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  1. Two possible issues: 1) Somehow it has a stray " in the pathname: java.nio.file.InvalidPathException: Illegal char <"> at index 0: "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_281\bin"\windows/x86/org/lwjgl/lwjgl.dll I am not actually sure how that would have happened unless maybe you fiddled with the java home path on your computer, or are maybe using a batch file to launch the game. 2) Also that is a path for 32-bit java (x86) which does have issues with Wurm sometimes. Do you have 32 or 64 bit OSs? If you have 64 bit OS, then I suggest you do the following: * Go to Control panel > Programs and uninstall ALL java currently installed. If you have 32+64 versions it tends to use the 32 bit, so get rid of them all to be safe. * Do not reinstall java using your browser which is likely a 32 bit browser. Instead download to your hard drive this 64-bit manual install of Java: (you can get the same link by googling "manual install 64 bit java" if you have concerns about the link) I am not sure if that will also fix the complaint about the illegal character in the java path, maybe it will. Otherwise you might need to find where you introduced a typo into the path. If you have only a 32 bit operating system then ignore that, as you cannot use a 64 bit Java then. Maybe someone else will have ideas on how to correct the extra character in the line above. If you are back after a long absence, be sure also to install the NEW launcher at Go for the 64 bit executable if you have a 64 bit OS WurmSetup64.exe not the JLNP versions which are sometimes a little funky with the new launcher versions. If you do that maybe uninstall first any old versions of Wurm in hopes of correcting the illegal character in the path. If you want to keep old logs/screesnhots etc, back those up first OR maybe just rename your old wurm folders to WurmBROKEN and then use control panel to uninstall and download and install the new WurmSetup64.exe version.
  2. There are a number of free player made maps which I find much nicer than the default WU maps, and a youtube video giving a walkthrough on how to install those. Server linking is possible for sailing from map to map, its a little more complicated possibly if you are very new to running a server. Custom maps though are easy to run even for a solo player. There are some pretty chill public servers on WU without the toxicity of some of the WO servers, due to the "competitive" tone being greatly reduced. Usually more land, easy to set up a hermit deed far from others if you choose, not as much trolling/spamming/aggression in the global chats, so perfect for those who want a little more friendly laidback tone without some of the side effects of more highly populated and competitive WO servers, where aggression levels seem to me much higher.
  3. Nice server, good people. There is a small easy-ish server (Tranquil Gardens), a large much harder server (Cragmoor), and for those who love a challenge, a really crazy fierce small server Wilds. They are all PVE and you can travel between the three, either by boats or portals in the starter areas. Despite the conversation above, there *IS* a minimum 1s upkeep on all deeds, but you do get a free start on the first 31x31 deed and some guards with 3 months upkeep paid in advance, so no early pressure getting a deed up. No monthly cost with those starter guards, which will come in handy with some of the nasties out there: [14:21:24] <@XXXXX> [12:07:32] XXXXX slain by old alert Huge spider, venerable Huge spider, mature Hell Hound, mature Hell Hound, venerable Troll, aged lurking Huge spider, adolescent hardened Panda bear, old Huge spider, old Hell Hound, aged Deathcrawler minion, old Ocelot, adolescent Huge spider, adolescent Huge spider, adolescent Huge spider, mature lurking Ocelot, mature Forest spider, venerable Forest spider, old Ocelot, aged Panda bear, aged sly Mountain lion, venerable angry Ocelot, venerable alert Troll, adolescent Troll, aged hardened Hell Hound, aged Ocelot, aged alert Ocelot, old Huge spider, aged Forest spider, venerable champion Ocelot, venerable Huge spider, venerable Ocelot, aged Huge spider, aged greenish Forest spider, aged Forest spider, venerable Forest spider, old Hell Hound, old scared Huge spider, aged Hell Hound, aged Ocelot, aged angry Forest spider, aged alert Ocelot, venerable Panda bear, aged Huge spider, old sly Forest spider, old alert Forest spider, aged Troll, venerable Huge spider, aged Ocelot, aged greenish Forest spider, old greenish Huge spider, mature greenish Huge spider, adolescent Huge spider, venerable lurking Huge spider, aged fierce Panda bear, old fierce Brown bear, aged Ocelot, venerable Forest spider Name redacted out of respect for the dead Running of course shows fear which they can smell .... That was on "crazy fierce" Wilds server, prompting a lot of people to start on the easier server to skill