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  1. Which obviously brings me to the next question: I am offering to mow your lawn for a long sword
  2. exactly what I think. Warned about that in many many many threads. AWS will not bring the performance increase everybody is hoping for. I worked with AWS and Google Cloud services and performance is not that great compared to bare metal servers.
  3. Just add or subtract 4 per tile you want to move it in each direction and it will be perfectly centered on the new tile. But moving tokens is not intended in Wurm, so absolutly not recommended.
  4. What if I am using Tor then the location of my IP changes like every few hours to a different point in the world, which looks like my account would be shared by hundreds of people.
  5. This thread could become entertaining
  6. WO Steam Discussion

    Not sure if you don't know or if you are just keeping a little detail for you just to sound good. The players online on a Wurm server aren't affecting the performance anywhere close to the effect from the amount of creatures, item counts, the map size, etc. Big servers with less people playing on it need almost the same performance as big servers with many people online, you are talking like the perfmance can be halfed, I think it is a maximum of 5-10%, which is actually nothing you want to scale down because of the jumps you have when polling occurs. So you are wasting money and ressources if you think that you can scale down servers with less players online in a big way, you will not be able to scale down those servers more than just a bit, it will not get you the big benefit you seem to be hoping for.
  7. WO Steam Discussion

    Indirect quotations are a scientific standard on the whole world used in all kinds of scientific research documents. So I am not sure why you want to throw arguments over by saying, indirect quoations are referencing to something you never said, which we obviously just proofed as wrong. Bdew even gave you the exact wording, a direct quotation showing basicly everything I mentioned in the indirect quotation. Possible definition of indirect quotations: In writing, an "indirect quotation" is a paraphrase of someone else's words: It "reports" on what a person said without using the exact words of the speaker.
  8. WO Steam Discussion

    "Whatever happens, Wurm Unlimited will get the same attention and features as Wurm Online." indirect quotation from 2015
  9. AWS is not the ultimate problem solver. Nothing else than hardware servers on the bottom layer which also rely on network connection gear like switches and routers.
  10. Full Steam Ahead

    The whole Valrei & epic stuff is bugged, best would be to exclude that from WOS
  11. Full Steam Ahead

    I doubt that Code Club has the knowledge and the money/ressources to implement an anti-VM technology. They currently haven't even got anything to prevent the usage of public VPNs. The WU trick works because the username is not fully connected to the steam account and you can have many usernames per steam account, if WOS has a one single username per steam account policy then the WU trick wouldn't work.
  12. Expect distant rendering for WU as soon as I get some time for it. Will be my first public mod