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  1. Nobody else seem to have any related issue so it still stays a mystery.
  2. Best to use properties file before starting, I would say. If the problem persists with render range 0 then the issue cannot be the distant rendering mod itself, because it is (almost) inactive then.
  3. Please try if this issue also appears at a render range of 0.
  4. Sklotopolis - PVE

    We have put a lot time into quality of life improvements that make the start on Sklotopolis easier. So Sklotopolis is a perfect place for new and old players.
  5. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Sklotopolis Server Health Checks We now offer a new service that makes it possible for you to monitor the current state of all Sklotopolis services. In case you experience any problems with the Sklotopolis services you can check this monitoring page and make sure that it is not only you having problems. The health check site is available at: (currently under development - URL could change in the future)
  6. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Happy Easter The Sklotopolis staff team wishes every member of our community a happy Easter. Thanks for being a part of our great world, without you all this wouldn't be such a successful story, which we can develop together. The Easter bunny arrived around New Hope and Spawn Camp West on Novus and around Haven, Genesis, and New Town on Liberty dropping shiny little Easter eggs on its way. Good luck in the egg hunt
  7. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Update Fixed a bug causing a client crash on unloading creature cages Fixed a bug causing items to be deactivated in inventory after using them in an action. You can no longer sort or unsort creature cages like crates.
  8. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Update All server crash problems with epic missions should be fixed. Epic missions will now generate again over the next days. This is a test since missions were buggy. There can be problems. Enchanting an item will now mention the power of the cast on succeed. Improving an enchant on an item will now mention improvement by X to a new value of Y. Added tooltips for QL, dmg, item needed to improve, runes, enchants and potions when hovering over items. You can now plant all kinds of vegetation (not fields) inside houses, like grass, steppe, etc. and not just thatch. You can now build almost all kinds of fences inside houses by using the right click menu. You can now build more kinds of fences inside houses by using the crafting menu. (Crafting menu is bugged so it will not show all) Fixed a vulnerability where players could tag @here and @everyone from ingame chat on discord. Wounds of new players (up to 7 days of ingame time) will now heal a lot faster. Fixed recipes passata, mayonnaise, gravy, and pesto. They can now be cooked in big quantities, let us know if you still see the default recipe. We will reset it for you. Newly built fruit presses have now a much higher volume.
  9. password?

    Maybe @Ausimuscan answer that question?