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  1. Remove JNLP has been overdue for many years. Every game comes with it's own installer nowadays, it is just something you can't do anymore in 2019. So deal with it, every modern PC can handle the new launcher format. There is no reason to keep the JNLP. Ad Windows S mode: The windows S mode is a hopeless attempt to get the monopoly back to the microsoft store and make sure all the software is purchased via microsoft. If you buy a notebook or PC with a preinstalled Windows, the first step you should do is to completly wipe this PC. Install a fresh Windows 10, best to use the Pro N version of Windows 10, because that one has more features and less unneeded apps (ads). Usually the ads coming preinstalled with a new notebook have big security vulnerabilities, this is why you never should use the preinstalled Windows version you get when buying the PC or notebook. If you don't always wipe your PC after buying it not even god himself can help you. The most prominent and ground breaking security vulnerability is Lenovo Superfish, a completly unneeded program which has caused one of the biggest security issues in the last 10 years:
  2. AWS is not that cheap as you would think. Moving a project I work on to AWS would cost about 3-4 times more than running it on hetzner. It all depends on how optimised your current server environment is, when it comes to Wurm a bigger root server on hetzner can handle multiple Wurm servers at once even if they are highly populated, which makes it a lot cheaper than on AWS. AWS of course has a very good uptime and you can expect a stable environment even if you do nothing for years. A root server needs some care every now and then.
  3. Sklotopolis - PVE

    New Livemap The livemap is now 4 years old and has seen many development iterations. Finally we have found the best solution at the current time, a fully automated livemap, using a flat representation of the map, to make sure pixel coordinates match ingame coordinates at 100%. Especially Novus has so many deeds and towers that it is impossible to handle them by hand. We have also added some more unique features to the livemap, try it out yourself now and find out what's new on the livemap. So say good bye to long delays in submitting markers or the pain of outdated markers, from now on deeds and towers will be added automatically. Same URLs as usual, for example let's look at Novus:
  4. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Yearly Maintenance Downtime - COMPLETED All servers are up and running again! Maintenance day has been completed.
  5. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Yearly Maintenance Downtime All machines in our network are currently stopped A picture you don't see very often, but Sklotopolis is going through the yearly maintenance downtime at the moment. Why we need to do this? We are running a very powerful server, on this server we have about 9 different virtual machines (servers) running. These machines need some care and also the host operating system needs some maintenance and restarts. But stay tuned as we will already be back shortly, things running as planned. We are looking forward to see you all again ingame soon.
  6. You can't compare websites with Wurm server applications.
  7. The hardware topic seems to be out of control, this is like the 3rd or 4th time there is an issue with the platform. Get someone who takes care about the systems and the hardware, a real server administrator. There was so much time to change the old independence hardware and get a new box, hetzner contracts only have 30 days contractually binding and the setup of a new system for Wurm is easy and can be done pretty fast.
  8. I am pretty sure he was annoyed about Enki ruining his lawn.
  9. You have seen it first not in Wurm Online
  10. forum

    The forum is not down it is just super slow ?
  11. That is just wrong information you are providing here. This has never been the case, magical chests will remove 100% of the decay, there is no decay inside. Back to the topic, let's look at real facts and not just Wurm superstition. Fun fact due to what looks to me like a bug but maybe it is intended, magical chests inside magical chests will decay just as normal. But magical chests decay super slow, but when they get a tick then it will be a bigger tick. The formular for the decay is: newDamage = currentDamage + timesSinceLastUsed * Math.max(decayMin, this.getDamageModifier(true))); so there are a lot factors around. If you open the magical chest as often as possible you should not see any damage, I guess, not sure when the timeSinceLastUsed is reset to the current time. Decay remains a strange thing in Wurm but there is actual math around.
  12. Nesting magical chests will remove the decay of the chest inside.
  13. very lucky did that one time on a spindle
  14. A router outage has been fixed. Network quality has been restored, follow the fault report here:
  15. Lag is on and off now. We are in contact with as Sklotopolis faces similar issues. Still everything within the SLA agreement