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Found 35 results

  1. Give us this type of roofs (Ofc I meant this shape, cause ((almost)) every roof in wurm looks bad, because you can only make this /\ )
  2. I don't know if its just me but wurm buildings would look much better with ceilings. Please let me know if your interested in making this mod. ;-)
  3. This is more or less the same thing as floors but built facing down instead of up so it covers up the awkward space between the roof and the walls inside of houses. (alternatively you can make a ceiling roof that would be the same as a plain roof but it just has the ceiling built in when you install it.
  4. I love the looks we have of many of the floors and roofs, from the top side. However, from underneath, it is very rough and unfinished looking, like you would only have in a barn, or crawl space in a basement. I would love to have a few choices of finishing treatments to apply to the underside of the roofs and floors. Plaster, fine carp, detailed stone work, repainting, etc. Maybe when starting the floor of a certain type (such as Stone Slab), you then have to choose an underside finish: none, plaster, box wood, beams, logs, clay tile, marble, mosaic stone, etc. For plaster and the wood options, should then be able to paint the plaster (also between the beams) to really liven up the insides of our houses. Would need to add extra materials to complete. Might also want to make it a stand alone option that could be applied to existing ceilings (roofs and floors), so folks don't have to rip and replace.
  5. Just a simple suggestion to adding new roofing choices that allow us to place roofing that slants in one or two directions, rather than 4. This would give players a lot more design choices.
  6. Manual Roof Building Wurm buildings have come a long way. Years ago, it was as simple as two options. Wood or stone. Now we have many different options. Buildings can become a lot more creative than once before. But this creativity only extends to the walls. The roof of a building is pretty ordinary. Sure, you can choose different materials to make them out of. But the layout of the roof is not up to the builder. The game auto-aligns each roof ridge. I propose a new roof system. Manual roof building. Not only would it be practical, logical, and intuitive - it’d add exponential creativity to the way we build our structures! Here’s how it could work. The roof plan would still happen the same: “Right click floor, plan roof above”. BUT whenever you go to build it with your chosen material you would have “roof type” options. The roof types could include(but are not limited to): “Shed roof” - like the existing roof, but can be built against a flat surface(an existing wall) “Gable shed roof” - like the above, but with diagonal walls on the sides. Can expand infinitely when placed adjacent to other gable shed roofs. “Half gable” - for when you want a gable roof to only be on one tile, rather than 2 side by side. These are just a few ideas for what could happen with roofs in the future. As you can see, there are plenty of interesting combinations you could use these roofs with to make very appealing structures! Lean-tos, sheds, gables, and more could all be possible. Almost any building in the real world could be recreated in wurm with the help of these roofs. To allow for proper alignment, the ability to rotate the roof tiles could be implemented (Perhaps with the help of a fancy tool) so that they line up in the way you intended them to be constructed. We already do that with wall types, why not roof types too? So what do you think, Wurmians? Should roofs have the same freedom that we have with walls? Let’s hear it in the comments below! Thank you Leifar for writing this idea of mine out
  7. I came across a thread from 2012 that had this same issue, but instead of performing thread necromancy, I decided to start a new one... This roof bug needs to be fixed. This is a bug that appears on opposite corners, which is the correct orientation I cannot tell. I have tried breaking and replacing each roof tile individually, only for it to regenerate with the same asymmetry. As you can see, interior roofing (ladder going through the roof center for lookout tower) is asymmetrical. This occurs on both sides. The NW and SE corners have a 45-degree bevel, where the SE and SW corners do not.
  8. some king of roof type is missing in game it can be made from "copper sheets", skill responsible for building that roofs can be for example Metalurgy, reason: it covers with patina, and you need to know how it works
  9. I found myself in a pickle today , thinking of building timber house but can not, for the life of me, pair it with any existing roof. Therefore i suggest adding new types of roofs like gold or copper , we really need more options. Or if all else fails- let us atleast dye any type of roof and get the needed result that way. Can I get an Amen ? Btw give us marble walls and marble fountains too !
  10. Now we've built an extra level and a roof or two it would be pretty decent if painting a roof with Dye was an option. The wood shingle roof for example is pretty stark in it's standard colour. Just an idea though, the extra floors and built roofs are awesome
  11. I know I have seen this suggestion before, so I certainly will not take credit for the idea, it is an old idea as it is. I think there should be something a bit easier for a new player to build, easier that is than building something that requires iron/clay or high skills, as well something the older players may enjoy. I present the pioneer home. Now this would be a building option using logs from trees, or perhaps a log bigger than a regular log created from a felled tree. I suggest calling this a hewn log (should be larger than a regular log, so maybe make these 48kg?), hewn from a felled tree with a ax and wood cutting skill. Log homes are essentially logs piled one on top of the other with clay or mud/grass used for chinking the gaps between the logs. Wall list suggestion: 11 hewn logs 10 clay or 10 dirt/grass (maybe have 2 wall types, one with lighter chinking colors) Sod Roof 5 Sod 10 Shafts Sod 1 grass tile dug yields 1-3 sod's (gardening skill) - sod can be same as peat for bulk, and can be planted to create grass
  12. Incorrect statement: A minimum Carpentry level of 20 is required to begin the roof on a one story building. Incorrect statement: ...With 20 skill a roof may be placed over the first floor... A wooden shingle roof can be placed on a single story building with 5 carpentry. (Verified on the test server today). I'm not certain if this 20 carpentry statement appears on any other page, I just noticed it on these two pages.
