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  1. For some reason when I tried to add just clay it wouldn't let me, so I had to re-drop dirt/re-add all biomes. This changes the map slightly (not topography landmasses etc just biomes). If the map above actually has no clay, I confirmed this redone one (Treegarden2) has clay: new files: new biomes:
  2. Edit: warning, last time was too much clay but I think this time I did too little clay. There should be some but i can't find it ingame Somehow missed that when I popped ingame to check it. I will have to see whether I can figure how to edit biomes .... see second post below. Trying my hand again at maps. This is a small 1024 map for someone only interested in 1-20 players. I believe that makes it about a quarter the size of Deliverance/Elevation/Melody, which should be plenty for solo and small group, and should allow you more cushion for adding more creatures etc. I am very grateful for any criticisms, feedback, suggestions etc so that I can get better at this FILES: MAP: SCREENSHOTS: (my graphics card is not that great) If you are new at installing custom maps, this youtube video may help:
  3. hey, i just changed the free deed money to 1s at creation to prevent abuse.


    please look at your deed upkeep, it should still have the amount left from the free 3s in it.


    both upkeep and templar fee should be double now , so you might want to reduce the number of templars you got.


    i hope this doesnt cause too much problems, if so let me know ;)

  4. Yeah apparently that is it, thanks. I am still not wild about transmuting clay tiles under such adverse conditions ... i hated it the one time I did it on an easier server. But we will give it a week for starters and see how it goes \o/
  5. Ok I guess I am missing something, since you are making it sound "difficult but quite possible". Even if one mines out thousands of mine tunnels hoping some will by sheer chance happen to collapse into BOTH tin AND silver/gold veins, which are usually like 0.01% chance, , how does one make a small pottery amphora to make the clay tile used to make the small pottery amphora?
  6. Transmuting a clay tile is impossible without tin lumps, which are impossible with no metal veins. So basically never any forges. I did get up to making iron tools at a campfire but it sounds like there is not a lot farther beyond that you can go. And with no source of iron beyond rummaging, even at a campfire you can only improve tools, weapons, armor a very small amount. (Besides which, transmuting a clay tile even under perfect conditions like fast server, clay jars, tons of apples etc is such a horrific PITA that I swore I would never do it again). So much bare rock face is great for rummaging bits of iron rock but that, plus the exceptionally jagged terrain and very thin dirt, is going to make terraforming a decent deed quite a pain also. And 10 body strength severely limits what you can carry. I think there was some sort of bug making body characteristics really hard to raise without a mod but i can recall the details there. Anyway long long time till anyone will ride a horse or drive a cart. I like the basic idea of a challenging PVE server, although it has been done before. I always love seeing new ones though. Anyway I'll continue to poke around a bit more and set up a deed and all, but do not see much future here. I am curious to see how far I might go if I depend mostly on wood spears and leather armors, and very minimal use of iron.
  7. sometimes packing dirt tiles, like pack every 10th or 20th tile, as long as you can find one of them you can usually scout in a circle and find the next, then scout for the next... it does however require a shovel.
  8. We should be able to put candles in them too, for fencepost lanterns, personal lanterns, and lights for tables, fireplaces, forges. also these should look more like
  9. Hitch cow, sheep, pig or dog Lead with a rope the animal pulling the cart Just like other leadings, it now travels just as fast as you are traveling Still less useful than a large cart, but now it is actually handy for younger players. It might look silly to be driving a cart while leading 4 cows each with a small cart. Or maybe not. Small carts really don't hold all that much so not much of a balance issue and more of a "that looks silly" issue. If so, simply limit to one led cart. Dog is the only creature that can pull the cart through water. ALTHOUGH, COWS CAN SWIM (just not in Wurm) Could be useful for a veteran to give a newcomer and their small cart a "lift" to a better area for settling.
  10. Bumping six years later ... we still are waiting on better hairstyles for female characters. Even a tiny little one-dev game (below) is able to completely outperform Wurm's poor selection of girl-dos: Currently we have maybe two usable hairstyles with the majority of the rest being pretty bad. I simply am resigned now to making the exact same character over and over again for almost ten years now. The male choices are not as bad (having a good selection of facial hair helps immensely there). You may not want to remove any existing in case someone actually is fond of one, but the addition of just 2-3 more GOOD ones would do the trick, and again my suggestions are: 1. Perky ponytail 2. Feisty fighter (google "viking female hairstyles") 3. demure maiden side-braid Luckily these are styles that can be made without a lot of problems with clipping etc simply by following the current Wurm design model of "plastic hair".
  11. I have been very interested in this one, it sees to be getting really good reviews for such a tiny team.
  12. Maybe even two or three lifetimes Thanks Batta!
  13. How about "DJ" for that festive party vibe, and for -anyone- who has put together a minimum of five major community wide events. Someone can nominate an individual (and individuals can nominate themselves) then "whoever" can determine if they indeed qualify, OR we can have a quarterly poll on a roster of candidates. (Just some way to ensure someone doesn;t try to get the title by doing 5 mini events that shouldn't really count, like a local boat race or something) Or Event Master or MC, those all work for me.
  14. This is my first attempt at a public map so I am sure I mucked up several things, so maybe hold off if you despise flawed maps but if anyone can help me testrun, any feedback is much appreciated. It's a smaller map and it has a lot of trees, because I love trees The highlands are fairly rugged but the lowlands are pretty gentle. I accidentally did too much clay and too many lavender bushes Rheyan's youtube tutorial on how to install custom maps: