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  1. Thank you for sharing!
  2. Newest Version out now! Fixed issue with certain mod properties not being installed properly. Windows Download: HERE
  3. Mod Update Altars Minor internal changes Download:
  4. Thanks for adding new skins, they are wonderful!
  5. New Mod Altars Mod A mod aimed at making new and different kinds of altars and other religious things. Some items were created by @Angie, others were downloaded from free sites. At release, the mod contains 2 altars and a temple. The temple is not a new item, rather a new model that we added. The windows in the temple may or may not look good depending on your graphics settings. The altars can be blessed and used just like any other altars. Server owners can set the limit on the amount that can fit inside of altars using the properties file settings. Temple Before: After: Altars that were added: Huge Marble Altar Sacrificial Altar Download:
  6. >>>> Updated Mod <<<< Bounty On Burn Version 1.4 Added the ability to set the distance the actions can be performed on a corpse. Download:
  7. Updated all mods to current versions as of 8/12/2020 Added modelcrashfix to prevent client crashing when in a range of certain custom creatures. Added fixvbo to fix invisible creatures and effects. Windows Download: HERE
  8. 2x crop growth and 2x skill bonus are going on NOW!!! The Arena is also open until the event is over. Log in and get busy!
  9. This definitely does make it much more fun. It makes the game in general better imo with other messages from vanilla Wurm
  10. Yes The toggle configs were not added add these lines into the properties file to be able to toggle the Basilisks Not with my mods
  11. New events webpage on our site. Check it out here!
  12. @SamoolAny tips on adding animated models? Should they be animated in a specific way?
  13. Double skill gain days coming up soon! When: Log in on the 29th at 10pm server time through the 2nd at 10pm server time. Where: Requiem of Wurm See you online!