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  1. For a complete reference, check the Wiki page. Please let me know what you think, or if you have any difficulties using it. This is the map viewer used on the Awakening Server web page: https://awakening.wurm-unlimited.net/map/Awakening Download here: https://github.com/awakening-wurm/MapViewer/releases
  2. Sorry, I don't watch this forum any more. I've moved to forum.wurm-unlimited.net but haven't posted my map generator there yet. So, it's about two years since I worked on this map generator, and I don't remember how to tweak the settings for optimal map generation. You can certainly edit the heightmap in an image editor like Photoshop or GIMP. Please read the instructions on how to use the tool, it's all there. When I get the time I will release it as open source and post documentation in our Wiki: wiki.wurm-unlimited.net I plan on creating a new map for a server cluster, and will fix a few bugs in this generator and will work on some new features and optimize the code a bit.
  3. Lol, you've never had to get along with me, ever. If you hate me, that's up to you. My responsibility as an admin is for the community as a whole, and not to be loved. As you said, I'm just a "tool", I do the modding. I leave the community managing for CM staff to handle, and they are humans and they are really doing their best. Players are not allways easy to handle, because everyone comes with their own personal bag of issues in the back, and we never know who comes with what in their bags, and a few have explosives. Rules has to be adjusted accordingly, as we learn what works and what doesn't, same with modding. It's not evil schemes to change rules, it's the opposite, rules are changed to counter evil schemes, or perhaps not evil, but schemes that cause damage to the server as a whole. I've already published the Awakening Server Mod, if you want to start your own server and use it, that's up to you. It doesn't contain all modding in Awakening, just about 20%, because most of it is heavily bound to lore and the special game mechanics this server is using, for example the adept model is hard coded to the specific deities we are using and so on. But I try my best to share.
  4. Nothing has been changed to your deed, you still have 1364 days left of upkeep. Should you somehow convince me to break your ban, but that would of course be reduced to something like "keep your head down and mouth shut", then nothing would have been changed except a few days of lost prayers. I'd say, in 1334 days your deed will start to decay, I love what you've done with it btw, it's a beautiful deed, really lovely. Well, that's almost four years!
  5. Discord stores all history, you were online at the time and did not deny in any way what Aristance was saying, nor what Altagar was saying, but in fact confirming it. All three of you have posted here, confirming each other's statements. But do you then argue that you disagree with Aristance and Altagar, and you are not part of their group, you just personally think I'm a "troll", and so it's my bad for not welcoming you back with open arms? The only drama here is you flailing your arms about shouting and screaming, instead of just quietly leaving, since you're not welcome anymore.
  6. Only these three were banned because of really bad behavior in the chat: Altagar, Aaddil, Aristance The bad joke by one of the moderators and me, was about vikings a 1000 years ago going on raids which was called "xxx:ing and pillaging", which is in no way referring to "sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language". The vikings "xxx:ing and pillaging" have been referred to jokingly in public media before, which a simple youtube search will prove. This type of language, as a server host, is totally acceptable on our server, and you have no right at all to make demands how moderators interpret server rules, that is not your job. When server moderators asked you to not take the argument further, and quiet down, you went on in public channels to among other things compare moderators to nazis, and insinuating that we accept nazis on our server. We do not take such accusations lightly. Players who abuse this very generous and open server in such ways, who become openly hostile towards the server and the staff, are not welcome. I don't ban players lightly, the only ones banned before you were one macro cheater and one posting nazi slogans in the public channels, both instances were a direct permanent ban. There is a difference between abuse and use. Use of admin power would obviously seem to be abuse by the one being treated. You've been fairly treated, with a very large amount of patience. I do not recommend these players to join any server, other server hosts be warned.
  7. Barfoot is a dedicated server host, who has put a lot of love into this server. It is a strong recommendation from me.
  8. I'm enjoying modding more than ever, personally. It's just a hobby, I don't do it for profits or any such thing, just because I enjoy it. I've also found the removal of stressful updates every half year a relief. I've actually also started working on optimizing and fixing a lot of bugs in the WU core classes, but that's a very long term project. So for me things are going great, slowly but forward. I'm open to collaborative projects with other developers, but also work 40h weeks and my schedule doesn't permit helping server hosts who wants some fix for their server. But I wish everyone well, of course!
  9. I've replied to this question here, how to fix it:
  10. The spirit eagle and drakes get a alpha value sent from the server for some reason, which the client renders as 100% transparency. A fix can easily be modded for all ghost creatures by replacing the sendAttachEffect in the VirtualZone.addCreature method. Spirit guards don't have the same alpha setting, so they are visible. Still working on a fix for the beams, the rift and xmas beams are visible but the altar beams are not - possibly they have different transparency settings considering they are not pulsating like the altar beams, or something like that?
  11. Copy the properties file sent with the program, and tweak the settings to your liking. Run the program with the properties file.
  12. Seems like a great server! Best wishes! /Kenabil (Awakening)
  13. Yes, well, there's no such thing as a secure system, it is always a relative term. Given that java-classes always can be decompiled, any malware and viruses can always be discovered and reported. The aim isn't to create a perfectly secure system, but a good enough one, that makes installing mods much more easy and automatic, and which will make client modding as practically valuable as server modding is today.
  14. What I have in mind is a new mod repository, where modders register and connect with various trust giving sites, such as github, google, stackoverflow, etc. and submit personal information. This will give modders certain levels of trust. It will also be possible to raise trust level by being endorsed by other members, like on LinkedIn. Publishing open source projects connected to the mod repo will raise trust levels. Well, you get the picture. Players will then be able to install mods, and get a warning by the modloader if the mod is not to be trusted. Mods will then automatically be updated with the latest versions, or if you want a fixed version, there should be properties you manually can set for that. The built in mod loader will make it easy to install mods, but then the plan is to create a mod that extends the built in mod loader and connects to the mod repository. Before the devs announced the new update, I already started on this project, but until I know how it will work with the update, I've put it on the shelf for the time being and focus on other things. However, the server browser in the client will be redesigned so as to connect with the mod repo and check what client mods are needed when logging in to a server, it will then install the mods automatically, but give warnings if the mods aren't trusted. Server hosts will be able to register their servers on the same place as the mod repo, setup which client mods are required by the server, and server hosts will also have a trust level, just like modders. This way, the server browser will show if a server isn't to be trusted. Voting for servers will not be on a webpage, but built into the client, when you browse servers, and voting will more be a matter of endorsing the server. Servers in my opinion should not be in a competition for existing players, but make WU itself attractive to new players, and supply a great variety of beautiful and fascinating worlds, each in its own unique way. This of course will not be done in short time, and would have to be a project where server hosts and modders contribute and cooperate. What do you think?
  15. @BattaRead the top most threads in the forum City Hall. It's a lot of reading, so I'll try summing things up a bit, as I understand it. It's been clearly confirmed that there are absolutely no plans on shutting WU down at all. The devs don't have time and resources to keep the WU product updated with new code. Instead they plan on helping modders develop WU, and then they will focus on the main product, which is WO. Please correct me if I'm wrong Retrograde, but as I understand it we will have very free hands to develop WU with modding as much as we like; each server will have the potential of becoming a completely new game. The next update will support loading of mods, because Ago's mod loader will be built in, so instead of patching servers and clients, mods can be installed more easily. How exactly the update will work remains to be seen, but I'm feeling quite optimistic about it, from what Samool has said