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  1. EverWurm Launch

    Have you posted the map yet
  2. According to GM Nicrolis and Lead Forum Moderator Pandalet, it was simply added as a neutral alternative to a "Like", and does not have any overtly negative connotations. People are apparently allowed to interpret it as they please!
  3. On WU, I never gained XP if I did a dish that was way above my skill level. Now I always start out making simple Breakfasts of a single potato in a clay bowl until I get to 10 or 15 HFC, and especially avoid anything more than 25 points above my skill. WU works different than WO but it is the first thing I would check. If you are at 1.00 skill and making fancy meals with multiple ingredients, that could be the issue. Try a test, maybe 5 clay bowls each with a potato or pumpkin. Start small. And check the Lore of each dish with a right-click.
  4. Another thing to note, players on the new server might still play actively but for fewer hours a day. Say initially a lot of them took time off, or just got obsessed/addicted, and logged in 12-16+ hours a day. Now weeks later it may settle down to where they still log in almost every day, but average 3-5 hours a day, and now and then miss a day (gasp). Still a very active playtime, but if you are checking for how many players are logged in at any particular moment, it could look like a dropping in population, when it is actually a similar number of people just not playing as intensively. My own hours I now have slacked off compared to first week, but I still log in nearly every day. But for shorter periods, as there are other things in my life I also tend to give attention to, and it is hard to susutain longterm those first week nonstop play sessions. How many people on the new servers are playing just as many hours today as they did the first week? How many still play daily but for far fewer hours now?
  5. 1s each, 80c each, pickup only at J-8 Harmony, Nettlesnook (coastal deed) PM me here or Sprout ingame if interested Young Warthop [14:54:02] A foal skips around here merrily. [14:54:02] He has a normal build. [14:54:02] It is a tough bugger. It can carry more than average. [14:54:02] Its colour is piebald pinto. [14:54:02] His mother is the mature fat Goldenhunting. His father is the mature fat Jollyhop. Adolescent Sadwar [14:52:54] A foal skips around here merrily. [14:52:54] He is a bit round. [14:52:54] It will fight fiercely. It has fleeter movement than normal. [14:52:54] Its colour is brown. [14:52:54] His mother is a venerable fat horse. His father is an aged fat horse. Adolescent Eastcloud << Reserved [14:56:08] A foal skips around here merrily. [14:56:08] She has a normal build. [14:56:08] It is a tough bugger. It has lightning movement. [14:56:08] Its colour is grey. [14:56:08] Her mother is a venerable fat horse. Her father is the mature fat Eastroman.
  6. Hoping for some staff response
  7. I can confirm this. Had some foals with bad traits penned next to my altar, the bad traits (malformed hindlegs, legs of different length) were not removed. No other altars in the area and my Fo priest gets the message of getting bonuses from the influence of Fo there. This is on Harmony.
  8. I have a question about Holy Crop. I have been gone from WO for a while (playing on WU which is now very outdated). I noticed the wiki has a new addition, among the benefits of Holy Crop was ; "" Instantly casts Genesis on all applicable creatures within the domain of Fo."" Before today's cast. I moved a foal with a bad trait a few tiles from my Fo altar. There are no other altars in the area and I get a bonus on my fo priest there for being in Fo's Influence. After holy Crop was cast I checked the foal again but nothing happened to the fol, it did not get any sort of "instant genesis" and still had malformed hinglegs. What part of the Wiki entry am I not understanding?
  9. OH hey that's Chris the Cole-and-Marmalade guy!! He mentioned he used to make videos for a big cat reserve he worked at
  10. It might (or might not!) work similar to farming, where there are five possible results from tending, from "failure" to "too easy/no skill". Sometimes seems possible to learn more from mistakes than from doing something "riskfree, " though I think you never or rarely gain skill if it is too far above your abilities. So sweet spot usually is "failing sometimes, but not too much and not too little".
  11. I do agree with you that it SEEMS like they are all suddenly eating more lately, though. Usually if some have eaten a tile to dirt, I can feed them one or two .30kg grains and fill them up, lately it has taken me 4-6 for some of them and these are not animals standing on dirt for days, they were ones I had checked just the day before. It's hard though to separate fact from observational error, so we may need some other animal keepers to chip in on whether they believe anything have changed, maybe in their "polling" system or whatever periodically checks an animals status and causes them to eat.
  12. They can ruin newly sown tiles very easily. If possible, try to have areas that are newly sown and other areas that are 2 days or more old, and rotate them over to the "older" tiles. If it is grass, try to keep them on medium-tall-wild and away from "short" especially newly sown. If you are resowing, try to feed the animals to FULL before planting new vegetation, otherwise if they are still hungry from sitting on a dirt pile, they will just devour the new tile too. Potatoes and pumpkins are good for this. I keep mine on farm times but I have medium pens + gates + hitching posts so i can move them around if they start grazing one area too much. You can "place" hitching posts in areas where the tiles are not newly sown (sometimes they seem to graze and adjoining tile instead of the one directly under the post.) I have also seemed to notice they all have increased appetites lately, not just the pregnant moms (who eat like 2x-3x normal) but the foals and non-pregnant animals too.
  13. It's not just in caves, might be more noticable there