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  1. Wurm Classic

    Well they don't support now but maybe at some point there is some DLC for WU or something for WO, who knows there are many years to come. Since retro-games are on the rise maybe Wurm will be a hyped game in a future classic version who knows The Runescape version from pre 2010 is currently played by 90k online users. So you wouldn't believe how many miss old versions of a highly developed game or prefer classic versions over modern versions. Wurm can't keep up with modern games, but it can keep up with classic games in a classic version.
  2. first person view prob

    If that could be fixed that would be cool, so I finally can play Wurm on my smartphone via touch screen
  3. Wurm Classic

    How far do you wanna "mod" back? Going back to pre 2010 will not make to much sense from WU 2015, there have been too many graphic changes. If you really want to revive a real classic version you will need the support of code club anyways. But well pretty sure they still have all the changes secured in a version control, so it is not gone.
  4. Server crossing

    Well that explains things. I am not even sure if you can do RMI between public IPs, I guess you can but it can be dangerous if you don't use any firewall. This is a big mess but I think I found the issue. On the server Majura in neighbours the internal port is 48110 for Ereb, but Ereb uses port 48111 as internal port. This should be the issue. But I am not sure if it is the only issue.
  5. Wurm Classic

    Well Wurm classic wouldn't need any updates as it wouldn't be classic anylonger. But of course I see your point, time is a problematic thing, while there are people willing to help or even planing to use old WU versions to go as classic as possible.
  6. Wurm Classic

    Indeed could be a cool DLC for Wurm Unlimited. Or something cool for marketing. Retro games are selling better than anytime before. I am pretty sure with the increasing interest in some classic throwback there would be people including myself who are willing to help getting such a version up.
  7. Valrei International. 085

    +1 for the Indy gift +1 for distant rendering +111 for using an exe launcher finally. Cool moves, well done. Seems like finally the focus is going in the right direction again, keep it up!
  8. Server crossing

    Then take the LAN address as server internal address. LAN (private addresses) can have the following ranges: The address 88.xx.xx.xx is not a LAN address as you can see, so server communication can't work. Find the LAN address by typing ipconfig into CMD.
  9. Wurm Classic

    That is wurm classic
  10. [Bug] Lock on military tent goes invalid

    In the end my solution to fix this bug is a bit longer than 2 lines but it is still simple enough and should fix the problems. I couldn't test this, so it is a guess, but I don't see any other possibility how the bug could be caused. Maybe something to check for @Keenanor @Budda So I would try to fix this bug like that: PlayerTransfer.class public static final void sendItem(final Item item, final DataOutputStream dos, final boolean dragged) throws UnsupportedEncodingException, IOException { //..... dos.writeBoolean(item.getLocked()); dos.writeLong(item.getLockId()); if (item.getLockId() != -10L) { if (item.isHollow()) { Item lock; try { lock = Items.getItem(item.getLockId()); dos.writeBoolean(true); sendItem(lock, dos, dragged); } catch (NoSuchItemException ex) { try { //Lock not loaded yet, loading... lock = new DbItem(itemid); } catch (NoSuchItemException nsi) { try { //Lock frozen, loading.... lock = new DbItem(itemid, true); } catch (NoSuchItemException nsi2) { PlayerTransfer.logger.log(Level.WARNING, "Lock with the id "+lock.getId()+" of item "+item.getId()+" not found."); } } } if(lock != null) { Items.putItem(lock); //optional since the item will leave the server dos.writeBoolean(true); sendItem(lock, dos, dragged); } else { dos.writeBoolean(false); } } else { dos.writeBoolean(false); PlayerTransfer.logger.log(Level.WARNING, "Item "+item.getId()+" not hollow but locked."); } } //.... Also improving Items.getItem(...) so it is actually safe and checking every possibility could be something which wouldn't be bad.
  11. Wurm Classic

    Well you could distribute it as a mod in some sort of "diff" filetype with your changes from the actual source. In that case you wouldn't be publishing more than your modifications (=a mod) with changes for the client or server which are your intellectual property. Include instructions on how to recompile everything together and everyone can have their own modified version of client and server. It is nothing more than a different version of a modloader
  12. Wurm Classic

    Decompiling the whole source and compiling it again is really a tough project
  13. Wurm Classic

    Yeah I wouldn't see Wurm 2015 as much different from now, graphics are a bit better now and there are a few more features. The real classic game is Wurm pre 2010. I already mentioned previously but Wurm in 2009 felt like a whole different game. So many great memories, I would love to support such a Wurm classic project programmatically and financially.
  14. Is it allowed?

    The really cool stuff would be to have a server from pre 2010, Wurm felt like a completly different game back in 2009
  15. Server crossing

    Oh how could I overlook that. The internal IP address needs to be the IP address in the LAN. So if all servers running on one machine use as server internal IP address.