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  1. The data in the link is out of date, Coldie's spoiler is good with 1.9. For a lot of common items, the ID's are the same but WU DB Info sheet ends at 1025 where now the Itemlist.java ends at 1437. Just for others who may reference this thread.
  2. Maxdistance variable is set too low in .properties. One of the misconceptions is that Maxdistance will govern how far away the treasure chest will spawn, and while it does to some extent handle this in the math to generate a chest it only checks either the X or Y coordinate, which can result in chests still being further away than an optimal place. Unfortunately this same variable also determines if a kill is registered. Furthermore, a kill being registered relies heavily on whether the creature will produce a corpse, so in the case of any spirit mobs, valrei creatures, and avatars, they generally do not drop corpses but rather piles of items which cannot be validated on the checking for corpse which will leave the chest locked. I have been working to update this for some time, but in my server's case it required creating custom mobs that have the same stats as said creatures, but then do drop a corpse rather than the default behavior of valrei creatures, which is not an optimal solution for anyone who isn't running wyvernmods configurable. That being said, the optimal solution is to increase maxdistance, get rid of any mob ID's that do not drop a corpse in the mobID lists in the .properties file, and that should dramatically reduce the instances where this happens. I'm still working on a more comprehensive update to this mod, but until then I think that would be the best case scenario to avoid these issues. I have no ETA on when it will be released as I only added in a few features to treasurehunting that exist in the current download and am still going through all of the math and the way the variables are handled since it's been worked on by quite a few people at this point.
  3. Delete black light altar, delete white light altar, restart server. They will be back in their default positions. Summon them where you want them. Restart server. Beacons will be on altars. You have to delete both for the server to reset either altar. If you created one and replaced the data/auxdata it doesn't work. I assume you deleted black here. Either way I'd still go with the instructions I posted because it's a pretty quick fix.
  4. HOTAs created seem to decay rapidly even with GM manage restrictions no decay. We ran a test with 100ql and it was down to 94.5 ql in about 3-4 days with restarts. Any ideas?
  5. Sindusk is correct, this was the behavior in 1.8. I can't see any reason why they would have changed it for 1.9
  6. @GovernorIn your AddKingdomItems mod there is the magic carpets, I don't know if this was just left in there and is no longer supported, but went ahead and spawned one in. Works fine on GM accounts, but on player accounts keep getting removed off the carpet. Wondering if there's an easy fix? I tried changing the speed to 1.0f thinking maybe it was just going way too fast, but that did not solve the issue or at least not with the modified compiling I did.
  7. Last few days of increased bounties to celebrate our sixth month anniversary. Come join in and take advantage while you can!
  8. Reported in Bug Reports here: Unfortunately this hasn't been addressed. All GM levels are invulnerable by default in the current patch when they load into the world. The only options here are to promote to level 3 or mod in #invuln to work for GM 1. The only other option I can think of is activating a wand, specials, right clicking ground and setting to vulnerable, but I am not sure that will work either. I know of no mod that exists to change the existing #invuln GM power to allow level 1-2 to use it. Maybe it would be worth requesting someone to mod it in. GM accounts in Wurm Online are separate from player accounts which is why this functionality exists. I don't even think it's a true bug, it's a decision by the Wurm team so that GM accounts aren't to be used as player accounts basically for the Wurm Online system. GM 1/2 levels exist to gather data and very little else. If the person can't log into two accounts, 1 as a player, 1 as a GM/staff role, then GM 3 is probably the best bet for what you are trying to accomplish.
  9. GM 3 is where #invuln comes in per this thread: This is a nice resource when looking at the differences between each power level, essentially a condensed version of the above: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=539179002
  10. Join us tomorrow for our horse race and unique slayings! Looking forward to seeing you there.
  11. If they have no control panel for GM power, then you'll need to edit the db manually. To do this download and install: https://sqlitebrowser.org/ DB Browser for SQLite Download the players.db from your server via FTP. Open the players.db file in SQLite browser Go to Browse Data, select the Players table You can type in the name of the name of the person or just search through until you find the person's name. Scroll on over to the right and there will be a POWER column. Just change 0 to the appropriate power level. Arch is 4, Admin is 5 Click Write Changes Save. Exit. Upload players.db back to the server via FTP. The player is now an admin and you can type #give 176 on a Power 5 account (Admin) As an Admin you will have the ability to create new ebony wands via the create menu or you can just make as many as you need to trade to your other GMs. Lastly, backup all your data and migrate to Pingperfect or literally any other service that has a control panel specifically for Wurm unless you go dedicated once your term is over, because what's the point of all this hassle when you can literally just push a button on Pingperfect and all this happens for you? For pretty much the same price, with more access, quick customer service ticket response times, and almost never a "Idk how to help you" response. Cheers!
  12. August Events 4th of August - Unique slaying with a twist! 10th of August - Player Auction - featuring some special items from past players. 17th August - Treasure Map Event 24th of August - Special Horse Race Event - horses provided. 31st of August - Irift Titan Slaying Many different surprises for these events, make sure you attend to participate in the FUNNEST events of the year. Genesis Six Month Milestone Genesis has been open officially for six months this month. We have our own custom content, 150+ users in Discord, 30-50 connected players at the same time, plenty of space! Come join us.
  13. Started about a week ago, not really sure why.. Happens on any restart manual or scheduled. Dump below: Looks like some sort of issue saving creature positions to sqlite, but not sure how to remedy as I've not done anything to modify the shutdown hook.
  14. [Released] New Portals

    https://github.com/revelation343/NewPortals/releases/tag/1.0.2 Let's try this then.