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  1. Birch and pine are great choices for nomads because they grow so much faster into "wood producing machines". Oak and willow are the slowest. Most of the rest are kind of inbetween. I chose cedar sprouts, but in retrospect I wish I would have picked pine instead!
  2. Was able to find this on steam wurm unlimited forums, but unfortunately no solution listed: This might be relevant however: Non-login servers do not need to handle WcKingdomChat messages. In the current implementation, discord messages sent to the in-game chat are duplicated per server the app is running on. You can comment out the else and "wc.sendToLoginServer();" in the code, forcing the login server to handle and distribute all Discord chatter, as it should be. It goes on every server and will not duplicate. The mod no longer has anything to do with something being a login server or not. When a player sends a message, the server that the player is on processes the message through the DiscordRelay that's on that current server to send the message to Discord. If a message is sent from Discord, each server individually processes it and adds a message to their own GL-Freedom channel directly instead of "broadcasting" the message as a global message. This prevents duplication of the messages entirely. If the login server is offline, and a message is sent on another server, it will still relay to Discord if the mod is installed on that other server. Equally, any server running the DiscordRelay mod will have any messages from Discord processed to their GL-Freedom channel. Unfortunately most of this is over my head but maybe you can tell whether it is relevant
  3. That is correct It does not allow you to convert. It is still imposing to come across, in this bleak world of nothingness. Wonders what a little dirt, a few fir sprouts and some terraforming will do however! Onward to Redmyst in a few days, then Farmarsh in September!
  4. [03:38:31] You feel the presence of Libila.
  5. You have always had a queue interrupted if you sowed (which requires a seed active) then harvested, because the seed is gone and it cannot complete the harvest action as the item you chose to have active when you ordered the harvest, no longer exists. I am nearly certain it has been this way since I started in 2011. This is not a new thing. Here are a couple of old threads going back to 2012 on the issue (which has always bugged wurm players): Perhaps a moot point but the fact a CA Help discussed this with you suggests this might be a Wurm ONLINE issue and not a Wurm UNLIMITED issue, although some WU servers do have CA Help. This specific subforum is for WU tech help (and thus probably gets zero attention from devs as we are expected to look after each other in WU). If you really want dev attention you will need to get this post moved to WO tech help -or- WO suggestions, I usually suggest tyou use REPORT to let a moderator know it was posted in the wrong area and they always seem happy to move it to the correct section. Which specific server do you play on?
  6. [23:00:27] You currently have 2 copper on your bank account. BUT I AM RICH !!!!
  7. Whitesand is spooky when you arrive in the dark o_0 Everything is ghostlike and it feels you landed on the moon ...
  8. >> I will grant ten 50 QL saplings of one tree of your choosing to anyone who replies to this post I would like 10 cedar sprouts. Ingame name: Sprout
  9. Ignore requiem1 and requiem2, the three maps are: TranquilGardens (easy), Cragmoor (medium), Wilds (hard) I have not logged in for a while so I am assuming servers are still up
  10. This sounds very intriguing! Edit w question: If REDMYST is in storm for the month of July, does that mean there is no way to acquire clay for forges etc till August? Just as an example, I can rough it for a while/ Also: "" You may build near the Altars (which are only in Farmarsh), controlling access to them"" Controlling access to the alters reminds me of PvP. But there is no PvP here, correct? But people are allowed to block access to others by say building a wall around them? Can they deed the altars?
