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  1. Can you list the specs of your computer?
  2. EDIT: I just checked the better farming config file, and default is for replanting options to open at level 50: replant=1@50,2@70,3@90 You could adjust that to 30 or whatever skill level you would prefer. I have used the mod on various servers, and I know the mod still works. There is a chance though it could conflict with other farming mods. I remember it is a separate action for normal harvest, versus harvest-and-replant, but I forget now whether there was a level requirement (maybe 30 or 50?) for that advanced option... If no one comes along in the next 24 hours that knows the answer I could try logging into a server with the mod and do some experiments on whether there is a skill req. Or you if you want an answer sooner, you could make a GM character, give it 50 farming, and test yourself. Do make sure you have the updated version of the mod, thread mentions Better Farming updated to v1.1 Fixed incorrect skill level checks Fixed harvest (and replant) always requiring active item Official latest version is v2.2, I just posted the v1.1 so you can see there were some changes that might affect your case. You could also check the Discord server that modders and server admins frequent as it is very likely BDew himself would see your query, or at least someone much more familiar with details of the mod could answer your questions.
  3. Some Wyvern server mods apparently trigger this, check this thread:
  4. I have been enjoying mucking about in the map generator again, which is a really relaxing pasttime for me. Usually I do smaller 2048 maps (same size as Deliverance) but this one is a little larger at 4096 (Same size as Independence). My computer is too old though to do the big 8192 maps (Xanadu size). Also my videocard is a little crappy so screenshots suffer some. As always, feel free to give feedback so I can slowly improve. Feel free to use this map in either public or private servers. Files Download: MAP: Biomes: How to install custom maps: Screenshots:
  5. I decided I am going to redo a second version of the map as a lot of things bothered me on the first one. I left the original version up in case anyone felt they would prefer it, but I think I like this one better for my own gameplay style, and more suitable for a general audience. CHANGES: I reconsidered having the shallow inland waterways. The new version will be deeper waterways overall, a lot less reed/kelp/marshes. and especially deeper channels in the middle so that all types of ships can get through all waterways. This also results in the land near the waterline being a lot less flat than before, but I don't think that will be a huge problem, it is still a LOT more newbie friendly than, say, Ocrea. I reconsidered having mostly meadows/fruit trees/bushes at low elevations and forested areas at higher elevations. After reconsideration I decided that wasn't particularly new-player-friendly since no one really likes tons of fruit trees or bushes, so I reduced those enormously and now all elevations are heavily forested with "lumber" trees. Cedars Pine and Fir will still mostly be in higher elevations, some exceptions and not exclusively, while birch linden maple are more common near waterfront. Traveling along the waterline areas is not as easy with less "clear space" and building roads there less easy but I think not that big of a deal. Meadows are now rare instead of common. I know many people love huge open areas, and they certainly are easier for new players to navigate. But I am sure some ambitious woodcutters can take care of that issue. Early on trees are very useful for all players and eventually a lot of those trees get cut down. And I just like lots and lots and LOTS of trees. I know some people hate snow on maps. I like snowy mountains in the backdrop, I grew up in areas where the mountains in the distance had snow all year, so my maps get snow. With all the added trees you won't see the snow so much anyways. Download links for the "New" versions: Pocamadera New Regular (no moonmetals) Pocamadera New Special (moonmetals) Updated new map: I did not take new screenshots. The height map didn't change, mostly biomes moved around and rivers deepened. Just imagine tons fewer bushes/fruit trees, very little kelp/reed compared to before, and very heavily forested even at the waterline.
