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  1. Regards, I've disabled some WyvernMod 'same-kingdom PvP environment' stuff and it's fixed now.
  2. When opening the depot-reward, I get more depot-rewards and so on indefinitely. Anyone knows why or how to fix this? TY!
  3. ^ link doesn't work, any chance to repost the video link? ty!
  4. try this -
  5. TY :), it was indeed an effort. Here is the source of inspiration (ultima 4 was the mother of all this wurm kind of genre )
  6. Mega Mod

    sick of dev promises, and not alone here, there you have it..
  7. , this article got me into wurm! Blog has been removed but - there is still hope :), it was archived
  8. +1 sounds fun, and well presented.
  9. To all Ultima fans, with great love 4K map , Ultima-V Reficio server heightmap can be downloaded here, feel free to use it: Screenshot
  10. Same here, if fly above a cave entrance fast, i sometimes die, reason is prob entering a wall-tile, and server decides its death. I just try and avoid cave-entrances now
  11. Latest release is here (first page confused me, and i installed old old version) :