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  1. I understand where you are coming from, but I think it mainly boils down to the sheer amount of time that is involved to write a mod for a specific function and then applying some general opinion of how much that mod will actually be used. There are some people who mod for one-off situations, and certainly when running your own server you have to take into account what people want that are playing on your server, but typically the requests section doesn't get looked at much because the requests are very niche and would only be used by lan servers or one person servers, or they require something new to be added graphically that doesn't exist in the game. Most coders are not graphic designers from my experience. At any rate, I've only really written one mod of my own and distributed it freely to the public which is the VoteReward mod to give everyone a fair chance at being on the wurm-unlimited.com website. It did not seem right to me to make the mod and then not share it with everyone. However, there are mods that have been requested, in the form of suggestions on my server that I have written mods for, but there's not really a point in sharing them because it really only applies to the people on my server. Finally, when someone does not know how to code, they need every possible option configurable in the .properties file which can be as simple as one line or up to something like 1200 lines if you look at WyvernMods Configurable. Each of those lines in the .properties files corresponds to a variable in the actual code and then code has to be written to determine what has been written in the .properties file. For the majority of the mods on my server that I have written, I do not include these variables that can be changed in the .properties file, because it is faster and more efficient to just change them in IntelliJ and recompile the .jar file. When someone gives you the area of code you need to edit, it is under the assumption that you can create a mod, understand how to utilize javassist, and implement the correct hook in the right sequence. Often times, the person looks at the code and says nope, above my head, I'm not a coder. I was one of those people when I first started running my server. But in all fairness these mods are completely free, some have been stolen and reintroduced into Wurm Online who abandoned the WU project, and the time and effort of those who have contributed heavily; Bdew, Cuddles (Coldie), Sindusk, Governor, etc. are not receiving anything for spending a stupid amount of time writing these very robust mods other than: A. Thanks! B. It doesn't work for me =/ C. No feedback at all, just people downloading it, using it, and acting as though its their own custom content I'm not saying that any of this applies to you, I am just explaining it from my perception and the reasons why I eventually said okay, I'll start reading up on Java and eventually getting to the point where I could write some mods. I am not in the same tier as those people, but those people helped me get to where I feel at least comfortable writing my own mods. I believe it was Coldie who even made a bit of a tutorial, on twitch that he posted on these forums where you could sort of see exactly what was being done when coding. Unfortunately it looks as though the video is gone for now. I am also not advocating for paying for mods, I'm just stating that some of the requests that have gone unanswered generally aren't feasible without adding art assets into the game or would only benefit probably 2-10 people out of the remaining ~300-500 people that play the game: https://steamcharts.com/app/366220
  2. Yeah good ol' RNG, don't think there's anything wrong with the mod. We all know the 99% failures when creating. Each attempt is 2% chance each item and does not stack based on the amount of items sacrificed.
  3. 1/100 is the default and when I ran it simulating on a GM 100 items produced around ~11 strange bones over a course of 5-6 iterations. It would be double that for 1/50
  4. 8k maps are not really viable. 4k is really the sweet spot in terms of size if you want a 'large' map. Depends on the amount of players or if it's just going to be a lan server but I don't think anyone would really recommend and 8k server on WU.
  5. January is lining up to be a big month. Come join Genesis and join a great community!
  6. They are not on traders by default, but you can code them to be. There is WyvernItems which is standalone version where some WyvernMods custom items are placed on traders, but I don't think it's around anymore. Nevermind. It was just renamed as it's not being supported anymore, but I am pretty sure it still functions as necessary as I have it on my lan server still and it works:
  7. patcher.bat only patches the wurmserverlauncher and only needs to be ran after a patch released by WU or modloader has been updated, not by mods themselves, basically just tells the server to read for mods and has no bearing on whether a mod should or should not work unless the modloader has been updated recently or a WU patch
  8. Rolf's promises about WU are thrown out the window as of recent changes whether it had to do with the new company or not, one can only speculate. In the Server Modder's discord this has been discussed about 8 different times and the story is basically they don't have the time or money to continue to work on WU and the only major changes that have been released on Wurm Online would be considered WO exclusives as rifts have been, etc. There have been promises of getting another patch out to fix multiple issues from 1.9 out since 1.9 was released, but this will be a bugfix patch and not one that should change much. Then there was a sort of final discussion about integrating the modloader into the download from steam which won't include serverpacks so you'll still need to tell your players which mods to download, how to download them, where to put them, etc. The information was provided by Retro as the messenger, and the new vision of any future releases for WU is to make modding easier for modders, but that's about it. tl;dr: is the end of content updates. It's not profitable for them to work on WU. No ETA on actual bug fix patch mentioned.
