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  1. [Release][Client] CustomClientRender

    Yes, but a quick keystroke to toggle would be nice
  2. [Release][Client] CustomClientRender

    Could you please add the ability to toggle shadows?
  3. Wagoners?

    Sklo does not share for free.
  4. Requiem of Wurm - PVE (4x Action 4x Skill) [Modded]

    Leaderboards New Leaderboard Section - Achievements There are 134 achievements to choose from with a variety of conditions. These achievements have been hand selected out of the nearly 500 in Wurm because they have a counter attached (more than a yes/no).Many achievements have been edited with new names, descriptions, and requirements to make them more functional than their vanilla iteration. Some of these achievements are essentially duplicates, with conditions such as "Kill a Spider" and "Kill 50 Spiders" being some examples. The achievements which are done in multiples will be removed later. There is now an entirely new section of leaderboards specific to achievements. Most Affinities - Leaderboard displaying which players have the most total affinities across all their skills. Most Unique Achievements - Leaderboard displaying which players have the most unique achievements. This is not the sum of all achievements, but rather a counter for how many they have at least one count in. Largest Structures - Leaderboard displaying the largest and most complex structures on the map. Affinity Orb Rework Affinity Orb price will be 50 silver from traders. When using an affinity orb, instead of being a completely random affinity, a new window will appear. In this window, you will be able to select 1 of 10 random affinities to select. This change is retroactive and will affect Affinity Orbs that existed before the patch. Each Affinity Orb's selection will remain exactly the same regardless of where it's used or who uses it. The Affinity Orb is consumed only if the accept button is used. When you see 10 affinities you can close the window using the X and trade it away to another player. They will also be have those same 10 affinities to select from. New Item: Affinity Catcher The Affinity Catcher can be used to "capture" and sell your affinities to other players or characters. You require a minimum of 3 total affinities in order to use an Affinity Catcher. To use the item, you must have it in your inventory and activated. Right-click on the skill in your skills window with the affinity you want to capture and use "Capture affinity" When this is done, assuming you meet the conditions to have the affinity captured, it will absorb the affinity from your character and place it in the catcher. The catcher will automatically rename to "captured X affinity" to signify that it contains the affinity. To redeem the affinity, simply activate and right click the captured affinity and select "Gain affinity" - the captured affinity will be consumed and you will obtain the affinity it had captured. Affinity Catchers will be available at traders for 10 silver. New Item: Eternal Orb The purpose of this item is to allow players to move their runes, imbues, and enchants from one item to another. While I've had a hard stance against adding something of this nature in the past, I'm introducing it now at high cost due to the new material changes. Forcing players to re-create their highly enchanted, runed, and imbued tools as a new material seems unjustified and un-fun. Eternal Orbs will be able to be purchased from any trader for 20 silver. To use an eternal orb, activate the orb, then target the item of choice and use "Absorb enchants" This will consume the Eternal Orb, create an Enchant Orb, then move any rune, all imbues, and any enchants onto the Enchant Orb. If the target item does not have any enchants, it will give a message saying so and the orb will not be used. Eternal Orbs do not transfer rarity. Item Update: Enchant Orb With the introduction of Eternal Orbs, there were significant improvements to the functionality of Enchant Orbs. Enchant Orbs can now handle rune application. If there is a rune on the enchant orb, and a rune on the target item, it will refuse to transfer the rune, and remain on the Enchant Orb. Enchant Orbs now handle imbue transfers intelligently. If there is no imbue on the target item, the imbue will transfer in its entirety like any enchant. If there is an imbue, and the combined total of the imbue on the Enchant Orb and target item are less than 100, it will add them together and apply it to the target item. If there is an imbue, but combining the two would total over 100, the Enchant Orb will only transfer as much as necessary to achieve 100 power in the imbue. The remainder will stay on the Enchant Orb. If there is an imbue already at 100, it will refuse to transfer the imbue and it will remain on the Enchant Orb. Enchant Orbs will no longer transfer a lower enchant to an item that's already enchanted with that spell. For example, trying to use a 50 WoA Enchant Orb on a 70 WoA item will no longer consume the Enchant Orb and replace the 70 with a 50. It will instead refuse to transfer the enchant and the 50 power will remain on the Enchant Orb. If there are two conflicting enchants on the Enchant Orb, such as AOSP and Web Armour, it will apply the first one, then negate the second one down the list because it now has a negating enchant. Enchant Orbs are now only consumed when all of the enchants have been transferred off the orb, instead of when any transfer succeeds. Enchant Orbs can now transfer enchants to items that used to refuse to accept enchants from Enchant