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Found 162 results

  1. Since the last big update on the 28th I have noticed several of my animals outside of the pens they are housed in. The first was a hell horse that I assumed had been led out (on my free animals deed) and then killed the handler as there was a corpse nearby, but then, today when I logged in, there were 2 pigs and a dog out of their pens (I know they were safely in there when I logged out, and that they were mine, not wild, as they had been branded and renamed). My partner has also had his dog walk out of a sealed pen... and talking to others in CA Help and my own alliance, others have had the same issues. I am especially concerned for my Champ aggro breeders given the halloween loot hunt, if they get out and off my deed, they won't last long as someone will be bound to knock them off looking for halloween goodies... Any advice, or any chance this could be looked into as a matter of some urgency? I know a friend has just watched three of her horses walk through a locked gate and is equally concerned about loosing her prize 5sp ebony mare.
  2. This is the place where you can post up your new foal traits and we'll all see if we can make sense of them! Please post the parents traits and foal traits where available and your AH skill if you don't mind, and hopefully we can start to paint a picture of the way traits work. Feel free to post about other baby animals if you wish - donkeys, mules, bison... whatever, just make sure to state which type of animal in your post.
  3. Old Grumpy Couples horsemarket Finally we want to broadcast our market here as well! It only took us two years to write a post ! Anyways! We are the old grumpy couple, Miralux and Bunnlose. We are running a market from our deed at North Deliverance. Here we got 55 salespens with animals, containing 4 speed horses, 4 drafthorses, draft and output bisons, draft mules and more. We got selfserve pens, but if you cant find the exact dreamanimal you were looking for, you are always welcome to ask us and we'll be happy to help. FIND US: Our location:,309 To arrive to our deed you got two options: if you come by land its very easy to just plot course to Old grumpy couple, and the highwaysystem will lead you to us. If you arrive with ship, there is a ship tunnel to our underground docks. Entrance for the tunnel is about here:,178 When you arrive to the docks, you will find a guestdock to the right where some tiles are offdeed, so you can easily unload/load creaturecages if you need. Follow the ledge straight south from guestdock (look for signs), and you will exit the mine and arrive just next to the marketbuildings. There are plenty of sign showing directions on our deed, but should you still be unsure where to go, never be shy to ask in local. Our market is divided in two sections: The upper market contains mostly draft animals. Here you will also find 8 merchants selling various of good. If you are looking for a special treat: check if the animal got a colored banner inside its pen! That would mean it have a rare trait. Additional info is on the keys to the pens. The merchants here currently are: Merchant_Key-Per: holding the keys to the pens Merchant_Animal gear: well, that might be selfexplaining but it sells Saddles and horseshoes with woa casts and other gear for the horses. In case of being sold out? Contact Bunnlose in game Merchant_Grinder: Specializes in high imped leather gear, toolbelts. Also got some tools and goodies. If you look for more items like this, or the merchant being sold out, look for Fossil in game. Merchant_Godofredo: Various items from archeology mainly, like seasonal items, masks, statuettes. Merchant_Berta: Selling masks, statuettes and random rare items Merchant_Supergluemaster: Selling shafts, planks, tenons, pegs in the archwoodcolors. Trying to keep all colors in stock, but in case of being sold out, contact Meitai in game to ask for more. Merchant_Hq tools: Selling rares, supremes, high imped tools thats fully enchanted with enchants atleast at 90+. Stock being updated as we get more goodies. Merchant_Jolly: Selling decorative items The lower market contains all the speedsters, along with some output bisons. Additional info about the animals are to be found at the keys on the merchant. Here you will also find a trader, accompanied by a few other merchants. The merchants here are currently: Merchant_Horses: holding keys to the pens at this level. Merchant_Sally: Selling various of tools and weapons with a minimum of 3 runes and/or enchants. The tools are always iron or steel, and the weapons are iron, steel or silver. The most part of these are being sold for only 20c. Here you can get nice items with higher chance to be imped rare, gather runes, holding enchants longer, shatter resist, gathering runes and so on. The variations are big so here you need to come and look. Adding new items all the time. (Exceptions for material might be made for rare items, though if not the mention materials, prize will also be very low.) BULK: From time to time we got bulk items avilable for purcase. Contact Bunnlose or Miralux if you need any of these Current stock (updated16.February 2022) is: Marblebricks (2,5s/k): 4000 in stock Slate bricks (2,5s/k): 5000 in stock Pottery bricks ( 3s/k): 1000 in stock Colossus bricks (2s/k) 2000 in stock Sandstone (2s/k) 4000 in stock Stone bricks (2s/k) 2000 in stock Rounded stonebricks (2s/k) -
  5. MrK Mart Shop smart, shop MrK Mart MrK Mart Inventory Spreadsheet Extravaganza Tony Danza Reply, DM or In-Game me at MrKettle Coastal pick up, highway connected Q19 Harmony Always offering bulk buy discounts Quality dyes, goods and rares Labour Day Weekend Sale: All dyes are buy one get one half off on orders of 20kg+ Rare Pottery Smelter 10s 50ql toolbelts 15c each Sale ends
  6. Have you ever stood around for days waiting for your newly bought adolescent horse to turn 'late' adolescent just so that you can start breeding? With no idea when it will happen, you keep trying, wondering if the animal is still too young, or just too hungry. It's wearisome. Please can we fix it so that all animals become able to breed *as soon as* they reach the adult adolescent age. *As soon as* they are adolescent, and not until some indistinct latter stage of adolescent. Adolescent will then clearly and obviously mean breed-able and will prevent any confusion. Let's take the guesswork out of breeding and simplify. Thanks for considering this.
