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  1. I can confirm that it will in fact set your faith to 100 regardless of the server maximum.
  2. That was something I wanted to add to that mod but didn't get around to finishing it. I may make it work in the future if time permits.
  3. New update out for August! Check out some of the things going on over at the Requiem of Wurm server, one of the oldest servers around. See you soon! ?
  4. Certain servers can block the ability for the xray mod to work. So if it does not work for you, then the server is blocking it, or it is installed improperly.
  5. That mod will no longer be supported by me. The only ones I support now are the mods listed in the description in this post.
  6. >>>> Updated Mod <<<< Copy & Paste Version 1.3 Added the ability to copy multiple times in one action. You can now access a new menu to allow 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 items to be copied in one click. Download:
  7. >>>> Updated Mod <<<< Dragon Rider (Previously Called "Drake Mount Mod") Version 1.6 Added new ridable dragons called Basilisks. ** NOTE: If upgrading from previous versions, follow instructions below ** Update the properties file top 3 lines to match the following Download:
  8. If it happens to you from one of the mods I created, then it most likely would happen to others at some point. It is up to you if you would like to post the log file for when you attempt to start it with the mod enabled. I can see what is going on and possibly fix it
  9. I see that I didn't upload my changes yet from a while ago. It has a fix for that issue that I forgot about. The version on GitHub now will disable the drakes completely if toggled off for spawning. I will upload the fixed version either today or tomorrow. Please provide a log if you have a crash that is directly related to any of these mods.
  10. Small update today for the server. Gems can now be destroyed with a large maul to form 10 fragments of the gem type. You will gain Gem Crafting skill when doing so up to a maximum of 40 skill. The fragments will vary in quality up to a maximum of the quality of the original gem. New players will now start with a scroll of summoning (horse). It can be used one time to summon a horse. Dark Pylon will be able to be turned and moved. Compasses can now be repaired and improved. Changed the name of certain kingdom items to indicate what ones are able to be changed by a Heraldic Certificate. The new name will be "changeable (item)". Example, "changeable wagon". Combat Scythe - equal damage to the Battle Yoyo, but hits faster and can parry.
  11. Use this client mod to prevent any crashes like that.
  12. No worries on not adding it. I was just looking for an easy way to manage the deeds that I had previously made. I have a certain deed I need to resize that was made with deed maker, but I suppose disbanding and then re-deed will work. Thanks again for making awesome mods!
  13. One suggestion I have for deed maker mod, make it possible for GMs to manage all settings available to a mayor on all settlement tokens. That way we can adjust the settings on multiple deeds created with the mod. It would also come in handy to manage tokens with a GM for many other reasons.
  14. Please Close

    Please close This thread is no longer needed as they are all available elsewhere now.