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  1. Talking parrots would be fun as well
  2. Sounds like a fun project. I will follow the idea, and possibly join. Guess a location not too far from clay would be a good idea
  3. Or even like 24 hours before - to give all timezones same conditions.
  4. That's not correct. /support works in WU as well, and if you are playing on a WU server you should expect support from a GM person. However if you are playing WU single player you would not get much response to a support ticket. Wurmpedia is generally based on WO functionality, and we intend to keep it up to date with any new functionality as soon as such are added to WO. As Many WU servers are heavily modded, those can include functionality/features that are beyond WO and such is not in Wurmpedia either. Some WU servers even have made their own Wiki for documenting local functionality.
  5. Think you are right here. The change for allowing Woad to be planted has only been made in Wurm Online, not i WU. However, there are mods for WU that allows planting of Woad and others.
  6. Selling two pieces of Green dragon scale at 35c pr 0.01 kg 0.51 kg Price: 17s85c 0.29 kg Price: 10s15c Sold