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Found 61 results

  1. Starting bid: 1s Increment (minimum): 20c Buyout: 5s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted
  2. WTA SUPREME Lamp Zinc Start Bid: 8s Increments: 0,5s Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 30 min PS: my first Auction i hope the setup is okay, good luck!
  3. Hello, Recently I've started a new deed deep in a pine forest. I have some lamps and they are great for adding ambience to the deed at night. However, once they turn off for the day/night cycle, its still very dark in the deed/buildings because of shadows from the trees. Eventually the sun comes up higher and lights the deed nicely, but in the morning or evening when there's lots of shadows from trees, its very dark, and the lamps don't turn on. (Right now I'll have to turn the ones on manually that I want.) I'd like to be able to keep lamps/torches on all the time or even better have more control of the cycle that they follow for turning on and off. Its my understanding that a GM can change a lamp to "Always Lit" and would love to have this option as a player. I'm not looking for no fuel required, I'm happy for it to burn fuel. Just more control so I'm not in the dark during the day. If something like this exists, I'd love to be directed towards it. It sounds like it may have to be server-side rather than client side. Also I'd like to hear what other players do to combat being in the dark, on deed, outside of lantern on/off cycle. Thanks for reading.
  4. As the title says, i see no reason why Marble brazier pillar should not be secureable, or placeable from hand. not only unloadable from cart - which means everyone can come by and load them up if not on deed. Lams and Buoys only light up for 15 tiles, hard to see from afar. Pillars could be a very good light house, show the entrance of canals or tunnels or highways ( 80 tile visible light). We should be able to use them properly, withut haveing to make a house for every pillar to prevent stealing.
  5. WTS Rares and Supremes Offer Prices Rare Forge
  6. supreme iron lamp 7s rare iron lamp 2s both for 8s
  7. Moving option in lamp to move closest tile corner what is planted to ground
  8. Lamp, iron 51ql+ - 15c each, or 10 for 1s. Candelabra, silver - 50c for the set. Lantern, iron - 30c each. Rare torch lamp, iron - 1.5s each Rare lamp, iron - 1.5s each
  9. I apologize if this has already been suggested (couldn't find anything on the subject) but would it be possible to have a mod to effect light sources and make them not need fuel? Perhaps via a spell/enchant? Thanks in advance.
  10. Most of my lamps have ql20 tar in them, I could simply plant 40+ off-deed and wait but it struck me that `empty lamp` might be really easy to code.
  11. I don't quite care how its implemented but the sticks on these lamp posts have been bugging me since I first started playing this game a few years back now. Right now I feel like their only purpose seems to be to poke someone in their eyes if they ride past them. Are they not there to hold something? I would love the option of kingdom banners, or blank banners that take on the same color as a painted light source (if possible given you only paint the actual lightsource on lamps and not the metal part at all - if it's not possible, have it match the plain banners?) Who is with me?
  12. Starting Bid 20s Increments 1s Buy out PM me first auction so lets give this a go, and greetings to old friends
  13. #1: 30QL - Rare Small Chest Maplewood - (Guzten - 1.5s) #2: 38QL - Rare Lamp, Iron - (Davih - 1s) #3: 70QL - Rare Lamp, Iron - (Davih - 1s) #4: 70QL - Rare Lamp, Iron - (Davih - 1s) #5: 75QL - Rare Lamp, Iron - (Davih - 1s) #6: 69QL - Rare Cauldron, Iron - (Fairyshine - 2.5s) #7: 63QL - Rare Water Skin, Leather - (Jakeii - 1.5s) #8: 55QL - Rare Practice Doll, Pinewood - (Shydow - 1s) #9: 80QL - Rare Stool, Pinewood - (Davih - 1s) #10: 50QL - Rare Torch Lamp, Iron - (No Bid) #11: 50QL - Rare Torch Lamp, Iron - (No Bid) #12: 52QL - Rare Raft, Pinewood - (Davih - 1s) #13: 54QL - Rare Raft, Cedarwood - (Davih - 1s) Bid by numbers preferably, going to try to keep bids up to date. Starting Bid: 1s Increments: 50c Buyout: 4s No reserve, 1h sniper
