled and hidden by a sinister Elephant Hunting Group? EDIT: Oh, no, now I REALLY want Mûmakil in Wurm!
  9. Okay, this is getting into "suggestion" territory I think something like that would be workable, BUT there should still be some uber-champion level dragons out there. Something that doesn't roam far, has a mine/cave lair for it's treasure, and is approaching impossible to kill. Basically, the best you could hope for is a) knock a few pieces of scale of it and/or b) grab some loot from the lair while it is hopefully engaged elsewhere. (Oh, have the dragon loot the corpses of its victims - not full loot, but something).
  10. When it becomes a need to have some resource in order to meet a journal requirement which in itself is in order to receive a permanent buff - it is really neither content nor sandbox.
  11. It probably DOES belong in Town Square, which is probably why the OP was posted there. It was later moved to suggestions, but was never intended as a suggestion but was intended to open discussion, which is exactly what it happening. So it is really the opposite of derailing it. This is the response of the poster when it was moved to suggestions; They asked for it to be moved back to town square. Maybe that should happen, since it was never intended as a suggestion but as a discussion. There is also a strong element of catch22 going on here - if people are not specific they are dismissed for being vague but if they get specific they are dismissed for making it personal. Not a great way to resolve something that seems to be an ongoing frustration for multiple players.
  12. I think the opposite is true. People are stating their positions and sharing their perspective quite effectively. On the other hand, considering that this entire discussion has been about in-game behaviour the notion of repeatedly calling for people to stop talking about it is the antithesis of resolving it. I have seen more than one person shift their position, or at least their manner, in this thread. I grow concerned when people just keep repeating the same position and allow for no room for possible misunderstanding or ignorance on their part. I am encouraged when people frankly and civilly explain their own subjective experience and allow that that isn't necessarily the objective entirety of the situation. If nothing else, getting expectations and standards stated explicitly will help to avoid repetition of such unhappy experiences. The solution to misinformation is information, not silence.
  13. It seems the major disconnect happened around the sale and handover and the communication around that. I do believe that when communication is the point of failure, more communication is the solution. I know it sounds trite, but I mean that in earnest.