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  1. Yep, but the more the merrier. This is an economy breaking bug.
  2. Can't nominate any price below gold for COD. Can't even access the fields
  3. I seem to have lost my "f" keybind. When 3rd person was implemented, we lost v for view centering so I bound it to f. Now it doesn't work. When I tried to rebind centre view to f, I get the message the f is bound to "default action". As I have had a bit of a look at the new gui, I did eventually realise what this keybind is, but I could not find anywhere to change it. So now I have no single-key bind to centre the view, which I was using very frequently. When a patch or update is going to erase custom keybinds, it would be really nice to get a heads up.
  4. A tortle. It has stumpy feet and the high domed carapace but swims in the sea.
  5. You're wrong. It was firmly tongue in cheek. I am suggesting that our suggestions are collectively contradictory and impossible. I had really hoped the "This may require a bit of coding" for a game to read your mind and adjust on the fly was hanging a lampshade on it.
  6. Make everything simpler, except the things a player wants to keep complicated. Make everything automatic, except the things a player wants to do manually. Everything should last forever, until we don't want it to. Everything a player makes should be secure from interference, except for everything every other player makes. Terraforming should be permanent, unless we want it to automatically reset. Animals should be both easy to kill and challenging. Rare objects should be common. Display all possible information all the time, but keep the screen clutter to a minimum. Make the graphics photo-realistic out to the vanishing point, but keep memory use and lag down. Above all, know for each player their preferences and mood at any given time, so the correct options above can be implemented. This may require a bit of coding. There, that should make everyone happy.
  7. Plaintext conveys zero irony
  8. Fair enough. Maybe a notice when you next log in. An absent player probably wouldn't care before then. It wouldn't be everything produced. Basically, if it has sat unloved for a certain period you get the option to tag it for "collection", which starts a countdown to moving it. A trash island would be interesting. For a lot of stuff, yes I think a replacement would be made instead, but I think that is true already. I know with branded animals there is a locate function that returns direction and distance. I don't know if something similar for other items.
  9. I have 3 rotten eyes, 1 glowing jars and 1 frozen tokens sitting in my vault. 12c each, and let me know if u want more, as I seem to find these quite a lot (18 in two sessions is my best effort so far).
  10. You're just not scruting hard enough.
  11. You can mail a yellow potion, renamed to your character, to Jpopper for 5c. One per character.
  12. Somewhere in the mists of time, I suggested in some other thread regarding tidying up, that it would be good to be able to drop a notice on an item, which if not claimed within some specified time would be teleported to a holding yard of some sort. You would still get a rubbish pile, but only one per server. The owner/lockholder should receive a notification by email, and the item should be renamed with their character name for easier identification.
  13. You mean, a door? Just put your stairs or ladder behind a door and put a lock on it .
  14. I am not sure if those saying this have read and comprehended the objections at all. It is not just about casual players, but includes players who need to be away for various reasons for various periods. Who are we (or the developers) to be the gatekeepers on whether the reason is good enough or the period is short enough? This can't be about tidying up, because there is plenty of scope for that.
  15. Yes, it would. Maybe a little inventory room in the backpack would work. Slots would be useful. I keep thinking of so many things that could make good use of slots.