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Found 136 results

  1. I've been told that there are already existing mods that allow all animals to be spawned with conditions by GMs, and for removing all restrictions for house size. I've looked through the mods forum and I must be missing something, because I haven't had any luck finding them. If anyone has the links to these mods, please let me know!
  2. It would be really great if we could have some new tameable animals added to Wurm. Here's a list of things I'd love to see new lairs for: Badgers (can help players dig when tamed) Moose (rideable, hitchable) Salamanders (rideable) Polar bears (winter spawns) Snow leopards (winter spawns) Phoenixes (must be kept inside a house with a roof if you want to stop them flying away, have healing powers when tamed) Panthers Ducks/swans Doves Flamingos Sea horses Foxes Rabbits Minotaurs Raccoons Monkeys Camels (spawn in deserts) Pangolins / armadillos Bats Beavers Pandas / red pandas Mammoths Owls Mini dragons (smaller, cuter versions of normal dragons, not nearly as strong and can be tamed and penned without bashing fences; maybe give tiny amounts of loot; can be bred like normal animals) Fairies (prettier versions of goblins, with wings but maybe can't fly) Goats If adding animals is going to be too difficult, it may be easier to change current animals so that they have more functions or variety in the game. Option one: Let more animals spawn from lairs (thus giving champions and other conditions) and bring back old animal lairs that have been missed since they stopped spawning. Here are my ideas: Dogs (bring back lairs) Deer (bring back lairs) Tortoises (new lairs, plus increased spawns) Pigs (new lairs) Sheep (new lairs) Hens/roosters (new lairs) Pheasants (new lairs) Hell hounds (new lairs) Lava fiends (new lairs) Better yet, let all animals spawn from lairs! Option 2: Let more of the current animals be tamed/charmed or dominated. Suggestions: Spiders (tame/charm) Lava spiders (tame/charm) Whales (tame/charm) Anacondas (tame/charm) Dolphins (tame/charm) Octopi (tame/charm) Huge sharks (tame/charm) Sea serpents (dominate) Option 3: Make or bring back more types/colours. Ideas: Unicorns (multi-coloured for different conditions) Dogs (different breeds) Cats (different breeds, including a non-aggressive house cat (white and fluffy) that can eat fish and meat from unlocked fsbs) Wolves (different colours) Dragons (different colours: gold, pink, purple, silver, etc.) Option 4: More conditions. Maybe make these apply to animals that don't spawn from lairs rather than animals that do. Speedy: extra speed trait, like fleeter movement. Ghostly: can move through walls like fog spiders, though maybe make it just certain types of walls so they don't become a complete pain. Super: champion size but without the extra strength, size applies to rideable animals too. Shy: flees from people like bison, hard to catch. Rare: shiny like rare objects. Helpful: has a random chance of repairing nearby objects. Fertile: males and females can pass on the trait rather than just females. Docile: non-aggressive even for animals that are normally naturally aggro. Chameleon: blends in with background (not including outline, and maybe make the blending not perfect so they're not completely invisible). Option 5: Bring back the lighter colours for conditioned animals! It would be great if each condition had its own subtly different colour, but if that'll be too difficult, I'd be happy to have them back to being slightly lighter than normal - it makes them more interesting and easier to spot. Option 6: Make Christmas animals a yearly thing! I'd love to see more French hens and ring rams, plus some new ones! Additional idea: Create some common, non-aggressive animals that can be killed with low FS. That'll be helpful for new players.
