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  1. Close epic and focus on the important things.
  2. That could be related with the recent problems of this one lib which prevented wurm to start on the new java version. Maybe that lib was for the wurmpedia ingame feature. Opps WU
  3. What's the error message you get. Just "won't flatten" is not really useful information. Maybe add some screenshots too.
  4. Join us TODAY! Unlike most other servers Sklotopolis is run by a professional team of IT experts who keep the server up and running stable without any wipes since 1st November 2015. In the last two years about 80 different mods have been added, making Wurm Unlimited to a game we love. You will not find any better server. Most servers have seen wipes, downtimes or ended up without an active development. So if you are searching a server which will stay, then join us today
  5. Darkwood Stormhold is a few tiles down to the west.
  6. We have lost a lot good people over the years...
  7. Summer Impalong is coming Our community is starting to plan the summer impalong of 2017. If you want to help out just sign up via the forum thread: I will keep you updated and tell you the date when planning is done
  8. Dig out the old JK Home map from pre 2009 and I swear I will be a nice guy from that moment on Maybe publish the workflow how you create hand-made maps, so community can do that too, or give out some information on how worldmachine must be used to create nice WU maps. Let the community help you, I worked in companies where always someone was leaving the team, it is frustrating and work doesn't get forward. I can understand you.
  9. comic relief

    Never heard of dragon dramas
  10. Sadly you can't let something stay around off deed. People lock pick, people break fences and people steal. Those thiefs really take deed it or loose it way too serious. Good luck
  11. This looks very promising, nice work!
  12. More pictures:
  13. Black dragon slaying on Sklotopolis Thought some of you guys may want to see some pictures from Wurm Unlimited
  14. Slaying of the black dragon hatchling Another huge success for the Sklotopolis community. Thank you all for coming and thanks to the organisation team great work everyone!