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  1. This is Wurm Unlimited technical help section, it probably won't be seen by devs unless moved to the WURM ONLINE tech help:
  2. It sounds like one of the mods "breaks", possibly a very old version of some mod? Can you list the mods and version numbers of those mods I think for instance at one time a LiveMap version may have done this. Go throguh all your mods and confirm whether any of them have a "newer" version now. Some will run on an old version but others will not let you launch Wurm with the old version. Or, try adding mods one at a time till you find the troublemaker. If you have a TON of mods, try disabling half of them at a time and narrow down the mod.
  3. Also while being "undroppable" (but still tradeable) was in itself a royal pain in the arse, that was certainly better than if they were in fact droppable, meaning you could accidentally lose ownership to a full caravel or a house full of valuables such as dragon armor or enchanted weapons, if you happened to lose or misplace the writ or even just die with it on a lootable/decayable corpse that you could not recover. I've had more than a few of those over the years. I am pretty sure the GM team would be the very first to oppose an introduction to droppable (ie mailable) writs granting ownership to the possessor. The current "Permissions System" is one of the greatest achievements ever of the dev team.
  4. They used to have paper writs for deed property. I can't recall now if it was at one time for houses, too, long ago. So many things have changed. They were actually a complete pain, and this "fiddling with permissions" system they have now instead is a huge improvement. If you want to trade a cart or a boat or a house, you can now do in through the MANAGE permissions without needed to sort through dozens of "writ" papers. You even can do this "COD" if you have one party send a "bill" through the mail (woodscraps are common for this) then the seller can change ownership in the Permissions management panels. It's a huge huge improvement over what they used to have. Nobody wants to have their inventory cluttered with "papers" any more. Or keys, or tokens. We did that once, and it sucked. edit: I double checked and yeah we used to have them for houses, as well as for deeds. Trust me, they were really no fun. You were always searching through your pack and all containers looking for the right one, and you could never "drop" a backpack or any container that had a writ in it (although you could trade them in the trading window). No one who has ever played under both systems, would ever want to go back.
  5. Nice haus that is with a spyglass?
  6. sometimes distances seem way off depending on your 'compass direction". For instance, sometimes with a wagon i cannot reach either "front" animals unless i rotate the wagon to face a different way and then suddenly I can reach them fine. Sometimes i cannot reach if i am facing something from the NW but can reach just fine to the SE etc. so now i sometimes try to circle / rotate /turn because the distance seems to fluctuate depending on your starting compass direction. So, it might be because you are lets say NE of the cart and cannot "take" but you can "drag" because the cart is not NE of you, and the game calculates those distances different even though it is the exact same distance. I know that sounds confusing, but taking FROM might involve an opposite distance calculation than dragging TO Annoying as heck but it might make it harder to correct the code than it seems. This game occasionally has really bizarre issues with distances at times, possibly because of its tile based system.
  7. They used to have a similar system for boats, where people could post a public notice to put in a "finders keepers" type claim plus pay a fee to gain ownership if the owner did not return after a somewhat long period (90 days? I forget), and till then GMs would move the boats to a special boat harbor. I can't recall now why they discontinued the practice, other than that they determined after many years it was not a good practice. Carts would certainly be an excessive headache. I am pretty sure GMs will move most carts/boats off deeded land if they interfere with a new deed owner's ability to use their land.
  8. from a GM posting: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you do not remember the (password reset) answer, you should preferably do a /support in game on an alternate character, but in worst case you can send a mail to to request a password reset. Please include the following information: * The reason why you cannot use the normal password reset. * The account name * The email address associated with the account __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (Gms do not always browse the forums, and forum mods cannot help with GM issues)
  9. Test and see whether Push-Pull-Move(ToCenter) recreates it. I often get something similar to this when I move a burning forge, and the fire / light source stays behind in the original spot. If you were terraforming in the area, perhaps you moved it very slightly at some point and later forgot.
  10. I don't recall ever seeing a setting just for "domestic" animals. What is the total max creatures, and hostile %? Do you have "Newbie Friendly" selected under Adv Server Settings? I am not sure how much that affects spawns. Did you start with a preexisting database, that may be what put them in the world to start. You can probably use a datebase editor to mass select-delete all bulls-cows-horses-sheep-pigs-chickens etc, and if you actually have "hostiles" set to 90%, it should mean the newer animals that spawn in are nearly all hostile. I think the editor I use for stuff like that is called DB Browser for SQLite or such. I use it when I get way too many sharks or bulls or just want to remove a certain type, or have a map that started with all the animals out at sea. Use caution editing the database, and make sure the server is properly closed down first, and proabably a backup made "in case".
  11. Are these bred by players, or spawning in the wild?
  12. So, after seeing Steveleeb's post above, I decided to tune the game settings a bit, and disabling GLSL and lowering various graphics bumped me up to a fairly consistent 30-45 fps on the Intel HD 4600. This was NOT in a "people crowded area" like Steveleeb was testing, which is going to be the real test -- although crowded areas might be more CPU dependent, I dunno. So yeah, it's possible with newer Intel graphics (which have their own historic issues playing Wurm or other games). I'd never "recommend" intel graphics but if you have little choice, I'd say it's really critical to make sure you have the most modern graphical drivers possible, direct from Intel's download center, and not from the laptop maker or from windows update. A lot of the troubleshooting threads in Wurm tech forum, are people struggling to get intel graphics working decently without glitching, especially with the older intel chipsets. I still would never recommend 4GB with Win10, especially with onboard (shared memory) graphics but Steve shows what is at least possible if you put your mind to it. I still don't enjoy playing on laptops, personally May not be an issue, but take note of the fact both Steve and I are playing on WU rather than WO. May be different, may not be. Intel seems to have improved both its graphic chipsets and its drivers in recent years, but it is still at a marked disadvantage compared with NVidia and ATI. edit: actually I lowered resolution to windows resizeable 640x480, removed FPS cap, then maximized the resizeable window, and FPS was suddenly 50-110 but very erratic and i consider less pleasant than running at the lower-but-steady 30-45. Personally I find with games like Wurm, I am content running at a rather plebian 20-25fps or so, so I would prefer it running steady but at a lower framerate and even capped framerate, then bouncing up and down every 5-10 seconds. Also capped framerate helps keep laptops from overheating, which is not only very uncomfortable if you are holding it on a lap, but also will affect game performance plus the hardware lifespan. not to mention chewing through any battery life (I almost always have mine plugged into the wall). I tend to run my windows very "clean" with very minimal background programs/services, though probably not tweaked as hardcore as Steve. You are probably going to have serious issues trying to run additional programs (chat, discord, google, etc) alongside Wurm, if you run on bare minimum specs, especially 4G ram which I still recommend you up to 8G. Dell however makes a lot of its profits charging minimal for a barebones setup, then padding the costs for upgrades. So that extra 4G might cost a lot more than it should.
  13. I don't think 4 gigs of ram on Win 10 is going to be that workable, in my opinion. I mean, it would probably work, but I would think it would be very frustrating and would crash a lot. I also would recommend a dedicated Radeon or NVidia graphics card if you can afford it. For whatever it is worth, I have a $100 secondhand laptop I had picked up for travel, I don't really like playing Wurm on it because it is MUCH less comfortable than my desktop, but it does seem to run the game with what are pretty low specs: Lenovo E440 Intel Core i3-4000M Intel HD 4600 graphics 8 GB ram Win 7 It seems to run WU at about 14-20 FPS. I don't know how much different WO would be, compared to Wurm Unlimited. That's with a LOT of horses and tons of trees but very few people. I expect anyplace with lots of people is going to get worse, and that general PVP, an impalong or a dragon hunt would be impossible. I would probably need to relog a lot if I did any serious travelling. I guess if it were my only choice, it would be better than nothing, but not a system I would recommend. I just personally find laptops-on-your-lap very awkward for playing Wurm, plus it has a pretty small screen. But ... hey, it runs the game. I have not tried it in WO, just WU. I have no idea how different the WO/WU clients are, these days