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Found 39 results

  1. I was experimenting with coffee and following feature: Figured out, that you can log into game, drink coffee, you will get free bonus as expected. If you jump by PvP portal to Defiance and back, drink coffee you will get another 10 minutes of sleep bonus. P.S. already discussed via in game ticket and is allowed to share it in this section
  2. Ever have it where you know you're going to get some sleep bonus from the hamsters going on strike? Or want to complete that journal entry and get the rewards? But - oh no! You already have full sleep bonus! I suggest that we could be able to bottle our sleep bonus to keep it for future use. We could use these bottled bonuses whenever we wanted, like sleep powders. But to avoid crashing the powder market, perhaps they could be untradable and undroppable. Then we could have a nice bank of bonus that would otherwise go to waste.
  3. Hi, Looking for some SB. At least 10 SB might need more. Message me In game "Arka" or here.
  4. The idea is pretty simple : Once per year, on your birthday ( the date you entered when making your account ) you are allowed, as a premium player, to bake a special Birthday Cake listed in the cooking recipes! This birthday cake is special in a sense that: - You can only make it once every year - It can be traded and sold for a good price since it will be a rare baked product - You can slice it in 4 pieces, each piece giving 15 minutes of Sleep Bonus, total of 60mins sleep bonus with 1 whole Birthday Cake - This way you can bake and share ( if you're not greedy ) your birthday cake with your village/alliance - It adds a good amount to CCFP values next to providing sleep bonus. - The ingredients can be more or less the same as other cakes I think gifting (premium) players 1h of sleep bonus on their birthday in this way adds something special/personal to it and won't disrupt the balance of Silver/Premium/Sleep Powder sales. You still need to get the ingredient and bake it to get that 1h sleep bonus, instead of just handing out sleeping powder for example.
  5. Posted August 12 (edited) Cast was successful! All Vynora priests or followers who pray in the next 24 hours will get 5 hours free sleep bonus! A special thank you to Iwry, Thoren, and Reverent. Attention all Vynora priests! Verdant Bay is going to be casting another casting of Rite of Spring. We welcome Vynora priests from across the servers to come and link with our casting priest. We need your help! We are calling priests of level 55 faith or above to link with us to cast Rite of Spring! We need 3-4 more priests. If we cannot get enough priests we will attempt again Wednesday. I understand this is short notice, but we did not expect the rite to be ready so soon! We will have more of a heads up on the next one. Please contact Szarin or Trith in game or reply to this post if you would like to be involved with future Rites. We will announce them earlier. We have preliminary plans to do the rite WEEKLY at 3:00-3:30 EST because of how fast the timer is reset. But this means we need all you Vyn followers to pray a lot! Location: Verdant Bay deed Map coordinates: N19, very close to Harmony Bay along the coast, to the east. Time: PENDING
  6. I am not sure whether this is a bug or a suggestion post. I just double clicked the sleep bonus button (zZz). It happens all too often. I have a laptop with a touchpad (no space for a mouse) and often double click by mistake. Because of this I have to wait 4 minutes before I can use sleep bonus and continue with what I am doing. I know it might seem like a minor inconvenience, but it would be great if the sleep bonus button had some double click protection - maybe a 1 second timer between registering clicks, so folks don't accidentally switch it on then straight off again. I can't think of a reason anyone would need sleep bonus for less than 1 second or would need to use multiple clicks on the button. Just an idea.
