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  1. How much better the game could look like if the client side color saturation would be increased. Watch some more ingame footage with increased color saturation in our new Sklotopolis trailer:
  2. Update Mailboxes come now with a Courier cast of strenght 30 on creation if you are not a priest who has Dark Messenger available. Priests with dark messenger available will create mailboxes with a Dark Messenger cast of strenght 30. This should fix the problems that Skloso priests couldn't use their Dark Messenger spell.
  3. Everyone who thinks that accomplishing all "Personal goals" really means to win the game is wasting his time and money. I just can recommend you to stop wasting your time and money by trying to achieve these impossible goals for nothing but an area history entry and a tome. Pointless, most of you will burn out on half way.
  4. New banner Thanks Howl from Sklotopolis for this nice banner.
  5. 4k will be supported when 8k is common standard. 8k will not be supported at that time though
  6. Thanks that makes it Wurm 2.0
  7. Sadly there is not so much difference from the actual Wurm.
  8. Yes of course, depending on size not more than a certain amount of templars will spawn. Normal Wurm mechanic.
  9. Glad you are all having fun. For now the supply depots will stay as they are to provide a fair PVP atmosphere for everyone who joins late. Adjustments will be made in round 2.
  10. Isn't that the same as the bank account feature at settlement tokens?
  11. Never underestimate the epic curve. Skillgain is quite fast. Thanks!
  12. First kill after 55 minutes. Wow [21:55:03] Redrum slain by Jayy Jonos Elyey
  13. As planned around 8 PM UTC.