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Found 5 results

  1. No longer should we risk someone stealing a unique skull we have positioned in just the right way or a yule goat someone leaves by their deed token. Is there a reason they aren't securable?
  2. Please change 'secure' to 'plant'. A few reasons: - it is confusing to use different words to denote the same thing; - 'secure' is supposed to exist for things not in inventory and 'plant' for those in inventory, but why would that be necessary? I plant a bsb when it's in my inventory or I plant it when it is on the ground. The result is the same, so why use different words? - 'secure' is an overloaded term, in this game and in English. You 'secure' things when you lock them. You secure things when you set permissions. You 'secure' some others by placing them on deeds, in houses, or locked containers. You can 'secure' a bsb by using the 'secure' action or you say 'secure' but mean locking it. It has too many meanings, it shouldn't be used for a single action, particularly when we already have in game a word for that action, it's actually plant. [21:16:51] You start to plant the food storage bin. [21:16:52] You plant the food storage bin. [21:16:53] A storage bin made from planks and strengthened with iron ribbons. The food storage bin has been firmly secured to the ground by Amath. Ql: 10.9127865, Dam: 0.0. Or I could have done... [21:33:58] You start to secure the food storage bin. [21:33:59] You secure the food storage bin. [21:34:01] A storage bin made from planks and strengthened with iron ribbons. The food storage bin has been firmly secured to the ground by Amath. Ql: 10.9127865, Dam: 0.0. If for some reason it is important for the developers to have different names for the same action, then can you please at least use a different word than 'secure', one not so overloaded in wurm. Like 'stabilize', or 'immobilize' or 'bind' or 'tie down'. I suggest just 'plant', though. Consistency is a good thing...
  3. Even though a statue is secured it can still be loaded by anyone. Tested with a troll statue.
  4. I stole this from this thread here: Only instead of requiring a lock in the current recipe or automatically locking all vehicles, I recommend that these initial lockable vehicles have a "Secure" version that auto-locks with a 1 QL lock and key. This wouldn't mess with PvP at all, as a 1QL lock would be trivial to pick. On Freedom though, it would give new players a clear option for a safer alternative than what we have now. If adding recipes seems like a bad idea, then perhaps go with the auto-lock on the normal ones, but extend it to all vehicles. Why not all vehicles with Secure recipes? Simply because by the time you can construct boats beyond a sail boat or a wagon, you should be adjusted to the game enough to know how to make your own locks. The Devs shouldn't be holding people's hands, but these beginner and essential vehicles *should* be made more secure and safe to help with player retention.
  5. Hi guys, I'm wondering what is the best way to build a Corbita on deed without running in danger to have the boat finished by somebody else. The 2 options I'm seeing, is a fenced-in area or a boat house. The "build in secure cart" was disabled before 1.0 at least for larger boats if I'm right? For a house - does a Corbita pass through double doors and are there any skill requirements for push / drag? And would a 2 level house suffice or would the mast peek through the roof? Thanks in advance. Magnir