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  1. It's been up for four years straight now, I would say the odds of it coming down are fairly low (but never impossible).
  2. Does the same thing happen if you use the Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server instead of the Wurm Unlimited Server? The first usually has its own folder in a different path from the WU server +client. (Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server is available under Steam > Library but switch the dropdown box from "GAMES" to "TOOLS")
  3. Are you using any mods? Also have Steam verify files for Wurm Unlimited and Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server.
  4. these is also this recent post from Ostentatio that I would try: Also let us know if disabling FBO support in the Compatibility settings tab helps; this will have undesired effects, but it has improved stability for some and it would help to know who that works for.
  5. Yes but I would first UN install all other javas from the computer, then ONLY install the offline one I linked. If you have multiple version of Java it can severely mess up the game.
  6. Ah ok, I saw you registed in 2014 and had posts up in 2018 / 2019. So it has been crashing ever since you came back? If you just came back to it recent, but still had it installed on your system, I would make sure you downloaded the NEWEST client as the older clients are not likely to be very functional. Another thing to check -- look in Java and Control Panel to see if you have BOTH 32- and 64- bit Java. YOU DO NOT WANT BOTH because the game seems to automatically use the 32 bit version. Uninstall all Java from the system then ONLY use this manual offline install for 64 bitv (the third option, Windows Offline (64-bit) filesize: 83.46 MB). You do not want to use some of the newest versions of java, like Java 17 or 18, i think. I play WU instead of WO these days and someone else might have suggestions on which is the "newest" java that is useable.
  7. Ok you had mentioned updating both intel and Geforce drivers and that threw me off, sorry about that! I would try reinstalling Wurm, I guess. Can't think of much else to suggest.
  8. If you DO have a laptop with both Intel and GeForce graphics (and it sounds like you do) , there is an issue specific to Java based games (like Wurm) where you must open the NVidia graphics control panel and direct it to "always use Geforce/dedicated graphics", because if you do NOT switch this then the laptop thinks Java is an office desktop app and keeps switching back over to the intel chip again. You probably would also be getting random crashes in the Java version of Minecraft. Because the two games are coded very similar (since some overlap in the original developers), a lot of things that fix crashing in minecraft will also fix crashing in Wurm. Since there are like 1000000 times more Minecraft players than Wurm players, looking up "fixing crashes in minecraft" often turns up more answers then searching for Wurm fixes. Here are a couple threads discussing the issue of laptops with "switchable graphics" running Java games. The control panel part -probably- looks like this, however I am not as familiar with Win 10 and newer versions of GeForce Control Panel: Also try not to post multiple threads on the same topic, as it won't get more assistance just less attention from people who give up on which thread has the most recent info. One last question -- I see you have been playing Wurm for at least 8 years and no major technical problems till recent. Did you change computers? Reinstall a new operating system? Make any other changes different from when you (seemingly) played fine in 2018 2019 2020 2021 etc? Also if you could answer a few of the questions you skipped over. Do you play on Wifi or ethernet? Same ISP? Are you playing from a different location than before? Are you playing through Steam? You could also try reinstalling Wurm. Back up first any chat logs/screenshots etc that you want to save.
  9. I am actually enjoy the map very well right now so no rush!
  10. First, this is tech help for Wurm UNLIMITED and you mention Wurm ONLINE. The subforum for tech help in WO is here, and it may be more actively monitored by game devs and players who can help (WU is often left to its own devices these days): I will ask a mod to move the thread for you. Meantime here are a few things to try: *** If you have a laptop with "switchable" graphics, you may need to toggle it from the powersaving Intel graphics chip to the more powerful dedicated gaming graphics (AMD/NVidia). Tell me if you need help with this step. *** I suggest you get graphics drivers from the chip manufacturer and NOT from Windows Update, as Windows Update is notoriously unfriendly to OpenGL games like Wurm. Tell me if you need help with this step: Intel: AMD-Radeon: NVidia/Geforce: *** You could be dropping packets. If you are playing thru Wifi, try testing with an ethernet cable. If you are already using cable, it may be an older cable with frayed lines, try swapping in a new cable (when I had constant sporadic crashes, this is what solved it for me. Maybe not your issue though). *** If you are using steam, have it verify files. Ask me if you need help with this step. Can you post also your operating system, ram and graphics adapter. Also if possible the laptop model.
  11. Thank you! Excited to give this a try! Edit: Clay is slightly scarce, not a serious problem unless you are one of the finicky settlers who want clay+trees+water+mine+cart-friendly all bundled in one deed site. I think I found two location on the map with most of the above all together, but clay is scarcer than many maps. Not undoable though especially if you get a boat early. And you can always make coalpiles for the tar to make that boat. But if you DO go in anyway to add a bit of tar, maybe also a couple clays in "mainland" areas close to trees. It's mostly in deserts or sanded islands meaning there are very few "perfect" spots to deed -- which is not necessarily a bad thing, it forces players to make some choices on what is most important to them. If you have fewer than 5 players there are fewer issues but if you have more, there could be disputes about deeding over those accessible clay spots. Someone making a GM to place the altars and a starting spawn area can also add clay and tar to a start area, though. Once everyone makes a boat a first priority, most other difficulties vanish. And, we don't have enough maps making a boat early on a big priority, so this map is great for that. Nothing impossible and does add a bit more challenge which is always good! It is not an "easy" map but I think more enjoyable for that very reason. And it is an EXCELLENT map for people who enjoy exploration! I love the shape of the map and the way it encourages you to get out of your deed and travel.
  12. Doesn't sandstone usually have only 50 hits (unless modded), making it no different than clearing a normal rock tile?
  13. Thank you Baeowulf, Wulfrock, Spolmit and Griffith! I like higher mountains too I should have had the cliff face setting better as a lot of the mountains are covered over in green. But for mountains, higher is always better!
  14. Riverweave 8k is a very 'dense' map as although there are a lot of small twisty waterways for boating, there is not much in the way of ocean/seas and it uses up most of the available area as playable landmass: Download Server Files How to Install Custom maps: Rheyan's YouTube Guide As always, I am open to criticisms that can help me do better on the next map. Troubleshooting Tips: An 8k map is bigger than most people need even for a public server. If you have a super-duper computer you may have no issues with these big maps, but my older computer struggled loading some of my mine until I edited the file LaunchConfig.ini in my Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server to read: [Runtime] OverrideDefaultJavaPath=false JavaPath= [Memory] InitialHeap=3g MaxHeapSize=12g [Utility] CleanLogsOnStart=true [VMParams] JvmParam0=-XX:+AggressiveOpts I tried less radical 2g/8g settings first but I was still hitting "GC Overhead" errors pretty regular. I also needed to initially lower what was apparently too high of a creature count for my ancient computer, I have not tested yet to find a sweet spot but if you run into issues, try adjusting HEAP sizes in LaunchConfig.ini and if still having issues, lowering the animal count. In some cases I also needed to close all my programs, reboot, and do a fresh clean boot, start Steam, then try with nothing else in the background. This especially can help if you crashed and had to force close anything as sometimes there are bits and pieces of files stuck in memory, and a reboot clears them up. Might be just my old ancient system