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  1. Cool, nice, I'm happy then!
  2. Yes, I fully agree with that, but at least a clarification would be something. Currently, we have nothing.
  3. It's ok that a company decide that a product isn't making enough revenue and they pull it from the market. I'm ok with that. The entire history of Wurm has been very experimental, so it couldn't be expected that in this specific instance they should be forced to uphold some promise that was made 5 years ago, when they just released WU experimentally to see if it would hit. It did for some time, and in many ways due to neglect, the game is now failing to sell as much as hoped for. I am personally fully convinced, that WU would become a complete hit if it wasn't built to be a "demo" for WO (and that unless you eventually migrate to WO you're not an accepted customer). WU has everything and more, to be the game people go to after they get fed up with MineCraft, in my opinion. There is however a lot of players who have invested a lot of time and faith in WU, and a lot of servers who have invested a lot of money and time. What is insincere, in my opinion again, is not being clear about what WU players and server hosts can expect in the future. It's not been stated that WU will be shut down and removed from Steam, so far, but it's not been stated either (that I'm aware of), that WU will remain on Steam forever and that it's only updates that are withheld. Without clarification, all WU players and server hosts are kept hostages in a, more or less, blackmail situation.
  4. There are also many many players who are insincere as well as server hosts. There are advantages and disadvantages, yes. The disadvantage with WO is that if you get on the bad side of the GMs/devs, you're done, finished, and won't be coming back; but in WU you always have a chance going to another server or starting your own server. If you have a character and a deed on a WO server that is reset, bad luck, live with it. With WU it goes both ways, for everything bad you say about WU, you can say something good too; there are some really bad server owners, yes, there are some really good too, yes. There are some with fake numbers, yes, there are some without fake numbers, yes. There are WU servers which are fast and easy, yes, there are WU servers which are hardcore hard, yes. With WO you can say what the game is about, with WU it depends on which server you look at. So making general statements about WU, is not sincere, unless you actually talk about game mechanics which is another matter, more or less, it also is very different between servers of course, so no, it all depends on server. When it comes to the fact that players pick bad servers, is it their own fault or WU? Blaming WU is like blaming Email for some people using it for sending spam, and if you send all your money to some guy in Africa, or buy lots of viagra, that's your own fault for having a bad judgement; you don't blame Email, it's just a service. Many Email services have spam filters, something similar could be invested with WU though, some kind of server "pledge"; server hosts pledge to fulfill a certain set of agreements. But the same should be then applied for players, and then if you bust that, you only have the bad servers to pick from.
  5. This article about setting up IntelliJ for WU modding is very good: For decompiling I'm using Procyon, this shell script will make decompiling jars easier: #!/bin/bash DECOMPILER=/usr/local/share/procyon/procyon-decompiler-0.5.36.jar ARGS="" for i in "$@" do ARGS="$ARGS $i" done java -jar $DECOMPILER $ARGS I've just named it "javad" and placed in /usr/local/bin Then decompiling a jar is done in the terminal: javad [jarfile] -o [outputdir] Modding with Ago's modlauncher is done using javassist, which is a good idea getting to know. Ago's example mods are all you need to learn how to write mods, make code injections etc. Everything else is about reading the decompiled code and making injections or adding hooks.
  6. That's a good idea, thanks, I'll look into it
  7. There are installers for different platforms, Windows has its set of installers, Linux another model, and Mac a third, which complicates things. I've been looking into publishing as a Steam package, but I think it would need the blessing of CC to work. I'm not looking for a simple way, that's what we have already, it has to work as easy as pressing a button.
  8. The problem that we've had with new graphical content has been that the client mod launcher would have to be enforced, and a lot of players have a difficulty installing it. Many players don't know how to handle a file browser, but they love playing Wurm. They don't mind learning Wurm, but installing the mod launcher and mods, editing properties files, copying files to the right folder etc. is a big difficulty for them. For me it's an issue I can't relate to, and perhaps many of you too, but I do understand that it is a difficulty, and it's causing a big problem because it limits servers to only have server side mods and content. I'm currently working, as I've mentioned before, on an updated version of Ago's client mod launcher, which will handle installing mods, and which will permit different mods profiles. It should have a built in functionality for loading packages from the server. It will have to be as easy to install, as installing Wurm, otherwise it won't work. That way servers can provide new content, because all players can be expected to have the client mod launcher installed. I'm also planning on expanding the server to build a map generator into the server. That way generating maps will be as easy as starting the server. The map generator would need an API which permits extending with mods, for custom map generation. But first things first.
  9. I don't have a degree in Java, I've just been working with Java professionally since 1997
  10. I'm not entirely sure dropping support is a totally bad thing actually, keeping mods up to date with new versions of WU has been a continuous issue, with a couple of weeks of work every update, with testing etc. It's all a matter of what will happen. If support is dropped and WU is not removed or anything, fixing bugs and developing a mods API could be done by the modders themselves. With a locked version of WU we could place that code in a git-repo and continue work as a side branch, but, it's a matter of where CC would stand on that. It would technically make WU an open source project, though not from a legal point of view, so it would have to be clarified.
  11. I know I've been very bad at publishing mods, but really, I don't have the time to extract parts of the code, package into smaller mods and randomly distribute and continuously update just in case anyone would find it of interest. I'd happily share code by request however. There's absolutely no intent on my part to keep the code secret or hidden, unless there are security issues involved. I published my Mystic Highlands code a year ago (and got a lot of ###### for it), and no particular response or interest, so therefore I only put time on publishing code by request.
  12. Actually, I think Wurm is pretty well written java, there's absolutely no reason to rewrite the game. In my real job, I'm working with 20 years old java code, and often I recall Wurm at work thinking "I wish it was as well written as Wurm". Oh well. Optimizing bottlenecks would go a long way I think. Well, the issue I have with WO is the lack of choice of player style. Whether you like fast or slow game play is irrelevant, but what is relevant is the option for players to choose a game style that fits them. When I talk to the players on my server, this is what they express too. I've not heard anyone yet say that they wouldn't pay for WU expansions, some wholeheartedly dislike subscriptions and the WO game economy of buying silver, and though I can understand that, it's not really an issue for me from a personal viewpoint, but more from a philosophical, but in the end it's a matter of choice and personal preference. This is where WO becomes a burden, it becomes an enforced game style - play this way or play another game. WU offers opportunity to build your own worlds, your own game styles. Some servers focus on architecture, others on adventure, then again others on role play; for sure, you can do a lot of that on WO too, but you won't find specialized niche servers. I mean, I read the Wheel of Time series for the second time, and just felt like creating a world inspired by the books; wrote down a world story, created cultures and religions, and invited players to co-expand on that story line. WO does not offer that kind of creativity, and I think that's what's attracting a lot of players to WU, because without context, without community, without a "depth" in the game, it only becomes a set of game mechanics and nothing more. What people want is immersion, to feel that you are in another world and the feeling that it's almost real. Wurm offers that, but it could easily become just a dictatorship of game mechanics.
  13. There is no intention to spread any FUD in my posts and I've clearly stated the numbers were speculative. Still 300-600 max capacity isn't very much for one server. Anyway, java isn't really the problem, but the servers aren't optimized. With optimized code C or java wouldn't matter. A lot of the code relies on bulky iterations, which isn't a problem doing once but with many levels of bulky iterations it becomes a problem. Java could easily use native code for performance operations, but optimizing the java code should improve performance a lot.
  14. How many players can a server reasonably support? No more than 1000 players, if there's a limit of say 200-300 playing at once, if we account for time zones and not everyone playing 24/7. The WO Steam servers couldn't handle more players than that. Just making some speculative estimations. Or are the WO Steam servers expected to be rebuilt for handling the capacity of thousands of players? WU could at the time of writing support perhaps 50 servers with 200 players each, that's max 10 000 players online at the same time, that's max capacity. There are about 200 servers online of which many are locked, so perhaps a bit more could be allowed, but it's not that many players after all. To support more players new servers would have to be started. For WU to reasonably have the capacity to support income for CC, WU would need much more cooperation between servers, much less competition, or no competition at all. There can't be competition for players, servers must pull new players, not compete for existing. The standard of the WU servers must be much higher, as to attract new players in greater numbers. Also, creating new maps must be as easy as pressing a button, today it's too difficult for most players to start their own server. Installing and handling mods is too difficult for many players, it should be as easy as pressing a button. Currently I'm working on a new client mod launcher, which extends Ago's launcher, and builds on the UI of the server browser, with UI for installing client mods, and having different mods profiles. Alas, I have a full time employment, normal 40h work weeks, so such development is a bit slow. I'd be happy to make the projekt open source in a git-repo.
  15. Alright, if the numbers are that sad for WU, then I fully understand the cutting of updates