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  1. I'll say it now. Don't go Pingperfect. It works until it doesn't. I rolled my eyes at everyone's advice about managed hosting and we were perfectly fine for 8 months. They migrated our server to their 'new hardware' in November, the game started lagging beyond control. Probably 10-12 support tickets later, they could not resolve the issue. I bought a dedicated server with Hetzner, took the time to learn how to set it all up. Migrated the exact same files over to Hetzner. No lag issues. From my pre-sales discussion with Bluefang, they said you get FTP access that's all. Whether or not that's true, I cannot say, but if so you would have no live map. And then there's Citadel which I have heard too many bad stories about to even send them a pre-sales inquiry. For an 8k map you're going to need more than what a managed host can adequately provide and considering the very small price difference, I would encourage you to go dedicated as @Cuddlesand @Sklo:Dsuggested. Pingperfect screwed the pooch with their forced migration on us and basically gave us an end-game of wipe your entire map/db's and we'll start a fresh server for you. Not worth it when there was 8 months of progress on the server. Edit: We also tried GTX Gaming with the same files and it produced the same lag. We are a 4k map. Databases were vacuumed and re-indexed. This was not a you fix it for me thing, this was a we exhausted all efforts on our side and managed hosting cannot keep up with the I/O requirements of Wurm whilst sharing your resources with other people. Edit 2: I will say in Pingperfect's defense, they were very quick to answer all of our tickets and the Tier 1 guy seemed to know what was going on. But it was outside of his bounds of authority to fix. The tier 2 guy which was listed as the Chief Operations Officer was the guy who basically acted like there was no issue.
  2. Lots of folks showed up for the Unique Slaying event. We took down 5 uniques and lots of loot rolled out publicly to all. This weekend we are having an Auction House event where we meet up and auction of items made by the community which goes back into the players' pockets. Hope to see you all there.
  3. Genesis has moved! - Moved from Pingperfect hosted service to its own dedicated server improving lag rates and ping for a lot of users. - New mapviewer is live: https://genesiswurm.com/map/index.html December Event Schedule December 7th : Unique Slayings - 5 Unique Spree! -- 50 FS Required for loot rolling, anyone can attend. -- /random command will be used once after each unique. Top rolls will pick in sequence based on roll. December 14th : Genesis Auction House -- All may attend, bid on items found around Genesis from disbanded deeds and player donated items. -- Any player donated items must be received by December 7th for auction consideration. -- Funds generated from player donated items will be given to the player who donated said items. December 21st: Clean out the Grotto! -- Help Santa clean out his Grotto before Christmas! Creepy, crawly creatures have infested his home. -- All may attend. Christmas themed prizes will be awarded for participating. December 28th : Fishing Tournament - Catch your dinner! -- All may attend. GMs will provide nets for fishing. -- Prizes will be awarded for most fish caught and most clams caught. -- In the event of one person winning both fish and clams caught, they will choose their prize first, and the runner up in clams will win the second prize. December 29th: Titan Slaying - Ifrit -- 70 FS Required for loot rolling, anyone may attend. -- /random command will be used once. Top rolls will pick in sequence based on roll. -- All fighters who are actively hitting the titan at time of death will receive a Titan Cache.
  4. Not much of this is related to the Mythmoor server. Installing client mods is a simple process check out my youtube video on how to install modlauncher and any client mod you want. What mods Mythmoor allows should be on their website or forums or some sort of content:
  5. This is a bug that happens during all holiday periods if memory serves. Not related to this mod. It was the same around Valentine's Day.
  6. The data in the link is out of date, Coldie's spoiler is good with 1.9. For a lot of common items, the ID's are the same but WU DB Info sheet ends at 1025 where now the Itemlist.java ends at 1437. Just for others who may reference this thread.
  7. Maxdistance variable is set too low in .properties. One of the misconceptions is that Maxdistance will govern how far away the treasure chest will spawn, and while it does to some extent handle this in the math to generate a chest it only checks either the X or Y coordinate, which can result in chests still being further away than an optimal place. Unfortunately this same variable also determines if a kill is registered. Furthermore, a kill being registered relies heavily on whether the creature will produce a corpse, so in the case of any spirit mobs, valrei creatures, and avatars, they generally do not drop corpses but rather piles of items which cannot be validated on the checking for corpse which will leave the chest locked. I have been working to update this for some time, but in my server's case it required creating custom mobs that have the same stats as said creatures, but then do drop a corpse rather than the default behavior of valrei creatures, which is not an optimal solution for anyone who isn't running wyvernmods configurable. That being said, the optimal solution is to increase maxdistance, get rid of any mob ID's that do not drop a corpse in the mobID lists in the .properties file, and that should dramatically reduce the instances where this happens. I'm still working on a more comprehensive update to this mod, but until then I think that would be the best case scenario to avoid these issues. I have no ETA on when it will be released as I only added in a few features to treasurehunting that exist in the current download and am still going through all of the math and the way the variables are handled since it's been worked on by quite a few people at this point.
  8. Delete black light altar, delete white light altar, restart server. They will be back in their default positions. Summon them where you want them. Restart server. Beacons will be on altars. You have to delete both for the server to reset either altar. If you created one and replaced the data/auxdata it doesn't work. I assume you deleted black here. Either way I'd still go with the instructions I posted because it's a pretty quick fix.
  9. HOTAs created seem to decay rapidly even with GM manage restrictions no decay. We ran a test with 100ql and it was down to 94.5 ql in about 3-4 days with restarts. Any ideas?
  10. Sindusk is correct, this was the behavior in 1.8. I can't see any reason why they would have changed it for 1.9
  11. @GovernorIn your AddKingdomItems mod there is the magic carpets, I don't know if this was just left in there and is no longer supported, but went ahead and spawned one in. Works fine on GM accounts, but on player accounts keep getting removed off the carpet. Wondering if there's an easy fix? I tried changing the speed to 1.0f thinking maybe it was just going way too fast, but that did not solve the issue or at least not with the modified compiling I did.
  12. Last few days of increased bounties to celebrate our sixth month anniversary. Come join in and take advantage while you can!
  13. Reported in Bug Reports here: Unfortunately this hasn't been addressed. All GM levels are invulnerable by default in the current patch when they load into the world. The only options here are to promote to level 3 or mod in #invuln to work for GM 1. The only other option I can think of is activating a wand, specials, right clicking ground and setting to vulnerable, but I am not sure that will work either. I know of no mod that exists to change the existing #invuln GM power to allow level 1-2 to use it. Maybe it would be worth requesting someone to mod it in. GM accounts in Wurm Online are separate from player accounts which is why this functionality exists. I don't even think it's a true bug, it's a decision by the Wurm team so that GM accounts aren't to be used as player accounts basically for the Wurm Online system. GM 1/2 levels exist to gather data and very little else. If the person can't log into two accounts, 1 as a player, 1 as a GM/staff role, then GM 3 is probably the best bet for what you are trying to accomplish.
  14. GM 3 is where #invuln comes in per this thread: This is a nice resource when looking at the differences between each power level, essentially a condensed version of the above: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=539179002