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  1. Well crafted and balanced server, cool new features, finally - RPG!!
  2. Sermon Tracking Tool

    Indeed, it does rarely happens from time to time, we just fix and figure out next sermon time and all are back to track again. But, when several ppl are attending, one usually notices it and we fix it asap.
  3. Queue actions like move 1 tile

    Calmed down - I think i was burned out :), so came back to say that I understand that wurm needs to be that way, still - i think a lot of players can't afford investing so many hours, when the RL house needs them, and I do love wurm.
  4. Queue actions like move 1 tile

    WO is a pretty and nice game, with lots of potential (writing this after >5K hours of game play, prob more), but - always almost there, and you hope next release will deliver but after a while you understand - none is listening and likes the current state of things. Until you give up on WO and give time and chance to other games in the same genre. It is deep, and currently the only game there is, and we all hoped 'life is feudal' will listen and there will be competition (and WO will lose imho, when that will happen), and that didn't happened. Hopefully something will change, cause all i'm left with is frustration, to tell you the truth, and I give up, you won, but will not feed WO anymore.
  5. Queue actions like move 1 tile

    You will listen to feeding hands, or will not, the choice is yours.
  6. Sermon Tracking Tool

    hmm, it wont work with >10 and >20 participants, gets messy :), that is why we created this tool, there are more benefits to it, like - self maintained, no need to figure out who's next, and ppl tend to log off / miss turn, gets messy very fast.
  7. So... prospect, move one tile, prospect and repeat? that is gaming? I know i'm going to eat lava from most of you, esp. old timers : ), still, worth a try, some might like it, and wurm might be a great game because of it: How about this as a base/concept idea: if you are smart enough, you can queue repeat action, than you can do stuff like: Action #1: prospect #2: move one tile left #3: Prospect #4: Move one tile right #5: repeat / goto #1 This way, if you have enough logic (40+ in this case), you earned the ability to 'macro' (and i know you are all allergic to this word), yes - macro!! not just macro 'in game macro', macro supported by the game. Why not make macro part of the game, but - you need to earn it. That way: 1. old timers will be able to use it right away (they respectively earned it). 2. new players will not have it, until ~40+ mind logic, and we all know how much time it takes. 3. old players will probably return to wurm and give it another try. 4. new player will have hope to current slavery feelings, and might last long enough to stay. 5. wurm might be growing in time instead of shrinking. But more important - wurm, as a game, will stop enslave loving and potential gamers to grind it all the way till the top, players are and will leave you at some point because it's not a game, it's slavery, and they will understand that at one point or another. I mean, didn't you already get it? who wants to play a game as a keyboard slave? I did that for hours and my fingers hurt, just to be ready for the next rift? You enforce players who love wurm to be grind-slaves, and that is my friends not fun, that's why WO will shrink and be left with just a core gamers, who are in slavery so long, they wont quit,and they will also be shrieked to nothing in time. Bring out the torches and pitchforks!!!! my friends , and i see you in WU. Just writing it as a last post, and something to think of. o/ so long and thanks for all the fishes, WO will always have a special place in my heart. Loving, Barfoot.
  8. Devblog: Server Issues Postmortem & Future

    That's good news, AWS will bring serenity and for sure improve the scalability and smoothness, exciting news indeed.
  9. Rift 24th -ish << OLD RIFT

    Thanks for reporting scouts.
  10. Valrei International. 078

    Cool update, really liked the far-away imp, ty!!
  11. Slaying - Red Dragon

    Missed it, but still - thank you for the public slaying