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Found 329 results

  1. Moonhollow Cove Horse Market (Self Service) SW Xanadu - P9 Just outside Absolution Xanadu Community Map 4 Draft Horses - 50c (Ebony Black - 60c) 4 Draft Bison - 50c 4 Draft Hell Horses - 90c (Molten - 1s) Ebony Black 4 Speed Horses - 60c Molten 4 Speed Hell Horses - 1s 4 Speed Unicorns - 1s (Easy on Gear Trait - 1.5s) Lead, Push/Pull, Load/Unload, Tame and Charm Perms set for all 90ql Creature Cages - 1s 4 Combat Champion Tortoises and 4 Speed Champion Unicorns on request Delivery 1-2s depending on location - PM Millammber, Knoodle or Aliciia for details Specials (PM Millammber to arrange Pickup/Delivery) 1x 4 Draft Foal with Rare Twins Trait - SOLD 1x 4 Speed HH Foal with Rare Twins Trait - SOLD 1x 4 Draft Bison with Rare Immortal Trait - SOLD 1x Rare Creature Cage (90ql) - 5s Current Stock (Updated 15/5)
  2. Oak Hill Ranch Animal Sales on Harmony Located at N17 - West of Harmony Bay Just a short trip up the road on the top of the bluff or accessible by boat via our new canal - Enter canal at Harmony Unified Marina. Including Horses, Bison, Mules, Deer, Cows, and Sheep Introducing Pheasants for sale. Limited availability - Inquire if interested! 1S each. Now available in Mule self service area - Output Trait Sheep! (See Mule Self Service section for more information) Dont forget to visit Erich and Hildegard for Misc goods and Kathleen for Rare and Arch goods - located at the Fountain Other shops doing business out of Oak Hill you may be interested in: AeraFashion: Shop Owner Aerathavel Self Serve Animal Sales Located On the South side of the deed Delivery available on Harmony with small delivery fee, easy highway access preferred, please ask for further information. (Cages may be available). Contact Lyndee or Mumin for further information (if not online Lyndee may be contacted through Discord) Prices are as follows: FREE PEN No Dominant Traits, 1-2 Dominant Trait and Venerable Animals may be Available in the Free Pen - Help Yourself! Free Pen easily accessible at the North East entrance to the deed - right up the road from Harmony Bay HORSES with ---- Any number Normal Traits AND 3 Dominant Traits = 50C 4-5 Dominant Traits (not Rare) = 1 Silver *Note Animals with a Rare trait will be price qualified based on traits or Auctioned off* (If you are new to riding I suggest starting with a 3 speed horse till you can get the hang of guiding it, 4-5 speeds can go off trail and throw you if you don't corner quickly enough) SPEED TRAITS COMBAT TRAITS Fleeter Movement - +10% speed Fight Fiercely - Higher Fighting Skill Accustomed To Water- Moves Faster in Water Tough Bugger - Withstands More Damage Lightning Movement - +20% speed. More Friendly - Seems More Tame Very Strong Leg Muscles - Movement Speed Bonus Friendlier Than Normal - Less Likely to Be Attacked When Tame Other Speed Enhancement = Ebony coloration - +2.5% speed More Loyal - Stays Loyal Longer & Takes less Damage When Tame Draft Traits Strong Body - +10kg weight limit Carry More - +20kg weight limit Strong Legs - Carry Weight Bonus Easy on Gear - Equipped Gear Takes Less Damage RARE TRAIT Combat Rare /Extremely Tame - Aggressive animals become passive Draft Rare/Stronger than Normal -Carry Weight Bonus Draft Rare/More Nimble - Increased Rideable Slope Bonus Speed Rare/Unbelievably Fast - Always on Speed Bonus Misc Rare/Seems Immortal - Will Never Die Misc Rare/Chance to Produce Twins - Can (not Will) Produce Twins MISC TRAITS Certain Spark - Lives 50% longer Strong and Healthy - Higher resistance to disease Graceful Eater - Less Chance To Reduce Growth on Tile Slow Metabolism - Eats 50% Less Than Normal Looks Stationary -Will Stay Put As If Saddled Animal Price List: (Please ask about availability if none are listed below!) *Rare trait will add 20S to the price or be Auctioned* Bison 2 Silver Male or Female (Please inform if for Output or Draft) Cattle - Sheep 50c for draft 1S for output Male or Female (Cattle requests - please inform if for Output or Draft) Pigs 30C for common 1S for Output Male or Female Seals (Very Limited Availablility and there is a waiting time for these) 3 Silver Male or Female Deer 1 Silver Male or Female (1.5 Silver if Output Trait Dominant) Mules 50c, 1S if 4 or more Draft or Speed dominant - Male or Female (cannot be used as a breeder!) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Available Animals Horses - Bison - Cows - Deer - Mules - Sheep ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE PEN No Dominant Traits, 1 Dominant Trait and Venerable Animals may be Available in the Free Pen - Help Yourself! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Self Service Pens (Updated 5/9) *Current List* (Please feel free to inquire about Horses and Babies not yet listed) *NEW* HORSE RELATED GEAR LOCATED ON MERCHANT GARRETT NEXT TO KEY MERCHANT OLIVIA Dyed Leather Bardings now Available when on Garrett or sets (Wagon and Rider to include Bridle and Saddle/Bags) upon request. Speed Draft Combat 3 Primary Traits 50C - 4 or more Primary Traits 1 Silver Keys are listed by Pen # at the Merchant P1 Aged Eclipserhyme - Male Brown - 4 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++ P2 Aged Eclipsepie- Male Grey - 4 Speed Fleeter Movement/Strong Legs/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism +++++++++++++++++++++ P3 Old Soulthunder - Male Appaloosa - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/More Friendly/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++ P4 Mature Cliffjolly - Male Skewbald - 4 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/Strong and Healthy/Looks Stationary +++++++++++++++++++++ P5 Old Pearlraven - Female White - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/More Friendly/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Looks Stationary +++++++++++++++++++++++ P6 Aged Fancycoffee - Male Appaloosa - 4 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/More Friendly/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P7 Mature Fastgallop - Female Skewbald - 4 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/Strong and Healthy/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P8 Aged Wingdandy - Male Grey - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Strong Legs/Accustom to Water/Picks Stuff Up/Strong and Healthy/Graceful Eater ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P9 Old Ebonysweet - Female Gold - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Accustom To Water/Certain Spark/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P10 Aged Gallopsweet - Male Grey - 4 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P11 Aged Applejax - Male Ebony - 4 Speed - Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary +++++++++++++++++++++++ P12 Aged Winglily - Female Brown - 4 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++ P13 Adolescent Notchdog (Horse) - Male Bloodbay - 4 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/Certain Spark/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++ P14 Aged Hopgolden - Male Buckskin - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Accustom to Water/Strong and Healthy/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P15 Aged Pranceace - Male Skewbald Pinto - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Accustom to Water/Graceful Eater ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Matched Pair for Pulling! See Lyndee or Mumin in person for a 2 for 1 purchase on your Cart Set - .75C Only for both! P16 Aged Uzerun - Male Black/Silver - 3 Draft Strong Body/Carry More/Strong Legs/Seems More Friendly/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark P17 Aged Huntingblood - Male Black/Silver - 3 Draft Strong Body/Carry More/Easy on Gear/Strong and Healthy/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary +++++++++++++++++++++++ Matched Pair for Pulling! See Lyndee or Mumin in person for a 2 for 1 purchase on your Cart Set - .75C Only for both! P18 Aged Starkraven (Horse) - Male Appaloosa - 3 Draft Strong Body/Carry More/Strong Legs/Looks Stationary P19 Adolescent Tearthunder (Horse) - Male Appaloosa - 3 Draft Strong Body/Carry More/Easy on Gear/Strong and Healthy/Graceful Eater/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++ Matched Pair for Pulling! See Lyndee or Mumin in person for a 2 for 1 purchase on your Cart Set -75 C Only for both! P20 Aged Markraven - Male Buckskin - 3 Draft Strong Body/Carry More/Easy on Gear/More Friendly/Strong and Healthy/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary P21 Aged Tomstark - Male Buckskin - 3 Draft Strong Body/Strong Legs/Easy on Gear/More Friendly/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++ Matched Pair for Pulling! See Lyndee for a 2 for 1 purchass on your Cart Set - 1.2C Only for both! P22 Young Ladsoul - Male Grey - 3 Draft Strong Body/Strong Legs/Easy On Gear/More Friendly/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary P23 Young Trotraven (Horse) - Male Grey - 4 Draft Strong Body/Carry More/Strong Legs/Easy on Gear/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++ Matched Pair for Pulling! See Lyndee for a 2 for 1 purchass on your Cart Set - 1.2C Only for both! P24 Aged Amberkicker - Female Appaloosa - 4 Draft Strong Body/Carry More/Strong Legs/Easy On Gear/Slow Metabolism P25 Aged Snickerrain - Male Appaloosa - 3 Draft Strong Body/Carry More/Strong Legs/Strong and Healthy/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++ Matched Pair for Pulling! See Lyndee for a 2 for 1 purchass on your Cart Set - 75C Only for both! P26 Aged Trotpepper - Female Black - 3 Draft Strong Body/Carry More/Strong Legs/Certain Spark/Slow Metabolism P27 Aged Silverwest - Male Black - 3 Draft Strong Body/Carry More/Easy on Gear/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater ++++++++++++++++++++++ Matched Pair for Pulling! See Lyndee for a 2 for 1 purchass on your Cart Set - 75C Only for both! P28 Aged Swifthop - Male Skewbald Pinto - 3 Draft Strong Body/Strong Legs/Easy on Gear/Strong and Healthy/Graceful Eater/Looks Stationary P29 Aged Raidalex - Male Skewbald Pinto - 3 Draft Strong Body/Strong Legs/Easy on Gear/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater ++++++++++++++++++++++ P30 Aged Goldenflea - Male Buckskin - 3 Draft Strong Body/Strong Legs/Easy on Gear/Strong and Healthy/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++ P31 Aged Hoproman - Male Appaloosa - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Accustomed To Water/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++ P32 Aged Swiftchild - Female Ebony - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed To Water/More Friendly/Strong and Healthy/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary +++++++++++++++++++++ P33 Aged Mountainmack - Male Gray - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Accustomed to Water/More Friendly/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++ P34 Aged Purejohan - Male Chestnut - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed To Water/More Friendly/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater ++++++++++++++++++++++ P35 Aged Pienafar (Horse) - Female Brown - 3 Speed Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/Seems More Friendly/Certain Spark/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++ P36 Aged Gazerprance - Female Grey - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++ P37 Aged Agnespepper - Female Appaloosa - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/More Friendly/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++ P38 Mature Baxterwar - Male Gold - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Accustomed to Water/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Easy on Gear/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++ P39 Aged Tariemil - Male Ebony - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++ P40 Aged Bonegold - Male Buckskin - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Strong and Healthy/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++ P41 Aged Tariapple - Male Blood Bay - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Strong Legs/Accustom to Water/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++ P42 Aged Kickerhalt - Female Black - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Strong Legs/Accustom to Water/More Friendly/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark ++++++++++++++++++++++ P43 Aged Hanstari - Male Buckskin - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Strong Legs/Accustom to Water/Strong and Healthy/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++ P44 Aged Waldohappy - Male Blood Bay- 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Accustom to Water/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater ++++++++++++++++++++++ P45 Mature Tomjolly - Male Chestnut - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Accustom to Water/More Friendly/Strong and Healthy/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cows Bulls and Cows may both available for sale on request. If you need some for breeding, Output or Draft just let us know and we will see if what you need is available...JUST ASK! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bison (updated 5/8) Currently updating Breeding Stock to Draft and/or Output Traits *Note on Output - Traits affect butchering quality or quantity as well as Milk Production quantity, Age is also a factor on Milk Production in females* Gives more Resources = Increased Output of resources such as wool and milk Prize Winning = Better Products when Butchered Plump and Ready to Butcher = More Products When Butchered Picks Stuff Up = Chance to Dig Up Items such as seeds and fragments when eating - drops items on ground Seems Vibrant = Increased Output of Resources Good Genes (Rare) = Increased Output Quantity and Quality of Resources Bison are available through the Merchant (Buffalo Bill) with keys for the Self Serve Pens, 2S each B1) B2) B3) B4) B5) B6) B7) B8) B9) Young Lila - Female 3D2O/Strong and Healthy/Gentle Eater/Looks Stationary B10) Young Chase - Male 4D/Certain Spark/Slow Metabolism B11) Young Stan - Male 3D1O/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater/Looks Stationary B12) Young Trent - Male 3D/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater B13) Young Hailey - Female: 3D/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism/Seems Stationary B14) Young Aston - Male: 3D/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Slow Metabolism B15) Adolescent Pauly - Male: 4O1D1C/Certain Spark/Looks Stationary ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mules (Updated 5/8) Cannot be used as breeders. Self Service Pens are available Keys are located on Merchant Sara in front of the Wood Mill Pen M1: Aged Bella - Female 3 Draft - Strong Body/Carry More/Strong legs/Looks Stationary Pen M2: Aged Jack - Male 4 Speed - with Graceful Eater & Slow Metabolism Pen M3: Mature Burro - Female 4 Draft Pen M4: Young Bailey - Female 3 Speed -1 Combat - with Strong and Healthy/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary Pen M5: Old Pinata - Male 3 Speed - with Certain Spark/Graceful Eater Pen M6: Young Buster (Foal) - Male 3 Draft - with Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Looks Stationary Pen M7: Aged Sad - Male 3 Speed - with Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater/Looks Stationary Pen M8: Young Flower (Foal) - Female 4 Speed - with Certain Spark/Slow Metabolism Pen M9: Young Piccolo (Foal) - Female 4 Speed - 1 Combat - with Certain Spark/Slow Metabolism Pen M10: Mature Pinata - Male 4 Draft - 1 Combat - with Slow Metabolism Pen M11: Young Raspberry - Female 4 Draft - 1 Combat - with Graceful Eater Pen M12: Adolescent Dandelion - Female 3 Draft - with Graceful Eater Pen M13: Young Stubborn - Femal 4 Draft - with More Friendly/Strong and Healthy/Graceful Eater Pens 16 through 27 will sell Output traited sheep in both white and black, Output traits will be named for ease of the buyer in determining usage, more information on Output can be found above in the Bison Section. Pen M16: Aged Ram (white) - 3O More Resources/Prize Winning/Vibrant with Strong and Healthy Pen M17: Adolescent Sheep (white) - 2O Pick Stuff Up/Vibrant with Strong and Healthy/Stationary Pen M18: Aged Sheep (white) - 2O Prize Winning/Pick Stuff Up with Strong and Healthy/Slow Metabolism/Stationary Deer Now available in limited quantities and qualities. While I finish changing my herd over to Dominant Output animals Venerables may be in the sale pens. Please come prepared - deer must be tame to be led, so only one deer may be removed from the deed at a time by one player Bring grass with you for taming, I will make sure this is allowable on deed by all players for your convenience. During the changeover Venerable deer will be priced at half price. Younger animals will also be avialable if you are buying them to keep as pets, or for breeding. Start your own herd or enjoy as a pet! They make a nice meal too! Available in Person only! Many currently available to choose from - Come have a look! (Pen is located right beside the Self Serve Horse Pens) More to come soon Thank you for looking! When on deed, please contact Lyndee or Mumin in local with any questions.
  3. Welcome to Bifrost Canal Market! We are located at map tile P15 on Harmony. Easily accessible by both water and land! Merchant available with leather items such as saddles and studded leather armor! Merchant with up to 90ql+ metal tools at low prices!! Merchant available with Plate Metal Armor!!! Limited horses available for self serve!! Shields available for order! 50c for 70ql (iron) We are pleased to announce we now have a self-serve area located on the east side of Bifrost Canal right next to the water. We have horses, leather items and metal tools available. SELF SERVICE STABLES Available Horses, Mules and Hellhorses: IMP SERVICES Leatherwork Leatherwork (up to 90ql) provided by Darwenius. Please message him in game! Blacksmithing Blacksmithing services (90ql+) provided by Katharina. Please message her in game! Plate Armor Smithing Smithing services (80ql+) provided by Zegrim. Please message in game! Bifrost Canal is located on Harmony at map tile p15. Easily accessible by both water and highway. Thank you! Horses viewed at over 65 Animal Husbandry. All traits are shown above. Merchants located at Bifrost Canal, on the east side. There's a small gravel road behind the market leading up to the token for anyone that needs to access their bank and there is a mailbox with a 90+ cast for use on the west side of the canal.
  4. Welcome to Sunny coast! Harmony, i8 Send me a private message or send post here Horses 4 draft and 4 speed, Mules 4 draft: Fo priest service: Leatherworking up to 92ql: Carpentry / Fine Carpentry up to 85ql / 75ql:
  5. Welcome to Shimmering Sands! Shimmering Sands is a project to recreate the sandstone city seen in the Wurm trailer. It is mostly being built by KatsPurr aka Saphireena, the Factional Fight brothers aka Gryphyth and Faeran and others in our alliance. The end result should look something like what you see in the above picture! This crazy dream will take years to build, but with each visit to the horse market, you will start to see it take shape more and more! We have recently started the building stage! To fund this project and pay for the land, we sell horses, hell horses and gear at the Shimmering Sands Horse Market. Market Info You can find us on the Northern Freedom Isle server of Melody at M9. Just a hop and a skip away from the server border to Harmony and Cadence! We also have a trader for your convenience. Good to know Horses will be between the ages of “young foal” (newborn) to “mature adult”. Once they reach the “aged” stage I will remove and retire them. We never sell animals with negative traits. Some horses might have additional positive traits. This has no effect on the price however. We are currently selling mainly speed- horses and hell horses, but we’re breeding draft- horses and hellies to be able to sell soon! The market is completely self-serve. Browse at your leisure. Once you’re ready to buy, simply purchase the matching key from the merchants. No reservations / No home deliveries Purchased horses must be retrieved from the stalls within one week of purchase. After that, horses will be put back up for sale. Prices may change depending on the market Coming from another server? You can transport your horses across servers using a ship and creature cage. We have an off-deed loading dock. Location shown in image above. Did you have a pleasant buying experience? Any kind words left in the forum post are much appreciated! *bows* If you run into any troubles or have any questions, contact me through the game (Northern Isles): Saphireena, here on the Wurm forums: Malena or else through Discord: KatsPurr#8213 Click here to check the full listing of horses + prices
  6. Welcome to the Misty Rock self-serve horse market! After the big animal update, it took us some time to get organized with the new trait system, but I'm happy to say that we're back in business! Current listing of available horses, their colors, names and prices here: Horses are available within locked pens and can be picked up at any time. Merchants sell the keys to these pens. No appointments necessary. Come on over whenever it suits your fancy and shop at leisure. Ebony black horses have a special hidden "extra speed" trait Horses will be between the ages of “young” - “mature”. Once they reach the “aged” stage I will remove them from the market and retire them to pasture. Please note that prices may change depending on the market I do not do home deliveries at this time If you have a creature cage and ship, you can sail over from other servers and use the small dock at the front to load and unload. If you run into troubles, contact me through the game (Malena), here in the forums or else through Discord (KatsPurr#8213) How to get there We're on the South West corner of the Xanadu server, located at coordinates T12. The horse market is on the south east corner of the island. Layout of Horse colors Horses are divided into three sections, each with their own merchant marked by the colored dot that sells keys to the stalls. There is also a fourth merchant selling horse and stable supplies. I sell all colors except grey. There are three merchants under archways selling keys to horses. In addition, there is one merchant in the center selling horse and stable supplies. How did it all begin with the new horse colors? Learn all about it in this video: Current listing of available horses, their colors, names and prices here:
  7. NB! My horse breeding days are coming to an end. I still have horses to sell, but they will be getting older. Purebreds H is proud to present our horse selling business on Harmony and Cadence! All horses for sale are free of negative traits. 100 horses are available to buy! There is no self-service sale on Harmony, we have to chat in game. Look for my posts in Trade Chat or talk to me here in the forum. 4-draft horses Multiple of each coat are available: Ebony Black, Appaloosa: 2 silver Black Silver, Blood Bay, Chestnut, Gold Buckskin, Skewbald Pinto, Piebald Pinto, Black, Gold, Grey: 1.5 silver Mules - the faster choice! Mules are faster than draft horses with same number of traits. 4-draft mules: 1.5 silver 4-Speed horses Not breeding anymore. Around 20 horses left, but getting older. Ebony Black: 1 silver (males only) All others: 50c Rare trait horses 1. 3-draft Gold buckskin male mature Tariclover (strong body, carry more, easy on gear, + twins, + USH, + stationary) - 1.5 silver 2. 2-draft White female YF Ebenrhythm (carry more, easy on gear, + twins, + vibrant, + stationary) - 1 silver Location My main place is Harmony M13 on the west coast of the bay. Map is seen at the bottom of this post! (as said above, now also selling horses on Cadence, i24) Purebreds is on the main highway grid that also connects Heartland and Harmony Bay. (If you come from Heartland it is easiest to go over the bridge in i12). Ingame character: CistaCista. Contact on Cadence: Eckywecky. Delivery Delivery (to a spot reachable by corbita) is 2-3 silver, depending on server and location. Harmony server and coasts of Cadence is 2 silver. Public services! Grooming on Purebreds H and on the sales deed Treasure Island is FREE for any visiting player! Also, a visiting player can get 1 FREE mating with one of our best stallions and with me as the breeder. (GENESIS CASTS: 1 cast for FREE, and up to 3 casts for 50c etc. - maybe no Fo priest atm) These offers will remain free for all as long as we are not completely overrun. So go ahead, camp out at our wonderful deed while you grind out your AH skill on our 100+ horses. Some food can be provided
  8. Glasfryn Self-Service Livestock Market Situated in the picturesque deed of Glasfryn on the lake shore of G17 (Cadence) we are easy to reach both by land or water. We are a very small, family run market who strive to offer animals of quality to you. None of our animals have negative traits, and once they are venerable they are removed from sale and left to live out their days in our "retirement paddocks" (we discount old animals in the hopes they will still find their perfect home). Our pens are self-service to allow you the convenience of collecting the animals whenever you are ready, but we can deliver to anywhere in the NFI for a small cost. If visiting our market in person, look for our merchant Connah in the middle of the market pens - there is a chest in front of his stall for the "used" keys to be returned - if you are buying remotely, contact me either here or in game (Heddwyn) and I will mail you the key out for you to come collect, or bring you the animal if we have agreed a delivery. Any questions please contact me either here or in game (Heddwyn) and I will get back to you as soon as I can (I am UK based). For free animals - please check out my other deed right next door to Glasfryn. Put "Free animals - bring ropes" into your nearest waystone for directions - large stocks of all animals, no vens or neg traits. Horse Colours: Traits: (these are the same for all animals we sell) Pricing: To make life easier for all, I have come up with the following pricing strategy - Current Stock: Please note if there is no P# in front of a listing this animal is NOT in a self service pen (space constraints - I am working to expand) and will need you to contact me directly to arrange purchase!! Horses:- 3 Speed:- P10: Peppergold - Young (horse) - Female - Gold - FM/LM/AW - 50c P16: Walkingcall - Aged - Female - Skewbald - FM/SLM/AW - 60c 4 Speed:- *NEW* P11: Zipmalena - Mature - Female - Gold - FM/LM/SL/AW + V - 1s *NEW* P13 : Purebenita - Aged - Female - Ebony Black - FM/LM/SL/AW + CS/GE/SM - 1s 50c *NEW* P14: Dapperpick - Aged - Male - Appaloosa - FM/LM/SL/AW + TB/GE - 1s 25c *NEW* P15: Warriorsea - Aged - Female - Appaloosa - FM/LM/SL/AW - 1s 25c *NEW* P17: Tearwar - Young (horse) - Male - Brown - FM/LM/SL/AW - 1s *NEW* P18: Bouncerpick - Aged - Male - Grey - FM/LM/SL/AW - 1s *NEW* P19: Applebrisk - Aged - Male - Grey - FM/LM/SL/AW + CS/GE - 1s *NEW* P20: Huntingcoffee - Mature - Male - Grey - FM/LM/SL/AW - 1s *NEW* P21: Trothall - Aged - Female - FM/LM/SL/AW + CS/S - 1s 25c *NEW* P22 - Appleida - Aged - Female -Skewbald - FM/LM/SL/AW + SH/CS/SM - 1s 25c *NEW* P23: Bellairon - Young (horse) - Female - Black - FM/LM/SL/AW - 1s *NEW* P24: Westjolly - Aged - Male - Gold Buckskin - FM/LM/SL/AW - 1s 25c *NEW* P25: Oceanclover - Young (horse) - Female - Brown - FM/LM/SL/AW - 1s *NEW* P26: Fastrain - Aged - Female - Brown - FM/LM/SL/AW - 1s 3 Draft:- *SALE* P1: Bonefast - Old - Female - Gold - SB/CM/SL - 50c 30c P2: Kalihunting - Aged - Female - Brown - SB/CM/SL - 50c P3: Dashsea - Aged - Male - Gold Buckskin - SB/CM/SL - 60c *NEW* P4: Halldash - Young (horse) - Female - Ebony Black - SB/CM.EG + S - 75c *NEW* P5 - Copperhoney - Young (horse) - Male - Ebony Black - SB/SL/EG + GE - 75c 3 Combat:- P6: Hardwest - Aged - Male - Grey - FF/FB/SMF - 50c P7: Emilhoney - Mature - Male - Black - FF/TB/SMF - 50c P8: Idaeast - Aged - Female - White - FF/TB/SMF - 50c P9: Blossomeast - Aged - Female - Ebony Black - FF/TB/SMF - 75c 4 Combat:- *NEW* P27: Cloudiron - Young (horse) - Female - Black/Silver - FF/TB/SMF/LMF + SB - 1s 25c *NEW* P28: Halthaste - Aged - Female - Black/Silver - FF/TB/MF/EL + SH - 1s 25c *NEW* P37: Southhunting - Aged - Female - Gold - FF/TB/SMF/LMF + GE - 1s *NEW* P38: Wildecker - Aged - Female - Gold - FF/TB/SMF/SL - 1s *NEW* P39: Swiftuze - Aged - Male - White - FF/TB/SMF/LMF + CS - 1s *NEW* P40: Kalidash - Aged - Male - White - FF/SMF/LMF/EL - 1s *NEW* P41: Ravenmaster - Young (horse) - Male - Black/Silver - TB/SMF/LMF/EL - 1s 25c Breeding Pairs:- *NEW* P12 - Rainrun - Aged - Female - Ebony Black - FM/LM/AW + SH Ragedep - Aged - Male - Ebony Black - LM/SL/AW + SM - 1s 20c the pair Mule:- Bison:- Sheep/Rams:- Hell Horses:- (see further notes before commiting to purchase) Unicorns:- (see further notes before commiting to purchase) Speed:- P44: Eastpepper - Male - Mature - Standard - FM/LM/AW + CS/GE - 2s P45: Osiocopper - Male - Aged - Standard - FM/LM/AW - 2s P46: Lunamarble - Female - Aged - Standard - FM/LM/SLM - 2s P47: Applejaw - Female - Aged - FM/SLM/AW + GE/MF - 2sM P48: Happygold - Male - Aged - FL/SLM/AW + SH/S - 2s *NEW* P49: Amor - Female - Young (unicorn) - FM/LM/SLM + CS - 2s Deer:- (see further notes before commiting to purchase) Further Notes:- The cost of any animal that incurs injury or death that occurs because you have not read/understood this information will not be refunded. Animal Ages: Equipment Bonuses:
  9. WTA Rare 4 Speed Horse with rare TWIN trait Skewbald Pinto Deed: Ally Horses Sale CADENCE P16, neighbouring Port Crescendo Starting NOW - 3 day auction- This young female is ideal for breeding 4 speeds ! Starting bid: 3 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: No Private Bids: not accepted "ALLY HORSES SALE" is on highway system in Cadence, next harbour is Port Crescendo - hand over can be done there. DELIVERY in Cadence and to Melody or Harmony possible, will be charged according to distance with 1-2s. I breed nice good horses ( 4 Speed, 4 Drafts, various colours) and have nice 3Draft pairs for breeding at Ally Horses Sale - self service pens with more than 40 horses that are updated daily. Feel free to contact me ingame and let me know what you are looking for. I am on a lot. Happy Bidding!
  10. Welcome to SBL Horse Market, Self Serve only. We're easy to find on Xanadu, S14, then look out for 2 red Colossus. Remember where you sailed for the Lunalong? or follow Jpoppers Cogs to get here. There is a Cog with red sails on at all SF Isles leading you to the right place to cross, they'll have names like "Release to Xanadu v14" etc. All Cogs with red sails are on the north of your Isle. It's also possible to find us by using Xanadu's Highway.,7053 4 Speed horses as of 17/01/2022, 50 Copper each, regardless of color and additional traits. Thank You for shopping at Silver Birch Landing
  11. One stop shopping! We are located at Cadence O17, on the highway system! Delivery can also be arranged! **Contact Chaosmeow in game** Pizzas - Affinity and Filler Carpentry Fine Carpentry Blacksmithing Masonry Priest Services Leatherworking Cloth Tailoring Pottery Ropemaking Archaeology Sprouts We can get most sprouts that are requested. Sprouts are 1c each, except oak and willow which are 3c each. Animals For Sale If you need a product or service that isn't on this list, please contact me in game (Chaosmeow), or post here.
  12. Mist Sanctuary Horse sale! Important Changes! We are relocating the horse market! We still have horses for sale, but the self service will be down, so all the horses will be listed here. You will need to contact me (Sylrona) here on the forum or in game to buy horses. Pick up is free at Harmony Bay or at deed Im looking forward to opening the NEW horse market, and looking forward to being able to offer a lot more than I have! I am still offer delivery for up to 4 horses, in some cases I can deliver more in one trip, feel free to contact for arrangement or questions! Prices on delivery is, Harmony Bay free, any location on Harmony 1s, any Costal location on all servers 1s, any in-land location Cadence or Melody 2s. - Horses updated 25 February 2022 - Draft 4 Draft, Young Fleaduke, Ebony Black | Strong body, Carry more, Strong legs, Easy on gear | 1s 4 Draft, Foal Childjaw, Brown Male | Strong body, Carry more, Strong legs, Easy on gear | 40c 4 Draft, Foal Fleahard, Buckskin Male | Strong body, Carry more, Strong legs, Easy on gear | 70c Speed 4 speed, Aged Westbom, Ebony Black Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong legs, Accustomed to water | 1s 4 speed, Aged Emilfast, Ebony Black Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water | 1s 4 speed, Aged Greycopper, Ebony Black Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water + Pick up stuff | 1s 4 speed, Foal Coffeegold, Ebony Black Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong legs, Accustomed to water + Stationary | 1s 4 Speed, Foal Ziprythhm, Silver Black Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water + Graceful eater| 50c SOLD 4 Speed, Adolescent Sadsouth, Ebony Black Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water |1s 4 speed, Aged Haltsimeon, Black Silver Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water | 50c 4 speed, Aged Raidstrong, Black Silver Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water | 50c 4 Speed, Adolescent Eclipsechaser, Black Silver Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water | 50c 4 speed, Aged Baronosio, Black Silver Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water | 50c 4 Speed, Young Warriorraven, Black Silver Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water + Slow metabolism 50c 4 Speed, Foal Hastebaxter, Silver Black Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water | 50c SALE 4 speed, Old Kickerajax, Brown Female | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water | 10c SOLD 4 speed, Aged Hopzafir, White Female | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water | 20c SOLD 4 Speed, Adolescent Warriorkicker, Grey Female| Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water + Strong and Healthy 20c SOLD 4 speed, Aged Hoperik, Piebald Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water | 50c 4 Speed, Foal Dancestrider, Buckskin Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water + Strong and Healthy | 50c 4 Speed, Foal Tearpie, Chestnut Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water + Strong and Healthy | 50c 4 speed, Foal Fighterecho, Black Silver Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water + Strong and Healthy | 50c NEW 4 speed, Adolescent Seawild, Buckskin Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water | 50c NEW 4 speed, Foal Pepperdance, Brown Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water + Stationary | 20c SALE 