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Found 18 results

  1. Hello everyone! We have some Wurm University PMK items for sell. The picture of the PMK items will be updated soon. Prices: Wagons - 10s each. Free delivery to Exodus/Deli/Pristine/Release/Cele and coastal Xanadu and Indy. Tents - 5s each Tall banners 1.75s+small delivery fee (no fee when delivered with a wagon) Small banners and flags - 1s The money from the sale will go towards improving our kingdom, it is not for personal gain.
  2. Dear fellow Wurmians, today i wanna offer you rare Pandemonium military tent for auction on behalf of Kingdom of Pandemonium Be the one to win this beauty and be the star of the next Rift/Unique slaying Also you will help our kingdom trive as all the money from the auction goes to kingdoms funds to help as with our war efforts Auction will last over the weekend(timer bellow) Starting bid: 15s Reserve : none Sniper protection: 30 min Buyout : none (i wanna see you bid for this baby ) Happy bidding
  3. Like the title says : i want to buy a Macedon military tent.
  4. Hey All, I was at the 7/21/17 rift on Cele the other day, and logged out with my horse hitched to my tent. I could have sword the tent was locked, but I guess I was wrong, because when I signed in this morning, the tent was gone (thanks for leaving my horse though). I know unlocked tents are 'fair game' on freedom pve (I thought I recalled locking it, but I was wrong). However, as a fairly long time player, I thought that the wurm community was more or less above just taking someone else's stuff when it's really obvious that the stuff is not abandoned (i.e at a rift event right after a rift ended). Anyhow, if the person who took it would kindly consider returning it to sarai in game, she would be most pleased. I know a few other players who also had their tents taken at the rift. I imagine they'd feel pleased if theirs were returned too. Blue Jenn Kellon Military Tent - 17.xx ql - 4.xx dmg - named "sarai's rest". Thank you!
  5. -=!Dreadnaught Dynasty!=- !We Fight! Up for auction is 1x Dreadnaught Dynasty PMK Bundle! Bundle consists of: 2x Kingdom Flags 2x Tall Kingdom Banners 2x Kingdom banners 1x Wagon 1x Tent Starting Bid: 8s Min Increase: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: 17s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Items will be Delivered by a member of the kingdom Happy Bidding All
  6. hello, if item is possible to send by mail will be send, if something is not mailable, buyer need to pick up. don't worry about long time mailing, [04:12:22] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [100] (1 minute mailbox) contact ingame Kgorski, if you want to place mailing order on forum, please place the name of character, to which i should send. Potions from uniques: woodcuting ql 94 4s stonecuting ql 55 2s stonecuting ql 70 2s stonecuting ql 35 2s weapon smith ql 77 2,5s weapon smith ql 81 2,5s weapon smith ql 88 2,7s weapon smith ql 34 1,5s weapon smith ql 51 2s weapon smith ql 98 3s weapon smith ql 75 2,5s weapon smith ql 73 2,5s weapon smith ql 77 2,5s armor smith ql 47 1,5s armor smith ql 45 1,5s tailoring ql 82 2s fletching ql 93 2s supreme knapsack and champagne ql 62,77 price 4s
  7. Hi, Found it rather strange to see that both the explorer and military tents are both shown as weighing 3.50 kg. The unfinished military tent I have made weighs 20.80 kg, with 1 peg (0.10 kg) to go. Thus, a correction on the weight of the military tent is needed. Thanks,
  8. Selling several tools, up to 92ql. You can buy them directly from “Hq tools n more” merchant at Xanadu Hollow Spring Market (I-J/10-11), or I can COD you what you want. Now I sell only stock items, but I will also take orders in the future, both bs and ws. Please note that C.O.D fee's are paid by the customer, pricing is as follows: Within Xanadu +10c to cost Other Servers +20c to cost.
  9. I am playing as a FTP for a break and while doing some thinking on how to manage spawning back at my spot it got me to thinking that the explorer tent might be a little high with the materials list for a fresh player to replace their spawn point. Now i do not know how long the newbie tent takes before it decays but as a new ftp character i would have no way in making cordage rope so maybe we should lower that to just rope? TLDR: My suggestion is to change the explorer tent to use only rope and not cordage rope. Edit: people also want them to be lighter.
  10. Tents in inventory renamed from miliitary tent, explorer tent etc to the name that is set on them: Cannot be renamed at all anymore.
  11. Starting bid: 5 silver Minimum increment: 1 Silver Buyout: Pm me a good offer Will be COD to buyer. It is a big glowing tent!
  12. Military Tent | Explorer Tent ** 25QL Guide Quality ** 1.0S Explorer Tent 1.5S Military Tent As of 30th January all tents are made to order. Any tents created above or below the stated guide quality will be placed into a list below with an adjusted price which may be bought outright. If you place an order for a tent at the price above, you will receive a product of no less than the guide quality stated. Orders may take up to 24 hours initially, once the production line has begun more may be available on demand. I'm located near Kinoss Bay Canal for those who wish to collect, however postage for one of these fine items is 10c on Independence. This will need to be covered by the buyer. Happy camping!
  13. A more robust version of the standard tent but without the item protection restrictions. The name of the owner, Marni, has been etched on a pole. QL: 27.65, zero damage, owner transfers to you when you first drop it. Starting: 20c (+ COD) Increments: 20c No buyout, no reserve, I'm on Inde, no pickup unless I know you. I want to see what this goes for in order to set a precedent for future sales. Happy bidding.
  14. Do u remember when u was newbie and had a tent where keep items and respawn if u died? Then u can get again. Very useful if u travel a lot to plant tent beside ur ship. I sell them for 1s ea. Could seem expensive but the tent have attached 6 cordage ropes. If u are far from Celebration try to join with a friend and u could buy me more than one, coz a long travel no worth for only 1s. I make them under order coz they decay and can't be improved or repaired. The QL i get is aprox 30.
  15. Not sure if this is intended or not but you can drop a tent on a water tile. Not a major thing but thought i would post it anyway. (Not sure about the rest but for sure the newbie tent)
  16. Okay, I get that tents on deed could be problematic to code for. Fair enough to say this is my land, no camping here. And I get the no-build writ rules for non-citizens in perimeter. Technically a permanent dwelling place. But I can walk, ride or drive a huge wagon onto any non-walled deed to logout. Tempting if there are spirit templars in residence. However I can't drop a tent to put my food into and hitch my mount to, on perimeter, and walk onto a templar deed to logout. If perimeters are abutting, I have to walk a long way to drop a tent. I can't drop a tent as a respawn point if I'm being aggroed, or suspect I might on relog, unless I'm off perimeter ? Why ? Is this something to do with the way respawn points are coded ? Because I can't see why carts and wagons are more acceptable as a traveller's lifestyle. Would people seriously be more unhappy with even a large number of tents in perimeter, than they would with a wagon-train parked on their templar deed ? And if someone were to say, make a hunting deed with a huge perimeter, it's absolutely a no-tent zone. Why ? In perimeter, the rules state there are no permissions governing actions beyond not building a house there. Anyone can build all sorts of clutter there; looms, forges, large chests, animal pens, fountains, probably even obelisks and such ... hack down trees, terraform the land ... but not drop a tent. Why, please, is this so ? It does not seem internally consistant. [if my interpretation of the rules as they currently stand is outdated or inaccurate in any way at time of posting, I apologise]
  17. 1. Note -> please don't talk about how you wish things were or what actions the devs should take. This thread is about trying to figure how tents actually work. I often am disappointed with some Dev actions/opinions but its a waste of time to dwell on it. 2. I'm just a humble ignorant player who doesn't have a clue about the intent of what developers wanted to do with tents. I'm testing these to try and figure out how they work. Use this information at your own risk. --Explorer tent-- Ownership is whoever last dropped the tent. Owner status is displayed in event examine: "[00:12:30] A more robust version of the standard tent but without the item protection restrictions. Ql: 50.32082, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Joedobo, has been etched on a pole." *container* - Subject to the standard 100 items per container limitaion. - Its internal volume is very large and it can hold 12 felled trees and 22 cotton. Rafts won't fit in the tent regardless what's inside it. This is ~100 small barrels or ~60 backpacks. *open* - Unlocked it can be opened by anyone. - When locked only those with a key can open it. Even the own can't open if she doesn't have a key. *hitch/unitch* - Can unhitch or hitch a creature when locked or unlocked whether owner has key in inventory. - Only the owner can hitch animals regardless of locked status. - Has hitch space for one animal. *take* - Can not pick up a tent with an animal hitched to it. - Can not pick up a tent with items inside it. - Only the owner can pick up a locked tent (assuming its empty and nothing hitched). *lock/unlock* - Only the owner can lock. - Anyone with a key can remove the lock. *drop* - Can not be dropped on deed or perimeter tiles whether its a deed you're a member of or foreign too. "[00:21:56] You are not allowed to put your tent there." - While the graphic may occupy multiple tiles the tent is not restricted where it can be dropped because of this size. You could drop it inside a 1x1 pen or house. - The tent can only be dropped inside a house you have the writ too. - Can only have one tent per a tile."[00:20:29] You cannot drop that item here, since there is not enough space in front of you." *destroy* No destory limitations and compared to other furniture items a tent is very easy to destroy. I didn't test what happens if you destroy a tent with a animals hitched or stuff inside it.
  18. I had a thought, maybe give new players bedroll in the starter packs. Could let them gain very small sleep bonus till they get settled. Can only be used outside on ground or possibly in a tent if the ability to make one was added. Just an idea