  7. (Somewhat related to based on a discussion we had in discord a little while ago now, talking about the fact that fatigue never actually got a change despite it being a nuisance to quite a few players over the years, as well as weaknesses of the current global mission system) This suggestion is for an additional, more personalized mission system that is based on both praying and meditating, each with their own purposes. TL,DR at the bottom. First off the part of it that I would like to see oriented towards praying. As most people know, you have a daily limit of 5 pray actions that grants Faith, as long as you have not yet hit your limit of either 30 Faith for Followers, or 100 Faith for priests. As soon as you hit this Faith limit, however, praying becomes a thing of the past and no longer has any real use. So what if we instead take these daily prayers, and rework them to grant personal missions that can be done on a daily basis, with rewards that are useful for most players, similar to what most people know as "dailies" in other games? The rewards I would add to this system are, as most would expect, sleep bonus and karma, as these are also the rewards for the global mission system, and this should be seen as an addition to the current system. Now I am obviously well aware what most people will think "eeww dailies -1". However, I believe that due to Wurm's nature, dailies in this game would be quite different from how people remember them from different games. If we take for example our well-known old friend World of Warcraft, the fact that most people remember dailies with a bad aftertaste is due to how closely they were usually tied into game progression, either by being the best, or even only, source of certain in-game resources (e.g. order hall resources in Legion and Battle for Azeroth), statuses (e.g. reputation for certain factions since basically the beginning of the game) or to progress mandatory core game mechanics (e.g. Legion Artifact Weapons and BfA's Heart of Azeroth). The rewards the global mission system grants, and as such this system would be granting as well, being sleep bonus and karma, are neither of the things mentioned above. They are neither mandatory game mechanics or resources, as you can decide not to use Sleep Bonus or only use it on certain skills, as most people do, and still progress your skills. Neither is the mission system the only available source of sleep bonus and karma. Either can still be gained by different mechanics, such as the still existing global mission system, additionally for sleep bonus sleep powder, logging out in a bed, referrals (don't hit me for mentioning this here, I KNOW no one ever does this) and for karma source crystals. I also mentioned that i would like to see it being more personalized, so how would we go about that? About that, there always were certain things that bothered me about both the old global mission system as well as the reworked one. Those were primarily the available pool of missions. More strictly speaking, tree missions, traitor missions, specific epic structure missions. I still clearly remember several discussions about those things in both IRC as well as private chats with a Dev when the rework of the mission system was announced along with specific things, such as the fact that the amount of missions would be reduced to the template gods, the limit on epic structures would be removed, the fact that some Devs thought it would be a brilliant idea to declare penning epic structures a ban-able offense because the people that actually spent the effort to build those resource intensive, high difficulty items should not be rewarded for it and almost all players that participated in these discussions agreed that these missions should be either reduced in difficulty or changed to be more universal. So this, as far as I am concerned, is something that NEEDS to be done for this additional system to make any sense. More specifically, I believe first off, missions should be split into three different pools: General missions, Crafter missions and Priest missions. General missions include killing certain creatures, such as the existing traitor missions, the normal hunting missions, the epic structure rituals and similar. Moreover, these missions should be made more universal. Traitor missions should be changed into killing a specific creature of a certain age, such as a young pheasant, which by itself can already be difficult enough for a single player. Epic structure rituals should be changed to no longer demand a specific epic structure but instead a structure type. Hunting missions can stay the same as they are generally considered to be fine. Crafter missions are those that include things that can not necessarily be done by priests, such as sacrificing decent items, as this requires improving, or woodcutting as depending on your deity, you may not be able to do it. In this category, tree missions should also be changed to require a specific tree type of a certain age, such as a young lemon tree. Priest missions would be a new category that currently does not exist, and would include activities that can only be done by priests. Obviously due to the currently existing types of missions, these groups seem fairly empty as of right now. So this is where your ideas would come into play. What types of missions would you like to see? General ones, crafter ones or priest ones? Holding a sermon? Enchanting an item past a specific power? Sacrifice a certain amount of favor in a single action? Improve an item past a certain ql? Do a certain amount of specific actions, such as digging or mining? Create a number of specific items without having to sacrifice them? Maybe some of the older achievements could also be incorporated, such as dragging a cart a certain distance, baking