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  1. Mod Update Add Kingdom Items Mod v1.7 Updated for version Added new PMK's Download:
  2. Drake mount settings to toggle on/off will only toggle the natural spawning of them, not GM spawning.
  3. Full list of actions to use while mounted can be found here. Courtesy of @bdew
  4. @DragonsGateWUTabard mod is a server mod. It requires the server pack mod (client mod that you already have installed) to get the tabards to display.
  5. @BattaI will look into it. @ElsaPlease provide a full log if you have any issues.
  6. [RELEASED] StableMaster Mod (Server) - v0.5 (May 20)

    @bdewThanks for updating it (again)!
  7. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    @RavenLureWould need to post the entire log file to find out more info. The ESP warnings are normal and do not cause an issue. I would use ago's version instead
  8. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    This is a server mod that possibly needs updated since they changed the location of a class creatures use in a recent update.
  9. @DragonsGateWUThey will be able to craft all of the tabards, but, they will see them as normal tabards if they do not use the client server pack mod. No issues will occur on clients or servers.
  10. Client helper mod

    @IldarWould you be able to provide a list of all commands and what they do? I would like one for reference so I don't have to use the info command each time. Thank you.
  11. Question about decompiling the JARs

    De-compiling the entire jar, then compiling it again would most likely cause issues. When de-compiled, no matter what program you use, you will get errors on the more complex class files. If not properly fixed, you will encounter many game errors if the server even starts at all. I would recommend only recompile the files you want to change, then add them to the vanilla server.jar overwriting them.
  12. No problem, sorry about that. I must have gotten the properties file mixed with a test version
  13. Client helper mod

    Very nice mod for servers that allow it. Good job
  14. New HD Textures [WIP]

    Looks very nice. I hope to get a download link soon to enjoy it myself Very good job!