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  1. To add a very useful thread by Noizhead (with clarifications/elaborations by dev Keenan):
  2. Yes I ninja edited, I forgot which subforum this was In WU, whether playing on a public server or a private singleplayer, you still will need access to Genesis (not talking about GM cheats), so try researching Fo priests. It usually involves a long dangerous pilgrimage to the White Light altar to become a Fo follower, then praying till 30 Faith, then converting to priesthood. Even in singleplayer, you can actually have multiple clients / multiple characters, so not at all impossible nor "cheating" to have more than one priest type. On public servers, most hardcore Wurm players have multiple "alts". When I play singleplayer, I usually roleplay a couple (male+female), or even a group of sisters working together on a family homestead. You can play a couple at the same time, or give each one different days if you find multiple clients awkward or breaking immersion. Search "multiple clients" for how to do this in Steam. But for really fast horses, you need a Fo. Otherwise, you will ALWAYS get a certain number of random bad traits no matter how perfect your breeding stock or how high your AH. Personally, I tend to keep my AH level a little on the lower side, first breeding "clean" 1 & 2 tyrait horses, then work up to "clean" 3 & 4 speed trait horses, and only then do I raise it to 50 AH, and try for five speed traits. While "inbreeding" is always warned against, in practice it is actually not a huge factor in bad traits. You will gets some with or without inbreeding, and the percentage of the penalty is actually NOT that large. And if you have a Fo priest with Genesis, inbreeding is nearly a non issue anyway.
  3. For serious horse breeding, it is practically required any more to have a Fo priest who can cast Genesis to remove bad traits. And yes that means at least a second monthly subscription, since a PvE non-combat Fo can't do a lot beyond farm and take care of the animals. Oops that was for WO on most WU servers, a Fo priest can do everything a normal character can. So if you are seriously wanting to breed 5 speed horses, you are really going to want to be a Fo priest (or have one in the village/alliance). No matter how many generations of perfect breedstock you get, there will always be random bad traits popping in.
  4. Add neutral traits to Genesis.

    I'd like to keep Spark (it keeps my ebony 5-speeds alive when I take an extended break) but I certainly agree -- I'd love to have the option to get rid of Fierce Tough Keen and S&H, as I often kill off any horses with these traits, and consider them much worse than neutral traits for breeding fast horses. Spark is much more valuable than Strong & Healthy, to me. Especially since so many WU servers now truncate the early ages (foal, young, adolescent) which cuts about 2-3 months off a horse's total lifespan. Foals aren't as big an issue (though I personally miss the cuteness of they skipping around a pasture) but Young & Adolescent horses get a lot of their working lifespan removed, and Spark at least helps keep them going longer as elderly horses.
  5. Hitched, cared-for bison vanishing on server restart

    Thanks, I never knew that Has he tried the chat command /caringfor (lesser known command, at least for some, it lists all cared animals without using animal management panel . Won't help track them if it somehow unhitched and ran off but at least lists those that 'exist' and have not been killed) >>"(four bison go unhitched, although only three are the´╗┐re)"" Sounds like it somehow went invisible, which sounds like the 'sunk into the ground" issue that Lisabet mentions. If so, a GM ought to be able to "surface" it. I often have the bisons hitched to my wagon all sink below the surface; if you haven't unhitched them yet, simply driving the wagon as Lizabet suggests always fixes it. But it sounds like you immediately unhitched to try to figure out where it went...
  6. I am never looking to REPLACE Wurm -- can't be done! -- but sometimes it's nice to take a short timeout in other games. I had not heard of the game before, but they just recently came out with a huge update, titled "Reignited!" and I saw a youtube lets play on it, it looked interesting and even better it is currently $9.99 60% off through Aug 17 so I thought I would give it a try. I am a few hours in; between playing, watching videos, and following LetsPlays and Steam reviews, I would call it "a fun but not perfect game" and at 60% off, well worth the money for someone who would like to get at least 100+ hours** out of mucking about in a building-crafting-survival game, but based on magic & "yer a wizard!" (**your playtime mileage may differ if you tend to race through content as fast as you can - I tend to plunk and meander around a lot. The world map is not huge-huge-huge but still fun to explore around in) Some describe it as a "Rust meets Skyrim meets Harry Potter" (wizards can fly on brooms to shoot stuff down with fireballs, and play a game similar to Quidditch, plus you can tame magical creatures,I think maybe even dragons, I am not that far in and I have a tendency to like to reroll and retry different characters a lot. It's made in Unity, I have heard various people describe it as anything from "gorgeous" to "dated". I thought it looked very nice. Some say it resembles Oblivion in looks which to me is not an altogether bad thing if you are talking landscapes and creatures. It's not as DEEP as Oblivion, and character creation is semi-decent but not astonishing. There are multiplayer servers with both PvE & PvP, but you can also make up EASILY (that's a note to Wurm devs ;P) a custom local hosted server that is either singleplayer or 'password protected friends and family' type server and set your own ruleset for how fast you progress etc. Many of the custom options and some of the UI etc reminded me of ARK, however this is a small team so don't expect Ark's depth and polish. Some complaints about performance issues in busier multiplayer servers, I had no issues with singleplayer. I think it would be a splendid little game for 1-5 people, I can't speak to larger populations or PvP options as those don't really interest me. Some people complained about performance and/or "dead" public servers prior to this new update, so maybe research what others are saying about those if they would be a gamebreaker for you. But if you can easily afford $9.99 on a temporary distraction from Wurm, and are mostly interested in a game a couple friends can play together, or if you prefer singleplayer exploration games, I would recommend it. USEFUL LINKS: Steam Website Reddit Youtube
  7. Hitched, cared-for bison vanishing on server restart

