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  1. You lost me right there. Basic crafted items can indeed be repaired endlessly, sure, you reach a point where no part of the original remains but the object has existential continuity nonetheless. I have tools in my shed that are generations old, and still perfectly functional (well, the handle on the scythe needs tightening) and are probably worth more now than they were new. The best axe is the oldest one you can find.
  2. One thing, though, both clients reference the same login settings. By that I mean that whatever character I logged in as last time will show up in the dialog box the next time I log in, even if I use the other client. As I have one of each and they have very similar names, this is a bit of a pain.
  3. I get that in a game certain mechanics are arbitrary but there are some glaring inconsistencies in some crafting tools/objects. Spindle and Spinning Wheel: The spindle/cotton and spinning wheel/wool demarcation is to my mind silly. The same natural fibres can be spun on both, and in fact a spindle is also a component of a spinning wheel (IRL). It is made more silly by the fact that someone with the means to farm a goodly amount of cotton would likely have used a wheel, whereas even nomads with livestock used spindles for animal hair yarn. I think either tool should be usable with either resource, but the spinning wheel should produce more/faster and maybe even better quality. Note that both string of cloth and wool yarn can be used in the same floor loom. Large Anvil and Small Anvil: There are a couple of things here that have always bugged me a bit. Firstly is the method of use - a large anvil can ONLY be used while on the floor (or some other object) while the small anvil can ONLY be use in-hand. It's an ANVIL! You never hit anything with the anvil. Both anvils should be on-the-ground use only. Secondly is the fact that small and large anvils are treated more like fine and coarse anvils, which just isn't so. The large anvil is depicted like a typical blacksmith's anvil, capable of both coarse and fine work. The small anvil should really be a BASIC anvil, able to produce some basic materials (its graphic is very much a "blunt object" style) while the Large Anvil should be able to make pretty much any smithied product. What about fine jewelry, I hear you ask. "What about fine jewelry?". I am glad you asked. The large anvil appears in inventory like it has storage capacity or a mount point. That right there could be a hardy hole, for placing a hardy-tool for jewelry or some other specific sub-skill, or tools for nail and rivet making etc. Apply some QL or time penalty for the Large Anvil making stull that could be made with the small anvil (to reflect that more care must be taken). That way the small anvil is still useful (especially for beginners and especially for travelling) but a Large Anvil is itself the basis of good smithy. Actually, if the small could be used on the ground, it wouldn't matter so much if the large can make that stuff, as you can lay out your smithy with both and use them as needed. Non-rackable tools: A bit of a bugbear for me because I like to keep my materials in one place, tools in one place and other objects in one place so I don't have to go looking for them. Most tools can be racked, but some, for example the file and the grooming brush cannot, so have to be stored in a chest or something. I got so sick of trying to remember which large chest has them that I have made multiples and scattered them into several chests just to shorten the search. Realistically, the rack has pegs so anything too small to hang across two pegs would have either a hole or a lanyard so could be hung on the rack. I wouldn't even mind adding a couple of hooks to the rack and be done with it, but a tool rack (okay, weapon rack, but it has more tools than weapons) should be able to hold pretty much any tool that can be carried in inventory. Knives: I don't think there is any chance of getting this fixed, but a knife is a knife. Heck even a sword can function as a knife. I like that the butchering knife gives better butchering results than using a shovel (or, <shudder> butchering with a pickaxe). The same should apply for other blades, though. Chopping veges, best done with the cutlery knife, but why couldn't a hatchet chop a head of cabbage? Why couldn't a [poor quality] shaft be carved with a short sword? The Shovel: It's not. It's a spade. You don't dig with a shovel, you shovel with it. You can shovel with a spade, but digging with a shovel is almost impossible. (And for those who want to say a shovel has a point and a spade is flat - buy a pack of cards). English only dies if we let it.
  4. There is one on Release at F21 - the deed there is long fallen, so there is a nice shiny guard tower overlooking a road between two nowheres.
  5. @WelmariIs this going to go on the map?
  6. stagger, stagger, trip, crawl.... here's the spot
  7. I know that Retro has said that the two are not directly or simply related, but I have definitely stopped finding rare coins while all this has been going on. I specifically noticed this because I had decided I would actually collect a set of rare coins - since making that decision I found 1 rare coin and then it dried up. Suddenly with the MOI I am getting rare branches and rare potatos, I even have supreme cumin, but no coins. Maybe I am just exceedingly unlucky, but previously it was much more common to get a rare coin than forage/botanize a rare object and when it was the object that was rare I would find the coffers were empty if I tried to offload my low QL foragings.
  8. I had a similar experience in my early travels. Found one on Indy, not even hidden in a building, just a trader fenced in behind a locked gate right there next to the deed token. It was the first trader I had seen in-game away from Haven's Landing. Later, on moving to Release, there was another one in a 1x1 shed, but not locked (or maybe alliance perms let me in). It was only much later that I heard about this practice of sucking the life out of the game.
  9. Backpacks, small chests, satchels. These are good portable containers for stuff. Your large tools won't fit in any of them. Generally, your most useful portable container is large cart loaded with a weapons rack, a large chest and a crate or BSB.
  10. Crafting and building are fundamentally different from each other in Wurm. For crafting; repairing is "resource free" and improving uses up tools (in damage) and sometimes resources. For building; repairing and improving are really the same thing, just measured first in reduced damage (i.e. effective quality) and then increased actual quality. It means that if you build a low-ish QL fence and then imp it, your wooden fence could well use 20 or 30 planks for a basic split-rail looking fence. Your 1x1 wooden shack could easily have a ton of material in it. The whole thing needs a rework and rebalancing. Last night I used a log to improve a spindle - go figure.
  11. I would like to see it to/from a container IN a cart. Serously, imagine what Wurm trousers must look like with those pockets!
  12. Nah, we've had enough of your northern animals - give us some antipodeans! Some thylacoleo carnifex, wallaroos, wetas, cassowarries. Emus and wedgies.
  13. Firslty, Eve and Wurm are two entirely different games with entirely different premises, aims and audiences. Something working in one is no reason it is needed or would work in the other. Secondly, I request that you please moderate your conversation somewhat. The above-quoted "are they working or not" is quite belligerent and this is in your response to me supporting your effort to improve deliveries in Wurm. This raises the question (in my mind at least) of whether you are trying to improve the game with your suggestions or if you are merely seeking argument.
  14. If you want to really get carried away...