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  1. They are not functional yet. I will take a look at your requested drake template this next week and post it for you when I get it made.
  2. Close as ya get for now
  3. ============== New Mod ============== Guard Assist Call guards in any chat tab. No more accidentally calling guards in Global chat and looking silly. Download:
  4. ----- Server Update ----- Items Decoration Bodybag Sword in the stone Guard Token A workaround for guards not being able to be hired because of not enough upkeep. It adds 20 silver to village upkeep. Destroyed after use. It can only be used once a week. Dye Kit Able to dye 1 piece of dragon armor. 7 uses per kit. Thanks bdew! Potion of Cure Disease It is able to cure any disease whether it be a trait or an actual disease. Destroyed after use. Scroll of Gear Binding Makes any armor or weapon no-drop, but not able to decay and indestructible (can still take damage). Destroyed after use. Taming Stick It is able to tame most creatures without fail. Destroyed after use. Will be added to traders in the future. Scrolls of Village Bonus Increase the named faith bonus (healing, war, enchanting) in your village by a random small amount. Destroyed after use. Will be added to traders in the future. Other Stuff Manage ships and carts now show the current location with a new button. Video HERE Calling guards in any other channel besides local will still call the guards. Increased fighting skill gain.
  5. take a look at the creature types. I updated the list on pastebin to include some notes on what the types do
  6. Can you please provide a properties file so I can see it please?
  7. That picture is from Otherlands server. I probably just didn't add in that tabard yet. If I get some free time in the future I will add them.
  8. New update, check it out!
  9. I can confirm that it will in fact set your faith to 100 regardless of the server maximum.
  10. That was something I wanted to add to that mod but didn't get around to finishing it. I may make it work in the future if time permits.