Orbs (like Expand casts to frying pans, forges, etc.) New Item: Book of Conversion The book of conversion will soon be able to be purchased off any trader for 5 silver. This book can be consumed to change religious deity. You will automatically become a priest of the deity you select. Alignment will update. If you are black light and switching to white light, your alignment will swap to positive. In the other direction, if you select Libila, your alignment will swap to go negative. The conversion will come at the cost of 10% of your total faith. There is no cooldown. Decorative Updates Skulls and Stone/Marble Keystones are now tagged as decorations. You can now place them in areas where there are piles of items and they will not enter the pile of items. Miscellaneous The new meditation abilities now have spell effects associated with them. The amount of benefit you gain from each should be visible from the Spell Effects window. Please note that while Shield of the Gone icon/buff is used for Insanity's new action timer increase, it is not giving damage reduction: it is giving increased action speed. Furthermore, "deity movement speed bonus" is being used for the Hate bonus. Knowledge and Power should be displaying correctly. Channeling leaderboard now displays the deity that the player follows.  Animal head can now be eaten and in return have had the decay rate adjusted to that of normal food items. Planks can now be created with a press + wood scraps Shrine of Rush is now able to be crafted with the following items: Starting Items: Activate clay Right-click slab Additional Items: 1x clay 100x brass lumps 100x planks 10x small nails 11x slabs 10x blue flowers Abandoned Vehicle Removal An ongoing problem is that players that are no longer playing leave abandoned carts in villages they used to play in. I've implemented a system with an attempt to solve this while being fair to both the player owning the vehicle (if they decide to return) and the mayor/citizens of the village that the vehicle was abandoned in. First condition: this system only takes effect if the owner of the vehicle has been logged out for at least 7 days. If this rule is not met, none of the below applies. Second condition: the vehicle must be parked within the deed limits. Perimeter does not count. Third, and final condition: the person who would like to move the vehicle must be the mayor of the deed. I'm putting the responsible usage of this system specifically on mayors, so if the player returns with a complaint, I will be contacting mayors directly to resolve any abuse of this system. If all of the above conditions are met, the mayor may command the vehicle ignoring any permissions that maybe set to avoid this, including exclusion. This does not enable the open hold permission, and the mayor may not take any items from inside unless given permission. Once aboard the vehicle, the mayor is allowed to move the vehicle to anywhere he chooses. Please be responsible with this system and either move it off deed into an open space, or into an area on your deed open to the public so that the player can retrieve their vehicle if they decide to return. If you, as the mayor, opt to move the vehicle off deed and disembark, you will not be able to re-embark as this would break the second condition. Please be mindful of where you move them. This system is going to be closely monitored and any cases of abuse will be dealt with severely. I highly advise using common sense and erring on the side of caution when moving carts to ensure the player can re-obtain their abandoned vehicle if they decide to return. Meditation The timer between Meditating skill gain has been changed from 30 minutes to 1 hour. With this change, I've also corrected a bug/issue (existing in Vanilla WU) where players could go on cooldown and not receive their skill gain tick. Skill gain for meditation has been significantly increased overall. Meditation tiles no longer require a flat area under conditions such as near water, rock, etc. Instead, you can meditate on any tile for the following paths to advance or obtain your path: Insanity: Any tile in a mine. Knowledge: Any sand tile. Power: Any rock or cliff tile (on surface). Hate: Any mycelium, infected tree, or infected bush tile. Love: Any grass, tree, or bush tile. Beyond this, the following changes have been made: Path of Insanity's Shield of the Gone has been removed. Path of Insanity now grants a permanent action timer haste starting at level 7. Action timers are reduced by 2% for each level after 6. This will grant a total of 12% reduced action timers at path level 13. Path of Hate's 50% damage against animals and humans ability has been removed. Path of Hate now grants a permanent scaling increase to walk/run speed starting at level 4. Speed is increased by 1% for every level after 3. This will grant a total of 9% increased movement speed at path level 13. Path of Knowledge skill gain bonus now scales from level 7 onwards instead of being locked to level 11. You now gain 5% increased skill gain per level after 6: Level 7: 5% Level 8: 10% Level 9: 15% Level 10: 20% Level 11: 25% - Previous Level 11 value Level 12: 30% Level 13: 35% Path of Power's hidden body stamina bonus now scales from level 7 onwards instead of being locked to level 11. You now gain 5 hidden body stamina per level after 6: Level 7: +5 Level 8: +10 Level 9: +15 Level 10: +20 Level 11: +25 Level 12: +30 - Previous level 11 value Level 13: +35 All new items will be able to be purchased at the Marzi's Landing Exotic Goods Merchant until placed onto traders.
  5. Job Postings

