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  1. If someone with many years of Java experience were inclined to attempt writing or maintaining some mods, how would he go about doing it? Is there some kind of SDK or similar resources for Wurm Unlimited, or does one just decompile the jar files and try to make best guesses by looking at various existing mod source code?
  2. Thank you. I see now that the issue was also happening last Easter. Sorry, Bdew, for suggesting that your mod may have a bug. It's really very cool.
  3. [Alpha] Custom NPC

    Thanks, Batta. I tried it out, and it seems like a great idea, but apparently it's still a bit buggy. I tried to get an NPC to wander around inside a pub, but it got stuck in some kind of funky loop; she kept teleporting every second or two because of some issue where she was out of bounds. It caused the whole server to be stuttery. I couldn't even find her to change the settings, so I had to restore a backup to get out of it.
  4. This is a cool mod, but I'm seeing something that might be a side-effect. Whenever I cut down a tree, say a walnut tree for instance, instead of a walnut stump I see a birch stump. Same for cedar trees: they produce a birch stump when felled. Mousing over a stump with my GM, I see this: ----------------------------- Walnut tree stump model: stump.halloween.walnut graphics.jar: trees/birchTreeStump.wom ------------------------------ I tried disabling the mod and/or setting the gravestone spawn rate to zero, but no change. Is there any way to undo this?
  5. [Alpha] Custom NPC

    Has anything been done with this mod? Is it still for version 1.6 only?
  6. I probably just need to update... thanks!
  7. I just encountered an issue that I'm not sure is due to this mod or the Wurm Unlimited code. I had noticed a popup menu item, "Put on Top", that I suspected was to place a selected item onto the surface of the clicked object. I saw this when right-clicking a stone bench, something upon which you cannot normally place items. So thinking this might be a way to get that to work, I selected that option. Big mistake. My client crashed, as did everyone else's client who was logged on. I tried restarting the server, but every time anybody tried logging on, their client crashed. I finally had to restore a backup to get things working again. Beware. It was nasty.
  8. Perfect! That's much easier than mucking around in the database. TYVM
  9. I taxidermied a shark, but dropped him in the wrong spot. Now I can't select him to pick him up. Is there a way to do this without fiddling around directly in the database?
  10. I suspect the new horse styles in 1.9 messed up something. I can fiddle with the traits with my GM to get just about everything back except for the Rocky Mountain.
  11. I just happened to find an update to betterdig at: When I was looking for it, I couldn't find it, lol.
  12. Do you get your mod files from here? When I open those zip files, I see .properties files but no .config files.
  13. What mods are people having issues with in 1.9? I haven't seen many updates, but I imagine there must be some. I'll start with this: betterdig causes my server to crash whenever anybody right-clicks anything.
  14. In the past, some of the mods used .config files. I don't see any in the new mods releases. Are they no longer needed then?
  15. Is there any documentation anywhere that explains what each of ago's mods do? I see a few I don't recognize now. Can I just ignore the ones I haven't used before, like scriptRunner, serverFix, etc?