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  1. Is this a desktop, or a laptop hooked up to an external monitor? Apparently setting discrete graphics in BIOS (to avoid hybrid mode) might help: Do you have more than one display? Sounds like x11 is finicky about multiple monitors with different refresh rates. Not sure whether either of these are any help:
  2. I know most come to Wurm to get away from reallife politics etc so not trying to start any debates, just figured that Bashur made such a brief but marked impact on Wurm and many here would want to know about this: Brandon "Bashurverse" Ashur, the Minecraft YouTube star and Twitch streamer more recently known to fans as Toasty Time, has died at the age of 36. Ashur, whose YouTube channel garnered 1.58 million followers, had been documenting his battle with the virus on his Twitter account, revealing one month before his passing that he had the novel coronavirus and pneumonia. Ashur's sister, Anesa Ashur, announced his death on Monday in a Facebook post that was subsequently shared to Reddit and across Twitter. A YouTube personality with nearly 1.6 million subscribers has died from Covid-19 complications, according to reports. Brandon Ashur, 36, known online as Bashurverse or Toasty Time, died after contracting covid in August. It is believed that Ashur had not been vaccinated against the virus. Ashur shared updates on his Twitter page to his more than 330,000 followers about his experience with coronavirus after he revealed he had tested positive for the virus on 7 August. “This is the worst, would not recommend getting,” he tweeted on 12 August. Three days later, he said he had been admitted to the hospital and had “covid and pneumonia” simultaneously. For those not around back then, some may remember Rolf welcoming the Bashur fandom to Wurm Online with open arms: It got a little ... controversial .. at the time...
  3. I wonder if that was something that dates back to when they started adding foal life stages to animals that previously didn't have them (hellhorses for example), so that the animal's "working" life expectancy would not be severely shortened by the sudden addition of a new childhood stage...? Especially since Hellhorses stop being work animals (cart horses) halfway through their lifetime anyway. Retiring them at Old and then adding a foal stage might have cut severely into their usefulness more than intended. I know I was breeding hellhorses at the time foals were added, and seem to vaguely recall that being a concern?
  4. Birch and pine are great choices for nomads because they grow so much faster into "wood producing machines". Oak and willow are the slowest. Most of the rest are kind of inbetween. I chose cedar sprouts, but in retrospect I wish I would have picked pine instead!
  5. Was able to find this on steam wurm unlimited forums, but unfortunately no solution listed: This might be relevant however: Non-login servers do not need to handle WcKingdomChat messages. In the current implementation, discord messages sent to the in-game chat are duplicated per server the app is running on. You can comment out the else and "wc.sendToLoginServer();" in the code, forcing the login server to handle and distribute all Discord chatter, as it should be. It goes on every server and will not duplicate. The mod no longer has anything to do with something being a login server or not. When a player sends a message, the server that the player is on processes the message through the DiscordRelay that's on that current server to send the message to Discord. If a message is sent from Discord, each server individually processes it and adds a message to their own GL-Freedom channel directly instead of "broadcasting" the message as a global message. This prevents duplication of the messages entirely. If the login server is offline, and a message is sent on another server, it will still relay to Discord if the mod is installed on that other server. Equally, any server running the DiscordRelay mod will have any messages from Discord processed to their GL-Freedom channel. Unfortunately most of this is over my head but maybe you can tell whether it is relevant
  6. That is correct It does not allow you to convert. It is still imposing to come across, in this bleak world of nothingness. Wonders what a little dirt, a few fir sprouts and some terraforming will do however! Onward to Redmyst in a few days, then Farmarsh in September!
  7. [03:38:31] You feel the presence of Libila.
  8. You have always had a queue interrupted if you sowed (which requires a seed active) then harvested, because the seed is gone and it cannot complete the harvest action as the item you chose to have active when you ordered the harvest, no longer exists. I am nearly certain it has been this way since I started in 2011. This is not a new thing. Here are a couple of old threads going back to 2012 on the issue (which has always bugged wurm players): Perhaps a moot point but the fact a CA Help discussed this with you suggests this might be a Wurm ONLINE issue and not a Wurm UNLIMITED issue, although some WU servers do have CA Help. This specific subforum is for WU tech help (and thus probably gets zero attention from devs as we are expected to look after each other in WU). If you really want dev attention you will need to get this post moved to WO tech help -or- WO suggestions, I usually suggest tyou use REPORT to let a moderator know it was posted in the wrong area and they always seem happy to move it to the correct section. Which specific server do you play on?
  9. [23:00:27] You currently have 2 copper on your bank account. BUT I AM RICH !!!!
  10. Whitesand is spooky when you arrive in the dark o_0 Everything is ghostlike and it feels you landed on the moon ...
  11. >> I will grant ten 50 QL saplings of one tree of your choosing to anyone who replies to this post I would like 10 cedar sprouts. Ingame name: Sprout
  12. Ignore requiem1 and requiem2, the three maps are: TranquilGardens (easy), Cragmoor (medium), Wilds (hard) I have not logged in for a while so I am assuming servers are still up
  13. This sounds very intriguing! Edit w question: If REDMYST is in storm for the month of July, does that mean there is no way to acquire clay for forges etc till August? Just as an example, I can rough it for a while/ Also: "" You may build near the Altars (which are only in Farmarsh), controlling access to them"" Controlling access to the alters reminds me of PvP. But there is no PvP here, correct? But people are allowed to block access to others by say building a wall around them? Can they deed the altars?
  14. this old post suggests it may be related to a missing Altar of Three: