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  1. Do server admins still need to edit the data base like back in 2015? Or did they do a permanent update?
  2. I really can't recall from past years, and I think some servers did custom gifts for their servers so not sure what is "automatic" and what is up to server admins.... Also, what exact days do a player need to be physically online to check a Christmas tree? Is it through New Years Day or ..?
  3. *Enchanted Crops*

    I am for this. 100%. However, please note this is basically a return to "permagrass" (when enchanted could not be trampled), so it would be odd if they kept nerfing enchanted grass as they did then make "permagrass made from crops" as somehow ok.... But I am still 100% for it just not holding my breath on this one.
  4. Still sorting out

    You pick a server. A few WU servers are password protected (ie, private friends and family), but any you can log into are considered to have an "open invitation for everyone" I am sure you can also ask if anyone wants to "adopt a new person" and give you a little more personal attention ingame on how to play etc, as it can be confusing ar first, and some people LOVE teaching the game to new players.

    This is the place!! Wurm Online (WO) and Wurm Unlimited (WU) are pretty much completely separate games that shared 98% of genetics, although the subforums here for WO and WU are all part of one membership. If your questions are specifically about WU, its much better to ask in the WU subforum here as "Community" and other subforums outside the WU block, are either "everyone" or mostly related to WO. But its not really a huge major deal. I have played exclusively WU the past few years, yet I post regularly still in WO sections (which I also played for many years). It's kind of like .. extended family.
  6. Major issue with rude people

    Some people come to wurm to literally escape people. I myself live in a large house with a large number of people, and Wurm is rather my "alone time", so i have many times I very much do not want to speak to ANYONE, and do not want ANYONE to speak to me. That means I will sometimes talk in forums or global chat, but duck out of personal conversations that I really do not want to start. "Impersonal" social arenas like forums and global chat, allow me to pick and choose when I want to participate, so they are much easier for me. Some people have social awkwardness issues (and I have some extreme ones) that make me look downright gregarious. If you really want to be kind, let these people be and do not try to force them into relationships. You can never MAKE people want to be friendly. Although it is complicated, it does not always mean they are not friendly -- the small number of people they allow into their circle may consider them the absolute warmiest, friendliest, kindest person they have ever met on the planet.
  7. Major issue with rude people

    I am not sure how the forums "Ignore User" works but it is possible it simply blocks incoming messages from that person, who only see it as "still unread" on their end. IE, they never knew you messaged them. It's always possible once upon a time, maybe even years and years ago, you said something in forum posts that they disliked and set you to ignore. I have occasionally had people rather blatantly ignore something I said in a forum post, and rather assumed that I have made a number of ingame+forum "Ignore" lists myself. For some, it might seem a lot less "toxic" than if they actually said exactly what they thought. I know most people claim to admire candid honesty, but that often is not as true as they like to think. "Candid honesty" has ended forever many a longtime friendship. Biting one's tongue (ie, saying nothing rather than something confrontational) is actually the epitome of courtesy in some circles, and we won't all have the same value system. Best response is just to shrug it off and not think about it any longer. You might have been set to ignore for something long long ago (ingame plus inforum) and they never even remember doing it now.
  8. The Game

    But is reviving a 2008-2011 era thread truly a necro, or does it then transmogrify into ... an archaeology game?
  9. Oversized foals are still a thing in WU

    Oops, you are right -- I dunno why I thought there was one some time after the WO patch fixed the foals. edit: Oh I see they patched this first back in 2017 which was probably my confusion, then the bug returned in 2018 and was WO-patched in Sept which means not yet fixed in WU (maybe january). I think I had the Rimworld November update somehow fixed in my mind. I am sorry Retro, I am sometimes just very senile (but you already knew that )
  10. Oversized foals are still a thing in WU

    I can confirm this happens in WU still, even though we got an update in November (long after it was fixed in WO in September, so should have been in the WU Nov update since that was like two months after the WO fix) On the Scarlet Cove WU server (where I was breeding most recently) all new foals are born larger than Young Adults, it is very disconcerting
  11. They are on Mythhmoor (not a personal server) so would need a GM to spawn it for them, they can still file a /support ticket to get Mythmoor GM help. I ninja edited above after realizing it was WU section, as the part about five chars per email account doesn't apply to WU but the rest does.. If they do not mind using a different name, just making a new character (put a different name into login) is usually easier for everyone.
  12. double check your inventory, you should have a silver mirror if you never completed using it before. USING the silver mirror offers a one time chance to change appearance, if you get interrupted before completing and confirms ("are you SURE?") it should go into inventory. Otherwise, you cannot delete a character only make a new one with a new name. (I think after 90 days the game will delete it) If I recall you can have up to five characters per email account (and some people using multiple email accounts) Sorry thought this was WO section, WU can have more characters. Possibly unlimited, I have never gone that high yet. You can also try on game filing a /support ticket and there is a half chance the GM will help you change your original appearance, if you no longer have a silver mirror. I would try that if you have no mirror. On Mythmoor and other private WU servers, there is a good chance a GM will help you by giving you a new mirror. As far as I know, you get the mirror if you do not compete appearance and then double confirm it.
  13. The Verdant Expanse - 1x/1x PVE 8K Map

    I have to say, this might be one I am staying with, after having mixed luck with the last few servers I tried. Really nice little starting community, very friendly people, very relaxed atmosphere, super nice admin, lovely map with all kinds of terrain. Tons of forests and soft rolling hills. Good mix of resources like clay/tar etc. So far no mods, which is actually what I prefer, but the admin is going to wait and see what the community likes. If you like "classic 1x" servers, this might be a good one to try out.
  14. The Verdant Expanse - 1x/1x PVE 8K Map

    I beg to differ as I have personally been watching some new 1x servers flourish, while faster paced ones disappear after a period. Besides Mystic Highlands, which does quite well and is usually one of the top three servers, the newer Scarlet Cove and Stone Peaks both seem off to good solid starts with smaller but respectable sized communities. The 1x servers seem better at keeping players who want to commit to a long term experience (not everyone does, as some want only a 20-day addiction fix). We need a good variety and frankly we do have quite a lot of faster paced servers (people rip through those quickly though and generally do not stay as long, at which point you have an abandoned server littered with dead deeds). In any case, best for each server admin to go with the ruleset philosophy that they feel most happy with.
  15. Lost Knarr HELP!

    Smart use of management renaming option My guess is that it is very very close to a server crossing boundary.