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Found 4 results

  1. Decorations

    Decorations mod V 1.1 requires serverpacks for both server and client.!AjnBltNOSFjChA2Wpyj7JSFtCt4-?e=QB27Dj Going from left to right Rocking horse:- has 2 dye areas, when first created it is very white and really needs that dye to make it look nice, this means players should be making it the colours they want. Teddybear:- stands upright Lute:- the Lute stands up but also has a lean to it, looks best when placed like it is leaning against something like a wall. Duck:- just a yellow ducky Marbles:- below duck in image, a satchel with colourful marbles. Bilboquet:- ball on a string and a handle, an old game. Leaning Axe:- an axe that has a lean to it, like lute looks best when up against a wall or such. Bunny:- a blue bunny Bowling set:- wooden 6 pin bowling set Koala:- because I am an Aussie Block set with dragon image:- long name. it is a wooden chest that contains blocks that have an image on the blocks, like an old puzzle game. Chess Table:- very decorative table that has a chess board pattern on top. Chess Chair:- a chair to suit the table. On the table are all the pieces of a chess game, all made individually, white is marble and black is slate. so you would need to make 8 of each pawn and so on. Best to use the 'drop-> place' feature in game for putting these on the table, I will probably do a small video later for it.
  2. Dye Maker mod

    Ok so firstly this is a collaboration between 2 people, me and Angie, Angie did the models and they look awesome. It has a new model, so the server will need to run serverpacks mod and the players will also need the client version of serverpacks mod in order to see the model. General idea is that at the moment in order to make big volumes of the same color is difficult but also recreating that exact same color at a later date is almost impossible. So we added a new device called a 'Dye Maker' although it is more of an extractor or separator but either way dye maker is the name i originally gave it and it stuck. Device can be crafted in game by players. The process goes like this. Craft the device which will be on the ground, just like forge, fountain and such. Activate the dye in your inventory and right click the device, click 'Add dye' and this will add your dye to the device, there is an amount that is lost for adding dye (this is set by server admin). Activate any item and you get the action of 'check dye' this will tell you exactly how much dye has been stored in the device. Activate a container that can hold dye in your inventory and right click device, click 'Extract Dye' and then you will get a window pop up asking you to set the values for the dye. Choose your RGB, quality and volume. perms, the player needs pickup perms on deed in order to extract dye, anyone can add dye and check how much dye but need perms to extract dye. That is pretty much it, there are very complex calculations as far as how much dye is added to the device. Properties file looks like this ## Item template Id to use for the dye maker device, change if it conflicts with another mod targetid = 5858 ## % amount of liquid lost when adding to device losspercent = 50 ##lowest value of R,G and B for extraction, example: if set to 50 all 3 values must be at least 50. minimumextraction = 50 ## maximum of R+G+B allowed to add to device, any higher cannot be added as is to device maxrgb = 450 The game itself makes it very easy to make white dye which in the game at least is 255 255 255, so making white dye would add large amounts of each RGB, so there is a loss value to counter this which is set by the server admin, default is 50%. Then on the other side of the coin 0 0 0 is pure black and doing volume calculations on 0 would mean adding a tiny bit of dye you could extract thousands of volume of pure black, so there is a minimum value for the R G B extraction, which can be set by admin, default is 50. Which means the lowest RGB values possible to extract are 50, so 50 50 50, this makes a dark brown but not quite black colour. Also a maxrgb value for adding dye, this is R+G+B, so you if set to 450 then you won't be able to add pure white of any ql.!AjnBltNOSFjChAaSk_GXtEbXecVP?e=OQCEkZ So there is a group of us working together at the moment in our own time to make more interesting things for wurm, including models. This is just the first released mod and there will no doubt be more to come.
  3. My first WU Server Mod, allows your players to retrieve their bank balance by typing /balance Edit: huge thanks to Xype who set me on the path and answered all my noob questions
  4. Hello all! I am having difficulty in figuring this one out so I'm reaching out for help. I'm not a coder so my limited knowledge is no help . What I would like to accomplish is to disallow Priest characters from converting followers into Priests. My vision is to create a series of quests that a player is required to complete in order to become a priests. Along with adjustments such as existing Priest Mods this would allow me to convey a more special meaning to becoming a priest, i.e. an earned achievement. I'm also thinking about creating career paths for players with possible (reasonable) skill caps to introduce more role play into the game. I really enjoy the freedom of WURM but at the same time regret that it makes other players unnecessary, leading to less interactive communities. That person dedicating themselves to being a highly skilled Blacksmith doesn't have an end game because all of his neighbors can make things themselves. Thus, he has to rely on them not having the time to do it or just not felling like it. I am getting off topic. This is step one in my plan to make playing a Priest as a main meaningful and I would appreciate greatly if someone could create such a mod.