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  1. [Client] Pretty spell list

    Very creative mod, I love it. Well done!
  2. [Released] Wall Panels

    The mod has been running on my server for a few years with no issues ever. Maybe it is another mod? Posting logs will greatly increase your chance of solving the issue
  3. [RELEASED] Hitching Fence
  4. [ABANDONED] Arkoniks Hitching Post mod

    Ago took over the mod a while ago.
  5. Ago's Christmas mod let's you set the present without the need to edit the database
  6. Copy Items mod is now compatible with bdews threedee mod.
  7. Set structure decay en-mass

    Items transfer ownership. The author even notes it in the 1.1.1 version. With that mod, only items still having the ownerId set to a GM will have no decay. "Also be aware that I've mistakenly assumed that the owner ID was persistent, so items out of GM inventory such as items and structures will take damage contrary to as advertised."
  8. Currently, this mod and bdew's threedee mod, do not allow the copy & paste feature on a surface other than the ground. You can copy an item from a table to the ground, but not from a table to a table. The issue is being looked into.
  9. What are you trying to copy? The conditions for copying an item are: You are a player and the target object is not null and you are gm level x and the target object is not your inventory and the target object is not an inventory group and the target object is not a pile of items and the target object is not one of your body parts. performer.isPlayer() && object != null && performer.getPower() >= Initiator.gmPower && !object.isInventory() && !object.isInventoryGroup() && !object.isTopParentPile() && !object.isBodyPart()
  10. >>>> Updated Mod <<<< Copy Items Version 1.1 Added new right click submenu (thanks for the help bdew) Changed the action name from Duplicate to Copy Download:
  11. crashing after running patcher file

    Try disabling that mod
  12. CR of templars & guards

    The default values of them are in the properties file in my templar replacer mod.
  13. New Mod Copy Items Mod Copy items with ease as a GM! Use the Copy & Paste action to make an exact copy of an item either from your inventory, or the ground. After choosing the item to copy, you will be able to manipulate and place it where you like without a timer. The Duplicate action will allow the same copy action, but it will put the item inside your inventory instead of activating the Place feature. You can configure the mod to allow the placement of items onto the ground instead of your inventory. If placing items on the ground is enabled, you can also configure the minimum weight the item must be before placing it on the ground, or else it will go directly into your inventory. These copy actions will make an Exact duplicate of an item. It will copy the item restrictions, enchants, blessings, custom name, creator, color, and much more! With the properties file, you can configure some things in this mod. Unfortunately, you cannot copy all items at once inside of a container. Such as a table of items placed on them. Hints Select multiple items in your inventory and choose Duplicate to make copies of all of those items at once (provided you have the mind logic to queue the actions). Select an item on a surface (tables and such) and choose Copy & Paste to create a copy of the item ready to be placed on the same surface. If you want to cancel your Copy & Paste action, right click while placing the item. You can copy items from your tool belt slots. Some example videos below. These videos were taken in alpha stage so some minor changes may have been made. Duplicate Action Copy & Paste Action Download:
  14. Ridable chamption animals

    There are lots of creatures that I would like to make ridable but unfortunately the models dont have a "mount" point for characters so it would look like the players are standing in or on them.
  15. Very nice textures. I especially like the blob model Thank you for sharing them with us all. I cannot wait to make them into a mod to use on my server.