  6. This is a smaller 2048 map designed for small groups, low pop servers, or singleplayer. It is free for anyone to use on any server, private or public. It has generous resources (clay tar peat etc). The low lying areas near the water are newbie friendly with gentle slopes, meadows and fruit trees. Easy for highways. The higher elevations are more challenging with steeper slopes, heavily forested, and gorgeous views. Challenging for highways .... note: My small sized maps often do not give deepwater ships (caravel etc) full access to several of the the smaller inland rivers without some dredging. Deepwater ships can get into the larger harbors and of course can travel all ocean waters. Shallow water craft (knarr, sailboats etc) should be able to sail anywhere without grounding. If a GM or players want deepwater ships to travel all of the smaller inland waterways, they may need to use a dredge or a GM wand to make all waterways deepwater, which might make a nice project for some players. **EDIT see post below, I did a second version without the shallow rivers There are two downloads, one with regular ores and one with moonmetals added. Rheyan's youtube tutorial on how to add custom maps is here. Map: Screenshots:
  7. "You have to do something in the game" I am always very busy in the game it just is rarely ever combat oriented. Been in WO about same amount as WU (2010 here). In all my characters over all the servers, WO or WU, I rarely get above 20-30 fight skill. And in WO that was mostly from breeding 5 speed hellhorses for years, back when they were great XP. I don't get bored, in Wurm. Upkeep with alternate income sources makes great sense since it helps clean up the map from inactive players. People who are not actively playing, are not using up space. Voting and UBI sources make that possible while including all kinds of playstyles. unless you really really NEED to get that map cleared of monsters? Is that the important purpose for it, you have too many monsters? I actually LOVE the 10x action timers, I thought it was 1x/10x but it did seem much faster skillgain than 1x. but really I loved the idea of a slow XP but fast action timer. Probably my favorite thing in the time i spent there, that and the nifty map! I ended up swimming up that little mountain ringed valley in the north and deeding there ("Wild Things"), was a wonderfully delicious place to find. But was going to need a boat to make it workable so my first project was coalpiles since there is no easy access to clay nor tar up there, and you can pretty much only get there by swimming naked with an empty inventory. . Coalpiles for tar for boat for clay, then figure out how to get my beloved hellhorses into that wonderfully horrible inaccessible spot. I loved the challenge. Challenge is more than just pure combat and whacking stuff with a sword. My next favorite types of servers are the ones where you start with nothing, no weapon or tools, not even a flint and steel.
  8. And unless they changed, both of them were heavily PVP oriented if I recall?
  9. Wait I thought Fallen Earth got shut down? It's still running? I played a bit of that back in 2009 or something, after I left Asheron's Call and before I found Wurm, and I liked it pretty well. I might have to poke my head back in. If you like unique crafting and unique gameplay, Ryzom is maybe another Oldie to look at. They are not not Wurm of course, there will never be another Wurm. Well unless it is Wurm 2.0. Also Pantheon is going to be more like the original Everquest and really not much at all like Wurm. Though Brad McQuaid's death was a huge shocker and uncertain how much it is going to change from Brad's Original Vision(TM). See The Future of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Without Brad McQuaid?
  10. Well, as long as you like combat Also gives some incentive+reminder for people to help raise the visibility of the server. Being high on the wurm-unlimited voting list catches the eye of a number of people looking for a server to join. Could it be enough to be a deal-breaker for me? Hmm. Yes ... possibly. Every server is different, every server MUST reflect the tastes of its admin, but I've played over 9000 hours on scores of WU servers, and I'll be danged if I am going to spend much of my time anymore doing the parts of the game I very much do not enjoy. Many servers try to suit a wide variety of playstyles. Some will mostly cater to PVP. Some will cater to carebears. Some to high achievers, or to social types. Some cater to hunters and explorers. Some to fast skilling, and some to slow skilling. Ultimately, all servers must reflect the best judgment of their admins, but yeah ... I guess in the end, it is a dealbreaker for me.
  11. What is the "Salve" mod? Is there a voting bounty?
  12. Wow what a pretty map!
  13. Double check that ServerTweaks doesn't have the folder order messed up, sometimes unzipping leads to an extra subfolders being inserted. \mods\ServerTweaks\libs\poi-3.13-20150929.jar