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  1. Never trust windows update or device manager for "updated drivers" since at best you will get rather dated and generic windows graphic drivers that do not properly handle some OpenGL gaming features. These drivers may work perfectly fine in home/office apps and DirectX games, but they usually do poorly in OpenGL games. Microsoft makes drivers primarily for games and apps that run on Microsoft's own DirectX, not the competing OpenGL. It's probably less a 'conspiracy' and more of a 'That's Not Our Problem.' Always go direct to NVidia, ATI, or Intel for updated graphics drivers for gaming.
  2. Immediate Crash After Loading Client

    For some reason, 1920x1080 resolution seems especially prone to crashing in fullscreen. Whenever I go through posts with this issue, it is nearly always either 1920x1080 or 1440x900 resolution, and mostly in WU not in WO. I recently switched to a 1920x1080 monitor, and when I tested running it at fullscreen, I crashed right at launch also (I normally run windows resizeable). Some people have speculated it has something to do with the older version of Java that is bundled with the Steam version of Wurm -- I have no idea whether this is true or not, but it could explain why WU is more prone to this issue. >>"If I open in windowed mode I get maybe 30 seconds of 10fps and then game closes as well"" Hmm this part is a bit more bothersome. Whether that is your resolution or not, try setting game options to something generic like 1280x800 windows resizeable (not fullscreen or windowed), then let it load, and once it loads, then maximize the window with the toggles at upper right corner to fill the full screen. It should adjust to the correct aspect ratio once maximized.
  3. Does "Carry more than average" do anything on Bisons?

    Ok so for riding purposes, 5 speeds make a difference (and possibly only if the rider is heavily weighed down?) -- but for pulling vehicles you only need a 3-speeder with fleeter and lightning and strong legs? And you have told me before, BDew, that Spark only gives a longer lifespan to horses, and has no effect on bison (which seems to match my experience in taking a leave of absence and returning to find my only animals stuill alive were the horses with Spark)
  4. Game Crash: Taking Screenshot with Character Menu Open

    I seem to recall a similar issue with lots and lots of screenshots -- try making subfolders in the screenshot folder and putting all of the older ones in there which I think solves it, but still lets you keep all of the old memories.
  5. LumpyGravy was there opening day of the server (he later sold his entire place to Factional Fight, who renamed it to Autumn Twilight; I forget what Lumpy's place was originally called ...) I was right south of Lumpy & Factional Fight, my old place was Seahorse Bay or Cove or something like that, also deeded right at the start of Deliverance. I was bordered what was then the edge of the steppe and near the spit of land running out to the clay, which was built by Schiann, for her son who had a place nearby also for a brief time. I am pretty sure there were a lot of other places there after us too, but those were the "Opening Day Deeds" for that exact spot.
  6. Ingame Music

    I always turn off the music ingame, then run the games soundtrack from here: It is more consistent and I like having it run low in the background 100 percent of the time, instead of "popping" in and out at weird times and weird volumes. 21 tracks total from Tom E Morrison's compositions (While it would be nice for it to be "fixed" someday, as far as I know people have complained about this for 10+ years now...)
  7. new fresh server

    It's The Wurm Way
  8. new fresh server

    I would say, if you do this make it a smaller sized server, like Deliverance or those others that are 1/4th the size of Indy, and 1/16th the size of Xanadu. Also make it a "fresh start only" server, else all of the bored level 99s will sail over and terraform it on Day One, then get bored and sail back to their "real servers" once every square inch has been refoedmed three weeks later. If they have to start with a new untwinked character, they won't get bored as fast, or they may switch back to their regular server after a few days when the "novelty" has worn off. Maybe unquarantine it after 6-9 months (I forget how long Pristine and some of those were quarantined.. but something like that). If in fact it gets overcrowded, then maybe another tiny sized server a year or two year later. And wait till they have finished all of their main overhaul (I think most of it is done now -- new graphics engine, check; new tutorial system, check, new UI .. well, c"coming soon" maybe) and make it part of their advertising for Wurm Online: The Reawakening. (I was going to call it Wurm 2.0, but that reminds me too much of those delightfully fake youtube videos lol) My initial reaction was 'noooooo new servers, no no no', but i think there is some good argument for it bringing in new players (and many former players) once they eventually get into "relaunching" / readvertising the game. They have finished most of the major things on their checklist; I am imagining probably "new content development" is going to slow down once they get all of their major overhauls wrapped up. A new server and new players will help soften the sting of slower new content development. I think in addition to a "super carebear server," a "superhardcore server" would also prove very popular. Everyone starts with only a flint and steel, and aggressive mobs are 10x the normal server. The type of beginning they will remember for a long long time. Again, these are very small servers and designed to provide gamestyles not available on the established servers, even if it is mostly about soft versus treacherous terrain, and a world full of cows and sheep versus one overrun by champion trolls and worse. IE, no major CODE changes. Most veteran players really really do not want to start over, but most new players really really do not want to start a game where everyone else is a good 10 years ahead of them.
  9. Sindusk is missing badly, get him back!

    Well, that's too bad, because I always believed 100 percent every word Johan told us, and I always felt he genuinely cared a lot about the playerbase. I know I am "difficult" a lot, and that the devs see me (well, and most players frankly) as "difficult." But I would never ever give Johan any backtalk or sass because his empathy with the players was so obvious. He took all the anger I would have built up, and in a few words could make it vanish. He didn't lie to me and he didn't sugarcoat. He had my absolute respect. What you say pretty much confirms what I felt at the time -- that Johan was basically forced out of his job, and in large part because he felt too much sympathy with the playerbase.
  10. Let me tell you a story

    I am pretty sure this is true. Used to be one of the first things I would craft once I had a forge was a lantern. But i don;t think i have even carried a lantern in years now. And I have heard stories about those pheasants This was a fun read and I loved visualizing you guys all running to put out the "forest fire" or battling the rat with planks of wood.
  11. Does "Carry more than average" do anything on Bisons?

    "Carry More" trait gives them additional body strength, much like "Strong Body". Even if they are not being "ridden", in most cases they are used to pull a wagon, and that wagon may be loaded down with stone, fallen trees, bricks, etc. A stringer animal can pull a ladened down cart at a faster pace than a weaker animal. If you are not using the animal to pull heavy vehicles then probably you don't really need 5 speed bison.
  12. Remove the Lag from Independence

    That does seem to support the Nov 22 start for the lag: Just curious, what happened last May?
  13. Wurm Crash when Going full screen

    Wurm has had issues for years running at fullscreen on certain setups, it might be related to resolution or it might be related to something else. I did see one person on steam claim it was all due to the JAVA version that is bundled with WU, and he supposedly had a REGISTRY fix, but frankly I have seen this same issue periodically on WO too. I currently use the same resolution as you (1920x1080) so I tested running at fullscreen, and I too crash. So it seems the game does not like this res at fullscreen (I have heard some laptop res settings give issues too) Since I prefer windows resizeable, I have never tried the so-called registry fix mentionned on Steam, but here is a link if you want to give it a go. Or, pick a different resolution I guess. I find windows resizeable the best solution for myself. (Sorry I did not answer sooner, I was hoping a dev or someone had a better solution and I was not certain my info was the best available)
  14. server down?

    Are you Xanadu? I am not sure if this old link is still good, but it suggests 0 people on Xanadu at the moment (a few are on most other servers): EDIT: try now, population just surged to THREE, though that also might be devs testing server stability... Edit2: up to 15 now so seems Xany is back on her feet again.