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  1. 1. Thetrickster 2. 2019 3. Wurm is whole worlds waiting to be discovered and explored. 4. There is no one favourite, but here is a sampler Putting the last peg on the knarr I built at the lowest possible skill level was a pretty special moment. Reaching the peak of a mountain after a long and difficult climb and discovering a whole new vista. Running around town with one other villager trying to stop a champion troll that was on a rampage was a lot of fun. Where else would you find a ship sticking out of a mountain peak in the middle of nowhere? 5. 5.
  2. Oh, Platyna will be pleased. No, hang on, the torch & pitchfork mob had her railroaded. Apparently after years of open use, it was deemed a bug exploit. Supplies were tracked down and confiscated - I wonder if it was considered worth the effort.
  3. Wouldn't be out of place - it's been around for a very long time. Not super flat and clear panes, but blown/spun. Some thoughts on mechanics: A pile of sand into a smelter --> a glass ingot (or call it a lump for consistency) Allow forges and campfires to heat an ingot. Use a new tool - a glassblower's pipe (whatever the proper name is) to create blown glass objects. Use a hammer on an ingot to create glass shards. Make molds either by using a chisel on a brick or using pottery methods - shards in a mold in a furnace to produce molded items. Use a grindstone or mortar/pestle to turn shards into powdered glass - which can be used on clay items to create glazed pottery items - prettier and more durable than unglazed Add dyes to glass powder for coloured glazes Glass powder into a smelter to also produce an ingot/lump - so coloured glass can also be created EDIT: Allow glass objects to smashed with a hammer to create shards - recycling! I got interested and read up a bit - wooden molds were used, too.
  4. The "marsh spreads everywhere" rumour, however, DOES spread everywhere
  5. By hitting them with frequent permadeath and making them re-roll their character over and over. No, wait.....
  6. I think when I worked on this concept, I had 40 as the minimum slope, and even then only for sand, above the water line. For bare dirt it was something like 70 or more. Grass would be a couple of hundred (and therefore also steppe, and maybe tundra but that could be steeper again). Rock and clay not at all. I didn't think about marsh (Wurm marsh already defies logic and physics) but maybe somewhere a but less than grass while still well above sand. ANY infrastructure would rule it out altogether - even a fence or lamp-post. From memory it wasn't just about the slope, either, but about the CHANGE in slope. The effect would be like the top edge of a cliff rounding off a bit and the "lost" material would be scree at the bottom.
  7. Yes but most objections are to elements that are either addressed in the suggestions, or straw men. Most objections fall into these broad types; Don't be lazy, if anyone is put off by big steep blocky slopes, let them use dig/drop/level to change them the hard way. The problems with this objection are; Newbies cannot do this. The "hard way" is actually no way as working those slopes is skill-gated (or attribute gated). Server populations are greatly reduced, meaning there is a LOT of heavily terraformed landscape ("mine-crafted" in appearance ) that is completely abandoned. Where hundreds worked at terraforming for their presence, there are now dozens to re-terraform for the absence. It is hard for the inexperienced to tell the difference between a long abandoned deed area and a newly prepared area - so instead of going to work on a location that they like, there is an impetus to just move on, leaving the abandoned area once again abandoned. All of my hard work will be undone. No, it won't. With a mechanism that is slow and limited both in scope and extent, it will take a very long time to do more than take off the blocky sharp edges. An angle of repose mechanic, applied based on tile type AND prevented by presence/proximity of infrastructure would ensure that landscape "settling" would occur ONLY in long abandoned areas ONLY after everything else has rotted away ONLY to limited extent ONLY on dirt or sand based tiles ONLY above water level. There will be no mountains sliding into the seas and no lakes silting up. Somewhere around here, I worked an example of a 1600 slope cliff and it's final shape - IF it was grass with NO infrastructure and even then only after many many iterations of an erosion mechanic (which I would see as maybe 1 tick per month or even longer). It would still flat-top plateau but with top and bottom edges that are a BIT softened. Others may be pushing for something more than this, I must admit, but my own view is that it should look abandoned, not virgin. All landscaping in Wurm should be permanent. This already doesn't happen. What is DEEDED is protected, and would remain so. What is off-deed and not part of a highway or heritage infrastructure is always "fair game". EDIT: Regardless of this - I don't think it should be a high priority. There are not enough developers, and there are genuine problematic issues that should take precedence. This to me is "would be nice".
  8. Yes! Or maybe even Athena or Zeus, as the carrier of the shield.
  9. That is also a reasonable argument against implementing it.
  10. If true that could have something to with the fact that there hasn't yet been an actual argument why this feature SHOULD be in the game. You have said "I would like it", others have said "I wouldn't like it" which carries every bit as much weight. However, it has been argued by a few it is ALREADY in the game, just not with a labelled mechanism, which would only really be necessary if this was to convey something to the player, which you have already said would be exploitable. (FWIW I don't alt, ever). And then, there is this; A clear, valid, well-reasoned argument why it shouldn't be implemented.
  11. I have no dog in this fight. I won't argue with those obviously more experienced in such matters. Just consider it my outsider's perspective.
  12. Sorry, I don't like it. It is only really a QoL enhancement for minmaxing, especially the notion of having a massive furnace with an integral refrigeration unit, all to enhance bulk grind. There seems to be a suggestion that these will also integrate anvil functions as well. What that is suggesting is not actually a foundry but an ironworks. Foundries generally produced cast items, not forged items. Given the notional time period / tech level of Wurm an industrial stand-alone factory foundry in one object is way too advanced as a technology - we don't even have those right now. We certainly don't have something that can achieve crucible temperature within a few feet of something that can instantly drop glowing metal to room temperature. The game already allows for a foundry - just that you have to actually build the components for different parts of the process. Yes, there is a need to limit the number of furnaces on a tile - rightly so. If perhaps you were to be proposing a different kind of metal-working furnace, that produces cast items - i.e. can't be improved - then I could get behind that. Likewise, I would like the idea of a large crucible that could be placed in a smelter/forge to create larger quantities of alloy. Throw in quantities of lumps and let the process turn them into alloy lumps - a bit like a smelter turns ore into pure lumps. Not that it would affect me much as it is something I simply wouldn't use. True, I don't like it, but I wouldn't care much if other people used it - any more than I care about people spamming thousands of items to get rares.