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Found 39 results

  1. Many new players START OUT being very interested in archery in that they know they cannot melee a bear or mountain lion yet but they might have a chance against one if they could keep up a running fight at a safer distance and put some arrows into them before moving in for the kill. When a Hell hound chases them into their pen or house, they want to be able to drive it off with a few lucky archery shots. Sadly, they quickly realize that Archery in its current form is extremely difficult and time consuming to raise the needed skills and acquire enough materials to make enough arrows, bows and bowstrings to even begin to approach using it as a viable combat technique, even at an extremely low level. For most new players archery is simply unobtainable and therefore unusable. Something that could change that would be a new arrow type: "Wooden Arrow" - Like an arrow shaft, made in the same way but: Requiring a minimum fletching skill to create, maybe 10/15-ish which is obtainable for a new player by making arrows shafts for target practice NOT requiring arrow heads Improvable with carpentry tools Capable of doing 'moderate' damage to mobs based on quality and source wood material and of course Archery skill and Bow quality This would be something that a new player COULD make, and definitely would WANT to make, and in sufficient quantity to actually help them survive. After their first "Bow kill" or even "Bow defense" that allowed them to run away and survive, they would WANT to make more arrows, better arrows, Hunting arrows, War arrows! They would want to improve their bows! Their interest in Archery would be encouraged, not squashed by allowing them to engage in it when they NEED TO at a level appropriate for their fighting and self defense skills.
  2. Starting NOW. Ending SATURDAY, Sep 10 at 10:00 am EST Rare Buckskin 5-Combat twin with an additional Immortal bonus. These girls have all of the 5 available combat traits. This auction is for ONE female horse: HoneyBites or AdrianaSouth Winner may choose to purchase one, or both twins for double the winning auction price. Choice of purchasing 2nd twin will go to 2nd highest bidder, if winner chooses only one. ***Winner can choose one FREE horse or hell horse companion from my top quality lvl 90-95 combat/draft/speed sale pens that will come included with this rare horse (Molten Hell Horses excluded)*** Starting bid: 2s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: No Reserve: No Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted Haven Hill on freeway and SE coast, Harmony Q22. lvl 96 Animal Husbandry. I breed many extra-fine quality lvl 90-95 animals: Horses (Pure Speed, Pure Combat, Pure Drafts, most rare colors), Hell Horses (Draft). Black sheep are pure output production bred with full 5 production traits and around 9 total traits. Feel free to contact me in game and let me know what you are looking for. I am on a lot most weekdays. All animals are cleanly bred and most have 8+ traits total and 4-5 minimum pure traits with minimum lvl 90-95+ - speed/draft/combat/production etc. I also specialize in rare pure-combat bred horses. You can pick up by boat, I can deliver free towards South and Central Harmony, or meet you part way on mount. Long distance coastal delivery fee and other servers coast based on time sink/distance = 1 silver + or - View My Full Horse Merchant Ad HERE with Detailed Information on My Animals: Contact Lebonbon in game with your IGN via pm if you are the winner.
