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  1. Hi guys, thought I would share this server_backup.bat I created. How to setup 1. Copy/paste the code into a text document and save as "server_backup.bat" 2. Change the "password" to your servers intra password 3. Create a folder called "Backups" somewhere in your server folder. 4. Create a folder called "Purgefiles" somewhere in your Backups folder. 5. Change the paths to your wurm server folders. 6. Download and unzip RMITool to where ever you like (Just not your mods folder) Bdews post here: RMITool download 7. Download and install sqlite3 files into a new folder in c:\sqlite3 or where you you like. Link to sqlite3 Download 8. Setup sqlite3. Video of how to do it here: Example video 9. Follow the same steps in the video above after you install winrar. Create a new environment variable for winrar, just point the path to where you installed winrar. Then just run the batch file, it will create a backup while the server is running and compress and date the files and delete any old backups. Change the minage:14 to whatever you like. For automatic backups you can setup Task Scheduler to run the batch file whenever you like! Enjoy I hope this helps some of you.
  2. Yes there are actual players online. Most people dont talk much.
  3. As wurm unlimited is no longer been supported/updated can someone please add a new model for roof with ceilings.
  4. found a exploit to this mod. if you use fertilizer etc you can click it again and again before the action is finished and still get XP etc..
  5. Amazing work, thank you for sharing!
  6. Also getting alot of these,
  7. Only problem I foresee is players abusing it and using them to teleport to other players deeds instead of their own or other locations. I wouldn't wan't players creating portals and teleporting wherever they like.
  8. so they could build a portal and teleport to the "event" locations set by a GM. Is that what you mean?
  9. @CuddlesIs it possible to make event teleport's permanently stay active unless turned off. I'm using it for a community build but each time I restart the server I have to make it active again. also if players are already at the event location after restart they cant port back home if I restart the event teleport.. also would it be possible to have multiple event teleport's active at once? and maybe the option to name them when creating a event teleport.. Thank you
  10. @CuddlesHey I noticed a problem with GMdeeds once you place a new deed you can't edit the others you created.
  11. Server crash using book of conversion
  12. @Cuddleswould this be something you could do mate, we're having problems with templar's attacking hell horses etc
  13. can't change HOTA time to 5040, please help!