4 speed, Old Childlightning, Appaloosa Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong leg, Accustomed to water | 25c Hell Horses! Hell horses does not work the same way as regular horses, they can be a hassle to deal with since they are aggressive creatures and can sometimes attack you, when you are near them. They also need to be replaced about every 3 months from when they reached hitch-able age, since they will become "unruly" and unhitch when they reach the last aged stage (29 in-game months) You also need to be aware that they will be attacked by templars, unless they are branded, so make sure to brand them so nothing bad will happen! It's also worth mentioning that you do need 31 in Body control to ride one, and unless its tamed it will attack you while riding it. If you dont mind dealing with the hassle that sadly comes with the Hell horses, you will be "rewarded" with some fast travel companions! NEW 4 speed, Foal Ironbrisk, Ash Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong legs, Accustomed to water + Certain spark | 75c NEW 4 speed, Foal Fleahans, Ash Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong legs, Accustomed to water + Graceful eater | 75c NEW 4 speed, Foal Childryhme, Ash Male | Fleeter, Lightning, Strong legs, Accustomed to water | 75c Mist Sanctuary Bulk sale! Mist Sanctuary is offering bulk sales, feel free to put in an order if we dont have what you seek in stock already! We want fair prices for both parties, so instead of only selling x-amount you can buy everything in a smaller quantity than listed. But just to make it easy, most prices will be listed as 1k sale. We offer delivery with: wagoner you pay delivery cost and 10c or crate, crates can be returned for money back. personal delivery any location on Harmony 1s, any Costal location on all servers 1s, any in-land location Cadence or Melody 2s. or you can come and pick it up at Mist Sanctuary at N20 on Harmony. In game name Sylrona. - Stock updated 22 February 2022 - Building Materials minimum, 20 QL. Stone bricks - 2s/k | 2 k in stock Rounded stones - 2s/k | Restocking Small Nails -2s/k | Restocking Large Nails - 2s/k | Restocking Ribbons - 1s/100 | Restocking Fence Bars - 3s/100 | Restocking Mortar - 4s/k | Restocking Sand - 1.5s/k | Restocking Dirt - 1.5s/k | 3k in stock Clay - 1.5s/k | Restocking Shafts - 2s/k | Restocking Planks - 2s/k | 1k Cedarwood Crops 80 QL Barley 1s/k | 2.3k in stock Cotton 1s/k | 13.6k in stock Garlic 1s/k | 3k in stock Lettuce 1s/k | 2k in stock Oats 1s/k | 3k in stock Onion 1s/k | 3k in stock Rice 1s/k | 2.7k in stock Strawberries 1s/k | 3k in stock Sugar Beet 1s/k | 3.6k in stock Wheat 1s/k | 2k in stock 90 QL Cabbage 1s/k | 5.5k in stock Carrot 1s/k | 3.2k in stock Corn 1s/k | 3.8k in stock Cotton 1s/k | 9.4k in stock Cucumber 1s/k | 3.8k in stock Garlic 1s/k | 3.3k in stock Lettuce 1s/k | 2.4k in stock Oats 1s/k | 2.4k in stock Onion 1s/k | 3.7k in stock Pea pods 1s/k | 6.4k in stock Potato 1s/k | 4.4k in stock Pumpkin 1s/k | 1.8k in stock Strawberries 1s/k | 1k in stock Tomato 1s/k | 4.2k in stock Wemp 1s/k | 3k in stock Wheat 1s/k | 1.6k in stock Sprouts All sprouts can be provided, but oak and willow is more expensive than the rest. Blueberry 1s/100 | 200 in stock Camellia 1s/100 | 100 in stock Cedar 1s/100 | 400 in stock Cherry 1s/100 | 500 in stock Grape 1s/100 | 100 in stock Lavender 1s/100 | 400 in stock Lemon 1s/100 | 100 in stock Maple 1s/100 | 200 in stock Oleander 1s/100 | 200 in stock Olive 1s/100 | 300 in stock Orange1s/100 | 200 in stock Raspberry 1s/100 | 100 in stock Rose 1s/100 | 200 in stock
  13. Calico Merchant Sales Please stop by and visit us at K21 on Indy Self service horse sales some breeding pairs available 3 speeds w/o the water trait 4 speeds with Misc or Combat traits Occasionally cattle and white/black/grey sheep with output traits Draft Bison and horses are coming soon I am currently working on horses to list here but until then we have some in the sale pens on deed and are taking offers on the following items: White dotted flowers x20 @ 18c each sprouts/seedlings available at current market price 91, 85 &84 ql forges available, Floor looms, spinning wheels and rope tools available will update items asap. More items located on the two merchants on Calico Harbor Deed PM offers in game to Kielynna or Kaitlin Or you can leave an offer here if we're not online (warning: I dont always check the forums when in game)
  14. Welcome to Laurenande, where you can satisfy many of your ranching needs! Visit our two merchants; available stock listed below. Laurenande is on the highway, at,2658 Merchant Marion, at the Dairy Barn (northwest side of the deed): Merchant Macha, at the Stables (south side of the deed): For questions, contact Keridwyn in game
  15. This is the place where you can post up your new foal traits and we'll all see if we can make sense of them! Please post the parents traits and foal traits where available and your AH skill if you don't mind, and hopefully we can start to paint a picture of the way traits work. Feel free to post about other baby animals if you wish - donkeys, mules, bison... whatever, just make sure to state which type of animal in your post.
  16. Muse's Crops and Materials at Southport (market) U18 Deliverance Southern Freedom Isles (U18 in game map, or on the Deliverance community map - Southport) +plus 4-speed (and occasionally 4-draft) Horses at The Mermaid's Cove (horse sanctuary) U17 Deliverance (U17 in game map, or on the Deliverance community map - Mermaid's) For those of you who have asked to see my stock list, here it is. (All items and prices subject to availability and may change without notice) Please PM me on forum email (Muse) for all items. Thanks PLEASE NOTE: I have ended my foraging grind, so ONLY botanised items (Acorns, Woad, Herbs and Spices) available now. Botanised Food Items - Herbs and Spices - Image updated 02March2022 Flowers and other Cooking Ingredients Cotton, Wemp and Reeds BULK Bush and Tree Sprouts and Trellis Seedlings (updated 05Oct2020) 99+ql Woad, 99ql Acorns and Dyes (updated 22February2022) Farm Shop - NEW! Bee Wax, Paper/Papyrus,Milk, NEW! *LOWER Price* Honey, Ale, Maple Sap, Lye and other Liquids in Barrels (updated 07August2020) Dead Things - and NEW! Creepy Things! - Updated 07 February 2021 Wool, Cotton String, Cloth Squares - Updated 17 November 2021 Metal Ore and Lumps - 99+ql Iron updated 17November2021 Bulk Building and Crafting Materials, Ash, Tar, Charcoal and Clay (Partially Updated 09Septenber2020) Archaeology Wood Types - Branches, Shafts, Pegs, Tenons, Arrowshafts and Woodscraps (prices updated 17November2021) Vehicles - Wagons - Boats (updated 17November2021) Livestock - 4-speeds and 4-drafts in *Assorted COLOURS* from just 90c! Horses (updated 17November2021) Statue, Statuette and Mask Archaeology Fragments - and NEW! *completed* masks and *ready-to-complete* masks, statuettes and statues! Visit Southport Market! at U18 Deliverance Southport is an active public market with 45+ merchants selling goods ranging from rare items to cheerful bargains - several 'Copper' shops asking just 1c per item! Visiting? Tar and Clay are FREE to dig and take away here at Southport - DIY - help yourself! Epic portal. Mailed Items: Fast 99 or 102 cast - extra LARGE Runed Public Mailboxes. For your use - TWO *Silent* discreet Public Wagoners - feel free to use them! - just make yourself a wagoner container (or use one of the two at The Mermaid's Cove U17) and you can send goods from your chosen waystone to any player on Deliverance. Look forward to seeing you soon. See pictures in reveal box below! Before you set sail - check Server Status (leaves this page - use browser Back button to return!) ᚛ᚋᚒᚄᚓ᚜ M U S E (in Ogham script)
  17. It would be nice if I had riding permissions on my horse (or other mount?) and he was branded, saddled, and bridled, to have the option to "Embark" without leading first, as I do on a cart.
  18. Specializing in 4 draft animals Work in progress I sell 4 speed and 4 draft animals, horses, hell horses, bison and mules. Will make deals on lesser traited. Right now you need to hit me up in dm here, or on in game, Drusme. I do not do self serve, you actually have to communicate with me!
  19. Oak Hill Ranch will be hosting a Rodeo for a week long event! November 14 through November 20 Located at N17 - only 3 minutes by cart from Harmony Bay You cant come too late to join in the festivities. Traditionally Rodeos are week long events meant to test the Speed, Skill, and Dexterity of both man and beast. We are attempting to offer just that same type of mix of events over the course of a week for all players who can join us to have fun with. Welcome to Oak Hill - East View from the Scenic Tower Picture of the Arena from a God's prespective - Courtesy of Demona Map of Events - Hope it helps! (Please note some buildings and pens have been added since the original map was created) Oak Hill Book Nook - Please be sure to sign the Guest Register! Join us for a week of events sure to please. All premier events will occur ever two hours during the day so all who come may participate at their leisure. Arena for Premier Events including "Grandstand" with 90 available seats. Premier Events Prizes for Premier Events will be as follows: 5 Silver will be awarded to the top winner of the daily event - 1 Silver will be awarded to top winner for each scheduled run at 10AM/12PM/2PM/4PM/6PM (All times are EST) More prizes for second and third place may be announced later, but we have many events and scheduled runs so this may be difficult. (Premier Events will held on a 2 hour schedule from 10AM EST until 6PM EST - all competitors present at the top of the hour on 10-12-2-4-6 will run the current event scheduled at that time - anyone not present will have an opportunity again at the next opening) Day 1 (11/14)- Barrel Racing As pictured above the barrel race will be run in a traditional cloverleaf pattern, enter and swing around barrel #1(right), move to and around barrel #2 (left) and then finally around barrel #3 (far back center), then race as quickly as possible to the start line (entrance to the arena). There are range poles located on the side of the barrel where the circle around it is to be entered into. Due to the limited turning radius of the horses on wurm, however you can make the turn will be accepted, but the turn must be completed. This is a race of dexterity of the rider and the horse, so your skill in turning plays a large role. Practicing in advance on your chosen mount as well as at the chosen weight (armored or not) is suggested. This is not as easy as it sounds. The arena is located on the North side of the deed, anyone is welcome to come and practice on the arena grounds if they are able and would like to. No games were run and no winners to announce. Day 2 (11/15)- Pole Bending 6 Poles will be set up in a straight line the length of the Arena, competitors will weave between the poles from the entrance to the Arena to the end, and then turn and repeat the process on the return trip. Again turning radius presents the difficulty here, and skill and dexterity of both horse and rider will win the race. Rhianna is announced as the First ever Event Winner in an Oak Hill Rodeo event! Congratulations Rhianna! Day 3(11/16) - Bull riding Various Bulls of differing abilities and ages will be made available by Oak Hill for competitors to use, OR you may bring your own. Race course will be set up before the event begins. Yujene visiting from Cadence takes the day as the first Bull Riding Event Winner! Congratulations Yugene! Day 4(11/17) - Flag Jousting As we all know Harmony is not a PVP server - this presents an issue with actual jousting, as does the actual holding of a flag, so we have modified this event to meet with accepted Wogic. The course will be set up on as close to a long even plane path as we can find on Oak Hill. Competitors will race full tilt to the center where two flags will be set up. Each competitor will grab a flag (blue or green as set by Start Ends) and race to the opposite competitors start point - turn around and race back to center (will be marked as a center zone) and place the flag in the zone (not drop). First to finish the maneuver will win the "joust". Day 5(11/18) - Weaponless Bison Fighting This will be held in the Main Arena with one of Oak Hills own Bison (in the event that the bison is killed during the event another will be brought out). The fight will commence with the competitor going in weaponless and attacking the bison. Two referees will be on hand - one will watch the health of the competitor the other will watch the health of the Bison. When one of them reaches 25% of health the competitor will be told to leave the arena (a gate will be installed for this event to end the fight when the competitor leaves). A First Aid tent will be set up next to the entrance of the arena for the competitor to be immediately healed to a safe level, and the same will be done for the Bison. Once the Bison is at 100% health again, the next competitor may then enter. Time of each battle will be taken and the competitor that lasts the longest before they hit 25% health, will win. Day 6(11/19) - Mounted Racing Race Route for the races on Day 6 and Day 7 are being worked on now - The course will be set up on both 2 lane and 1 lane roads as is permissible by the buildings and land on the deed. The course will be clearly marked by both white flags and green pointer signs and will form a loose 4 leaf clover pattern around the deed. Update - The half hour before each run will be reserved for competitors to make practice runs on the course. There are many turns and hills in this course (think along the lines of a mix between a touring and rally race in cars) The course tours around the deed, but watch for the flags and poiner signs in green so you dont go off course.More information on the course will be added soon. (Each scheduled Mounted Race will consist of 2 heats - First heat will be Untacked, Second Heat will be full Gear - 3 competitors may run at the same time - in the event there are more than three contestants per heat - multiple runs will be run until there are no more competitors in that heat class - during this event only Horses/Donkeys/Mules will be run - if a player would like to run the race but has no mount there will be select mounts available for use for those players courtesy of Oak Hill. Prizes and course to be announced soon.) Day 7(11/20) - Cart and Wagon Racing (final race Mounted alternative mounts!) We are requesting advanced sign ups for the Mounted Alternatives race so we know how many pens to prepare, please leave your advanced sign up in the comments below. Spirit Guards will be Agro disabled for the week A bear is already entered for the Alt race! Sign up now with your mount! Rules for the above events will be announced as we get closer to the Rodeo date Events and activities that will be ongoing throughout the week will include: (Ongoing events will be offered at all times throughout the week for your enjoyment at any time day or night - these are fun only events and offer no awards for placement or competition, but are offered by Oak Hill as a courtesy to attendees of the event. Please feel free to try one or try them all at your liesure and as many times as you like.) Livestock Auction Will be held on the South side of the deed near the OH Horse Sales area. UPDATE: All players attending are welcome to bring animals to sell at the Auction. All animal varieties will be accepted in the Auction ring. Bring your low level animals for auctioning to players without much to give, and/or your higher quality animals for those that would like to get something really good and come ready to pay for it. Bring your farm animals, bring your alt champs if you wish to sell them. Auction is being held in a section of the deed that will not be "local" to Premier Events so bids may be heard "read" in local chat. Seller will accept final bid that comes in when no other bid comes in within the time it takes the seller to reasonably type: "Going Once! (pause), Going Twice! (pause), SOLD!". Pumpkin Chunkin Punkin Chunkin Wurm Style Bring your own catapult with you or use one of ours (three Oak Hill catapults will be available for use) - but either way, lob a pumpkin and see how far it goes! Lots of fun to try. Due to deed perm limitations of non deed members not being capable of using the catapults, this event is being moved to our off deed water area. Pick a Pile This is a fun only event but every pick is a winner - some are better than others. The idea is simple, stand behind the line, and pick a pile number, then you can go open the pile and take the "prize" under the grass pile. The grass pile will be restuffed with a new "prize" for the next player. Have fun and enjoy! Items range from nails to coins to gems - you wont know what you get till you pick! Checkers Tables Waiting for another player! Tables and boards have been set up in the Scenic Tower for use at players leisure Prayer Circles Prayer Circle will be set up in the Monestary Central Chamber drop your priest alts and enjoy the festivities! Oak Hill Fo Monestery Fo Genesis Healing Fo Healers in attendance so far will be Sylrona, Pukaria and Kerym. Cooking Competition Competitors will be given products to work with and cooking tools to use, 5 different varieties of food must be produced (including one simple beverage). Different varieties is not three types of pizza - qualifying dishes will be different dishes only (pizza/sandwich/paella etc). This competition is for fun only, we MAY come up with small incentives to enjoy the game, but this is not promised. Pit yourself against your friends, come up with new dishes, and enjoy! (All food produced will be moved to the Tavern dining hall for all players to enjoy) Vendors currently planning to attend include: (Please let us know if you have any special needs that we can prepare for you) Guest Cottage for vendors Aleck (Adventuring Gear inc: high end compasses) Achillis (Blacksmithing/weaponsmithing/misc. high level goods) Bearclaws (Various goods) Chuckwagon Food Vendor Toxa - Chuckwagon Pizza vendor Bring your animals - Bring your friends and come for a day, an event, or the whole week. But come to have fun! Should you decide to stay for the week we do have Lodging available at our Tavern, (5) beds will be on rent in private rooms, but food will be offered for free at the Tavern. Free beds (6) for those that cannot afford better accomodations will be available at our Communal Boarding house. There will be chests available for stashing gear in at the Boarding House, but they will not be secure so please only use if needed, and name your items if you put them in so you can retrieve them later. Oak Hill Taven Oak Hill Public Boarding House (more information will be added as the event nears) Anyone interested in becoming a vendor (craft or food) for the event either including imp availability or not, please contact me. We will have housing available for vendors during the event as guests of Oak Hill. Vendors will be able to place a merchant either on Merchant Row in front of their Guest Cabins, or at various locations around the ranch. I am also looking for Fo Priests willing to offer services of Gen Healing of animals during the event. We have three Fo stations in our monestary, so we have plenty of room. Any other priests wishing to attend or lead Prayer circles are also welcome to contact me, we will have prayer circle locations set up around the deed for your needs. Contact Lyndee in game, or you can reach me here through comment or message. Oak Hill Ranch More pictures and updates to come weekly check back for more information!
