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  1. I thing this may still be happening. I got caught out last night (GMT+10 time). Raised anchor, rowed a sort distance and then discovered I could not moor. A review of the event log showed that my anchor had crumbled to dust. It wasn't a particularly high quality anchor, but the boat is hardly used and when not in use is moored on-deed.
  2. I have found a lot of things painful and annoying as a new player, use of the hand as a tool simply wasn't one of those things. Once green highlighty glow is associated with activation and double clicking is also associated with activation, well, those two dots are about the only ones to join. My issue with using water would be a question around how much is used. But then, that is sometimes a bit of an issue with processes in Wurm, using ridiculous amounts of materials.
  3. I still haven't worked out why a pottery jar plus an iron needle and olive oil make a brass compass
  4. Well, that's disappointing. I had had 5 for rares and 20 for supremes, so scaling to fantastic I would have hoped for better. I have seen older adds for them here around 5s and hoped they had at least held some value. At 50c I will likely just keep it
  5. I have only really started on pottery, and it strikes me as odd that clay objects cannot be returned to clay lumps. Really, since people have been making things out of lumps of clay they have been making those things back into lumps of clay to have another go at making a better thing. The action couldn't be simpler: activate the hand, click on the clay object, create>lump.
  6. Glass, spear and arrow tips Bone needles, and other utensils like knives, forks, spoons. Horns, used to make cups and candle holders
  7. I think getting a harvest of 2 for a plant of 1 is ludicrous. Realistically, nobody would ever plant a crop for that kind of return, but the bland (yes bland) "set and forget" nature of farming, apart from the occasional "tend" means that a more reasonable return of say 10 to 1 is an awful lot for little effort. Maybe the twofer should remain as the return for the bland farm, but have tending, fertilizing (via sharing space with animals), watering occasionally (or irrigation), growing in season, improving yield and/or quality.
  8. This exact thing is what nearly made me give up the game, and from what I have read of other early experiences I am not exactly Robinson Crusoe in that respect.
  9. Oh, Kaloo Kalay! This is fair news indeed! I would like to rename my character to my decades old tag of choice if at all possible. I can haz LowKey?
  10. This brings up another important suggestion: the ability to recover material and components. There should be an ability to dismantle complex objects instead of simply turning bashing them into dust. Realistically, although "recycling" as a term is modernish, the practice positively ancient. Granted there would be some quality loss, whether actual or effective through damage, but you should, for example, be able to recover planks from and abandoned shed or wheels from an abandoned cart. On that note, I would love it if metal objects could actually be rendered back into lumps - realistic scrapping.
  11. What about stuff on active deeds? I recently joined an active village, got given a plot with a half-built house full of wonderful resources. So far so terrific. The sailing boat locked and moored in the front yard, not so much. Basically my options are to build an oubliette around it or call it a garden feature.
  12. There is an empty sailing boat named Apple owned by Nahjocheese floating in the open sea in the NE corner of Indy.
  13. Kind of like medieval Europe, land owners and tenant villagers. It would not be discordant with the tone of the game.