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Found 33 results

  1. Guards Typo

    This one is as old as the hills! [23:15:49] Guards from guard tower runs to the rescue! should be: [23:15:49] Guards from the guard tower run to the rescue! One guard runs Many guards run
  2. I am auctioning a wonderful an unfinished Mal-Rehan Guard Tower It weighs 17.5kg Starting bid: 1s Bid increment: .50s Buyout: 5s Private Bids: Not accepted Pigs, Grape bush, and BSB not included. It turns into this
  3. This server mod (for use with Ago's server modlauncher) will add custom guard towers designed for PvE and especially folks who would like the option to not fight . The primary goal with these is to have simple towers not subjected to vanilla WU tower mechanics. My goal is to have few restriction over them. The server owner will be able to configure guard strength. This customed strength could be anything between not being able to kill a rat all the way to one hit killing a venerable red dragon. After asking for help within the tower's range a guard will be created right on top of the mob and immediately start attacking it. It's a ghost so they can just appear wherever, right? Source on GitHub: No releases at the moment as it's not ready. Although, the code is on github if you wanted to clone it and mess around. Requires I could use some help at this point (1/28/2019). #1) The onPlayerMessage() modloader hook so I can trigger events when players ask for help is loading WU bases classes too early and causing an error: java.lang.RuntimeException: com.wurmonline.server.players.Player class is frozen There is a bunch of these too: [07:25:23 AM] WARNING org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.EarlyLoadingChecker: Mod GhostTowerGuardMod loaded server class com.wurmonline.server.creatures.Creature during phase load When I remove the PlayerMessageListener interface and its required methods the error goes away. #2) Also, I"m not sure if creature AI can be setup to destroy itself if its target no longer exists. I want to create a ghost, have it target and attack the mob. Once the target is dead have the ghost disappear and delete itself. I'm not asking you to do this. I just want to know how difficult it is before I start digging into it. I've never done anything with creature AI.
  4. Hey yall, auctioning a Black Legion Kingdom pack composed by: Runned BL cedar wagon; 2 BL banners, pine and oak; 2 BL Flags, both cedar; 1 BL tall banner; 1 BL unfinished guard tower. Wagon is 75 QL and Banners and Flags are 51 QL. Free Delivery to any Freedom shore. Starting Bid: 20s Reserve: 25s Increment Bids: 1s Sniper: 1h
  5. Hello, I would like to please purchase and pickup one unfinished JK guard tower for use on Indy. Thanks! Finndar
  6. On my Wurm unlimited server I created a guard tower. It has quality 81 so it should have guards but none have spawned. I waited for quite a while but nothing happens. I have been attacked, call out for hep, but nothing. Am I missing something?
  7. When I try to create a guard tower, it says [14:23:25] You can't continue the tower now; another kingdom is too near. As a GM, I made some guard towers just using my wand, and the guards did not work. They didn't respond to any calls, so I destroyed them and tried to create one from scratch and it gave me that error. Anything I can do to fix this?
  8. Had a recent mission on Desertion server for Magranon God to create "2 towers". Tried three types of towers , archery tower, guard tower and even bell tower. After each was built nothing went towards completion of mission. Is there any tower in the game that was missed or is this a bugged creation mission? Any thought? Note : Guard tower was built by a nahjo follower, but part of MR kingdom. Archery tower was built on perimeter by a mag follower, MR kingdom. Bell tower was built on deed by a mag follower, Mr kingdom. Not sure if this info helps but it's there just in case.
  9. I recently ran into a construction problem because I thought guard towers were solid and had planned on using two sides as walls. After asking in help about it, I was informed that my only options were to either demolish my project, or the tower, & rebuild; neither were very appealing. Because the only reason I thought the guard towers were solid is because they 'look' solid, I figure if the main level of the tower 'looked' to have arched walls instead of solid ones (& an unclimbable ladder inside, so it still looks functional) it might prevent others from making the same mistake.
  10. Add to the brick make up of guard towers(like the marble bridges) . I would like to see a White marble and Slate Configuration add to the menu by use of brick types. This may also allow gold or silver engraving to be added later on to add that fancy touch to them. Keep it simple make what you have nicer...but in this case you would have to tear down/ destroy current towers to make the new Marble/Slate configuration ones to replace them. I'm sure they would lood very nice too. What do you think??
  11. For those not aware its been a longtime feature to be able to outfit tower guards with player crafted weapons and armor, thus upgrading them. Though they are not capable of using mounts or archery as ranged weapons. It doesn't get much widespread usage due to two main problems. One, anyone from the same kingdom can equip or dequip a guard. Tower guards can die from non-pvp means, even suicide (can be fun to watch ur events), thus leaving gear scattered about. I would like to see guards enabled to use bows, and perhaps even mounts. Additionally some permission system or setup for preventing just anyone from being able to strip guards. Also some central storage or armory to help with managing and equipping large numbers of guards. At either the deed or pmk level.
  12. Hi The rare guard tower on our settlement, is showing only when it needs to. Could you please confirm/acknowledge this post, so I know not to log or persue it any further, and if there's a fix for it soon? 1. It's a landmark, people are having a massive problem finding my docks when I tell them there's actually a rare tower. 2. it looks broken, when it's not there 3. it's definitely a bug... Now you see me: Now you don't:
  13. hey so i think its time to update this picture with the new models if someone can provide clean pictures of the each of the new towers i can edit them together couldnt update it directly with a jpg file so so this is the new one in use on the guard tower page
  14. I just heard my first bell tower play and love it! Here is my suggestion: 1. Either make an exception and allow us to make a bell tower ringing macro controlled alt, or.... 2. Create a feature we can enable to have our bell towers ring like clock towers. I DESPERATELY want to have them go off every hour, while I am working away. Not Wurm hours, but RL hours. Would be so cool. If a game feature, have the different tone towers stagger their start time, so you get each tone after the other, rather than 3 at the exact time. Silly feature? Yes, I was kidding about a macro, but come on, we need this feature! Immersion is everything.
