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Found 6 results

  1. This shop is not active atm, as Im playing on new server and dont have prem on main toons right now. Offers that can be paid to new server, might be possible. This is what I got for sale, post will get updated over time. Came back to WO not long ago, so not sure about most prices. So if u see anything u like, give me a fair offer A list of the rare+ mats I buy will come later. Moonmetals: Rares: Supremes: Mixed stuff:
  2. Currently, there are many benefits to living along water. You can park your boats at your deed, there are specific crops that can only be grown at water level (reed and rice), kelp can be harvested from the water, and quite a few animals spawn in or near the water (such as crabs, seals, tortoises, octopus, whales, dolphins, sharks, serpents, etc). You can fish as well, for food. So it's not very surprising that everyone wants to live on the coast. What I'm suggesting is to add some crops and animals that are specific to higher altitudes, such as mountain goats (ibexes) and coffee. Ibex [12:00:00] The ibex is a wild goat that lives in high altitudes and prefers mountainous terrain. Ibexes would only be able to spawn on rock or cliff tiles above a certain altitude, or slopes above a certain altitude that are greater than 50-60. They would not be bound to this area, so they could potentially migrate and roam around underneath mountains/hills. Ibexes would be not be aggressive, but they would require taming to lead (difficulty of deer). Butchered Produce: 12kg Goat Hide .9kg Lamb Meats (sounds weird, but "Mutton" applies to both sheep and goat. Maybe change Lamb to Mutton in-game) 2 Eyes 2 Horns (I believe both males and females bear horns) Hoof Bladder Gland Ibex -> Goat Milk Goat Milk -> Goat Cheese Goat Cheese -> ???? Recipes! Coffee Tree Coffee Sprouts -> Coffee Tree Coffee Tree -> Harvest Coffee Beans (in season) Coffee Beans -> Ground Coffee Beans Ground Coffee Beans + Boiling Water + etc -> Hot Coffee FYI, Coffee is usually harvested in winter. Drinking coffee would give a timed affinity, a small amount of stamina (such as alcohol does), and a small amount of sleep bonus that lowers your /fatigue (like Wisdom of Vynora). Drinking it COULD also not allow you to sleep in a bed for anywhere from 30m to an hour IRL after drinking it. And just to further brainstorm, perhaps an actual farmable crop could be introduced as well, but I can't really think of anything that would work. Maybe quinoa ( Thoughts?
  3. I think that all who drinks coffee are like me disappointed on the cooking update! ANyway atleast i wants coffee in the game, would be nice! Could inplant coffeebean or make acorn for coffee too! Water + Coffeebeans/acorns in cualdron. What do you think!?
  4. I pay 2s to the player who can help me find my boat, its green and got the name Green Coffee.. I know more ppl did put in some reward for finding, ie, Beka would give chain set.. I hope someone can help me, it was the first "big" thing i got in game and only been here since december..
  5. I like the variation of crops already present in the game, but I think there's definitely room for more. I haven't seen a suggestion post for this yet. It would be great to add coffee to the current crop list. It could be grown much the same as everything else. Coffee beans could be ground in a grinding wheel and the grounds could then be brewed. The resultant beverage could be drunk to give a slight decrease to action timers currently in place, with the amount of decrease based on the QL of the coffee beverage. This decrease would have to be ratio-based as some action timers are currently very short, and it may not be possible to reduce them by more than a couple seconds.
  6. Heya there Hey i would like to suggest a Coco plant, like coffee bean plant. I would just like to suggest the plan of coacoa beans or coffee beans it can be a great way to make chochlate in game, i havnt figured out how you are going to make choclate, i have figured out a use for it Get a flask Get coacoa beans Get water Cook coacoa beans and activate water Create> Drink> Hot Chochlate i hope you guys like the idea to ! feel free to vote