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  1. Maybe see whether anything here helps, as it deals with the error "Unable to start LinuxGSM" for various games INCLUDING Wurm Unlimited: I don' know anything about Linux or server errors, but we have some good people here who are talented at this kind of thing. However it could take hours/days/weeks for the right one to notice and answer....
  2. Not as old as yours but still a wurm classic:
  3. Hmm, how cool would it be if the northern quarter of the northern Islands server was mostly Tundra, Mountain & perma-snow, the southern quarter mostly desert, steppe and VOLCANO, swarming with hellhounds Lavafiends Hell Scorpions. The middle 50% is normal Wurm. No impact on farming, resources, etc as that would be way too complicated to do in time anyways. The peeps who adore snow, pine trees, alpine could run for that upper 25% of the server (I'm in that batch) The peeps who love volcanos and danger migrate south (esp if more hostile spawns) The 50% who obstinately insist on being "NORMAL" can cluster in the middle half of the server You can simply "paint" the snow area and, if people want, they can dig it to dirt again and replant in meadows etc, just like they can do with Tundra or Steppe (except just like Tundra, the imapct is permanent ie it does not spread or revert back). Same with Deserts etc.
  4. He is gearing up to return for the new Steam server: He's done a couple Wurm videos since Oct 2019, it may be that the sudden influx of veterans commenting over his shoulder and telling him what to do next, spooked him off a little
  5. First: People of color actually existed in medieval Europe. The Moors of Spain were an active part of Europe from 711 until 1492 (right in the middle of the Wurm "time and place") After they were expelled from Spain, many stayed in neighboring parts of Europe. Hundreds lived in Tudor England. These moorish europeans were prominent subjects of Munich sculptor Erasmus Grasser, whose work graced castles throughout northern europe. Date: 1480. Much of this was stamped out of later historical records, in some cases even later painting over the skin tones in paintings! Jesus was white! The three wise man were white! 'But this is Northern Europe! By which we mean, Swedish (except anytime we want something in the game that is not Swedish!') There were no black Swedes back then!' In other words, the Moors may have been a major part of historical medieval europe, but we're not counting them! It's not THAT europe! There are many many many things in the game that are not "homegrown northern european", and especially not "Swedish". Some are more than a little out of place for a "medieval northern Europe" theme. A few are items brought to northern europe by global traders, many of whom were also of a wide ethnic diversity, but these items were NOT common to the time and place: Basil is native to central Africa through Southeast Asia. Corn is from Mexico. Potatoes are from Peru. Rice is from China. Tomatoes are from central and south america. Cabbage is native to the Mediterranean (as are those moors!). Cucumbers are from India. Garlic is from Middle Asia. Carrots are from Persia. Rosemary is from the Mediterranean. And of course, as all Game of Thrones book readers know, there are no lemon trees in the North. Yet there are lemon and orange trees growing wild throughout northern Swedish-style Wurm? I could make this list REALLY REALLY long. But we put these items in the game anyway because it makes the game more interesting and enjoyable for the players. In those cases, we don't argue whether each and every one of these are "historically accurate" because it is, after all, "just a game." Like it or not, Wurm is already diversified. Not everything in the game is 100 percent historically accurate, even for a completely made up world and place. Even if a few wealthy European nobility had access to some of these via traders, they were very rare and very expensive and not obtainable by the common folk, and certainly not growing in their backyard gardens. The commonfolk of europe did not find these foraging through the grass in front of their cottage. The wealthy did not get them that way either. We won't even get into the issues of dragons and trolls. We gave up arguing years ago (thankfully) whether female characters "historically" wore armor and wielded swords. After all, Joan of Arc! Queen Boudica of Britain! Brynhild the Valkyrie! All them totally badass Viking Women! The fact that a huge part of the Wurm player base are in fact female, probably played a major part in that. "Fine. Ok, whatever, woman can have swords and wear armor and be 'equal', sigh." Now the developers say they are trying to open Wurm to a broad new market of gamers. Almost every other "fantasy roleplaying game" based on medieval life, allows a broad ethnic diversity so that all players can feel they have a place in that game. Neverwinter Nights from 2002 allows very dark skintones, and player avatars that are obviously african or arabic or oriental. Dark Ages of Camelot from 2001, which like Wurm also is supposedly based on "northern european medieval settings," you can play a Saracen, who have darker arabic/moorish coloration. You