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  1. [RELEASED] Simple Paving Mod

    It works for me so it should as far as I know. I decided to switch to using a common library mod. Delete the "SimplePavingMod" folder inside the "mods" folder. Get the latest release and unpack it into the same folder as server.jar. Get jdbCommon and do the same thing.
  2. [ABANDONED] Fishing Ignores Range mod, [SERVER MOD]

    I got a tool now that might solve my old problem of bytecode breaking when WU updates. I hate updating lots of stuff. If it works I'll make this work again. But also want to wait until the new fishing thing is out. It might be okay, but generally I disagree with Tich's game design choices (she did the core of the fishing update) and want to change them so I'm guessing something will need to be changed with it.
  3. What do you look for in a map?

    Keep in mind the maximums slope mounts and vehicles can pass. I've always treated this as a single slope must be less then 40 or the sum of a compound slope must be less then 40. There is an actual formula I believe. The optimal map would be where a significant portion of the map is pretty flat, next largest would be hilly where those hills don't prevent mounted/vehicle movement, and the last and smallest portion are supper steep mountains. Some water is good but water is pretty much wasted space in Wurm and I think it should be kept to a minimum. But if you like the look of that and are playing with few people space is very much a surplus.
  4. Better measuring jug

    Anyone know if the the action method in ItemBehaviour would let use make this? With jug active, drag some water over to cooking container and the game would automatically move however much water is needed for the recipe. This would likely only work if you did water as the last step to eliminate possible alternative recipes.
  5. Priest overhaul testing

    Before I only needed one priest, Paaweeler and now I will need three. All I care about is item enchanting. In my opnion, these changes completely fail at creating a reason to play a priest as a main for PvE.
  6. Priest overhaul testing

    It's possible Wurm could let us convert without premium assuming our toon was a priest before premium time ran out. A toon in this state is a quasi priest. And many of the missing abilities are gone only because the code has special conditional logic to remove them if the toon isn't premium. If I was a business and I actually cared about my customers I'd let toons who where priest before but currently don't have premium be able to use the transfer.
  7. Mod conflicts mod

    In some cases listing modified methods may not help that much. This is because WU likes to use huge catchall-all complex methods. We do some some simple or single purpose methods (like we would expect in Java OOP). But there are also methods that are thousands of lines long with 10 levels deep of if-else logic. It's better then nothing if folks where to list modification. Where would we put such notes? and is there a better way then the author writing notes after every change?
  8. Priest overhaul testing

    Will the faith transfer work for toons who don't currently have premium? I'm likely going to abandon all player gods and go back to the old way of having 3 alt priests, one for each WL god. Will there be a limited window on the free faith swap? Will we be able to transfer to lib freely from any other priest?
  9. Changing max cast power

    Normal player enchanting uses the standard skill roll or power roll. We commonly hear about it when talking about mining. This code hardcaps the output roll at 100. The extra 3 or 4 points we see sometimes comes from SpellEffect.improvePower(). I wonder if I'm reading this right because it seems if you have say a 95 power it's impossible to make that be a 104 cast. To get the 103-ish casts you need to have a low power cast, say 10, and then get a 100 power on an improve cast. 5 * ( 1 - current power / 100), at 20 current that is 4 and at 95 current that is 0.25. meh but that isn't what where doing here. To make higher power casts possible for player's you'd want to make code for determining what enchant power to use. Leave the skill roll code alone and use your new enchant power number instead of the skill roll one WU tallies. At a brief glance it might work out well to use Javassist expression editor on the methods (there are multiple) and the target method should be doEffect() where you substitute the new power.
  10. stop uniques from bashing walls

    Hopefully someone can confirm this. looking in Creature.breakout() it seems uniques always bash fences if one obstructs where it wants to go. I was hoping we could just toggle the isBreakFence field but I don't that is enough. Bytecode hacking that breakout method would likely work (I'm not volunteering to do any bytecode hackery). Oh, and don't read into the method's name too much. A better name might be bashObstrctingFence(). The current name implies it's used so uniques can escape something when it fact it just serves as a way for fence bashers to smash fences between them and a target.
  11. Load altars & sleep in beds on ships, carts & wagons

    I'd strongly recommend for this if anyone tries that you don't use WU's base items like bed, altar, ovens ... whatever. Make new items, use the graphics and some of the item template info from the old for the new. Add new behaviour control code to add the effects to the gypsy wagon. It will likely make you cry if you try to alter WU base code to allow all that stuff to work inside a vehicle.
  12. stop uniques from bashing walls

    If you make it impossible for uniques to bash it will make it easier for people to pen them. Would it work if they only bashed when on-deed and never bashed a deeded thing when they are off deed? I'm not sure if that is possible and I'm just brainstorming here.
  13. [RELEASED]Season Configure Mod

    I tested with client-modlauncher-0.9 and it works for me. Can you make sure your using the most recent version of client-modlauncher and run the patcher.bat? More information would be helpful.
  14. shoot, my 3x3 isn't going to work. The dirt tiles in a hive zone would also eat up that 2g of honey in the hive zone. I'm guessing something like 80 or 90% of the tiles need to be honey producing to get a net gain. For a 90ql hive that a lot of farm tiles and work just to maintain the thing. I might plant some steppe in the farm instead.
  15. Kochinac, Keep in mind WO won't let you use WU code mined data for the wiki. * There is separate code sections in WU , TilePoller.addhoney(), that applies different effects for grass, trees/bushes, enchanted tiles, farm tiles, steppe..might be others. * My farming no-rake-yield is 6. I don't rake as it's not efficient for yield, make a bigger farm don't rake more. For the tiles within a hive zone they get up to a +4 yield. * Best for honey production would be white dotted flowers planted on every tile that is within a hive's zone. From WU code in TilePoller.addhoney(). The more scares a flower is the greater it multiplies nectar production. * If hive zones overlap all the overlapping tiles will only help the higher quality hive. You can see the distances by watching the event messages in game. No evidence here and it's just what I remember from WU code. * wax is made when nectar produced (nectar isn't honey, it's some internal concept in the code. It's probably trying to replicate nectar in RL.) is greater then 10g and a 1/40 RNG roll is successful. Not much to do here to increase this other than make sure the hive zone has things that surpass the threshold. * higher quality hives have a larger zone of collection. I don't' see anything that would further improve honey production beyond more tiles. source WU code.