  7. Made another mod that lets you rename animals with an inscribed paper sheet, so long the animal is branded to the same village as you are AND you care fore it OR tamed it. Many a thanks to Bdew who helped me with making the names stick!
  8. I keep my horses on crops in a 10x7 tile field, and they are very happy. They have a food trough in the centre as well, but they seldom need to use it as they prefer to eat the crops - which is how it should be. When I harvest those crops, however, and replant with seeds, I get a lot of bald patches where the horses are digging up the seeds and eating them, I often have to go back and replant several times. I know the seeds must be tasty, but it would be a great QoL help if animals would choose a bowl or trough with food in, in preference to the seeds. This would mean that if a horse was standing on some freshly planted seeds and got hungry, it would move over to the trough or bowl (if available) to eat first before resorting to eating seeds. We would need a clause or change to the priority order for grazing when hungry: Stood on seeds and sees full trough or bowl - walk over and use trough or bowl Stood on seeds with no full bowl or trough - move to another tile to graze OR eat seeds - depending on hunger level Stood on any other height of crops - eat crops Stood on bare tile and sees a full trough or bowl - use trough or bowl Stood on bare tile and no trough or bowl - move to another tile to graze Just some ideas. I think it would help a lot of farmers who have a small plot of land and need to have animals grazing on their crops.
  9. When I see novel named animals are spawned for the holidays, and with Care for" slots from Animal Husbandry being used for work animals, it is difficult to adopt these special named creatures. If the taming skill would allow its own list of animals more suitable for the "pet" title, this would allow these adorably named animals a better chance to be adopted. Wolfs, wild cats, mt lions, cave bugs, dogs and such aren't really useful beyond their position as a pet and have a difficult time competing with horses, hellhorses and bison when a player doles out their precious "Care for" slots. Please consider. Sugar Cookie bugs need love too!
  10. So I love the AH update, I really do. (CHONKY PONEHS FOR LYFE!) But in my opinion mules could really do with some improvements! For one, and this is the most important thing for me, they really are too small. Especially when you consider their pulling power! They're stronger than 4 draft horses but are somehow less than half the size!? I'd really like to see them a bit bigger and be a size that fits their performance better. Another thing (that I don't expect to see any time soon but would be nice!) would be to have mules' colours vary according to the colour of their horse mother. ie if you had an ebony mare you could get a black mule, and so on. I attach some pictures to show what I mean both in terms of size and colour variation. Ebony mule Chestnut mules Grey mule Also, this:
  11. Are you the owner of a large draughty castle? or maybe just a tumbledown shack where the wind rattles through each crack? It's time to use up those scrap materials and make an anaconda or crocodile draught excluder/floor cushion to lie across those draughty doorways and halls. You will need: An anaconda skin* or crocodile hide: 10 balls of cotton or wool (rare+ balls of cotton or wool have a chance to turn the draught excluder rare+) Some cotton string or wool yarn *Maybe Soon (TM) Instructions: Stuff the anaconda skin/croc hide with the balls of cotton or wool and sew up the skin or hide with the string or yarn. Difficulty: Easy Difficulty of obtaining the anaconda skin or croc hide in the first place - could be problematic. Result: Sit back in the warmth and admire your draught-free sitting room If anyone else has any good or funny ideas on how to make good use of rare balls of wool or cotton - please add your ideas below!