  3. I always found the name pool for horses a bit limited, so I made this mod that allows to replace or add new names, and now with a new item for custom names. Features: Add new possible names into male, female and generic name pools Completely replace the built-in wurm name pools so that only the custom names will be available A custom item, Naming Tag, craftable with a wood scrap and some cloth string, allows custom names or select one of the available random names from Wurm. The maximum characters via naming tag is 20, which is achieved at 100ql. Requirements: Ago's Mod Loader Instructions: Extract the zip file to your mod folders, configure the file to your desire. To change/add names, open the file at "mods/JPWM_OffspringNames/names.txt". Inside you'll find 3 categories, generic, male and female. Below those add one name per line. By default the mod will disable horse names on birth, this is to allow custom names with the naming tag, however if you wish to use the initial version functionality, just change the nameMethod to 1 (or Wurm in GUI) and alternatively disable the naming tag as well. Downloads: Version 1.1.1 (BETA) - Please let me know issues or other things with the naming tag. Version 1.0 Properties file with support for Server Mod GUI Manager
  4. This is a mod that removes three mechanics that are intended to limit animal hoarding. It removes these things: deed brand limit, creature ratio effects for on and off deeds, disease spread. required: Ago's WurmServerModLauncher. releases are here:
  5. For a brief time, I had rare, supreme and fantastic animals, and they were amazing! I know it was the result of a bug, but I'm hoping it can be brought in as a proper feature. Animals would sometimes be born rare, supreme or fantastic, just like items are sometimes created as such. Animals with one of the three conditions would have a higher chance of passing it to offspring, like you get a higher chance to get a rare when you use rare materials. Most were shiny without the names rare, supreme or fantastic, but some had the names. I'm hoping we can keep it in the names if we bring it in as a feature, the same as rare, supreme or fantastic items. My screenshots will not let me post them to the forums, see the awesomeness here
  6. As an arch GM, I want to spawn animals with conditions such as champion, greenish, etc. It works fine for all the standard creatures, but when I try to spawn some of the new champions, it won't do it. For example, I know champion tortoises are possible with the new mission system because I have a champion tortoise in WO, a big one. When I told the ebony wand to spawn a champion tortoise in WU, it spawned a normal-sized, non-champion tortoise. Is WU not on the new mission system yet? Is there a way to spawn all animals with conditions, or do I need a mod for that? Does one already exist? The options definitely exist in game, but they don't work...
  7. Please can we change the programming so that animals can cross server borders? I'm sure it's been said before, but I'm mentioning it again because it's quite a big thing and would be particularly helpful to breeders such as myself not having to start again on every new server we go to. I understand the programming part is easier said than done, and obviously this isn't going to happen overnight, but I'm hoping this issue could be given a higher priority in future. I suppose it would make sense for creatures that can't swim not to be able to cross, but we should at least be able to lead creatures over on a boat like we can do to different parts of our own servers.
  8. This idea came up in another thread, but I think it deserves its own post. There should be a way for people to have large animal collections without needing ridiculously huge deeds because of deed ratio, while at the same time not lagging the server or messing up the numbers of wild spawns. You can build a stable like a house and store animals inside. Once an animal is in the stable, it is frozen in time, so say it goes into the stable mature and fat, it comes out mature and fat, no matter how much time has passed. They don't even need to display physically, there can just be a written list of what animals are in the stable, and they can be stored like objects. This way they wouldn't count towards deed ratio, but it shouldn't mess up other things on the server if there are a lot of them.
  9. Hello, considering the animals (rats in my case) end up outside of the house and roam my deed, I assume this is is a server issue so I put this down here. Lets start with this screenshot, this rat freshly untamed cause I was trying to move them once again after a pen change from 1x1 tile to 1x2 tiles (regular pen size which worked for them in my old stables - I thought that maybe the cause). As you can see the rat slightly hoovers over the ground at half the pole fence height, this height will increase gradulay over time, eventually by tomorrow morning the rat will be sitting on top of the roof and then be able to jump off there and run around the deed. I have had this happen 4 times now and then I had to catch them on the deed somewhere. Some other float rats I caught midway and could abort with a retame and move them a bit, but once they reach a certain height or go over the roof, the roof will be in the way and then I can only wait for the rat to finish its escape and catch it on the deed. The building is 2 stories high + thatched roof and the pens are in a 4x5 area of the house (there is a small 2x2 area and a ramp leading up to the first floor to lead rats up as well) - the rats reside in the upper floor. The lower floor has pens aligned with the top pens where the idea was, that when the female rats on the top floor give birth - the new born rat will pop on the ground floor in a pen. (Thats how it worked in my other stables just fine but it was a bit annoying as my horses have the lower floor there.) Server - Deed - Housename Xanadu - Aincrad - Rat House Un-tamed two more rats now, took 5 or so minutes for them to start floating as well... one has a 1x2 pen like the one in the screenshot above and the other a 1x3 but its the 3 tiles in a corner. If any more information is required or someone wants to visit me, I'm on discord as well.
