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  1. Small update to kick off the new year. Enjoy
  2. We have a great little community on the server with some very helpful players. The server is linked with Discord so others can help when not even playing the game. We are always willing to help out any new players that come our way. Stop by and see for yourself to join our server, simply search for Requiem in the server list.
  3. Try looking at the red beam mod to see how it is done.
  4. Nice screenshots @vanille Wonder who made those items?
  5. Here is the complete list of mods on the server
  6. Could have used this also. Makes installing the client modloader super easy.
  7. I didn't add the third party mods installed on our server to our website yet (I forgot), sorry about that. I will add them all later today or Saturday.
  8. Thanks! New players are always welcome to stop by and have a look.
  9. They are not functional yet. I will take a look at your requested drake template this next week and post it for you when I get it made.
  10. Close as ya get for now
  11. ============== New Mod ============== Guard Assist Call guards in any chat tab. No more accidentally calling guards in Global chat and looking silly. Download: