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  1. Actually, the comment was they had never seen the functionality used at all. It's obvious from both threads that this has been used in the past, and even the use went unnoticed. So you have staff saying they've never seen the functionality used, although player commentary is that it was. How could unnoticed use be analysed for evidence of abuse? I am not trying to assert that there was abuse, merely pointing out that with being under the radar for so long, from the user side we cannot say anything about evidence one way or another, unless most people who have been muted have spoken up and admitted to deserving it.
  2. er.... no. There really is no evidence one way or the other whether it has been abused or not. It is worth noting that the message itself allows the expectation that it would be abused (i.e. not just that abuse was possible, but that it was likely). A lack of complaint from people who have already been rendered mute once is hardly evidence that they deserved to be rendered mute (which is the required conclusion to the premise that it was not abuse of the function). It could simply have been operant conditioning at work. In the closed thread, there was a lot of commentary that if it happened it must therefore have necessarily been deserved, which rules out a priori even the notion that abuse of this kind could exist. Not only is that not logical, it isn't even wogical. Given the current player base, if it happens at all it is problem at least an indication of possible abuse. All that said, the functionality is being removed because of the potential for easy abuse. Everyone still ignore anyone, so there is no loss. Happy ending all round.
  3. Meh. It's a roughly medieval level of technology. Disposals weren't invented yet.
  4. If you bring it all with you, it isn't escapism.
  5. That's still ambiguous even when repeated. It sounds like the sequence is purchase then reward. To be crystal clear - do already-premium players need any additional purchase of premium to redeem this reward?
  6. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Oh, no, I couldn't do that. It would break the immersion completely. I am happy to look at the map decipher where I am from that, but I wouldn't want something to just draw me in on the map. Besides, getting lost is not as unfun as it may sound. "Forced exploring" is a fair term for it, and finding my way is a good way to help me build my mental map.
  7. That plays right into my wheelhouse. I relied on it so heavily in my early days on Indie that I still have little idea what agros I can take and which will leave me with nice human-shaped parcel to pick up. The idea of mysterious sudden disappearance of a server kind-of bothers me, but then for what we are paying for these servers, do we have any right to expect anything else? If craft skill can be up and running reasonably quickly, I think this one could be good to check out. I can see me merrily churning out gear and material for others to buy. Set up shop/house with a couple of others and each focus on something different. One for armor, one for melee weaps, a fletcher and bowyer. Hmmm.....
  8. Sklotopolis - PVE

    I have been on the Liberty server for a week or two, and must say I am enjoying the frontier feel. I actually get to places that seem untouched rather than feeling like a tourist. The default start point still has a lot of wilderness but is also somehow crowded. The portal to the southern spawn point is handy, and the area is much less crowded. However, I think the two portals are oriented 90 degrees apart and it seems to have messed up my sense of direction completely. My deed is due west of the southern spawn camp but in my head I keep thinking of it as NS. However, I reckon the bounty for guard towers has resulted in far too many towers. I can't even really use them as landmarks, because they are just everywhere. McDonalds would be jealous. The live map is hard to read at small scale without turning them off. I think the skills and timers are well balanced. I don't know about the economy yet, but the kill & bury bounties seem reasonably fair. I am already spending too much time on WO, now I either have to divide my time (WO and two WU servers) or invest more of it. I am hooked, though.
  9. I like the map, and the mixed landscape. Although, I must admit I moved my deed not once but twice. The first one was because I was too close on the west side of Falling Trees, which must have fenced in well beyond the deed boundary (which I don't understand for free 81X81 deeds). as after I had set my deed I looked at the layout map of it and a chunk to the east was fenced off. I moved uphill and started yarding up some livestock and then the lure of altitude and panoramic view drew me to the top of the world. I am going to have my hands full building a navigable road that isn't an eyesore up to my deed, but the lookout will be worth the trip. The burn bounty seems a bit high. I have really not gone hunting or anything, simply dealt with agros as I come across them (at least until I got my cart built and the "engine" in, so I can just blow past them, although charging through thick firs at 30-something had me blinking like Benny Hill) and in only a couple of days I have gold in my account. Actually, I don't really know how the economy will be effected long term. Silvers are extremely easy to come by so people wouldn't mind spending, but skills ramp up incredibly quickly and actions take little time so I am not sure if there will be a market for anything. Time will tell. Not a lot of people on yet, but that I think is the bane of Wurm in all its formats - the player base is spread across a large number of servers. Having fantastic equipment in the starter town is a very nice touch. Well done. (Although I did forget about the small anvil in inventory and had to go all the way back to return it. Wouldn't happen if it was used on the ground the same as the large anvil.)
  10. Yes leading hitched carts and hitching one animal to small cart for leading only. I would also like to see the small cart hitchable to other domestic animals, chiefly available are sheep and pigs. Why are they no goats in Wurm? We need goat-carts.
  11. Or zonalize the creature spawns. This already happens somewhat with other creatures (crocodiles, tortoises, scorpions) so have the area near starter towns spawn more rats & wildcats, with wolves not far away and keep the bears and other tougher agros spawning further from the starter towns. That way the starter town would not just be like a walled city where everything is provided within the walls but step outside and it's lions, tigers and bears, oh my! It would be the safest place, with the safety dropping off as you move further away. Newbies could stay in town for a couple of days, venture into the close surrounds to get a taste of risks while still being able to supply at the town, and when they are ready venture out into the wilds.
  12. Maybe for "more use" it could be fill rather than just a surface. Basically black dirt.
  13. What about a delay on the additional info. Hover over:- the character name displays instantly. Maintain the hover for say 2 seconds (for example): - the titles and honours. The result from the op would be "Beastwolf" for two seconds and then the rest as displayed. Or maybe on hover, display the name and titles, and then on maintained hover display the honors. The result would "Arch Mage Beastwolf the Mental" Or or, have a nickname. The character's nickname would by default be the basic character name, but would be changeable. The nickname would be the basic display and the full name as per the op would be on held hover. This would also facilitate a level of name changes that people could be fine with, their nickname is the display name on hover, but everything else uses the actual character name. For example a character named Geoff might have the nickname "Shorty", "Geoff" is what displays in chats etc and there is no getting away from that, but face to face you would see when you hover "Shorty" and then "Geoff". Or not.
  14. Except trees all throughout the map would be decidedly unnatural. I find trees trees and more endless trees very offputting. IRL I have a heavily forrested 40Ha block and even with its "weed trees" (self seeding and growing thickly) just the other day I identified over half a dozen large clearings at least 30mx30m (i.e. in Wurm scale, 5 tiles by 5 tiles) with clear "corridors" throughout the entire property of 3 - 4 meters (i.e. 1 tile wide). In real life, trees grow in patches, small ones are called thickets and copses and spinney, larger ones are woodlands and forests. Give me a variegated landscape any day.
  15. Short answer, no. They both invalidate the action. Thing is, though, we all know that the votes are by and large only for the rewards so the votes are essentially ignored. Commentary, on the other hand, purports to be an actual opinion or experience. If there is a plain disclaimer that this is a paid action, we can consider that and decide whether to disregard the opinion entirely. If the opinion is NOT offered with a plain disclaimer, then it is being presented as genuine when in fact it may well not be. Having said that. I mostly look at the OP and the bare listing of features, mods etc. So the opinions don't count a lot for me. I haven't tried this server yet, but I am now seriously looking at it. As long as it isn't too crowded (not so much population but land and resources locked behind deed permissions or just plain fences) I think I would like it.