  20. Welcome to Hindleap Horses! Situated in a peaceful forest just west of Summerholt, I breed the 8 'new' colours mainly, but I generally get other colours too. I'm aiming to produce a mixture of horses bred for speed and draft traits, ideally with the 'certain spark' trait which increases horses' life span by 3 months to a total of 9 months of life. **Notes on the new traits system** Since the recent animal husbandry update, there have been many changes to the traits system. The details on the update can be found here, but I'll put a brief explanation on what it means for horses, donkeys and mules here. Instead of the old 5 speed horses which were the best you could make, there are now 4 speed horses. These are functionally the same for riding. Horses with 3 or more speed traits have the new 'hot blooded' body shape, which is similar to that of real Arabian horses. The new speed traits are: You'll notice that only 3 of those traits affect movement on land, which is what we're doing 99% of the time! So if you get a 3 speed horse that's only lacking the accustomed to water (AW) trait, you have as good a riding horse as a 4 speed. There is a 5th rare speed trait, 'it is unbelievably fast' (UF), which means the animal is 'always on speed bonus similar to hell horses'. Rare traits are, obviously, rare; but when combined with the other 4 speed traits will be the fastest horses we can get. We now also have draft traits which affect an animal's ability to pull vehicles. Horses with 3 or more draft traits get the 'cold blooded' body type which is like a real Shire or Clydesdale horse. There are 4 common draft traits which are as follows: Similar to the speed traits, there is a trait that doesn't affect pulling ability, but the damage taken to gear (EG). This again means that draft horses with only the other 3 traits will be as useful for pulling vehicles as those with 4 draft traits. There are 2 rare draft traits, 'it seems stronger than normal' (SN) which gives a bonus to their ability to carry, and 'it seems more nimble than normal' (NN) which increases the maximum ridable slope. Draft horses are better than speed horses for pulling vehicles, but remain reasonable riding horses when equipped with good gear. **How to find me** Hindleap is in G23 on Xanadu as shown above. There is a main road from Summerholt and the turnoff onto the gravel path to Hindleap is signposted. There is access by water from the north and just to the south at the Nexa Market and Sanctuary. Delivery to all coastal areas is available, and to other areas on request. Also available: black sheep bred to order blank 80ql horseshoes, 90ql available with a little notice donkeys in speed and draft mules in speed and draft output sheep Current stock list: New traits are slowly becoming available! Check my stock list for availability and prices. Message me in game for enquiries!
  21. So today I've had at least 6 packed tiles across several pens of horses, where normally I don't see any packing at all since I put in troughs. One or two would be noticable, but six is a lot! It might be related to a movement bug reported in cahelp by Crimsonearth? I did have one of my horses follow me across some packed tiles as I was replanting them. EDIT On further inspection I have at least 10 packed tiles across several pens, and my champ rat is pacing back and forth across one tile obsessively. She either needs a dance partner or a tranquiliser.
  22. Added 2 more: 22Aug 2020 I made some new skins for some creatures (not just horses!) if you would like to use them, have at it! I will also make available some skins from the old creaturepack mod that I can't find elsewhere. For some of these textures, I bounced off of other textures done by other people. Thank you to Malena! The new horse colours introduced to WO were amazing. These skins are super simple to use. First you will want to close the game and its launcher, or you will get an error when trying to copy files into the graphics jar. You will need WinRAR or something like it, to be able to open the file. Find your WurmLauncher/packs folder. Find the graphics.jar, and make a copy of it. This is your original, keep it safe somewhere. Then open it up with Winrar. For a creature skin, navigate to /creatures (or /creatures/horse) and you will see the file names that you will be replacing. Simply name the file what colour you would like to replace, and then drag and drop it in here! Name examples listed below. Final step: click okay to the box that pops up when you drop the file in. No need to change anything. Easy! Here are some pictures! Here is the ocelot, unicorn, hell horse, troll and goblin, scorpion, wolf(husky) and brown bear(panda) that I use. Here are some png files. There are some that I don't like - but I will still offer them if someone wishes to use them or edit these themselves. To give you an idea of what you're renaming these files to, a horse must be named one of the following: Renaming is easy. Just look for the file names to replace for the exact name you will need for any creature. The dds files are listed below. On Feb 27, 2019: I remade my dappled grey: Here is the dun: Here is the creamy palamino: Here is the knabstrupper: Here is the appaloosa: Copper: Molten Hellhorse: Goblin, Blue: Troll, bluejeans: I made my scorpion slightly redder: and darkened up my mountain lion: And these next ones aren't mine, but here they are in dds format: Rocky Mountain horse: Mountain Lion: (yes, this will also change your rugs) Dalmatian dog: Dalmatian dog butchered: Hen, white and black: Rooster, black: Panda Bear: Panda Bear butchered: Pig, red: Pig, red, butchered: Husky (wolf) : Husky, butchered: And by request, my (purple) rainbow unicorn! and here is the file to place inside the graphics jar (/creatures/horse). Name it: A couple of rugs: A woven rug: The alternate version without the weaving: Rugs go in Furniture/Carpets White hell horses! White with purple: White with pink: White with blue: White with red: White with green: White with yellow: A new horse color (with a big thanks to Joneya, since I began with one of her re-skins!): 18Mar2019: Updated white and purple hellie 21 Mar 2019: 2 new horse colours! Brown on the left, and chestnut on the right. brown: chestnut: Edit March22, 2019 : Updated the white with pink hellie. Edit March31, 2019 : I reworked the Rocky Mountain. What do you think? Download link: Edit April2: Happy accident, a galaxy horse! (Or a Glitter Baby?) (It's much better in person, it sparkles when it breathes!) Galaxy Horse here: Edit April 3: Skewbald Appaloosa. Out of sheer desperation for some kind of skewbald wurm horse, I drew this one, and I like the results! Download link: Edit April4: Haflinger! Flaxen chestnut, of course. Grab it here: Edit April8: I decided my unicorn needed a makeover, to better show off the variations. White Unicorn: May 16: Caravels. Love my new purple sails (painted), but I also wanted to see where I was going. All I changed graphically was the sails transparency at the bottom. Hooray! \o/ Link is here: It goes into transports/ships May25, 2019: Another horse! I finally made a whiter horse that I'm happy with! If you like it, here it is: June 1st : And bouncing off of that last whiter horse, here is an alternate version. Link is here: Edit Aug22, 2020 1: Predator version? Super advanced invisi-armor? Whatever you call it, it's fun! 2: Another chestnut/brown variation. And 3: More shade changes, I think I will use this one for my old black colour! (edit: it looks too good for old black. I will replace blood bay with this one.) Darker Bay shown above: A new rug, and the purple bed. Snag the rug here: And the purple bed here: If you're interested, here is a bluer version of the purple bed. 27 Aug 2020 4 new equinical colorations today! A darker flaxen chestnut. I like it a little better. Here (below) is an updated dun, with a creamier texture: Here is a flaxen Appaloosa. ooooh. And below, I changed my grey horse again. Aug 31 2020 Piebald Appaloosa! I wasn't sure about this one at first, but it's really grown on me. Especially the foals, they are gorgeous. :
