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  1. It turns out there was up to 3 silver in most of the town coffers, the default amount placed there when the town is created (even if upkeep is off). So that gave us plenty of time to add funds before they were disbanded.
  2. We have some private servers that are currently set to "No Upkeep", but want to convert to requiring upkeep before going public. At the moment, upkeep cannot be added to settlements because it is turned off. When I change the settings and restart the servers, will all my existing settlements be disbanded for lack of upkeep? I read somewhere that the server checks every 8 minutes to see if settlements should be disbanded because of upkeep. Has anyone done this already?
  3. Wurm Map Generator FX

    I'm seeing it as well, so it's not your PC. It's some kind of bug. I don't think I had tested that size; I know there were issues with the 8192 size that I dealt with, looks like I'll need to see if there's something I need to do with the 16k as well. Or just remove it if I can't get it to work properly. Thanks for noticing.
  4. Wurm Map Generator FX

    I have an experimental launcher for Linux accessible at: (you may need to refresh the page). I don't have a Linux machine, so it's anybody's guess if it will work. Theoretically, when you run it (if it runs) it should update the installer first, then you can go to to configure the map generator. Please let me know if it works for you; email me at if there are issues for us to work through.
  5. Wurm Map Generator FX

    I might be able to compile it for Linux. My focus was on Windows, since that seems to be what everyone was using. From past experience, I couldn't get past the Mac issues, but I've had success with Linux in the past. I'll look into it.
  6. Well, I was able to get the "Step On" trigger to work, I think by just creating a new mission after BDew's fix was in place (instead of using the dummy mission.) But I can't get "examine" to work, nor the "step on" function if the delay isn't zero.
  7. I have been unable to get missions to work at all. I've tried to follow the tutorials, turn on Epic, did BDew's db fix, but I'm not getting any triggers to work. I've tried "Step On" and "Use/Examine", nada. My mission menu shows nothing except the default "Initial Instructions" message. The Mission Window is empty, I'm not seeing anything change when I select "Mission Progress". I have clustered servers, but have been trying to get this to work on just one. I don't know if they all need to be synchronized somehow or not. Has anyone else gone through this, and/or have any more ideas to try?
  8. I think I've found what appears to be a bug for the TREEGROWTH setting when using multiple servers. Below is the code that appears to be executing for each configured server in the cluster on startup. Notice that all except the TREEGROWTH setting update its setting for the server data being loaded. But for TREEGROWTH, it updates the static value for the currently running server, which means that each clustered server's value will keep overwriting the setting until the last one is reached. This means that the last server in the SERVERS table will determine that setting for the server that is running, not necessarily its own entry. And depending on the hosting service configuration strategies, the SERVERS table may not actually contain the correct values for other clustered servers anyway. try { ((ServerEntry)entry).pLimit = rs.getInt("MAXPLAYERS"); ((ServerEntry)entry).maxCreatures = rs.getInt("MAXCREATURES"); ((ServerEntry)entry).maxTypedCreatures = ((ServerEntry)entry).maxCreatures / 8; ((ServerEntry)entry).percentAggCreatures = rs.getFloat("PERCENT_AGG_CREATURES"); TilePoller.treeGrowth = ((ServerEntry)entry).treeGrowth = rs.getInt("TREEGROWTH"); ((ServerEntry)((Object)entry)).setSkillGainRate(rs.getFloat("SKILLGAINRATE")); ((ServerEntry)((Object)entry)).setActionTimer(rs.getFloat("ACTIONTIMER")); ((ServerEntry)((Object)entry)).setHotaDelay(rs.getInt("HOTADELAY")); } catch (Exception ex) { ... } I was wondering why my treegrowth setting made no difference for some servers in my cluster; I think this might explain it. When I manually set all values to the same in the database (for that server) the situation improved.
  9. Wurm Map Generator FX

    Sorry, I just now saw this. I know of no reason why this shouldn't be possible. I'd double-check the biome settings/cutoff. If you are still having the problem, email me at
  10. Wurm Map Generator FX

    I seem to not get notifications as expected on this thread. If anyone needs assistance with this map editor, you can send an email to
  11. Wurm Map Generator FX

    Cool, sorry I've been away but glad you got it figured out.
  12. Wurm Map Generator FX

    I can't see the picture, but if you have a reasonably high-resolution monitor, a 1024 map won't fill up the entire screen if you have it maximized. The view only uses one pixel per tile for display, so for example my display has a height of 1440; only 1024 pixels of that would be taken up by the map, the rest (other than buttons, etc) would be empty space.
  13. Wurm Map Generator FX

    Do you mean they're not appearing on the biome map, or in the world once the server starts up?
  14. Wurm Map Generator FX

    I'll look into that. Probably the confirmation box. In the meantime if it happens again, you can go to the Actions tab and click the Save Actions button. Then with a simple text editor (like NotePad, not WordPad or anything fancy) remove all the actions from that saved file except for the ones you want to repeat. Then load that actions file. Don't delete the first two lines or the last line of that file, but all the specific actions you don't want, i.e. <dirt>....</dirt>, <biome>...</biome>, etc.
  15. I was having this issue on my server set at 80% aggressive, and I would only see an occasional wolf. Tons of cows, horses, and bulls. I turned off the "Newbie Friendly" option, and a few days later ran across a colony of about 60 crocodiles. =:O