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  1. Load altars & sleep in beds on ships, carts & wagons

    I'd strongly recommend for this if anyone tries that you don't use WU's base items like bed, altar, ovens ... whatever. Make new items, use the graphics and some of the item template info from the old for the new. Add new behaviour control code to add the effects to the gypsy wagon. It will likely make you cry if you try to alter WU base code to allow all that stuff to work inside a vehicle.
  2. stop uniques from bashing walls

    If you make it impossible for uniques to bash it will make it easier for people to pen them. Would it work if they only bashed when on-deed and never bashed a deeded thing when they are off deed? I'm not sure if that is possible and I'm just brainstorming here.
  3. [RELEASED]Season Configure Mod

    I tested with client-modlauncher-0.9 and it works for me. Can you make sure your using the most recent version of client-modlauncher and run the patcher.bat? More information would be helpful.
  4. shoot, my 3x3 isn't going to work. The dirt tiles in a hive zone would also eat up that 2g of honey in the hive zone. I'm guessing something like 80 or 90% of the tiles need to be honey producing to get a net gain. For a 90ql hive that a lot of farm tiles and work just to maintain the thing. I might plant some steppe in the farm instead.
  5. Kochinac, Keep in mind WO won't let you use WU code mined data for the wiki. * There is separate code sections in WU , TilePoller.addhoney(), that applies different effects for grass, trees/bushes, enchanted tiles, farm tiles, steppe..might be others. * My farming no-rake-yield is 6. I don't rake as it's not efficient for yield, make a bigger farm don't rake more. For the tiles within a hive zone they get up to a +4 yield. * Best for honey production would be white dotted flowers planted on every tile that is within a hive's zone. From WU code in TilePoller.addhoney(). The more scares a flower is the greater it multiplies nectar production. * If hive zones overlap all the overlapping tiles will only help the higher quality hive. You can see the distances by watching the event messages in game. No evidence here and it's just what I remember from WU code. * wax is made when nectar produced (nectar isn't honey, it's some internal concept in the code. It's probably trying to replicate nectar in RL.) is greater then 10g and a 1/40 RNG roll is successful. Not much to do here to increase this other than make sure the hive zone has things that surpass the threshold. * higher quality hives have a larger zone of collection. I don't' see anything that would further improve honey production beyond more tiles. source WU code.
  6. So if there is a 1/5 chance to consume 10g of honey every time the tile poller checks a tile in the hives' zone then that is on average 2g honey consumed per a tile polling. That part seems clear. The generation part has got to be wrong because it arrived at about 1.5g per a tile per a polling. That is less then consumption. I know from experience that hives in farm fields, where they have nothing but farm tiles to collect nectar, operator at a hony surpluss. I think the error is in how the crop poller isn't perfectly synchronized with the tile poller and crop stages 5 and 6 should have more weighting then the others since there a 2/3 chance that a crop stays at those stages. I'll go with a 3x3 area of crops to support the hives for when I'm not farming a field. I wish I had more control over grass spread and tree sprouting. If I did I'd plant a grass tile with flowers under the hive.
  7. First of all, can a hive with a single queen die? I looked in WU code and I don't see where a hive like this would have it's only queen removed. I do reference WU code here but I want to know in regards to WO. Please don't read into the question things that aren't there. Assume there is no other food available and I want to plant the least number of farm tiles to keep it alive. Here is what I got so far and I put it in a spoiler because its long. It has cut/copies form WU code and my comments. Am I on the right track with this? Yes, the consumption section is unfinished.
  8. Wurmiversary 2018

    imo, it should be easy enough for anyone to solve it. It's bad game design to allow one person to get whatever this is. Although, if it's just a useless decoration item that would be okay I guess. But allowing one person to get some overpower unique item because they are smart in RL is as I said, really bad game design.
  9. What are your thoughts on a large variety food market?

    Weird, the web site didn't work for me and I'm using the old original affinity system. I have no idea if my toon is one of these "broken ones". Like I said before, the reason people don't making anything but pizza and meal is because of the affinity simulation tool that tells them what to make for those two recipes.
  10. What are your thoughts on a large variety food market?

    It should be possible to make a breakfast weighing 100+ kg, give nearly max affinity times and max ccfp. You basically make it with lots of cooked fries that use all the optional ingredients. The breakfast is a type meal food and is just as good as a meal. Yet we see very little of them. Why? because the affinity simulation/generation tools work with pizza and meal so that is what everyone eats.
  11. What are your thoughts on a large variety food market?

    That doesn't support the old system. It doesn't simulate outcomes and tell you the optimal choice for a desired affinity.
  12. What are your thoughts on a large variety food market?

    The reason is the affinity calculator. If you can find a tool to simulate affinities for more food I'd think more people would be interested in others. For example, a 90 ql salad made with complex ingredients is a really nice food item.
  13. Valrei International. 068

    @MrGARYI know nothing of PvP and I never will do PvP. I personally don't have a problem with removing all priest restriction regarding item enchanting on PvE. But this isn't about what I want. There are some important points I've gleaned from trying to follow this: 1. The new priest overhaul isn't supposed to be a nerf. 2. It's supposed to make priests more fun to play and try to encourage people to play them as mains. 3. Wurm's main purpose isn't to make people get more alts. 4. Make priests more balanced for PvP. Now the things that we PvE value (combination of benefits and spells for nacho and paaw) may be removed. I say may because it's still unclear. 1. That is a clear nerf against PvE. 2. That doesn't make priest more fun to play. Tossing in some distractionary sparkly teleport spell doesn't fool me. 3. For PvE we will need more alts. And anyone who thinks PvE folks will chose to play priest is kidding themselves. As long as priest crafting restrictions stay most PvE people will continue to treat priest as alts.
  14. Valrei International. 068

    It's good to penalize players by taking away things they appreciate and worked hard to benefit from? I was under the impression one of the goals of the new priest system was to make it more fun. Further, not make it so you need at least 3 different priest alts to cast the good item enchanting spells.
  15. Valrei International. 068

    A free swap doesn't do any good if not one of the new priests have the desired spells. I'm aware we don't know the selections yet. I just searly doubt that nacho and paaw will have a equivalent under the new system.