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  1. I would say the thread has grown as it has aged I did mean for people older than a certain actual age to share, just to show how many of us there are and why we stick around. But those who share having been here on Wurm for a long term are also sharing something valuable, and it is welcome as far as I am concerned. I admittedly don't play much WO at all currently, for reasons not directly related tot he game itself. I am quite active in Unlimited though, and to me that is Wurm just as much as Online is Wurm. Arguably, moreso, but that is a whole other thread.
  2. What about something like these?. Caravan - Suggestions & Ideas - Wurm Online Forum Camping suggestion - "make camp" - Suggestions & Ideas - Wurm Online Forum The main difference between the two is the first one is a vehicle while the second could be on horseback, or foot, or on any vehicle.
  3. When you start, you will need to specify Northern or Southern Freedom Isles. The two clusters do not mix, you cannot trade between them and you cannot travel between them. You could create more than one character and send different characters to different clusters, but there is no interface between the two. That said, it is your choice which you choose. If you want to join Harvestmoon Lagoon, you will have to choose the Southern Freedom Isles. I don't know if you can pick which specific server (it's been a while) but if you can, then it would be Release. Harvestmon Lagoon is in the NE corner of Release.
  4. Maybe only allow the bucket helm to be worn on PVP servers, so the wearers can be subjected to the drubbing they deserve. 😁
  5. Yeah that was a bit of a point for me, too. When models are all changed for halloween etc, that is a temporary thing (and I think there was introduced an option to not see the alternate models, possibly). This is a skin on an underlying item that could itself be very useful longterm, so for evermore in this mediaeval high-fantasy setting there is cartoon-goofy looking armour. It seems like some of these skins are aimed at people who are bored with Wurm. Maybe merchants should just sell pig lipstick and be done with it. 😉 Discount temporary skins? Wouldn't be my preference, but would be better than the current situation.
  6. Not much to add, but thought it could stand being said again. There is a point where "fun" begins to tip into "silliness" and in my opinion things have ventured too far into "silliness" territory. One of the things that immediately attracted me to Wurm was the aesthetic. The look and feel that, while "dated", was consistent and concordant with the tone of the game. There was a harmony. I shudder to think what might be next. Sponsored branding? Skins for a certain ubiquitous play brick? <shudder> Minecraft skins? There are so many historical possibilities for weapons, armour, tools, furniture etc skins that would deepen immersion rather than breaking it.
  7. That all sounds great. I made a suggestion a while back that fits #9, sort of. Based around a backpack or a vehicle, but includes a tent, bedroll and protected area. Camping suggestion - "make camp" - Suggestions & Ideas - Wurm Online Forum And Sheffie made a better suggestion Caravan
  8. I cannot recommend this server enough! In my opinion, this server has something for everyone. The many islands with varying environments means that really you can have as hard or as easy a time as you prefer. (I prefer the more challenging side, and there is plenty to provide challenge). For those that like it easy, there is a lower limit - at 3x/3x on the spawn deed with beds, resources, equipment, spirit templars for protection. Or you can head off to establish yourself somewhere more challenging, e.g. in a desert, a hidden cove, or on a mountaintop. Or you can choose to remain a wanderer and explore - there is so much to see; some of the environments are rich and abundant, some are challenging. There are some terrific hunting grounds. That is all before considering the optional entirely new gameplay mechanics available if you choose to play a classed character (which you can do just by specifying the class at the start of the character name). There are currently 4 specified classes in addition to the default character, with the divergence from "normal" ranging from minor to huge. If you don't want any of that, just don't choose an "opt-in" name and none of it affects you. If you do want to try whole new ways to play Wurm, choose the appropriate "opt-in" name and try it out. I know this reads like an advertisement. Yes, I am trying to convince people to come check it out; partly because I love it there and figure the more the merrier, but mostly because I love it there and think that if you don't try it then you could be missing out on something.
  9. Getting ready to start some more tales. A warm up: I fell down a cliff the other day. I guess you could say I made my mark.
  10. Given Lancelot's farewell expressed the concept of being too old for this, and given the response from many, I thought it good to invite the older amongst us to speak up and share Wurm from the perspective of *ahem* long experience. So, if you have been around since before the internet, what is it about Wurm that you value and enjoy?
  11. Goodbye

    Oh, dear. I am well into my 54th ... I do in Wurm what I am too old to do in real life.
  12. Yes, almost exactly this has been suggested a few times.