up then progressively move on to harder servers as they get better skilled & geared. Making an early rowboat is very handy for safe travel. The harder servers have a lot of valei/epic plus custom "hard" mobs to make sure warriors never get too cocky. If you are very very careful, the medium server is not too hard to navigate while you still have newbie buffs, until you can find and establish a deed. Middle and hard servers give you up to 5 free guards, easy server I think gets three but (aside from occasional uniques) does not have the more difficult epic-level mobs, like the deathcrawler minions that seem perfectly capable of outrunning a horse and apparently no respect for newbie buffs... Skilling is fairly fast and easy once you get a foot in, but danger is always out there .... Interesting mods including some sort of dye color mod. The mods do not seem to add to "easy" status (no skilling your priest to 100 on the first day etc) and with all the wild things out there, I would not call it an easy server despite the faster skillgains -- you are going to need those! I have found money a little challenging to acquire however a few mods are slowly getting added in, and with my first deed subsidized for the first three months, there is no real need for cash at first. Also if you remember to vote every day you get 25c a day will be just fine for cash on a month to month basis. My starter deed of 31x31 with five guards is only 1s a month after the first three months, which is much cheaper than default costs. i have a nasty looking Spawn of Uttacha sniffing around my Cragmoor deed perimeter and not sure yet how the guards will do with it, but overall it is not too bad for non-combat oriented players who know how to be careful. If you are combat oriented, this is probably heaven for you ... and again there is also the much easier tranquil Gardens for those who prefer a minimum of danger.
  4. True although those links are for WO and this is the tech section for WU. If Steam installed it on a 32-bit OS I would assume WU still has a 32-bit option, although the 32-bit does not run as well. Try uninstalling any mods and reboot and see if it still crashes, when was the last time Wurm Unlimited ran ok for you?
  5. They cannot use 64 bit java on a 32 bit OS. Did WU work on this computer until recently? If you have any mods running disable them for now to see if it is a mod conflict. Try also rebooting the computer if you have not done so already, in case something is borked in memory.
  6. Bump for a really nice looking BIG map!
  7. Permission system was one I completely forgot about, and another major move forward for Wurm! Many great additions over the past 10+ years. "Server expansions" is another that people might disgree on, but that I myself happily welcomed. When I started on Indy in 2011 (another of the "free players" at first), Indy was packed and people were actually apprehensive to see new players, even just walking through their neighborhood, because land was so scarce that even a long walk from spawn, any open area would start to fill with newbie shacks and newbie fences popping up in perimeters. I ended up deeding on marshland (which is a royal pain) because it was the only waterfront I could find after days of exploration, and I wanted a boat! Especially if I could sail server to server! Meantime some argued anyone new should just join an existing deed as a villager and not expect to actually have a deed of their own. Boats probably too. All of the various ones existed when I started but i imagine there was some major excitement when boats first went live.
  8. Edit: sorry I just realized you and I discussed tree spread already, did not mean to repeat it If you really really really hate trees, you can load up a map and rerun a new biomes map through the wurm map generator, and make trees very sparse and very thinly spread out on your map. If the area you wanted cleared out is not huge and doesn't affect the while map, and it is your own server, you can make a GM character that can turn large areas into empty grasslands instead of forest with a few clicks of an ebony wand. Be aware that if you had a mod that made ALL shriveled trees not replant, in a relatively short time your server could end up zero trees, which would probably be the main issue with a mod.
  9. I do not think there is currently a way to stop it, though probably someone could make a mod ... if they thought there was widespread interest. Not aimed at shriveled trees, but you can stop "tree spread" where a clump of trees will slowly over time spread and form a forest. It's in server settings See also this thread for advice on what numbers to use -- some like 0 or 1 are bad choices:
  10. Those are all good ones! I meant to have Bridges but kept spacing it out Archaeology and Underground Buildings would get my vote, too!
  11. Multichoice: The best changes Wurm has ever made
  12. Still on target for March 14?