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  1. Help me for SpellCraft and SpellMod

    Then do as Ayluin says and post the "server.log" file so people can see what the errors are. If you are not sure where to find it, how to post it, or anything just try to explain carefully where you are getting stuck so someone can walk you through it. If anyone here speaks Portuguese and thinks they might be able to walk him through the steps in his native language, please PM him and offer your help
  2. Help me for SpellCraft and SpellMod

    Did you see my post here (because you never came back to report how it went): Spellcraft should be version 4.3 and you might have downloaded an older version It also appears you MUST have Sindusk Library installed (required supporting files)
  3. Best hosting as of yet.

    yeah I was thinking at the time, this was not the general experience of the community at large, and thought it curious that someone would feel compelled to sign up for the forums that they otherwise ignored, just to praise citadel then disappear again with no other discussion about the game. See also this site. (I could have sworn I saw this or a similar post about a week or two ago...? That person had also signed up just to praise citadel then disappeared) * edit: actually, it was on the reddit wurmunlimited subforum. "Someone" signed up out of the blue just to praise citadel then just as suddenly disappeared again. Throwaway account for a one time "review." Coincidence? Perhaps. I suspect these are not the only two places this happened recently....
  4. Glasshollow to Indy Ferry

    You might make a new second character, just for now, to play with your friends on Indy until you can find a ride. Unless the rules changed (maybe they did), I believe you are allowed up to five characters per email. ______________ Wiki link: "" You may register up to five characters per email address ""
  5. 517 slope

    Sounds like a drop shaft connecting to a preexisting tunnel system much lower down ...? Or is the 517 slope on the outside? Here is a list of mining warnings.
  6. I ran into one discussion where deleting the Hosts file (\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\) and then restarting the computer solved someone's issue, they did not explain why that solved it but several people in the comments reported it worked for them too (I hate deleting files in case I want to undo something, so I usually just rename it to something like HOSTSxxxxxx instead) * edit, when i google delete hosts to solve protocol error it pops up on quite a few HOW TO SOLVE lists so apparently this is a common fix, though I don't see it on the previous links
  7. Poofing meat!

    The solution of course is ANIMAL KIBBLE which lets us use SLOW COOKING in CAULDRONS to turn perishable foods, leftovers, grains and animal byproducts (tails, paws, bladders etc) into dry long lasting animal feed. Also solves the problem of animals eating larger bulk-units than they need to feed them, by offering them delicious bite sized morsels.
  8. Templars freezing

    Is there a particular type of hostile mob? For instance, I think they won't attack Anacondas since those are deity animals, and also won't attack avatars or uniques. Different issue though if you mean "crocodiles & trolls" types of mobs...
  9. If related to AVAST, maybe also check these links: (Seems to usually involve disabling HTTPS scanning in Avast)
  10. I noticed this on one help page, which was discussing how sometimes browser extensions cause the issue, unsure if it would help at all but it seems an easy thing to try: ""When you face ssl connection error, try launching Google Chrome in Incognito mode and load the same web page with ssl connection error in incognito mode. If you are able to access the webpage, you can be sure that one of your extensions is giving this error."" maybe see also:
  11. There is getting to be a very nice active community!
  12. Just to confirm, I downloaded it on June 9 and it worked fine, and downloaded again just now to test (in Chrome) _______________________________________________ ** edit: is the error you get, this: This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol. If so maybe check here:
  13. [Bug] Lock on military tent goes invalid

    this was first posted three years ago : Posted June 6, 2016 >"my solution to fix this bug is a bit longer than 2 lines" Please have whatever devs are left over there take a look at Sklo's suggested easy fix. It's not really clear why we need to wait over three years for a five minute fix.
  14. Unable to repair guard tower

    No, I was just neglectful in my manners, The server i play on did add it and then we had to wait for the next server resatrt/update so there was about a week before it actually took effect, but I was negligent in getting back here sooner to say thanks
  15. More random maps 4096x

    He is correct, the download link is for an extremely mountainous map named "Wibbly" Doesn't look like your normal style neither.