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Found 5 results

  1. These skins are super simple to use. There is no mod if you choose to replace one (or more) of the basic colours. You will only need WinRAR or something like it, to be able to open the file. Find your WurmLauncher/packs folder. Find the graphics.jar, right click it, and open with WinRAR. Navigate to creatures/horse and you will see the file names that you will be replacing. After you have closed wurm and it's launcher out, this is where you drag and drop whichever correctly named dds files you have chosen to use. How to name them depends on a few things, like if you use the creature mod or not, and personal preference! Read on for the naming explanations. Final step: click okay to the box that pops up when you drop the file in. No need to change anything. Easy! Here are some pictures! Personally, I don't use the creature mod anymore, and I haven't tried it in over a year, so I cannot speak for its functionality anymore. From when I did use it, here are the instructions: And here are the png files. There are two that I don't like - but I will still offer them if someone wishes to use it or edit it themselves. (the skewbald and the appaloosa with the white mane seem unfinished, to me. I don't use them, personally.) If you don't use the mod, like me, then you will need to drop in dds files instead of png's, and they will be replacing whichever base colour you choose to name it. (You can still do this as well if you have the mod.) It must be named one of the following: I suppose you could also replace the 3 newer colours also, though I have not tried it: The dds files are listed below. On Jan 3, 2018: I remade my dappled grey. Here is the link to the dds file: Here is the dun: Here is the creamy palamino: Here is the knabstrupper: Here is the appaloosa: And though this last one isn't mine, I converted the Rocky Mountain horse (dark brown with white mane and tail) from the creature pack into dds format: Edit Jan4: By request, a (purple) rainbow unicorn! Finally! and here is the file to place inside the graphics jar (/creatures/horse). It must be named
  2. This might seem like a bit of a daft question but I'm wanting to add a new skin to the GUI but not sure how to go about doing it. I know how to edit existing skins but want to add the option so the new GUI would be in the dropdown list in options. Similarly, if I add a new weapon or armor how'd i go about using a new icon for that, I get that I can just edit the existing armor.png or weapons.png but how'd we call that icon ? Thanks in advance for any advice =)
  3. I would like to propose the idea of changing the skins for spirit templars. The spectral eagles look amazing, I would love if our spirit templars could be changed. A troll would be interesting, or even changing the gender of the spirit templar. I'm not asking for the spirit templar to change in any other way. Such as to be stronger, just simply changing the skins would give players a better sense of ownership when it comes to their deeds. I apologize if someone else has already proposed this a long time ago. Please feel free to add your thoughts fellow Wurmians. Cheers,
  4. I would love to see functionality of the select bar for all of the alternative UI Skins. Would love to play with them, but without the convenience and utility of the select bar, the other skin options are not really an option.
  5. Dog breeds

    So Ive played for alittle while now and I've been looking at this same dog skin for awhile of "dog" what about adding breeds to the game for a multitude of purposes and uses. Such as a German shepard, pitbull, boxer,or other fighting dogs. They get a slightly higher FS then the other dogs. Maybe labs, beagles, brittneys, or hounds for hunting purposes. Maybe the point/bark and deer or phesant to let you know they are close by. Collies, and Shepards for farm use. Just a though instead of just a wierd brown thing. Give a minor increase to animal husbandry or make finding livestock animals easier. Or maybe youd like your bestfriend and companion by you in the game. All just thought and ideas to make the game a more personal/ exciting one.