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  1. Replacing the on a map where players had the chance to modify this layer via surfacemining and so on is a really bad idea. Replacing the will remove all mines on the server.
  2. Novus is booming The first 10 days on Novus are over and it is going huge. There was so much hype around us, thank you for being part of us.
  3. Never host your server at home and choose an SSD
  4. Please use a spoiler tag for logs. Thanks. I have never seen this error but since this error is caused by the JDBC lib itself there are 3 possibilities: 1) A mod is doing some strange things and causing this (unlikely) 2) The jdbc lib is broken, could be fixed by reinstalling the server (unlikely) 3) One of the databases is corrupted and causes a not expected behvior in the jdbc classes (likely)
  5. Please read the introduction, there is nothing complicated you need to take care of. You choose a server and start to find a spot to live. Use the /gps command to see your current location including a livemap URL.
  6. Well it was a combination of great timing and luck. With Novus opening we had more players due to the hype about the new world and then the humble bundle went for sale. This brought us about 1500 new accounts within the last 8 days. Our player count uses the Serverplayeralt count which is showing the combined accounts of all 4 servers, bear in mind that this is the same mod as any other server uses so we don't have any advantages or faked numbers compared to the other servers. We also concentrated for 6 months on improving the first 24 hours of gameplay on our server, we have horse eggs, information windows and a lots of other stuff to make starting on our server very easy, without breaking the game.
  7. Yep @Gorwstis right, we have no player limit. Come and join us, server can't be full
  8. Another possibility is that your cave data has been corrupted long ago and now the new client is reacting more sensitive to that problem. The easiest fix would be better exception handling client side. Just ignoreing or specially marking the probably "broken" cave tiles. For example we had the problem where hedges could be planted underground many months ago, now this could be such a case where the new client could freak out now months later. (just an example)
  9. Fixed in the last WU client update shouldn't happen anylonger.
  10. Bug discussion:
  11. I was investigating this error yesterday with Batta and have found the following facts: The mine is fully working, so it is not a server-side bug causing mines to become holes. Also client side the mine is fully working, but the rendering of the cave is crashing maybe due to some illegal walls in the mine. The whole local area of one such bugged tile is broken, because the renderer renders every tile in local area and when this fails all mines in the area act like this.
  12. The better question should be now: Do we really still need an Epic server, maybe turn Epic into a Challenge styled server.
  13. Known bug, will be fixed next update.
  14. It is hardcoded, you will need a mod for that.
  15. Cannot assign requested address: bind You entered the following address as external IP: but this doesn't seem to be the local IP of your PC. Enter ipconfig in the CMD and enter the real local address of your PC as servers external IP.