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  1. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Update Added a new GM item which will be used for spawning creatures at events. Added a discord server announcement when a server goes down. Added a discord server announcement when a server is up and running again. Added early discord warnings on shutdown. The Goblin war bonet is now improvable and requires thatching skill. (Not kidding) Server name is now displayed in PMs as it is already the case in the other chat tabs.
  2. Most expensive sliver coins in your life
  3. Great memories in those pictures. It was an easier time.
  4. I don't think that was a realisitc texture. It was just a very bright wood type.
  5. Wood type didn't matter, it was a very bright wood skin, similar to the catapult wood textures you can see in one pciture.
  6. Signs were colorable by default they were wood textured. Roof was default roof which was added automatically
  7. Some time between June 2008 and June 2009 @Ols
  8. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Happy Easter The Sklotopolis staff team wishes every member of our community a happy easter. Thanks for being a part of our great world, without you all this wouldn't be such a successful story, which we can develope together. The easter bunny arrived around New Hope and Spawn Camp West on Novus and around Haven, Genesis and New Town on Liberty dropping shiny little easter eggs on it's way. Good luck in the egg hunt
  9. Hard to say between 0.5 and 10 bitcoins I would say comparing to prices back then.
  10. That was an external company which likely went bankrupt years ago.
  11. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Update - More QoL changes Another QoL update has been brought to you by Sklotopolis. Great feeling to see people hyping about a QoL update just because there was an announcement without any upcoming changelog released yet, they are just 100% sure that any QoL update on Sklotopolis will be awesome. This just shows how great our reputation is in really improving Wurm Unlimited in a way not many other modders and developers could achieve and how badly those QoL improvements are needed. Thanks for your trust. Removed the only one sign per week outside of settlements limitation. Erupt and freeze in the Path of Power now have only 1 hour cool down and do not need a mag domain anymore. Added server abbreviation to all GL-Freedom messages. eg. <Sklo> (Nov) ... Minedoors can now be used on 2-3 tile wide mine entrances, bear in mind that they are 2-3 individual mine doors permissions are not synced. You can now brand animals while they are hitched. You can now plan structures with a trowel. You can now use and repair large anvils in your inventory. Enchanted Grass, Lawn and mycelium lawn can now be be cultivated. You can now repair the chair types (high chair, throne, chaise, paupers, fine high chair, lounge) while in a container or inventory. You can now improve horned helmets. You can now plant more than one throne per tile. Huge oil barrels can now be secured. Removed some GM actions which led to accidental island transfers. Added a disembark command /disembark.
  12. Maybe the error is not related to the mod. Try to start a backup and check if the server launches.
  13. Plus killing new players frequently because of their speed making the game harder