bread or pies or planting a certain amount of trees? I really do not see any reason why the current mission system has such a limited amount of missions, so long as they are something your character can actually do. Another aspect I would like to get into after talking about the types of missions is obviously the difficulty, the global mission system is fine requiring several dozens of monsters to be hunted or sacrificing upwards of 200 items. However, these numbers are far too high for something that could be done on a daily basis. What would you consider a more achievable amount? Hunting 10-20 monsters? Cutting down 3-8 trees of a specific age? Hunting 2-5 monsters of a specific age? Sacrificing 10-15 decent items? Next up is meditating, which I also mentioned further up as being incorporable into this system, however in a different way. And that is FATIGUE. Most people are probably somewhat aware that this mechanic exists, some people are bothered by it, others claim that they play 12 hours a day and have never hit the fatigue wall because they are aware that being online and actually clicking buttons are two entirely different things. For those not too well aware of the fatigue system, I've made a post about it here quite some time ago: WARNING VERY BIG WALL OF TEXT;page=5&amp;tab=comments#comment-1572340 This system has existed for a long time and never been touched, with all criticism towards it usually being denied with sentences similar to [17:41:37] <Retrograde> I dont think there are plans to address or change it [17:41:42] <Retrograde> Because it works in its current format [17:42:02] <Retrograde> It achieves the goals it sets out to do, people just disagree on those goals . But during the recent discussion in IRC Sindusk mentioned that "if we give the option for players to break their monotony and do an action to recharge their fatigue then that would potentially be on the table", which led me to the following idea on how it could be changed. Generally speaking, the main idea of fatigue is to set a limit to the amount of strenuous tasks a character can do in a specific time frame. The opposite of this is certainly taking a break. However, I feel that rather than making the game mostly unplayable once you hit the limit, giving players the option to recharge it with in-game mechanics is certainly a great alternative. And with the way it currently works, I consider meditation to be a good fit for this. Currently, meditation grants you 5 daily meditations with 30 minute cooldown before switching over to a 3 hour cooldown between actions. So my idea is to allow the meditation action itself, while done when being eligible for a meditation tick and triggering a 3 hours cooldown, to restore a flat amount of 15 minutes of fatigue as well as granting a small mission that will restore an additional 15 minutes of fatigue, for a total of 8 chances to get 30 minutes and a total of 4 hours, which is half the amount of fatigue naturally restored over the course of a 24 hours day. Other than the fatigue however, these missions would not grant any other rewards. I also think the missions triggered by meditating should be different from the missions affiliated with the epic mission system and should rather be based on systems that generally do not find much use or are things that people would consider something to break the monotony of work, for example giving the toys in the game an actual use. Playing with your puppets or yo-yo could be goals of these missions for example. Maybe going out and catching a fish or grooming an animal. Last off, as these systems are somewhat meant to be done on a daily basis, the missions you are granted should all be cleared with the start of a new /uptime day, just like the systems that grant them are reset, to prevent someone from just stacking up a huge amount of never expiring missions and finishing them only when needed. I also do not expect their rewards to be as big as the global mission system, both sleep bonus and karma wise, however, due to their accessibility having a hard limit I believe it should be easier to find a decent balance here. TL,DR: Make praying give personalized missions with less difficulty but a bigger spectrum than the global mission system. Add more types of missions to be done with this system, possibly being added to the global mission system as well. Split missions into general, crafting and priest categories so you don't end up with missions you can't even do. Make meditating restore fatigue when triggering a 3 hours cooldown. That's it for now, I believe. If i missed something somewhere, please make me aware of it and I'll fix it. Also, if you have any feedback to this suggestion, please let me know how you think about it and maybe your ideas for different types of missions or what you would consider a decent balance regarding their difficulty.
  8. I would like to buy/earn sleep bonus powders. Buy 100x+ 60c each (60s for 100 powers) 50x-99x+ 70c each (35s for 50 powder) 25x-49x 80c each (20s for 25 powder) 10x-24x 90c each 1x-9x 1s each Earn Will also imp* Smithing/Leatherworking items to 75ql for 80c credit, 85ql for 90c credit, 90ql imp for 1s credit. if it's really difficult I might ask to readjust the credit for the imp (needle,anvil). *great way to get your armor re-imped If you have SB powders and want to trade or sell to me, and these suggested rates are confusing, PM me and we will work something out. Very Respectfully, Deathangel
  9. My sleep bonus is capped at 5 hours 0 mins 0 seconds because I was sleeping in a bed throughout the most recent hotfix. I understand this was supposed to have been fixed in an earlier update. I think the problem may only be with the most recent 5 hour sleep bonus gift, as the earlier 10 hour gifts were unaffected by sleeping in beds.
  10. Pretty simple suggestion, just extend the sleep bonus cap for loyal players who want to go on long grinds or stuff. Something like 30 mins per 6 months of premium you have/had up to 1 hour of sleep bonus added to the cap (per year) if you were prem for 12 months in the past, or bought prem for 12 months. It won't imbalance the game, just help grinders (which is pretty much 90% of the wurm population anyway or so? ) and reward those who've been playing and paying for a while now. For example if you've paid for 36 months of prem in the past, your cap for SB would be at 8 hours. Would be nice for people who go on vacations and come back with more sleep bonus to get better skills in their adventures and so forth.
  11. Hi all! I use Google translate! I would like to raise an issue bonus from sleep. The fact is that now sleep bonus is a nominal function, which in this game as the Wurm can not fully meet the needs of the modern player. It is ridiculous to say, but sleep bonus, as is well known, activates the command chatting through "/"))) He even from the standpoint of ordinary logic is questionable.In this regard, I would like to offer a very complicated in some cases, the calculation system of the permanent sleep bonus. Firstly, in Wurm has a quality system, to offer the same quality of sleep, and add (1 to 100). Quality of sleep in real life depends on hundreds or even thousands of factors. No one will argue that sleep is an essential human need, after breathing. I would like to propose the following system of bonuses from sleep in Wurm. Please note that all values are given as an example! Generally awake in Wurm can not live as cease to grow skills, stamina builds up as in 10% of water or other negative factors working .. These factors included after the continuous stay of the character in the game within 12 hours of real time. To get rid of the negative effects of a character must log out or use an object such as a bed, a tent or sleeping bag or other intended for sleeping. The character must be in a state of not less than four hours of real time, offered to enter status in connection with the stay of the character in the sleep mode or offline: 4 hours - wants to sleep (sleep bonus 0.5) 8 hours - not enough sleep (sleep bonus 1) 12 hours - a good sleep (sleep bonus 1.5) 16 hours or more - full of enthusiasm (sleep bonus 2) We know that most of the players come temporarily, and the more intense and monotonous they play, the faster they will go out of the project, so innovation is linked to the real-time impact on this class of players more than anyone else, and in general it is a radical impact on the social sphere . Most of the players are young people, schoolchildren or students, it is a small part of the adults working people. The first is largely spending more time on the game than the latter, so their opportunities in the game are different, a little innovation will equalize the opportunities of these people. And will reduce the possibility of using bots. In any case I think that it is necessary to introduce a factor of fatigue character: 0-2 hours in the game - the maximum bonus of sleep 2-4 hours in the game - Sleep bonus !!! is multiplied by 0.5 4-6 hours in the game - the multiplier gain skills !!! It is set to 1 6+ hours in the game - skill gain factor is set to 0.5 12+ hours in the game - set the conditions under which, the continuation of the game pointless In this case, you can enter the promotion rest of the game with continued online, for example, after the first 4 hours of play a character fit to sleep for 2 hours (siesta) and then the cycle is as follows: 0-2 hours in the game - the maximum bonus of sleep 2-4 hours in the game - Sleep bonus !!! is multiplied by 0.5 2:00 sleep 4-6 hours - the maximum bonus of sleep 6-8 hours - sleep bonus 0.5 8+ hours - multiplier gain skills 0.5 12 hours per game - sets out the conditions under which the continuation of the game pointlessOr promotion linked to the client time (as it will be implemented not know) For example, if a player leaves the game at 12 pm his time, then add a + to sleep bonus "because he just went to sleep!" It does not matter that he had gone to play another game, it will distract him from the 4 hour digging in the mine, that will eventually extend his interest in Wurm.)) At the second level of detail proposed to add statuses comfort or quality. Just compare how you are going to sleep on the bare ground, or in a luxurious warm bed and how you sleep enough, and at the same time will set to work. So: Under the terms logoff: 0 logoff in adverse conditions, with rain, wind, snow, water 1 to logoff in normal conditions, in a cave in a forest in dry weather 2 logoff indoors As things: 0 without sleeping items 1 when using lower grade and quality items (the litter made of branches) 2 by using items of the middle class (sleeping bag) 3 using high-end items (bed or tent) On the premises: 0 in a wooden house 1 in a stone building 2 in a building of frame 3 in the combined building (Roof + floors)By heating: 0 Without fire 1 Bonfire 2 In a building with a fireplace or oven. Other criteria may be added, deriving from one another: seasons, the presence and number of windows in the room, interior articles. For example, when sleepover in a combined building with a fireplace on the bed we get the quality of sleep in 10 cu (for example sleep bonus multiplier 2). Plus 16 hours of sleep 2. In the two hours of the game set in the sleep bonus 4. Then 2 hours 4 * multiplier 0.5. Then break in 2 h. 2 hours of sleep bonus 4. Follow 2 hours 4 * 0.5. Then skill gain is set to 1 * 0.5. All this approximate framework. Thank you for attention!
