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  1. Celebration Map

    done done
  2. Celebration Map

    Done - thanks for the info
  3. Celebration Map

    All done
  4. Celebration Map

    Done- thank you
  5. (CELE) Stardew Island

    If you post the details of the new deed in this thread I will add your deed the the community Map
  6. Wurm Unlimited VR client

    Wonder how you would right click with a VR headset
  7. I would like to buy a wagon, deliver to Olufus on Celebration T23 please Cedar would be fine. Delivered - Thanks
  8. Beautiful Celebration...

    Oh - you should maintain the map.
  9. Celebration Map

    Done Done Done Thanks for helping with info
  10. Celebration Map

    Celebration Community Map I will handle future updates to the map. I will try to update every one to two weeks on the progress of the map. Click on this link for the updated map. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/9x60q48nnanaisz/Celebrationmap.png?dl=0 Last updated 10-February-2019  General Instructions: Just post the following information. Do not PM your update requests. Thanks Settlement name Location (x,y) If posting new roads then please include an image with your post. Use an image hosting service such as imgur.com and enclose the image link in [img.][/img.] (remove the periods). It is still my goal to have Celebration added to JackJones site wurmonlinemaps.com - for a temporary solution i will aintaining the current map
  11. Celebration Map

    I still have the goal of get the map moved to JackJones's site - wurmonlinemaps.com - Until that - i will try keeping up with the current map. Currently i have done the updates suggested since last update. Some of the new deeds posted in this thread might already have been disbanded. I will create a new thread for map updates.
  12. Deliverance Community Map (Discontinued)

    the names of lakes is no longer visible?
  13. Beverage overhaul

  14. New Year, New Map Dumps 2019!

    Thanks - they are in there now - Pretty sure the were missing earlier though - but nvm
  15. New Year, New Map Dumps 2019!

    Wonder why there is no new maps for Celebration ?