  23. New Home Market Were back Welcome to New Home Market This is our current professions: Weapon smithing: Lethyria Cloth tailoring: Dokhida up to 70QL Vyn Priest: Halas - 90 Channeling Benediction Fo Priest: Alarri - 90 Channeling Benediction Were both EU TZ, were online during evenings and weekends. All orders are sent via our instant mailbox, with increased size! Imping will often cost less please contact us to get a price. For weapons and enchants contact Lethyria or Dokhida if his not online. We have two price ranges on Precast and Custom Cast Custom cast: Full price. You send us an item and specify the minimum cast from the table below and you get the cast at the specified minimum cast at the price listed, no matter the cast power. Precast: 30% off Custom cast. The item is made by us and casted on. All 70+Ql weapons come with a free demise of your choice. Custom Weapons and tools 50Ql 60QL 70QL 80QL 90QL Carving Knives (Iron Creation) 0.05 S 0.05 S 0.10 S 0.20 S 1.00 S Butchering Knives/Sickles(Iron) 0.13 S 0.20 S 0.30 S 0.75 S N/A Weapons(Iron/Silver) 0.25S/0.25 0.4S/0.5 0.6S/1 1S/2 N/A Custom Cast 50 60 70 80 90 CoC/WoA Casts N/A N/A 0.90 S 1.90 S 2.90 S Life Transfer Casts N/A N/A 1.80 S 2.80 S 5.00 S Contact Dokhida for cloth Tailoring Cloth Tailoring Creation QL 50Ql 60QL 70QL 80QL Bedroll 1.00 S 1.20 S 1.40 S Cloth Barding 0.40 S 0.60 S 0.80 S 1.30 S Cotton Cloths (Set) 0.35 S 0.80 S 1.25 S 3.00 S Cotton Sheets 0.10 S 0.15 S Fishing Nets 0.02 S 0.05 S 0.10 S 0.20 S 0.30 S Normal / Fine Meditation Rug 0.10 S 0.30 S 0.50 S 1.00 S Beautiful / Exquisite Meditation Rug 0.20 S 0.40 S 0.60 S 1.10 S Satchel 0.02 S Carpet Small Colourful Carpet 0.10 S 0.25 S Colourful Carpet 0.10 S 0.25 S Large Colourful Carpet 0.20 S 0.30 S Sails 0.20 S 0.40 S Explorer tent 0.50 S 0.80 S Military tent 1.00 S 1.30 S Horses Were slowly starting to sell horses you can see our stock here: Mailboxes: For mailbox casts please message Lethyria to arrange a time I charge 1-2s for travel then one cast for free, guaranteed 90+ for 1s or guaranteed 101+ (instant) for 5s Other Items Wagons: 3S( 1S for coastal delivery, 2S inland) Enchanted Items: Contact Halas, Dokhida or Lethyria for any enchanted items Most items are posted as a head item, this is for two reasons: 1. it takes us less material to create the item 2. You can get your own signature on it. The enchant will transfer over to the finished item on creation. If you want the item finished or imped just ask. Note: For pre-casted items please pm Lethyria or Dokhida in game or post on here, if you pm us on the forum please add both of us to the PM.
  24. Important announcement, please read the comment before coming for, or making purchasing decisions: Welcome to the home of Malaz Coast pure speed horses. The intention here is to offer a service that supplies ONLY speed traited horses, no neutral or bad traited horses will be sold via the on-deed merchants. For those with 50's AH, it is my opinion that if you are after 5 speed horses, you do not want any of your breeding stock to have neutral traits. Indeed to me neutral traits are even less desirable than negative traits (they at least can be removed via Genesis or Fo rites), as there is a very strong chance of any offspring acquiring those neutral traits. I will go as far as suggesting that a traitless horse is better than a 4 speed horse with a neutral trait and, if you peruse the initial listing of horses, there are a number of 5 speed horses here bred from (5 speed X traitless ) pairings (Black F1 and Bomhunting are both traitless and several of their 5 speed progeny have been listed here) Current stock listings, by Merchant (click the links below to be taken direct to the current stock on that merchant): Merchant Mr Ed - 5 speed pure stock Merchant Eques Trian - 4 speed pure stock, 4 speed matched breeding pairs, 5 speed pairs, 5 speed bulk purchase pens, single name horses, ropes, asst. Where to find us: The sales deed is: Malaz Coast Wickan Horse sales (the deed name is a bit of an in joke, Wickans consider their horses part of the family and as such, don't sell them ) and is found on the North coast of Harmony at D17, and is highway connected. From a fair distance North off the coast you are aiming for here: and once in the vicinity you should be easily able to find the string of marker buoys that are labeled "D17 - Malaz Harb Sth" and follow them in to the shoreline (Buoys align with a dredged channel that has a minimum depth of 26 below water level and I believe will accommodate all boats). Once you reach the piers, follow the coast West to the Sales deed. Shoreline is now dredged out in front of sales deed, and has a paved off deed area suited to offloading creature cages as the Northern perimeter. (Please let me know if there are any issues getting boats to the shore, I only have a sailboat and Knarr, so am unable to verify that I have the depth right.) Deed and pen layout: The deed itself has no mailbox, but the deed adjacent East has a sub 10 minute, size runed , mailbox available. The setup is merchants selling keys that will give you access to the respective pen. Keys are labeled with pen number and horse name, with the gates on pens named to correspond with the key. There are now two merchants on site, one selling only keys to 5 speed pure horses, and the second merchant is now available selling keys to the 4 speed pure and 4 speed pure breeding pairs (second merchant also has ropes and a few assorted odds and ends as well) There is a chest by the merchants for dropping keys once horses have been removed from pens, but this is not required as in most circumstances locks will be replaced with new ones to ensure ongoing security. If I'm online and you are heading over to buy, a discount of around 10% can be applied if horses are purchased direct without having to use the merchant, as I avoid having to pay the merchant fee. (Don't worry if you cannot see me at the deed, I may still be around and able to log in the deed holder to get horses out for you send a pm and I will see what I can do to help). Delivery: Delivery MAY be available at times, with a minimum purchase of 3s +an additional delivery fee, which will depend on location. Purchases over 6s with outer coast locations will have delivery cost waived. (Wind speed at the time of delivery will be a major consideration of when I am willing to sail to deliver). Land based deliveries on Harmony within certain parameters may also have delivery costs waived, as may short hop sailing deliveries, PM to discuss. Up to 8 horses may be delivered at a time on Harmony, a maximum of four horses for cross server delivery. Bartering: No coin? Prefer to save your coin for something else? From time to time I will be happy to barter goods and services for horses, or discount thereon. Currently I am looking to get grass tiles enchanted (50c credit per tile). I am also looking to do some breeding experiments aimed at removing neutral and bad traits from breeding lines, and am seeking (Buckskin, Black Silver and Obtained) Chestnut (still looking for some Chestnut) horses with totally messed up neutral, speed, and negative traits to use. As I am at this point unsure if what I want to try will work, I don't want to outlay coin on these, but will trade 5 speed pure Gold, White, Black, Grey and Brown horses for them, preferably at Young adult and older. (Experiment a fail, using 0AH characters to cross mixed traited horses with zero trait horses resulted in foals of the rare colours, but from 10 attempts, 100% of the traits from traited parents passed on, even producing 4 trait foals with a 0AH character breeding). Wanted: May be interested in trading 5 speed clean breeding stock for other 5 speed clean breeding stock to help with preventing inbreeding. Other information: Contact Impetuous in game for inquiries or assistance (Can also try to PM Impossible if Impetuous is offline, but he is mostly used when I am working and AFK, but tabbing in to keep an eye on things occasional ). If I am online, and will be online for some time, it may be possible to have keys removed from merchant to "hold" horses you select from the lists, but only if you are heading directly over (if I have to log out, they will be replaced on merchant). Messages and comments left here may not be seen in time to be of use, so messaging Impetuous in game is the preferred method of contact.
  25. I got several reports from other players that their animals disappear after the server restart. I did not believe till today. I had a horse that stood on an enchanted tile in front of the hitching post (it was not hitched but saddled), Today I noticed it is missing, it was branded, so I have found pens...10 tiles away. The horse, even if it wasn't saddled (and it was) would need to pass two locked gates. I checked the logs and I didn't lead it, It remained on the same tile I branded it on and dressed up.