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  1. Requiem of Wurm

    Servers are online! Join our discord for all the latest news and info
  2. Requiem of Wurm

    Sorry about that. Deed stakes give 5s towards founding new deeds + 3s to upkeep. was not not supposed to be there. Creating a deed up to 1000 tiles is free, but any larger and you will have to pay upkeep.
  3. Requiem of Wurm

    Welcome to the NEW & IMPROVED Requiem of Wurm! Remember us? We're just doing a little revamp around here. We really hope you enjoy our cool, new features with 3 different maps for you to explore! Built from the ground up, just for you. Our tentative start date will be Sunday, March 14th, 2021 and we will keep you posted every step of the way on our progress. We look forward to having you create your new home here on Requiem of Wurm!! Here are some of our server features: 3 servers - Cragmoore Isle, The Wilds, and Tranquil Garden. The mainland Cragmoore Isle is 4096x4096 in size. The Wilds is 2048×2048 and Tranquil Garden is 1024×1024. 4x skills and action timers multiplier. The Wilds has 30k creatures at 80% aggressive. Tranquil Garden has 30k creatures at 10% aggressive. Cragmoore Isle has 70k creatures at 50% aggressive. Upkeep is enabled, but, you will get 5 silver towards your upkeep costs upon deed creation. Deed upkeep is free up to 1,000 tiles total, any more and you have to pay per tile. You also get 5 free guards. Free travel between the servers via boats or portals at the starter deeds. New player friendly with in-game chat linked to Discord Interactive Map automatically updated every 6 hours Server files are automatically backed up to Google Cloud every 6 Hours The server is hosted in Pennsylvania, USA Exceptional GM Service Additional actions while mounted Karma and coin are given for being online! Coin can be gained by fishing, killing creatures, foraging, sacrificing, and burning corpses Custom QoL commands More things enabled for use in Planter Racks Many custom Wagons, Banners, Tents, Flags, and MORE to craft! Custom taxidermy not available on any other server ......and so much more! Visit our website or wiki for a full list of our server features! Mods include: Altars Log Wall Facades Bag of Holding Bounty on Burn Bulk Items Separated Christmas Mod Crop Mod Dyemaker Mod Fire Burn Time Fishy Tweaks Halloween Harvest Helper Hitching Post Highway Portals Inbreeding Warning Mail Merchants Mini-Pets Planters Taxidermy Put Stuff on Tables Treasure Hunting Waxed .....for more info on what mods do what, visit our wiki Here's a look at our maps: Cragmoore Isle Tranquil Garden The Wilds We will have server and player hosted events like: Double Skill Gain Weekends, Dragon Slayings, Impalongs, Derbys, Archery Contests and MANY more! We'll hand out prizes at every event! Still a WIP, the new Event Center will be bigger and better than our last one! This is a heavily modded server with a lot of custom content. In order to enjoy all that the server has to offer, you should use the Client Mod Loader or our custom Installer made by Zeus We also have a Twitter and Facebook page for any news updates. See you on March 14th!
  4. One request so far. A confirmation box would be greatly appreciated when the Reset All is pressed in the biomes tab. Or make the Undo Last put them all back. Or both
  5. Please close

    A new and improved server cluster is being made! The new launch date is set for March 1st. Come be a part of one of the best servers available in Wurm Unlimited!
  6. Thanks for your hard work!
  7. Thank you for sharing!
  8. Newest Version out now! Fixed issue with certain mod properties not being installed properly. Windows Download: HERE
  9. Mod Update Altars Minor internal changes Download:
  10. Thanks for adding new skins, they are wonderful!
  11. New Mod Altars Mod A mod aimed at making new and different kinds of altars and other religious things. Some items were created by @Angie, others were downloaded from free sites. At release, the mod contains 2 altars and a temple. The temple is not a new item, rather a new model that we added. The windows in the temple may or may not look good depending on your graphics settings. The altars can be blessed and used just like any other altars. Server owners can set the limit on the amount that can fit inside of altars using the properties file settings. Temple Before: After: Altars that were added: Huge Marble Altar Sacrificial Altar Download:
  12. >>>> Updated Mod <<<< Bounty On Burn Version 1.4 Added the ability to set the distance the actions can be performed on a corpse. Download: