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  1. AusMods (Consolidated List) New WhiteListing Mod

    I have a script if you need. Pm me
  2. Sindusk Server Mods

    @bigstevethis was adding rare items as last item. No rare even though you can see the roll was under the minimum for a rare...
  3. Sindusk Server Mods

    @SinduskHey mate found a problem with custom rarity's, seems like I'm getting fails on good rolls I'm using rare mats also not getting any drums and moments of inspiration when blacksmithing but that could be something else all together. my settings The images https://imgur.com/a/rISKe4r <- Rare fails https://imgur.com/a/5XAluOn <- No moments of inspirations
  4. WurmMapGen v2 - interactive map viewer for WU servers

    @LordOfAwesomniaThank you so much for sharing this great tool. How do you setup custom markers for POI's, like groves and highways etc?
  5. [Released] Bridge Mod (Configurable Max Bridge Width)

    what about length? can we adjust that? would be good to build a bridge without "sand pillars"
  6. Server lag problem

    Having lots of lag problems on my server, menu's hang, carts moving sideways. item transfer takes few seconds . Server is stored on a SSD m.2 I don't think its a hardware problem...
  7. Having a problem on my server a player has noticed that he can collect some shards that are already identified without investigating.
  8. [Released] Wyvern Mods Separated

    how do you use chaos crystals? The chaos crystal is not powerful enough to have an effect on the pickaxe. You will need to combine with other crystals first. Tried to combine nothing happens
  9. I'm also looking for the same thing, this mod has the feature, but its outdated and needs some code changed to work, I had a chat with Wesnclsme she said it has the feature but wasn't released to the public and just needs updating to work if someone could have a look and share that would be great!
  10. Server log spam!

    Just Noticed this while player was building a tower (attaching clay) Any ideas why its spamming the server
  11. More server log error

    I'm also having.. Did you find the problem? Could not get ClientHost details due to not in a remote call java.rmi.server.ServerNotActiveException: not in a remote call
  12. Alveron (PVE/4k Map/1x/1x)

    what an awesome map! please tell us how it was made or where you got it from?
  13. Creature Clusters

    Don't really know how to slaughter 45,000k+ creatures without editing the db and that could create problems.