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  1. Summer Impalong 2017 is coming
  2. Have you been digging out pictures for a good old #throwbackthursday ?
  3. Thanks, now the spam finally came to an end.
  4. Rainbows on Sklotopolis Everytime when I think my players have built every amazing structure on our map, they astonish me over and over again
  5. In my first day (June 2008) I walked over to Dotties JKH deed near New Town and started turning her statues around, since this wasn't settlement protected at this time. She told me that I will be put on KOS, I didn't even know what that means and moved on with some people who were in local too. Next day I died at their off deed camps to a spider. As small and boring this first day sounds, I can't get away from this game since then.
  6. Start to use a real random number generator for the game and especially for the /random command. A very good way to improve the RNG more properly: The current RNG in a nutshell:
  7. Goblin Leader Slaying The goblin leader slaying will occur in a few hours from now. Lots of prizes to win again, so make sure to show up.
  8. Sklotopolis Steam Group Make sure to join our Steam Group today, so you stay updated with information about events, updates and new mods.
  9. Custom Titles LIVE Update: The new custom title system is now LIVE. We will be giving out the first custom title in the evening at our goblin leader slaying.
  10. We have more than 90 mods there is no update without broken mod, so we are used to that. But thanks for the fair warning, we have already found what we need.
  11. right that is a good idea.
  12. Has anyone tried to move a creature from a point A to B? There seems to be a lot pathfinding code, but it would be nice to know how to go onto this.
  13. I am still sweating
  14. Custom Titles Our developers have made impossible things possible once again. Sklotopolis has found a way to mod custom titles into the server code. So stay tuned for the newest custom titles
  15. Update Added all kinds of custom PMK items and vehicles. Custom PMK wagons can be bought at Genesis for ingame silvers All PMK items and vehicles can be received as gift for a donation There is now a /gps command showing you your current location You can reopen the Infos tab now by typing /infos Fixed a bug where embalmed corpses could be eaten by animals Improved some internal behaviors for the unique loot code Fixed a bug where the /seasons command showed a fruit called "None" Added some more internal listeners to the code Tower guars will now have a tabard matching the kingdom model of their towers