  13. we know we can dye walls, but what about roofs? or thatched roofs?
  14. With 20 carpentry, since the last update, I can't plan the roof to my otherwise completed single floor building. My other building (planned and completed a few days ago) was no problem. [23:43:25] You need higher Carpentry skill to build at that height.
  15. Started building clay shingle roof by accident. Planned all tiles, but when I realized that it would be higher than I supposed, I've decided to remove it. Now I can't do that. I receive either: [] Removing that would cause a collapsing section. [] This would cause a section of the structure to crash down since it lacks support.
  16. what we have now... What we want...
  17. Sans the golden dragons of course. :-P I think they would look fabulous with the white frames.
  18. I noticed this after completing a new roof so while i was at it I checked some other roofs, while they aren't as bad there are some beams missing.
  19. So reading on the testing thread, seems there are a ton of issues walking around, over and under bridges, as well as dropping items on them, etc. So, how was all of this solved in multi-story flooring? Could the same technology somehow be applied to bridges? Regarding roofing, once the bridge issues are solved, can it then be applied to roofs? Right now, roofs work like walls. I should be able to fall off my 3rd story floor, onto the adjoining 2nd story roof, but the invisible wall blocks me.
  20. I was about to create a roof for my house when I was wondering: Why can't we position our roofs? The top of the roof is always in the middle of the tile when you create it. This way when you have a wall on the tile next to you there is no option to connect it to the wall. Sometimes a house will look pretty weird because of that. It would be nice if there was an option to either position the roof or build different shapes of them. When positioning the roof you would first have to plan one. Next thing you do is right click the unfinished roof, click connect, right click a wall and click connect roof. You can do this multiple times. Once on every wall next to the roof. To seperate them right click a connected wall and click seperate. When the wall is finished it will be connected to the selected walls. Example: 3, roofs as they are now. 4, new type of roofs.
  21. Hello, Yesterday tired, didn't think of what could happen, went to public smithy to park my cart and logged out from Wurm while standing on Large Cart. Today logged in and seen that my alt is In Roof! Wonders how my alt got up there... tried /lotime and logged out but doesnt help :S Feels i got new Spiderman here who doesnt like to climb down :/ Also after /suicide all items stuck in roof with corpse that cant be get down :/ Removing roof tile helped get stuff back. Have a nice day! And remember to not log out while standing on Cart
  22. I've been burning 3 hours of sleep bonus with a low QL leggat, making thatch, to raise my thatching skill - all so that I can grass roof my barn storage building. After 3 hours of grinding and having burned through a coupe hundred bunches of grass, I've produced about 150 thatch and my thatching skill is at a mere 13. I'll get to my request in a moment, but let me first say this - I don't mind a grind. A grind that's worth it gives me more enjoyment for what I've achieved once I get there. I feel that the thatching skill needs to be adjusted so that skill gain is increased. Considering that this is the oldest, most basic form of roofing, it doesn't make sense that I need to burn through as much sleep bonus as I have, as much grass as I will, to create 400-500 thatch (of which I'll honestly only use maybe 120. The rest will be wasted, the only building I would make a grass roof for is my barn. Most of these grinds are fairly easy to swallow, but this one is ridiculous. I hope that you all can see where I'm coming from. Grass roofing requires very little skill - its sticks and mud, not a science. Thanks, - Theos
  23. Currently, we have very high pitched roofs, which I like, but that leaves walls free standing in rooms above ground level. In order to create a ceiling, we must choose "floor above". In some instances, I do not want a floor above (flat roof). Viewing the buildings from outside, I like the look of the high pitched roofs. One solution is to allow us to add a roof to a "floor above". Since that would essentially be creating a space above, we could add a roof to "floor above with opening". That creates attic space:) We could store things in the attic. Or, skip the attic and just let us just add a roof to "floor above". Example: I wanted a 2x3 house with a porch on the second story, in the front of the house. In order to have one continuous roof, my second story interior walls (used as my exterior walls in the porch area) had to be free standing, much like office cubicles. I could have had one large flat roof, giving every room on the second story a ceiling, but I wanted a pitched shingle roof on the entire house. I ended up using a roof in the front and floors in the back... then planting trees around to hide the poorly designed "roof".
  24. I built a slate roof on my house last night 12 hours ago off deed. Today i checked the roof and it had 10 dmg on it, the roof was of 10.115ql. I understand it was rather low ql, but this damage is higher than anything I have seen even on Golden Valley.
  25. Vynora priest attempting to start a shingle roof : [14:17:02] Vynora would not approve of that. Silly me ... Priest restriction, not Vynora restriction.