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  1. Please add deed: Deliverance Renaissance Festival: 1120,147
  2. I will be there with my main (Olufus), and a priest (Costas) for sermons. Would like a room for Olufus
  3. Lunalong 2020

    I will be there with my main (Olufus) and can help with Blacksmithing, Carp/Fine carp, and whereever I can Will bring a Mag priest for sermons and 1 or 2 others for listening.
  4. all finished highways should be posted in the community map thread, to ensure they are added to the map.
  5. Northern, Southern - or Eastern freedom isles ?
  6. Deed: Mystery Lake 196, 1000
  7. Melody Map?

    Hope you will find a solution
  8. I know, but that's another issue that is related to the new UI. The missing images were also missing in the old UI.
  9. During rifts - turrets spawn - seems no image exists. Same issue for the other types of turrets. Edit: think this should have been in the model and sounds bug subforum
  10. I am Olufax on Melody, at the deed Mystery Lake around k8
  11. Looks like a typo to me