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  1. intel

    Yakman202 This means it is related ti the intel graphics driver; # Problematic frame:# C [ig75icd64.dll+0x25c3f2] Did you also see my reply to your post here: (I am guessing YES since you specifically mention lowering settings and checking for INTEL made drivers, but you did not mention whether it is a laptop with switchable graphics (easy solution) and whether you tried "windows resizeable" (I usually suggest starting at 800x600 even though it is a small window, then once the game loads with no crashes, expanding to full screen). Do you have any mods at all installed? Could I get a dxdiag report so I can see which intel chipset and which drivers are being used? (Go to START>SEARCH>type in DXDIAG, Enter, click "Save All Information" then copy paste the entiore report here)
  2. Anders Kastanjj -- 1. Can you check this folder :\steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\_CommonRedist\vcredist and make sure to install or reinstall the Microsoft Visual C++ files for 2010, 2012 2013 as this was causing some people to crash when launching 2. Also run the game launcher "As Administrator" 3. Run with NO MODS for now as some mods have been crashing the game launch since the 1.5 WU patch. 4. Try logging into a couple of vanilla public servers just to test whether it is an issue with a specific server or offline mode 5. Rename also the folder \steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\PlayerFiles\configs from CONFIGS to CONFIGSTEST to force the game to regenerate game settings to vanilla default, DO NOT CHANGE to fullscreen or any other settings at all until the crashing issue is solved (fullscreen seems to cause some crashes for some) 6. Have STEAM check integrity of local files 7. Check TaskMgr and make sure no "stuck" copies of the game executable are still running If all of those fail, you might need to try a full uninstall/reinstall. Has this computer ever run WURM ok in the past? (Certianly the hardware specs are all looking great)
  3. At the time, the server I play on (Sklotopolis) was having this exact issue also, and i believe they use the same host as WurmOnline. In any extent, most of the connection issues affected certain players in the USA (and possibly certain ISPs), i could not find anything in news reports about a huge problem so i checked on internet traffic report sites, and they were showing at that time 100% packet loss at certain spots 100% packet losses reported at: California (Anaheim)Canada (Vancouver)GeorgiaKansas (Lenexa)Michigan (Ypsilanti)New Jersey (Atlantic City)New York (NYC)Ohio (Cincinnati)Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)Texas (Pampa)Virginia (Ashburn)Washington (Seattle)Wisconsin (Elkhorn)Yet on their global Overview page, they were giving USA/NAmericsa a very good score (97 green) I don't know how that works exactly but its clearly not anything under Code Club's control. Some people reported they were able to connect by using i think a VPN/proxy, that succeeded in routing their connection a different route. I may have been unlucky having Comcast or it may just be that the main route between me and the European servers was unlucky, though usually I think providers just automatically reroute traffic when a certain route is 'down,' so i am not clear why this did not happen that day. I guess it's like if that one interstate highway on your way home has a 32-car smashup, people not needing to use that specific highway are not affected, people who are technically savvy know how to divert to backroad country lanes, but most of us unlucky enough have no option but to sit there and wait it out.
  4. Can you post a DXDIAG report here (Start>Search>type DXDIAG, enter, click "SAVE ALL INFORMATION", post the entire thing. That will at least allow us to see if there is an issue with hardware /drivers. Wurm Unlimited Minimum Specs: MINIMUM: OS: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 Processor: 2.6 GHZ Intel Core 2 DUO or equivalent AMD CPU Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT 4xx , Radeon HD 5xxx Storage: 3000 MB available space Additional Notes: Java Version 8 it is sometimes still possible to run on older hardware than listed, some intel graphics chipsets will work, but very old chipsets such as the intel 965 series probably will not be able to run the OpenGL requirements.
  5. Owners: 169,204 1442 playing 1529 24-hour peak We've tripled the WU playerbase -- cheers to whichever staff came up with this plan. This will certainly help get the word out Lots of new youtube videos on Wurm Unlimited this week as a result No direct profits off a sale like this I presume, but it should increase visibility of the game and even lead to some trying out Wurm Online as a result. Anytime there is a bump in WU pop, WO has gotten some crossovers from people who prefer a monthly sub game and ease of use / less worries about server wipes etc
  6. Who are both of you using as a server host?
  7. Well, it is crashing on the intel graphics driver: # Problematic frame:# C [ig7icd64.dll+0x85b87] Since the game ran fine before, one possibility is that the driver was corrupted when you crashed. I assume you have already restarted the computer once already. What I usually do if a restart does not fix it, is open Device manager, *delete* the display adapter, then reboot the computer and let windows redetect the hardware again. I would also do a disk scan in case some of the wurm files became mangled during the crash, its possible you have some file fragments messing things up. it's also a possibility that the game settings were the corrupted file, and that you have to tweak them back to work with the intel graphcis, first thing I usually suggest is making sure it starts on windows resizeable (not full screen) and let it load the game before maximizing the window. intel chipsets seem to have more issues in wurm running regular "fullscreen". make sure also all settings are on lowered settings -- no shadows/reflections/particles etc Reinstalling the graphics driver and reinstalling the game would be my suggestion if it is still not working after that.. Don;t update intel drivers through Windows Update or Device Manager, instead get the drivers at Intel's download site as they are much better designed for gaming: if the Intel driver does not fix it, this is the official driver from Dell for the Inspiron 3521 laptop with Intel HD 4000 / Win7-64-bot Dell drivers are not always the best either because they do not update them well, but at least they should be compatible Sometimes they are the seciond best option if you cannot install drivers through Intel
  8. I have not seen anything like this on any other WU server (I have been inside mines on several since 1.5 went in. i don;t think it is anything Code Club did or can fix. It may be something specific to either a particular private mod, or a particular private server. One of the smart server admin players we have in the forums might be able to help figure it out. Is this happening on GreenDragonEpic? Do you have custom server graphics jar or custom mods? if you use server mods, are you sure you have patched the server mod loader since the update? Who hosts the server? EDIT: OOps sorry you already answered: ""We are using the standard Ocrea map with no customizations"" EDIT2: actually if this is the server that is affected it looks like you ARE using mods (which are a type of customization) is this list up to date? I wonder if any other servers are using the moonmetaltweaks and cavedwellingtweaks both of which might affect mines? i suspect the moonmetals one has specific changes to the graphics inside mines, which might also affect non-moonmetal tiles You mention that mod is not working anyways, I wonder if it is still affecting the regular tiles.
