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  1. I am really not active in NFI much anymore, but the intent wasn't so I could hitch my own animals but so I could hitch animals to leave for the village. In my mind it is a little in the way of consideration for making the amenities available.
  2. Well, no, it is an option. Not your preferred one, obviously. Maybe objectively suboptimal so not for min/max play but from an RP approach a perfectly valid choice. Or maybe it isn't even athiest so much as "none of the above".
  3. Ah, yes "The Little Sister"; my favourite manoeuvre. I generally stick to my long sword and large shield. Both are steel, both are skinned, and I have them equipped because I like how they look. I would also occasionally like to dual wield with either s.axe/s.sword or s.axe/s.maul. Again, just for the look.
  4. wts starter QL tools - I can practically guarantee nothing over 10ql wts tool dequal services - pay me to use your high ql tool with my low skills and many fails Wow, I never thought my arrested development was marketable!
  5. Well, that's more of a workaround, not an implementation. It would be good if people did this, but most won't so to get it done it will need to be done by the system.
  6. (holy zarking) Farquod! Four a.m. (ish) For me. Fraid I won't be making it. Feckless Fate Foils me again, Folks.
  7. I have added a couple of skinned tools/weapons, and re-ordered the list a little to put the skinned items together
  8. No; Sn00 had a file and someone was planning to take it.
  9. Maybe for newbies only (use the same threshold that is used for the bartender?) have a "You are climbing" notice (about as noticeable as "You hear bees"... or whatever it is). Maybe, have a "CLIMBING!" flasher overlay the health bar to really REALLY draw a connection (again for newbies).
  10. Or a little from column A and a little from column B. Or in the old money; "Belt and Braces". A work around may be significantly more likely (quick, cheap, easy, etc) so rather than put up with it for a long time while waiting for definitive fix, it becomes a lesser nuisance much sooner.
  11. The Trickster mockingly called out "Missed me!" and when the Troll looked around menacingly blamed it on the traveler all in blue innocently riding by sightseeing.
  12. I'm not buying or anything; I just necroed this thread to say that I love that you not only kindly informed us how many feet a horse has but also provide a wikipedia link so we could verify. A very nice touch.
  13. Can we please have months, instead "spring" and "summer". Were I am it is summer. We only really have two seasons here, summer and not-quite summer. North of me they have an entirely different two seasons, wet and dry. Our "official" seasons change on different dates to other places, too, from what I read. They only thing I know for sure is that neither of those releases will be happening in spring or summer for me (at least for everyone else, let's hope not). I am looking forward to the exploration update, as long as it is more than just more MOB encounters. What I am really hoping for is some kind of skill gains for exploration effort, and rewards for actually exploring. Really exploring, moving around to see what there is to be seen - not just looking down at tiles repeatedly examining/investigating and watching a timer. Special caves, areas that can't be seen from main roadways and waterways but take some "off the beaten path" wanderings to spot. Shapes etc that can only be seen and appreciated (or even just plain discovered) from mountaintops. That sort of stuff.