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  1. Change the tree spread rate. They will continue to grow, but at least really really slow spread rate
  2. Bind paint terrain to a key and set your wand to the correct aux data
  3. server

    Can you post your properties file so that I can see what settings you have please
  4. It does not work on Traders, it only works on Merchants.
  5. server

    I am very busy with things in my life now, but I will get to updating it as soon as possible. I will better explain things in the properties file for those that are not familiar with the settings.
  6. Some kind of word about it would be nice at least, even if you don't release a fix now. I am not going to rollback my driver because of only 1 of my games dont work. Please give us more info about what's going on with these sort of things. We don't like to be kept in the dark.
  7. server

    If you want the drakes to move around, you need to take the 0 (SENTINEL = 0) out of the creature types. You will also want to add either 7 or 8. MOVE_LOCAL = 7, MOVE_GLOBAL = 8. That will make the drakes move around.
  8. server

    It has no effect on any other creatures. Drake Hatchlings and Dragons are not affected. All of the settings you can change are in all creatures, I just made them all able to be customized on a new creature.
  9. server

    Each drake type has its own settings. So you will have to change them individually to all false.
  10. server

    Set all tile types to false and spawn a few in random places on the map until I have the time to update it to include more options
  11. server

    I can write something up and post it when I get some free time
  12. server

    Can be configured in the properties file. You can set each drake to whatever settings you like. If you want them to be different, then you can change what you like in the properties file.
  13. Try this one. Works great for me.
  14. You can toggle between first and third person view. The in game commands for the mod are: toggle tp - Toggles the modetp zoom-in - Zooms intp zoom-out - Zooms outtp set-xoffset <value> - Set's the x-offset (defaults to 0) It will keep the view you want while doing any action.
  15. server

    Egg_Layers setting will make the drakes not breedable, but make them lay eggs when not starving. They do not need tamed to be led/ridden/hitched as long as the number 14 is in Drake_Creature_Types. A link to all the creature types can be found in the properties file.