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  1. Mark site as read, includes the whole forum. I would like to be able to do something in between. F. Ex Mark all in Epic and epic subforums as read. But keep messages in Freedom as unread. (Also the "mark site as read", doesn't show when browsing from a mobile device, but that's a minor detail)
  2. I really wish, the "mark forum as read" function, would include subforums, eventually make it optional. That would make it so much easier to keep on track with unread messages and just skip the subforums that is not relevant for a given user.
  3. Random statues? So not boys all of them...
  4. As long as the game mechanics are the same, I agree. Not sure how equal the mechanics are.
  5. A message saying: "you are too far away" would make a lot more sense
  6. The map can be even better, if more people would add their deeds or other information. Not sure how people think of adding deeds they don't own. Basically you can argue, that a deed connected to the highway system is not kept secret and could be added. Fabricant did a very good job for improving the map, but more information is very welcome.
  7. Thanks. Wonder how that was so off
  8. You have been busy - thanks for the updates
  9. Thank you all for your input - all added to the map
  10. Great, Thanks - updated. Hope i haven't removed to much highway, but it looks like we are missing some connections in the centerarea. Hope others will get the same inspiration and supply more information as well. F.ex. Guard towers can be added
  11. This map is no longer maintained. Replaced by this thread