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    Oceania Terraces At Fairview - Lyhrinae Greetings Wurmians! We touch base this week to share with you what's being worked on and where we're at with things. So take a break from binge watching whatever is on Netflix and jump into it with us. But first.. Patch Notes Shine bright like a diamond With all these fancy normal and specular maps, one question has gone unanswered... What about player armour? Well, the Saroman and Samool dream team (The S&S for brevity) have been hard at work, and are pleased to showcase, shiny armour!!! https://i.imgur.com/PrELaql.gifv Not only that, because these guys don't do things by halves, they've gone and added the ability for rarity to show too! When these guys get together, nothing can stop them (bar performance impacts, and the odd ripply naked man). Expect this to go live in the coming weeks. Crusader PMK gear Well the votes are in, and my favourite one won! (I swear I had nothing to do with it, I just have good taste) We'll be doing a few tweaks then get them in-game for you all to continue to show off your cool PMK stuff. Movement and desync devblog In the patch notes during this fortnight a little single bugfix was posted "fixed a number of movement issues" While it looks small, Budda took the time to jump into just how big this "simple" fix actually was and what it means. Check out all the details here: WU Beta The WU beta is ongoing, with a small patch released last week. We'll likely be including one more update before it all goes live, so hang onto your hats, that's gonna be huge! It appears to be one of, if not our biggest update we've done code wise! Community Content Forum member Gawain has started vlogging his life in Wurm! He shares his adventures via YouTube video, and updates a forum thread here: That's it from us this week, by next news the WU beta should have gone live, and we'll no doubt have more to share with you about what we've been working on. Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    Agreed. I want my forges to take 50 minutes to warn up, and I want single-story houses with two wall types, small expensive deeds, no bulk storage, skill decay, lack of key binds, and skill limits to come back.
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    Please allow us to create cloth bardings with kingdom textures. They would need to be a created item rather than rely on the horse to have a kingdom as they're not usually tamed or branded (or some fancy code to set the barding to the equipper's kingdom). Currently, it's difficult to spot your kingdoms horses in a skirmish, so this would hopefully make it easier. Also, remove the speed penalty for wearing them. The protection bonus is negligible, so I don't care if it stays or is removed along with the speed penalty removal. Could potentially allow it to be worn over other horse armour..... Pic for inspiration: Pls add.
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    Hello, I'm Gofs, I finished and sold total 4 deeds 3 at Xana, and 1 at Pri, (one more coming soon) I think Wurm is beautiful, very impressive by possibilities game, where possible to create very nice deed's. For example build deeds not just for skill up, but with some general idea, like Pirates deed (at some island), or Monastyr deed (somewhere at mountains) I gonna put some examples of my works here :
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    We actually are working on setting up some advertising! It's still in the works but hopefully some results will come of it. We're also focusing on retention as well, and looking at some things that promote ongoing gameplay, like rifts and archaeology do. Something to do when not grinding for skill alone.
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    With advertisement? Yes. Wihout advertisement? No. I don't know why some people do not understand that...