  14. Want to Sell Rares Rare Coffin - Taking offers (SOLD) Rare Armour Stand - 3s (SOLD) Rare Candelabra - 2s (SOLD) Rare Archery Target - Taking offers (SOLD) Rare Lamp - 2s Rare Torch Lamp - 2s
  15. hello, i think, very helpfull can be some changes into "plant" option i right click menu and keybinds: 1. "plant center" for lamp, bsb, signs, (and many other thing that i can't remember atm) (it takes many hours to make sraight line of lamps when not planting in tile corner, but we have 3 tile roads, and palnting in tile corner doesn't keep symmetry of road, and for lot of people this looks very ugly:)..... best combination in my opinion will be "plant center" and "pland random" on tile, and tile border. 2. for example: to plant flowers and moss should work both keybinds "plant center" and "plant naturally" (in this case can be named "plant random" or something which sounds better), because amount of keys are limited, and switching between kybind sets are not clear for everyone, and using binds like "ctrl + shift + F12" is not comfortable:)
  16. Auctioning some supreme rare decoration items: #1 item: supreme lamp, iron 70ql start bid: 5s min increment: 1s buyout: 15s #2 item: supreme JK kingdom banner start bid: 5s min increment: 1s buyout: 15s #3 item: rare JK kingdom banner start bid: 2s min increment: 0.5s buyout: 5s Reserve: No reserve Sniper protection: 1h Note: seemed obvious to me, but it looks i have to clear this out, banners are player made kingdom and not template kingdom. Happy bidding
  17. Welcome to the first Krow's garage sale - deed kickstarter edition Here is the thing, I found some items roaming through the map and I was willing to sell them so I can place my first deed. ~ Item List ~ Decorations: - 2x Gold candelabra (QL 10 & 7) - 1x RARE lindenwood high bookshelf (QL 45) [SOLD] - 1x Gold hanging lamp (QL 4) - 1x Gold hanging lamp head (QL 5) - 1x Yule goat (QL 99) [SOLD] Gems: (1c p/ ql) - 5x Opal - 5x Ruby - 2x Diamond - 4x Emerald - 2x Sapphire - 15x Source crystal (might be included for free) Misc.: - 12x Yellow potion (QL AVG 81) Note: If you are interested in something please leave a comment here or contact me in-game, I'm near Green Dog @Deliverance *QL AVG = quality average
  18. 5 day auction Starting bid: 75 silver. EEBuy out: 2 gold. Min increase: 1 silver. Sniper Protection: 1 hour. First auction, please be patient with corrections. Edit: Xanadu, Summerholt, pick up only
  19. I would like to see a smaller lamp added to the game that the guards would tend to that we can use for walkways that will fit just above the chain fence posts.
  20. At the Moment you DON'T need the iron lamps to be glowing to imp them. The only action that requires any heat is when improving with iron lump, the lump needs to be glowing. Other than that, any imp action can be done while the iron lamp is cold. Juts to make sure, I tried using my whetstone to imp my saw (cold) and i got the message that my saw needs to be glowing from heat to work on, but iron lamp worked just fine without heat. I tested and this works wether the lamp is in a cold forge, your inventory, or even in another container such as a cart. This could result in a lot of BS skill gain at very fast rate being that they don't need to heat multiple forges to work on them, just one for lumps.
  21. Rare Lantern, Iron Starting bid: 6s Bid increment: 50c Reserve: None Snipe Protection: 1 hour Buyout: 12s Current bid: 6s - Outlaw Private bids: No Private buyout: Yes Winner pays CoD. When auction ends, please PM me whom to CoD to and what color you want on it. Default dye on it is r244 g244 b244. Dyes available to choose from:
  22. Illuminate your land! Iron torch lamp, Iron lamp, Copper hanging lamp 30ql - 5 40ql - 10 50ql - 20 Copper Brazier 30ql - 20 40ql - 25 50ql - 30 Looking for someone to imp your lamps? Send me a tell and we'll work things out! Delivery and contact information I deliver to only the Freedom servers (Currently based on Deliverance), all deliveries will be made to the nearest coastal point of interest from Deliverance. Deliverance players receive free service! Live on Xanadu? Send me a tell and we'll work out the cost. Contact Genocide in-game to place your order! (Orders must be made through in-game tell or forum post, all orders will be kept in list format, please give two-three days for order completion, this estimation varies on order and how many players are in line.)
