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  1. This definitely does make it much more fun. It makes the game in general better imo with other messages from vanilla Wurm
  2. Yes The toggle configs were not added add these lines into the properties file to be able to toggle the Basilisks No
  3. New events webpage on our site. Check it out here!
  4. @SamoolAny tips on adding animated models? Should they be animated in a specific way?
  5. Double skill gain days coming up soon! When: Log in on the 29th at 10pm server time through the 2nd at 10pm server time. Where: Requiem of Wurm See you online!
  6. Yup. Would be the same as it is now with players trying to install their own mods and such. A surprising amount of people just do not know how so they miss out on all the hard work people put into making the new model or textures.
  7. New item coming to Requiem of Wurm in the future!
  9. Possibly in the future. I am extremely busy with real life for a while now so it may be a while more. Anyone is free to add on to any of my mods if they feel like.
  10. The next event that will be held on the server is going to be a treasure hunt! @PinkishFloydand I will be gathering location info, planning the content, and coding it all where necessary. We will announce the time and date of the treasure hunt in the coming week.