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Found 8 results

  1. I don't know if its just me but wurm buildings would look much better with ceilings. Please let me know if your interested in making this mod. ;-)
  2. There's been a few posts that beg for this, but nothing with it in the title. The need for this, especially since levelling tile borders is now possible outside, has become imo somewhat imperative. Pretty please, allow us to level tile borders in caves and possibly add them to ceiling tiles.
  3. Well, as the title says, allow us to lower the mine ceiling with concrete instead of raising the floor (as it's actually doing). Having to collapse a few tiles to get the ceiling at the right height for our cave dwellings is bordering insanity after a while.
  4. This may be meant? But im almost sure that i've worked on a ceiling on top of a bridge before and it hasn't acted like i was in the water beneath. The ceiling is not out of reach, yet when i try to flatten it, or mine it, the client tells me it is. I did pass it by CAhelp before posting here. I apologise if this isn't a bug.
  5. The work; Ceiling - The ridge is to the north of the longhouse. I wished to level it by standing on the building. So i tried. It's telling me i can't reach the ceiling. its north west tip is the north west from this perspective. that corner, is at the bottom of a slope that goes into water. I thought maybe it's checking the height beneath the NW corner, although I'm 70 slopes above it. (45 slope + 2nd floor house) It's clearly lower than i am so why am i getting the ` You cannot reach the ceiling.` error? This is Fablecrafter's project, it has me down below and shydow up above. This error represents an impasse.
  6. I have used the flatten action twice now to make the one corner of this mine ceiling level with the rest of the mine. After server reset it reverts back to the low ceiling height as seen in the photo. This is on chaos and flatten is the only action that works, level or mine gives you the message of dirt falling in. Above is the same corner after the ceiling has been flattened up.
  7. # What happened I was able to raise a cave ceiling corner with 'level' even though 'mine' action gave me the message: 'The roof sounds strangely hollow and you notice dirt flowing in, so you stop mining.' # What you expected to happen I expected that the 'level' action would fail, just as the 'mine' action did. Or, if there is actually sufficient rock above the corner, that the mining action would have succeeded. # Steps to reproduce Raise a ceiling corner using the 'mine' action until you get: 'The roof sounds strangely hollow and you notice dirt flowing in, so you stop mining.' Raise a adjacent tile that can be mined higher and flatten it. Then level the ceiling of the tile with the corner that could not be mined before. Note: This did not work for a corner of a mine entrance tile. The corners that were raised this way had an unknown amount of rock and dirt on top of them. I do not know if the rock layer was actually raised, or if the rules for the 'mine' action and the 'level' action are simply inconsistent.
  8. Facilitates easy scanning to see where it's not flat is all.