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  1. What this may be?

    See here:
  2. Update Failed! ???

    Sometimes there is a change in the server's DNS lookup, and all of the various ISPs have not yet "caught up" to the change. Usually, that is what happens when the "connection to patch server" error pops up, which it does every so often. (If you have been playing Wurm steady since 2013, you have probably gone through one of these before, but maybe forgotten the details) I would keep trying, perhaps even restart the computer plus the modem/router (just unplug the power and slow count to 10 before replugging if you are not sure how to do that). If it is an issue with DNS lookup, it can take anywhere from minutes to many hours for an ISP to update. By then we should be having more people reporting issuers suggesting "it's not just you." If restarting computer+modem/routing and repeated tries do not help, some people find they get better service from a Public DNS such as GoogleDNS, than from their ISP's dns service. This link should explain how to switch to Google DNS if you want to give that a try: When this issue would pop up periodically, we used to experiment with editing the HOST file to provide a direct link to the new IP address, but that is no longer recommended because too many people neglected to "revert" it later, meaning they were again locked out the next time the IP addresses got changed, and it became hard to troubleshoot later on. So that is more of a very last ditch thing to try if 12-24 hours have passed with no ability to connect to patch server. Yes, sometimes it can take that long to resolve, although for most people its a very brief interruption. Depends a lot on your ISP service. If it is a DNS lookup issue, there should be others also affected (but, not everyone). If you are curious what the heck DNS is, you can read more about it here but don't feel bad if it's hard to grasp, not everyone is into "how the internet works" any more than they are into "how their refrigerator works." Meantime, just keep trying. It will usually resolve on its own given enough time.
  3. Alveron (PVE/4k Map/1x/1x)

    Just a note -- Buddha (head developer of Wurm Everything) has acknowledged that it is a bug that some map maker utilities only assign 50 units to sandstone veins: I can confirm the Averlon map has this bug, there are various fixes discussed in that thread that you might actually understand better than me. Some server owners adjust using an automated script, or a mod, or even by having a GM manually "fix" every sandstone vein on a case by case basis. The main point is this is NOT the way devs have intended it to be. ______________________ PS: I am really enjoying this server so far. It certainly does take some getting used to for those of us who have played on a large variety of other WU servers, each with its own philosophy and collection of "quality of life" mods. This server runs almost no so-called "QOL" mods (except to Meditation skill) and at first this is rather disconcerting to those of us who got very used to at least some of them. There are also a LOT of QOL mods that, in my mind, actually *reduce* a certain amount of quality of gameplay, and almost impossible to find a server that actually has "an ideal mix" unless you make and run that server yourself -- which automatically means it is non-ideal for most other players, but they are willing to search around for the best compromise to their own playstyle. A lot of traditional Wurm gameplay also gets disrupted by these mods, because if everyone-can-do-everything *too easily*, there is almost no reason for, say, an economy to even exist, and the server becomes primarily a loose community that occasionally gathers for social events. Not a bad thing, and what most us really like about Wurm IS the fact that we can be self sustaining and "play how we like", so it is a delicate balance, and in WU each of us ends up making our own choices anytime we log into a new server. It involves a lot more than just whether you want a fast and "non-grindy" , or one that is closer to the traditional Wurm Online mechanics. But it also involves a whole lot else. This is the closest I have ever felt to "classic Wurm", even compared to other good 1x/1x roleplay servers. It may turn out later than I miss certain "compromises" that most other servers make in so-called quality of life. I suspect my crops are going to rot if I don't log in to tend them, and it has been so long since I dealt with that issue, I am not sure yet if I can live with that. On the other hand, the #1 feeling that kept me logging into Wurm, every single day, for years and years, was the feeling that my little homestead actually NEEDED me. If you have ever wanted a "classic" server that reminds you of your earliest days in Wurm, this might be it. And in addition, with the best frigging server map most of us have ever seen (look at it yourself) Once I get all settled in, I am very excited to go explore this world very thoroughly! This is what I really love most about WU, every server out there is a unique blend and a unique experience and personality Gotta try them all!!!!
  4. Alveron (PVE/4k Map/1x/1x)

