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  1. It can be used anywhere. Just be sure it installed to your wurm directory. I will be adding a better version soon that will detect where the game is installed and set the path accordingly.
  2. Glad you got it working. Arkonick sure made a nice curtain model
  3. my above post was edited before I saw you posted
  4. use Winrar to open it. The files inside are to be placed into your mods folder, and the creature pack to be added to you server pack folder and properties file
  5. New installer for the mod loader out now! Get custom content easier than ever before.
  6. Not 100% sure, but you might have to set the location in the database to the spawn point. I only have 1 server map so I have never tried, just read other forum posts about it.
  7. Here is a link to download the old model files from before they converted to .wom.
  8. New boats are sailing over to the server. Each boat has 10 different wood types available with karrs, corbitas, caravels, and cogs following soon after. They should all arrive within a week. Come get some ship building skill to start your very own boat when they go live!
  9. Thanks,@joedobo I was working on learning to make a script for this :-) I have the recipes already made from my server to use with a shaft. raw sheep spit raw ram spit raw lamb spit change the numbers on the file name and inside if the ID is already used. Use a text editor like notepad to edit the files
  10. Thank you very much for updating this mod!
  11. Add to CreationEntryCreator for making items craftable in game. Here is a link to help set it all up to edit that file. Or learn to use the scriptrunner which I know nothing about yet.
  12. this happens on my server also.
  13. Woodland camo pack out now!
  14. A mod that would allow a GM to "refresh" all players online at once. Something like a /refreshplayers command would be nice. This command would be good for events and rewards.