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Found 49 results

  1. Archaeds top quality dyeworks. Custom colours are available. Check this link for options: Colour Reference Chart (Please note some colours not available, nearest colour will be discussed and arranged prior to placing order) Pricing tiers as shown for 1-5L. Prices for large carts, sailboat sails, and knarrs are also included Custom colours will be priced in their relative tier. Tiers: (All colours shown with 50ql lantern) Winter White / Cedar Green 10c per kg Carts: 1s sailboat sails 15c knarr sails 5s Dragon Red 20c per kg carts 2s sailboat sails 30c knarr sails 6s Sol Yellow / Lava Spider Orange / Troll Lime 30c Per kg cart 3s sailboat sails 45c knarr sails 6s Vynora Blue 30c per kg cart 3s sailboat sails 45c knarr sails 6s Carebear Pink / Libila Purple / Jenn Cyan 30c per kg cart 3s sailboat sails 50c knarr sails 7s GM Black/ Valrei Grey 30c per KG cart 2.5s sailboat sail 50c knarr sail 7s New Offer!!! Can't Decide what colour you want? Want just a few rainbow lamps? Now you can do this without breaking the budget! Introducing the new sample pack! 9 Flasks of the listed colours and one flask of white for just 1.5s plus C.O.D! Lantern colours: 10c Simply mail me your lantern named with the colour you want, and I'll dye and mail it back for just 10c plus cod! Alternatively, order a 50ql lantern with your choice of colour for just 30c Also available: Transmutation liquids: Tile transformation guaranteed 1.5s per tile + CoD Pickup and delivery Pickup from Blossom on Pristine or cod at 1c per 5kg + 1c Come on over today! New Offer!!! Post a screenshot of your purchase for 10% off your next order! Examples
  2. Building Supplies Bricks 2s /k (Pottery Bricks 3s/k) Colossus Bricks 2s/k (random ql) Colossus Bricks 3s/k (over 50ql) Mortar 2s /k Concrete 1s/100 Supports 4s/100 Dirt 85c/k Slabs 70c/100 Ribbons 50c/100 Large and Small Nails 10c/100 Planks 1s/k Shafts 1s/k Large Crates 7c each And more just ask... Sprouts over 175k in stock 1c each (1s/100) Oaks 2c each (2s/100) flowers - ivy - mixed grass also available Coming Soon Blacksmith imps to 95+ql Delivery and Containers always FREE! Order Picks Up Location - Deed - Cornerstone (D 10/11 Release) Payment - Silver - Trade/Barter
  3. Ravendream is located on Independence (O/P 17 ingame map, 34x45y Albia map). Water path via Crystal Raven Cannal ( N/O18 ingame map, 38x44y Albia map) PM ingame to Xagru. I. Mining Service Ask about details, especially removing veins - I use meditation skill erupt and freeze so tile needs to be uncover from dirt above ground first. II. Enchanting grass First tile 1s, every next 50c. IV. Mixed stuff Visit our Market - 100ql crops, wemps, cotton, mixed rares
  4. Hi there! I recently got back to my Wurm Unlimited locally hosted Single Player Server and finally had the time to implement a few of my own server mods. I will use this thread to give you all access. None of them have reached a full release version, since they haven't been tested for all scenarios, but if you want to try out some new mods, feel free to use them or to give me feedback, if you find a bug. Please be aware, that the mods are all for Steams current official server version and have not been tested with the current (newer) beta branch. Special thanks to Ago and bdew who inspired me, to create those mods! Mod List: Allow Concrete on Dirt Disable Fatigue Hydrator Mounted Actions Pendulum Coordinates Stop Dirt Flowing Tend on Deed ======================================================================================================= Allow Concrete on Dirt (v0.2) Concrete can now raise corners of dirt tiles and packed dirt tiles. The properties file contains a setting to override maximum slope for the raise corners action. Download and Source: ======================================================================================================= Disable Fatigue (v0.1) Fatigue doesn't make sense, when you play alone anyway. This mod removes fatigue from the game. Download and Source: ======================================================================================================= Hydrator (v0.1) The mod disables the dehydration logic of the game. The players will never be thirsty anymore. If the hydration bar should be reduced on login, the player can simply go to a water source (like a lake) and drink. Once refilled, the bar will permanently stay at the maximum lvl. Download and Source: ======================================================================================================= Mounted Actions (v0.1) Allow all simple actions to be done on mounts. ToDo: Write down all actions, which aren't simple. Download and Source: ======================================================================================================= Pendulum Coordinates (v0.1) Are you also annoyed about the rough explenation of the closest water source, when you use your pendulum? Well, I am! That's why this mod will tell you exactly, how many fields to go west/east/north/south. Therefore instead of a useless message like "The pendulum swings rapidly back and forth! You are close to a water source!", the message will be something like: "You must go 3w,2n to reach the water source. The water source is at 103,107, while you are at 100,105." Download and Source: ======================================================================================================= Stop Dirt Flowing (v0.1) If you drop dirt on a corner with a slope >40, it will still raise the corner, instead of flowing down. Download and Source: ======================================================================================================= Tent on Deed (v0.1) Allow tents on friendly deeds. Download and Source: =======================================================================================================
  5. Ravendream Concrete Service: 90c per 100 concrete ordering over 500 - 85c/100 ordering over 1000 - 80c/100 Delivery 50c to any coastal. Free delivery to any coastal on orders over 500. 5c for 1 large crate and 3c for small crate via wagoner on Independence. More about mine service and others here - Ravendream To discuss order details send to me (Xagru) PM ingame. Im usually online 1PM-10PM UTC. For pick up by urself is opened new access by water via Crystal Raven Cannal ( N/O18 ingame map, 38x44y Albia map).
  6. So i for once decided to do this. I only do the dyes on weekends. Custom dye is 25c/kg. I dont do black if u ask i has to be online to do that and u get a answer thats in case 30c/kg Use this site to get custom dyes, i need the nrs from red=r green=g b=blue. I can sell in a soon future high ql meat but i am colleting atm so i have a stock. + hides and so on. this shop opens Jan 31 and is open only weekends. Ill can take ur orders i can do like 100kg a day on weekends high ql and best i can produce Take care my other wurm ppl
  7. Cheapo Depot Your source for affordably priced crap. Located at T-26 xanadu on the southeastern most small island. Coc Skiller Tools Concrete - 70 copper per hundred picked up. Lye- 50 QL avg sealed small barrel - 20 copper + 10 copper if shipped 70 QL avg sealed small barrel - 40 copper + 10 copper if shipped High QL pizza- 98 QL+ Full CCFP 6kg+ wrapped pies 12 copper each. (1.5hr+ random affinity) Always affordable. Always Cheap. Always, Cheapo Depot.
  8. Providing Brick, Mortar, Concrete, and Support Beam Services. Your satisfaction is my focus. Taking and filling orders. My stockpile is continuously increasing. I follow through and deliver. Ask any of the players below. Mortar: 1.75s per 1k [1k in-stock] Stockpiling. Shafts: 1s per 1k [1k in-stock] Planks: 1.5s per 1k [1k in-stock] Clay: 1s per 1k [1k in-stock] Bricks: 1.75s per 1k Stone: [10k in-stock] 1.75s Round Stone: [500 in-stock] Sandstone: [Taking Orders] Marble: [5k in-stock] 2s per k Slate: [Taking Orders] Slabs: 1s per 100 Sandstone: [70 in-stock] 1s per 100 Marble: [Taking Orders] Concrete: 1s per 100 [Out of Stock] Support Beams: 3.5s per 100 [Taking Orders] I deliver for free usually. I do crate swaps or will deliver to a BSB. ** Need more than what I have in stock? Put in an order request and I will provide you with delivery time-table** Iron Construction Items: Blank Bulk Tools/Weapons: For Enchanters Tools: Weapons & Shields: Meditation Rugs: PM me in game @ Mrzodiac
  9. The shop moved to another location, even more stuff for sale and updated daily!! Https:// Also check out our merchants at the Amish Sanctuary Market near Summerholt, SE corner!!! There are 8 of them, so plenty to choose from
  10. Well, as the title says, allow us to lower the mine ceiling with concrete instead of raising the floor (as it's actually doing). Having to collapse a few tiles to get the ceiling at the right height for our cave dwellings is bordering insanity after a while.
  11. 3k concrete for sale 1s per 100 Willing to deliver for free any order over 5s Buy it all for 28s.
  12. Need 100x Concrete Please PM me. Thanks.
  13. When a forge/oven is lit, ash should store up in it the more fuel you add. Being able to extract this ash from the forge/oven after the fire is out would be a very helpful quality of life addition that would make creating ash much less painful when needing large amounts. Currently it's .10kg of ash per 1.5kg kindling campfire. So perhaps 10kgs of wood fueled to the forge could give 1kg of ash when the forge/oven goes out to make it a little simpler? You'd just right click the unlit oven or forge and get the option to Empty ash or something, which would then sweep it out into your inventory.