  3. Glasfryn Self-Service Livestock Market Situated in the picturesque deed of Glasfryn on the lake shore of G17 (Cadence) we are easy to reach both by land or, water. We are a very small, family run market who strive to offer animals of quality to you. None of our animals have negative traits, and once they are venerable, they are removed from sale and left to live out their days in our "retirement paddocks" (we discount old animals in the hopes they will still find their perfect home). Our pens are self-service to allow you the convenience of collecting the animals whenever you are ready, but we can deliver to anywhere in the NFI for a small cost. If visiting our market in person, look for our merchant Connah in the middle of the market pens - there is a chest in front of his stall for the "used" keys to be returned - if you are buying remotely, contact me either here or in game (Heddwyn) and I will mail you the key out for you to come collect, or bring you the animal if we have agreed a delivery. Any questions please contact me either here or in game (Heddwyn) and I will get back to you as soon as I can (I am UK based). For free animals - please check out my other deed right next door to Glasfryn. Put "Free animals - bring ropes" into your nearest waystone for directions - large stocks of all animals, no vens or neg traits. Horse Colours: Traits: (these are the same for all animals we sell) Pricing: To make life easier for all, I have come up with the following pricing strategy - Current Stock: Please note if there is no P# in front of a listing this animal is NOT in a self service pen (space constraints - I am working to expand) and will need you to contact me directly to arrange purchase!! Horses:- Bison:- Sheep/Rams:- 5 Output :- P27 - Adolescent (Ram) - White - Male - MR/PW/RB/PU/V/SH/SM - 40c P38 - Adolescent (Ram) - White - Male - MR/PW/RB/PU/V/GE - 40c P39 - Adolescent (Ram) - White - Male - MR/PW/RB/PU/V/S - 40c P41 - Mature (Ram) - White - Male - MR/PW/RB/PU/V/S - 40c Donkeys:- P25 - Fern - Adolescent - Male - FM/LM/SL/GE - 1s P26 - Sad - Young - Male - FM/SL/AW/GE/EG - 1s Hell Horses:- (see further notes before commiting to purchase) Unicorns:- (see further notes before commiting to purchase) Deer:- (see further notes before commiting to purchase) Further Notes:- The cost of any animal that incurs injury or death that occurs because you have not read/understood this information will not be refunded. Animal Ages: Equipment Bonuses:
  4. I see that you are launching on Steam in hopes to find new players. That's a good idea. Problem is, as a long time player (and one not playing right now), Wurm will never appeal to more than it does now if you don't change the way combat works. It doesn't matter how much you focus on the UI or graphics. Those are all fine and dandy if you don't make at least combat more engaging. This is too niche of a game to retain anyone with "sit and watch your character's text scroll" combat. It also doesn't matter if combat is a little more detailed at higher skill, no player is going to stick around after the first few months to find out it gets a touch better. Combat is a huge deciding factor in what players enjoy in a game, and right now, combat in Wurm is terribly dull. You mostly have a crafting game with "watch my character fight" combat thrown in. Fix combat and you'll get a much better player retention. Older players who like it the way it is are a minority in the gaming world, and if you want to be successful, and even have pvp be something attractive to new players you really need to fix combat. Like now. Just my two coppers.
  5. Currently if you log out off deed, there is a 1 minute delay - a kind of limbo-land when you have physically left the game but your character logically stays in it. This occurs if you have a disconnection as well as if you choose to log out. If you were in combat (even if it's over) or have an injury - this 'unattended presence' extends for 5 minutes after you log out. In my opinion this delay serves no reasonable purpose in PvE. The delay results in a lot of unwanted and unexpected deaths, particularly for new players. Many players log out when they see a large mob, or worse still log out before they see any mob, and believing their character safe, are shocked when they log back in later to find the red death screen. These are not deaths encountered during actual play. These are not 'fair fights' - the player is not even present when the fight begins, and can not interact with the world in any way. Everyone accepts that the game continues after we leave it, but we don't expect decisions to continue to be made about our character whilst we are absent. Play is supposed to be attended at all times. If the toon can show up visibly to others as a 'lost link' - then surely it is possible for the same toon to be flagged as a non-target to mobs at the same time. It is my suggestion that on PvE, any disconnected toon showing as 'lost link', is flagged as a non-target to mobs as soon as the link is lost. This game goes to so much trouble not to set you as a target as soon as you log in - I believe it should pay you the same courtesy when you log out.
  6. This server mod (for use with Ago's server modlauncher) will add custom guard towers designed for PvE and especially folks who would like the option to not fight . The primary goal with these is to have simple towers not subjected to vanilla WU tower mechanics. My goal is to have few restriction over them. The server owner will be able to configure guard strength. This customed strength could be anything between not being able to kill a rat all the way to one hit killing a venerable red dragon. After asking for help within the tower's range a guard will be created right on top of the mob and immediately start attacking it. It's a ghost so they can just appear wherever, right? Source on GitHub: No releases at the moment as it's not ready. Although, the code is on github if you wanted to clone it and mess around. Requires I could use some help at this point (1/28/2019). #1) The onPlayerMessage() modloader hook so I can trigger events when players ask for help is loading WU bases classes too early and causing an error: java.lang.RuntimeException: com.wurmonline.server.players.Player class is frozen There is a bunch of these too: [07:25:23 AM] WARNING org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.EarlyLoadingChecker: Mod GhostTowerGuardMod loaded server class com.wurmonline.server.creatures.Creature during phase load When I remove the PlayerMessageListener interface and its required methods the error goes away. #2) Also, I"m not sure if creature AI can be setup to destroy itself if its target no longer exists. I want to create a ghost, have it target and attack the mob. Once the target is dead have the ghost disappear and delete itself. I'm not asking you to do this. I just want to know how difficult it is before I start digging into it. I've never done anything with creature AI.
