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  1. [RELEASED] Non-combat Pets Mod (Server)

    Use this client mod to prevent any crashes like that.
  2. Thank you. I will fix it when i can.
  3. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    No worries on not adding it. I was just looking for an easy way to manage the deeds that I had previously made. I have a certain deed I need to resize that was made with deed maker, but I suppose disbanding and then re-deed will work. Thanks again for making awesome mods!
  4. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    One suggestion I have for deed maker mod, make it possible for GMs to manage all settings available to a mayor on all settlement tokens. That way we can adjust the settings on multiple deeds created with the mod. It would also come in handy to manage tokens with a GM for many other reasons.
  5. Please Close

    Please close This thread is no longer needed as they are all available elsewhere now.
  6. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    Bdews server mod tools has a class called ServerThreadExecutor that can make your message display on the next server tick. Should work for you ServerThreadExecutor.INSTANCE.execute(() -> { // put your code here });
  7. Server map mod works fine on our server
  8. Thanks for letting me know. I will be taking a look at all my mods this weekend and should have them ready soon after.
  9. I could not change my characters GM level either using the normal methods. I had to edit the database itself to change the power. Only noticed this issue after last update.
  10. [RELEASED] Non-combat Pets Mod (Server)

    This mod does not control anything Easter related, including the bunnies.
  11. I was thinking about using the highway systems also. It is a good incentive to have players build them like the highway portals mod also since we dont have much use for them now. I like the new waystone idea, that should work nicely if you choose to go that route.
  12. Awesome mods! One suggestion, could you make some sort of traveling salesman possibly?
  13. [RELEASED] TimedPay

    It does, in fact, work with
  14. Server Vote Reward Mod

    Thank you for creating and sharing this mod. One suggestion would be for a seperate reward that can be configured if a player votes each day for a full month. They would get the reward on the last day of the month in addition to the normal reward.
  15. The crusaders graphics will no longer be available due to certain people claiming copyright infringement.