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  1. modding out winter completely

    I wish it wasn't' so hard to add new farm crops as I think having a farm crop option for every forestry option would be nice, oh well.
  2. Priest / Religion overhaul

    Gems as links certainly wouldn't hurt anything. I just don't think it will have the effect you'll think it will. For 12 to 24s (1 to 2 months), you can get 6 first time alts and run sermons by yourself and with in that time most folks should be able to get 100 faith.
  3. Add neutral traits to Genesis.

    Does this give you a choice of which trait to remove? That seems like the optimal solution for me. I'd also lean more towards a non-magic option as the whole priest system is pretty stupid. I mean in WU we can remove all the restrictions but I'd almost rather just remove them and add abilities that replace what they once did.
  4. modding out winter completely

    You want to remove the snow graphics or make it so harvesting of trees/bushes can be done more often?
  5. Valrei International. 066

    Where is poison damage on that sheet? Say I wanted to try out studded leather and a libila protection ring? How would the poison nerf affect me? I'm guessing mobs are going to start doing more than bite, crush, pierce, slash (for the most part, sure HH and fiend do some fire damage) because otherwise, the protection rings are pretty much useless for normal PvE (not rifts or uniques). It'd be nice to have info on mob damage. I'd prefer to not wait till it comes to WU and fish it out of the decompiled source.
  6. Unannounced nerf to smelting pots

    Smelting pots are still reducing ql and weight by 10%. Being able to up smelt lump ql by improving and smelting stuff is a usefully feature. I certainly hope Wurm isn't planning to kill it by leaving that 10% ql loss nerf in place.
  7. Priest / Religion overhaul

    Why would someone choose to burn-through/destroy gems when they can just sacrifice 10 to 20 of 100 ql chopped veggies? (imo) Reducing favor is a far better approach. Unfortunately, if/when that happens I suspect it's going to be accompanied with a bunch of nerfs.
  8. This idea takes from other games where you have limited points to spend buying skills. But in this case, it would be for spells. I don't think I need to explain it any more than that. Keep in mind, like all suggestions that devs always do what they want considering the details so generalization is all that is needed anyway. Here are some ideas for advantages and disadvantages that could be taken to decrease or increase your spell buying points. .........................................nerf<---------------------------------------------->buff 1. Favor regeneration: favor loss over time, favor gain over time 2. spell power: lower power spell casts on average, higher power spell casts on average 3. shatter rate: more likely to shatter, less likely to shatter (power casts would be the same and just the shatter chance would be changed) 4. action time: longer action times, shorter action times (definitely for spell related like pray, casting, and sacrificing. Maybe for other tasks too) 5. sacrificing favor: no favor from sacrifice, less favor from sacrifice, more favor from sacrifice. 6. gem use: no favor from gems, less favor from gems, more favor from gems.
  9. Priest / Religion overhaul

    Is it really that bad to have a PvE priest that has all the good item enchants? I'd be willing to take a nerf, say no favor regen, for such a thing. I'm pretty concerned that the devs are going to be their normal nerf-happy selves and make it so Paaw (or anyother item enchanting focused priest) doesn't have all the good spells. I'd personly like a number of points I could spend to buy the spells I wanted. And have some advantage(s) and disadvantages to take or give more points to select spells. One last thing. Please, change priest / follower converts so (This is how it should have been in the first place) all you need to do is pray at ANY altar and you can become a follower or priest if you got enough faith. You shouldn't even need a stattuette.
  10. How is Wurm?

    The game seems essentially the same its always been to me. Sure there have been some changes here and there but I still do the same things I've always done. One big change is that it's really difficult to sell things to other players. I believe the source of this is demand stagnation. In other words, everyone can make all their own stuff so there is no need to buy that stuff. Selling things isn't that important to me but I do like to try and play for free. But that's become unreasonable. Anyone that looks at that website which Rixk found, keep in mind that Google doesn't usually convert numbers when it translates currency labels. For me, it switched the SEK to pounds and left the numbers the same. Gota wonder where that 1.2 mill SEK net profit is coming from. I'm also curious what happened between 2013 and 2014, there was net income growth in those years that had nothing to do with WU. I'm pretty confident all the NI growth from 2015 onward is from WU.
  11. Just because it sucks so much

    Out of curiosity, is it that hard to check if a solid floor is above the player? 1. Go up vertically passing open space, ladder openings, staircases. Go upwards an unlimited amount. 2. Once at the same level as the target item, go out horizontally checking the distance to object player is trying to interact with. Walls on the item's level and obstructing a path to the item would stop the interaction. Another cool idea is to let us register certain storage containers with the house and we can interact with them anywhere in the house. I too am having to redesign my work area. I'm guessing with the new place mechanics folks where placing valuable items on furniture to display them. Then someone came along and grabbed them from floors below.
  12. Unannounced nerf to smelting pots

    The problem has been fixed. Now if you improve with a lump weight less then what would normally be needed the chance that your next imp tool is a lump again is significantly increased. You simply can't gain a materials-used advantage by making a bunch of improving lumps at 0.04kg (smelting down high creation quality arrowheads). I think they can put smelting pots back so they make high ql lumps again. They can even make it so the weapon-smithing oils can create things at a ql higher than the original lump used for the creation.
  13. Unannounced nerf to smelting pots

    Hopefully, I understand this right in that smelting pots will produce lump qualities equal to whatever item we smelted (assuming the smelting pot is higher enough quality). ps... Keep It Simple Stupid. -> lump-ql = Math.min(smelted-target-item's-ql, smelting-algorithm-derived-ql)
  14. [WU] Datamining

    please confirm regarding horse/uni shoes' decay and use damage: 1. Horses/uni shoes only take damage when the game polls for speed updates and I'm not sure if its every time. Creature.calcHorseShoeBonus()'s arg 'mounting' is only false when the game is purely polling for a speed update. when embarking or unhitching it's true. 2. horse/uni shoes don't benefit from metal material bonuses regarding damage taken. Creature.calcHorseShoeBonus() and the calls to Item.setDamage() don't modify the damage using Item.getDamageModifier(). 3. Do horse/uni shoes get hit with decay when equipped on a horse/uni?
  15. Make sure not to drop anything in the water

    +1 to fixing the permission issue. I didn't know that one can circumvent a locked item's permission management. I really liked the ability to reach through multiple stories of ladder openings. Denying access to alter something that should be permission-blocked anyway isn't how you fix the actual problem.