  12. Reaper spies you hiding in the grass (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/1/2021 I SEE YOU (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/2/2021 Happy Easter from Hilltop Abode! (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/4/2021 Wait, what about my easter eggs?! (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4//42021 Ok, I caught you red-handed, now where did you put the easter eggs?? (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/4/2021 I took a stroll to the southern part of melody, snapped a pic of the sunrise/set. (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/4/2021 I dont know what the heck was happening here but I was about to fall off the back of my horse LOL (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/5/2021 Then I started falling off the front of my horse... (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/5/2021 I happened upon this (dead) troll in a desert and it looks like he had his head in the sand way too long LOL (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/5/2021 Today I came upon a baby chicken and I couldnt resist its cuteness. so I took him home and placed him in my crop fields. Letssee how raising chickens will go lol (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/6/2021 I have a total of 19 easter eggs! (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/6/2021 A very Nosey Troll LOL (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/11/2021 Chicken head (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/11/2021 My little yellow guy grew into a handsome rooster (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/14/2021 So that's where that buzzing sound came from, who wants some honey!? (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/26/2021 Gaze from my nymph statue on my deed (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)4/27/2021 Starting to look like a barnyard around here lol (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)5/26/2021 I'm just a bear prowling in the night (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)5/26/2021 This little guy dropped a rare eyeball stew (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)5/31/2021 We have a new addition to the Hilltop Abode family (Melody)"Jacalina"Map: melodyDeed: Hilltop Abode ( in a northwest area of the map)5/31/2021
  13. Oak Hill Ranch will be hosting a Rodeo for a week long event! November 14 through November 20 Located at N17 - only 3 minutes by cart from Harmony Bay You cant come too late to join in the festivities. Traditionally Rodeos are week long events meant to test the Speed, Skill, and Dexterity of both man and beast. We are attempting to offer just that same type of mix of events over the course of a week for all players who can join us to have fun with. Welcome to Oak Hill - East View from the Scenic Tower Picture of the Arena from a God's prespective - Courtesy of Demona Map of Events - Hope it helps! (Please note some buildings and pens have been added since the original map was created) Oak Hill Book Nook - Please be sure to sign the Guest Register! Join us for a week of events sure to please. All premier events will occur ever two hours during the day so all who come may participate at their leisure. Arena for Premier Events including "Grandstand" with 90 available seats. Premier Events Prizes for Premier Events will be as follows: 5 Silver will be awarded to the top winner of the daily event - 1 Silver will be awarded to top winner for each scheduled run at 10AM/12PM/2PM/4PM/6PM (All times are EST) More prizes for second and third place may be announced later, but we have many events and scheduled runs so this may be difficult. (Premier Events will held on a 2 hour schedule from 10AM EST until 6PM EST - all competitors present at the top of the hour on 10-12-2-4-6 will run the current event scheduled at that time - anyone not present will have an opportunity again at the next opening) Day 1 (11/14)- Barrel Racing As pictured above the barrel race will be run in a traditional cloverleaf pattern, enter and swing around barrel #1(right), move to and around barrel #2 (left) and then finally around barrel #3 (far back center), then race as quickly as possible to the start line (entrance to the arena). There are range poles located on the side of the barrel where the circle around it is to be entered into. Due to the limited turning radius of the horses on wurm, however you can make the turn will be accepted, but the turn must be completed. This is a race of dexterity of the rider and the horse, so your skill in turning plays a large role. Practicing in advance on your chosen mount as well as at the chosen weight (armored or not) is suggested. This is not as easy as it sounds. The arena is located on the North side of the deed, anyone is welcome to come and practice on the arena grounds if they are able and would like to. No games were run and no winners to announce. Day 2 (11/15)- Pole Bending 6 Poles will be set up in a straight line the length of the Arena, competitors will weave between the poles from the entrance to the Arena to the end, and then turn and repeat the process on the return trip. Again turning radius presents the difficulty here, and skill and dexterity of both horse and rider will win the race. Rhianna is announced as the First ever Event Winner in an Oak Hill Rodeo event! Congratulations Rhianna! Day 3(11/16) - Bull riding Various Bulls of differing abilities and ages will be made available by Oak Hill for competitors to use, OR you may bring your own. Race course will be set up before the event