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  1. Added, thank you for posting information.
  2. The orange part of the picture actually is already made with catseyes, so I have added that to map
  3. Map dump is from december 2018 (as noted in the lower left corner ) As to Belecane's connection Hills End is connected now, but i agree, you suggestions would be useful additions
  4. Looking forward to add your deed to the community map
  5. Lunalong 2019

    Sure - i will come. Bringing my main (Olufus) and 2 priests(Ornulf, vyn and Olivianna, nahjo) Channeling too low to do enchants. Main can do BS, carp and fine carp
  6. The highway south east from your deed is being extended to connect highways further north. You might be able to connect going east from Hills End
  7. Part of the oceanside is only 1 tile wide, but Reinforced if I remember correct, issue was in the north end of the canal
  8. Mark site as read, includes the whole forum. I would like to be able to do something in between. F. Ex Mark all in Epic and epic subforums as read. But keep messages in Freedom as unread. (Also the "mark site as read", doesn't show when browsing from a mobile device, but that's a minor detail)