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  1. I've made some horse skins. (No mods required!)

    Complete overhaul of the original post to include clearer instructions and updated infos!
  2. I've made some horse skins. (No mods required!)

    I fixed my dapple grey some! Enjoy!
  3. Rare Mask of the Shadow

    Congrats Vortexxx! [20:33:06] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  4. Rare Mask of the Shadow

    I have a rare Mask of the Shadow! (It's ql23.) Who wants it? (It would look really great with a rare cloth hood!) I like it too, so cannot accept anything under 15s for it. Starting bid: 15s Increment: 1s No Buyout No Reserve No Sniper No Private Bids
  5. Lag

    Forgot to mention, when I lock up, in the crafting window, it says I'm eating a pizza, and in the event window, it says I'm making bricks as it should.... (yes, im making bricks with one character, and mortar with another). Also, I can apparently talk while locked up. It doesn't show up on my screen as having said anything -- like I'm lagged out -- but it shows in the chat on other screens... o,O edit: Could it have anything to do with the rift spawning? It did lag someone else out too when that happened, started telling them to move slower...
  6. Lag

    Lag! It's been getting progressively worse for a couple of days now. But it isn't normal. I play with 3 characters logged in at once, and normally, if it was my internet lagging, the lag created would be across the board -- this is different. This is weird. One (or two) of my characters will be working fine, and one (or two) will be locked up. Different characters lock up at different times, not always the same ones. And I mean, totally locked up -- sometimes it says finishing, other times I click combine (I am making mortar since I can't do much else with this lag) and nothing happens at all. No chat progresses with this character. The combine button is dead, like it does nothing except light the dots up orange like it queued it properly..... But on my other character, Fizz, I see that she is creating the mortar, just that nothing is happening on her screen. I can have whole conversations with people with Fizz, chat moves np on Fizzs screen, but still nothing on the locked up char. So when I see with Fizz that she has stopped creating, I flip back to her screen (which is still locked up), click combine again to queue up more actions, and still nothing happens -- except when I flip back to Fizz, I see she is creating mortar as she should be. Not all of my characters are in the same area, though they are on the same server. It affects different characters at different times. The ones that do work will work slowly, intermittently, unpredictably. I timed a lock up once, it was 5 minutes long. I can't take her out to collect frags today because of it, and I am 5 fragments away from creating my own eagle statue, without having bought any pieces! I hope someone can help please, I need more frags to feed my newest obsession......
  7. Deedplanner 2.9.8 - 3D House And Deed Planner

    Love this! Thank you! How do I do caves with it? Cannot find anything...
  8. Valrei International. 046

    That was not the point at all -- the point was to allow for more mobility without having to continuously embark / disembark a cart or a wagon. To be able to carry a little excess weight as you are walking around, leading a horse. (Which have notoriously been used IRL as pack horses and pack mules for this exact reason.) It makes little sense to be walking at a crawling speed, while leading a perfectly unencumbered pack animal. Any extra weight on the horse you are riding should of course contribute to it's speed. And HOORAYY!!!! Thank you for the long awaited addition!!
  9. Enchanted grass doesn't ever recover. I have seen paved tiles recover -- but extremely rarely. Few and far between. Rare enough to say that they don't.
  10. im speechless

    it's called a lag spike.
  11. Affinity Timers Not Working

    @Retrogradethere is one thing I didn't add. I recently got a new FSB. Instead of storing my chopped herbs in one bin and my chopped veg in another, I consolidated all pizza ingredients into the one FSB. ie: I moved them all out of their original bins. if that helps...
  12. Affinity Timers Not Working

    @RetrogradeI cooked the same recipe, this time manually chopping each veggie and grinding the spice. It gives me 11 hours and 47 minutes. But, As I said, I have cooked with pre-chopped veg before, so why does it not work for me now? And - is it supposed to?
  13. Affinity Timers Not Working

    @LocathHi. I didn't accidentally add only half of the ingredients, I always check every ingredient thoroughly before I put it in the oven. If I don't do this, I always forget something. If I had missed an ingredient, the affinity I received would have been different. If I had prepared the food with the wrong toon, the affinity would have been wrong. Old timer had expired for sure: hence my previous post: I will correct myself here though: by 'none', I mean no cooking affinity. I do have a farming affinity for 3 more days, I keep that on all the time so don't think about it. There is no wrong FSB for me to pull from. I've consolidated all pre-chopped ingredients into an FSB. Pre-chopped has never bothered anything before, I've used prechopped before without issue. There are only two other bins. HQ and LQ, for meat sorting and basic ingredient storage. Meal ql is roughly the same as all of the others. @RetrogradeI made the meal again. It gives me 2hours and 52 minutes this time. It's another 69ql meal. I will try generating a new meal with same affinity and see if that works. Considering yesterdays other pizza (the one for my husband) was also a short timer for him, I hold little hope, but let's see. I will also try the same meal, without anything pre-chopped.