  7. Currently pet orders arent combat actions and thus are unusable while in melee combat. Considering its use is almost always for combat engagements i suggest this is changed. I also suggest a change to allow pets to target neutral animals such as horses being ridden by hostiles without having to engage them in combat first.
  8. 1. if bt get nerfed to 33% on epic. how good is it on freedom.(and why there so many people saying 10k BT give 10% dmg?) 2. Is bt nerfed/buffed/changed on unlimited?
  9. I added zombies, gorillas, hyenas, etc to my servers spawn table and noticed that it takes a few minutes for Spirit Templars to start attacking them. Zombies in particular are an issue. Any ideas as to why this happens?
  10. This is a mod request based on this thread: All the code needed is within : CombatEngine.class Sadly programming is not my strength, i do well enough reading it and plan to learn when i have more time and motivation to do so. Lines of code to be changed i don't know how hard this will be but i have done everything i can to help. flavour text suggestions:
  11. There's been a lot of talk about wanting to fix the fighting system, but I have yet to see an in-depth explanation of how exactly to implement a "better" fighting system, other than a few suggestions, with a lot of them gearing towards reverting the nearly decade-old "fight fix" altogether. In an effort to bring some life into the huge assortment of armours, weapons, and fighting capabilities that we have in Wurm, I am proposing a complete revamp of armours, weapons, and many of the features of the fighting system. Please note, this suggestion tries to be as "Wogical" as possible, with an in-depth reasoning behind why things are the way they are. It's not about giving one or two armours in the entire game the best possible competitive edge, but rather, bringing in a sense of balance, while at the same time keeping powerful armours better for multiple different reasons. Keep in mind, this is a WORK IN PROGRESS, and things will most likely change as the majority sees fit. The numbers are probably not exact, but they should give a good idea of what I'm leaning towards and trying to accomplish. Here's a link to the spreadsheet where things are a bit more colorful and easier on the eye, I suggest reading it alongside the below wall of text: #1 - Base Armour Adjustments #2 - Armour Glance Rate Adjustments #3 - Armour Damage Modifications #4 - Damage Enchant Modifications #5 - Archery & Casting Difficulty Modifications #5 - Shield Modifications #6 - Fighting Stance & Weapon Modifications #7 - Dual Wielding #8 - Aiming/Protecting #9 - Body Part Damage Effects THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION ON PRIESTS/GODS, SO PLEASE KEEP THE DISCUSSION ON PLAYER GODS/ETC OUT OF THE TOPIC. THIS IS PURELY ABOUT FIGHTING AND THE MECHANICS BEHIND IT. Also, there is no poll because I want this to be a discussion, not a simple vote for or against without any explanation. So, with that, please keep the discussion open-minded, and please try to refrain from thinking too biased. If I missed anything, please feel free to point it out, and give an opinion on it if you have. Thanks, and comment/suggest away!
  12. Simplfied version with examples. Players should have better feedback of the amount of damage they do. In the combat window players are given feedback in terms of text. Below is the code that gives you a string based on the damage you do. Example You do less than 0.5 damage you will get the message You hit x very lightly and tickle it Now if you do more damage it goes up to and with a weapon (shortsword) say 1 damage. You hit x lightly and slap it This eventually goes up to: You hit x Deadly hard and damages. Now lets say that the damage threshhold to get this message is 15 damage. Anything you do above 15 damage will always have this same message. Lets say you do a 50 damage hit their is no change to this message, no additional feedback. It returns the same string - deadly hard and damages it. What i suggest is we add in new tiers for these bigger hits that allready do happen to give playera the feel good factor. E.g. You do 30 damage Insanly hard and obliterate it You do 50 damage Ubsurdly hard and annihilate it 60+ damage You hit x godly hard and destroy it. To reafirm. This is simple an improvment to the strings the game calla when damage is delt in combat within combat window. No damage buffs occure no extra damage is added. Just a more extensive and reliable feedback for combat logs. This is as simple as i can make it i hope this clarifies any miss conceptions. The code:
  13. I’ve never really liked how poison works, normal damage with a random chance of instant death. Not very appealing or interesting. New Poison Mechanic All poison attacks accumulate in a single wound, similar to drowning. However, this wound does not directly subtract from health. Instead, every poison tick (which happens much more frequently than healing ticks, every 1 minute or 30 seconds) the strength of the poison wound drops but a number of Internal Wounds appear randomly across the body. Poison would not get worse over time or be effected by natural healing, you must either let it runs its course, get magical healing or a potion. The number and severity of internal wounds scales with the strength of the poison, but should never be enough to kill a healthy character outright. My own instinct is total damage from a single poison tick should be about half the strength of the poison wound. Ex. A 70 poison wound would do 35% of a characters health in a single poison tick spread across 3 to 4 internal wounds. Easy to keep patched up if you treat the wounds the moment they happen, deadly if ignored. Antivenom Potion Honey + gland + belladonna (natural substances) Creates a potion that reduces the poison wound, higher QL potions reduce it more. After drinking you receive an Antivenom Resistance debuff, much like some healing spells.
  14. I checked in CA help and in Kchat, something is definately amiss. Focus is dropping from within a fight when not being hit. I had assumed maybe it dropped if i was trying to focus when i was hit, but that's not meant to happen either. I've observed this for a while to be sure, it's definitely dropping when it shouldn't. acting as if it's a Rift when it isn't.
  15. I think most veterans and newbies alike get annoyed with the RNG, the "50% chance" is not 50%. Combat mechanics are basically Progress Quest, which affects both PVP and PVE enjoyment of the game. My two friends have joined Wurm and they both enjoy PVP in other games, we play Counter Strike, EVE and such together but when they realised what the combat is like in Wurm, they immediately went, "Meh, re-rolling to a PVE server." P.S. After that - please make it so that Rare flash only happens if you succeed. Edit: To add to the RNG thing. It is really annoying to keep getting really low enchantments when you have 90+ channelling or keep making QL1 items. If you have 90 skill that should at least let you start off with 50-60 QL items. (Imagine a great artist has to draw a kids drawing of a house before they can keep on painting over it until they achieve their house on the prairies enchanting piece. It is absurd to have a 1%-25% roll when you have put so much into grinding a skill.) Edit 2: While we are fundamental changes; how about parcelling land? That way you can give permission to a village for an area of tiles and then there would be less drama and probably more people sharing a village. Larger deeds with more people on them. Edit3: This old thread has some stuff that might make combat a little deeper at least.
  16. Because Wurm does not have collision between monsters and players, vast numbers of both can wind up piled directly on top of each other, making clicking the correct target virtually impossible. This can happen in rifts, or when monsters are chasing your cart, or any number of other situations. Adding the ability to cycle through hostile targets with a button press would improve this situation. Even if it had a sharply limited range, it would be extremely useful. It's much more fun to jump directly into combat than sit around waiting for an ear or hand to poke out of the crowd you can click on.
  17. So I had my armor off to run around do a few things, then hopped in my knarr, got stuck on a wall, pushed it off then sailed off. For the next several minutes I had a timer for putting my gear on which seemed odd, as I was not involved in any combat other than a troll sneering at me roughly 20 minutes prior to that. Only thing I can think of was the getting stuck/teleporting prior to putting the armor on. I removed an item and put it back on as I was curious as to how long it would take for this timer to go away. Event Logs Combat Logs
  18. 1) Redesign of directional stances/attacks and target window. -Shieldblocking- There is 5 directions to choose from: Center, Up, Right, Down, Left. Blocking the center gives a mediocre block chance to all directions, yet a slightly higher block chance at the center. Blocking in a direction will provide supreme blocking chance in that direction (this includes high block chance vs special moves), mediocre chance in the 2 nearlying directions and poor chance in the polar oposite direction. Choosing blocking direction can be done without choosing a target and will apply to all entities engaging the player. All the player needs is a shield. Block direction just like stances are always visible. In addition choosing Left or Right will shift the blocking chance radius in the choosen direction. A message saying "XXX is protecting that area." is no longer a thing. (aka the special move blocker msg) This change incorporates perfectly with the attack direction mechanic already implemented aswell as the aimed shoots with archery. -Swing Direction- 9 directions to choose from. A drastic change is that if you aim to hit in the same direction as the enemy try to strike you, then a increased parry chance will occur. (example: when the enemy aim low and you aim low) Choosing center will spread your hit focus over all directions but with a slight focus towards the central zone (20% center, 10% in each other direction). It will give a mediocre parry chance for incomming strikes in all hitzones but without any benefitial parry chance against special moves. Choosing a direction will give increased hitfocus and parry focus for that direction and the 2 nearlying directions (excludes center). mediocre hit/parry focus to the 3 nearlying zones and low hit/parry focus to the 3 zones on the polar opposite side. (25% primary, 15% adjacent, 5% polar opposites, 10% rest) Example of a player attacking bottom left: Hit directions just like now also allows special moves to be performed. -Aimed Shots- Archery now utilizes the fight options window for special shoots. in addition to the select bar. The window lits up once the ranged option is choosen. Works just like aimed shots nowdays except that hit chances for the various target areas are slightly higher and are about the same except regular "shoot" (center icon) which has a slightly higher hit chance but a focus towards the center. Aimed shots work like special moves. Works on both players and non-unique creatures. Foot/Legshoot - Bottom. Foot: -40% movement speed for 15 seconds. Legs: -25% movement speed for 15 seconds. Hand/Armshot - Left & Right. Right side - Hand: -50% attack speed for 15 seconds. Arm: -25% attack speed for 15 seconds. Left side - Hand: -25% block chance for 15 seconds. Arm: -50% block chance for 15 seconds. Concussion - Top. -25% cr for 15 seconds. Dual Axis locations such as Bottom Right will have a 50/50 chance of performing either directions move. -Target Window- Target windows now display defensive directions, attack directions aswell as certain combat related debuffs. (2handed weapons will display the agressive stance icon instead of a shield) Yea you heard that right, you dont need to look in the combat log as much anymore. The information is already sent to the client so it may aswell display it. User friendlyness at its best. 2) Siege GUI changes Drag/drop always comes first. Repairing secondary. Load/Unload third. Winch 4th. Fire followed by unwinch 5th. Always in that order. Makes it easier to use the siege equipment and more streamlined. (there is only 8 button slots on the select bar!) Currently when a siege weapons are loaded there is no unwinching icon... This means someone spent their time making a unwinching icon but its actually never used ingame. ever. Not to mention that by activating a new item while a siege weapon is loaded the firing and unwinching option are both gone from the GUI. 3) Shield Rebalance Shields become a balance between the benefits of blocks per second and block angle zone vs attack speed and weight. Wood grants more accurate blocking, yet less blocks per second due to recoil comparable to metal. Metal also bash better. Smaller shields excell at smaller skirmishes/duels while providing proper protection against smaller number of attackers in a narrow angle and having fast attack timers. Larger shields excell at large-scale warfare, being able to take on many agressors at the same time at wide angles while having the drawback of lowered attack speed. Tower shields is the ultimate protection against projectiles and attacks. But has mobility drawbacks and poor offensive potential. 4) Heavy Infantry Equipment prenote: the equipment is presented with the equipment timers in mind. As such you wouldnt be able to switch between 2h huge axe and a tower shield in a split second while targeted. Heavy infantry equipment is only usable while not mounted. Trying to mount a vehicle/animal will be denied untill the special equipment is removed. (A message will be displayed) Naturally the equipment cant be equiped while mounted either. -Pike- Long range 2handed polearm. Too close: 0-0.75 tiles Good: 0.75-2 tiles Too far: 2+ tiles Special: 350% dmg modifier vs mounts. 250% dmg modifier vs riders. +5cr vs mounts and riders. -25% speed. can't parry. 