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  1. I believe this is correct for typical usages of creature models. And I did try it just in case it would be a 'bypass' to the problem. But it too failed. The image below is the usage Bdew provides for the mod.
  2. I've just tried to use the %{model_path} ability Scanner has, and extracted the graphics pack to see how its structured. I can see the horse follows the path, …creatures/horse/ I've tried: …creatures/horse/ …creatures/horse/Horse_Yellow_512 …creatures/horse/Horse_Yellow …creatures/horse/Horse (this works - for all horses) …creatures/horse (this works - for all horses) So I've run out of ideas. I think I can safely say then, Scanner can't do it.
  3. Unfortunately, its not the name of the horse. I'm looking for wild horses (so it wont have a name). The thing I'm trying to use to narrow down the horse type I want is using its colour. In this case (and thanks to Animal Token mod) Wurm seems to call the Gold horse (Gold/tan skin, white mane hair) is called "Greygold", but I cant seem to find a way to search for what I would call, it's colour trait. Just wondering if that's because Im a dumb dumb that can't work it out, if it its beyond the scope of the mod.
  4. Hey all, hopefully I'm doing this right, I tried to search the forum for an active support thread for the wonderful mods Bdew has created - looked for a thread that suggested bdew was done with mods or the like, but haven't seen anything to help, so hopefully I'm doing this right. In regards to the mod Scanner (found here), I'm trying to track down horses of a certain kind and was wondering if it was possible. The horse linked below, is called (to my knowledge) Horse, Gold. But I can't find out if there is a way to call for this specific horse to be scanned for. Anyone have any help, tips or suggestions? @bdew (hopefully Im doing this right as well).
  5. I've never found any game close to Wurm. Do you have examples?
  6. I've been dealing with players who have very little computer literacy skills, and/or understanding the English language. And trying to help players install the ModLoader has become time consuming for me. This request may just be outside the scope of what the ModLoader is for, however I would really enjoy the ability to be able for a player to test their Wurm Client installation for the ModLoader while in game. And I think its important to have results in game so that server staff for Wurm Unlimited can see the result of this. There (in my view) should be two ways to do this. The first is the ability to type into chat a command and receive a notification. Something like ~about to see the current version of the ModLoader. The second is a way to bypass trolls - because there are trolls for Wurm Unlimited coming through - so a means for GMs to be able to test would be fantastic as well.
  7. I was wondering if it was possible to add a feature to this. When improving a chicken coop, unless its loaded into a cart, you have to manually activate the items needed for repair. The feature Im look to be added is [11:42:35] You notice some notches you must carve away in order to improve the chicken coop. [11:42:42] You must use a mallet on the chicken coop in order to improve it. [11:44:06] You must use a mallet on the chicken coop in order to improve it. [11:45:15] You must use a mallet on the chicken coop in order to improve it. [11:45:27] You must use a file to smooth out the chicken coop in order to improve it. Or to put it into words - highlight in the event window what item will next improve it?
  8. Because the area ability work on tiles, its not able to work on felled trees without the use of hover. At least thats my understanding. My question is, does anyone know if there is a way to bind Open "Backpack Slot"?
  9. When using Custom Actions and Redeem animal token (action 951), when used on non-animal tokens, will delete that item. In case it matters, hovering over a non-animal token and executing a bind that preforms 10x Redeem actions causes that item to be deleted.
  10. I swear I read the post, and the TLDR, but I lover looked it a each read, thanks for understanding and being nice about it. will test that out when I can.
  11. In trying to use the work of Fenume, I am trying to separate out Dragons vs Dragon Trophies. Because a lot of player's on the server have Dragon Trophies, these are detected with " %dragons/ | " however, I am unsure how to go about ensuring either the living or corpse of "dragon" is detected announced and outlined, while "dragon trophy" is fully ignored. Anyone have ideas?
  12. I want to have an easy to read keybind file, and would like the ability to have the bind and the comment on the same line. I know the keybinds of Wurm use // to make the comment, however using them on the same line as a keybind results in Wurm Unlimited trying to phrase the comment and results in multiple errors. Ive tried using # just in case that would work, however it seems impossible. Is there a way to have comments, on the same line as an actual bind? Because Human Readable keybinds is important.
  13. Hey bdew Just a few out their suggestions, maybe questions if this is actually possible already, relating to Custom Actions. Can we get a way of testing what a action number does at all? For example, I often write down the number needed, but not what the action does (Yup I'm one of those people). Can we change a toolbelt save number with this mod or perhaps enable finding the item id number for things and then use that number to activate it, if its not on any toolbelt? I had one other one too, but I cant remember what it was.... Thanks for the great work, your mods are truly amazing.
  14. The :Category:Light sources display for Light Sources could use information relating to the types of Lights available, the ingame wiki search doesn't present extra information to allow a person to obtain useful information. The same is true for the other Categories, but light is such an important aspect to the game, it should have information. Suggestion: There are many different types of lights within Wurm which preform different tasks. Street Head Lamps are placed on wooden Logs and are used to light the world around you, perhaps on town Deeds. "Personal Lights" you carry include: Candle, Carved Pumpkin, Torch, Metal Torch. The "Lantern" is the standard personal light source while a "Brass oil lamp" provides the best efficiency and durability if you have it available.
  15. Sorry for no reply, Ive had some personal things to take care of. And another one for not explaining the teleport question correctly. I'm needing the GM account to go to the Player. I know if we have the coords we can tell the wand to take us to them, but players dont have that information. Can GMs TP to the Player without knowing the Coords?