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  1. Duplicate authentication

    Try restarting your modem/router (or unplug, count to 10, and plug back in) and see whether that solves it. Is this a wireless connection or a cabled connection? Are there any others in the building (house/dorm/work/military) who might have the same IP address? Try also making a test connection to a server like Otherlands, as they tend to have very good server setup & admin, and at least we can rule out it being some issue serverside. If you have a character that started to get logged in and then was disconnected, it may prevent from being able to relog back into that same server again. Also, according to this thread in some cases it can happen if a character name is rejected, for length or spaces or some other reason. Try something relatively short, without spaces and without any unusual characters in it.
  2. Duplicate authentication

    Sometimes you can fix that by either restarting computer, OR force closing Steam in task manager and restarting Steam Sometimes you will also just get it randomly and trying again it will work, but sounds like you are getting it consistent so restart Steam and/or computer
  3. Here is the Crash message that popped up on Launch.

    The Game will not run on Java 9 You need the official java 8 version let me get and add a link Java Downloads for All Operating Systems Recommended Version 8 Update 171 Release date April 17, 2018 Make sure you get the 64-bit system as the 32 bit version causes crashing
  4. Yes, I have done this with my kids who live in other states. The trickiest part is correctly forwarding the ports on the router and/or firewall. I did it once but it was confusing for me, and when Comcast did a forced router/modem upgrade on me, I really did not feel like doing it again. You can then password protect it so that only your friends are able to access. Don;t ask me to walk you through it though as I barely did it before and it's just too complicated for me. My daughters are both married to IT techs and frankly they tried to set up their own computers to act as the host, but couldn't manage. Steam forums are full of people who tried and gave up. Yet you will also find people telling you the 6 year old next door managed to set one up just fine and that it is JUST SO EASY. So give it a try, many have succeeded with no problems. It might well depend on your modem software whether it is easy of complicated. I probably downloaded and used the Wurm Dedicated Server which is a separate download from the server that comes with the game (under TOOLS in Steam Library) , although some say that is only needed if you use a separate computer from the one you play on, as the server. Depends on your system as far as resources. At the time, I had a 10 year old computer with an original Conroe Core 2 Duo E6700, 8800GTX, probably 4G ram, and a regular hard drive not SSD. This is my personal computer which I ran my client on and we also used as the server. We did not notice any particular lag but use a SMALL map if possible (1024x1024 or 2048x2048 custom maybe). You won't need a huge map if its just a few of you and bigger maps will just cause problems. Check the subforum for custom small maps if you do not feel up to inventing your own with the map generator tool. This links in this thread might help: Keenan's Steam Guide Official Guide (Wurmpedia) Wurm Unlimited - Offline Server Setup and noobie tips Gamester4Life also has a How To video here:
  5. Mad Suggestions

    While I very much =like= the Mentor Village in GV idea, my understanding is that the main reason they removed the previous "hands on, try everything" Golden Valley tutorial and replaced it with the current sterile showcase "look but don't touch" village with "click to read signs to save going to Wurmpedia but 10x more confusing than Wurmpedia" was because they felt periodically cleaning up the messes after newbies in GV was already too much work for GMs. Yes, even with a very superhigh decay rate. Adding a mentor Village where people could actually learn things hands on would bring that "mess" right back to GV again. Years ago when they removed without notice the old tutorial, they said a brand new revamped tutorial (skippable for those who don't like tutorials) was in the works. When it first seemed they meant only the long unfinished "Book of Knowledge" sidebar and people objected that did not really replace "try it and see" hands on learning, they said "oh no, we mean something better than just that, of course." Like many ideas, never finished & never implemented. Perhaps one day we can again have some kind of hands on learning center -- perhaps an "instanced" Settlers School in each starter town which you can't log out or AFK in it (or you just respawn back in starter town if you try) and that re-sets / self-deletes / re-creates anytime it is unoccupied. Then if people miss taking a tutorial at the start, and later regret that impulse, they can always return to the Starter Town Schools on their server and repeat anything they did not get the first time. Like .. how to cut down a tree. Or activate tools. Or Examine tiles.
  6. That thread about cats!