  14. This mod provides options to change how a player can terraform rock. You can change max slopes for mining and raising with concrete. You can change max depths for mining and raising with concrete. It is set up so that you should always be able to reverse things. In other words; you can't mine deep then you can raise or raise higher then you can mine it back down. Configure options: :Required: For WU Note, I only update every other WU official release. This may mean you need to use the previous version, I do :). Ago's WurmServerModLauncher. I tested with v0.24 :Install: *Get one of the archive releases and unpack it into the mods folder. The folder path should look something like this: ~Steam\SteamApps\common\Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server\mods * Releases are at github: * Open the properties file and choose what options you want. Make concrete from clay + rockshards. Here is script-runner code to do this, and it goes in this folder: ~\mods\scriptrunner\scripts\onServerStarted This mod use to be about concrete creation and use. I decided to make it into a rock terraforming general purpose mod. I may add a new actions to level and flatten surface rock to this mod.
  15. Arrrr!!!!Plate smithing & Bulk manufacture. Hi, I want to offer you my Plate armours and bulk materials. If you want to order a plate set or some bulk material's PM me! You can pick up orders at "Arrr" village (d19) on Deliverance, I can send or deliver my goods too. You can offer me high ql/rare/enchanted tools or other stuff for my work and I'm open for price negotiation Just look on my stuff and prices. If u need something that is not avaliable in my storage, just talk to me. Probably I can make it on demand. Plate Smithing: (50, 60, 70,80 QL) You can order any parts of plate or I can imp yours! PM me. All price's for full armour set (9 parts) QL: price 50 70c 60 1s 70 1,75s 80 2,5s My skills: Mining 62 Wood Cutting 56 Digging 47 Masonry 43 Stone cutting 27 Carpentry 50 Bulk prieces: Other things for sale: Potion of fletching 85ql-1,5S Potion of flething 94 ql-1,7S Blue dragon blood-1s Dark ring 75 ql dmg 1- 1,5s Steel Blacksmithing tools 50ql-15c Rift items: 2x left elaborate shoulder pad, leather, 75 ql-50c ea Right layered shoulder pad, 75 ql 1,5s neacklace of protection, seryll, 25 ql 50c soul stealer neacklace, seryl, 75 ql 2s ribonned shoulder pad 50 ql 1,5s curved shoulder pad 75 ql 1,5s Rift materials 10c/ea: 24x 21ql rift stone shrads 4x 29 ql rift wood Food: eggs-400-1s/100 Lumps: 85,9ql 0,33kg glimmersteel - 3,3s 84,9ql 0,30 rare glimmersteel -3s 89,69 ql 0,35 kg adamantie lump-3,5s Others: Active Bee hives -30 ql- 2,5s Bees wax- 100x- 40ql- send an offer You should also see our master chansmith page:
  16. Throughout my years of playing Wurm I have found two mechanics which I thought were counter to the idea of a sandbox world. The worst offender was the immutability of clay, tar, and peat tiles. This issues was finally addressed and I am beyond grateful to the devs. The second issue is dealing with rock surfaces below water and at high slope. I would like to see the following changes made and options added. 1) Allow concrete to raise rock up regardless of depth of water. If it seems to easy with the current concrete system then perhaps it would be better to add concrete forms or an enhanced form of concrete like the "heavy concrete" suggested in the post below. 2) Add a way to use concrete on high slopes. For this I would suggest a new item, Concrete Form. It would be built on a tile boarder and allow the user to 'Raise Corner' beyond the current limit. This came to mind as I have done several months of surface mining and a few times I went one slope too far but there is no way to repair the mistake. One would think that in a sandbox any terraforming should be reversible, at least on the PVE servers. 3) In consideration of my assertion all terraforming should be reversible on PVE servers I would like to suggest a tool which, like a dredge do for dirt, allow players to lower underwater rock below the current limit. As with all tools it is possible for each of these items to be 'abused' but, that one might do evil is no reason to stop another from doing good.