    A message board similar to the village recruitment board, to allow players to post jobs. Jobs posted can be either jobs wanted, or players looking to do jobs for money.
  6. Requiem of Wurm - PVE (4x Action 4x Skill) [Modded]

    New feature - Jousting Lances are made with a carving knife + log + iron sheet. Lances are not considered as a weapon for normal WU combat. A player will default to unarmed combat with a lance equipped. In order to joust, both parties must do the following.... Have a jousting lance equipped in their right hand Be mounted on a creature, horses usually Right click on opponent and choose joust Charge towards each other! Jousting is dangerous, wear at least some kind of armor or you will die, a lot. Players will only take a certain percentage of the damage based on the type of armor equipped in the body location that was hit. Armor QL has an additional damage reduction effect as well. i.e.. excellent chain armor will be almost as good as crappy plate. Armor reduction rates are as follows: none: 100% cloth: 90% leather: 80% studded: 70% chain: 60% plate: %50 dragon leather: 40% dragon scale: 30% A jousting area will be constructed at the event center soon. Stop by and try it out when it is set up! New Commands You can now find out the server time to better coordinate events, or even just to tell what time it is in Pennsylvania, USA. /stime /servertime Additional commands added to tell your location other than using the regular /location command. /gps /coordinates Misc. Changes Tower guards and spirit templars models have been replaced with new ones. I will create a poll for everyone to tell me what sort of model they would like to see implemented.
  7. I am working on a new version to hopefully fix the carpet kicking players off. I do not have a non epic server either. I will look into making it possible to use it on a non epic server.
  8. Fantastic job on the website. I love how you have pictures for all of the items (even with characters wearing the items). Any chance you could add the tabards from all the kingdoms to you Item List? Would be nice to see all the different ones before they are made. Keep up the awesome work.
  9. New mod added Server Time Command Get the time of the server in an event message type /stime or /servertime Message color can be configured in the properties file Example - [22:16:34] Current Server Date and Time Is: Sun Jun 17 22:16:34 EDT 2018 Download:
  10. CM GM Sorted #Commands List

    #generateDeadVillage [number] - generates a number of dead villages for archaeology purposes. A number more than 5 will not return info about the villages, just if it was successful or not.
  11. [RELEASED] TimedPay

    Here is an "improved" version of the mod. It adds a message to the player when they receive a deposit. You can also control the color of the message in the properties file. # Enable a message to the player informing of deposit # true = message enabled # false = message disabled # default: true playerMessage = true # Control the color of the message given when deposit is made # Color is in RGB format. Color codes can be found here: # default: R=255 G=255 B=255 red = 255 green = 255 blue = 255 Sample of the new message using the RGB value of R-255 G-0 B-0 Download:
  12. WOM Converter - tool for exporting models to WOM

    Thank you VERY MUCH!
  13. Setting up IntelliJ for WU modding

    You can also use this website to decompile a .jar file very easily. You can choose from many different programs to decompile with also.
  14. Was the bulk sorting mod fixed to allow the bins to toggle modes? Last time I downloaded it, you could only toggle sorting on. Toggling off did not work.