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Found 3 results

  1. server

    Hi everyone. In an attempt to not "spam" these forums since I keep making more and more server mods, I am going to condense them all into one thread like the other smart modders out there like Ago, Bdew and WalkerInTheVoid. You can download them all individually or simply browse the folder where I'm storing all of them: Sindusk Server Mod Folder (Google Drive) Here's some details about everything you'll find in there: Better Combat Log Download This mod improves combat log text in a variety of ways: Misses are colored brown. When your target parries, the message will be yellow. When you parry, the message will be tealish-green. When your attack glances, the message will be gray. When an attack glances off you, the message will be light blue. When an enemy blocks, the message will be purple-magenta. When you successfully block, the message will be gold-green. Successful enemy attacks are now a gradient of red based on the damage dealt. Successful attacks performed are now a gradient of green based on damage dealt. Successful offense spells show in green for the caster, and orange for the defender, with color strength based on the cast power. Most fizzled offense spells will display a teal failure message to the caster and defender, with color strength based on the cast power. When a spell is resisted, it shows up in purple to both parties. Again, power of cast dictates the color strength. Added messages for some combat spells that had none for either the caster or victim. They previously just had effects without any message whatsoever unless they did damage. Healing spells also show in the combat window instead of the event window. Targets of healing spells now get a message toast saying they've been healed, and who did it. Healers will finally get the recognition they deserve! Libila Fixes Download This mod isn't really named well, I know. Basically, it's for Freedom Isle PvE Servers Only! It allows you to place a Bone Altar and allow players to have Libila as their god without converting them to HOTS and being attacked and murdered by everything in sight. It also allows Dark Messenger and Courier to work together. Players from any god can use either box without it throwing an error. This allows Fo priests to cast Courier for Libila players, and Libila priests to cast Dark Messenger for WL players, without causing issues. Server Player Counter Download This mod is meant to "correct" player count in the client Server List when launching the game. Because of some weird mechanics of how Steam counts players, the count on the server list can very commonly become incorrect. This solves the following problems: Invisible/Offline Steam users not counting towards the server list. Players on other maps in your cluster not counting towards the server list. Players who lose connection and become de-auth'd from Steam, despite reconnecting, not counting towards the server list. Alt accounts of players do not show on the server list. Server Tweaks Download This has a ton of configurable options. It has been the culmination of about 1 month of bugfixes and minor tweaks to my server, Wyvern Reborn. Some of them may not be applicable to other servers, but I'm opening it up nonetheless to those who would like to use the options available. Instead of trying to explain them all myself, here's the configuration options: #Adds developer commands addDevCommands=true #Makes traders & merchants immortal to disable exploits for fight skill & economy. immortalTraders=true #When true, will put players into CA HELP by default, instaed of requiring it to be turned on through profile. # Note: This method might not work all the time! # If you want a sure-fire way to enable it always, set PAWINDOW to true by default in your wurmplayers.db caHelpDefault=true #When true, sets the server's "Chaos" setting to false. disableChaos=true #When enabled, reduces the timer for which new uniques can spawn by the amount set. Default is 14 days. # uniqueTimerReduction: Listed in milliseconds. Higher values reduce the value. Lower values increase the timer. reduceUniqueTimer=true uniqueTimerReduction=950400000 #Logs a message saying the server tried to spawn a unique when enabled. logUniques=true #Fixes the Steam Duplicate Authentication error. fixSteamDupeAuthentication=true #Enables structures and fences to be built within 20 tiles of the Altar of Three and Huge Bone Altar. buildOnHolyGround=true #Disables twitter messages like "Libila summons the Drakespirits" and others from the Valrei Hex Map if enabled. disableEpicMapTwitter=true #Enables WL and BL priests to work together, casting defensive spells and heals on eachother. # The default mechanic will say "Libila does not accept the infidel (player)!" or similar when you try to cast something. # Setting this to true disables that message from occuring, and allows Libila to be accepted by WL players and vice-versa. removeInfidelError=true #When enabled, "leecher" players no longer get hide or scale from dragon and hatchling slayings. # A "leecher" is defined by the base WU game as NOT having one of the following be true: # 65 Fighting OR 30 Body Strength OR 30 Body Stamina OR Priesthood for any god. noDragonLeeching=true #When enabled, disables sermons entirely. disableSermons=true #When enabled, disables fatigue from exhausting player actions. # Fatigue values are still tracked, but when the player is out of fatigue, they can still make actions. disableFatigue=true #GM Improvements: # gmUncapEnchants - Allows GM's to use the Item -> Enchants menu to set items above 104. The new max is 999. gmUncapEnchants=true # gmRemoveConditionChecks - Allows GM's to spawn conditioned animals (Greenish, Lurking, Raging, Champion, etc.) # with Specials -> Summon for animals that normally are unable to have that setting. gmRemoveConditionChecks=true #If true, will print debug messages and log heavily. debug=true v2 - 11/23/2016 New Settings Disable Sermons - Sermons are disabled from the server. Disable Fatigue - Fatigue is disable from the server. Dev Commands - New commands for CM+ and DEV characters. Dev Commands ##event (message) - CM and above. Creates a message in the Srv-Event channel. This is visible to the whole server, but can only be posted in by CM's and above. Meant