  23. I have the following items available for sale Items will be mailed to the buyer, CoD paid by you, OR picked up from Exodus (Annex) Co-Ordinates: X11 Willing to negotiate on price, make me an offer PICKAXE 1a) Pickaxe, Iron (WoA 58) QL 85.77 PRICE:50 Copper 1b) Pickaxe, Iron (WoA 71) QL 70.58 PRICE:70 Copper 1c) Pickaxe, Iron (WoA 67) QL 89.52 PRICE 70 Copper 1d) Pickaxe, Iron (WoA 72 CoC 48) QL 26.29 PRICE:1 Silver TROWELS 2a) Trowel, Iron (CoC 66) QL 19.62 PRICE:50 Copper 2b) Trowel, Iron (CoC 62) QL 20.24 PRICE:50 Copper 2c) Trowel, Iron (CoC 66) QL 21.36 PRICE:50 Copper 2d) Trowel, Iron (WoA 59) QL 76.50 PRICE:50 Copper SAWS 3a) Saw, Iron (WoA 58) QL 69.29 PRICE:50 Copper HATCHETS 4a) Hatchet, Iron (WoA 50 CoC 80) QL 59.79 PRICE:1.2 Silver 4b) Hatchet, Iron (CoC 63) QL 70.25 PRICE:60 Copper 4c) Hatchet, Iron (CoC 69) QL 47.86 PRICE:60 Copper 4d) Hatchet, Iron (WoA 73) QL 76.29 PRICE:70 Copper WHETSTONES 5a) Whetstone (CoC 70) QL 91.01 DM 0.00 PRICE: 80 Copper 5b) Whetstone (CoC 75) QL 79.65 DM 1.50 PRICE: 70 Copper 5c) Whetstone (WoA 52 CoC 39) QL 84.03 DM 3.94 PRICE: 60 Copper SPINDLES 6a) Spindle, Pinewood (WoA 66 CoC 75) QL 76.79 PRICE: 1 Silver 6b) Spindle, Oakenwood (WoA 82) QL 72.14 PRICE: 1 Silver STONE CHISELS 7a) Stone Chisel, Iron (WoA 71) QL 77.56 PRICE: 70 Copper 7b) Stone Chisel, Iron (WoA 87) QL 68.67 PRICE: 1 Silver 7c) Stone Chisel, Iron (CoC 67) QL 21.65 PRICE: 60 Copper 7d) Stone Chisel, Iron (CoC 66) QL 19.88 PRICE: 60 Copper LONG SWORDS 8a) Longsword, Iron (Nim 43 FB 65 CoC 62) QL 80.26 PRICE: 2 Silver 8b) Longsword, Iron (Nim 49 FB 47 CoC 42) QL 70.47 PRICE: 2 Silver 8c) Longsword, Iron (LT 81 WoA 65 AD) QL 53.27 PRICE: 3.5 Silver RAKES 9a) Rake, Iron (WoA 57 CoC 60) QL 79.27 PRICE: 1.1 Silver SERYLL 10a) Lump, Seryll QL 90.00 PRICE: 2 Silver (Full Lump) 10b) Lump, Seryll QL 80.00 PRICE: 1 Silver (Full Lump) 10c) Lump, Seryll QL 80.00 PRICE: 1 Silver (Full Lump) SOFT CAPS 11a) Soft Cap, Cotton PRICE: 50 Copper OTHER ITEMS a) Fruit Press, Cherrywood (CoC 74) QL 49.30 PRICE: 70 Copper b ) Short Bow, Willow RARE QL 60.51 PRICE: 3.50 Silver c) Pendulum, Silver (LitD 57) QL 43.78 PRICE: 50 Copper d) Pendulum, Iron (LitD 78) QL 71.95 PRICE: 1 Silver e) Scythe (WoA 69) QL 42.05 PRICE: 60 Copper f) Rare Hanging Lamp, Brass QL 49.49 PRICE: 2 Silver g) Rare Chain Gauntlet, Iron (AoSP 67) QL 79.41 PRICE: 2 Silver h) Rare Chain Gauntlet, Iron (AoSP 61) QL 79.40 PRICE: 2 Silver i) Sickle, Iron (CoC 72) QL 20.23 PRICE: 80 Copper j) Rope Tool, Pinewood (CoC 81) QL 75.72 PRICE: 1 Silver k) Carving Knife, Iron (CoC 55 WoA 57) QL 67.13 PRICE: 80 Copper l) Carving Knife, Iron (CoC 75) QL 35.21 PRICE: 80 Copper m) Scissors, Iron (CoC 84) QL 78.78 PRICE: 1.1 Silver n) Butchering Knife (CoC 69) QL 16.61 PRICE: 70 Copper o) Leather Knife (CoC 82) QL 16.68 PRICE: 80 Copper Ship One - Cherrywood Knarr & 100 Rafts - 12 Silver [11:53:14] It has a clinker-built hull assembled with iron rivets and one mast with a square yard sail. At insufficient wind it is rown with oars. The side rudder is on the starboard side. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from cherrywood. You must use a file to smooth out the "Princess Sparkle" in order to improve it. Ql: 40.84511, Dam: 18.623547. The name of the owner, Maizie, has been etched in the stern. Items will be mailed to the buyer, CoD paid by you, OR picked up from Exodus (Annex) Co-Ordinates: X11 Y29. Thanks all