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  1. Thanks! I am not around in WO anymore. After ~14 years of WO, I made the move to WU (I was playing before Wurm "went Gold"), I play on the Sklotopolis server now. It's nice there, I feel like I'm retired and can slow down and relax, enjoy the scenery without stressing over...... the little stuff.
  2. nono, not talking about when the "Get Direction" Appears. I can see that in event window, and already have an alert for when it should be there. I'm talking about the 4 pieces of information. Founder, mayor, inhabited, and abandoned dates. Can't set an alert or see in event window when a report is really complete.. must "Read Report" to see that. Would like to see that completion status somehow without having to "Read Report"..
  3. Archae helper

    Reports can be annoying to continue to check for completeness before turning them in for caches. Would it be possible to light it up somehow when all 4 bits of info have been filled in? Whether it's an extra UI window or just change the name in the inventory list somehow? Or maybe this would be better added to the wurm assistant, since that can scan event logs? Would just be cool to see at a glance whether a report is ready to turn in without having to wait for actions to complete to read the report in it's own little window... Thanks for consideration..
  4. Unicorns are white again! But with rainbow features... so the varieties show through much better.
  5. Glitter! Or a galaxy? You decide. Either way, love them!
  6. I reworked the Rocky Mountain. I like this version better, so putting it out there.
  7. 2 new horse colours added: Brown and chestnut. Enjoy!
  8. You're welcome! I have updated my white and purple hellie today, will adjust the others (and edit initial post) when the mood hits. Took me all day to get this one right and I have deed work to do! lol
  9. Love those tapestries and that tall banner! And the fjord skin! Lots of good stuff here. That pic of your room with the chaise lounges in it -- absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Total post overhaul! Validated links again, updated dappled grey (the eye was terrible!) and made a strawberry roan kind of copper.