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  1. From WU it should try to make trees anywhere in a 10-tile radius out from the sprouting tree. Even before we had WU I remember it being a 10-tile radius. But I've heard from others who strong say it's a different value and that they have tested to verify (I've never seen said tests). It's very possible WO has some variation slightly different then WU. WU code TilePoller.checkForTreeSprout() ... final int newtilex = tilex - 10 + Server.rand.nextInt(21); final int newtiley = tiley - 10 + Server.rand.nextInt(21); ... do a bunch of checks to see if a new tree should be created at newtilex, newtiley
  2. mission structure, spirit gate Souls Trail,2632
  3. Never use it other than sell all the caskets I get. Why? 1. It feels too much like a gambling loot crate system to me. I'm all about working hard and know exactly what the outcome will be. At every step this treasure map system is asking "How lucky are you!" 2. The system uses player skills. You as a player have to know where stuff is at (towers, colossus, archeology sites, etc....) or have the ability to decipher the maps. I like character skill base things. 3. The main loot I want from this is skill imbue-potions and a supreme+ bone. I'm certain the drop rates for those things are ridiculously small. The upkeep tokens and maybe those special containers might be nice. But this all plays into #1.
  4. No one cares about this novice clue so I'm closing it. I don't blame them; it being regionally bound to open location and the lacking novice loot. I'd like to sell the novice treasure clue form my "Hunting for Clues" journal reward. * I have NOT claimed it yet. * I live at L23 on Xanadu. This location is where I'll claim it. * As soon as I claim it the 24hr timer starts timing down. You don't have to do the treasure clue in 24 hours but there is that journal achievement for doing this. I have no idea what this is worth which is why I didn't put a price on it. Please make offers. Please give price check advise if you wish.
  5. SOLD. Thank you, private buyer. WTS rare statue of rift beast fragment [1/46] 7s Picture of fragment:
  6. oh my! This QOL change is better than all that other stuff in this patch combined! Curious about -5 house math. a 10x7 requires 104 Carp, so is it now 99?
  7. Protected loss of imbue power/enchant power. For me, a supreme is required for an imbued item.
  8. Base speed would be what I said. Those speed enchants make actions faster. They would function just like they currently do. Although, it would be counterproductive to choose to train slowly and then use speed tool.
  9. apparently Tpikol doesn't have your experience. 1:2 is significantly more common than 1:25. Although, I recognize you think the drop rate is fine. I hope that you can see that I have a different opinion.
  10. I'm curious why, wurm, you would make it difficult to test? Sure, it's easier then waiting for a lucky MOI. But would it hurt to make them supper common, say 1:2?
  11. Please give us a convenient way to achieve 30 second action timers. And achieve 15 second action timers for sweet spotting. There have been other suggestions about this subject before because it useful and desired by players to train with longer timers. I'd like to see a simple and convenient way to do this. It just makes sense that a person could choose to go slow and careful with the goal of learning more. If I did this, I'd add simple commands to enable various modes. /trainmostcarefullly -> All crafting action have a base 30 second action time. /traincarefully -> All crafting action have a base 15 second action time. This is intended for sweet spotting. /trainnormal -> Craft just like it is now. /trainrecklessly -> I'm not sure about this one but it sounded cool to craft faster than normal but at the cost of higher failure rates and lower creation ql.
  12. The transparent clickable area exists for event and chat windows. 80% is smallest for GUI scale? The client won't let me go any smaller.
  13. Thanks for fixing those things. The 16x16 design is basically the simplified design that Aeris is asking about. I'm making some wrong assumptions about GUI design. I just want something that is minimalistic or has no stylized design. Apparently, the fight window popping back up after it's been disabled with tools isn't part of this fix. If I disable the "Fight window" with Hud Settings, it should stay off. It pops back up every time combat is initiated.
  14. The client apparently doesn't support non-square shaped GUI window. The new GUI has a design like a manila file folder with tabs. But the client doesn't actually support this design and the transparent area doesn't support click through to things behind the window. I'd suggest only using GUI designs that the client supports because otherwise it looks unprofessional. I agree with others about size of things. we can't just scale down the UI because then the things inside inventory will be too small. I'd like to see GUI window titles have an option to scale them down. And an option for GUI window design based on 16x16 simplified icons.
  15. We can't turn off the fight window and have it stay off. The fight window will pop back up every combat. I don't need to see it and I'm not using auto fight.