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  1. Is 0.13 skill gain unrealistic for about 40 minutes of work? Has anyone ever figured out how much time we spend on failed improvment rolls assuming most people improve to around their skill level?
  2. I believe only one of the tiles in the checked range needs to be 250+ depth. Another cool thing is the checked water tiles don't have to be connected. You could make say 3 water tiles on the E-W axis, surrounded by dirt, and have 8 or so tiles in water on the N-S axis (ideal if one of these is 250+ depth) and still get group 3 fishing. This is a great way to setup a deeded & fenced in fishing area.
  3. A different solution that kinda achieves a similar goal is adding ways for folks to exchange quantity or higher quality. I made one for lumps here:
  4. I don't think it would be easy to do. Cave tile (either that bee a floor, wall, vein) quality is decided with a seeded random number generator. With those type of systems you basicly have to make a whole new system to make it not random. From what I remember the Rod toggles a yes/no flag which overrides the random quality to be 99. I'm pretty sure the only solution would be to implement a new mod custom data storage mechanics and inject into WU's code wherever needed to replace its random fetched values with those from the mod.
  5. I need to find that bug. It has something to do with being too far from the target. It's different from changing tiles next to the server boarder even know that is the failure message being relayed back.
  6. @NikalusThank you for the review and your input. You're not changing the terrain under your feet so it's not going to work like basic WU. For the two tile corners connected to a border, you're changing the one opposite of you. You're effectively changing one tile over. It will created the dirt or rock shards on the tile associated with the tile corner your changing. To put it another way, for the four tiles connected to a tile corner, it will always make the resources on the tile to the SE. In Wurm the tile corner is actually the NW edge of a tile.
  7. request

    Is it okay if it's a new item? It would use the coal pile graphics. I just think it's easier and more resistant to update breaking if the mod doesn't try to alter WU vanilla functionality. Here an interesting idea. What are some things a player should or could have access to in game that would speed up coal creation? The base creation speed can be speed up obviously but it would be nice to have additional things players can do. We have three aspects here: 1. the quality produced. - wallnut bumps ql by 10% 2. the rate at which it's produced. 3. the quantity produced. -oak increases quantity but it's more related to how the coal pile is tied into the decay system. Perhaps something that will let you turn any wooden thing into charcoal might be nice, even woodscrap.
  8. two ways to lower strength load requirment( I'm sure there are more): 1. make a new load action with modloaders action performer. That is somewhat complicated. 2. use Javassist ExprEditor on the loadCargo and loadShip methods in CargoTransportationMethods class. Here is some code for loadCargo. Someone would need to set them up in modloader and compile into a mod in order to use it.
  9. You'd use something like Blender. Further, iirc the only usable file is a collada (.dae extension). I don't see many new graphics (models, textures, animation) being released publicly. It seems the graphics part is the most lacking area for modding. People do it, it's just that they aren't openly releasing their creations.
  10. I can add a new item and set it up as a cooker. Although, I don't know how to make the artwork.
  11. I found some errors regarding action performers. Here is a patch file. Now that I look at the version tree I may have check out the wrong branch. it seems the double tiley thing may be fix in another branch. But there is another issue besides those here anyway.
  12. First off, As far as I can tell you can not add a "or" condition to items listed in the active field for recipes. A person would need to make a new recipe using shaft as an active item. I don't like making recipes so someone else will need to do that. * This script runner mod will add shafts as an item usable in recipes. To use this: copy the code, paste it into text editor, name the file using ".js" extension and the name doesn't matter, save the file in the onItemTemplatesCreated folder (mods\scriptrunner\scripts\onItemTemplatesCreated) and make the folder if it doesn't exists. var ItemTemplateFactory =; var ItemList =; var ItemTypes =; var Logger =; var logger = Logger.getLogger("com.joedobo27.scriptRunnerMods.make-shaft-recipe-item"); function onItemTemplatesCreated() { var itemTemplates = ItemTemplateFactory.getInstance().getTemplates(); var shaft = ItemList.shaft; var types = [ItemTypes.ITEM_TYPE_RECIPE_ITEM]; for (i = 0; i < itemTemplates.length; i++) { if (itemTemplates[i].getTemplateId() == shaft) { itemTemplates[i].assignTypes(types);"Shaft can now be used in recipes."); } } } * This script runner mod will let you turn shafts into branches. You use a carving knife on a shaft to make a branch, I disregarded with weight difference between shaft and branch. To use this: copy the code, paste it into text editor, name the file using ".js" extension and the name doesn't matter, save the file in the onServerStarted folder (mods\scriptrunner\scripts\onServerStarted) and make the folder if it doesn't exists. var CreationEntryCreator =; var SkillList =; var ItemList =; var CreationCategories = var Logger =; var logger = Logger.getLogger("com.joedobo27.scriptRunnerMods.make-branch-from-shaft"); function onServerStarted(){ var branch = CreationEntryCreator.createSimpleEntry(SkillList.CARPENTRY, ItemList.knifeCarving, ItemList.shaft, ItemList.branch, false, true, 0.0, false, false, CreationCategories.TOOLS); branch.setDepleteFromTarget(1000); }
  13. Again, Sophorino, your doing a good job here. Don't let it get to you. People like above, we can just laugh in there faces and move on.
  14. Sophorino, thank you for making this! I think this mod is cool. I implore you to ignore the naysayers. They can't stop you and all they can do is complain. I dealt with people like them in WO for years. All these silly people who seem to think they have to force others to play their way in order to have fun. Modding is the best thing ever to come to Wurm. Now an individual player can decided whether to use a mod and those selfish people who like to tell others how to play can't do a thing about it.
  15. I looked at this but it doesn't look like an easy fix, for me at least. note, it seems "renderPicked()" method now has 3 arguments and I'm guessing it had none before. Most likely someone will have to unravel all that Javassist string insert code in order to figure out how to fix it.