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  1. +1 for Jar Files please. or can any one help me out wit a .jar ? I would love to be able to make Black hand stuff on a freedom only server without GM's having to came change the Data/auxData values
  2. [BETA] 3D Stuff, AKA "Putting stuff on tables"

    gread ides som status informations ??
  3. PvE Server mit 4096x4096 Tiles grosse Map Mit Inseln Deutscher Crew Discord / IRC / Webseite Viele Mods unter anderem: Stable Master, Hitchingpost, Kostenloser Post versand ,Kopfgeld für Tiere,Monster & co und vieles mehr. PvP Zone Free Deeds, no Upkeep Starter Stadt ist Fredom Königreich Skill gain 3.0 Action speed 3.0 Creatures 30.000 Agressive 30% Feldfrüchte brauchen 1 Tag zum wachsen und verotten nicht. 1 Free Trader per Deed ( anfrage an admins) Hosted in Deutschland Hompage & Forum Live Map : PvE Server , whit a 4K Custom Map whit Large and smaller Islands. German / English Staff Lots of Mods: Stable Master, Hitchingpost, Free Mail, Bounty from Mobs, and lot more PvP Zone Free Deeds, no Upkeep Starter City is Fredom Kingdom Skill gain 3.0 Action speed 3.0 Creatures 30.000 Agressive 30% Crops only take 1 day to grow and NEVER rot. 1 Free Trader per Deed on Admin request Hosted in Gemany Hompage & Forum Live Map :
  4. @Pingperfect how is the chance to get the WurmUnlimitedAdmin Tool on your service Thanks Pingperfect for the good server and service for my WU server. and special thanks to Marie Ten Hove who has helped me with my server / mapviewer problem
  5. Text on Signs

    arg... my fault i try to make it whit the small one Thx you :-)
  6. Arched Hedges Rose,Marple

    we have very nice Hedges but for a entrans go a garden or a deed it will be nice to have some Arched Hedges like Marple and Rose. to build like planting a Hedge but aditional 2 or 3 Woodenbeams 2-4 Nails ore some Planks to create it. thats it look like one this samples
  7. Glocks

    good idea but a flintlock Pistol an a flintlock Rifle for replacing the Glock and the AK will be fine
  8. How can i Create Signs whit a text on it like this one
  9. My first map creation for the Dark Moon Server, After a many hours testing with the Wurm Generator. I actually got a result I consider quite satisfying. I'd like to get a few comments or ideas about this map. I prefer more Islands and not so High Mountains. here the Map view and the Topo view