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  1. Oh, that explains - think the map was from January 11th
  2. Community map is now updated with the new mapdumps
  3. I see changes on the map, that are done on east Cele after the Shrimpalong, but I agree with you that the wand of sea Island doesn't show at all. When was that Island created?
  4. Well the numbers was not meant to be taken that literally
  5. If you can make some orange about 255, 128,0 i would like to buy 25 kg
  6. Assume the steam servers will not be on the same cluster as Chaos.
  7. Today, Yaga released a map software update (v 1.62). When activating the coordinate grid (press "G") you can now also see the "map regions" as used in mission descriptions. There are 9 regions: northwest, north, northeast, center west, center, center east, southwest, south, southeast Map regions are shown by dashed black lines and slightly colored area overlays. He also added a new experimental function: we can now display special deed info when the mouse pointer hovers over a deed symbol. (This can be useful to inform about special resources, like mailboxes, Epic portals, market stalls etc.) Please contact me (Olufus ingame) if you would like to use this special feature for your deed.