  17. Correction: After mixing many more batches of concrete I realized that I made an error by using the total amount of lye used in my calculations. Since concrete is made using 1.5 lye per action, the maximum amount of concrete which can be made from a small barrel of lye is 30. I've changed the percentage amounts to reflect this fact. Substituting a maximum total of 30 concrete per small barrel now indicates that the success rate is higher (at least in this instance) than the Chance percentage listed in the crafting window. I apologize for any confusion I may have caused. I spent the day today making concrete from 900 ash. The amount of concrete I was able to craft does not agree with the Chance percentage listed in the crafting window. This leads me to believe that either the Chance percentage listed in the crafting window is calculated incorrectly, or the mechanic for determining the success rate of crafting actions is not accurate. While my findings pertains only to crafting concrete, I have a suspicion that all crafting actions may have a similar issue. My Natural Substances skill was 49.97 when I started, and 51.29 when I finished. I created batches of lye in small barrels using 45 ash per 45kg water for a total of 20 batches, as well as 2 smaller batches of leftover lye. The Chance percentage listed was 80% for the first batch, and 81% for all the rest. Here are my results: 1 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 12 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 2 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 13 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 3 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 14 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 4 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 15 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 5 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 16 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 6 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 17 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 7 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 18 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 8 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 19 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 9 11 lye 7 concrete 95.4% 20 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 10 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 21 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 11 45 lye 29 concrete 96.7% 22 9.75 lye 6 concrete 92.3% Total: 592 concrete 96.4% (592/613.83) If I understand the purpose of the Chance percentage in the crafting window (which is highly unlikely), it is an approximation of the expected crafting results based on a character's skill level modified by material quality. I would expect that the Chance percentage is not a random chance approximation, but rather a measure of proficiency. Based on the Chance percentage I was given I would expect to see an average of 80 successes out of 100 crafting actions (or 36 concrete per small barrel of lye) with a variation in the results, perhaps ranging from +-5% to +-10%. The results I achieved clearly do not correspond to the Chance percentage, and they are also too consistent to correspond to a random chance calculation (which would actually be a poor way of calculating crafting success). Based on all of the nonsense I just spouted, I think either the Chance percentage needs to be recalculated to show the actual chance of success per crafting action, or the mechanic used to determine successful actions needs to be modified to produce successful crafting actions more in line with the displayed Chance percentage. Alendhor Aven Linuath, Newspring Island, Xanadu
  18. I'm selling batches of various items: Prices are fixed Qty available Item QL Price Status 2000 Iron lumps 84.36ql 1s/1000 Available 2000 Iron lumps 94.37ql 2.5s/1000 SOLD 1500 Zinc lumps 73.16ql 2s/1000 Available 2000 Copper lumps 53.13ql 1s/1000 Available 4000 Silver lumps 10.08ql 75c/1000 Available 2500 Silver lumps 28.18ql 80c/1000 Available 1500 Gold lumps 13.83ql 75c/1000 Available 3000 Gold lumps 46.16ql 1s/1000 Available 700 Concrete 24.74ql 1s/100 Available 5000 Slate shards mix ql 1s/1000 Available 1000 Hides 37.67ql 1s/200 Available 2000 Tar 43.08ql 1s/1000 Available 4000 Animal Fat 40.91ql 80c/1000 Available 1000 Hooves 47.51ql 1s/1000 Available 1000 Tails 48.11ql 1s/1000 Available Status legend Available The items are for sale Reserved The items are reserved but not yet delivered and paid for In transit The items are on their way in a combined delivery En route The items are directly en route to buyer Awaiting cod acceptance Cod mail sent, awaiting acceptance Items ready in BSB The cod has been accepted, the items are in the BSB Sold The items have been delivered and paid for Pricing is based on pickup, deliveries possible to coastal deeds to all freedom server for 50c, orders above 5s have free delivery. Crates are not included in the pricing. For pickups: We are located at 8/9G Jellyfish Outpost (Cloudmap) on Xanadu Note: AFK pickup system active, ask about conditions. Happy shopping Mac
  19. While leveling with concrete it uses 1 lump per action regardless of size. iow: 186kg concrete lump levels one slope and so does a 3kg one. Fix: 3kg / slope height leveled
  20. So I had a stack of concrete, 64 of them, combined it so I can carry a few other items with me. Went to raise a tile in a mine and I did not know it would use the entire stack as one item if they are combined, so poof goes my 64 concrete.
  21. I'm looking for the following: 3,000 mortar 2,500 clay 700 slate shingles 50 concrete All delivered to the coast at Winchester, G12, Northwest Xanadu. If you can supply these, send me a PM with your price including delivery. I may have some empty crates I can trade you, I'm happy to pay for any additional crates that are needed. Thanks!
  22. Deliverable to any coastal area on freedom isles. (although it may take me a while to get there.) willing to trade for gems @ 1ql=1c (rounded up. 10.1ql = 11c) 150+ support beams 4c/beam(incomplete) 5c/beam(complete) * reserved (partially complete with separate ribbon, or completed while you wait, at location) 30 concrete 1c/each 1kg 100ql iron lump 10c (OBO) 7kg 98ql iron lump 50c 1kg 96ql iron lump 5c 30 30ql cheese 50i/each (OBO) 20 30ql sprouts 50i/each (no oak, thorn, or cedar) 10 30ql flowers 50i/each (orange-red, purple, yellow, white) 19 20ql woad 50i/each 12 40ql woad 1c/each 1 60ql woad 2c
  23. Hi, I have another 300 concrete for sale, made by me. Would be happy to deliver in SW Xana, SE Deli or NE Exodus, for a small fee i.e. 50c - else you can collect from my deed, Babuskaa's Village, at T 8 Xana Prices: 1.25s per 100 [or 1.85s for 150] - small crate included - or large crate if you buy all 300 for 3.70s. PM here or in game, Baloo. Thanks,