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Found 19 results

  1. May have been suggested already. Just some thoughts off the top of my head while i was out in wurm winterland How about turning the black wolf into the snow wolf? It only appears in winter Can be made into the white wolf rug (same as black version just white) Maybe give it real blue ice eye colour *Edit, ambient wolf howl sounds triggered when near player? Will give frostbite as wound <<< need to beef this out a bit
  2. SKI for the Wurmianer !!! Dear Devs , we have Snow so we also need Ski´s !! Would be so amazing to use Ski and race against other Players. Craft : Plank + carving Knife = unfinished Ski unfinished Ski + Ski-Edge + 2 Leather Stripes Ski Edge = Lump + Hammer on a small Anvil Ski Poles = Shaft + Leather Stripes Different Skitype - make Ski´s from every Woodtyp Just climb a Hill and equip your Skies and have fun ! Beware !! Low Quality breaks faster and you can hurt yourself ! Ski Controls: W - Faster A - Left Swing D - Right Swing S - Brake, stove the Snow Events : Ski Racing, Ski Jumping NEW Cooking Recipes: Ski Water - Raspberry + Water + Citron "Glühwein" mulled Wine - Red Wine + Sugar + Orange + heated in a bowl or cauldron NEEDS: Body Control 21 ans Carpentry 20 to make the Ski
  3. I was just thinking how "cool" it would be if the smaller lakes and ponds became frozen during the winter. If they did we could chisel ice blocks to put in the fridge that would work similar to snow balls, but would last longer. Also, maybe there could be ice fishing that would get different types of fish or other items. Maybe you could make fun ice sculptures, or the ability to ice skate. Ice skates could be made by leatherworking and blacksmithing. Another idea that might be to hard to do but in a larger lake there could be other dangers during winter like icebergs that could damage your ships. I'm sure there are many other ideas that could be made with frozen lakes as well but those are a few that I thought of off the top of my head.
  4. You know... there is that old discussion about Wurm winter! Some of you hate the snow season because of its brightness, some don't like its textures, others feel impeded when doing their highly important Wurm jobs. But there are also many others who just love this time of year when the winter sun shines brightly through snow covered trees, making our usually dark forests shine and sparkle with incandescent beams of light! I am one of those: I love Wurm winter with its beautiful snow covered landscapes and forests! Here are some of the awesome pictures I took yesterday - and I would like to encourage you to add more! (I didn't want to spam the general screenshots thread with winter pics, so I created this special place for the beauties of winter.) Feel free to post more pictures celebrating the beauty of Wurm winter!
  5. Logged into my deed holder just now and saw this, from my flat top:
  6. Subj. Can anyone: Create a modification that removes the growth of crops in the winter season?
  7. Hello there guys. Recently after a few winters I came up with an idea of body temperature. The feature would add a little more survivalish taste to the game. Below I will present what I would love to see and how would everything work. -Body temperature increases/decreases with certain seasons -The wind would decrease/increase the body temperature within time -Water and diffrent drinks cool the player down or make him warm (depends on drink) -Standing inside a finished structure would make the temperature drop slower -Standing near fireplaces, ovens, forges (lighted) would make the temperature increase -After dropping below a certain temperature or raising it too high player would take damage -Wearing certain clothes would either decrease the temperature or increase it (For an example cloth hoods and stuff on the desert and wearing furs at winter) Also! The newbs could get a perk that temperature will not hurt them for the first wurm year so the game would not beat the potatoes out of thier sacks. You get the idea. Tell me what you think about it in the comments!
  8. We have snowballs, yay! Why can't I combine them to make a larger snowball. Follow that... why can I not make a snowman?! We have all the materials, now with carrots. Combine 5 snowballs = small snowboulder combine 10 snowballs = medium snowboulder combine 25 snowballs = large snowboulder Carrot + small snowboulder = unfinished snowman Remaining items: 10 coal, 2 branches, hat (any type), medium snow boulder, large snow boulder Can be painted Melts several days into spring Crap: ok Fine: Make them not limited to Christmas, allow creation on any tile, not just grass! Snow Forts! Activate hand; (5 snowballs in inventory, like hedge) rt click tile border. Make: Half snow wall Full Snow Wall Windowed snow wall Snow parapet Add floorboards to make successive floors above No permissions Easily damaged can be painted melts several days into Spring (floorboards too - Wogic required) Make this a thing! Malokai
  9. Have snow on the higher elevations that can be harvested for larder ice. Perhaps even have the snowcaps gradually "melt" as the seasons advance, until winter drops the snow level again.
  10. Yo. Idea henceforth: With all these winter posts, and my love for winter both ingame and out, I wanted to start me own thread for Winter ideas to spice it up like a pumkin latte for all wurmians to enjoy. Speaking of spiced drinks, do we have eggnog in game yet? If not, why? Winter should be special. Historically, it's the only season where food is scarce. We don't experience any of that in Wurm. We should have thermal effects. Frostbite. Yesssss Increased calorie consumption. Stay warm or starve trying. Frozen rivers and lakes. Frozen oceans if north enough. Icebergs. The ice must floe! But really, my big idea is a focus on reginal server behavior. If your server was far enough towards the equator, youd never experience winter. Go north lad, and thaat is all you will get. The only problem I see is that players exist on our current servers. I mean, theyd move south if permafrost set in. Glaciers in the back yard. Winter trolls. Mammoths... About the above: I will edit when I'm at a computer. Phone is bad for thinking... I think I understand our societal problems, using this thing. Go ahead and be constructive, below. Think cold. Winter. Awesome. Remembrr to dress warm.