  12. I think it would be nice to be able to type the number of minutes you want your sleep bonus to be on and it will turn itself off. I think it wouldn't be very hard to implement and it would be a huge convenience. Example: You plan to mine for several hours, you have 2h of sleep bonus and you want to use 1h on mining and 1h on smithing. You could go mining, type "/fsleep 60" and forget about it. When you're done mining you can go smith and you'll still have that 1h of sleep bonus that you would have used on mining of you had forgotten to turn it off.
  13. What do you think about sleeping bags as a portative item for getting sleep bonus in the wilderness? It may provide lesser SB than a usual beds. But still SB is SB
  14. Nahjo - Rite of Spring cast to happen 15 mins before next rift on Deli- PLEASE let all Nahjo followers and those who choose to embrace Nahjo we will try to cast ROS 20-15 mins before next rift..... those who wish to join in the linking meet at the Deli Prayer Circle at Victory Or Death TIME OF CAST 12:45PM EST Saturday [13:02:37] A new Rift has been reported! If you are a FOLLOWER you can be Anywhere on the server to get the bonuses! Priests must be at the sermon area and linked to Dziku.... Discuss below
  15. Name: Important challenge from Fo Creator: System Started: 3/29/16 4:43 AM Completed: 3/29/16 5:51 AM Restartable: No Description: Fo asks you to create 10 bell towers. I made one and didn't get my sleep bonus for it, I'm not here to beg for sleep bonus or anything just wanted to report the bug. Hope the mission bugs get fixed :P.
  16. As the way it is, unlike being offline your freedom character is treated as if active although you are on your epic character (completely seperated items and skills). So for entering the epic portal and trying epic, the game punishes you by not giving you any sleep bonus on freedom. However, if you went offline using a bed in your freedom character, you would have gotten the sleep bonus while offline. So the game would rather see you go offline as a freedom player, and perhaps go play or try another game instead of trying/playing epic. The system literally punishes the player for not going offline and playing another game and playing the other cluster instead. In my personal opinion, that doesn't make any sense. So my suggestion is, make portals work like beds and give your freedom character sleep bonus while you are on epic and give your epic char sleep bonus while you are on freedom. So this way, the game won't treat you active on freedom in some sense (since your character is not put in a bed) and give you sleep bonus while you are playing on epic (and hence not gaining any skills or doing anything on freedom of course). This would encourage the people for trying the other cluster instead of punishing them for it. So you'll use the portal like a bed, the only difference will be that you'll be going to other cluster instead of going offline.
  17. I recently tried an experiment on sleep bonus / beds..... If you have a toon logged off in a bed, it will automatically remove said toon upon 5 hours accumulated sleep bonus, thus freeing the bed for use. EXPERIMENT / RESULTS I have an alt that I had logged off in a bed with 4 hours and 50 minutes of current SB. I logged her off in a bed and after the 4 RL hours it would've taken to accumulate the remaining 10 minutes, I tried several times over a 24 hour period to log a different toon off in same bed..... still says it is occupied. The same alt, with 5 hours current SB was then logged off in a bed. When trying to log this toon off in same bed, same result..... still occupied. Seems whether the 5 hours is current or accumulated during log off, the bed is not able to be used. Just thought I'd post the results for anyone else trying it or having wondered it as well. **If this is in the wrong forum, my apologies Perce
  18. It's the second round on the Challenge server and, like last time, we are seeing a huge increase in server downtime an server restarts. I am not privy to the reasons behind these restarts, but judging by their coincidence with Challenge I can only conclude they are related. Recommend isolating the Challenge server so that all the servers don't have to go down every time Challenge needs to be restarted.