begins. Yujene visiting from Cadence takes the day as the first Bull Riding Event Winner! Congratulations Yugene! Day 4(11/17) - Flag Jousting As we all know Harmony is not a PVP server - this presents an issue with actual jousting, as does the actual holding of a flag, so we have modified this event to meet with accepted Wogic. The course will be set up on as close to a long even plane path as we can find on Oak Hill. Competitors will race full tilt to the center where two flags will be set up. Each competitor will grab a flag (blue or green as set by Start Ends) and race to the opposite competitors start point - turn around and race back to center (will be marked as a center zone) and place the flag in the zone (not drop). First to finish the maneuver will win the "joust". Day 5(11/18) - Weaponless Bison Fighting This will be held in the Main Arena with one of Oak Hills own Bison (in the event that the bison is killed during the event another will be brought out). The fight will commence with the competitor going in weaponless and attacking the bison. Two referees will be on hand - one will watch the health of the competitor the other will watch the health of the Bison. When one of them reaches 25% of health the competitor will be told to leave the arena (a gate will be installed for this event to end the fight when the competitor leaves). A First Aid tent will be set up next to the entrance of the arena for the competitor to be immediately healed to a safe level, and the same will be done for the Bison. Once the Bison is at 100% health again, the next competitor may then enter. Time of each battle will be taken and the competitor that lasts the longest before they hit 25% health, will win. Day 6(11/19) - Mounted Racing Race Route for the races on Day 6 and Day 7 are being worked on now - The course will be set up on both 2 lane and 1 lane roads as is permissible by the buildings and land on the deed. The course will be clearly marked by both white flags and green pointer signs and will form a loose 4 leaf clover pattern around the deed. Update - The half hour before each run will be reserved for competitors to make practice runs on the course. There are many turns and hills in this course (think along the lines of a mix between a touring and rally race in cars) The course tours around the deed, but watch for the flags and poiner signs in green so you dont go off course.More information on the course will be added soon. (Each scheduled Mounted Race will consist of 2 heats - First heat will be Untacked, Second Heat will be full Gear - 3 competitors may run at the same time - in the event there are more than three contestants per heat - multiple runs will be run until there are no more competitors in that heat class - during this event only Horses/Donkeys/Mules will be run - if a player would like to run the race but has no mount there will be select mounts available for use for those players courtesy of Oak Hill. Prizes and course to be announced soon.) Day 7(11/20) - Cart and Wagon Racing (final race Mounted alternative mounts!) We are requesting advanced sign ups for the Mounted Alternatives race so we know how many pens to prepare, please leave your advanced sign up in the comments below. Spirit Guards will be Agro disabled for the week A bear is already entered for the Alt race! Sign up now with your mount! Rules for the above events will be announced as we get closer to the Rodeo date Events and activities that will be ongoing throughout the week will include: (Ongoing events will be offered at all times throughout the week for your enjoyment at any time day or night - these are fun only events and offer no awards for placement or competition, but are offered by Oak Hill as a courtesy to attendees of the event. Please feel free to try one or try them all at your liesure and as many times as you like.) Livestock Auction Will be held on the South side of the deed near the OH Horse Sales area. UPDATE: All players attending are welcome to bring animals to sell at the Auction. All animal varieties will be accepted in the Auction ring. Bring your low level animals for auctioning to players without much to give, and/or your higher quality animals for those that would like to get something really good and come ready to pay for it. Bring your farm animals, bring your alt champs if you wish to sell them. Auction is being held in a section of the deed that will not be "local" to Premier Events so bids may be heard "read" in local chat. Seller will accept final bid that comes in when no other bid comes in within the time it takes the seller to reasonably type: "Going Once! (pause), Going Twice! (pause), SOLD!". Pumpkin Chunkin Punkin Chunkin Wurm Style Bring your own catapult with you or use one of ours (three Oak Hill catapults will be available for use) - but either way, lob a pumpkin and see how far it goes! Lots of fun to try. Due to deed perm limitations of non deed members not being capable of using the catapults, this event is being moved to our off deed water area. Pick a Pile This is a fun only event but every pick is a winner - some are better than others. The idea is simple, stand behind the line, and pick a pile number, then you can go open the pile and take the "prize" under the grass pile. The grass pile will be restuffed with a new "prize" for the next player. Have fun and enjoy! Items range from nails to coins to gems - you wont know what you get till you pick! Checkers Tables Waiting for another player! Tables and boards have been set up in the Scenic Tower for use at players leisure Prayer Circles Prayer Circle will be set up in the Monestary Central