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  1. That would be awesome. Looking forward to seeing them. I have no problems adding textures into WU as I have added many myself. Love your stained glass also
  2. Loving your textures. Very nice job. Is there a server we can preview these or possibly download them?
  3. I will add it in the next release. Thanks for the feedback
  4. Mod I'm working on: A revamped Karma system

    Cant wait to try this mod out. I think you have some very good ideas here that many will find useful. Maybe a way to lose karma is to make a few new abilities to use it on? Like the ability to enchant grass tiles, or the ability to speed up gestation for animals, or make a karma genesis ability. Can make achievements for having really good or really bad karma. Another idea would be to make the option to inflict your super negative karma on other players or creatures in some way, obviously in a manner that would not cause griefing. If I can think of anything useful I will chime in again.
  5. [RELEASED] Non-combat Pets Mod (Server)

    If you dont have the Halloween mod installed, it will not be able to get the creature models. So those 2 mini pets will not work unless you install it. The mod has the option to turn off the gravestone spawns so the creatures wont be in the world, just as mini pets.
  6. Complete Mod List

    Very nice update to the list. New website is looking good also. Keep up the great work.
  7. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    The ID of any custom creature you have added to your server can be found in the modsupport.db file
  8. >>>> Updated Mod <<<< Bounty on Burn Version 1.1 Added the ability to give karma as a reward for burning corpses. The amount can be set from the properties file. Added the ability to toggle if players can use a forge/oven/smelter/kiln/campfire/fireplace/charcoal pile to burn corpses. Changed action name from "burn body", to "burn corpse". Download:
  9. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    If you are using an integrated graphics card with your pc, that sort of thing might happen depending on the CPU used. If possible, test it on a computer with a dedicated graphics card and see if the same thing happens. But I am guessing that's the problem as that wouldn't occur from an outdated mod.
  10. Bounty On Burn This is my spin on the bounty on bury mod. let me know if anything should be added/removed or changed a bit. Hope you enjoy it. Burn corpses for cash! Use any item that is on fire (aka "lit") or a steel and flint, to burn the corpses of slain creatures and players. Activate your lit item or steel and flint, right-click the corpse and choose burn body. The corpse must not be in your inventory and you cannot use an oven or forge to burn them. Configurable to set fire graphics, amount of coin gained, the action time, and the message the player receives on burning. Download:
  11. Mod Update Templar Replacer Mod v1.1 More info added to the properties file More stats to configure in the properties file More logging info added for server owners. Mod will give warnings in the log when you have a setting that is incorrect and provide information on what to do or it will change the value to the maximum setting automatically. Option to turn off all logging if desired. FUTURE PLANS - Guard corpse models will be made to be the same as a fog spider(grey ash-like pile) to be a universal fit for whatever model is chosen when it is alive Example of log if setting are incorrect Example settings from the properties file that produced the log above Download:
  12. Mod Update Add Kingdom Items Mod v1.8 Fixed the ability to toggle crafting so that only a GM can spawn the desired items. Added better logging to the mod to tell what settings are enabled during server startup. Download:
  13. I will check it out asap