  11. Fur armor would be a nice addition to wurm being somewhere around the strength of leather/studded leather. Would go well with some of the helms and give additional stuff for fur to be used for in game. Would really complete the viking feel this game has. As well, can we finally get capes? As well as some kinda holiday themed cloth armors, and some priest style clothing. I think god based would be cool to work similiar to kingdom tabards possibly to identify the type of priest you are. Even something to be worn in the tabard slot that would do this would be great. Also if we could make it so we can wear kingdom tabard of different kingdoms on freedom as well. Possibly some holiday themed things, that could be only craftable during the holiday associated with it would be cool too, some items such as scarfs that could be worn in jewellery slots. Obviously scarfs or the like could be purely cosmetic items. If you have additional ideas to expand upon this please add them to thread.
  12. A recent thread has brought up some interest in restoring balance to the seasons by increasing the number of days (weeks) of winter in the Wurm calendar year. I'm sure many won't like this proposition, but for those of us who really do enjoy the snowflake-filled skies and powder white terrain this suggestion would be quite nice: please increase the number of days (weeks) of winter. This thread exists to gauge the interest level of an increased winter to balance out the seasons a little more. My own suggestion goes something like this: Autumn - 9 weeks Winter - 8 weeks Spring - 9 weeks Summer - 22 weeks Discuss your ideas, and try to keep the insults to a minimum please.
  13. When I first started Wurm, it was summer. I went as fast as I could to get a few vegetables in the ground and an FSB up. I was convinced nothing could grow in winter, and wanted to make sure I'd survive. Of course, winter has no effect on farming in Wurm, so I had nothing to worry about. Would it be possible to add a server setting to shut off winter farming? Part of a survival mode type of environment.
  14. There is a saying: Too much white is not good for health Yes my eyes hurt Render gloom is off and setting are medium.
  15. Most people hate winter in Wurm. Heck, most hate it in real life too, so thumbs up on the realism! Idea: Fine Carp craft some skis and Sleighs. Driving a sleigh would be slightly faster than a cart. For skiing, you would ahve to hot key between skis and shoes. If going downhill, make it double walking speed, plus no damage on slopes less than x(80?). Just a fun way to liven up winter and give us a reason to get excited about winter. This also brings up the possibility of other fun foot wear, like ice skates. Far more to consider for those to be viable..
  16. this just a idea i had that i would like to sugest that maby in the future there is a island that is mainly coverd in snow for most of the time ecept the middle of summer. i personlay think this would be wonderfull because it would also make thigns harder as plants wouldent be growing as fast as the normal do so it would take longer for food and such things to grow meaing you could possably starve. there would also be the possabilty of most water being ice so you hafto mlet it first befour you could drink it . rember this was just a idea i had im only asking and would thin it would be a nice addition to the game thankyou
  17. Stagger the seasonal cycles so we can move around between servers to avoid undesired experiences. In my case, I hate winter and don't like fall much either. Note; I feel the the best solution, the one that maximizes customer happiness, is to let us override what season we see on our client. For some reason the devs seem to think their "vision" regarding seasons is more important than customer service.
  18. I'd like to add a suggestion/petition thread for adding winter back into wurm for the week of Christmas (22-29th of december). It seems pointless to have winter/christmas in the bright foliage of summer/fall. I miss when snow covered wurm for 2 or 3 weeks only in december and so I'd like to ask that snow be added in at the end of the month. Thanks
  19. After having talked to people in game and reading over the forums it seems like winter is one of the more unpopular seasons in game. I believe there are some graphical changes that could be made to greatly improve the appearance and popularity of winter. Mu suggestions address what I believe to be at the heart of the issue, everything in winter looks the same, it's all snow, and relatively plain snow at that. While I believe this to be a fairly realistic portrayal, it is nonetheless monotonous and somewhat boring. Here are some things I have thought of that may reduce the monotony: Add some shading to the snow texture to imply unevenness such as that caused by wind or wet snow. Here is a link to a gallery of images of snow in other games of a variety of graphical styles and resolutions that may provide some inspiration. Have some terrain tiles look like something other than snow or muddy snow. I believe ice or ice with snow on it would be a very nice addition. I think rock tiles could work as ice, as could marsh and if possible reed and other primarily aquatic tiles. Here is a nice closeup image I found of the texture of ice that may provide insight into what I am thinking about: While the winter tress are, on the whole, very aesthetically pleasing, the smaller plants I have seen (most especially flowers but also grape vines) are rather unattractive. While there is a certain realism to this, I believe to improve the overall look of the season, some artistic license should be taken. I think the most attractive winter versions of these plants would be if they had just been covered in ice from a freezing rain storm, or perhaps if mid-season melt had cause some ice crystals to form on them or maybe even a version very similar to the original, but just covered in a light frost. Here are some examples: Obviously implementing some of these suggestions would take a fair amount of artist time/resources, but I think it would significantly improve the season that gets the least love and would help them all be more equally beautiful. If anyone else has any suggestions or comments they would be very welcome .