  10. The deed ratio is aimed at preventing people from having large animal collections that will lag the server or take up too much of the animal count. While this makes sense, it also makes things difficult for those of us who want large animal collections. My suggestion is that you can tame an animal on an alt, then set it to go offline with the character, and log the character out. If we make it so that these animals don't count towards deed ratio, anyone who wanted could have extra animals logged out for the most part, and only log them on when needed, then take them back offline. Offline animals don't count toward the animal spawn limit on the server. As far as I'm aware, animals that aren't actually online won't contribute to lag, correct? Maybe make it sot that offline animals don't have a chance to go untame or to reduce status towards upset (not sure if that is or isn't the case now). The animals would count towards deed ratio while logged in, but if players were selective about who was logged in when, they could manage the animal collection and ratio, having large collections without having to make stupidly large deeds and inconvenience the rest of the server.
  11. Wurm does not have goats. This should be rectified. Add goats to Wurm! We could have different colours - grey, brown, black, mixtures of different colours, spots, etc. Have them spawn from lairs, of course, so we could have champion goats
  12. I'm currently searching for a champion lava fiend spawned for a mission. They usually spawn underground, but I assume that if it's for a mission it would spawn above ground. Is that correct?
  13. I can't be the only breeder who frequently gets into the predicament of desperately needing a female of a certain animal but only having male, or vice versa. I believe gender swaps for players are now available? Please could we make this work for animals too!
  14. One of the main problems with the AH system currently is that there are more reasons to stay at 50 skill than there are to go above it. The chances of negative traits are a serious drawback to ever grinding it any higher, and I think this needs to change; it should be desirable to have skills higher, not lower. A good way to do this would be to add motivations that are available only at higher skills. My idea is we modify it so that names and traits that currently can't be passed down have a chance at being passed on by parents at higher AH levels. 1. Horse names or parts of names have a higher chance of passing down to offspring at a higher AH level. 2. Males can pass on conditions such as champion, greenish, etc. as well as females with a small chance at first, increasing with AH level. 3. Christmas animals can pass on their names (bird, French, piper, etc.) only at a very high AH level. 4. Over 90 AH cared for animals never die of anything (currently they drop dead for no apparent reason, even if it's not often)
  15. We've all lost animals to the caring for bug - animals that should have been immortal in terms of age, but died when cared for, not pregnant, not diseased, fed, and on a deed with a good ratio. I'm sure the devs are working on fixing this bug, but considering it's been around for years, it seems like it's a hard thing to fix and may take some time. In the meantime, I think there should be an option for us to get back animals that died from this bug. I recently had a Dove traitor traitor die, which is irreplaceable, unlike the other animals I've lost before that I can just breed more of. If we have an animal die under the above circumstances, we should be able to contact the GMs and have them respawn that animal. Either that or fix the bug, but I really would love my dove traitor traitor back.
  16. I thought to ask to be able to hitch an animal to a tree with a rope, and that may be great, but would have an effect on how trees are used in the game. So how about a hitching post - it would be a post or rail that you could tie your animals to? Why this matters to me is that I have a new deed, I'm collecting animals from the area but I am not ready to fence them in - the land isn't ready. IRL, I'd just tie em up to something solid. In wurm, I have to deforest an area, and create a paddock.
  17. I'm looking for a male tortoise on Indy. Does anyone have one I could buy or borrow? I could return it once I've bred my own, but am happy to buy it if that's easier
  18. I posted this inside the animals crossing server borders post, but I think perhaps it needs its own topic if it's to have a chance of happening any time in the near future: We need a temporary measure to improve the animals crossing server borders situation while the devs work the long term solution of animal crates. Say you have an animal you want on another server. You start a support ticket and show the GM the animal, where it is and where on the new server you want it. Maybe both locations have to be on the shoreline to mimic what it would be like transporting them by boat. The GM responding spawns another animal exactly like the one you want transported, with the same colour, condition, traits, everything. Then they kill the animal left behind on the original server. Problem solved, animal has been transported. It's not perfect, but may be a nice in-between measure while we wait for animal crates. To ensure that the GMs aren't inundated with hundreds of transfer requests, maybe limit it to one transfer per premium player per month, or something like that.
  19. I love how the new missions sometimes spawn champions of animals that don't usually come in champion! I'm not sure if it's all set in advance already, but if we get a choice as to what comes next, I'd love to see champion crabs, seals and bison
  20. It would be great if wagoners could deliver animals in crates within servers. I'd love to be able to send a wagoner off rather than dragging an animal all the way across a server. Especially if it's multiple animals that need to be delivered, it would save many hours of running back and forth.
  21. I know it was a bug that caused some animals to go rare or supreme, but please could we have it back?? Shiny rare animals would be awesome
  22. Ever since the new update, tamed animals are going mad when I try to lead them. They keep running off, while I'm still leading them. I've had two turn around, run in the opposite direction to where I was leading them, run at least 10 tiles, through multiple locked gates and into pens with other aggressive creatures. They've gotten injuries before I've managed to get them out; I'm just lucky nothing has gotten killed yet. I have to keep checking behind me, and if they randomly run off, I need to chase them down, and sometimes they'll start following me again, or sometimes I need to click stop leading and re-lead them. But then I have to get them into a pen quickly because it only takes a few seconds for them to run off again. It's fine having tamed animals just standing there, or leading non-tamed animals. Please can we fix this? I breed a lot of aggressive animals, and I need to be able to get the offspring out of the pens quickly and safely or they all end up getting diseased.
  23. Hello, I was thinking about the value of horses and the dead market regarding horse breeding. I was questioning myself, what would make horsebreeding more interesting, what would value time and efford people put into it and I came to one solution: Make horses better with training! If you could train a horse to get more speed, you would give people a) something to work on, b ) something to hire people for, c) horses would become more interesting in comparison to hellhorses because they would be as fast as them without the unhitching/ biting burdens. So they could become more valued means better priced again. People that would put real efford into their horse business would stand out from those that just mass produce. Mass producing would infact make no sense anymore because you would need to much time to train all those horses up to selling status of 7th speed. My idea would mean you train a horse with riding it, (working cart horses should not become automaticly faster without any efford), maybe you would need the skill too, like 60 animal husbandry for 6th and 70 animal husbandry for 7th speed. d) This would give AH a new push because atm most people dont raise it much higher than 50 because this way they get all the speed traits they wanted without breeding useless other traits into the horses. e) You would give even training stables a chance to pop up, where someone could give their horse away for some time and get it back fully trained. f) And people would come out of their deeds more, because they need to train their horses. This way some forgotten landscapes would maybe become racing-grounds and more populated again. What do you think about this? Cheers
  24. I love the cool green glow that's been applied to goblins, crocodiles and cave bugs! I'd love to see something like this permanently in Wurm, not just for Halloween. What if we allocated certain colours to certain conditioned animals? For example, angry goblins glow green, champion unicorns are pink, etc. If it was done for just a few of the animals and conditions, it wouldn't be common, but a nice treat when you find one of the rare glowy few.
  25. It would be great if we could get a new breed of cat, a non-aggressive one - we could call it house cat instead of wild cat. Maybe one of those white fluffy ones They can help themselves to meat or fish in unlocked fsbs like real house cats do, jumping on counters and snacking, etc. That means they can be kept in a house and as long as you have food in your fsb you don't need to worry about dropping meat for it, which would make it a very attractive pet.