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  1. Friya's Cinematics (client mod)

    Look very nice
  2. #goto 500,500 should do that already, if I read the code correctly
  3. Make the CA list in ca-help global

  4. Player Names inFreedom Chat Opt IN or OUT

    Don't think I like the idea. Just saying hello in kingdom chat when you login, is not that hard, regardless of who else is online. If you see a number of names and don't know any of those, it might be harder to start a chat.
  5. Vynora converting

    Mission accomplished
  6. Vynora converting

    Looking for a vyn priest to make a priest converting, preferably at the west coast.
  7. Deliverance Community Map

    Marquette Harbour 147, 855
  8. PVE Death Tab

    Was the death tab included in Wurm Unlimited already? Edit: guess this issue was WO related.
  9. Deliverance Community Map

    Map seems to be back online
  10. Titles Titles Titles!

    Hammer 90 should be Thor
  11. It seems to me, that the disable sorting action does not work? Also I found, if you enable sorting on a bsb you have in your inventory, you will get a sorted bsb on the ground, but keep the unsorted bsb in inventory.
  12. [RELEASED] Accelerated Forestry & Gardening

    I made a Pull request for changes that make it 1.6 compatible.
  13. Read mod

    Also, it seems the tome of <skill> is a onetime study only ? Studying once, and the book is gone.
  14. Read mod

    Seems when trying to write the book - and you do not have the needed skill it goes into a infinite loop saying "You can't seem to make up your mind. You need more skill..."
  15. Requiem of Wurm - PVE (4x Action 4x Skill) [Modded]

    Started on Requiem of Wurm a week before Christmas 2017, and have been there since. Nice mods and a great community.