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  1. it should be called /money to honor the guy who had the idea for it
  2. #addmoney sends the money to the bank account by default
  3. Well maybe the IP ban message is deprecated, try to shoot a manual IP ban
  4. Because Code Club is not the yellow from the egg as we would say in germen if you know what I mean.. #pfuscher Here is the fix, from Budda: Which is not fully offcial but at least a bit official
  5. IP bans are useless. With technologies like NAT the IP of this player will likely change every few hours. Are you sure it is really the same IP, IP bans work. Use a steam id ban instead.
  6. Nobody wants a xandu sized map, it is redicolous big. Bring back challenge, that was fun.
  7. The truth is no matter how often they say that Wurm Unlimited was designed for private servers, you need technical knowledge to run a WU server. The DEVs never thought about what's needed to run a WU server, they just said well it is for small private servers run by anyone. Reality looks different. The Wurm Unlimited server is a Human Computer interaction design fail, well if you are interested in the topics of HCI there are a lot science papers:,5&q=human+computer+interaction&hl=de&as_vis=1
  8. Yes that is possible. The server crashes because it can not calculate a Spawn point on the said deed. What a dirty Mod.
  9. One or two of these errors per day are normal... You don't need to worry about that. But you should do that if you get that periodically.
  10. It must be an issue with your internet connection, so you need to start investigating why your IP is changing so often and if it is really the IP and not some other weird connection issue. Start with monitoring how often you IP changes. Run Wurm and check your current IP: Then wait for the first duplicate authentication and track your IP again, check if it has really changed. Your IP shouldn't change more often than 3 times a day (if the router isn't restarted), if there is a constant connection drop over the day then call your ISP, tell them to fix it.
  11. Gnomes are great bulks, I have some with more than 1000 kg too.
  12. Wurm must be boring, otherwise it would not be wurm. This is not an action game.
  13. Duplicate authentication is a Problem on your end