  9. Santa's Grotto (December 22nd, 2019) The players of Genesis took on one of their most fearsome foes after battling through Santa's infested workshop: Evil Santa Utilizing the code from Wyvernmods, Evil Santa was our first custom Titan who managed to slay players 19 times with his blizzard, ice shards, rabid reindeers, and icey cats. Those that participated received a great christmas reward in addition to the normal titan loot. We hope everyone has a happy holiday season and if you're looking for a server to play on with weekly events, active staff, and new content. Come join us on Genesis.
  10. Auction House Event Report We had around 23 people logged in today and close to about 18 in local for our Auction House Event. 36 lots were auctioned off resulting in around 4g 6s worth of bids on items ranging from Rare bones, Dragon Scale Armour Sets, and Piles of Themed Items 2g 30s was removed from the economy as a result, helping in keeping the server's overall economy strong and there will be plenty of need to grind silver in the future. Player's auctions resulted in a total gain of 1g 76s that is paid back to players for their donated items, making the Auction House a great way to sell your items besides trade chat and merchants. We finished up with a unique slaying of a Red Dragon, and it was great to see everyone come online and participate in one of our most frequently requested events. If you haven't joined Genesis, we hope to see you there next time!
  11. These are very cheap prices for VPS and the amount of RAM you get kudos for finding a great deal.
  12. I'll say it now. Don't go Pingperfect. It works until it doesn't. I rolled my eyes at everyone's advice about managed hosting and we were perfectly fine for 8 months. They migrated our server to their 'new hardware' in November, the game started lagging beyond control. Probably 10-12 support tickets later, they could not resolve the issue. I bought a dedicated server with Hetzner, took the time to learn how to set it all up. Migrated the exact same files over to Hetzner. No lag issues. From my pre-sales discussion with Bluefang, they said you get FTP access that's all. Whether or not that's true, I cannot say, but if so you would have no live map. And then there's Citadel which I have heard too many bad stories about to even send them a pre-sales inquiry. For an 8k map you're going to need more than what a managed host can adequately provide and considering the very small price difference, I would encourage you to go dedicated as @Cuddlesand @Sklo:Dsuggested. Pingperfect screwed the pooch with their forced migration on us and basically gave us an end-game of wipe your entire map/db's and we'll start a fresh server for you. Not worth it when there was 8 months of progress on the server. Edit: We also tried GTX Gaming with the same files and it produced the same lag. We are a 4k map. Databases were vacuumed and re-indexed. This was not a you fix it for me thing, this was a we exhausted all efforts on our side and managed hosting cannot keep up with the I/O requirements of Wurm whilst sharing your resources with other people. Edit 2: I will say in Pingperfect's defense, they were very quick to answer all of our tickets and the Tier 1 guy seemed to know what was going on. But it was outside of his bounds of authority to fix. The tier 2 guy which was listed as the Chief Operations Officer was the guy who basically acted like there was no issue.
  13. Lots of folks showed up for the Unique Slaying event. We took down 5 uniques and lots of loot rolled out publicly to all. This weekend we are having an Auction House event where we meet up and auction of items made by the community which goes back into the players' pockets. Hope to see you all there.
  14. Genesis has moved! - Moved from Pingperfect hosted service to its own dedicated server improving lag rates and ping for a lot of users. - New mapviewer is live: https://genesiswurm.com/map/index.html December Event Schedule December 7th : Unique Slayings - 5 Unique Spree! -- 50 FS Required for loot rolling, anyone can attend. -- /random command will be used once after each unique. Top rolls will pick in sequence based on roll. December 14th : Genesis Auction House -- All may attend, bid on items found around Genesis from disbanded deeds and player donated items. -- Any player donated items must be received by December 7th for auction consideration. -- Funds generated from player donated items will be given to the player who donated said items. December 21st: Clean out the Grotto! -- Help Santa clean out his Grotto before Christmas! Creepy, crawly creatures have infested his home. -- All may attend. Christmas themed prizes will be awarded for participating. December 28th : Fishing Tournament - Catch your dinner! -- All may attend. GMs will provide nets for fishing. -- Prizes will be awarded for most fish caught and most clams caught. -- In the event of one person winning both fish and clams caught, they will choose their prize first, and the runner up in clams will win the second prize. December 29th: Titan Slaying - Ifrit -- 70 FS Required for loot rolling, anyone may attend. -- /random command will be used once. Top rolls will pick in sequence based on roll. -- All fighters who are actively hitting the titan at time of death will receive a Titan Cache.