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  1. Trees growing in a closer area can destroy a love tile. Sometimes you need to cut down trees in the area around as far as I can remember.
  2. Hitching horses to tents would be really helpful for new players. Just saying...
  3. WO Steam Discussion

    I was 3 years old in 1997, I guess I have an excuse there.
  4. WO Steam Discussion

    It is a horrible sign to the community, if Steam WO fails they will just do the same and focus on the next thing. Plus what is the point in selling a game and stopping graphical updates, the server updates are not the problem many things implemented server side have already been in WU for years. Even when graphical updates are usually making performance worse it is a horrible idea to keep them away from new customers.
  5. WO Steam Discussion

    I haven't had that academical degree when I started, I have one now in Software & Information Engineering though . You don't need an academical degree to mod WU but you need to know what you are doing and Wurm Unlimited helped me a lot on the way to my degree, I learnt a lot for sure. I don't think that the modding API would be that simple, you would still need to know what you are doing even with the API. Still it is a broken promise. I recommend looking deeper into the modloader, it makes a lot things simpler and it has an API feeling nowadays.
  6. WO Steam Discussion

    I wouldn't say Java is the main problem. Java actually is the most famous programming language world wide for reasons but you are right the engine is just pushed over certain limits. Getting something new could be a solution to this problem but I am not an expert with rendering and such stuff. Still there is a problem for sure while things become worse each update.
  7. WO Steam Discussion

    The main problem is that Wurm Online is sticking to a plan which was made 2004. While wurm was fun back then, the grindy concept is outdated nowadays. Which made it easy for modders to bring parts of Wurm into 2019 and people enjoy it a lot more than WO.
  8. WO Steam Discussion

    Why should 10.000 people try out WO Steam? Especially if they own WU which is completely free forever if you got a copy of it
  9. You are measuring your stats on a Test Server which is obviously the wrong way, I am also not speaking about any particular update but in general of pushing that client in a way exceeding every normal graphical limitation, which leads to bad performance and bigger problems for the players. Enable modern rendering when there are about 130 people in local (see picture), after that let's speak about ressources. => Disable modern renderer and things are fine even on high settings. It is really problematic to have a game engine which can't even handle 100 players in a closer area using "modern" settings, which are irl just the standard in the game world nowadays. So in general when there is a bigger town or an area which has more players in it then there is no way to get good graphics in Wurm. This is in my opinion a big side effect of pushing that client over the real world limits and I think this is something which really needs to be addressed. There are various ways to fix this problem, but putting development power into something which works in the forest, low populated areas or on a test server is the wrong way for sure, especially when at the same time even high end sytems are pushed to the limits in busy areas. Picture:
  10. The main point is that Wurm will always be behind while using a lot more ressources.
  11. I agree it gets better, but we are still years away of actually hitting the 2019 standard look of a professional game. Plus pushing Wurm graphics to the limits will decrease performance over and over, one day you will not be able to run a single alt even with a great graphics card. The technology that Wurm uses for those fancy new graphics is just far away from modern game engines, which results in a less professional and pleasant look a long with an unhealthy draining of your GPU.
  12. Yeah that is normal behavior if your inventory is full with heavy stuff, as the item used is removed from inventory and the weight added to the item. Which let's the server think the same like when you dropped and took something.
  13. I can just recommend you switching over to Wurm Unlimited before you completly give up with Wurm. No matter which server you choose, such problems are likely to be resolved a lot quicker in your favor. GM teams in WU have less strict rules and often focus on the best solution to have happy players and the best customer care instead of sticking to static rules which often don't suit your problem completly, but are still taken into account no matter of the context around. And especially on bigger servers support response times are often less than in WO.
  14. Mhm, I wouldn't be completly sure on that. AWS sounds very fancy, but in the end there is not much experience with running huge applications like Wurm in the cloud. The servers I am using for a Wurm project I work on started in the cloud and have been moved away from the cloud, as there were too many downsides, like freezes when VMs were moved between hardware components without warning, bad I/O performance and in general a lot less performance than a root server could offer, at more costs. Cloud just didn't seem to be a good idea for Wurm back in the days, we will see how AWS turns out could be a success but also could go horrible wrong. The fact that the AWS move already takes more than 6 months shows that this isn't such an "easy 100% sure it will work out" solution as advertised and that there are problems. Promoting AWS to be the hero to safe Wurm with 100% uptime guaranteed is wrong, while AWS server have great SLA levels other problems need to be taken into account as mentioned.