  19. Remove the sleep bonus cap for premium. SB cap causes unfair sleep time rewards and promotes feelings of unfair compensation. 1. Remove the Sleep bonus cap. 2. Consider reducing the standard SB compensation/gift/apology/whatever-you-want-to-call-it allocation. Five hours might be a bit to high if the SB cap was removed. The one game balance issue regards free to play. It doesn't feel right that someone can make a f2p alt and log it out in a bed for 6 months (log in once a month to stop deletion). Then play with sb for weeks if not months. Why do I think this is a good idea? Well there are three indisputable facts that pretty much sum up why. 1. Sleeping in a bed penalizes anyone who happens to sleep in a bed for more then 5 days. First we address player A who doesn't play for 6 days out of the week and sleeps in a bed for the whole time. On Sunday the player puts in about 11 hours play session and sleeps in bed for the remainder of the day. Lets calculate total sleep time: [13 hours(Sunday) + (6 days x 24 hr)] x 60 min is 9420 min; This divided by 24 (24 rl min. sleep = 1 min sb) is 392.5 SB minuets. BUT, the player only gets 300 because 300 min is 5 hours or the cap on SB. Now we have player B who plays every day. Shim also plays a total of about 11 hours a week. If B plays for 69 minuets a day and sleeps for the rest it will be 1371 minuets sleeping. This is about 57 minuets of sleep bonus every day. B is able to use every minuet of sleep bonus and never gets limited by the cap. A and B both play for about 11 hours week and sleep the rest of the time. B get all and A is denied the benefit of an hour and half of sleep bonus time. note...if player A happens to have a strange schedule where say shim can only play for say 1 week out of month the fairness of SB allocation is even worse. 2. Next we have the good old situation where something undesirable happens and Wurm's leader, Rolf, caps out everyone's sleep bonus to 5 hours. There are many different angles we can look at this but I choose to focus on the facts. And that is, players with more SB stored up when Rolf does this are given less. 3. Removing the cap DOES NOT increase how fast people get SB. People with lots of SB would have that because they slept in a bed and saved it up.
  20. You know there is something in the game called Sleep Powder that also gives sleep bonus? It can be used when you actually need it. Imagine how much better it would have been to receive a non-transferrable sleep powder for all of the recent downtime that I could use when I did not already have an almost full bar of sleep bonus. If creating and awarding a non-transferrable sleep powder is too much of a pain, it would at least be nice to receive the sleep bonus after it can be announced so we can burn off enough to actually get the award. I guess I should have assumed this challenge launch was going to be a cluster, and burned it off in anticipation for the sleep bonus award.
  21. Hello, the mission below did not seem to give any SB, I have seen my and two other talk about it in the chat. Others where not sure if they got it, they did not look at before and after on SB. Name: Everyone: Magranon's quest Creator: System Started: 22.9.2014 18:06 Completed: 22.9.2014 21:35 Restartable: No Description: Magranon demands 11 of you to perform the Ritual of fog at the Magranon Foundation using a christmas tree. It is located in the southwest regions. This is log lines from my chat [21:42:51] <Vincentruth> how come i didnt get sleep bonus from mission [22:15:18] <Stimrol> was there no one that got SB for last mission? [22:27:51] <Araxiel> i idnt get any either I know that Sianna, Kern, Oscarius and Sardine also did the mission, but I have not talked to all of them if they got SB or not. Sianna did not know, SB before and after. Was also told that Rooferrob/Redfive also did mission The tree made did not vanish after using it for the ritual, so maybe everyone used the same two trees. But all of the rituals counted so it should be the same as doing the mission.
  22. Some premium players are online that much, that they don't ever receive SB. Most of these guys spend lost of money on Wurm and ingame items, like sleep powder to gain SOME skill while doing their daily activities. My suggestion is to make sleep powder or general SB available in other forms; - Buy sleep powder/ a full SB bar in the Code Club store for euro's - Buy it at the token for silver (same way as the 10s for a month premium) I say a win-win situation for both players and Code Club
  23. Selling these for 1.4e/s each. Pickup at any starter Xanadu town. Will deliver to your server if you buy lots!
  24. I am curious as to why we don't get sleep powder when we purchase premium time in game? I sold a heap of stuff to get 10s together to buy premium and got no sleep powder. Why? Can we please get an hour of sleep bonus if we purchase premium time in game? Thanks.