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  1. Sawrio Server

    Bear in mind that in 2-3 months there likely will be the 1.9 update. If the server is not updated until then, you will no longer be able to connect to it anymore and you will loose everything. So make sure to contact the owner.
  2. Sklotopolis - New Pristine Server - Fresh Start

    Update Fixed a bug which prevented the /voted command from working Favor bonus items for sacrificing should be working as before the update again.
  3. Updates for

    I think they just disabled mods which are not working.
  4. Updates for

    The update broke so many mods it will take time until all devs can update their mods.
  5. Sklotopolis - New Pristine Server - Fresh Start

    Update Server has been updated to Wurm Unlimited version This time we had a very hard time updating all our mods, in total we fixed about 16 of mods, which broke during to changes in the new update.
  6. How good are you? Maybe add some images of maps you have created. If you want to earn money with creating maps then you need to be very good, since there is a map generator out there where everyone can create maps with just a few clicks.
  7. Items Disappear from Database

    Glad we could solve that.
  8. Items Disappear from Database

    The second line is ignored
  9. Items Disappear from Database

    No problem, you are welcome.
  10. Items Disappear from Database

    The calculation goes as follows for items Next id = ItemidCounterFromWurmLoginDB << 24 + SERVER_ID << 8 + 2
  11. Items Disappear from Database

    There can't, because as I mentioned before the said id 555333222 can only exists on one of the servers, because the server id is used in the generation.
  12. Items Disappear from Database

    Well, if the servers have the same server id, then this would also happen I guess after some time. Not sure how citadel makes sure that all server ids connected are different.
  13. Items Disappear from Database

    Yep this works. Could be Citadel servers causing this issue, since I have been hearing a lot reports about this error in the last time.
  14. Items Disappear from Database

    Wiping the IDS table will just make things worse, the server will NOT create a new IDS table nor will it update the IDS to the values which they should have. The ids are different for every server, so no that can not be related. On one server the id 378123786128 can exist but on another server this id will never be used because the server id is used as some kind of an offset, so two servers can NOT create items with the same id, which is smart obviously. Usually this error appears with changing the wurmlogin.db to some old state or to a state of another server. Don't be lazy and copy the wurmlogin.db from login server to your live server, this will break the live server for sure, even if you adapt the server settings.