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Found 13 results

  1. Welcome to the X-mas auction of fairly big container of the strongest wurm coffee type - kahvesi (one sip give 10 power = 10% better skill tick). Let's be honest, if you are into quest to hit 90 in every skill this might help alot. All set is what you see on the picture: 275 kg of 99QL kahvesi; 80QL large amphora sealed with a 86QL wax sealing kit. If you add all that up you can find it's worth the price or even some bidding. After auction: Amphora can be mailed for 56c added to the final price. If you wish to pick up, be my guest at M21 Deliverance; Cheshire. Starting bid: 18 s Increment (minimum): 50 c Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 30 minutes
  2. Hi Wurmians! Welcome to our Alliance shop for all your caffeine & alcoholic beverages! We offer beer, wine, cider, gin, whiskey, moonshine and mead. Established in the year 1105 LIMITED OFFER from Radulfus: Some alcohols I have on stock are low ql, I sell them for half price! Caffeine info · Caffeine will give you an increased skillgain while using sleep bonus, the higher the power of the drink the more sleep bonus you will use. · A 1g sip of caffeine drink everyday in the first 10min after first login per server day, you will get 10min extra sleep bonus. · When using caffeine and sleepbonus it will reduce your fatigue (chat command: /fatigue) · Caffeine helps you to sober up on alcohol Alcohol info · It increases item creation difficulty, benefits the skillgain · It refills stamina during heavy duty work like swimming, climbing, digging and mining · It increases cooking difficulty · It increases combat rating bonus · You can earn the title “Drunkard” at a certain point of alcohol intoxication As this is an alliance shop and operated by two players, we can offer you a full range of finished grade caffeine and alcoholic drinks. You can PM Robboeny or Radulfus in game or just reply to this topic. All drinks will be send by COD. Targeted affinity alcoholic drinks If you want a targeted affinity beverage, pls send Radulfus a PM and he will send you a meal to taste and he will figure out which drink he can offer to get your affinity. Note 1: You'll need to have "Fix Cooking Affinities" turned on in your profile. This is very important. I can tell you how to do this if you don't already know. Note 2: Keep in mind that we just started this business so at this point we can’t offer all affinities yet, its work in progress at the moment! Note 3: It is also possible that we don’t have your requested affinity drink in stock and it can take up to a week to produce it depending on the type of drink. Drinks we offer Caffeine drinks 50-63ql (Radulfus) 75ql (Robboeny) Price per jar (2kg) Price per meas. jug (10kg) Price per barrel (45kg) Price per jar (2kg) Price per meas. jug (10kg) Price per barrel (45kg) White tea 20c 1s n/a 30c 1.5s n/a Yellow tea 20c 1s n/a 30c 1.5s n/a Green tea 20c 1s n/a 30c 1.5s n/a Oolong tea 20c 1s n/a 30c 1.5s n/a Black tea 20c 1s n/a 30c 1.5s n/a Black coffee 20c 1s n/a 30c 1.5s n/a Café au lait (on request) 20c 1s n/a 35c 1.6s n/a Kahvesi 25c 1.2s n/a 35c 1.6s n/a alcoholic drinks Radulfus 50-63ql Robboeny 75+ql Price/ small barrel (45kg) Price/ small barrel (45kg) Ale 80c Beer 80c Bitter 80c Brown Ale 80c Cerber’s Triple Hops 80c Jackel Special Brew* 1.8s Necrolis gingerbeer 80c Pale Ale 80c Pilsner 80c Porter 80c Root beer 80c Stout 80c Gin 80c Apple gin 80c Blueberry gin 80c Cherry gin 80c Lemon gin 80c Lingonberry gin 80c Orange gin 80c Raspberry gin 80c Strawberry gin 80c Moonshine 80c Vodka 1s Whiskey 1s Red wine 1s White wine 1s Rice wine 1s Cider 80c 1s Mead 80c 1s *If you provide the necessary riftwood you have a 1s discount!
  3. I'm just curious whether coffee usage varies between casual and hardcore players, and whether coffee is reaching its intended target (casual players) or whether it's just hardcore players that have latched on to it. I am new at polls, but I hope I've provided a category for everyone.
  4. Welcome to my Coffee Shop, I'll let you taste what I got, Go 'head now don't you stop, Keep sipping 'til it hits the spot Kahvesi is currently the most caffeinated drink and will give you 10 power per 0.20kg sip. Your hands will be shaking after a mere 10 sips and you will receive the full benefits of 100 power caffeine effects! Kahvesi gives the most bang for your buck, so this is my focus for now. Currently serving up Kahvesi On the menu for delivery now - just PM me! 90+QL (27+ min timer) 2kg jar (1c COD) - 20c 10kg Measuring Jug (3c COD) - 1s 45kg Small Barrel (10c COD) - 4s COD - Postage paid by buyer - container is yours to keep. Basic overview of caffeine effects/advantages (currently): Extra Sleep Bonus daily! 0.20kg sip of coffee within 10min of first login per server day gives you 10mins extra sleep bonus. Increases skill gain by 1.x times your caffeination power(see below) Sobers you up fast from alcohol effects One 0.20kg sip of kahvesi (currently most caffeinated beverage) gives you 10power, 1kg/10sips will get you to 100 power. You will stay caffeinated for the amount of time listed above (directly correlated to quality). To keep the effect active, you must drink again before the timer runs out or your caffeination will decay and require more sips to boost back to 100 power. At 100 power caffeine: 2x sleep bonus usage rate while boosting skillgain. (This means you get 2x the skill ticks while fully caffeinated (or 1.(current caffeine power)x) and using sleep bonus to increase skillgain speed. It doesn't effect some skills such as faith - changes to this coming soon. ) 4x Fatigue consumption rate while using sleep bonus. (This is going to be replaced soon, so will update when that is released) 4x Alcohol decay rate. (sobers you up fast!) If you are a casual player (like me), caffeine will make your limited grind time much more rewarding and allow you to progress through some of the more tedious skills needed to have some real fun! Hardcore grinders this can be a great addition to your grinding system as well! Skilled Actions Need bulk quantities of high quality juices or oils? You provide the fruits (quality of fruit will effect the max output quality), and I will squish them into high quality juices. You can either send crates/barrels/amphoras/whatever via wagoner, sail to me, or I can come to you depending on your location (I'm in S11). If you want to run a test, you can mail a couple fruits and I will juice and return. 1s per 500 actions (1 fruit pressed = 1 action produces .27kg juice) Coming soon: Teas & Other Coffee Brews - if there is something specific you want, just let me know! I have the supplies to make small barrels worth of most caffeinated beverages in high qualities.
  5. After some Devs decisions with balancing caffeine and drinking coffee mechanics, I came up with an idea that might make an agreement to both sides. As we all know, salt have too few uses these days, so why not use it as a factor of control on the water bar. We have such control on stamina bar by walking around with climbing toggle on. Basic mechanics is to each salt unit player eat, some % on water bar is lost, as salt is known for making ppl thirsty. Let me know, what you think on the subject.
  6. Hello All, I’m happy to announce that “Kindred Spirits Coffee Concern” is now open for business! We are producing ql 76 Kahvesi at the minute, selling for just 35c for a 2 kg jar! Kahvesi is the strongest caffeinated beverage, so each tiny sip will get you 22 min timer at 10 power, stackable up to 100 power for max gains! Comment below to claim a jar or several! Things to expect in coming weeks: (Ql will be rapidly rising as our Beverage expert levels up!) we expect to also produce barrels full (45 kg) in the near future- and will certainly take orders for these!! cheers from Goldfinch and Sidereal!
  7. For the sake of new players - who should all be allowed access to the benefits of caffeine - please allow them to drink coffee/tea/cocoa which has a QL below 10. Just seen someone in CA_Help who made their first coffee, and being disappointed at not being able to drink it for the skillgain effects. This is really important for folks who want skills during this event but can't play much. Thanks.