Chamber drop your priest alts and enjoy the festivities! Oak Hill Fo Monestery Fo Genesis Healing Fo Healers in attendance so far will be Sylrona, Pukaria and Kerym. Cooking Competition Competitors will be given products to work with and cooking tools to use, 5 different varieties of food must be produced (including one simple beverage). Different varieties is not three types of pizza - qualifying dishes will be different dishes only (pizza/sandwich/paella etc). This competition is for fun only, we MAY come up with small incentives to enjoy the game, but this is not promised. Pit yourself against your friends, come up with new dishes, and enjoy! (All food produced will be moved to the Tavern dining hall for all players to enjoy) Vendors currently planning to attend include: (Please let us know if you have any special needs that we can prepare for you) Guest Cottage for vendors Aleck (Adventuring Gear inc: high end compasses) Achillis (Blacksmithing/weaponsmithing/misc. high level goods) Bearclaws (Various goods) Chuckwagon Food Vendor Toxa - Chuckwagon Pizza vendor Bring your animals - Bring your friends and come for a day, an event, or the whole week. But come to have fun! Should you decide to stay for the week we do have Lodging available at our Tavern, (5) beds will be on rent in private rooms, but food will be offered for free at the Tavern. Free beds (6) for those that cannot afford better accomodations will be available at our Communal Boarding house. There will be chests available for stashing gear in at the Boarding House, but they will not be secure so please only use if needed, and name your items if you put them in so you can retrieve them later. Oak Hill Taven Oak Hill Public Boarding House (more information will be added as the event nears) Anyone interested in becoming a vendor (craft or food) for the event either including imp availability or not, please contact me. We will have housing available for vendors during the event as guests of Oak Hill. Vendors will be able to place a merchant either on Merchant Row in front of their Guest Cabins, or at various locations around the ranch. I am also looking for Fo Priests willing to offer services of Gen Healing of animals during the event. We have three Fo stations in our monestary, so we have plenty of room. Any other priests wishing to attend or lead Prayer circles are also welcome to contact me, we will have prayer circle locations set up around the deed for your needs. Contact Lyndee in game, or you can reach me here through comment or message. Oak Hill Ranch More pictures and updates to come weekly check back for more information!
  14. The hit box for the camellia hedge for animals is too small they can literally hide there and sometimes its hard to click on them, though for players they can't get close enough, but for the animals they can almost as if pass through it. Here's the image
  15. Please make animal branding permissions outrank deed leading permissions. This has apparently been a problem for a while... Yesterday one of my citizens wanted to go to the dragon slaying, but discovered his horse was missing. He had left it in a pen attached to his house; branded, saddled, and ready to go. He tracked it down with Manage Animal, inside a locked pasture on a nearby deed. A very nice GM helped retrieve the animal this morning, but informed me that my deed settings allowed this to happen. My citizen has since put locks on his pen. I have "lead animals" permitted in order to sell animals from my merchant. This should not allow my *branded* animals to be taken by all of the Freedom Isles!
  16. It would be great if wagoners could deliver animals in crates within servers. I'd love to be able to send a wagoner off rather than dragging an animal all the way across a server. Especially if it's multiple animals that need to be delivered, it would save many hours of running back and forth.
  17. The recent issue of animals straddling fences to the midpoint of their body, combined with the resizing of models for April fools, currently makes smaller animals 100% invisible as their entire model is hidden inside the outline of walls and fences. This is not fun, this a gameplay breaking mechanic and needs an immediate option to turn it off, the same as was available for Halloween graphics. As somebody who runs 3 deeds breeding animals for a merchant animal sales deed, this is a nightmare, not fun. Even without the wall issues, this happening with autumn length grasses currently in game means that I am forced to set tile detail to sparse to even find a foal in the middle of a tile. Anyone turning up to buy foals and looking at pens at the moment without this done is probably thinking pens are empty as they cannot be found without mousing around the pen for a while.
  18. According to the new update, Herbivores SHOULD be eating Fruit/Berries/Nuts and SHOULD NOT eat mixed grass: Change: Edibility of plant-based food items Mixed grass is no longer edible except by grazing animals such as sheep and horse Acorns are now edible by omnivores and herbivores Fruits, nuts, and herbs are now edible by herbivores such as horses and cows The opposite is ( still ) the case as before the update. Confirmed with my own Tortoises: [08:01:58] The adolescent fat tortoise 'Raphaela FF TB' seems uninterested in the acorns. [00:11:48] The adolescent fat tortoise 'Raphaela FF TB' seems uninterested in the green apple. [00:17:37] An adolescent fat tortoise 'Raphaela FF TB' eats some mixed grass. Wurm devs, please test your new features before you roll it out. That's like every dev's main focus: Testing, Testing and more Testing.