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    I'm a new player (about 3 weeks or so) and, quite frankly, I didn't like the game at first. For that matter, I'm still not sure whether I like it or not. Click and wait 10-20s, repeat, repeat, repeat. Can't even queue things up because the loss of stamina makes the 2nd and 3rd attempts take 2-3x as long. Then, the first time I left the training area, I was killed by a Hell Hound while still in town. I didn't know the name of the starter town and ended up resurrecting in The Howl. I went online to figure out where I was and where my corpse was. I died on the way but had nothing left to lose and resurrected in HL. The Hell Hound was camping my body so I logged off in disgust and didn't plan to play again. However, there were some things I did like (more or less in order): (1) runs natively in Linux, (2) skills increase with use, (3) can make progress even if you only have a few minutes to play, (4) persistent accomplishments, and (5) no hyperinflation. So I decided to give it another chance. I suppose advertising will help some, but if the initial experience is not fun, people aren't going to stay. It seems like the attitude here is to make the initial experience as difficult as possible so those who stay won't complain about the grind later on. Remember the old saying about first impressions. My (1) above is the main reason I decided to try again but that will apply to very few people. My suggestions for improving that initial experience would be (again, more or less in order): (1) Nothing aggressive should spawn or visit a starter town that a new character cannot kill. However, there should be some rats, chickens, or something that they can kill. I like the Elder Scrolls games where there are guards patrolling the main highways and towns are completely safe--enter the wilderness at your own risk. I like the old Asheron's Call model where spawns got progressively harder as you moved away from town. I still haven't found anything other than cows and chickens that I can kill on the first attempt and often run into instant death spawns while looking for cows or chickens. (2) I think the initial 24 hr skill bonus should either reduce time taken as well or negate much of the stamina penalty. This is still the main thing I don't like about the game--that queuing something 3 times takes many times longer than doing the task 3 times waiting for stamina to return. An option to automatically rest until stamina has recovered between attempts would be enough to make me like this game much more. (3) I don't know what the solution is, but there needs to be some way for lower skilled players to make money. I have yet to find a vendor that will buy anything I can make. Selling to a token is ridiculously time consuming. There's already a per hour limit, why not let me sell it all at once? Fear of abuse? Anti-macroing? I understand. Then make the time spent and/or amount limit inversely related to time online (Edit: time spent directly related, IOW, if you're online for a long time, it takes longer to sell. I probably need to think about the amount limit but the idea was if a person was online for a very long time, the limit should be more restrictive.). If I only have a few minutes to play, I don't want to spend it on 3+s per iron at a token. That's my 2c worth from a total newbie's perspective. As for some of the other suggestions, I have wondered if there could be more than just f2p and premium. I do think that the game is too expensive for a niche game. I like the DDO model with 3 levels, f2p, Premium, and VIP. Their VIP is more or less equivalent to Wurm's Premium. Their Premium kicks in if you spend any real money on the game at all. So, even something as simple as--if you buy anything at the store, the 20 skill limit is removed--might help. Or, bump the limit up by 10 for every purchase?
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    Just show the full unadulterated double precision floating point number. That way you know you're at 99.9999999999765 digging... which is much closer to 0 than to 100
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    No, the best part is that you guys manage to bring your petty PvP squabbles into a thread concerning a feature that is unavailable in PvP.
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    Heres an idea, Just bring Epic mobs to Freedom
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    Hello everyone. The purpose of this thread is to publish Wurm screenshots taken by my current WO toon, Zac or my former account, Trevize at least weekly. Some of the shots will be retrospective, nostalgic pics taken during my WO time (since 2012). I want to take hold of the beauty of Wurm, which always has impressed me. Enjoy, and feel free to comment. Happy Wurming! The first one is a landscape from Deliverance, back in 2015.
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    Staff says about removing AFK skills like fishing, but adds 70 Prayer needed to complete journal, lmao
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    (C) Teotu from Sklotopolis
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    Ok, been thinking about this for a few days and the best i can come up with is the following. Since the biggest hurdle for pop growth seems to be player retention, and we always hear the same complains from newer players, then why not isolate a solution for those complaints to a new player experience that doesn't affect the older more established players. How? Perhaps, by making a new server island designed for new players. No deed dropping permitted, mobs with limited cr, say up to bears, so no spawning of hell hounds gators snakes spiders or trolls, etc. Only people with a max amount of skills or skills limited to a max of lets say 50 can gain skills there. And if more than 5 skills are above 50 then stop gaining altogether. They could either spawn there or travel there if below the skill limit. Name the server something obvious so that new players know that its an easier server (examples: Genesis, Newbie Island), and give option to spawn at other servers for more experienced players or any players who dont want to spawn there. Make it a small server so they can easily find each other, and their way around. And lastly maybe reset that server every year or two or not, i like looting old deeds but other people like the smell of a new server. Would also have global chat and trade chats etc, like a normal server. Of course if a new player wants to spawn in an older server they could do so also. disclaimer: just suggestions trying to answer the op.
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    Preventing the misclick is easy. Have the closest location to body be first option. Have all options show the relative distance to corpse.
