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  1. FILES: Rheyan's youtube guide to installing custom maps
  2. Shows up for me in launcher, with 4/200 Also shows up for me as online here: Would like to see the map if that is possible....
  3. Landsharks, and land animals at sea, happen on all custom map servers where someone did not run the "reset database" command when first launching the server. That might be because of BlueFang making everything FTP oriented which probably makes it harder for the server GM to run the command, though I would expect any hosting company familiar with WU to do that automatically when launching a brand new server. It's not a sign of a general server instability though, just means initial spawns were all placed where they make sense on a generic Ocrea landmass server. After that initial placement, they'll get placed according to where the actual map has land or water. Seems to me the landsharks take damage fairly fast out of water (and non-swimmer land animals drowning at sea) so it's only really an issue for the first day or two. Fixing it now would cause more issues than it solves by resetting everyone once again. Again, not a sign of general server instability.
  4. I have had no issues since they switched the server host. 4K is a rather standard map size, and there are not outrageous numbers of either mobs or mods. Maybe you are thinking of 8k maps which do often have issues.
  5. I have found quite a number of flattish areas
  6. Popping in for a visit Looks great so far!! I can't quite recall this heightmap though, are you sure it was one of mine?
  7. Is this using a custom map or the default Ocrea map?
  8. My experience also with Ogygia is that it is as pure to classic Wurm as is possible to get (I could not even get him to do the guardtower fix, which was a bug fixed in vanilla WO, fixed but never released in WU after Wurm devs abandoned WU, and only available as a WU fix via mod). My Fo character there had classic WO restrictions, was limited to Fo spells, and I had a secondary character for crafting. I don't think they are using -any- mods unless maybe they are ones to fix performance or severe bugs and do not change gameplay/content. Being pure classic Wurm was something the admin there took some pride in, and I think it still is the best of the "pure" unmodded servers.
  9. I would suggest using the WU Modder's Discord here The reason is, a lot of the active modders have drifted away from this forum and seem to use that discord almost exclusively, especially after one of the most experienced/helpful modders got banned from the forums here. It currently shows 231 members, with 100 members currently online Am pretty sure you will get better and faster answers there...
  10. Sooner the better! I voted for the 2AM EST option. It's not exactly going to be a "land grab" scenario like the opening of a new server in WO, where first people in get the best spots from a somewhat limited selection. Even with initial four starter islands, there will be plenty of time to get your character started, maybe work on some skills in the spawn zone, maybe work together on some community resources, before starting to work on boats to get to other isles. Also these won't be long term settlements for anyone due to the wipe before the official Jan 1 opening.
  11. I also can only use the basic map generator and I don't have any interest atm in learning any new programs. Kiama can answer your questions but I think I can explain most of it. No one "owns" any particular island. All maps offered are for the benefit of the entire community, the purpose of the entries is to give all of the players a little more "stake" in their community by helping to create it, but beyond individual deeds, everything is anybodys. Have a mix of islands by different people helps encourage a little different "ideas" than just one person making everything. Having everyone vote on the server settings and offer their own created maps means players are fully invested in the server by feeling they helped "make" it. It's a very interesting idea that I have never seen before.. The different maps also give us also a little more interest in making boats to sail around and explore. Since most islands are created by different people, they will all have a unique "feel" and not just be the same landmass over and over again.
  12. You are right, lol, my math was way off. Well I might submit four, then as I love making little maps. Here is the first (I will try to make the rest look less cubish): 1) Litenfjord - Map - Files Actually since we only submit one at a time, till it reopens for new entries, I am going to change my first entry to this one which i like a little better: Wyspa - Map - Files
  13. Voted, and looking forward to January 1! (I might also see if I can come up with a 1024 map entry since you will be using four total ...)