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  1. Deed: Mystery Lake 196, 1000
  2. Melody Map?

    Hope you will find a solution
  3. I know, but that's another issue that is related to the new UI. The missing images were also missing in the old UI.
  4. During rifts - turrets spawn - seems no image exists. Same issue for the other types of turrets. Edit: think this should have been in the model and sounds bug subforum
  5. I am Olufax on Melody, at the deed Mystery Lake around k8
  6. Looks like a typo to me
  7. When prospecting a cave wall, the text is: You would mine stone stone shards here. having stone twice seems wrong
  8. CA isn't intended for general chatter anyway, so /ignore should not be needed.
  9. Welcome back to Wurm Online.
  10. This note was not correct. Referrals still exist, but is limited as described by Oblivionnreaver. See Patch note
  11. Thanks for pointing that out. Fixed now.
  12. Thanks for hosting the impalong - had a great time during the weekend.