  8. This shop is not active atm, as Im playing on new server and dont have prem on main toons right now. Offers that can be paid to new server, might be possible. This is what I got for sale, post will get updated over time. Came back to WO not long ago, so not sure about most prices. So if u see anything u like, give me a fair offer A list of the rare+ mats I buy will come later. Moonmetals: Rares: Supremes: Mixed stuff:
  9. Currently, there are many benefits to living along water. You can park your boats at your deed, there are specific crops that can only be grown at water level (reed and rice), kelp can be harvested from the water, and quite a few animals spawn in or near the water (such as crabs, seals, tortoises, octopus, whales, dolphins, sharks, serpents, etc). You can fish as well, for food. So it's not very surprising that everyone wants to live on the coast. What I'm suggesting is to add some crops and animals that are specific to higher altitudes, such as mountain goats (ibexes) and coffee. Ibex [12:00:00] The ibex is a wild goat that lives in high altitudes and prefers mountainous terrain. Ibexes would only be able to spawn on rock or cliff tiles above a certain altitude, or slopes above a certain altitude that are greater than 50-60. They would not be bound to this area, so they could potentially migrate and roam around underneath mountains/hills. Ibexes would be not be aggressive, but they would require taming to lead (difficulty of deer). Butchered Produce: 12kg Goat Hide .9kg Lamb Meats (sounds weird, but "Mutton" applies to both sheep and goat. Maybe change Lamb to Mutton in-game) 2 Eyes 2 Horns (I believe both males and females bear horns) Hoof Bladder Gland Ibex -> Goat Milk Goat Milk -> Goat Cheese Goat Cheese -> ???? Recipes! Coffee Tree Coffee Sprouts -> Coffee Tree Coffee Tree -> Harvest Coffee Beans (in season) Coffee Beans -> Ground Coffee Beans Ground Coffee Beans + Boiling Water + etc -> Hot Coffee FYI, Coffee is usually harvested in winter. Drinking coffee would give a timed affinity, a small amount of stamina (such as alcohol does), and a small amount of sleep bonus that lowers your /fatigue (like Wisdom of Vynora). Drinking it COULD also not allow you to sleep in a bed for anywhere from 30m to an hour IRL after drinking it. And just to further brainstorm, perhaps an actual farmable crop could be introduced as well, but I can't really think of anything that would work. Maybe quinoa ( Thoughts?
  10. I think that all who drinks coffee are like me disappointed on the cooking update! ANyway atleast i wants coffee in the game, would be nice! Could inplant coffeebean or make acorn for coffee too! Water + Coffeebeans/acorns in cualdron. What do you think!?
  11. I pay 2s to the player who can help me find my boat, its green and got the name Green Coffee.. I know more ppl did put in some reward for finding, ie, Beka would give chain set.. I hope someone can help me, it was the first "big" thing i got in game and only been here since december..
  12. I like the variation of crops already present in the game, but I think there's definitely room for more. I haven't seen a suggestion post for this yet. It would be great to add coffee to the current crop list. It could be grown much the same as everything else. Coffee beans could be ground in a grinding wheel and the grounds could then be brewed. The resultant beverage could be drunk to give a slight decrease to action timers currently in place, with the amount of decrease based on the QL of the coffee beverage. This decrease would have to be ratio-based as some action timers are currently very short, and it may not be possible to reduce them by more than a couple seconds.
  13. Heya there Hey i would like to suggest a Coco plant, like coffee bean plant. I would just like to suggest the plan of coacoa beans or coffee beans it can be a great way to make chochlate in game, i havnt figured out how you are going to make choclate, i have figured out a use for it Get a flask Get coacoa beans Get water Cook coacoa beans and activate water Create> Drink> Hot Chochlate i hope you guys like the idea to ! feel free to vote