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  1. Looks great to me!
  2. Agreed. I was skeptical about switching over, but the lighting alone is well worth the change. I've also been experiencing major disconnect issues on stable that do not exist at all on unstable. Really well done devs.
  3. Anyone ever do any research for what ql meditation rug is optimal vs skill?
  4. I remember the huge dirt mounds almost a year ago or more. Looks great bud.
  5. +1 Would be very nice to have wells where they look good and function
  6. I see variations between 6-5 seconds on aggressive in my combat logs. I assume perhaps focus has something to do with it. I only fight on aggressive with the huge axe. In addition, the wiki states under Fighting that 1% reduced swing timer per 10 skill in the weapon, so at max skill 100, best one could achieve without any sort of increase in speed from a non-glimmer would be 5.4s if the information on Fighting is correct. I can do some testing on this later to get more reliable results on the test server if need be.
  7. I meant the server crossing notifications for friends, not the repeated orange text. I'd rather have 4 orange messages about something I know I'm doing than upwards of 15-20 messages about every friend that happens to be online at the time. Perhaps it could have been worded better.
  8. I can appreciate where you're coming from. My bookmarks bar is organized with folders in folders. I'm not sure if you know this trick with chrome, but you can make your omnibox use custom searches. If you go into settings > manage search engines > other search engines, you can designate a keyword or character to quickly search a specific site. I know it's not ideal, but once you get used to it, it's decent: So if I open a new window and type @ and then press tab, whatever I type in the omnibox does not use Google at all, it searches wurmpedia directly. The URL to use is: http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php?title=Special:Search&search=%s So it will look like this in practice: I'll bring it up in wurmpedia chat. I know that our regular http://www.wurmonline.com/wiki/ redirects to wurmpedia, so maybe it is possible but will need devs to do it as we don't edit that obviously.
  9. [16:38:14] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  10. 5s for woodcutting potions each 2s for weaponsmithing potions each 2s for blacksmithing potions each
  11. I guess we all just use friends lists for different things. I use it not only for friends but to also see if particular imping folks are online so I can get business done quickly. I get your point, but it doesn't really address the issue of the spam that comes from being online and travelling.
  12. It's been awhile since this suggestion was made so I thought I'd bring it up. I would like to see the option to Appear Offline as a profile setting. Occasionally we all have something we're attempting to get done only to be interrupted by PM's asking for help from someone we befriended. This isn't so much of an issue, you can always say no, but sometimes for the sake of others' feelings it would be nice to just go about your business in solitude and have the option to appear online and receive PM's when you want. Disabling PM's from friends through the profile just makes it awkward. My second part on this is probably more agreeable to the majority of Wurm's playerbase. With plotting courses allowing us to now manipulate getting across servers quicker, please give the user the option to hide friend server crossings/login/logout in the Event window. Not only does it irritate the majority of people for someone who is friends with a frequent traveler, but I've actually heard of occurrences where people were removed from someone's friend's list just because of the amount they travel and the annoyance of the messages. It clutters up logs as well. An alternate suggestion is if we could keep that logging strictly to the friends tab. This is a snippet of just a fraction of the server hopping I did today: 14 messages in a minute about who was logged in where. I started receiving PM's asking what sort of mission I was on today, and even skype messages asking what the heck was wrong with me? "[17:51:38] Ayluin has logged in on Celebration. [18:05:22] Ayluin has logged in on Deliverance. [18:06:30] Ayluin has logged in on Exodus. [18:08:33] Ayluin has logged in on Celebration. [18:28:35] Ayluin has logged in on Exodus. [18:44:05] Ayluin has logged in on Deliverance. [18:45:46] Ayluin has logged in on Celebration. Are you ok?" In conclusion, I would like the ability on Freedom to be able to go full appear offline. But at the very least, I would love to see some cleanup on the logged in/logged out/lost link part of the game. More options. I know it might not be what everyone wants, but if it's an option, then I don't really see a drawback on Freedom.
  13. The move has already occurred and been finished quite some time ago. The reason you are seeing http://www.wurmonline.com in google search has to do with the way Google updated cached websites. How it works is the more often a page is used, the more often Google updates the cache, and the search results will change. That's why you'll see our more popular, well-visited pages will generally come up with the http://www.wurmpedia.com/ link, in comparison to those that Google has indexed in the past, but aren't widely trafficked. Like Unicorns! Here is another example of both in the same google search: Cotton is used daily, probably has tons of clicks per day. Cotton sheet? Not so much. All in all, this is a google problem and cannot be fixed by the Wiki editors. In fact the only one who can fix it is the player base by using the wiki to its fullest extent more often. In the meantime, I highly recommend adding the Wiki to your favorites and using it's search in the top-right corner. Or, you can put site:wurmpedia.com in your google search and you will only get results from the wurmpedia.com domain if you're an avid google searcher. Here's that example: Notice by doing this, we are able to get Cotton Sheet to come up with the wurmpedia link, and all of the results are 100% wurmpedia.com domain links. Works for Unicorn page to. Hopefully that explains it. The move has happened. Can't do much more about this issue. Google will update as people traffic the new domain more.
  14. Done and done. Thank you.
  15. [19:31:53] The settlement of Banya has just been disbanded. Listed on settlements on the site, but not on map. Just updating.