15kg weight. Useless against targets within 0.75 tiles. -Tower shield- Pro: Supreme fullbody blocking chance, very durable at high quality and good for longlasting sieges. Quite suitable for "I don't have a clue what I'm doing" newbies. Con: -25% speed, -40% attack speed, 25kg weight, no blocking/dodging at 90 degree angle behind the user and +2cr when striking from that angle. Only made out of steel. ------------------------------------------------- 5) Alteration to essential longterm pvp skills/stats Prenote: these 3 skills were choosen due to being essential requirements for pvp combat and the time required to be "up to par". The changes here are intended to allow newer players to be able to join the pvp side of the game quicker without grinding for a half year which will most likely result in them quitting if they got a serious interests in pvp. -Body strength- Instead of the current damage reduction (X/100)-0.2 it would instead be 0.4log((X*0.8)-15)+0.07 Thus giving a damage reduction per level curve that looks like this (note: red = new, blue = old) Thus giving an effective hitpoint chart that looks like this: As can be seen effective hitpoints from body strength would gradually change per level rather than a slow start with extreme payoff at higher levels. It would allow newer players to more easily join up in combat and thus not alienate newer players. (currently they generally get asked to "grind up" for 6-12 months...) If its proven survivability is "too high", then consideration into nerfing everyone should be taken into consideration. and curves similar to the one below could be applied (black) -Meditation- Meditation just like body strength is one of the key components atm which take considerable time to produce benefitial gains, yet are extremely dependant for combat and thus is a requirement. Reduce meditation path switches to max 1 week per question. (not only does it helps newbs, it also makes path switching a proper thing for older accs with path level 11 switches taking 2 months.) Increase meditation ticks size by 3-5x. (there is no other real way to fix it. meditation is too benefitial and time consuming atm) -Fightskill- Move the current 10% gain FS barrier from 70 to 90. Treat FS more like a regular skill. It's extremely benefitial for combat by providing CR. Players would still need to hunt for their weapon skills and what not, but they wouldn't be required to hunt the current insane ammounts merely to get anywhere past lvl 70 FS. -Overall- Now i bet some players will complain about their effort/time spent doing a skill or w/e... The reason they would complain is becouse it took so much effort and time and is exactly one of the things u wanna avoid since its pvp requirements. 6) Spell resistance / AoE spells / Lesser healing spells -Spell resistance- Spell resistance would be on a 5 min timer and directly scale in strength based on the dmg/healing received up to a certain %. The resistance would give a reduction in the effect of the damage/healing received. Thus making spells less usefull, but still have some of their effect. -AoE Spells- AoE spells currently scale indefinetly in power based on the number of targets involved. So to adress this a max limit in healing/dmg per spell would be introduced. AoE spells (excludes active AoE field spells) would take into account the number of targets and divide it's output among all the targets. Healing: Check spellpower to see the healing output. Gather affected targets for the spell. Confirm they got wounds and are friendly. if not exclude them. Divide healing output per target. Pick the largest wound of the target. if its larger than healing output available then do a partial heal, if not then fully heal and reiterate untill out of healing output or all wounds gone. (if the AoE heal allow multiple wounds healed) Damage: Check spellpower to see the damage output. Gather affected targets for the spell. confirm they are hostile. If not exclude them. Divide dmg output per target (and cap it at a % dmg of the full dmg output). Apply Wound(s). Hybrid (aka Scorn): Do a damage check where it checks for targets affected, If hostile entities are found then also do a heal check for an equal value. -Lesser healing spells- A problem with the lesser healing spells is that they got virtually no use in actual combat. Mainly becouse there is no time to open someones inventory, look through all the wounds, find the best wound and then cast the spell on it. Thus I suggest healing spells such as cure light to be able to target creatures directly and when doing so after a successfull cast it automatically picks the largest wound and heal as much as it can with its healing output. Thus allowing lesser heals to be usable in actual combat.
  19. Note: I'm posting this in Server Bugs because I assume the problem is likely to do with the server not sending the client the appropriate information. If this is incorrect, feel free to catapult it off to Client Bugs. I noticed when fighting trolls recently that even when a troll lowers my focus in combat, the focus mouseover icon in the combat window still reflects the old rating. Sample situation: Focus to level 2. Get hit by troll. "You lose some focus." Icon still says I'm at focus level 2. Focus again. Icon and message windows say I've focused to level 1 or 2. Basically, the client is not properly updated when a hit in combat lowers your focus, but it's clear your focus actually is being lowered, because focusing again brings you up to the same level the client already thinks you were at, or lower. EDIT: Seems like the communicator's setFocusLevel() function is used to update the client when focus is changed by other means, but isn't called when you lose focus from getting hit too hard.
  20. Situation: Fighting a seal, because you are a bad person. Expected behavior: Seals headbutt you for bruising damage, and bite you for biting damage. Actual behavior: Seal headbutts me for bruising damage, bites me for biting damage, and "strikes" me for cutting damage. Steps to reproduce: Pick a fight with a seal. Combat log: I've checked the logs in my Wurm player folder, and "strikes" has not been used as an attack verb for seals until now, and those attacks are definitely causing the cut wounds. Is this a bug, or have seals been given makeshift knives? EDIT: I was informed that "strikes" possibly replaced "hit" as a combat verb at some point. I just wanted to confirm that "hits" was also not in my logs anywhere, at least not concerning seals.
  21. Situation: Parked my wagon such that one of the bison was standing on lava, through a cave entrance. Expected behavior: Bison makes a bunch of noise as it gets damaged, sort of like it would in combat, so I could go over and move it before it dies. Actual behavior: Bison remains pleasantly silent until death, so I had no idea until it was too late and the bison was dead. Suggested fix: Make creatures make their "hurt" sound effect when injured by lava and other environmental shenanigans. May apply to things like drowning as well. Current workaround: idk free barbecue I guess
  22. Wurm could use for a good dose of something a little new. A flying creature added to the game as a typical mob would be quite unique for Wurm. I'm suggesting either a Giant Wasp or a Giant Eagle, or both. Since Wurm is viewed as a 3D environment on a 2D plane I wouldn't expect such a creature to actually fly in the game, but rather hover at a certain height over the ground. Here are a few of the ideal specifications I've come up with, but by no means is this set in stone, but merely suggested: Giant Wasp: Aggressive: Yes Tameable: No Can be Dominated: Yes Groomable: No Butchered: ??? Breedable: No Rideable: No Swimmer: No (with the exception that it should be able to hover over water like it does land) Lair: Hive (near trees) Combat Level: Similar to a scorpion in strength, but with added parry statistic and speed due to it being airborne as well as a poisoned effect with their attacks. Does stinging and poison damage. Counter: Archery Giant Eagle: Aggressive: No Tameable: Yes Can be Dominated: Yes Groomable: Yes Butchered: ??? Breedable: Yes Rideable: No Swimmer: No (with the exception that it should be able to hover over water like it does land) Lair: Nests (near trees and cliffs) Combat Level: Similar to the strength of a wild boar, but with added parry statistic and speed due to it being airborne. Does clawing, cutting and pecking damage. Counter: Archery Overall these two creatures shouldn't be game breaking or terribly unbalanced. Neither is excessively strong, but they also aren't easily struck by melee attacks. This would require more skill in archery to combat such animals with less risk. I didn't put anything down for butchering products as I figure I'd leave that up for others to comment on or make suggestions. What do you all think? Terrible ideas or interesting concepts?
  23. I realize this would be a huge mod but it would be nice to have an improved combat system where we could right click to block an attack and maybe press CTRL to attack, doing things like shield bash could be bound to number keys, also instead of clicking the arrows for where to attack this could just be based off where you're standing. The list could go on for features and improvements but just having some basics for now would be nice. Personally I feel it would improve the combat system a lot as the one we have at the moment seems turn based. Then again, I'm sure there's plenty of people out there that like it like that. I did start the mod and sharply realized it might be beyond my skill level so thought I'd post here to see what others think and if it's actually worth trying to pull off.
  24. [19:08:31] You try a Low rider.[19:08:31] You hits the groin of Mature scorpion hard in the body and irritate it.[19:08:31] Mature scorpion is drained of stamina and gasps for air.[19:08:31] Mature scorpion is stunned.[19:08:31] Your attack glances off Mature scorpion's armour. It's just a text error so...
  25. Okay, so on Epic cluster, I had a good Two-Handed Swords skill, as well as a good Long Swords skill, with Normal Fighting and Aggressive Fighting styles leveled equally up there as well. Now I have moved to Freedom Isles => Xanadu (Loving it !!!!) And I am wondering, which path to take. Obviously, the Long Sword + Large Metal Shield is the most Viable for PvP ... But what about PvE ? A high QL 2hdr would destroy Lava Spiders with my previous mentioned skills. PvP instantly meant using a LS + LMS, unless someone else tanked while you weapon switched. I have 2FS so I am very much new, and only the starter Short Sword and Small Wooden Shield. Again, the question is, which path should I start on for PvE. Thank you in advance.