can play a Erudite in Everquest (1999), a Redguard in Daggerfall, Morrowind and Skyrim, a Gharu'ndim or a Sho in Asheron's Call. It doesn't matter whether you call those "races" or simply allow a wider range of skin colors for generic humans. Almost every "medieval" roleplaying game except Wurm, embraces a wide diversity of skintones for its playerbase. It doesn't even need to be explained in "the lore". We are way past that stage, we have been for some time. Yes, there are a certain subset of gamers who hate abhor detest any sort of "diversification" in their games, books, movies, comics (as well as in their schools, places of employment, and general society). I do not believe they represent the majority of Wurm players, and I am not going to waste time arguing with them. But for the rest of us ... do we really want to tell this "new generation of Wurm players" that we are trying to promote the game to, that this game is only representing people with the most absolute pale skin colors possible? Or do we want the game to fail just so we can keep up this "fantasy" of only having pure milk white skin tones? Is that also the message that the new owners of the game, Gamechest Group, want to be promoting? Do we as the playerbase, want this to be -our- message? Is this really who we want to be? It's not too late, even now. Just change the current skin tones to a wider range than "pale to somewhat less pale", and give every preexisting one free silver mirror so they can adjust themselves if they ended up, horrors, being too dark. If we can easily do this with gods and priests, why can't we do this with skintones?
  6. KatsPurr also has a video guide:
  7. Love a big huge map where you are dropped into a completely blank wilderness Finally found a horse and heading north to see if White Light is more visible once I get further north (the beam is hard to see on a huge map until you get much closer to the northern coast -- I do finally see it now as i draw closer!). I appreciate you not going overboard on too-many-mods and seeming to have a "hands off" approach. I hope you stay with that approach! One essential bugfixing mod I would urge you to consider however is Coldie's guard tower fix for the horrible bug CodeClub left unfixed in WU. It is looking increasingly like the devs have no intent to fix even game breaking bugs now, and that one is kind of essential.
  8. Time to break out the yellow potions Possible Transformations Bear Black wolf Goblin Large barrel Pheasant Pile of items Pottery flowerpot with flowers Skeleton Son of Nogump Spectre Zombie
  9. Worth a BUMP prior to the upcoming Steam launch. How hard of a change could it be?
  10. Hi, one problem with sleep powders is they cannot be mailed, only traded in person. My character is a non-premmed returnee with no boat, armor, or way to travel, so I unfortunately need to find someone who can close in northern Indy, Samling area, near or around Nostalgia deed. I guess there is something priests can do now to teleport people to them, but I have no priest that can do this, I don;t think it works across servers, and I think it is only one way.
  11. 80 copper per sleeping powder, there are 8 available (so 6.40 for all eight)
  12. You could also build ladders, build crates, "haul" the crates up with a rope. Getting the carts and wagons upstairs as you've seen people do is a smidgen tricky, I am thinking maybe I once ended up with the horses outside on the roof or something, I forget now. I do remember once having to chop a hole in my roof after some upper floor adventure with a cart, but I forget the details now, it would have been many years ago. Anyway, carts up the stairs is glitchy because it was never intended to work like that. Hauling crates up a ladder with a rope though is pretty easy, because it was specifically designed to work that way.
  13. >Based on the creature's soul strength the traits will flip on and off at random I have heard this before and always wondered -- do creatures of a specific type (unicorn hellhorse horse bison bulls etc) all have a static number for their species? IE all horses always have the exact same soul strength as other horses? I have heard this as explanation of why hellhorses can sustain their top speed much easier than horses can -- because HHs have much greater soul strength -- but is it a static number> Or do horses act more like players, where they have have individual increases in soul strength that change as they age or advance? Adolescent vs Venerable? Also I have seen Wurm players arguing before whether horses for instance can increase skills, with anecdotal stories about people "teaching" their horses to skill up their fight skill... in some skill based games, players would even "skill up" a creature such as a dragon, teaching it to advance its fight skills until it became nearly unbeatable by players.... Is it possible for one horse to more consistently reach and keep its max speed compared to others, they all are capable of the same top speed just some horses have some advantage in soul strength in reaching that maximum? If Rolf was going to bother to give animals the same "body skills" as players, it seems he might have also given them means to increase their skills?