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  1. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Update Added a new item called color token. This item is single use and can paint any item, wall or fence with any color. You can now find color tokens in treasure chests. Reduced chances to find maps during wood cutting to avoid clear cuttings of large areas. Reduced chances to find large and small magical chests in treasure chests. You can now pick up items from treasure chests even if the chest is on another deed. Your current location will now be added to every new ticket automatically.
  2. Give the new bugfix update (1.2) a try, maybe it will help you too.
  3. Bug fix - Version 1.2-RELEASE Fixed a race condition causing a crash on startup on fast machines
  4. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Update /gps command will now show the height above water. All twitter messages will now be displayed in discord. GM tickets and moderation actions will now be documented in discord (hidden GM channels). Road marker removals will now be documented in discord (hidden GM channels). Removed the 10QL limit for planting and securing items. Fixed a bug which caused everyone going above level 127 in meditation to be reset to level 0. (Level 127 is now the maximum level) HOTA statues without a color can now be painted with a random color via a right click option. Catseyes and Waystones can no longer decay when planted.
  5. I am pretty sure MaxCDN is broken, therefore emojis cannot be loaded. Edit: Yes, MaxCDN is definitly no longer delivering emojis. And there is a merge request at twitter For example: They are also already forwarding the call from MaxCDN to cdnjs but my guess is that the forum uses such an old version of twemoji that they are not supported anymore. Tell a technical person to contact me if you still struggle to find a solution for this.
  6. (the emoji CDN used) seems to be broken
  7. LMAO... You seem to be into Project Management a lot.
  8. Started Wurm in June 2008 on Jenn-Kellon Home before Rolf made Homeservers PVP. Although, I am not 30 yet, does that count? Am I too old for this? I don't know.
  9. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Update Fixed a potential bug causing magical water skins no longer to refill in inventory. Added a customized version of the treasure chest mod. You can now find treasure maps when digging, mining, fighting, foraging, and surface mining. You can use a compass on the treasure map to locate the hidden chest. Once you located the spot of a hidden chest use either a shovel or pickaxe to dig / mine for treasure. Guards will spawn to protect the treasure chest, once they are killed the chest unlocks. Higher quality treasure maps will lead to chests with far better loot. You can only find 4 chests per RL day or 10 chests per RL week. Please provide us feedback on the whole system so we can improve it further over the next weeks.