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  1. I am not sure that it is using the semiofficial "survival mod," I can't find any sign you need to boil water or watch season temperatures, and the /mytemp command did nothing. I think it is billed as a "rough survival" because you do not start with many things we get accustomed to on other servers. No compass, no backpack, no rope, no bowl, no leather armor, and only a few very basic starter tools -- carving knife, 10Q short sword instead of 50Q longsword, pickaxe, shovel, hatchet. All capped at 10Q. Body stats start at 19.5 so no immediately riding horses, driving carts, or loading crates. So you walk everywhere at first, although walking is a little faster here. Fighting without starter armor and just a chipped short sword, plus needing to make a lot of items we have grown accustomed to (no compass! no armor!! no rope!!!) makes it challenging but i think in a rather good way. I nearly died trying to separate a wildcat and a rat from their pelts. Coin droppage off mobs is not high but it is still roughly double that on Valoria, for low level mobs at least. Notes say deeds are cheaper but I am told, not by much. Still, seems like a little easier to save for a deed at least. There are peaceful green wyverns, but not a lot of the other ultra custom challenging mobs. Valoria had less lag for me, though Abravion's was not horrible. But ... it was there now and then. I was told the servers are in Sweden which could cause an issue fior those with internet issues anyway, due to recent developments causing clogged networks in areas. Everyone's choices on the "right server" are different, but so far this one is ticking a lot of good checkboxes for me.
  2. When I asked about this, I was told they were default/normal settings for deed purchase + upkeep. Overall I would describe this server as "extremely easy to get skills, extremely hard to get money". I am nearly 70 Digging after not all that much time at it. My mining is also way way higher (about 40?) than on most other servers on first day, simply by digging out a 10-tile or so mine (have not yet hit iron). After a little minor fighting on wildcats and the like for a pelt, I had 2 FS and 27 Aggressive fighting. So basic fight skill does not raise fast like fighting subskills. Coin droppage off animals is on the lowish side, at least for easy mobs. There are also quite a number of extremely hard "modded" mobs. People at the starter town were having fun luring tons of trolls to the guards for group killings. I think i must have seen nearly a dozen people earn the trollslayer title quite early. I had zero lag, the server ran like a dream, and all the mods seemed to be very well installed and working right, including the ingame global map (which a lot of servers struggle with). i thought the map seemed quite nice. I very much liked being able to do a lot of basic tasks from horseback. Overall I would describe this as a combat-centric server. You earn money by fighting, fighting is quite challenging with a lot of tough upper tier mobs, crafters are there perhaps primarily to supply the fighters with armor and weapons. Which means you need to get your skills up (easy) to sell to fighters who hopefully will make coin off killing things to buy stuff. But I think it will be a long slow road to earning a deed -- especially if like me you are not all that fond of combat, and have no interest in armorsmithing or weaponcrafting. I was told the best way to make money is to first and immediately build a guard tower, lead mobs there to have guards assist, rinse and repeat.
  3. Definitely popping in for a looksee
  4. Nice quiet server with professional easy going admin!
  5. I am back ingame on original character \o/
  6. I think this may be relevant: they have the same issue, old characters get "server not available" but new characters are fine It has something to do with SERVER ID in the database
  7. I think I saw something similar before, it had to do with the server not recognizing the server that the characters were on (or ... something) and happened after a server moved or something. It's like the old characters are at the wrong location maybe.
  8. Oddly, I =AM= able to log in using a brand new character, just not a character used before. Does this mean the database got 'moved" and can not currently access previously made characters?
  9. I cannot login either. Server seems to be up and running but as soon as you try to login, it errors out The server denied your connection attempt for the following reason: <The server is currently not available. Please try later.>
  10. Look into fog spiders, I cannot recall how they are removed I think it may be a mod:
  11. Zera, check the server folder for a file named "wurm.ini" and check for a line that says "CREATESEEDS=" -- if that is set to FALSE (default) then that needs to be changed to "CREATESEEDS=TRUE"(no quotes) in order to pre-propagate foraging, otherwise it is a long hard wait until there is much to forage.
  12. I logged into a server today that was using this map, it took me a fewer minutes to recognize it but my first immediate impression was, "what a beautiful map!" I hope you do more maps like this, they don;t always need to be of famous places. Did anyone ever post an updated version with clay? I don't mind spawning clay in for a singleplayer map, but it could be rough for using as a public server...