    I am up for the challenge and giving it a try \o/ Luckily, there is a wildcat lair close to spawn and I lucked out on a pelt pretty early. Looks like bounties are pretty low so coin harder to get, so probably I will be starting out with a "deedless" settlement ... just like in my starter WO days. I prefer not too many wild creatures starting out anyway, as I am not really the fighter type, so a wildcat lair near spawn is perfect.
  5. No Such Field Error

    I believe there was an issue with certain resolution sizes (especially some very common with popular laptops) and a workaround was to =NOT= use fullscreen but instead change graphic options to "resizeable window" then start with something conventional like 1280×800 and once ingame you can "maximize" the window to fill the screen. If that is still the same issue, it's really something they need to fix internally because not everyone is going to easily find an answer by wading through forums or google. The only thing I found in regard to "NoSuchField" was a reference to sindusk's armory mod, but I believe a later revision may have fixed it. Is there any chance some server mod is not fully updated?
  6. RESOLVED: Altar of Three Unusable

    yay! \o/ If it is indeed a bdew mod, he might be able to figure out what caused the exception, why it affected the LAN server but not the dedicated server, , and how to modify the mod to avoid the problem.
  7. RESOLVED: Altar of Three Unusable

    Bdew or someone probably knows the answer here (I don't) But one quickie roleplay solution until you find the solution, may be to put a hermits hut atop some lone mountain (or small island) with a GM character acting as a hermit who has wandered all the worlds, and now can can teach youngsters the barebone basics of any specific religion , so they can go home and study more at their altars and then teach others. Some place not super hard to get to, but not super easy either, so that it feels like a real pilgrimage. I take it this is a relatively small LAN group of under 10 friends so that it would not be too much bother for them to arrange in advance for a pilgrimage to the hermit? _____ I really don;t know how to read error codes, so this next is over my head and I may be looking stupid as a result oh well not the first time. It seems to complain about java.lang.NullPointerException at net.bdew.wurm.movetocenter.MoveToCenterHook.makeMoveSubMenuHook( Are you using BDew's 3D mod and does disabling only just that one mode make any difference?
  8. Catfish size

    It's good to hear from someone who really knows their Catfish Science
  9. connect by IP

    I think it is different for WU and WO. WU does not use DNS lookup, it gets an ip address from the steam server, so you would not need to edit HOSTS file like some used to to connect to WO when their DNS connections were borked. I think I read some offline dedicated standalone servers needed to be woke by "connect to ip" with the client (I am unclear on this, it was mentioned in these 2016 patch notes but that may be out of date now) there is probably a launcher config you can add to steam here I don;t know the specific phrasing to use, maybe someone else here who is more 'network savvy" does Looking at other games that use this parameter, it might be something like +connect (insert your own ip/port)
  10. No sound

    Sometimes wurm is really finicky about hardware acceleration vs software, try switching that in options (to whatever one it is NOT on) I think switching mine to SOFTWARE was what finally fixed mine
  11. connect by IP

    I am told some programs run on dual monitors or 4k have issues with certain elements appearing properly unless they first disable display scaling on high DPI settings
  12. connect by IP

    Does this help at all? It is more specifically about application windows that do not show on dual windows: It suggests a different set of buttons so maybe it is related to dual monitors in particular....
  13. connect by IP

    If you think this could be your issue, I tested some suggestions on google, and this one seemed to work for me with the CONNECT BY IP window being "offscreen" or otherwise not in a visible area: This lets you move the window left and right (and up and down) easily. Focus a window. <<-- in your case, toggle Connect By Ip' button on even though you can;t see it Press Alt + Space . Press M (for “Move”). Use the arrow keys to move the window exactly where you want it. Press Enter when done.
  14. connect by IP

    Is there a chance the Connect By IP window could have gotten pushed off the screen at some point? When I experimented trying to find ways this could happen, I noticed the window would stay whereever pushed the next time it opened, including if it was pushed "mostly" offscreen (I didn;t want to test further till i found a way to reset the window poisition). If it was pushed all the way off the screen, it would seem like "nothing happened" when you clicked the button. Did you recently change monitor resolutions or anything? Do you happen to have dual monitors? (or used in the past)
  15. little question

    You are going to want to BOOKMARK or SUBSCRIBE to these channels that teach you about Wurm Find whichever youtuber you find the easiest to understand, I looked for but could not locate a french one. Some might have subtitles you can follow in french? I only get English "closed caption" options but that might be due to browser preferences. If you find written english easier to follow than spoken, the subtitles might help.