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  1. Map Generator 2.9 [supports Wurm 1.4]

    I guess I used a old version before V2.5 just found out we can dig rock tiles
  2. Mining Bug!

    Well this really sucks...
  3. Mining Bug!

    How would I change them? what files must I edit?
  4. Mining Bug!

    What must I do to try and fix this then, its worth a try I can always backup the server and give it a try, just no idea what to do?
  5. Mining Bug!

    I don't mind if its only going to reset the cave entrances
  6. Mining Bug!

    2017 I made it I think. maybe late 2016
  7. Mining Bug!

    I don't know few years, how can I check?
  8. Mining Bug!

    With a pickaxe yes. with the wand I get only options to dig flatten level dredge etc if I pick with the pickaxe once, then I get the option at the end with the wand to mine.
  9. Mining Bug!

    Ok how can I fix it in my world now?
  10. Mining Bug!

    As you can see I can dig until I really hit rock.
  11. Mining Bug!

    @RetrogradeI used the wand on the tile, Special - get info I just get "[19:08:21] It contains 0 items. [19:08:21] Path is no path."
  12. Mining Bug!

    WGenerator is definitely the world gen I used
  13. Mining Bug!

    Yeah sorry @Sklo:D Thats the version I used, I posted the wrong link.
  14. Mining Bug!

    yes I used the custom map generator.
  15. Mining Bug!

    yeah a player was the one who said he can dig rock tiles. He is using a shovel I can dig with the wand or a shovel.