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  1. Mega Mod

    sick of dev promises, and not alone here, there you have it..
  2. , this article got me into wurm! Blog has been removed but - there is still hope :), it was archived
  3. +1 sounds fun, and well presented.
  4. To all Ultima fans, with great love 4K map , Ultima-V Reficio server heightmap can be downloaded here, feel free to use it: Screenshot
  5. Same here, if fly above a cave entrance fast, i sometimes die, reason is prob entering a wall-tile, and server decides its death. I just try and avoid cave-entrances now
  6. Latest release is here (first page confused me, and i installed old old version) :
  7. try this - e.g. properties file:
  8. FYI - Delivery Contracts - can be exploited in many ways in PvP server!! (e.g. steal guard-towers from other kingdom.. and much much more..).
  9. [server is down, ty-all was fun ] Ultima-V Reficio heightmap can be downloaded here, feel free to use it: ------------------ Wurm-Unlimited - Ultima-V map and themed settings. No game-payment, no pay2win, pay2keep, just play4fun. Start in Cove-village, a relaxed-loving-peaceful place, with loving community. Explore a 4K map, almost-exact original Ultima-5 map (similar to UO map), with similar BIOM. Fight over a volcano-resources, find and unlock treasure maps/chests, adventure-missions and much more … You are invited to live a peaceful life in a dynamic-living medieval-village, or become a fearsome-fighter in the wilds. Our discord -
  10. +1 to make this work, ty
  11. In the end, i ended up recreating the whole map from old Ultima-V maps, i'll share it all in the end (took a full week to recreate it as accurate as possible), but want to host a PvPvE server using it first Here are some screenshots for now: Edit: Handcrafted map can now be downloaded, check this post:
  12. tyvm @Brash_Endeavors, if anything turns out good, will reply with ready maps for all to use
  13. @Lichbane o/ amm, i know its been a while - can you please release the height map, i share the same love as you do, just for ultima V, and wish to try and recreate it, ty!!
  14. Sklotopolis - PVE

    hmm, regarding Treasure chests can no longer be located via ESP, their appearance is now completely random and can be any item model. Can be easily bypassed, if you add rare, supreme and fantastic to ESP keywords!! Suggestion: If possible - change name so no rare... will appear? Horses are named, so I assume same code-pattern can be applied maybe.. And TYVM for this wonderful update, appreciate your time and effort.