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  1. I am a natural Wurm nomad, explorer and mountain climber. Not great for skillgains, but well suited to this, I think. Stormfall looks great from altitude!
  2. Well, apart from fir, there are also thornbushes. I had forgotten my dislike of running through the fir forest - but then it wasn't "spiced up" with thornbush booby traps
  3. Yes. Definitely. Somewhere around here I have the basic calculation of the silver value of marks, but it is the early hours of the morning here and I am too tired to look right now. Also - "compensation" shouldn't be sleep bonus or even sleep powder, but marks.
  4. @Darnok This is now becoming a chorus. A good way to show a) how and b)that your suggestions would work without irretrievably ruining the game would be to stop insisting you know better than everyone else and show your suggestions in action.
  5. I shall give this a whirl. Lowkey in game. Walnut sprouts please
  6. Not just related to the anniversary, but it is generally depressing and disheartening that "staff" are so inactive on the fora.
  7. Yes. This is how genuine F2P used to work (don't know if it is still the norm). Cosmetic changes so that people can, for a price, heavily customize the look of pretty much everything around them. MOAR SKINS PLEASE!
  8. IRL, it turns out that the quality of the pickaxe makes no difference at all in the results of butchering a chicken.
  9. Are there any? This is a genuine question. I have known some people to get an extra one or two, or like me just hold onto a Jackal skin they don't want or need. But I have not seen anyone generally trading them.
  10. Yes to both being able to buy any/all of the previous monthly skins and to being able to select which skin to buy. As above - just have a whole skin shop hanging off the marks store. I don't see the need to charge more for bygone monthly skins - but I can see that a skin "lucky dip" would be cheaper than selecting the exact skin that you want. Maybe have a random skin at 3000, and a specific skin at 4500 - don't put monthly skins in the random pool until 12 months old and then give them a lesser probability than jackal skins.
  11. I have been back for 3 or so weeks, and only gone off deed 3 or four times and have see plenty of mobs of all kinds in the wild, except deer, crocs and gorillas. Every time. Maybe you are just doing it wrong.
  12. Yes, so a written response to the reviews themselves could be along the lines of, "Here is what we have done to resolve that."
  13. I have to admit, while imping metal items, I usually do have Forged in Fire on the TV.