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  1. well, there is this old thread that specifically references Mince Pie but I guess you already know about that thread. I am not sure what "lootable":{"creature":"human","rarity":"common"}, indicates, other than it wasn;t listed as one of the "loot dropped" recipes. You have a grape of some sort in addition to the apple and orange?
  2. Try saving settings, then immediately exit and then restart the game -- it sounds like the crash may prevent the edited settings from saving.
  3. he did that. He is running without crashes now on 64 bit, he is just reporting 32 bit java no longer works without crashing, which we pretty much I think all know. I am not even sure where to find the game's minimum system requirements anymore. Assuming it is same as Wurm Unlimited, min reqs do not mention 64-bit but the other stats seem higher than I recall in the past: OS: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 Processor: 2.6 GHZ Intel Core 2 DUO or equivalent AMD CPU Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT 4xx , Radeon HD 5xxx Storage: 3000 MB available space Additional Notes: Java Version 8 recommended system reqs however does specify Windows 10 x64 (I hope this does not mean they intend to eventually require Win10, as that might be the end of my own Wurming days D: )
  4. Lumpy Gravy has always been a terrific neighbor and player, I knew him both on Indy when we were both starting out as new players and did several trades, and we became next door neighbors when Deli opened, he is an all around great guy! I am very sorry to hear about the griefers who drove you away from Wurm, I hope they are all gone from the game now.
  5. What many people do is play an initial few weeks on WO as a "free" player, which caps skillgain at 20 (you won;t be able to ride a horse, or drive a cart, and the only boat you can use if a rowboat) but those first weeks should give you a chance to decide whether you like it enough to stay. A second bit of advice -- every new person's start is unique, not only because of who THEY are, but because of the initial area they chose to start in and the people they initially met. Since you can have five characters per email, you might start several new characters scattered on different servers and with a different "playstyle" -- one might be at an "newbie training village" meant to acclimate the player to Wurm (you won;t need that as much, but it can still be a helpful way to star, and a great way to meet the friendliest people in WO), one as a villager for a larger alliance, one over on the Epic servers (someone here might volunteer to get you a gentle start, since that is pvp lands) ... well and the others on other servers (unless you already know you like pvp - since your favorite WU server was russian, despite not speaking russian, and since russians often seem to enjoy pvp (yes that's an over generalization) , you might already be decided you want to go PVP, in which case you definitely want the epic servers. If you are not the intense action type, I believe some have roles for "carebearish" players who prefer staying behind fortified walls and playing more of a support role. Maybe five is a bit too much, but start a few, in different settings, take your time with each. The goal is to get settled in a way where you want to stay and play for YEARS, so "wasting" a few weeks settling in is well worth the extra time, if it means you are more likely to still be here in a year or two. After the first few days you will naturally gravitate to the character you "like" the best, which may be due to something as coincidental as a chance meeting that first day with someone who becomes a lifelong friend. The more lottery tickets you scratch, the better the odds that one pays out big.
  6. this has happened to various people even when they have modified the system paths, as a result the best solution seems to be to have NO 32-bit version at all, only have the 64 bit version -- use the maunal offline installation for the 64 bit version: (you want the third option down, select Windows Offline (64-bit) You can also try going to Control panel and locate and uninstall only the 32 bit, but if that does not work I would uninstall them all and then reinstall only 64-bit OFFLINE manual install. Save the file and exit browser to install it.
  7. Last spring in a thread about sandbox games I mentioned trying a rather charming little game called Ylands, made by Bohemia Interactive, the people who made Arma, DayZ, Take On Mars, and some other "gritty" realistic type surviva; games,. But this one is a little more "cheerful" than the others, it has no zombies and although you can make a PVP multiplayer server, most of the players currently seem to be more into singleplayer or coop PvE with a little friendly style pvp At the time I had purchased through their website a copy of alpha (with Steam key for when it hit Steam) and not too long after that they closed early alpha sales through their website to focus on their Steam EA release, on Dec 6 (a week from today). So i have been playing on and off over the spring and summer -- when i am not playing my first love Wurm Since then they have been handing out media copies to Lets Play folk on youtube so this month it's been featured in a lot of Youtube channels many of whom liked it enough to progress past "First Look" videos and into ongoing series. Keralis is my favorite and I subscribed because I love his charm and his accent (he lives in Sweden but that is I think not a Scandanavian accent ..) . Most of the youtubers are stymied how to pronounce the game's name, it is actually pronounced "I - lands" according to devs though I personally think "Y -lands" is a funner pronunciation. There is also a 90 minute free demo still available at the site, which I strongly suggest trying first to make sure 1) it runs on your system, 2) you overall like the game. The free demo however is from an earlier viersioon from Audust/Sept or so, so not sompletely up to date, plus they are rushing to do additional bug fixing etc before Dec 6's Early Access release. It certainly is no WURM, by which I mean a game you become obsessively addicted to for years and years, but it is a fun little game of the type you might play for a few weeks and then check back on now and then a few times a year. It has good replayability thanks to randomly generated worlds when you start a new game, you start on a single island then have the option to press on to other (often harder) islands and from an easyy going tropical setting to harsher biomes. You can die of hunger, cold, bears, falls, sharks, and even catapulted goats. There is no map unless you progress in crafting enough to make a paper press, writing instruments and map, at which point it reveals only the areas you have explored. Death has some bite to it, as on death you drop all items and (in the most recent version), it's a quasi-permadeath as instead of respawning, it lets you start a new character to take over all of your old character's items, building, pets, and crafting. However its actually pretty much the same as a respawn with a dangerous corpse run so if you abhor permadeath games, this is an exceedingly mild form of it and it "feels" more like a simple "drop inventory on death respawn" There is no XP points or skillgains so none of that is lost on death. However, if you lose track of where you died (EASY to do especially if you go off exploring without making a map of your progress), you might lose everything but its fairly simply to start collecting stuff and beginning again, a little faster and easier each time you figure out how things work. In other words -- yes, a Minecraft clone. There is a mild form of terraforming in that you can mine tunnels, lower hills, flatten land, and even build land extension over water. The building process is fairly intuitive yet also challenging, you can pretty easy make yourself a small simple shack at the start but to make really complex constructions will take some practice with the tools. You start with the classic "start naked, gather rocks sticks ropes" and make simple outfits and tools that later progress up to very complex items, some items you can also find at randomly generated "abandoned camps" where you might luck out finding a horned helm, an iron shovel, or some other handy item ... or you might find nothing. You have a strong motivation to EXPLORE but also a strong motivation to CAUTION as most islands have predators that sleep during daytime (but will wake if you stumble into their area making noise) and at night will prowl more. Swimming in the water gives options for underwater exploration -- but depending on the area, there might also be sharks or even hypothermia to kill you (I have died a LOT to cold water in the northern biomes.) Eventually you can progress to a more "Steampunk" theme with propeller packs, steam powered motorcars and energy gizmos, or you might decide to instead explore more rustic Wild West themes (there are horses, bows and arrows, and even some guns if you figure out gunpowder etc, which is tricky) You can also design your own PUZZLE islands with levers, bridges, death traps, hidden doors etc to share with other people. There is day-night, changing weather including storms, changing winds that affect sailing (rafts, small sailboats and even large ships that can be converted into pirate ships with real shooting canons etc -- which is a nice option for friends wanting a little friendly pvp pirate action at sea). Depending on the biome you are in, you may need to make fur clothing to avoid literally frreezing to death, or lighter wear to avoid heat stroke. It seems like the kind of game that will not appeal to everyone but I suspect a good number of Wurm lovers will find rather charming and fun, again i strongly suggest first trying the 90 minute free demo to confirm it works on your computer, and you like the general style. No announcement yet on price but the alpha was $9.99 and the Steam EA release is rumored to be around 15 euros/dollars. they have been pretty consistent so far about content updates, bug fizes etc. It's definitely playabile although occasional glitches will get in, get fixed, and a new one appear. I have probably had about 80-90 hours in, with about a third of that through the Steam version (which early buyers had gotten free access to). My Quick Beginner tips: Make very early a small shelter with a grass sleeping roll and a covered campfire, nights are VERY dark and if it is raining you will not be able to get a fire going or sleep in open weather. Just a pole with an "umbrella" style roof will do fine but best to make it close to spawn and before you need it, as you may come back naked at nighttime in a downpour. Keep a wicker basket with a few starter items at your spawn-shack -- just enough for a corpse retrieval ie a weapon, some food and maybe some grass clothes As soon as you find Flax or Cotton, turn the intial ones into SEEDS and plant those close to your shack before wandering off, as making cloth is crucial to porgess in crafting, and if you use cotton/flax as you forage it, there may not be any left on the island when you need it. Melons are probably the best food crop as you can cut whole melons up into pieces then roast them on a campfire. But if you prefer eating raw sea urchins, bananas, fishing, or roast wild boar, suit yourself it's your story! You can make a wood shovel to flatten ground for farming, or just plant on non flattened ground. The shovel takes a little work to get the hang of it, but one plus is you can use any sand for glass lanterns. If you explore caves, make up some torches ahead of time and plant them in the walls and floors to find your way out as it gets suddenly DARK and there are dangerous things in caves. Also treasures. If I find a large cave i will usually make a little "camp" at the entrancce with a bedroll, a basket, and some food. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT is a big thing here. As soon as you have a starter camp, make wicker baskets and dump in them anything you do not NEED to be carrying, or you will find yourself throwing away good items because you lack inventory space. Watch the ground for patches of colored ground that stand out -- it might be CLAY (crucial for crafting and building), iron, copper, flint, or even the resources you might need later for things like gunpowder. Not all islands have all resources!!! So collect a little in case you move later to another isalnd. On the CRAFTING tab, in the lower left corner is a little icon, if you click it it will show what items you can craft that UNLOCK more complex items -- it's a good idea to craft EVERYTHING under that filter even if you don;t think you need that item.. Bottom left icon. Some crafting recipes only unlock after you find or make more advanced resources, such as resin or sand at beginning stages, or Ylandium Dust and tesla coils at more advanced stages. links: Random Screenshots:
  8. I have gotten in "debate" with someone on the internet who insists it would be extremely easy to spot a non-American posting on the internet because their lack of fluent English would give them away. Leaving aside the obvious fact that America is NOT the only country in the world where English is the primary language, I think they are severely underestimating how many people in the world speak (or rather write) near-perfect English even when it is not their native language. I have many many times here in the forums conversed with someone over an extended period, sometimes even for years, without realizing that English was not their primary language. So I am trying to get a sense of how widespread it is in other countries to be fluent in English -- fluent enough so that no one on the internet can guess that it is NOT your first language. (I imagine talking in voice chats is different as accents are probably much harder to miss) PS: Part Two was they insisted even if the person had good command of the English language, they would be unable to "pass" on things like current events and politics. My gut feeling is that non-Americans who are active on the internet tend to be extremely well educated and very "up" on current events and politics, even including American politics. PSS: This person -- who yes, was an American -- was also unaware that English was the native language of most Canadians
  9. We are working out in PMs, problem is an older Radeon HD 4200 that is not officially supported by Win10, he clearly had an older Radeon "Legacy" Win8 driver previous but it is tricky to get Win10 to reinstall this"unsupported" driver, you need to use special compatibility/troubleshooting options. Right now we are discussing some lowcost cards (GTX650/GTX750) that he can get cheap and play nicer with Win10, as well as running modern games. He has a modern quadcore computer system and the only weak point seems to be the graphics.
  10. Ok, Everyone Go Try This With Your Cat
  11. I think anything that makes combat training more enjoyable than the boring combat dolls, as well as encouraging higher level players to take newer players under their wing, is a good thing overall. It looks like you did a good job of thinking through a lot of the issues. One question, do we want to discourage people from using their main to skill up an alt (since that is not really an veteran helping a newbie) or is that really not too important with all the other safeguards you suggest?
  12. You mean this message? Could not create window with selected width and height. The error was: <Pixel format not accelerated> That alnost always means a video driver issue. Now, if you get THAT exact message and were playing Wurm ok in the past and now you suddenly can't, it generally means one of two things -- the video driver was corrupted during the crash, or Win10 did an update and overwrote your "good" driver with a Microsoft windows driver (which are terrible for OpenGL games). It then can become harder to reinstall good drivers over the windows ones because windows "thinks" their drivers are better. You mgiht need to do a "CLEAN" driver install by first removing all video drivers then reinstalling, but do NOT use windows or windows update to install them or you will get the micosoft ones back again. Also need to verify whether you are running Wurm Unlimited (aka Steam Version) or Wurm Online (aka MMO version), because this section is Wurm Unlimited tech help section and unless you clarify, I will assume this is WU (your pastposts however suggest you are pkaying WO). I can help you with it either way, if it is the exact same message. Can you look in your Wurm folders for two files, one named console.charactername.log or console.Nirav or something like that, the other one I need is named HS.ERR.PID (if there are several of those, look for the newest one). If you can only find one, just post that for now. You can either open the file in notepad, copy and paste the entire texct here, or you can upload the file to someplace like If you get stuck and are not sure what you are supposed to do or what i mean, just ask me to explain again and I will try reqording it. Also it would help me a lot if I know wht=ether this is a laptop or desktop, and the exact computer make and model (usually it is something like: Dell Latitude 14 7000 , MSI GT75VR , HP EliteBook x360, something like that. I am assuming it is not a system you built yourself, but let me know if it is. If you have problems with any of the above, see wheher you can follow my directions in the post above your for a DXDIAG report, and let me see that.
  13. edit, nvm I think I had something wrong, BigSteve will be a lot more help than me on this. just recall there was something about tiles vs metres in coordinates, so that people were inputting numbers 4X too high and ending up spawning people into the middle of the oceans ....
  14. Warframe actually has pretty low system requirements (winXP, 2G ram, and 10 year old gpu/cpu) so that might be why it is the exception to the rule: Minimum System Requirements OS: Windows XP SP 3 or higher. Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo e6400 or AMD Athlon x64 4000+ (~2.2Ghz dual core CPU) Memory: 2 GB RAM. Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT or ATI Radeon HD 3600. DirectX: 9.0c. Hard Drive: 5 GB free HD space. Anyway, I am glad your were able to work out the cables to plug the monitor directly to the laptop graphics, and finally get it working!
  15. this section is for technical help with the Wurm Unlimited version of the game (aka, Steam version), which I believe does not yet have a Mac version (please correct me if I missed seeing a Mac release). You are probably going to want to see the following thread, which covers serious NEW problems Mac users are having with the latest Wurm Online version of the game; This apparently just started recently. If you want to make a separate thread in the Mac section, here is where to post it: