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  1. Yes, well, there's no such thing as a secure system, it is always a relative term. Given that java-classes always can be decompiled, any malware and viruses can always be discovered and reported. The aim isn't to create a perfectly secure system, but a good enough one, that makes installing mods much more easy and automatic, and which will make client modding as practically valuable as server modding is today.
  2. What I have in mind is a new mod repository, where modders register and connect with various trust giving sites, such as github, google, stackoverflow, etc. and submit personal information. This will give modders certain levels of trust. It will also be possible to raise trust level by being endorsed by other members, like on LinkedIn. Publishing open source projects connected to the mod repo will raise trust levels. Well, you get the picture. Players will then be able to install mods, and get a warning by the modloader if the mod is not to be trusted. Mods will then automatically be updated with the latest versions, or if you want a fixed version, there should be properties you manually can set for that. The built in mod loader will make it easy to install mods, but then the plan is to create a mod that extends the built in mod loader and connects to the mod repository. Before the devs announced the new update, I already started on this project, but until I know how it will work with the update, I've put it on the shelf for the time being and focus on other things. However, the server browser in the client will be redesigned so as to connect with the mod repo and check what client mods are needed when logging in to a server, it will then install the mods automatically, but give warnings if the mods aren't trusted. Server hosts will be able to register their servers on the same place as the mod repo, setup which client mods are required by the server, and server hosts will also have a trust level, just like modders. This way, the server browser will show if a server isn't to be trusted. Voting for servers will not be on a webpage, but built into the client, when you browse servers, and voting will more be a matter of endorsing the server. Servers in my opinion should not be in a competition for existing players, but make WU itself attractive to new players, and supply a great variety of beautiful and fascinating worlds, each in its own unique way. This of course will not be done in short time, and would have to be a project where server hosts and modders contribute and cooperate. What do you think?
  3. @BattaRead the top most threads in the forum City Hall. It's a lot of reading, so I'll try summing things up a bit, as I understand it. It's been clearly confirmed that there are absolutely no plans on shutting WU down at all. The devs don't have time and resources to keep the WU product updated with new code. Instead they plan on helping modders develop WU, and then they will focus on the main product, which is WO. Please correct me if I'm wrong Retrograde, but as I understand it we will have very free hands to develop WU with modding as much as we like; each server will have the potential of becoming a completely new game. The next update will support loading of mods, because Ago's mod loader will be built in, so instead of patching servers and clients, mods can be installed more easily. How exactly the update will work remains to be seen, but I'm feeling quite optimistic about it, from what Samool has said
  4. I've got a few ideas, perhaps we can work together to create a secure and working model for publishing mods. I'm waiting for the update to know for sure. One issue with mods as server packages is security. It would be safer to have server profiles in a public mod repository. Publishing mods on the forums isn't very secure either of course.
  5. Alright Batta, I will see what I can do, but it's been a very busy time for me having moved to a new house last week and many deadlines at work, but perhaps I will get some time during the holidays for making a public mod. My primary focus though is my own server. Anyway, OP requested some other mod features in a PM, and what I will do is compile one server mod with all those features, and which you can pick the features you want by setting properties in the mod properties-file. There is a technical disadvantage with having a thousand mods, in that code injections can overwrite each others, e.g. mod A changes the method Q, then mod B also replaces method Q with new code, then the changes A did may not exist anymore. This is one of the reasons I prefer keeping all code in one project. Another is that working with 30 projects is very time consuming. I'll PM you and OP when I get started and post the mod in the forum.
  6. Om Mystic Highlands we tried lowering the difficulty for the meditation skill, for higher gains, but which I think didn't work that well. On Awakening we've instead switched the skill model and are using the old WO skill model, for meditation skill only - which so far is working like on WO. Without modding, on a 1x1x server, meditation on WU is more or less broken, gains above 30 are close to none. There are advantages and disadvantages to both WO and WU models, but almost all our players seem to prefer the WU skill model, with the exception of the meditation skill. Changing so any skill is using the old WO model is trivial. In the class com.wurmonline.server.skills.Skill, some of the skillCheck-methods have an argument useNewSystem. Just flip that argument to false and you get the old system.
  7. Moder Named Tanniel

    Hello, I've replied to your PM
  8. It's in the class com.wurmonline.server.players.Players and the method sendAltarsToPlayer, called by com.wurmonline.server.LoginHandler when a client is logging in. All effects such as the beams are sent to clients then. Just insert some code at the start of sendAltarsToPlayer sending added beam effects., and check named method for how to send the effects. The white beam uses the type 2, the black beam is type 3, and the santa beam is 4.
  9. No, you've downloaded the master branch, it's source code, you want the releases. Notice the url I linked says "releases" at the end. Also, when you download mods, make sure to get the releases. You've downloaded the git master branches as sources. What you want is the already compiled mods. So, the zip files should only contain a file named "[modname].properties", where [modname] is the name of the mod, and a folder with the name of the mod, and inside that folder a file named "[modname].jar". These files should be placed in the folder "mods". Edit: In most cases, but sometimes there's a "[modname].config" file, and in a few cases a lib-folder with other jar-files, inside the modname-folder.
  10. Try donwloading from this URL instead: https://github.com/ago1024/WurmClientModLauncher/releases Download the file: client-modlauncher-0.10.1.zip Extract and there you'll find the files with patcher.bat
  11. What version of Ubuntu are you using? Try changing output device. Also check that WurmLauncher has volume in the sound settings. Could be as simple as that
  12. Had a similar problem a year or so ago, don't recall the reason for it or how it was solved, but somehow I noticed dds-files didn't load, only png files. Oh, I think it had to do with a missing library, and installing that library fixed it. What I did was to extract graphics.jar, convert all dds-files to png, and then replace ".dds" with ".png" in all mapping-files, and then I wrote a program that edited the binary wom-files and replaced "dds" with "png", and then the textures would load. But as I said, it was all in vain, because once I got that library installed, the original graphics.jar would load again. Anyway, if you notice that it's only the png-files loading, that's one way to do it. I doubt it's the same solution with installing a library though, I'm on Linux.
  13. Naturally, I'm talking about reading others' code, if it wasn't apparent. Reading my own code is of course like reading my own thoughts, but everyone thinks differently. Here, take this school book example of the LZW algorithm: http://homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk/rbf/BOOKS/PHILLIPS/cips2edsrc/LZW.C It's well documented, and very well written classic C code. I've made a few implementations of LZW in a few different languages, and find it easier to just grasp the concept of the algorithm and write the code from scratch, than to edit parts of the original code, but perhaps that's just me.
  14. As a programmer I'd say that source code has nearly no value without the coder writing it. Reading someone's code is sometimes more difficult than writing the code from scratch, if there are complex equations and many nested layers of recursive functions involved, for example. Just try and understand a really complex regex, it's faster just writing a new. Using the code could be fine if it's well written, then just change a variable and anything could break. Then add to it that mods are using code injections, why would devs use code injections? Good ideas on the other hand, those can have great value, and you don't need coding skills to have good ideas. So, if you have awesome ideas, just keep them to yourself and let everyone suffer. I'd never obfuscate code, unless for the art of obfuscating, or nerdy things like esoteric programming languages, I've written a few. On the contrary, I'd like to share more code, I'm just embarrassed it's so badly written, and don't have so much time to publish and keep it updated with fixes etc. It's a lot of work.