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  1. It actually includes "subscription fee for life," so more similar to Wurm Online on a single, official server. Maybe a midway point between WO and WU. But if you missed out testing it during the three plus year alpha period, and have plenty of games to keep you occupied for now, and you are still in a strong "Wurm" phase (which means you don't need no other games), I am always in favor of waiting for a good sale
  2. Just an update -- now released on STEAM and in a more polished form (It is still an OLD SCHOOL MMO and still has oldschool graphics, but much prettier than the old beta version of a few years ago) It is a "Buy Once And Play Forever Free" style MMO. For those who missed on on the "try for free" alpha period -- sorry, I tried to alert you back then! more videos here (all recent) This is a great game for people who like leveling skills through actual use not "character levels" (which probably apply to most wurm users) as it seems to have as many or maybe more skills than wurm, not just traditional ones like Archerry or Leatherworking but .... more: Alchemy Anatomy Armor Patching Art History Artistry Blacksmithing Butchering Calligraphy Compassion Dye Making Dying Endurance First Aid Fletching Gardening Geology Goblinese Gourmand Hoplology Iocaine Resistance Leatherworking Lore Meditation Mining Mycology Notoriety Pathology Phrenology Poetry Sigil Scripting Skinning Surveying Tailoring Tanning Teleportation Textile Creation Toolcrafting Treasure Cartography Vocabulary Full list of skills and what each does (some have secret benefits) Some of these will bolster combat or craft skills (anatomy gives a greater understanding of where and how to land a blow for critical damage, calligraphy gives more grace in handling weapons). If you have always yearned to play a warrior-poet, a werewolf, a travelling herbalist, or a beastmaster / necromancer with multiple pets that actually mean something, this may be the game for you. Player size is not too different from Wurm (yes, another one of those NICHE games): Players in the last 2 weeks: 2,646 ± 1,636 (76.92%)Players total: 2,646 ± 1,636 (76.92%)Followers: 2,667Peak concurrent players yesterday: 309 Massively Overpowered did a two-hour livestream of the gameplay a few days ago here:
  3. Same here for me. I normally "stop" at 50 as far as grinding the skill via grooming (since it will still continue raising via breeding), concentrate on getting Perfect (clean trait) 5 speeds first, and slowly switch over to 5 speed + Spark as the skill continues going up from 50, which means if I decide to take off a few months from the game, I will actually still have some good breedstock alive when I get back to Wurm. I kill off any animals with Fierce, Keen and Tough as soon as they are born. Those traits just make it harder to get reliable breeding, and the more trait slots on the horse the more chances for "a bad roll". Five Speed + Spark is to me, the perfect sweet spot. If you get up to 70 80 90 AH, you run more risk of one of the "essential" speed traits getting rolled instead for either a bad trait or almost worse, a benign but useless trait that you cannot genesis out (Fierce, Tough, Keen, and in many cases, Strong & Healthy. If you are serious about breeding five breeds you have a Fo priest, and if you have a Fo priest, then disease is not any issue.).
  4. Wild boar is aggressive to HotS and MR (Spawns in Fo regions, both in PVE & PVP) so it probably counts as the "equivalent" for JK I think only the hyena and gorilla are strictly limited to spawning inside pvp kingdoms
  5. Also maybe have Steam verify local files in case there is a corrupted mesh/texture
  6. >""Wurm (Online OR Unlimited...) doesn't even acknowledge GPUs when present in the system"" I am not sure what that means -- Wurm does acknowldge and use the GPU and is rather selective about drivers. Are you talking specifically about laptops with switchable graphics? (ie, intel + Nvidia/Radeon). If so, the reason it defaults to intel is because the graphics drivers are written (by AMD/NVidia) to detect whether a program is a game or an application, and they are programmed to see anything Java as a desktop program. Desktops have an easier time running it in part because desktops usually only have one GPU type, so do not need the driver to try to differentiate between a "game" and an "app". You also can set the laptop to run ALL programs on the advanced gaming card, but it will run through battery power faster that way (not an issue if you use a wall adapter for power), Laptops with switchable graphics were designed to run longer on battery power alone, but as a tradeoff, they use a cheaper intel card to save power and they are a little more fidgety with some programs especially Java. cecci is likely right about the probably cause, as the latest NVidia drivers are suddenly causing issues in the game and most people roll back to the ones prior to the newest.
  7. If this is Wurm Unlimited, it ships with its own bundled version of java, it shouldn't be needing or using any other java versions, and you are probably best off not running around changing system paths on your computer. if this is Wurm Online, then it's posted in wrong forum section and we are probably confusing WU users into thinking they are supposed to be doing this. ** PS: agree with Bigsteve, posting logs would be helpful. Look for ones in your wurm folder named HS_ERR_Pid (most recent dated one) and client.charactername.log. Both would be great, but just one is better than nothing. It's really hard to help without logs. Also agree with Explora, if this is WO not WU, you are best off uninstalling any 32-bit java and only using the 64 bit java. there is only a very very small number of cases where an average users needs 32-bit java, so odds are that you are not in that group. If it refers to the java in x86, x86 is shorthand for 32-bit. Unisnstall that and use only the 64-bit manual install the THIRD link on this page: It could also be some other issue not related to Java, so if possible please post those logs.
  8. Which server?
  9. Can you test switching it from FULLSCREEN to Windowed Resizeable (options on the launcher where the gear icon is, right side)
  10. I sent a private PM as I am confused what this means, exactly
  11. The bad news is, if this is a mac, it might well be related to this (unsolved) problem with certain macs: if you are able to open java viewer, some people in other cases have had to clear wurm froom java cache and then try again How do I clear the Java cache?