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    Today I have decided to start up a project of making a memorial garden for the wurmians who's lives were lost IRL. I will try to post updates as often as possible as I go through the process of making this!
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    Me once this update hits WU:
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    And YET another Sklotopolis-build ( the newest section of my *work in progress* labyrinth - I send great thanks to Svilgar, Takah and Hasavah for donating mats \o/ Gotta love this community)
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    This is just as helpful as "don't break stuff". We test all the changes, and none go live unless it works fine on test for a period of time. It's just that certain issues tend to come out only on live, most of which were unlikely or impossible to appear on test, but at least we're quick at fixing them.
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    I'm happy to hear advertising is being worked on! When I found out about Wurm it was because I (at the time) ran a gaming blog and had kept a close watch on gaming news. February of 2014 there was an article about Wurm being hit by a DDoS attack. It looked unique and fascinating so I downloaded it that day and fell utterly in love. This may not be the way they hoped to find a new player, but hey, all news is good news I guess? I love what the team has done with the Valrei Entertainment Network, but I'd like to suggest reaching out to other streamers as well about the game. I'm not a Wurm streamer, it's not what people come to my channel for. But every time I do play it, people usually seem interested and curious. They've often never heard of it, nor anything like it. I've even had several viewers start playing on the WU server I'm on. Which brings us to my biggest hurdle with this game: I love it, I adore it to pieces and it's my favorite game to just relax and listen to a podcast or chill after a rough week. But I cannot play it everyday. I can't always play it every week. I'm busy and have a mountain of things on my plate and though I miss WO enormously, I can't justify the price of premium for a single character and my deed when I know I can't play as much as I did when I first started. I don't think that the only people playing Wurm has to be a super dedicated niche of players who can devote a ton of time to it. Every game has both hardcore and casual players. If there can be a way to entice that group of people to play WO instead of, or in addition to, WU, I think a lot more people would be willing to stay. I love my WU server and the people in it, but the thing I miss the most about WO are the friends I had there. This game has a really special community and has continued to be friendliest bunch I've ever played with. So I guess my biggest recommendations would be: give a month of premium in WO to everyone who purchases WU, reach out to streamers/writers/youtubers/podcasters, etc who are known for playing other, similar games. Maybe give them a month of free premium too and some silver to buy a deed and really show their viewers what the game can be like. You could even put them in contact with a VEN member to guide them through the early stages. And lastly, consider finding a way to let both casual and dedicated players coexist. (Without requiring the less active players to have to live with friends. Part of the charm of Wurm is carving out your own place in the wilderness! :D)
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    Some screenies of the work so far (outside mines)
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    In this week's patch notes there was a small line that a lot of people would have glossed over, that being “Fixed a number of movement issues.” There’s a long story behind this one, with a few weeks total of working on it and something completely insane that I had to fix, so I wanted to write a bit about it - if you’ll forgive my rambling. Note: Before we start this I should point out that in the context of this post, "desync" is referring to a creature or player appearing at one location from your view, but from their view they're in a different spot. This isn't related to the "Your position on the server is not updated." message that you can sometimes get when the server itself is lagging. Hopefully by now some people have noticed a bit smoother movement in general (ignoring today's horses being a bit jittery on bridges), and a lot less (ideally none) movement desync that the game has had troubles with for a long time. These desync issues were magnified with the Fishing update and became a lot more apparent over the last few months. You might have encountered this on your boat by disembarking after a long trip and being a tile or two away from where you thought you were, or by leading a creature a long distance and it slowly getting farther and farther away from you. The cause of the desync becoming more apparent was a change I did months ago for fish. Each fish in the game is technically a creature the same as any other and the server controls it as such. When you cast your line it decides when your fish will spawn, then tells it to move towards your line where it stops for a bit. Early on we ran into issues where the fish wouldn’t always stop right on your line, but sometimes off to one side or the other. To get into the reason for this issue and how I fixed it we have to dive a bit into how the movement updates in Wurm work. Movement is calculated on the client based on your input which then sends your new position to the server. Server then checks that data against what you’re allowed and expected to actually do