for running events. ##unique - DEV-ONLY. Does a natural unique spawn attempt. It checks each unique and gives a 1/300 chance (if default) of it spawning. Spamming this will eventually spawn a natural unique. ##kingme - DEV-ONLY. Makes you king of your current kingdom. Only works if there is not a current king. Skill Gain Control Download Fixes the 31 "soft" cap for characteristics. This also allows you to configure just how fast you want players to gain body stats by using a divisor. I've wanted to increase the functionality of this system for some time, but haven't done so yet. Starter Gear Download This mod allows you to fully control what is created for new players on your server. It has an implementation where you can configure in the properties exactly what you want, what quality, and whether or not to make it repairable. Here's the default config, using the starting items for a normal server without epic or challenge settings: #Format: Item-[internal id]=(templateId),(quality),(amount),(isStarter) # internal id - This is just an internal index for debugging purposes. If your config is incorrect, it will reference this value. # templateId - The ID for the item you want to create. Reference to find the template ID for the items you want. # quality - The quality you want the item to spawn in. Floating point values accepted. # amount - It will give this many of the item to the player. # isStarter - Whether or not it can be improved. When true, item cannot be repaired. When false, acts as if created normally. #After weapons and armour are created, the player attempts to "equip" everything available. weapon-1=swordLong,50.0,1,true weapon-2=shieldMediumWood,30.0,1,true armour-1=leatherGlove,30.0,2,true armour-2=leatherBoot,30.0,2,true armour-3=leatherSleeve,30.0,2,true armour-4=leatherJacket,30.0,1,true armour-5=leatherCap,30.0,1,true armour-6=leatherHose,30.0,1,true armour-7=toolbelt,20.0,1,true armour-8=backPack,10.0,1,true #Recommend keeping the mirror as-is. item-1=handMirror,20.0,1,false item-2=flintSteel,50.0,1,true item-3=bowlPottery,2.0,1,true item-4=rope,10.0,1,true item-5=compass,30.0,1,true item-6=tent,30.0,1,true item-7=deedStake,30.0,1,true item-8=hatchet,30.0,1,true item-9=knifeCarving,10.0,1,true item-10=shovel,10.0,1,true item-11=saw,10.0,1,true item-12=pickAxe,10.0,1,true item-13=rake,10.0,1,true Tax Config Download Primarily used to clean up abandoned deeds on servers, this allows you to start increasing the amount of upkeep on a deed depending on when the mayor last logged in. You can see an explanation of how it's being used on my server by taking a look at this patch notes post I made. I'm open to adding more functionality in the future for it, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to doing so. Thank you for visiting and I'll try to keep this up to date with anything new I make. Please click subscribe, like this video, and let me know what you'd like to see next in the comments below!
  2. Multirope Bringing back the best features. What is it? Rolf removed the mooring ropes ability to lead more than 1 animal at a time. I created this mod with the point of bringing that item back. For every mod I make, I strive to make every option highly configurable so there will be as little code changes as possible once released. Download Get the latest version on GitHub Crafting You can create the item as you would any other rope using a ropetool and a wempfibre to create a 'leading rope' Config You can find the config find in /mods/ #Is mod enabled? mr.enabled = true #Weight of the item in grams. NOTE: Only newly created items get the changed weight value, existing items stay as their old weights. mr.weight = 1000 # Animal lead limit per 1 item (4 horses to 1 rope) mr.leadlimit = 4 Credits Ago for giving me some insight on some things for his awesome mod loader Also a fair word of warning, this mod tends to output a fair amount of debug to the console and some might see than issue. A toggleable option will come soon for this.
  3. Warning : Does not work properly. Upon restart of the server, It seems to have a problem loading the enchanted boats and anyone trying to re log near them can not move. Even with the mod disabled. Potentially no longer true as for version 0.02 of this mod (but only tested by me...) see below Albibak's voodoo factory almost proudly present Spirit Crew Mod ! My first attempt at modding Wurm and also at coding for almost 10 years. It's a shameless rip off BagOfHolding by Ago and was more a learning session than a project but I figure people playing solo or in small groups could use a way to make big ships faster move. The mod add a spell called spiritcrew to priests of the 4 deities. This spell can be cast on boats to add a virtual crew ( it works like rare boats shadow passengers but is more powerful). It should add a virtual crew member for every then point of power of the enchant.(I ll probably change that later but I dont get the mechanics of power yet). The enchant should be permanent and can only be replaced by a better one. Code-wise, I override calculateNewBoatSpeed from Vehicle which is unfortunately called in Creature.sendData so it is not super clean. And it wont get better as I intend to add a spiritwind spell as well. The enchant use the id of "Opulence" so it will be incompatible with any mod that allows to eat boats. You need Ago's Server Mod Loader to run this mod. Download : SpiritCrew on GitHub (modified to v0.02 woohoo) Installation : Download the Extract in mods folder Edit (formerly by Ago) Start server Use in game : Be a priest of any god Equip the statue of your god Right-click boat Select "Spells/SpiritCrew" Succeed or Fail Hope you like it. Albibak PS: Wurmpedia is wrong ql of the ship does have an effect on speed but it is irrelevant compared to the effect of passengers. V0.02 Switched from Opulence's ID to Courier's as a temporary solution to server restart problem. Changed speed formula so that bigger ships can be fully loaded with spirit crew at high power range while keeping it easy to max out smaller ships. Temporarily renounced to the idea of spiritwind because of the aforementioned problem. Pondered about the idea that a ship with both BagOfHolding and SpiritCrew may be overpowered and concluded that it was the point in the first place. Released the monster and went to bed.