  19. just a cow looking into your soul - 2/18/2021 got a visit from this guy, wonder what he's thinking - 2/19/2021 the sheep look so silly from this perspective - 2/18/2021 while making a kiln, I just turn into a ball of dirt, now I need a shower lol - 2/18/2021 mountain lion says, "stay awa from the meat" lol - 2/17/2021
  20. I have currently encountered the problem that only the Mayor of a deed can rename the animals via Manage Animals (after they are branded). Is there a way to transfer this right to other citizens via permission? Because even if I have the same rights as the Mayor it still dosn't work That would be really great if that would work. Best regards, Optales
  21. I'm trying to keep a collection of animals, but if I don't want them to start dying from the deed ratio, I'm going to have to spend a fortune on upkeep for a deed twenty times the size I actually need it. The current deed ration is one animal per 15 tiles. 15 tiles? There is no conceivable way one animal can need 15 tiles. One animal per two tiles would be perfect. Actually, you could probably keep one animal per one tile. I have a lot of animals and I keep two of them in two by one pens, and they manage perfectly well. If we can't get rid of this, could we at least make it more reasonable? If it can't be an animal per two or three animals, at least make it one per every five? That's more than enough for one animal. The number of animals that can be on one server at a time can be modified it necessary so that plenty still spawn for everyone else who doesn't have big animal collections, I don't think anyone would complain about having more animals around - giving everything from fight skill to meat to a collection opportunity for those of us who breed them, animals are useful for all of us. I understand that having a lot of animals may make a certain deed laggy, but that should be for the deed owner and village members to decide if they are willing to deal with.
  22. A little about us - We are long time players (14 years!) Just a Husband and Wife team living the lazy life in a rural setting after retiring in Wurm hehe Contact us ingame (Saturnfive or Tiggs), Leave a reply here or pm me (Zerobyte) We are located at M9 on Cadence Cloth Tailoring and Ores by Tiggs = Workload = light Sails Meditation Rugs Other Cloth Tailoring Items Mining lumps, 64kg Carpentry, Ship Building, Plate Smithing and Live Stock by Saturnfive - Workload = Medium Ships + 1s per Delivery on Cadence, 2s to other servers. (Will be cheaper as i get more time) Your choice of wood. Animals (No speed traits yet, working on it) Plate Smithing Sprouts are coming! Recommend Warrior for all Vyn casts, and Rudie for all your Lib enchants
  23. I always found the name pool for horses a bit limited, so I made this mod that allows to replace or add new names, and now with a new item for custom names. Features: Add new possible names into male, female and generic name pools Completely replace the built-in wurm name pools so that only the custom names will be available A custom item, Naming Tag, craftable with a wood scrap and some cloth string, allows custom names or select one of the available random names from Wurm. The maximum characters via naming tag is 20, which is achieved at 100ql. Requirements: Ago's Mod Loader Instructions: Extract the zip file to your mod folders, configure the file to your desire. To change/add names, open the file at "mods/JPWM_OffspringNames/names.txt". Inside you'll find 3 categories, generic, male and female. Below those add one name per line. By default the mod will disable horse names on birth, this is to allow custom names with the naming tag, however if you wish to use the initial version functionality, just change the nameMethod to 1 (or Wurm in GUI) and alternatively disable the naming tag as well. Downloads: Version 1.1.1 (BETA) - Please let me know issues or other things with the naming tag. Version 1.0 Properties file with support for Server Mod GUI Manager
  24. Wurm does not have goats. This should be rectified. Add goats to Wurm! We could have different colours - grey, brown, black, mixtures of different colours, spots, etc. Have them spawn from lairs, of course, so we could have champion goats
  25. Our beloved Rageed has gone missing! Last seen in the vicinity of Alora near S-12/13. Rageed is a very important member of our village that has special needs and needs to be constantly brushed and reassured. Please help us find our horse! Ayuna is spending countless nights in suffering due to the separation which has lead to fatal wounds and continued quick shortcuts down the mountain. The terrible expedition has her scarred for life! Please assist Ayuna in recovering her horsie!