with that movement then if everything is okay it saves that as your new position and updates everything that needs to know where you are. This includes any other players that can see you, all the creatures within range of you, anything you’re riding or dragging or leading and a few other things. When doing these updates they’ve historically been done using position differences. The difference is passed along and calculations are done based on that instead of the exact new position. This is where the problem starts. For reasons of keeping data packets to all clients as low as possible, all movement difference values got packaged into byte values (which is a quarter of the data that sending the full position value would be), meaning a number in the range of -127 to +127. This means that when you’re moving from [1587.33, 903.19] to [1587.39, 903.81] the X and Y differences have to be converted into that -127 to 127 range, whole numbers only. To accomplish this the differences were multiplied by 10, which had the downside of ignoring any movement difference below 10cm (0.1) since that would get rounded down to 0cm when converted into a whole number byte. Here’s where we get back to the fish problem. Because the final movement of the fish to get to the hook was sometimes less than 10cm the update packet sent to the client was rounded down to 0cm and ignored. After some testing to figure out the actual movement values being sent to the client was never getting beyond the -7 to +7 range, I changed that x10 multiplier into a x100 multiplier. This gave us an extra degree of precision in movement, while keeping the movement difference values inside that -127 to +127 range. Although this fixed the fishy issue that we were having at the time, it brought to light some new desync issues and made some existing ones worse. At that time the biggest issue was stamina drain problems because of this change - I had thought it was because I missed some x10 -> x100 change at some point, but after going through the related stamina drain code it didn’t make sense. I gave up some point after and tweaked the draining code to be as close to live as it was before the change and chalked it up to something weird that I might find later on. The last few weeks was that ‘later on’ where I found out that my initial thought of “this doesn’t make sense” was correct. You may have noticed that I glossed over what happened in the old code when those difference values were rounded down to 0cm if they didn’t hit that 10cm (or 1cm after the x100 change) threshold. This is the source of the desync that the game has had in varying degrees since day one. When these values were rounded down to 0cm (or remainders from a whole number were rounded down), the movement would still be applied but the “update everything else” code would see it as no movement and not run. This means there could be some movement ticks where nothing was sent to players that were in range, or stamina would not drain at all if it was a player’s movement. But then how has everything still mostly worked all of this time if these movement differences weren’t updating properly? Now we get to the meat of the issue. The code that transformed the new position values into a difference value was prone to a rounding error that every now and then would cause a movement difference that is usually under 1cm to get rounded up to 10cm and trigger the chain of updates to everything and stamina drain. When the difference code was working on 10cm intervals, the rounding error just happened to occur about as often as the “lost movement” from rounding down would have added up to 10cm, so it kind of balanced itself out. Changing it to 1cm intervals meant less data was lost to rounding down, but also meant when the rounding-up error did occur it was only triggering enough movement for 1cm, meaning it lost the ‘happy accident of balance’ that it previously had which lead to desync problems being slightly more pronounced over the last couple of months. During my trek over the last few weeks into figuring out the desync issues Samool and I came across that piece code and recognised that it could cause some precision errors, so I changed it to something that wouldn’t. This lead me to a couple days of pulling my hair out over stamina no longer draining as expected before realising the rounding error was the reason it ever worked properly in the first place, and that the code down the chain relied on it to work 99% of the time for smaller movements. Without having this rounding error, slow movement will very rarely be above that 1cm threshold, meaning none of the drain code or update code was ever called, since the movement was rounded down to 0. Fixing this new issue involved changing the entire chain of code to not use the byte value differences, and instead use the actual position data and calculating exact difference values when needed, eliminating any need for rounding down (or random errors causing rounding up). This also lead to a couple days of rebalancing stamina drain from movement to be as close to live as possible considering the old system relied on a random rounding error to work at all. I’m truly surprised that it worked as well as it did being based on an error for smaller movements like that. The upside of all of this is that movement updates sent to players now use the exact position instead of difference values, meaning desync should be a thing of the past. The place that you see other creatures and players is the exact same position that the server sees that creature of player - and stamina draining should be a lot more precise for smaller movements instead of relying on a rounding error. I hope I never have to touch movement code again.