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  1. WalkerInTheVoid made a brilliant mod called SortMod, but it has a major flaw, in that whenever a disconnect happens, intead of going to the loading screen, the client will crash instead So, I'm hoping that one of you wonderful programmers can either fix the mod, or else make a new version that won't crash on us. The original mod would: Original Sortmod GitHub: Original forum post: (page 6, roughly halfway down the page) There is also some more technical discussion about the cause of the CTD at the end of page 10 in the above forum post. Many many thanks in advance to whoever can get this to work again!! Vanyel
  2. something like this perhaps?: and Thankyou for the fixes.. will be testing them soon
  3. After a couple hours testing/adding/removing mods, there seems to be an issue between your crafter and delivery contract mods with Governor's 'GM Commands' mod the commands for some reason no longer work (unknown command) when either crafter and/or delivery contracts are installed. As a non-coder ( I make a rock look like a coding prodigy on my best day) I have a feeling the main issue may be something concerning traders (there is a #resettraders command, and your mods also have some reloading of traders).. Then again, that's just a hunch on my part.... I'm hoping it's just something small-ish, that can easily be fixed as I really would like to have all 3 mods working together... Strangely enough, buyer mod works fine with GM Commands.... Thankyou
  4. I managed to track it down.. it was Ausi's 'Craft more things' mod... removed it, and everything went back to normal, no items lost.
  5. no, the thing is the inventory has BECOME the yule deer... there is no inventory, just yule deer... the 'dropping' mention above was right-click menu drop, not giving anything to anyone this is on a brand new server, no other toons but what I create myself so far it's hosted, but not open yet
  6. Here's a weird problem: Any character that connects to my server gets a free yule reindeer - BUT! it's INSTEAD of an inventory! This means I can't pick anything up, can't chop/dig/farm etc.. I *can* drop the yule reindeer and it appears on the ground (but also stays in place). It's obviously due to a mod being borked, but I can't figure out which one (I have 74 mods installed and until now all were working just fine) here's the server.log (warning, it's BIG): I have highlighted the ONLY line that mentions 'yule reindeer' or 'inventory' in orange Hopefully, someone can figure out which mod is causing this so I have an idea of where to go to fix it... Thanks in advance for any suggestions
  7. Just a quick question about the milk reset mod. is the command limited to a certain GM level? or can any player attempt to reset the milking timer? The description doesn't say, and neither does the .properties file. If it's set to allow anyone to use it, would it be at all possible to get a GM power level setting in the properties please? with 0 = anyone etc. many thanks
  8. I'm the kind of person that installs a mod, loads the server, plays with/tests a mod thoroughly where/when applicable before installing the next mod... So if I'd been just a bit less AR and installed all your mods together this wouldn't have been an issue? next mod was going to be the buyer lol I'm so so sorry for wasting your time, but thankyou for the fix as I'm sure someone will only want one or the other at some point.
  9. crafter is causing a crash for me... only happens when the 'trade' option is used on the crafter's menu. Have tried with both GM toons and player toons both cause a crash: server.log: Maybe I've borked the properties? I'm also using the 'Donation Fix' release in case that matters.... Please help
  10. Sorry for the delay, but RL interfered... #loadItem kinda worked, the altar appeared in my inv, and I was able to drop it and it was in the world. I was able to change gods via the inscriptions (GM toon tho). However, when trying to pray at the WL altar, I get the message "The altar has no diety. You cannot pray here". {edit: tried with a regular player - same result: [14:27:49] The Altar of Three has no deity, so you cannot pray here. } Player toon also cannot see the altar after restart. Tried a restart, only to come back to the altar being gone again, but the beacon was still there...
  11. As per title, I'd love an easy way to add items to the list of what is/not able to be stored in a BsB/FsB. Preferably controlled with a config/properties file - maybe even an edit/update to the sortmod? What I'm imagining is a simple line in a file to add items to, ie: <snip> bulkitems: 765, 380, bulkfood: 373, </snip> This example would allow source crystals and diamonds to go into bsb's and porridge to go into fsb's... (purely an example) While I'm dreaming of this, maybe a new item for bulk liquids? possibly something with the huge oil barrel graphic? Many thanks
  12. I now have the white light beacon!! BUT the altar itself is not showing up... BL beacon is still missing, as well as the BL altar.... Yet wurmitems.db shows both listed and being in the world at the correct co-ords.... Would editing the x/y/z positions in the db to where I ultimately want them be a good idea, or would it make even more issues?
  13. the issue is that when manually placing them, I may as well be placing any other deco item for all the good it does... I place WL altar, restart server, log in - Altar is there, but still non-functional (may as well be deco). This happens no matter where I place the altar...