  9. Yakman202 -- it says it is crashing n the intel graphics driver: # Problematic frame:# C [ig75icd64.dll+0x25c3f2] Do you happen to have a laptop with "switchable graphics" -- ie, intel for battery saving and NVidia/Radeon for gaming? If so, we can talk you through how to force it to use the gaming graphics and not the intel "power saving", which often mistakes all JAVA apps as desktop apps, and does not recognize them as "gaming" If intel graphics is your only option, make sure you are not launching at "fullscreen", instead use windows resizeable in the launcher and then expand the window to full size once the game loads without crashing. If intel is your ONLY graphics dipsplay adapter, DO NOT use windows update / devide manager to "search for best driver" as they only look for microsoft generic drivers which do not support OpenGL very well. instead, get your driver direct from Intel here: if you have a laptop with switchable graphics, list your laptop model/make and what the gaming videocard is EDIT: sorry just noticed this is for the STEAM version, which probably means this should instead be in the Wurm Unlimited Technical help section as the right people may not spot it here for the steam version you should not have to worry about JAVA as steam version bundles java with the game and uses that version, but I would still check the intel download center for better drivers (if it is not laptop/switchable graphics) AND make sure to launch with windows resizeable and enlarge to fill the screen after it loads without crashing. Regular fullscreen seems to crash with intel graphics a lot more.
  10. I would not trust the information unless a dev confirms it. When I was breeding various champion animals, the mother had to be champion. If the father was champion and the mother was not, it was not a very very small chance -- it was ZERO chance. It might be something that changed. I am not aware of it changing, but they do sneak in little changes now and then. If you bred a male slow male dog with a female champion, you'd end up with either a champion or normal dog but not a slow. Wiki is not always 100 percent right on all things, but it does agree on this: Animals can be bred with a condition only from breeding a female animal with the desired condition. If the male animal also has the condition it may have a greater chance of being passed on to the offspring.
  11. No hell horses involved? I am told that, like pigs, they can "butcher" mobs...
  12. We got two for the last-two-family-members-who-did-not-already-have it. It's possible one of them might end up bringing some friends over from other games (she's the friendly one). Even though CodeClub is making no profit on the sale, it will help with word of mouth and public awareness of the game And ... Just in time for the big Wurm Holiday Fashion extravaganza! (I know they missed the 2013, 2014, 2015, & 2016 Fashion Shows, but that was just to make the upcoming one extra special!)
  13. Try restarting the computer. Then launch Steam again, then try Wurm again. Seems like same issue as here: This third one, I am not clear what he says solved it (something with browser + antivirus) but am including it in case it helps you:
  14. Right now you are using a June 2010 graphics driver which is pretty old, however because the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 is probably considered a "legacy" card, this might be the newest driver, let me poke around the Dell site and elsewhere to see whether there might be a better driver. EDIT: this one looks a little better, December 2013: It's for your laptop (Inspiron N5010) Operating system (Win7 32-bit) and videocard (ATI Mobility 5650). the only possible problem is sometimes Dell "redates" older drivers so that customers won;t think they are being given old drivers -- but underneth the "newer date" it's the same driver. Anyway it is definetely worth a try. NOTE: your dxdiag gives driver version as "Driver Version: 8.742.0.0" and the newer Dell one says "8.742, A02", which really does not sound much newer especially after 3.5 years, however it might include some bug fixing. Hopefully for OpenGL. Try once with "vanilla default settings) -- renaming gamesettings.txt in the CONFIGS folder to force a fresh generation of default graphic settings. Don;t touch any other settings yet. Make sure not to use fullscreen (windowed fullscreen is maybe ok, or weindows resizeable) If it is still crashing, we might need to finetune some of the settings, turning everything down as low as possible (which will also help with the CPU I think) simply to see if it helps at all. People have run the game on older computers than this so we should be able to figure a way to stop the crashing, but it might take some fiddling. EDIT2: ATI has a newer 2015 "Legacy" driver here for the ATI Mobility Radeon 5650 (Win7 32-bit): 7 - 32 Sometimes it can be tricky getting Dell laptops to update through the AMD/ATI site without using a third party "mobility modder" utility, but it is probably worth a try. They have a regular "Catalyst" version plus a "Crimson Edition" and I don't really know which one is better to try, you might have to try both if you don't find a solution to crashes with the first one. if you don't already have your laptop set up this way, this is the best way to get older computers to run games on Win7 (this is also how I have mine set up): Click Start, right-click Computer, click Properties, and then click Advanced system settings. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Continue. On the Advanced tab, click Settings under Performance. On the Visual Effects tab, click Adjust for best performance, and then click OK. Click OK to close the System Properties dialog box. Test your game. i think it removes some of the "AERO" eye candy that makes the desktop look "prettier", but that's really better for running games on an older win7 hardwware. I also recommend using a CLEAN BOOT setup as outlines on the page by Microsoft: Improve your computer's gaming performance Steps 2 & 5 in my opinion are the biggest help. Wurm generally runs ok on even older computers so we should be able to get it to run smoothly after some fiddling.