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  1. Well this isn't much more helpful, but this is the first time it happens in the server.log and then the previous post just recycles the INFO message.
  2. @MthecBeen having this error for a long while now but have been ignoring it since it's just INFO and not seeming to cause any issues. However, wondered if there is a fix for this: Could be a mod conflict on my end. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  3. Server is still active and running! Come give Genesis a try. Website: http://genesiswurm.com Livemap: http://genesiswurm.com/map/index.html Discord: http://discord.gg/ShduG5RssV
  4. Added AffinityFixer mod.
  5. Gold and Glory this weekend! It has been a long time since we posted events here as most of our activity is in-game and on discord. Genesis is still very much alive and always looking for new players. This weekend XP and bounties will be increased by 25%, making it a great time to start fresh or grind skills out hard for existing players. We have some exciting plans for October and we hope to see plenty of fresh faces. Website: http://genesiswurm.com Livemap: http://genesiswurm.com/map/index.html Discord: http://discord.gg/ShduG5RssV
  6. Just so as not to repeat what has already been said but basically this.
  7. Tested it myself in real-time on Lyra, it does not work. Confirmation that it worked was based on someone in discord reading the discord message and saying they saw that and it was interpreted as working as intended. No disrespect intended by testing it myself, just had to see it to believe it. Unfortunately the person who replied wasn't understanding what you were saying about the message apparently. Nice looking server though. This was from Sin back in March. It doesn't work. He was aware. So unless someone is going to take over DIscordRelay and update it to the current JDA version and fix the bugs, best off just using a general help channel with bdew's mod or just understanding that the CA Help window does not sync as it is written for release. It isn't just you, and I don't think there's any version of it public that works as intended because of the way CA Help works and checks for a user being on the server being able to see the CA Help window. It could be adjusted, but taking over this mod would be a bit of work to update @Zera
  8. On your server it sends messages from CA Help in-game to Discord, and from Discord to CA Help?
  9. It never really worked unfortunately. The JDA is on this is now out of date at this point. At rate, it works for everything else as-is, but the Discord to CA portion does not work. You may look into BDew's Chat Relay as a template for linking channels if you are experienced enough in coding to use his examples and link a new help channel altogether. He doesn't specifically link CA Help but creates a new global Help Window for all of his kingdoms if I remember correctly.
  10. At which point you're talking about using WurmClientHelper or the WurmBot which is public on the forums, which is honestly just as detectable as there is no variation for delays released (yet). But even with smaller logs, it is detectable fairly easily using the logs from Powers > Log and parsing them into excel.
  11. The Treasure Map Event is Saturday, May 16th 6:00 PM EST Where do the maps come from? Players are encouraged to donate their own maps. Only a few GM-spawned maps will be generated for this event. Maps should be sent to @Ammit via in-game mail. What do I get for donating maps? By donating a map, you are guaranteeing your ability to roll in player donated maps of like qualities. For example, if you donated an 84.31 QL map, you will be able to roll for loot on all maps that fall within the 80-89.99QL Range regardless of who owns the map. If you donated a 11.32 QL map, you will be able to roll for loot on all maps that fall within the 10-19.99 QL map range. You are sharing your map's loot, but getting a higher chance based on rolling to get more loot from others' donated chests as well. What if I do not donate any maps? There will be 6 GM spawned maps that everyone will be able to roll on. 40QL, 50QL, 60QL, 70QL, 80QL, 90QL - You will be able to roll on these maps just by showing up and participating, even if you have not donated a map. You will be able to gain fight skill and assist in fighting creatures from the player donated maps, but will not be able to roll on player donated maps as you did not donate a map yourself. How will we be rolling? We will count the number of items in the chest, we will roll once per chest. If there are 8 items in the chest, the top 8 rolls will get an item with the highest roll picking their item first. Sleep powders will be considered one item. Coins will be considered one item. Map donations will need to be received no later than 23:59 EST on Friday 15th, 2020 in order to be considered. We have to manually change the position of each map and so showing up at the last minute to give more maps creates a delay in the event starting on time. Hopefully this explanation covers everything a bit more in-depth for our newer players. Website: https://genesiswurm.com Livemap: https://genesiswurm.com/map/index.html Discord: http://discord.gg/ZzNJkB6
  12. Auto-clickers are easily detectable by logging a player. There is no mod that exists for this. Any attempt to write a mod would just be counter-acted by existing cheat mods. i.e You write a mod that says afk period enters after X time. I change my bot code to move forward by X/Y position every X seconds/minutes, etc. No one writes these mods because they can easily be bypassed once the source is released for public use.