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  1. Nuked vein reverting

    From the code side I would say it appears on all underground tile types. But I didn't check.
  2. Nuked vein reverting

    It seems that this "cave wall" is never written to the map file, which means when the server is restarted everything is as it was. The only thing to bypass this is atm: Mine the cave wall before the server restarts.
  3. yep change your kingdom and tame / dominate it. Set it to stay online.
  4. Code Club tested out a 64k map?

    It was a fun test, but in the end every map bigger than 4k will not work for wurm. eg Xanadu lag
  5. You can give your GM toon money by using the command: #addmoney 0 0 <silvers> <some message>
  6. WTS Jukimo account

    free bump for awesome music
  7. Your question does not make a lot sense. Can you get into details? Also read:
  8. What has made you hate Wurm?

    WU PvP is the same myth as WO PvP.
  9. What has made you hate Wurm?

    You owe me 22 fountain containers, just for the record
  10. By the time Wurm will support 4k, 8k will be the common standard Giving us a bit of a nostalgic feeling.
  11. POLL - Please Vote

    If you don't want to pay for premium switch to Wurm Unlimited... Nothing easier than that.
  12. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    Tich, we didn't know eachother much. But we came together from time to time when we were developing similar topics in Wurm. Your ideas have always been mindblowing, you and your vision of the perfect sandbox MMO have given a lot of inspiration to me. Many things on Sklotopolis wouldn't be implemented without you. Even if we have had our disagreements it was always fun talking and working with you. We will miss you alot, Wurm will not be the same without you. Until later Tich and happy fishing. Time for me to get back to cooking.
  13. Sklotopolis - New Pristine Server - Fresh Start

    Stargrace's Sklotopolis adventure continues! Follow her on her journey in the world of Sklotopolis: Read about the 3rd birthday of Sklotopolis, events and a lot more fun things happening. We are having an amazing time and even in the 4th year Sklotopolis is going strong!
  14. bridges don't drive so it is not as easy as you think
  15. Treasure Chests

    That seems like a bug on the server you are playing on.