    The Cat Who Steals Food (playlist)
  7. Animals Not Turning "Fat"

    Is this a new change in game mechanics?
  8. (Resolved) - "press any key to continue" error

    nvm I misread that runtime was one folder level up not down. I know it is resolved now, but does she show Microsoft Visual C++ installed in Control Panel > Programs for 2010, 2012 & 2013 as all installed?
  9. Norvale PVE Server

    So as soon as I discovered I could breed =FIVE SPEED ZEBRAS= I was hooked I suspect you could also breed 5-speed PANDAS but have not experimented with that ... yet ... That is probably not a selling point for most, but the large list of server mods is all pretty sweet, including treasure maps and (upcoming) dungeons Opening Day Is Tomorrow!
  10. Forum update complete

    I am going to assume this is what retro meant when he said ""Unfortunately the latest version has some issues with the CSS and theme, but we are working on correcting that.""
  11. Wild Terra

    According to the Steam discussion boards, the devs are ADAMANTLY against "singleplayer in an MMO," they will not allow private or offline or 'friends and family/LAN' style, only the official public servers -- which apparently as a result are fairly empty. Dev comments: There are only official server available. No private server creation option. If you a fine playing with all other players - you are welcomed. If you one of those who want single player in MMO - there is no opportunity left for that. We are not interested in single player and never anounced that we do. So the problem is that all game mechanics were made based on MMO cooperation play style. A lot of content will be locked for solo player without cooperation with other players. Rebalancing all game is equal to creating just a new one. How can you rebalance trade and guild castles and sieges and mines and all other things that were made in game already for MMO purposes? We are couple steps away from releasing game from early access and will not ever think about spending even a day of work for making solo mode for this game. Just a waste of time for small Indie game project. I gave full answer on your question and explained all reasons why the answer is “NO”. Moreover we are VERY VERY punctilious about everything that concern bad manners and all topics that could grow into something not polite between players we usually close to prevent it. We love hearts, birds and butterflies. Will appreciate a lot if players will not try to offend each other while they discuss game. We want everyone to be polite and friendly here. Topic closed. Thank you very much for understanding. In fact, they are pretty clearly sick of people even asking about it :p So yeah, you can play on a near empty server and pretend it is singeplayer.
  12. Proposed Features

    ""Ok, Rolf said glassworking is coming his Q&A on upcoming features, he did';t actually say it was a NEW SKILL, but lets not be nitpicky hey wut?"" I am pretty sure glassworking is already on the roadmap, things just take a few years to go from roadmap to implemented They wont say 'when' because we already know what happens with that ...
  13. New Trait?

    Sounds like your animal was selected to be the target of a KILL mission
  14. Animal troughs

    In addition to troughs, I would like to suggest an additional cooking recipe for KIBBLE. Make a stewy kind of sludge with water, meats, fishies, corn, grains, vegetables and maybe partially decayed meals. Bake it in an oven and break into bite sized pieces. Animals can nibble on bits n pieces of what they need to fill their tummy instead of consuming an entire meal because they needed .15 kg of food. Lasts nearly forever. People can eat it too, but the nutritional value for people is not all that great. This could also be a low skill way for newer players to raise Hot Food cooking skill without putting "one potato in a bowl" and calling it "Breakfast." In addition, they might even me able to sell their low quality starter crops by turning them into animal feed, since not many people will buy their 25Q crops for cooking, but might be interested in a small crate of hardy animal feed. You could make "herbivore" and "carnivore" versions but frankly, most animals will eat whatever is available even if it is not in their "normal" diet. (Sometimes it's even 'cute')
  15. [Resolved] cant login anymore after portal use

    Usually the best solution is to log into an alt (or make one) and file a /support ticket through the alt, as that will usually get instant attention from GMs (who don;t monitor the forums) You can also try PMing Enki, but that is risky in case he is taking vacation days off. I had an issue once with a character messed up similar from a server crossing and only a GM can solve it. Basically the game thinks your character is gone/deleted or something (but GMs can safely restore it, it's not a 'hard delete'). Do NOT make an alt with the same name even if it allows it, or it might really risk your main character account.