    Was the missing bison tamed for any reason, like maybe practicing Animal Taming? Sometimes pets set to "go offline" when you log out, never come back again so its best to make them "Stay Online".
  8. Bashing or Demo Player owned vehicles

    Buildings are different, you cannot easily move a building out of the way if you need to terraform or use the land for another purpose. So you need a way to demolish or you cannot upgrade or improve your deed, or make a new building for a new citizen. There are lots of easy ways to get an extra cart out of sight if it belongs to you anyway. If you don't want to stick it behind a building or just give it to someone, just build a 2x2 parking garage or drag it out to the woods or ditch it in an old mine. Too much potential for issues on demolishing carts, even your own. In some cases people abandoned them along roads with perms set to "Everyone", if they could demolish them years later from a remote location, it could cause grief for a new player who had picked it up thinking someone had intentionally "donated" it to the public, and filled it full of possessions -- which they still cannot secure/lock, but better than having all the carts contents suddenly burst all over a major highway, their bison run off, and no way to get themselves or their belongings home again, because someone decided it would be funny to demolish it from afar. If you need to get rid of an old one that you misplaced years ago, just rename it to "PM ME IF YOU WANT THIS FREE" and transfer the ownership if anyone responds. Too little benefit for too much potential grief, to add a remote control demolition ability.
  9. Wurm Wont Start Update

    Try resetting the router/cable (unplug power connection, count to 20, plug back). Wouldn't hurt to reboot your computer as well. You might also have an issue with your ISP not having the most updated addresses for DNS lookup -- if that is the issue, it can resolve on its own in anytime from a few minutes to a day or two. Some people do much better using a "public DNS server" such as these: See also these other threads for "Wurm Online Error opening connection to patch server" (There also is a way to "hurry it along" by editing your windows HOST file, but that is not really recommended because if you forget to change it back, you'll be in a jam the next time DNS addresses change again...)
  10. Or just make it possible to mend pottery. Maybe even make the repair function based on Pottery skill, using tools like clay and water. I get the same OCD when I see all the damage on my pottery items while virtually everything else is *easily* repairable ... even things I have -no- skill to make, I can easily repair, from steel swords to Cedar Cavarels, I can repair them all barehanded and without needing any materials. But mend a battered clay pot? Too Hard! Funny, given how the most common relics we have of ancient civilizations are pottery items which survived when all else didn't.... Maybe even make Archaeology skill required to mend pottery
  11. Cannot determine a valid Java Home

    I don't know anything to suggest
  12. Wurm Startup hangs

    Yes, thats the correct console log. I don't know what is causing it. This part sounds exactly like the keybindings issues, "This has been happening for a couple of weeks, at first it was a slight delay and now it is over 2 minutes." But that is clearly not the issue and I do not know what is wrong
  13. Wurm Startup hangs

    Well, its not the exact same issue, since the previous ones were all about the keybindings and yours is not that issue. Also they did not have the "pause" ingame every five minutes. Once they got ingame, they were fine unless they tried to switch characters (loading up the problematic keybindings file) You don't have multiple monitors, correct? Did this just start very recently? Or it has been happening for weeks/months?
  14. Windows Server 2012 R2 may be the issue. Not sure if this link has anything useful: >However, you are also running a server OS - Windows Server 2012 R2 - so you may or may not need to also install the Desktop Experience feature (I suggest trying without first), and you should ensure that you source the correct driver for this OS.>Finally, if accessing a server over remote desktop, you need to be aware that OpenGL will not work. is this (using an RDP-Connection) the same as remote desktop? (edit: YES). Sounds like you might be out of luck.
  15. That indicates the driver you are using is not OpenGL friendly and is probably the Microsoft version, which usually does fine with DirectX but not so well with OpenGL. Download a new graphics driver direct from the intel driver site, NOT using Windows Update: Probably this driver: Yes it should run, there may be a few needed tweaks in settings, but "Pixel Format not Accelerated" is 99.999 of the time a driver issue for a driver that cannot handle necessary OpenGL features, most often caused by the generic "Windows" version of the driver. I CAN tell you other people using the Intel HD 530 are able to run wurm with it. You may need to use the Legacy client as I understand there are a few minor issues with the "Modern" rendering client, but the error you are crashing on indicates a driver version issue. PS: if it is a workplace computer, it is possible you are not allowed to select the driver?