  11. this old post suggests it may be related to a missing Altar of Three:
  12. The sale had nothing to do with it. This started long before there was ever any word of a sale. WU updates started out coming out 2 weeks or so after the WO update, then 5-6 weeks, then 3 months later, then 6-9 months or even a full year later. Then they would announce that by golly they were going to do better and start keeping WU updated more regular, but instead it actually got worse. Then they simply realized the "team" was simply too undisciplined and unfocused an organism to continue even pretending they could stick to a disciplined pattern or schedule, so they simply ditched it because no one on the team was really interested in doing it. This is the same development team that took like six years to introduce sheep, even after they had the model done and showcased to the community. They were excited but then almost immediately lost interest in sheep. They are the George R.R. Martin of game developers, progressing by whim and impulsivity and crumbling if forced to stick to any kind of a rigid discipline. Sometimes creative people are like that, and can promise more than they can ever deliver, even if their hearts were in the right place. Sometimes it is the same artistic force that initially creates something different, that no one has done before. Things get done when and if one member of the team gets interested in it, and no one on the team thought it was "fun" to update the WU code update after update. Who can keep those kind of promises, especially if it looks like they aren't going to get sued over it? I even believe they initially felt dang bad about it, just as I am sure GRRM feels bad knowing in his heart of hearts that A Song of Ice and Fire will never ever ever EVER get finished. And I am pretty sure the reason Rolf sold the company was after so many years he just lost plumb interest in it, and who can blame his team if they kind of have done the same, especially since WU was no longer bringing in much regular income from sales. Zero benefit to keeping your word. And it was dragging the entire team down in morale. I tend to think of it like a mountain climber who gets in trouble and panics and cuts loose his longtime climbing partners below him at the first sign of trouble, in hopes maybe it will keep all of them from falling to their deaths. Wurm was struggling even with just WO let alone the increasing weight of promises made to WU, even if as they said updating WU wouldn't be any extra work, and even if it was the initially hefty WU sales that brought a huge one time influx of money that saved the company. Yes it is kinda scummy, but hey what can you do. Certainly you would never want to make the mistake of trusting that person ever again, but on the other hand, just like the climber who cut the rope, Wurm survived. And I guess if you care anything about Wurm's survival, that's what counts. Enjoy the game now while you can, but remember that all video games are fleeting things, and many MMOs promised things they just couldn't sustain once they lost their initial interest. And few of them ever lasted as long as Wurm. As far as paid DLC for WU to brin g it back up to date with WO -- the mere thought makes me want to gag. It would take a company with ZERO remorse or integrity to charge for something they know they promised as part of the original agreement. But hey whatever, because "hey whatever" is kind of the company motto. I still love Wurm, and I don't blame the individual devs, because many of them care a lot, but this is not the type of company you would ever want to invest your money or your heart into. No company ever really is. But Wurm's business model in particular is built on whims of the moment and not on discipline or promises. It's asking something that is unfair to ask of them. That's simply not who they are. Make your peace and move on. But paid DLC is going to be ripping the scab off a wound that has nearly healed now. Which means of course -- they are going to do it.
  13. yes Sindusk has a good one, Cave Vision: You can adjust via properties exactly how bright it gets, so if you only want a minor adjustment you can do that, I think default is quite bright. My understanding also is that there is a major difference in using MODERN vs LEGACY renderer, but I haven't looked at the differences between them re: mine lighting. For above ground you could also try out BDew's TimeLock that lets you determine the exact time of day (only affects lighting). If you get frustrated at night you can just hit F1 and on the fly change the time of day to something you enjoy more. whether it is dusk noon dawn or whatever time of day pleases you. Locks the time of day to a given time In console type "timelock 12" to make it always noon or "timelock 12:34" to make it 12:34 (= 1:34 pm) In console type "timelock off" to disable That's for above ground only, so you'd need both mods if you want to tweak both above and below ground.
  14. At one time there was a plan to add more maps. Does not need to be Melody, Cadence or Harmony, they have never used Wurm Online maps and are unlikely to now, among other things it could be used to pinpoint precise ore locations for WO players. But making a brand new generic map or two? That is super easy and might take an hour of time, if that. Devs told me several years ago they were planning to add more map options. Keenan might even have some already made. New maps are actually very very easy to generate. Of course they have said many things over the years. At this point however they do not have time or intention to even fix bugs in WU, even ones they have already fixed on their end, there is no way they would add maps especially since there are scores and scores of free player-made maps available in the modding section. I would not even expect 5 minutes of attention from Wurm devs at this point. Even for something really easy, even just to add the bug fixes they said years ago were already coded and ready to go. Sorry but I have been here for ten years, and on WU since release, about 9000 hours in WU and the same in WO, and there is no point in getting any hopes up, there will be nothing. They are absolutely DONE with Wurm Unlimited. They have said so. And frankly, I agree with the person who said it might be safer for them not to touch anything more at this point, the chances are greater things would somehow get worse rather then better and that they would never look back if they critically broke the game in an update, we might literally none of us ever play WU again, unless a modder made a fix. Many of the really good modders we did have have now left due to the half decade of broken promises since release. It would be nice if we could get the donkey and other meshes for WU modders to add in themselves, or the new maps they maybe even already finished, but I don't think there will ever be any scraps of any kind. No donkeys, no new maps. You can get dozens of new horse skins, rocketfast rainbow colored zebras or ocelets or pandas or other "retextured" animals not requiring new meshes however, and there are as I said, literally scores of some very nice player made maps. You can even make your own, if you are willing to spend an afternoon learning the details. But there are plenty of ready-to-play ones as well. Also, there are a number of excellent public servers, such as Sklo's Sklotopolis and Bdew's Otherlands, that continue to offer innovative new content even today. There are others as well, those two I have the most personal experience as far as custom content beyond what you can add yourself through the modding section.