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  1. The no mail cost mod is working fine. I had a strange issue that I thought was the cause. The no mail cost mine is working great. Sorry for the confusion
  2. Thanks for the source and the update!
  3. Any chance to add the ability to input custom ids for vehicles/creatures? I have a few wagon and cart id's I would like to add to the list so they move as fast as the original vehicles. Thanks for keeping the mods updating and for creating new ones for us all. EDIT: I got it :-) Just have to add lines to whatever vehicle or creature you want. Like this: vehicle@850 = 1.5,-0.7,2500.0,0.04,0,4,21 vehicle@851 = 1.5,-0.7,2500.0,0.04,0,4,21 vehicle@852 = 1.5,-0.7,2500.0,0.04,0,4,21 etc
  4. A simple mod to allow a GM to add saddles and bridles to animals without having to tame them first.
  5. Pick More Sprouts also needs updating. Thanks for checking up!
  6. server

    Needs updated for new ages on hops trellises
  7. Maybe make an option to have a set amount of deaths until permadeath? Like die 3 times and you are banned. Great work though!!
  8. Happy 4th of July everyone!
  9. I am trying to make a server pack but am having issues. Any ideas on why the file is not found? Server loads it just fine, the client gets it but when it goes to add it, it cannot find the file.
  10. bridge mod needs to be updated for 1.4
  11. Needs to be updated for 1.4
  12. It all depends on what IDE you use as to how to compile the code.