  15. Starting bid : 35 S Increase : 1 S Buyout : Offer Snipe Protection: 1 Hour paypal payaments or ingame currency (Standard 1e-1s) No Private Bids, pm only buyout offer. No reserve Delivery on North Xanadu Pickup at C13 North Xanadu
  16. UNFINISHED RARE FREEDOM GUARD TOWER Starting bid : 8 S Increase : 1 S Buyout : 20 S Sniper protection : 1 hour Free delivery north and west coast of Xanadu or pick-up at NW Xanadu.
  17. Starting bid: 10 S Increase: 1 S Buyout: 20 S Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Freedom Guard Tower
  18. Freedom model, will deliver free of charge! Starting bid 8s Increments of 1s Buyout 19s No timer, will give it till this Saturday 9pm GMT roughly, if I am happy to sell or not Good luck!
  19. I have a rare unfinished archery tower. I just want to try and get an idea what its worth, and if it would be worth trying to figure out how to ship it.
  20. If you've seen the auctions lately with those cool looking towers based on the hots template or the sales threads and you are interested in purchasing one of these items. Just drop me or Rosedragon a private message on the forum or post in here and we'll happily mail you an unfinished tower over with the only fee being the 60 copper mailing fee from the Chaos Server. You already need to put the work in to finish the tower, you shouldn't need to pay through the nose for something that takes 1 brick and 1 clay! Unfinished HotS template tower: Free (Buyer Pays CoD cost) When the tower is finished on freedom it will spawn freedom guards but will look like this: Free service provided by Black Legion - a HotS Template pmk on the Chaos Server. Update: Due to changes in the mailing system, these towers now cost 60 copper to send instead of 20, please bear this in mind when requesting a tower.
  21. Start BId: 10s Reserve: None Buyout: Pm me Sniper 1 Hour Pick up from exo
  22. If you disagree with any of these ideas then just assume it would be a full conversion or different game entirely that code club could develop if they wanted too. So to start off I think it would fun to have threshold skills and what I mean by threshold skills would be a Current skill value that starts at zero and is limited by, a Threshold skill value which would be where your skill increases from, up to... and a Maximum for each specific skill so like a cap say thousand. So when your in a house for example(safe) your loot skill's (a skill that allows you to hold onto some(Current less then thousand) or all of your items(Current equals thousand) on death which is skilled by dieing in battle) Current decreases if above zero to zero. Now your saying what if you purposely die a lot well you could also have like announcements like player1 looted player2 and people would see that player2 keeps dieing so they could try to prevent that because it was announced. This next idea has a lot of ideas tied up into the main idea of the start of the game (can be tweaked) and trys to simply describe the basics. If you enjoy my ideas I can try to get more specific just send me a pm. Another idea would be a newtown that is a castle on the king's island and you are tasked with talking with each tradesman to learn the specific trade sort of to fill in your knowledge(gui) or have the ability to skip but get warned that you wont beable to use the help channel but every so often or risk being attacked or something to promote learning the trades. Then once you've learned all the trades you go to the king and he gives you a small boat that will be located at the docks. Docks would be one of two ways to access an island being the supposed safer way the other being mooring offshore(random position) and risking your boat drifting away or crashing into the rocks after a time depending on weather(if you were an enemy kingdom or kos to this island or don't want to be logged possibly). Now you can travel to a public server or click Search for a new land which would be like trying to find a random pocket universe. By pocket universe I mean players can go to the docks and buy faster and or bigger boats or go to the king and charter a new island for real money. So you would always have an option to leave and return to open water and search again. Basically a pocket server would house npc and players alike at the choosing of the lord(owner). Now there could be like houses for npc families that could grow up to become guards (barracks building) that would provide cheaper or free guards or just craftsman, merchants, wizards etc. This would all be in first person perspective not an rts. So essentially you start off with some of the kings people and you can always request more and you pay them to do jobs but you charge them to live there. There's also a weather wizard tower that can be built that would ofc control the weather pry on a cool down. Fields would need rain or watering. So basically you have your own island which you are lord and may complete missions like send X number of guards to assist the kings campaign etc. The rewards might be cheaper rent prices etc. Also you can choose the public server which is kingdom controlled so there is more frequent raids and events these would be like hubs for what a kingdom controls. You could build a house to live in or you can commission a village from the lord then plant it with your own rules if there's room.
  23. Ever fancied getting your hands on a set of Black Legion goodies? Well look no further!! Package includes the following; 1x Black Legion Wagon 1x Black Legion Banner 1x Black Legion Flag 1x Unfinished Black Legion Guard Tower 16 x 91ql+ [Rare] horseshoes all with 90+ BoTD Casts (One for each of your horses hooves ) We can also supply 4 decent horses to help tow your new goodies to your deed Bundle is to be picked up from Libila Market on Deliverance, or Delivery can be arranged (Without horses) Collection and Delivery - Deliverance - Free Delivery - Independance & Exodus - 1s Delivery - Celebration and West side of Xanadu - 2s Further afield will be disscussed. Starting bid 80s Bid increments of 5s Buyout: Entertain us Private bids: Not accepted Private Buyout Offers: Accepted Auction will run until the end or If a Buyout offer is accepted Happy Bidding
  24. Add a forestry observation tower, could be built with fallen trees and beams. would be cool to stand up in areas that you dont want to deed but do want to get a great view of stuff.